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8-13-14 11am, Garland, BP Oil and Oysters

Aug 13, 2014|

News reports claim Louisiana’s oyster industry collapsed since the BP oil spill. BP says they’re not to blame and back that up with Louisiana biologists who BP says found no oil on oyster beds from 2010 to 2012.  Is it the Gulf dead zone…loss of estuaries…or will we ever know?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Back. Reading your -- up field dot com view. The satellite called lot of gulf oyster harbors has no homes dot -- since the BP's spill. And number of other all articles of pulled up that concerning our orchard production or lack thereof and -- understandably -- leverage where the commercial -- from when Brendan appreciated time they called a news. I'm -- -- -- thank you start happening. So warm once Schwartz -- George and everything. I've -- says. There's room no -- from and have never seen it like it is harvest have declined from that. -- gone. I don't follow up and you go down the road like to grow old jail and five purest and I'll -- -- -- much of the change it to get out reduced outlook crushed concrete -- -- by. Botox and -- minute ago -- You know. Albeit have been in the business so we know how to do. You know -- mother nature would always put delegations -- sports. But since the spill we've been noticing. That the natural reflation. Let down bottom. Have not been reproduce in the -- this fat -- if it would reproduce would get to be on the outside the -- and it would die off. And the and the over the last three or is five years. People at that sought to put on crushed concrete out there and notice -- that. If you put it crushed concrete -- bottom at right time and you get -- it again respect for mother nature well. It produces very very well on you know and everyone -- -- naturally sort of one. But evidently something on the spot on the -- shelved it stopped them from catching like beat you to the country and -- since the -- It's definitely there and each year it just goes down the production animal animal. I mean I don't know the numbers but I -- it slows and ties but it. But. Good balance between -- on -- and I'd get further and -- -- is that no I. It's always low and I haven't really more choices in and a couple of now because -- ago. That's -- bright sky high. He had to be articles are rodents that there was a modest rebound and in supplies last year number one is that true and if it is. Wouldn't that suggested the hard to -- it to BP -- there was rebound. Now because the recount proudly talked about is -- shipment that but the -- on the put a concrete down. 23 years ago air repay that debt markets now and that. In such great numbers that that make enough of a lack of natural stuff. Number. The ball arched her -- very unique Europe Latin -- that group -- give it usually do schooling mother nature and -- Right it is make sure fresh insult war combined. What do larvae out there but you know I mean you have to be lucky to be -- on years. Better than others but it. It seemed like if you put the country can make it it's good. Whenever you -- did you happen to put it right more in the right location some occasion people put concrete element is not. But you know I guess that's the game eight you know you guys invest about how to put the country down and he really taken. Introducing. A -- -- -- -- know what my caller I think they've got in pursuing a topic. Chris you're on with the -- appreciate the call. -- -- -- We actually. Were hired to bring out these scientists out there. And after the spill. And we're actually checked in the oysters you know bring in the scientists at the site to check yours. Now originally it was a tenure planned. And amazingly enough. You know after the first year. In all it's kind of went away to win a lot of sites that we were checked him about it next year we didn't check them. About -- -- year we were checked in at all and now anything. But the insight I find it even the signs that on the Pope could. You know -- We're conservationists. You know we're drop in the boat but we questions. And it would almost that -- look at the people who were paying. It was that BP award contractor industrial economics -- Massachusetts and beat -- in print it in relation to -- in -- Who would result in a -- one goal. Well well what I've got to both on the year let me read disasters. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They say this this -- orchard has repeatedly been debunked. By experts and end the State's own data. That sampling by general NC government scientists 2010 and 20112012. Showed that this bill that depict awards from population in fact. The government's -- and all the readers did not document a single visibly oiled oyster bed. Two bigs and their large populations are down data from the government that stub government studies have indicated. It's likely diversion project freshwater flooding. And her here it's your thoughts Chris -- I mean my thoughts on it would be you're the -- definitely has something to do that it. And maybe it wasn't oil per say on them. The dispersants and whatnot who knows I mean nobody knows no they haven't been very transparent. You know and they want since you know sent the well broke. I think I paid their concentrate on on the fact. There -- studies show that is no oils. Being able to -- on animals on a large is that it's killing all the -- I don't think that's the problem I think the problem lies in the disperse in. Something something that is -- and so on also summed -- -- with oil with the disbursement. I got on top -- salt mixed in the war column some kind of way that the fact that dispatch reproduction system. And that decides it's still looking into it. You know that that's where I think the problem lot. And and -- can say that you know these government the government you know on meet at eight for about BP. It looked the other -- control. And you know from -- and knowledge and that. It would Orton Polynesia. