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8-13-14 2:10pm Angela: on crime - hour 1

Aug 13, 2014|

Angela talks with Darlene Cusanza of Crimestoppers and anti-crime activists Al Mims, Rev. Ed Thompson, and Captain Black about how to combat violent crime in New Orleans. Hour 1 of 2.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well it was another weekend in the Crescent City filled with gunshots. Meaningless -- children mangled with bullets and any number of broken hearts. We've been here before many times before same song different verse. Drugs guns death. Anger no value for life no living life with value. Is it's so common now than after the initial -- We don't give it another thought. Unless the slaughter was on our street -- in our neighborhood. Unless the bullets or in our children. Do we dismiss it as just another sad bad action by people who will never crossed our past. Are we still numb to -- such an event seven people shot in one drive by two toddlers seriously wounded. A weekend of violence totaling sixteen shot five dead. That our next thought after we hear this is what are we gonna have for dinner. Are we really that desensitized. Or is it that we have no hope for change in behavior that is still against basic human decency. That we no longer hear cries for help. What you don't handle eventually handle -- So let's talk about it join me for a two hour special with my special guest. Captain black with the American Brothers against crime. -- -- With crime stoppers. Community activist. Al Mims and joining us in the second -- reverend Ted Thompson with all souls church in the Ninth Ward. But I wanna hear tribute to. Do you worry that crime could spread or is spreading to your neighborhood. If you witnessed a violent crime would you say something. Or suffer in fear. Our numbers 2601878. That's 2601870. So let's talk honestly and constructively. And hopefully someone is listening. -- Yes then. Which Regis. It's on my own for about. Would you would you would you would you address would Judith what I tell people time. That to me as we were all talking about doing the two hours today. It -- Russia we got to start with is you kind people have been here before we have addressed this we will continue to address it until we see change. But. I think what stood out was people in the neighborhood knew you knew that this house had drug activity. So our question is if you know that you can't just pick up the phone before this ever happened to crime stoppers Tacoma. And say you know what bad things are happening. Over the deaths of problem too many times. People who turn adelphia and almost had this to you M and a and I -- of people give -- what Rumsfeld whole part of Stephanie tolls. Bad we go to cherish and we test -- how much we we we can do this into there. And we won't call we plan we don't bring up announced that community we don't bring that amount of the children in -- right. Every parent every. Broad grandparent should be concerned about these children uncles cousins because -- would drugs. Murder. These people have tunnel vision to don't -- nothing. And you remove someone do it. Make a report that they -- and calling the police. Investigations take time. And regrettably. Unless you're willing to. -- some neighborhoods don't around the country. Confront people. And a drug dealing locations or Lister of your location so -- most people won't do patrolled the streets separate set of even seen. -- -- old ladies. And smokeless. Go to hot -- street corners and just sit there. Take out on shares -- deck chairs and sit there and by their mere presence displaced -- activity but most polls won't do that. So really don't know what the stances on whether or not the community had been telling local law enforcement album over us anything that they would. Revue particularly now that we. Sadly. To murder investigations of Mosul with some very. How much you're willing to humans and almond only and I'm sorry but I just want you -- how much are you willing to tolerate. Life that's how much you're willing to tolerate it and analysis -- it all the time people normally. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's a -- if I've hit my I did not because of the new because I wasn't afraid to stand for what. My my family. You know I'm just reminded. Your everything your saying I totally agree with but I'm I'm looking at captain black and I remember the first time McCain is showing you sent down he said welcome fellow hostages yes I forgot as -- favorite that's OK the but I think about. That. Maarten. Of good people. Are held hostage. By house. And every street in America including one on -- on. The little ladies have the harmed -- boulevards. You have to be on alert after creek every car this these stone street you have to wonder whether or not that's a drive by shooting. If shooting -- -- -- -- that stray bullets will not that you Americans should not have to live like. But if the people in those neighborhoods. You know I've just recently found out because my involvement. In amending the justified homicide statute here somebody was trying to recruit people -- be you know good -- I'm gonna happen anytime some -- thing. But we cannot