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8-13-14 12pm, Garland, Drowning in Communication

Aug 13, 2014|

Are you drowning in communications?  In particular are you going under trying to read your emails.  One author came home to 23,000 emails and researched to find a way to eliminate the problem.  It took time and a complicated plan.  Would you do the work?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Are welcome back. Well you'd read have. I guess you'd call this phone through it's certainly different from. -- -- been doing with the movies and financial concerns and crime. Your New Orleans. -- wrote an article punitive. Don't have the reminders but that the -- so Washington Post. And it was notably the road about emails about futures. Unlikely to give him icon of the dream yeah or author. But belongs they have -- give back from a two week break. And had 23760. Even video and 141000. Plus world unrest. The name is reviewed potential to -- shall. Bridget helping. They do so much for calling -- through we're -- hold. Had great could be here and that's what are common in reaching out to -- really wouldn't agree that he and plus. You know I couldn't believe it and if you read the posted it at that piece I wrote it is on the line and the Washington Post web site. And I actually took -- screened shot. Because I couldn't believe it myself I knew he had gotten out of control. But they didn't realize how bad it it had gotten and I -- -- feeling badly about that I was always feeling like. I noticed that I -- get to and and -- it it was just so much that I felt like I'd I'd -- and I didn't -- -- that the -- kept. I guess I would deal with a little bit at that time and I just can't cut continually more and more varied. Pardon me for asking. It was -- in this undated an addiction. It sort of an addiction for all that -- sort of like a necessary evil it you know. -- -- -- fantastic you can really reach out to anybody and and maybe they'll respond to you but at the same time. It also can turn it comes band and he paid for something online you have to give your email address and then all of a sudden. You're being altered the weird thing about refinancing your house simply -- and offer it to jump start coming in. And it really what I learned because that I called like four different productivity expert like OK I can't sleep at night hyperventilating I feel like I'm missing that. Help me sort it out. And that's one of the things that they talk about is. You have to come up with a system you can't just because I tried that before I actually a couple months ago thought and they catch up. And I stayed and I thought I thought and work on -- until it's all done and I looked up and it was gone I stayed up the whole night. But then again look at it he's a few months later I was right back where I was -- I really needed to come up with an entirely new system and hopefully I have and I hope that then that means that we'll get back -- that they stipulate and a few months from now. And what are -- journalists off third combination of the boat. I'm a combination of I'm. I'm staff writer at the Washington Post and I just written a book called. I'm trying pressure and modern like -- overwhelmed work let him -- when -- one of the time. All of this occurred. While you were writing the -- Well the irony in the book came out and it's. The end of the iron is right and writing about being overwhelmed. And the irony is that many people wrote about the broad back to me about being overwhelmed and sharing their story in a different altogether can come and that I did I got completely overwhelmed by writing about over my home. And I bet and honestly some people that have been blocked a different strategy out there and I heard a lot and I love it if people are writing in with their camp after I read that piece for the Washington Post. But you know. One person said my thinking is he would define everything clicked delete and just start however again. And the people called it declaring email bankruptcy -- -- forget it and start from scratch. But you know what I knew that there were some really important note from people if someone. It going to take the time to read my book and be touched by it and it went right to me. You know what happened on their what more could you ask for -- that's exactly what I wanted to find in my email. So what I said that they were jammed in there and I did not want to delete everything I needed to come up with that this attempt I can more easily behind these -- And I did it took a lot of time and I stayed up way too late for two weeks and I don't recommend that. But I did they found them and I we sit and we feel gratified to do to be able to read what people around and hear their story and to be able to write back and say. You touched me and thank you for writing in and kind of make -- human connection because that's the power of connection with email. It's just that it gets locked in on that he has stopped. We were a problem that you -- to -- can concentrate and Rios Q. -- judgments opened here Ford because you've gotten so. In a truly once told me borrow. A dual radio and dual a lot of pain and -- Or radio belief that moderate talk show always use some people attribute to. -- let's agree to uproot the Rio and eagle. What you read for fibers so forward to be able to carry even close observation. The people won't listen to him when you start painting like writing isn't author. If you have today you were written the crew you've got to stay there now. In the midst of all of that. On technology. And they tell me in all human. And when Euro earlier wouldn't tax. Well the debut to a popular with the emails that idea. Or you're a jerk we do. All go home to die. And we in hole when it's -- Trying to kill a couple of million people about a subject or review on Treo or you -- -- 1000 dollar pay. You say to yourself. The -- do or where am -- wrong why should we do it at all. Tuesday the importance of they'll call us or they'll text. Yeah I think that's -- great point. And I think that's. You know I think that's really important point because I think one of the things that I learned is that some time. Feeling overwhelmed by