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Some or all of the record. We are seeing oil more misses the use of dispersants or. Was -- -- they talk a ball of the evidence of them. All they would never say is they're collecting. Samples. And it would be months two years before they -- at the data. It's all right look military -- break you guys hold on. Out there in the organ from one of the bush and -- Cristian Brandi talked. A wonder why -- state. Science. Wouldn't. Sued jobs the -- the drop of shortage there populations. That this has to be at least warned of the potential reasons. And just I'm just asking the question. Does any of this relate back to. We're not gonna allow don't look like we're gonna allow more of our flood authorities too soon on several oil companies. Over. There damage they created. -- very -- and that's gonna oh Wallace's day hero forces the -- Any connection. The power of oil companies the combination of oil and politics what do you think -- 0187. -- welcome back because over -- about news reports and reports from. Or instrument orders from people. They said that. As forcible is codes have never losing it like it is hard it was to have declined dramatically. Number of people or -- asking questions is whether or not this can be two. Or yours since be fuel problem. They talk about there was some modest rebound last year bug a lot of people say. Not much of a rebound in and certainly. Doesn't suggest immigrants coming back. Where -- leverage with the commercial fisherman. And nailed a war who has wondered. Over the years. In talking with wetlands experts have been explained debris. That -- the as she wears the very you'd narrow band practice and should not too salty not to approach water bad. Surrounds -- in Tyrol museum coached. It's getting smaller and smaller. As we lose the wetlands. And they told me that most people in particular consumers don't understand. That true and red patients specs or not. Born out call for a pandora hatched out there. They've been tied -- -- into the wetlands in without the web and they can't produce they can't. Hatch and they -- consequently. We broke the -- of a big hurricane. Wiping out our seafood as we ignored overnight. Or. It would keep losing. Football field every -- war. In the relatively near future we'd lose sleep food -- A long way have been asking when it -- oysters. Use that -- to -- blocks. Does that affect them or is it primarily of bureau and a place with the a lot of salt water they do. Well they do need to grow -- real well actually salt water if toward more salt and fresh. But you mention where. Yeah freshwater fly from them opening versions. What would kill or did BP should that would -- you know. That probably would kill them. But you know we can't stay away that would open property and kill. All because of the same and then -- law that would mix and get arched and suffocated while. At their spill way over the years. Three years you've got them. Should be content fresh war. Well explain to me now since. -- -- Why it would on its fresh water temperature when he opened it up to keep all electrical. Why -- there they'll on and so voices coming back since they opened the price war. Wolf I'm missing something why would they be abundant and fresh -- -- thought they -- that salted pork. Into mixture when you get that fresh water mixed with -- I'll produce an area -- They're a combination it just perfect and that an audacious so produce in any price and that. -- that basically what we're talking about -- that you -- right. So. As -- the coastline. Retreat to -- let's put divergences saw that list would be viewed side under obsessed too about the the science. As the the coach shrewd trades. More saltwater would actually help or insurers or in my myth renders them. You know under more well. Years ago we used. -- business. Out what south area and since all of our use and everything in that area -- open and up it was too much. Influx of salt water which sports deficient -- bird bird Italy. Towards the river banks and will we had we had to -- Recent -- -- full -- -- and move across the road we came over here to where I hoped it would. And the least that we -- a lot further inland and illustrate our from the salt water intrusion. You -- -- salt water also com mail you know mail com and and then you know eat -- is up to and so you know I have a lot and but you what you see any debt mixture for them rock. You may not be worthy of Mariah as inward. There's scientists. A geologist. A doctoral would gag here in the room. Who's been involved in and trying to birds wetlands laws reverend packed heaved the ball and let the world know what was happening. And his son who's developed. Bad strip -- my apartment of metal basket. That has some sort of where each and it they're using it. To stabilize some -- of the wetlands are being considered an order plaque and both. And what they've found his wounds that put him in there they get covered with a launchers. Is there any thought of that type of structure being used in the torture business. Well it's really costly they do people -- creates. To try and -- -- it works. But if we use and issues to deal away you know that the new big a market that a few tips on. But from what I honestly it's a costly and you know monitor what equality dignity. You know -- It's like hatchery you're -- EU EU signal from like you watch -- or. A crept -- jail -- yep indeed share. And I'm looking at prices the prices I've found were above board could dream. 