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8-13-14 3:10pm Angela: on crime - hour 2

Aug 13, 2014|

Angela talks with Darlene Cusanza of Crimestoppers and anti-crime activists Al Mims, Rev. Ed Thompson, and Captain Black about how to combat violent crime in New Orleans. Hour 2 of 2.

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Well we are talking about violence and crime for another whole hour I want to thank the people have been holding on the line I promise you were gonna get to you. And we're gonna try to focus a little bit on solutions I think we've talked. In great part about issues. And I think in some cases people are thinking that the the bad guys are winning. And we have to turn we have to turn that mentality around. We are in charge of our lives we're in charge of this community and we can't allow them any longer. This sort of free -- I -- thanks so much our guest in studio captain black with the American Brothers against crime. Darling to stanza with crime stoppers community activist Al -- and and who is such a town hall. And reverend and it's our own Ed Thompson but also rules church in the Ninth Ward. -- Robert Thompson wanted to talk to you because I saw you after the shooting on channel four. What did I think a lot of people think that. Perhaps the churches may have extra power when it comes to influencing. Those who go about. Saying we're not gonna tolerate this anymore that that we have to have the power. Of stopping this. Well we do have the power of the powers. Gossip -- Apostles -- system also scope since those. What he was returned to him for his -- change it is -- news or is more than that. We have -- -- up power into the community. We go to the important to our hearts are so far and -- people to see it to -- that it can't happen. That. There's hope and hope it's a whole bunch of Jesus Christ. So how to do that well we do that are serving. The people. We do that by giving hope of people are telling them that all is not laws. In other words what we want to promote Kidman sued to. This would give people an although I didn't you. Two confederates elusive. Because I believe that at the heart of this crime. Is disenfranchisement. People feel that there's no way it has no pace. And I did not hurt. And so one of the -- we do that out all solves. Is so what with the children and by extension that feminists. We have -- out of school tutoring program. In that program which he's disciplined leadership to excuse about -- solutions. And try to give them hope that. That they can make it in life. And is there any discussion at all about. We live in a neighborhood that has issues that if you see something you should be calling the police do try to combat. The those who won't do that or have fear of doing. While both from a few of the river. Its -- know that. The best with a -- -- deacons protect themselves this is so. What does it somebody spoke earlier on this panel and uses the word. Of the woodwork obviously applause to all of the situation. And -- to -- to be not happy with it and growers so. The -- People have to be. Not happy with what's happening. People how to be unhappy people have to be to defeat that. Does not should not be in new normal. It that it. You just hit the nail right there right this is not the new normal this is not what we have to put up went right. It was the heat tolerant -- award that is the most beautiful word of the day right. And whether it's coming from you from a church whether it -- from captain black -- the Salmons is certainly. Darling Costanza who has fought this battle for twenty years. We don't have to put up the office we shouldn't know and they are they are a very small percentage. Of the community. Causing the problems. And we have to I'll let them know no right right -- -- to be tolerant it's just so this is to go. On travelers. Resemble a fundamental -- that if I'm remembered if he's he or she is involved in that kind of life style. To see that it is not right to say that I can accept you I mean. You know I've probably obvious -- may be going to people's homes and lives. But the fact is if a girl is dating a guy whom she knows is a drug dealer is it is it's a good runner you know. Obviously it it must be good for -- at him. So -- -- present almost. Most updated guys -- Really describe him as a right. All my do you want to motivate you -- -- -- glorifying. Crime yeah. You know -- -- -- -- saying we're gonna get to there's let me get a cup a couple of these calls out real thank you for holding so long. And think. Back cop who say there are. Why. Don't people. Oh to a report. A criminals follow. -- -- One truck. We trucks are a policeman. Caught. Your attention now a lot of time. When we Al policemen. Secretly -- did direct vehicle the court. Now in some way. In relation. -- ball. In court. And there you go back and get -- -- pro ball. That would. If you have and our. To our. -- acquire. Well. -- Have only been there. -- and -- cool whip. Their dealers and protective. You know we may never be able to prove that but if you're perception is that then it's real TU. And I believe me man I totally understand what you're saying about fear and -- and darling -- sense of who literally has spent her professional life. Trying to encourage people to make those phone calls understands that -- to. What can we do than to say it's a new day hunt and even though we have these fears what can we do. To. Make the decision I'm gonna do what I have to do. To stop this or not. And yet is -- With the art there. You know -- -- even if you. Turn your name is to be. He. Aren't -- at the. That is. As profound as anything that you would even turning your own child if you when you -- to the child this is not right and you're not going to do. Easy for us to say as we sit this -- air conditioned room talking to each other but it does start there. Andrea enormous amounts -- to get them my -- reform boy who threw for -- long was the reason. You know and central city. And as -- she's fit she's city. I would turn on them you know how to do what I have to do but him and others and other thought -- is most of the time. When people go to Germany when arguably important if I want to load him into it with -- wouldn't. They don't care if that party made up their mind noted in my -- because Nevada just way to. Dark Carolina I wanted tight pin because this injured here area right I'll tell you a couple of things and it -- to listen to talk we certainly trust his. The bottom line I think with -- actions or our lack of action. In -- -- with a lot of talk to kids two young kids with nursing school hotline program we talk about. Mean empowered over situation. And been able to take action. Always in power issue considerably in recent you know -- as a victim or sitting helpless in the situation. And when -- you know when you get that that fear in its real I mean I understand that I was a victim of crime it's a very real feeling. But I also know personally that a -- if you sit in that fear you never get above and beyond that you know to get past that. And I think for us with crime stoppers. What my response is always is that is to educate people on the process. This election know that universe -- we're not