email comes from that sense that we have to answer every single one of them you know what if somebody writing used to -- you would care to think about it. And if you're having a conversation face -- -- or writing somebody is in the mail it it really is about communication and if somebody's calling you would care to your face. What kind of country they can -- tablet and well thank you very much but your opinion and walk on and maybe you -- need to find some kind of automated response thank you for sharing your opinion you know click and then and it and delete. So that you don't have to spend time with. Which stuff that's not important and and really the whole point is to find that time. I had to spend with the people to make the connection that are valuable to you and and sometimes that takes creating that system that you -- what you value. It's no you're not that they don't get locked in now because I'm sure that there might be a couple people that say. Have a great idea that you might one. Talk about on the radio or somebody had a connection with your artwork. And you don't want to lose those in this the best he. Knowing that condoms in full term you know -- there is a lot there. That's really matter -- it's kind of coming up with a system creating. For media created sort of automatically rules and folder that automatically sort stuff so that was in my inbox. Tend to be that I really wanna feed that I add value that's important. Very very intrusive lit cigarette break we'll come back try to talk about virtual assistants. Program -- Who rules book reading system using Gmail goes. In the sixties. And more. We're talking to a journalist author. Took a break. And came back captured two weeks and found 23706. -- you mills. In the in box is -- -- problem -- would come in right. We figured we better off their journalists. And took a couple of weeks' break came back to. More than -- the re now in the emails and -- for 2000 album. And -- -- is -- with the Bridget what everybody's been waiting for. -- what I went through your report due got a whole list of things that can be done you do do. Choose start at the top of the most of the active -- -- and give us some idea of -- you'll limited trial. The -- sure and I think the most important thing -- one saying. If there's anything to do one thing I would suggest everybody do it really figure out a system that works for you. And it's gonna be different for everybody. You know what what if you were gonna blow everything up and start from scratch what would that look like forty really want. And so for me that really had that kind of figure out OK I want an email system. That if I open an email app on my desk top and I deleted. And they want it to delete on my laptop on my iPhone on my iPad what ever device I had because that's not what was happening I would. It killed my in my inbox on my Mac didn't think what my laptop that can be deleted and email on one was still on somewhere else. He could never sort of sort them both through the -- he couldn't remember -- into the -- and -- So that's the most important thing is created system and -- for me the value what I found it was. I wanted to sank across all my devices. And soul there's a lot of differently to be attacked and and this is just what I I wrote that was my own experience and believe me everybody can have a different ones. But for me I didn't. I really have an apple -- Mac. Thought I would like Mac and I liked mine Mac mail. I had about a file folder in there from when I was writing my book I wanted to keep that. But I haven't ever have to write an account that didn't think across different different devices. So I got the email account which. I -- -- -- -- -- kind of transfer everything -- and keep him out from her identity -- now I setup my Gmail account in. My eight apple -- mailbox I had to call apple did do that so thank you very much apple for helping me figure out how to detect and not real tech happy. And other people could to keep email on it like on the web and then the unit Gmail application on the phone or their laptop I just. -- I didn't like it as much like the old system so I wanted to find my old system that updating it so that's what I did and that I would say is the most important thing and then there are different and we don't want to do that once you create your system. Then you can comfortable with the way creating rules. So they're on the griping from newsletters that you. Make sure that you cut down on the on the amount attempt -- comes in -- distort things so that they attempt stuff goes immediately into account filing you don't even to see it. This has been there are completely processed said that the most important thing if you really get points system set up. That what comes into your inbox is -- you really want to see. Where would that mean slowdown to keep up. Well this wasn't really important point I think a lot of we think. We don't have the time to accept -- system for email I think that's one of the biggest problems we all run into the excitement here. Because what's important to me at the writer right is. Writing and reporting so I would spend almost all my time on that and I would think I don't have the time to go to my inbox and it kind of into the new system. But -- on the flip side. I was losing staff and I would forgetting staff and it would really inefficient and it was creating problems for me. I wrote about that because that got so overloaded I didn't realize that I was supposed to be. In three different places on October 7 I was supposed to be -- -- and Princeton and Potomac Maryland that is that. You know I'd get. Well I I I wrote to each one of them. -- did you tell lies. I did not carry on that they just said that the night that completely overloaded with email. I apologize. And the one that I can schedule -- re scheduling did and the one that I couldn't -- like kept on October 7. But much better can figure that out and late July early August and the -- October 2 you know when it would've been a crisis. So would that when they talk about slow down -- you know and it's really recognizing that if you take the time now. To figure out what's important and kind of created -- them and