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Aug 13, 2014|

What's trending on WWL…in news, sports & social media?

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Well can you guess we do to our trending. Hope you're having a happy Wednesday and we're kind of halfway there and we think on Wednesday. We're going to be trending in a moment but I wanted to tell you about the rest of our program. At 2 o'clock we're gonna do something a little bit different we're gonna take the 2 and 3 o'clock hours and for two hours we're gonna talk about. What everybody's talking about and that is crime in the city. And with those that I call street soldiers. Captain black and Al Mims and darling to -- They are blunt and thoughtful. And I hope that you'll want to be part of that two -- conversation. And what it's gonna take to take the madness away. But now Morgan Trent from news update -- news director of dubbed WL radio happy and from sports are great time Manassas parity and from the world of social media. How blessed we are this day to have -- -- I think outlets because yeah. We are the result everybody would agree today they'll ice. That's silly news let me tell you they they misbehave about you yet they are your biggest thing it well yes okay. I work with him all the time I said number. -- We're gonna begin with skewed because. We were talking before Lauren Bacall Lauren Bacall died and she. Was a legend. It's beautiful beautiful legend she was an -- in a lot of people forget that she was just part of his power Hollywood couple Humphrey Bogart and Lauren -- where we're married at a time when. You know Hollywood -- just defined what was that the best of the did passed I guess and in some ways but. -- they had blocked it for a while what seemed to be a really great marriage with with kids. And I'm Lauren Bacall was a legend. Robin William's death a suicide really did take a lot of attention away from -- it they would have been more attention to lord called lord because now the number one trending. A social media story. And I frankly am glad to hear that because I think he gets tribute to a woman who contribute a lot. And and did have a great romance in her life. But Dave pointed out before we're on the air picked you to Robert -- stowing it it's 63 committing suicide taking his own life and that's unnatural and and that. Makes it all a little bit more shocking shocking yeah yeah. No -- -- the long full life. In fact and it. Through at least two generations was known on the silver screen obviously she gets the attention for. The you know in the golden era of being one of the ladies of Hollywood but she continued to act well and in sooner -- later. You made a minor comeback in the eighties and it was a horror movie she was in. Briefly fade to black and I think that was. I think if you look at regardless of what generation they're just classic people and she was one of them both physically and her behavior. Did she she was it and she was very unique and each had a real Brody yeah. Voice and and and Hurst -- stoic. Demeanor kind of went along with that. Well speaking of stoic demeanor. Let -- talk about -- the ice bucket -- to grow -- -- in the very easygoing next with the dollar very stoic to have that I stumped on. But I did happen to see yesterday I was watching -- patently. And hope that took it she took the ice and up by golly she then challenged. A wonderful guy our interpreters. And like he says Drew Brees was challenged by go to copy. And he went ahead and -- it didn't did -- matter of Steve Gleason and team Gleason. Also rob Brian. Saints' defense of coordinator and Jovi at the assistant head coach did as well rob bride did for Steve Gleason Joseph bit. For Kevin turner for baca from Philadelphia. They were both challenged by a wink Martin -- knot the game show -- -- these -- coach from the Baltimore Ravens. They did it but also its its take off in the NFL Scott Fujita. Challenged. Commissioner Roger Goodell to the ice but challenge. He took the challenge and his video of him doing it he then turned around and challenge Pete -- they head coach of the Seahawks who won the Super Bowl. Pete Carroll then did the challenge and he's challenged several several other players it's been going through now Tom Brady. The patriots quarterback has been challenged by a teammate he's yet to do it so we're -- see if Tom Brady actually does the -- challenge or not Aaron Rogers has done it for the Green Bay. Hackers -- Drew Brees Ronaldo is very telling to me -- Yankee he used he took a running start and he slid on his belly. Across the grass is similar where a slip and slide and they poured the ice bucket on him as he passed. Which tells me that probably must be doing just fine guys do a pretty good I mean -- -- events to hear that demand must be doing pretty well he's able to do a slip and slide style. Ice bucket challenge now he challenged several people including he challenged governor Bobby Jindal who like it -- -- -- the -- for bubble Watson and his favorite. Other person besides go to Ellen degenerate. Yes Alabama and she'll do it on I don't know -- and it has been suggested by someone here in the building. But I challenge. All of our sports guys when you've got to kill it first before you can that's what I said that's an issue she says no if you make a donation. It