be afraid you know we we -- brother -- would the fully in franchise American citizens of people were not willing to literally step box conference room. And safety is the 21 century civil rights movement yes it is and when you have babies being gunned down in the streets where all cowards we don't do. Whatever weekend. Let me darling you're sitting there and an -- but we have a lot to say that again. Well one thing and one of the mention was. You talk about the question was brought up you know has this location and reported to law enforcement. Or are people really turning a blind not to -- scene when Nancy and needed to drug transactions take employees or whenever suspicious activity. I can tell you that you know we get the majority of our calls is about suspicious activity. And I didn't research that particular address -- we'd gotten any calls before this event. And I would hope that we hand but the most power that I think that it neighborhood block or group hands. Is that all those little ladies who sit Morrison on the portraits or whoever it is. That they've been together and make the phone calls in the safest way you can do is do it by calling need to compress operas because it is anonymously. But everybody calling in weeks see this happening we will go talk to neighborhood association's in four -- five animal come up to me up with the second. Called on that block off called on an address not caught on that and trust -- we want to make sure somebody's taken an in paying attention to what they say. So definitely people are stepping not we need him more that certainly in this type of instance when you're having -- beautiful children who become victims this senseless violence. None of -- -- quiet. We all have to be strong in intake and take action let me mention it do it again and our discussion we were talking about an excuse me. That some people have called -- -- may not have been crimes they've called and they'll say well you have to have proof. Do you have to have proved or can you just say this is what I'm observing and I've observed it for five days or two months. And that's enough to get. Professional people out there there correct but we asked people in when we go through detailed list of questions we wanna know. When the actions happening who's now who's responsible if you give them licenses. In what time of day would you seem transacted the type of money to type -- drugs. All of that -- the opportunity for law enforcement to do surveillance for law enforcement to go there in pants at the right time try to make -- their use their people their informants to make abide. And then then you have that case and you're able to make an arrest. But again it's a citizens' eyes and ears it's -- citizens information that you've taken just looks -- -- window in in in. Track and continue to called an information on a regular basis. And -- Confirmation. Us. Consume political implications. Just blindly running up. On somebody because you got a call saying you look quote suspicious. If he has a good defense attorney in the city may have to cut yet another check that's why. As you just listen on the list of questions over they can try to ascertain whether or not this activity really is. But to do something and it's better than stand. If I would could should look into child NC and I have to deal with. To insinuate is -- picking up people a drinking problem and a growth problem because they didn't do what you would do when we have a chance to do. Everyone stay with this and -- please hold on the line definitely get to your calls to 60187. Day we'll take a quick break we'll be right back we're talking crime. Well we -- having the conversation again and we're going to have a again and again and again until we see change and that is about the violence in the city. We are joined by captain black who was with American Brothers against crime. Darling -- to with crime stoppers. Community activist Al -- and now joining us as well -- we're delighted the reverend Ted Thompson with all souls church. In the Ninth Ward. We are talking about. We're talking about a lot of things were talking about this latest shooting with in the two kids that were shocked and one of them is going to be blind for life one of them has brain damage and just a continuing tragedy. But we're really talking about our responsibility. What can we do. I'd like before we get. Reverend Thompson talking like to go to our callers arraignment thank you so much for holding. Thank -- I think the -- -- hole. Have to come together. It would be see things that may -- it did read it -- aren't -- -- And doubt 11 to complain about -- complain about was on only being able. They're gonna keep on. Number one. Number shall -- that the global and now. Calling me several all call of -- -- -- action on all in the forty's compared immediately but that's become. Everything is complete. -- the whole thing is that the ponies system. Have to get together and I would district of that prosecuting cases. Happened yet accurate information. It needed to make sure we put these people we would need cheap and in our community. Right and I appreciate just coherent tomorrow and I'm -- -- and one thing and I am very active