then really goes through your email info at that time in the short term. In the long term it's gonna save -- time and it's gonna be more efficient and you'll be more productive and then you won't have that kind of awful sense of land that I only had that you're missing something that you're behind and it. Because -- and and so now I don't have that it gives you it sort of mental. -- you mentioned one point you were taken thirty minute chunks between work. That that's the kind of thing applies huge that debris of the minnows get rid of the problem or make sure didn't -- yen. That's -- chain of Reading and understanding communicating it. Or standing in front of a blank canvas starting the pain in the middle of the completing it would get an abrupt. Did that happen with view. Well at what that's like I can do it. In smaller count I mean email is still a work in progress I think for me and -- a lot of people because even if you get your system down. You know email they're constantly Cunningham and how are you gonna respond to them. -- -- Havoc on all the time and you instantly respond and not create. You today does it feel like it. Constantly interrupted by little bits and pieces and it's hard to concentrate on anything. Or are you get a ticket at certain intervals during the day and on my good days that's what I really try to do. Someday if you're working on them breaking story you can't because you really only have to be. In touch with an editor or reporting or the kind of what's the latest news. But there are a decade when you're working out -- doing reporting you're -- -- -- bit longer that you can. Check it once in the morning and -- -- -- -- check it again a couple times in the afternoon and and I use the timer -- set the timer because. There is so much to read there's so much information out there and a lot of it is so good. That you could just fall off the rabbit hole but it's. And you can keep reading and you could go on Twitter and you can find out I think -- can link that you could look up -- five hours have gone by. And you know a lot more perhaps if you haven't been here work. -- So that's why I I used timer a lot he can I download one I have one on my on my laptop I have on my Mac I use my iPhone timer. Because -- -- kind of give me permission to to deal with my email more to go down a rabbit hole but I know it's only going to be perhaps our and then it's panic -- to work. The -- that same question but a single bit more detail when I read that Q. Gore and give the drunk out of the inbox -- review. The -- dog notification FaceBook linked in quarter unsubscribe from drunk but you newsletters creed you root for. Newsletters. And polar. Even -- -- -- drug to. Sure lets people know bitches can respond within 24 -- -- on the business day. And that they need to reach through sooner they should call -- text. All of those things seemed like their time consuming. And doesn't that take -- way. From the most important thing of all of your jobs journalist's job is a law. Well at but that's just the thing you don't take the time to create that system and -- out a way. You know it just builds up and at some point you're gonna miss stuff maybe except he needed where. For your writing. It. Well you know it's -- -- Eude. But so far so. That -- can -- how -- have gotten my email back right now right now I've got ten messages. And I just sent instantly started talking act and two of them are red. And so you know everything else has -- -- while -- at the. You -- -- road Boca -- countered on -- you've got to at least twelve so you're sure twelve step -- -- a lot of people with their -- It I can't believe we got in touch with via thoroughly enjoy it comes sewage and good luck to and I hope we'll be checking your web side. Or you were. The implication. All online Q we need to have you back in the -- did a great thing. Have great. Bill cover right directives stumbled talked to a whole list that I'm. Trying to figure out with -- all of this technology were jumping Gaza. -- -- Importance. And weren't so many different reflections coming right. We're forward thinking about so often that. I kind of so -- all of you reading that -- do. Edwards. All other -- journalists for the Washington Post and she talked about. Email she took to -- two week break. And she came back. In June 23768. Messages. Almost 151000 album on race. And we would just -- how -- columns and there were which. Thoroughly enjoyed. And and well you can take a break would come back and talk to what's called -- hold it's that I'm coach. Sosa when it Steve you've got the problem of unanswered emails or to move any communications. Then one can be done about it you do. Over Libya gave celebrity -- by the -- The forward thinking about it in the big thing in this bowl because of rain in the Washington Post article. And as usual very big which you dude to override Q school and some rule book and -- go -- alone. -- we all managing. Technology. Got seventeen year old daughter. And because of my job on the button that issues -- an -- and do the review thing. Recouping demands. Of Reading actual moment -- Adam and Twitter. And everything you can think and as an art -- in its program. On Tumblr and and in the an overload the thing it's in some time to appeal like that technology. Gets in the way the 00. Produce. Well -- boot the final product. -- were -- this lady was journalists and an altered should pick in two week bridge came back to. 23760. Even. In her entire five page report. All of the -- condition she went through. Talking to gurus around the world try and figure out well. To get past this -- with some quiet the and manners and saying come get the job done. We're lucky you know opted Julia I mean -- great all ballistic I'm coach Julie welcome to the show. My paper says be more productive stressful lives lived more that title of the book. Now all of that title and what I do for -- So talk to me are argue. Working with people like me that because of job because of necessity. Have to deal in this -- left the -- tech and technological platform. I -- the people that need to beyond. Network -- people that weren't meant that both categories are bound by it at the. Did give mile it