counts. Make the donation and I absolutely. What's happened pars -- you gonna do the -- bucket counter and get to the you don't. And then got up. That would be very very you know first began because she had that Joseph Rocha she made the challenge I think the challenging yet that notion to you that the price on -- I can do that. And -- one of the interesting challenge now is 86 year old Ethel Kennedy's challenge President Obama now. And President Obama is has declined to this point -- -- -- -- yet she didn't do you think she had a hard time with -- he would get help from -- to with a bucket over a little nervous someone you know 86. Putting their body into shock sudden change in temperature does -- And Qatar educated. What she did it but it. No but you know what's great is -- they've broken all records in raising money is just such a creative funny thing and taking on the life of its own which is good and I'm trying to think count Mitch Lander and as a matter of New Orleans -- -- not -- challenges. -- -- A lot of time to think about it we'll look forward to that -- you know overdue before we get into our news trending let's go ahead and take a break and come back and then here Dave Cullen has to say. And that crew includes state Colin. Top trending -- car burglars pointing guns as they rip off card. You know this video is what is really driving this story to be trending in WWL dot com and across the Internet is the Jefferson Parish sheriff's office. Secured video that shows on several occasions in the 100 to 300 blocks of the bar road and the 103 and a box of Metairie lawn drive. For individuals burglarizing cars well that and of itself is actually not that shocking. Car thefts and car burglaries have been a huge problem in Jefferson Parish for decades and this is a little different these four guys. While their burglarized in the cars at least one of them. And sometimes more are pointing guns at the door to the home. So that if the homeowner comes out one other burglarized in their car. They're kind of -- they're going to see is someone pointed a gun right in their face. And it just it's a different. -- eight to go about it. And just shocking these aren't just you know your typical we're just gonna walk around and pulled door handles we find a car that unlocked -- takes you know whatever is inside. There actually. Planning thinking ahead and having book out to training gone on the door of the house so presumably they can shoot anybody tries to stop the. You know I'm curious if if the homeowner was not home with the alarm goes off from the neighbor opens the door. What would happen. Yeah and you know enable worse in some of these people of the security lights -- -- -- to go out issues like what I have -- them -- and then you end up with this and it's reunion and I think that's why trying to much -- that's the -- it -- the scary factor of the thank goodness that in none of these cases did. Any of the homeowners walk out and did anyone try to stop them in the progress of committing these car burglaries because. Then it may have been in a murder. And we have had cases before by the way where homeowners have shot people burglarizing their cars. And at the very difficult question for the legal system on whether or not that person today and then face charges. It's just. I vacillate between thinking of if these bad guys could take that creativity. Thought process they have and do something productive how wonderful. And also it's a continuation of arrogance. That they are doing that kind of behavior it just keeps going. Anyway I'm getting -- Well now I. Love -- shrill or just realize -- you're getting you're getting real like everyone sang I mean again to get. More and more brazen and also the other side of this who were talking about his. People are getting more lackadaisical about it it's like okay all right here we go now -- get guns and ornament the houses so let's not look out and what's the next thing that's going on you know all -- mean look at this so we're getting we're getting to the point where word just immune. All of these stories about crime and things going on and. And that's a good you know captain black who's going to be our guest for the next two hours. Always starts he does a lot of blogging and other things he always says hello hostages fellow hostages. And when you think about that it that is correct. It's the few people on a block who rule that for the whole block. They -- that block hostage yeah it's these guys holding completely innocent people if in fact that's the new thing. I'm looking out their door when they hear the car -- -- -- can't go out on the hostage in my own and there's somebody there apparently is specifically telling people. If you thinks. Ones outside committing a crime to your home more to your car. Do not walk out the door do not go up because now this may not be a trend but it we have several incidents where the Jefferson Parish sheriff's office knows this has happened that they've got guns trained on the house. As there fellow bad guys robbed the car. But days specific information is called 911. Do not walk outside if you hear car alarm go off where your security light goes off from a motion sensor. Call us let us respond they're the ones with the bulletproof vests they're the ones who are trained and will be