25 bucks per sacked then went up to. Thirty. Dollars and -- after Katrina -- bye week. And then was forty dollars it's acceptable oil spill. And now it can gore -- 62. Dollars per sack and the sacks or smaller. And the processors. That the people gathering. That I've looked. Should that most of we're going to Texas and we're shipping most of bombers out the loans we do get. I don't I'm not sure where the ego you know they go all open on the way most of them go when you've got the number one and capital that. You know that the price is because there's no law says it they're not coming back and the people put their concrete data. I'm gonna have an abundance of -- -- got a reaped the rewards you know because. They got lucky and got a stack catch and they can ship from wherever they want they come market size. Gonna have oysters in the future in Louisiana. Yeah -- Brandon look I appreciated that time very much and we'll continue to do -- want to on this story. We'll give you call -- a great day are. -- covering the actual talk to a vice president of most lukewarm fisheries. That he. This is a corporation that handles oysters and all of the gulf states who would build a bigger picture when we come back. Governor bill brigades celebrity 1052. Yeah Eastern Europe over the pillow -- Quality yeah I. Opinion poll. You think that the -- that was the only overtures has anything with the BP oil bill. Fingers at least surprised in this entry 85%. Of -- yeah. I think and something like that sinkers it is virtually. Impossible for companies to. Turn around suspicions. Turned round a lot of Ross. Maybe years and years and years and years don't you Rhode -- Certainly you so movie impact can be minimized and some form -- The populace from whom -- go to war went through -- -- federal government could train. We're still left him for help so communicating with -- but a lot of pros there. The reason we're even thinking about -- double billed TB -- column. -- have the headline on there where applied should call my goal. Oyster harbors has -- Since the BP oil spill. And what it says the people that are are losing or pitchers who were obscene that like this. They say the harbors. Declined dramatically. In the fours sued for years since -- your coach bill. And they did talk about a modest rebound last year. But Dave they say they're still producing less than a third. Of their preached bill harvest. Who's introducing we go to. Caller. The good news -- who said that. You -- we're one of the boats weren't companies that took. Sciences. To do the initial studies and -- expose the I think -- multi years study. And and ended up being relatively short so certainly not years long. And you said the BP you'd pay you decide it is to do -- but he went -- -- Raises the question that -- How can -- that he in the Jordan moment. And for a society when you're paying for it and you're the focal point. And lawsuits. And -- But. What doors -- -- talking about now news. There is a dearth of the Barbie didn't sell. And Nordstrom and that we had in the percent or. That watchers seeing down in the -- preparations as you drive to the gulf. Well the big piles of concrete I've -- Gelman why haven't seen any of this and apparently. Or human -- signature and spending quite a bit of money. On the I don't think he'd called the ripper it's a big bold that is a big rock. It's broken up concrete. And they're putting desks. Into. The golf into the air travelers. With the hopes of the oh lord of the country. We're Georgia this ball with Chris and adults and vice president of visit to bonds of core fisheries Chris walking Lucia. And we were selling real audience that awards from people we've talked to. Says look what it comes to go in left towards -- they've never seen it like this. Dramatic decline. And of our read correctly. Your company's. -- -- or Shamu and all over the -- quotes not just Louisiana right. That's correct what do you see. Although there Tuesday. There has been over the last several years they've they've marked. Decline in availability. No question about it. Then and dude does anybody have a clue as to why a note that we point. Towards BP obliterated the -- people pulling up oil in these bids or anybody -- in large or was it tastes funny. No no. I don't think there's any one reason. Mean I think you know whatever store opponent weak yen is potentially a separate reasons for what what's going on in Mississippi. Which is. Differ from Alabama which is different from. Apple let's go by Florida which is different. Potentially from Galveston -- taxes from the south Texas. Estuaries. And birdie there. It just is. They're all they're also offering. Low low production. For different reasons. So is it could be that could be DT it could be the dead zone. It could be pollution. And it could be the diversion projects putting more fresh water -- You're you're talking to hold. Yeah its way to spend you know we could spin. Talk about any of those situations. Apple told -- for instances been fairly well documented that it. At least. A significant portion of its problem with or stroke production is to a lack lack of fresh water. Input at the head of the birdie from Chattahoochee River coming down through. Georgia and Alabama. It's if it's up near the -- of river wild with their -- lack of -- -- -- Atlanta is intent particularly. Forget what. Like it is but I think it's like -- -- -- up there where they compounded good bit of the French war normally slowdown. The Chattahoochee is being impounded for people to -- Fiction hours and drink in washed or -- or -- along and so you. You know Atlanta metro Atlanta expanded tremendously in the last twenty to thirty years and so there's less and less -- like it is now on the river. Thank situation over all the lawyer at the other end of the gulf. Because if you think about it in terms of aggressive at one end of the crescent the other end of the credit that is. Galveston eight. Similar situation low low flow of water. Coming down the trinity and they're just