in our community. With the community got to be on the same piece because in big affair for fuel -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They don't have known it was -- you got to through hood so many of them -- people in the neighborhood they go to church they don't bring that into the net and other that your. It did indeed -- importantly children it back and up to do some -- things that these -- he and they'll hold on one thing that you had. You got in fighting the good people to -- As doing good things. They've -- feel pushed out. It is something that I think Houston now or ever that we need to be in time. And how do we start that huddle we say no more. But they won -- that you start that you've certainly taken a look at the situation that just happened I mean you say what if that was my child. What if it was me we don't talk to kids and we are safe school hotline program we talk about that -- you know. Everybody it will last coming have you have been either personally a victim of violence or someone in your immediate family become a victim of violence and I could take more than 60% of the kids will raise their hands. And we'll talk about that how did how did you feel when it happened to you. And how did you feel when you knew someone in information and didn't step forward to help you and that's really where things got -- the discussion again it's. And in this instance there is never an opportunity I think it it justifies having a child her like this an innocent victim in this. Make him make him feel good Bruno feeling that. You put him in that situation. What the oath before it happens goes down enrolled. If we know those kids can get up and see if you're feeling good film will be a murder victim if we angles you didn't. -- -- -- Nobody knows something but captain black -- of the when the mothers and grandmothers sitting in the corner helped disperse. But what happened in the shooting there they're really innocently on the porch for heaven's -- on enjoying a night. That's enough to say I can't even sit down my front porch. And if the city does not embrace the people there and people in neighborhoods like you throw the town and say that vote. We're with you we have to have more people on the street we. Know that the police system as a previous Collison took the words Obama -- it is broken we don't have no state patrolman and we can borrow. Try to supplement in -- PP all we have -- -- -- so -- to the police departments police or even if it was. We still have to decide how safe do we want our neighborhoods would be. And I know people I want afraid of retaliation well guess what some people denied Jesus that your preference on you wouldn't like Mohammed investor purpose whatever your belief system news. Whoever comes and stands -- is not trying to win a popularity contest. I've been called everything by the chart of guard forgive me reverend even had to call some of them less. Then charitable things in return but the bottom line was the mine was established. I'm not going to be a hostage and I'm not on the people around of the hostages if I can reasonably program. You're talking about the need to park police department and even I think in today's paper. Chief -- at this press conference yesterday since I believe that they're gonna. They've added the state police in that neighborhood for the next week or so. And that that he felt the neighbors felt their presence which is very important. But it also said volumes to me we all need to feel that press. And keep speaking your presence one of my sources told me there. No we're not supposed to know this book in October 40 more in Tokyo also will be leaving this department for zero. Now. We've got to decide. Whether or not we wanna continuing business as usual because right now you know PG a staffing every other agency. But itself if -- wanna see some good enormous police officers you can go to Jefferson Parish of lesser assaults -- them -- of -- more command. And we got so. What needs to be done with local management. And local. Relations between the troops. And goals over the room to keep people in this department. Do you think that as an interim until we can build back up -- takes my breath away you're saying forty more but. That we should -- National Guard of course. That's what you know I've been saying that from the onset and I know the peoples that we you know national guardsman that's that's not good for tourism. Well guess what babies get a shot in the street is not good. For humanism if you wanna throw afraid yourself -- put the bottom line is public safety -- -- Transition beyond being merely a police issue here and as a military issue and I know people concerned about but just war. Unless you're willing to walk the streets yourself which regrettably very few people seem comfortable doing. And we need to start considering the national or. On that note we're gonna take a break and go to. Get our news but I'm so delighted that all of you were calling please hold on the line will get to stay with its. Once again we're here discussing out what's happening in this community with violence and crime. And done and what we need to do about it. I'm talking to people like -- experts because they're that the boots on the street. But I'm thrilled that so many of you have chosen to call and I'd like to go to Charles in Metairie Charles. Hello Charles. Yeah. Yup you're on the -- Or do they want -- I'm parts. -- don't know where you fit. Which were still bet you. We all don't. Japan for a good thing happened. -- using a bit. We all going to be all right to. -- -- -- created that property. Well that didn't. A tribe stipulate something here. It it's a concern. That local -- And -- -- these are good treatment. Back yet because all broke up here -- they're. They caught on Mercury news. And the. Oh and all. And I picture I'll go. Down the law. Sure that. Oh. Here. To. Respond -- That response. But we. But you can turn the other view. -- -- All and go to. Our. Code. And is. A good. And destination that. People. With a portrait. And on. Oprah. People. That they. Want. It to. So. That it. Can. -- And being so. They can do we. Pick. Them. And they've -- But the key -- -- and check -- Participate. -- -- that's been reported. -- On the call. Upon all court. And that. -- -- -- -- And they should be. That should be -- I think it. -- -- I love this column of your enthusiasm. I really do and you've been -- in a long time. -- -- -- thank you very important much. Any thoughts. Guys and you know when you talk about police community relations. It doesn't hurt to hear firsthand. The downfall of the downs. Was in the world police support mr. but. We also would be less than candid we didn't say that the response that citizens -- and I'll be quite frank. Sometimes depending on your complexion and -- and come. Sometimes that may impact how a particular officer deals with the and when people get discouraged. Then mom becomes a word and by default the criminals and for. Because people who would otherwise actively participate. By sharing information with police. Feel like if I call they're going to interrogate me they're going to be disrespectful toward me and that doesn't open -- me again. Management and holding offices accountable and training yet -- -- training and but you know we had hit -- funny part about turning out record. Every progressive. Class a police officers. At least on paper. Is better trained -- the class -- that preceded it. If you don't know how to be courteous if you don't know how to stay within the bounds of the constitution department policy. -- personal failings not the failed in the Euro. You're trading not a failing of your supervisors. And I think we need to as we hold ourselves accountable for our role in fighting crime. I don't think it's Larson's hold our law enforcement officials accountable and I've gone on record will continue to go on recruitment in -- PG. Will not improve and to achieve surpass Lee it's also us. There unions have made that very clear that they have no confidence. In his leadership and we can ignore that and they're voting with their feet as sporting world and not told. That's another whole discussion we're going to have -- I -- quickly go to some other callers Alain in New Orleans. And thank you. And thank you all your gas stroll door they do. It's a cult that is it as. I'd do -- on it and it's very difficult. She stepped in the -- of other people's on their ears. And and the -- One of the things I do agree that. A child -- really. About experience but. There -- And the other point that it was debt. It does -- The circle of unity here with everybody. In the final thought because. I can tell you. And drug dealers. That everybody else and are where they are and what they're doing it aren't able. Which supposedly good. And we caught on me out. Many many many. The one -- And there has just been no. And these days. I've lived in -- -- I don't see any big box anymore where. You don't hear. You don't see him on TV. -- what you really bought on the -- game at this point that these guys they're operating at its at its home. Elaine you bring up some incredible things we're gonna. Please everybody held up we're gonna have to take a break when we come back something she just said is so true where the big bust where the big -- stay with us we'll be right back. We are back we're talking crime they get to some of our other callers very quickly steeped in Slidell. July. List and he gets unfortunately it would hurt the -- -- -- but here again. Until something happens what NO PD. Police spend time and money train officers. They go streets they get discouraged that goes judgment -- urged the whole world -- art. -- partially. The big bet that. -- Jews. What's the difference does -- matter. At all mr. actually. Probably quietly in the military he has good training. And yet toward the cars. Guys got. Effective now -- and if you got some -- options -- who's ever at a. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Take it three. It's to get the lights come and its allies can you got them only -- all. All of our. -- -- -- -- -- That's the whole point dip wholeheartedly agree with you Steve I think. The thinking as -- all who has been more focused on social engineers. Socially engineering department. And cosmetics. As the polls to retaining the people already on the job and making the department palpable. An attractive for new recruits. To increase the panic we -- army in the city of these tourism. Campaigns yet but the tourists come here in this. While dispensable wanna give these guys a decent shell or certainly don't store. And stereo or weeks and yet why don't. Shop. And -- -- but but Steve you bring up. Excellent points I always appreciate you -- got to move on because JD in New Orleans you've been holding on for a long time thank you for calling. I agree that the biggest calling it is paying a panel to walk over correcting years. As they relate -- About the next art and yet enacted that should be call out I do understand that tore at -- but may not -- war. How many. Diet and that I think inch you know the law. Their -- niche well and -- didn't eat any additional police. Police say the counter that at a power apple Morales and no copy and in my opinion they. Caught the problem it -- leadership and I agree on it'll get it out there they're not going to change it could be out there. 0800. Police. I'm glad it did you -- -- I'll I'll I'll tell you live outside in deep and neighbor and important. -- You've got the call you don't want the trash talk the other night and got people so it has what it has given that how people -- and lobbied federal hit a it'd be your. I -- that you know what apple in the -- But I'll give it -- -- I'm not it's really not I'm gonna -- -- it. JD your thank you for calling. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I think it's a no brainer that the police are happening between these. If you support it. Abdul duo get on that beats duo took community and the terrorists will be safe. Now that that is right and I agree with that in and I am just a talk from a -- -- from suspected in the fact that. I think we as a community there are a lot of good police officers got there. And I think we do a disservice just completely you know talked negatively -- of the entire process I -- But we have a lot to do with showing that support is showing that appreciation. All in one of the things that we've tried to do with crime stoppers is really kind of get more grassroots in the end you know in in -- -- people that there are opportunities for you to learn more and really have a voice by going to their non pac meetings. Each district -- even as a community meeting where anybody in the community and go to it you can ask your questions. And the more they know who you are no more -- in in the -- more visible you are -- to -- -- end -- to have that connection to. Campbell of the more for comfort zone when you and also parents -- to give. What the first man who called who had a bad experiences he was calling trying to report something and it kind of fell back on him. That needs to be told to. Absolutely they need to hear what it feels like in the legal with the people said the same things to crime stoppers. -- say we take our information we intentionally do not put things I could. Alert the person who -- why we never taken -- haven't taken even identify issue. We try not to even take the gender -- to say we would not say -- and next door neighbor. But still you know we get concern for people say someone came up to my door knocked him -- so you give -- information about you know calling about somebody down history. That is fearful for citizens to get it I understand that. And I think. He -- in the district commanders here that when that happens is incredibly important. They're doing a lot of training now and there has been an improvement in the training to really of the sensitivity to community policing. All of that deals with. How you're viewed in your community how your trusted by your community and how you can improve those relationships. And -- speaking as world police supports book being -- It's not the troops. Is not even the district commanders on the Bravo has an excellent relationship with commander or. I'm building an excellent relationship with commander -- And I know commander Thomas yeah we know plenty of commanders but when we get to the top of the pyramid. The superintendent. Does not communicate for whatever reasons. With African American anti crime activist we're not we're not the ones out there saying the police on the problem we're not ones out there blaming all the races. For the crime in the community. But he does not communicate with us in if you do not have communication. And sadly you cannot have changed you know. Police departments of paramilitary. Top down organizations. He's at the top. He can go to Carrollton and talk to people he came to save -- my neighborhood after three men Susan Forman who happen to be white. Were attacked and that's fine found that we see him in the Lower Ninth Ward glad he made it there but the bottom line is all of us and our complainants all of Wilson. Supporters of crime we should be able to talk to the superintendent whose salary is paid by our taxes. Just like our fellow citizens I don't bring this to my assessed. Stay with -- we'll be right back. We are on we are going to continue this conversation build real thank you so much for holding stay with this. The next hour we're going to continue this conversation. And let's also focus on ideas for solutions. Will be back.