situations and they don't want homeowners getting shot if they do try to interrupt somebody burglarizing their car. And if people become overly sensitive to this there will be gun owners who will go outside looking for a reason to shoot somebody in the -- of supporting my trip and fall or somebody might just do something. -- out of the ordinary and just slightly -- into the cart while I have my like perspective I thought they were up my car so people will become over sensitive to this and go out and look for reasons to shoot people. -- -- any -- I can see people sitting on the front -- is in the dark waiting to see if someone comes to burglarized their car you know locked and loaded and ready ago. And now what you've got as good guys with guns bad guys with guns. And sometimes those lines and get blurred in the eyes of the law when their bullets start flying. Who ends up being the good guys in the -- guys once it ends up in the courts. So anybody have any solutions. Are. That's the next two hours we're gonna talk solutions the next two hours let's go to something happy how about. Drew Brees was in pads yesterday. Yeah I was in -- yesterday he didn't. Practice yesterday although today -- he did practice with the guys in and throw the the ball around sends an important index as the -- with the rest of the QBs. Threw balls to the receivers today. And they also persistently Qaeda today threw balls today he also participated in the quarterback challenge. That they had their final quarterback talent that they had. Other things that are trending that one of the things that is when -- went way they can do one more now Joseph is not one single quarterback Callahan and he lost again yesterday yeah there there there they may they may do -- -- -- probably -- -- down here but this is the final challenge to the -- Greenbrier. -- they decided to play Blanco. Anyone who watches the prices right knows the plank go game -- very -- what is happened. They've had a lot of rain up there and as our sports guys have lamented that they were watching practice in the rain. And -- hills around him in the rain has caused these ruts in the hills so what they did was they put orange buckets at the bottom you know the big giant barrels. Put points on each one of them. At the bottom of the -- the one that had the most points was a five points wasn't around Iran which is on the grass because it was the hardest one to get him. They then have had the quarterbacks each throw epic four balls out of the top and it would roll down deceive that you get -- role under the rug for a different. In the pocket for different points. Coach Payton even participated in this one -- got to tell you as a quarterback you can tell he is an ex quarterback is he threw a very pretty ball. Up there at the hill and it gets to put the barrel he got two in the -- third that almost -- he didn't win though Ryan Griffin was the winner. Of the challenge again Drew Brees came close twice. The ball got to that through the five because that's what was going for -- didn't go in the barrel it to stop. And of course drew -- you see the video it's that on line and and drew looks of the cameras like. Can't ball -- 1 o'clock or apparel -- your home you're supposed to go there he was. A little upset that he -- -- -- streak. You know I try to have a little factoid every game. And this one this is our -- back to it again thank you William Taylor. What happened 54 years ago today now -- -- fifty announced it was born if anybody at. Sadly I was the -- -- is they have -- it is not a 54 years ago today 1960. The first regularly scheduled pro football exhibition game played in New Orleans in route to eventually getting. A pro football franchise it was a detour lines now. It was it was the Packers defeat the Steelers when he thirteen. Into Wednesday. In city parks digital so I was at. Quite yet they did they did at the show then you could draw a crowd yeah New Orleans but really what got the saints. A team a New Orleans a team was. We've talked about this one instance Dave Dave Dixon and also. So. Senator welcome to my club piano have been given their -- -- the -- box hale -- yes basically holding the NFL hostage. Or something that they wanted with the with the anti trust thing you know I'll vote on that if you put a team in New Orleans and couple weeks later. I do remember announcing a team a New Orleans. I do remember my desk and connect to a game it was the Detroit Lions and somebody asks is this is is this in the same stadium the saints existed because of are you suggesting that a politician politicians Deanna. -- strong arm politics it is yet the state football team yes bottom line is is that we got it we got. We got it and that's dynamic and I never did too but I'm going to in honor of another loss we had an and certainly one that. Our area in particular felt that was the loss of at Nelson and great actor from here. People -- we started identity issue he was on Peyton Place many of the things a very nice man. But here's the deal his tied -- the -- pro football he flew back for the special event and this never happened back then but it happened. April 25 1971. All three TV stations very competitive joined hands and agreed to do -- -- telethon. At Tulane stadium because they needed 205000. Dollars of new -- Until they did this big musical -- -- extravaganza. At Nelson came of course Al hurt monocle Pete fountain all the greats. And they make 205000. Dollars new tariffs -- yeah and they got to skip planet and that's what onto -- and then not trending but that is okay we're getting close let's go to let's go to news. When we come back -- -- a lot more -- stay with us and we're gonna go back to -- too is. Following something that's trending. I feel badly for her the daughter of -- Robin Williams. Yeah Zelda has apparently decided that she's gonna just get away from social media because of so ugly comments that have been made about her dad. And I experience has right talked about this on Oscar show the other night here on every WL I got to us and to send tweets sent text. And comments from people who said you know he's no hero he's there is no icon he can't be anything because committed suicide. And I think you know that there are a lot of people it's interesting that there are people who will accept the your hero. For committing -- suicide like I don't know you can take a Mickey Mantle who -- who ultimately kill himself with with alcohol substance abuse. If people will accept their hero but they won't accept somebody else is here on this goes back to the generation that. I accepted to or Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix and all those people for essentially committing suicide again that there are medical Kirk Kirk coping and I didn't accept him. So this this idea of Robin Williams and not being I'm not being a hero because committed suicide in the -- people who believe that in there be entitled to their beliefs but. It is somebody reaches that point and you don't really ever know what went through their minds right before they got to that point it's just truly sad that suicide is the option. Well the thing that broke the camel's back the straw that broke panel back Brazil that was when someone. Shared a picture and social media. That alleged to be her father's dead body. It wasn't it was a big -- dad's dead body. And then she tweeted out I'm sorry I should have risen above. Deleting this from my devices for a good long time maybe forever time will tell goodbye. -- And that's the temptation of social and -- of people criticize the media for being sensational. Everybody gets an opportunity to participate in social media they try to be sensational as well. -- Well that's the downside. Let's talk about something we're gonna shift really big gears but I think this is very interesting. Hearing loss from headphones is serious. You know we have talked audio Alex's and they are seeing more young of people with hearing loss than ever before. And we asked them why. And one of the main reasons is every kid you see these days has there. IPod iPhone MP3 player to write whatever it is device. With the music on it. And there are blaring it in their head. And I don't know if parents have just given up tying them to turn it down. If they're not there when they're doing it but they say used to be elderly people who from aides were losing their hearing. Hunters from loud gunfire. Factory workers refinery workers people who work in loud environment. All older adults they said that's where they start hearing loss but for the first time ever audio colleges are seeing -- ropes of the young people. With permanent damage to their hearing. Coming in which it will how do you know if it's too -- And what the ideology just tell us as well 85 decimals is the cut off. Well my iPod doesn't tell me when it reaches Haiti fire -- the -- listen how loud is that the city if you -- well hear people talking around you over your music. You're doing permanent damage -- here. Some of the newer devices don't let you go that loud when when you try to go louder on it like my new phone if it stops to appoint its says. You know you shouldn't go past this point you wanna go louder this will damage and you you can make it go louder but it's opposite. From going louder when you keep -- budget physically go when it changes so. I don't that's a result of about mature as a result of that but I but I know for years being in and radio him and we all have worked with. Folks in radio who. -- have lost their hearing unless they have their headphones so loud. I learned early on my first radio job and I credit the guy or two with he said. I was in their player in the music are allowed in the thing he said he came and he turned everything down it's it's on you need to keep it low miserable why -- is key here at Vegas. No. You'll be like me I can't hear don't play it loud say I don't I still have great hearing because I've never plated incredibly lot. And like and I even here nobody told me that I was blaring rock music -- eighties music in the studio and I've always annoyed at how Ericsson title Loudon. Yeah I think a lot allowed concerts in -- events in. I I I'm I'm not taking away -- -- -- went to cardiologists are or are saying and and I'm sure that there is a factor with young people it's a different type ahead on this new headphones that go -- a year ago that your deep into your either of their worse then than what we have will be used to call we call and ethical barriers. And I and the noise canceling headphones to the boots and all of these but the audio I'll just say parents if you don't want your kids to be partially