is somebody comes talked -- you. What one what's the compensate. The currency and it's certainly very much like you open up -- -- you know I'm not Tumblr the Gramm got. Out of emailed -- rock and pop hit eight Q. Ingredient you know -- -- here at the school and going back to college -- run a small business and these are people that are you want you know. And and that we did he actually. Thinks Guerrero from a technological import it in from other angles. How -- they get them out out of -- girl. Don't give me and I do want it to and you may have born but the number one thing. Bad. People have a problem with -- and how do you direct them out. We'll let you know when it's one of the biggest. It Irving and the ever return got shut off are we won six or eight email dot. So one -- -- are and we do it. We have the boundaries around in odd man and that your -- it's like your mailbox. You don't go 2030. Day cheer help. To check written here and you only -- want to anchor the a couple of so really shifting -- that are around. How frequently your prophet -- -- actually going in and brought you know that there really big -- Turkey. And the other and -- they're. Real. The critical step to honor him -- you'll actually took aren't. To average one writes -- -- heard. Think again about. All that -- that you were you just because the it would send humans -- you open and read everything and now. Still really getting there it's just another tool it's not another application. And among them with the pretty good size business. I was -- and we were talking about email you know technology. And I said could creep -- two to three hundred. Eighties -- them -- come back from week in. And there's 34500. Emails. And he says that it's about one day and do you view. Planned on an emblem. And and he came and he says it received -- the right key year at the bright side of the clicker and click on this route says in box. And then you click on this words -- lead. And he set an example that -- -- and you probably deleted some very important thing he says -- thank god did an awful did that -- because now they're gonna call. Beaten. Some. And its -- It and it it depend on it it depends on what works out that it's called declaring email baker you're not and and had a lot of people that term holidays and aren't we agree checked deeper and what I recommend people do our. She is cute start by a shark bites and there are -- subject -- -- the really being. -- Category -- and technique easier for -- -- or not. You know I don't want to delete anything from this -- and our I don't particularly in the last three months. New York are sold and then start deleting from there. Give me an idea that you would break down that sorting out. You. Quoted. In people and -- and in how. Jews sorted out. Might -- Try my body you know everything from -- -- -- -- -- might -- everything -- I mean I don't particularly in -- You know we all -- you know current current. Newsletter subscriptions that we don't read or -- on the occasion that we that we don't eat. So that we now. Start I'd like aren't calling that are the things that you really -- the easiest thing. And shut them off a great -- -- school is on and will roll. Gotten me. -- -- -- say that again. If you ROL. Dot and -- It's a great -- to that actually. Search your. And it will compile and -- You call your protection. One team. And who's it from many that you think you know and and that Tibetan and and that little thing but through -- fine you've got a 1020300. Scratched and -- the monitor them and at one spot. -- -- Lou limp limp -- quick break and come back can get at least one more tip so. If you will so it would -- so -- great holistic time coach will be back. All right welcome back. A couple of equipment as she -- would Julie grew ballistic time coach. Julie pour -- the people that are bitter just totally stressed out with the texting and everything -- give me a note golden rule of how to get past. They're saying be. That back at that I can get you is to protect. Here. -- technology. -- important affair so scattered and are there to do it on our project forward in our goal of the conflict. Because -- aunt and uncle instantly -- part of that is. Available. So what do I need to protect -- I mean again back boundary. Your day in the morning for a one hour interview or for Saturday. On Friday. And focused. Not being on not being. Eight can be extraordinarily. Productive. Strategy can get things moving for. And if five tell -- seventeen year old daughter of up and should die laughing. What you need retired seventeen year old daughter. What what can actually work for her re -- not about you know any. Many needy. Is. Are you strip out about what you're not getting under more modern age -- to what actually works -- Is that you know when your that your art studio -- -- out and you set up tech aren't you right back and you get focused you get to it and -- well. That said the -- strategy that I'm talking about. For a lose you how of people -- -- Profound. Dash impact dot com. -- forget there. And and and lot more coming. All right when we've got bored Tom would love to have you back on various precincts are big thank you -- the -- -- -- feel couple personal moments talk about. -- I did nobody a lot of people told me it was agreed and Frederick. He -- Youngsters served three decades as a federal judge. And he was really busy and civil rights movement of the -- in nineteen. We're fortunate a graduate to in law school. Bronx or herbal hard overseas -- -- in the Pacific -- Was appointed. By president Lyndon Johnson in 1966. And he would brilliant. And schooled the segregation cases. Voting rights. Accidents to facilities. One of the civil rights attorneys. Was quoted as saying. Practice law for 52 years. And I never saw a better did you choose everything -- jurors should be. And not only was important to hear his case law. Influence Mississippi. Taxes. So rights battleground Arkansas album of torture. War. Read that he. Kennedy or -- Being buried this Saturday known in the -- -- too good to Pia and I'm killers nominee and to moon. Like long memory funeral home that to 100 pound frame -- great American and a great. And -- that overrule.