sitting there rivers there the head of Galveston again and again it's impoundment. And Ralph thereto and there's been drought conditions and so georgians in. Eastern Alabama. That it impacted the Chattahoochee is well not -- -- ball. In element in human use but. Those two situations. Com and have led to low flows. Raise the overall salinity in the news. Restaurants systems to the point where it. Sub optimal or -- for optimal iron -- think about it terms. Salinity. To do the growth and reproduction of the oysters. The only thing that it's interesting in Galveston in its. -- live debut will. Pardon Madrid and wrote in -- But a mortar store right -- trigger and tell us about it at -- I've done due to Olympic quick break. Also Marty Martel and long would you get to you covered right back shortage of more answers and I do here. Up and down the coach. One of the reasons were look at that potential reason or shall we go on on the water shortages all over this country primary -- was from west. The big board shortages. In taxes in the number of of the north and Portugal today. Coming right over -- general large roots. Or saying they've seen anything like it departments. Declining dramatically. The results and when we vice president bulls -- -- pitcher roots. Who really deals with -- -- from Newton or mr. Fisher people agents. And all the gulf states and probably more -- you start to totally something that have been brought on. Apologize please please or. -- -- No no problem -- Galveston failed to mention. Similarly to mobile by. Has the pretty extensive ship channel running up in the body that gets has been deepened and widened over the last hundred years pretty extensively. And I think in both the security both cases. Mobile buy in Galveston by eight but I'll talk about Galveston but it is. Begun to really impact the ability to grow oysters at least in close proximity to ship channel and in what reduces again it's the salinity change that it bring -- -- now. The resident gulf war becomes the enemy and you you can imagine that galloped into the bottom of the body basically brings the gulf riding into the body. In terms of the salinity of the water so water against the bottom is all salt salinity. And it's and is there any lack of river flow like that would be during the drought. Or in -- west river flood of them would naturally be with the impoundment. You're beginning to get very very -- entities which. Bring with them disease problems -- the your gestures snails. More and more -- predation from read from black from. Well all those problems limits your ability to produce wishers on leases and and also. Limits the productivity. Of those boundaries in the. -- -- Marty -- year old Chris Nelson preacher of. You don't. -- might just decide -- we're all still. Muster up personally I brought out straight biologists. In a couple of judgment. And we cavity and report back enormous bill. We tried and tried it is you know we just you know what we -- -- -- -- reports. You know I want my decision and a concrete. Then. We throw concrete. And it works. That would Detroit factory. In areas that used to -- that was kind of the best -- an -- that we didn't move -- reload -- a year I don't know there are transplant them. It is now they're -- -- Although -- is cause you get that concrete. Concrete. Is the -- and expect the portable beetle does probably. Wanna two point the talk. Then -- you've got to. I mean every argument you -- out about it at its front load estimated. You know we're at. Some people -- at camps in Wichita -- That would little -- the ball and bodies to -- and stuff out there. -- well ordered that part of really introducing Chris. Do you see that in real place along the coast. Marty. -- the third call we've had today. Formal or instruments -- in there they're taken concrete making artificial -- That is in terms. Crushed concrete even that as a cult material. I think that Louisiana is probably the place that used the most of son's been used in in Galveston but it would they have leases that. Louisiana with its expansive leasing program with the state would be the most likely. Candidate world. For people using if you wanna call it artificial culture. Material like that but. No I am not aware of people using crushed concrete. Too many other places but it does appear to be -- -- are here to refer to rock. Others also natural river rock Indies and world report -- But that rock that crushed concrete rock that's been put -- -- to be really really cute material on. I got quite a few oysters last two years that. You can still leave the rockets in that you -- -- -- but before run out of time one final question. And forgive me for asking him to. Water shortages. Over most of this country. Still the threats of Europeans. Wetlands laws. Dead zones. Pollution. Water shortages at the -- the rivers. Are you gonna be in the orchard business. Ten years from now. Why it's a reasonable question I'm still very very positive about it overall we've certainly got a lot of challenges to overcome with a lot of really Smart people working on the things I think that we've got to understand why Marty. Mentioned that there there are spat sets that are not occurring in areas that traditionally have them we need to know why that is. Is that due to a -- natural change or or or you know both the to do with thee -- land law because salinity change. Is that due to thump than associated with the spill mean I think we've got to keep an open mind about the potential for that I have seen. Science to back up anything that would point -- still but I think it's still -- Ability Chris we're we're running out of time but to have added tremendously to the show. We're gonna do Paul with two minutes in love to get chilled again really appreciate the time. Be happy to -- all thank you for me on thank you they'll put up via.