death. Before they graduate high school he really got to police this and you getting a make them understand and I tell teenager to turn it down I mean. I know when I was a kid and I go to concerts and I lobbed the -- was the better but after I went to remember what the two concerts in two days in my ears when -- -- -- your reading of that kind of words yeah. Ancestor went head -- -- earplugs to concerts just a little roll up kindly shove and Jiri Vista take the edge off. Because it is scary when you start noticing the loss. And most parents of teenagers right now think they're kids can't hear them anyway when they talk that the -- exec -- Yeah. I can't expect the teenagers to be responsible as you get a warning -- -- there's warnings on packs of cigarettes. It -- about a lot of things that people are responsible for their behavior. If there warned. Let me do that turning point in my life is I didn't go to a lot of content that's going up. Was I went to the opening of the house of blues and Isaac tigress who was the founder of it was walking and doing last minute things I mean straighten things out there was incredible. But he and his wife both had earplugs. And I said that the that is a statement -- perhaps we ought to have hair plugs in. Anyway we're gonna take another break we're gonna come back and we're gonna find out the big debate. On nfl.com. About Tim Tebow stay with some traffic in the world of sports. Talk Manassas is Tim Tebow. Well Tim Tebow every time you -- when you get the pre season. Tim Tebow is name keeps coming up now he recently. Signed on to be with the an analyst with the SEC. Football for college football. But one of the debates it's come up on and a product comments carried over will be in two and Twitter is. Does Tim Tebow deserve another chance in the well. And when you get into training camp everyone always brings this up now Tim Tebow himself kind of started this because he said in interviews it. He is a better quarterback now than he was when he played in the NFL. He practices every day he's training every day he just waiting for that call the question is no one's calling. Nobody has called when you've got quarterbacks like Rex Grossman. Going to the browns signing Rex Grossman these are the guys that took Johnny football okay so they picked up Rex Grossman as well as -- -- all -- let his guard him. And the dolphins pick up Brady Quinn another guy who was with the browns who daily and I echo and and he was nova. So. You know nobody wants Tim Tebow that's the whole question and a lot of the analysts are saying. Something -- you know you know what we should give him one last chance. So finally in this debate and let him try one more time if no team he doesn't make the team -- we can police stopped talking about Tim Tebow in the and a. It alaskans and all that won him as a general manager and attack coach say they want to Tim Tebow and American want out of the 32 teams. Do once and Tivo even though if you you know listen to some people not only does he. Had a shot now some some say he would make a good if you brought him in as a tight end. Our NH back and some. Gian said they would try him at the at that position but yet he wants willingness to he wants to be a quarterback that's what's he so -- news that the idea here is that it's persecution of Christians. And and I don't know that I gotta say I don't know that that's the case that's what his fans think and that's why this always starts Clemente. So openly -- interest -- and on the field and -- -- of things like that and I mean he did win he did win a playoff game so as delegates say in the NFL I think we've seen over and over and over if -- team if a general manager and coach believe someone can help them win. Very little else matters I I would agree. Moving right along scoot. We're still trending on the violent protest -- of the African American -- and mr. It's sad. And fortunately it's a little bit -- -- expected. In some some places it it hasn't happened here it doesn't happen here where I guess we're different here in some ways. But -- I think they're people who are joining this protest -- don't really know anything about Michael Brown they don't know anything about the case. There are people who rioted after the the verdict of the a -- essentials police officers after the Rodney King trial. They need to know who -- thinking watched they were just taking advantage it is. Animation the -- of an -- on the show there seems to be this undercurrent of rage reduce this. Desire to retaliate against. Demand this system whites whatever that a lot of people have -- it to cautious these things to erupt rather -- Rather quickly and that's really scary to me. Even the even the parents of Michael Brown are saying you know they want peace they don't want to they don't want to have violence on this but it's almost is like the most of people looking for a reason. To attack looking for a reason to. To be violent. We -- know that the whole mob thinking. Has been around for ever I mean if you if you look back in history. Anytime you wanted to start something arouse something copy got to mop together in -- in the mob mentality. People would just all follow the crowd and -- or whatever it's for Slovakia. So cheap now and are sheep. -- moving over to news. And the whole issue with moving the homeless from under the expressway they have 72 hours are now 24 hours into it. They have until Thursday tomorrow for all the homeless to. Leave the area under the punched and expressways according to a notice that it was posted many notices were posted -- quickly torn down. Mostly by almost people under the expressway carrying them down. Time and hey it's a public health hazard. There's food there's ways there's -- there are men and you can't stay here. -- the last time the city did this was when the Super Bowl was here a few years ago so it's been a long time. That these. Almost individuals have been calling. The bridge hole. They've been living under the timing and there are there's really tent city under there and if you look at it they've got a system as a social network set up I drive by it every day. And every day I wondered. How -- just gonna let this continue and they get tents and they hang their clothes to dry and they wash their clothes and they had. They collect trash and it did there's a system that had developed there a community of sorts but the city says enough is enough and the shelters say they've got plenty of space. At all of the shelters combined to. Give everybody who is under the bridge somewhere to. In that we recently did program with a man who runs the mission and he is on a mission and he he is. Boots on the ground -- he isn't just from a tower talking he literally goes down 34 times a week trying to encourage them he just has really drawn the line of we are enabling by giving the -- giving the blankets giving the food. That there if we can get them into the -- -- Salvation Army not just his place other places than their programs where they named him mental illness get in front of. Get the united on this front and get them in -- treatment get the job training. But a lot of these individuals are either skeptical about the intentions of people who wanna do well for them or. As some people pointed out they're comfortable. Where they are because they have a place they call home Wheatley that's he has now. But they call home and a lot of people apparently do you give to these panhandlers they do at the down ramps because one and give it one of the shelters told us. But the people who they have interviewed. -- they make about seven dollars and fifty cents an hour panhandle others say they can make up to 300 bucks a day yes and it's tax free in Maryland. This. This is always been I mean. Shantytowns they've always popped up it's all this is and they've been through every major city as you look at the history of this country. And in Europe as well they pop up I mean that that's what happens that. And I kind of find it not to not to be funny about it but. How -- you evict someone who doesn't have a home -- -- all of that but it's like you're trying to evict them from their. Did they remember the horrible remember when they get it under the I ten in place warning canal they dated from. Park across -- there's just always gonna move somewhere else it is it's this cycle is now clearer about the make a -- And then overtime I'll find another place and then that but. The real question is and you pointed out Angela are we doing as good caring people more harm than good if we do give money. Food. Tents blankets and they say the experts are telling -- -- -- if you wanna give. Give to the shelters give -- the organizations that help give to the organizations that are helping fight addiction or fight mental illness. Because they can help these people but if you give to these to the homeless people who live under the bridge. The experts are telling us you just gonna make -- -- days. And we also -- -- -- -- like -- -- he's created a -- and that is if your heart says I wanna give. Then it's a system that you will be able to. -- of the homeless person you have a five dollar credit at acts here is your pin number just remember the for a numbers you can go to. Merchant acts and you can get food and that the. But there's no financial that is an all just to base to a case of you can Leo horse to water -- can -- you drag you can't make him get help with they don't want it. And -- the a lot of these people just simply don't wanna follow anybody's else let me better than them rather than their later if they are nicely and knowing that there are mentally ill or they are addicted to drugs sometimes it's hard for them -- -- Country and -- rise -- try to tell us what happens tomorrow. Stay with us everyone we're not done trending. Dave Cohen Tom and NASA since -- I can't thank you enough let's do quick lightning round days. We're talking all week about the sharks in like pocket change one that hit a seven year old boy last night a couple fishermen went out and in no time flat -- to sharks in that same area. It's proof sharks are flourishing family the pictures at WW dot com. The rumors about the raiders moving to San Antonio still somewhat rumors that Texans in the cowboys say they have no problem with the but the San Antonio Spurs say oh yes we would have a wrong -- this -- I want to do the ice bucket challenge but I haven't decided to challenge. They've got an Olympic hero figure out a way to do it live on the air in an -- of the -- so you. And we will all of the best thank you stay with just two hours talking crime be part of that conversation. We'll be right back.