law enforcement can we are at the pipeline from your information to law enforcement. We do that intentionally the whole process is encrypted or our forum. And cloaked in secrecy because you want to protect the information that the person gives us in not identify that person. On that process also allows you to take action to you not to setting with whatever information -- him whatever guilt to enhance between of the information would ever fear. The other thing I want to say was that we also know that there's a lot of people who had been in a cycle of -- -- -- -- have -- victims in the would help them. And they have finally gotten disgusted and they are now calling us saying you know we're not gonna help one another case. I'll wanna take in get this other feeling in that -- -- would get a get out of that feeling of helplessness. And help them because I know how much it hurt when I was sitting in the UK in the -- sitting in the issues. Summon I think we're looking at which you see around you understanding your pain and sharing that experience by taken action when it's a crime -- or whatever. Is truly the first step that I think we can do person by person. To kind of change what's happening in our and our neighborhoods. Actually quite sure. What it. On. But. The whole -- at 11. Out. Limits in -- and -- is certainly firmer so if it's something where somebody out there shooting right am I accurate in your -- way. But I would tell you call 911 because I don't want to hold on to slowdown in the process of getting help come into the situation. If you're not immediate harm's way in your concern departure on protecting your identity. I think -- run stoppers at 21111. Numbers are information -- handled -- for us today seven days a week we passed on directly to law enforcement for you. And it's in real time. And then we do which a lot of people don't get an or don't realize is that we follow up on that information. So we hear people saying -- called ten times and nobody ever did anything. I can guarantee you we -- a person assigned to each agency following back on those tips. Make sure someone did take some action what is the action is still being investigated this is why it was not investigated. So we're kind of plane that roll on for you. So okay you're all night when -- Okay -- quest to get there and you. Two the person in the summation. -- Explain to any idea the person who is viewed the call of the purse right -- -- -- -- we we will not identified. The whole process is to keep -- -- anonymous on have to give their name on his calling this is what I'm saying. And it's all done by a phone number everything and -- tip number we would never ask you -- McCain. We don't want to know your name in the reason why is as we don't want him that information damn where someone could come back contracting. And I tell people in twenty years I've never known anyone. I've never heard in the news someone -- hurt by calling crime stoppers. In this international programs and it's proven. It is male thing you. Thank you for marrying -- you put -- and the question to death when we've been trying to do that and -- -- -- him but thank you Morgan into an. The break but again thank you so much real we'll be right back. Well we're here on our second hour talking about. Crime violence. A -- a conversation I'm just so committed to having ongoing. Until we get some some resolution to some things and it is complex we're not making -- trying to simplify something that isn't simple. But I think we've made some very good points and it is a diversity of thought. Whether it is let's look at the leadership issue let's look at the losses were pending in the police department. Let's look at as a delightful woman from Baton Rouge called in an appropriately said it starts in the home. If you've got a kid that's on the wrong track you got to stop them. Jerry. Let's quickly go to some of our callers and I appreciate Don you've held on for so long thank you. I'd. Call out. -- it. All along -- are at war. At what. -- -- While all the while. We haven't. Bought -- trade partner our -- or outdoor dining -- The market we spot you spot to -- -- the bulk cot. The board yet one more. Proper structure. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Your order not. To. Get flex scheduling. So that go to school and college degree. Or five at college. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All right and try it. -- got all -- war period. Go to work all urged to. All of our -- it -- rehabilitate. Work in the community -- basically it's an educated work force. He -- for your job -- attention. That they. Beautiful idea. Who if you told them. Great concept paper for -- -- For child support while you're better thought out well our election upset at him mayor. A the white paper out an elected official. I tried to get. Got all the darkness that -- I checked the governor. At some -- in order form. But dawn. -- about it if you consolidated all the agencies underneath the share. What with the guys and gals -- one who run -- agencies do their feelings might get hurt. Politics spike. It's happened who. The thing about that it is. Sure are march April -- sure and make. Sure. Public and prayers are. Well operation. Right before the brawl all on board it. -- -- -- That control budget issue -- -- -- total control of the budgetary prospect. They're complete transparency. They used the law enforcement for actionable. All put people professional the first to actually. Spot aren't that takes -- ultimate -- Well Don that's a good idea and I've known a lot of other places. Leave the big word for it is consolidation. And a lot of agencies have been merged. With the varying degrees of success which you already know the stakeholder pushed back if somebody has achieved over his one person by person agency. If he has emerged under. Your model he may find himself obviously not having the exact of authority on having the the amount of fuel grew at whistler. And that has always kept people and also revenue because a lot of people's aware yes we have all the way -- but it generates X amount of dollars in tickets what happened. If we can put politics aside big if that's definitely softened the consider. -- it really is it's it's. I would ask you resent that to all of them. Just be very persistent. And cleaning things from just what you said it it it should be applied -- weren't cash strapped community. That the mayor would be the first to say he could use all the money could get and we're going to be facing more losses on the police department. These are different times and we need to think differently but I know they're also producer of the city charter -- -- -- be amended to hold or we don't. Have to do what we have to do you know I have to do my got to go to news thank you very much Don for holding on in and resent those reports we'll be right -- I'm so grateful to captain blackened darling can stand them. And -- -- and reverent and Thompson and every one of our callers who's sort of joined in to this top you think corporate talking in circles I don't think we are talking in terms I think we are. We're laying it out that needs to be discussed. Which may be inches us forward to even though we all -- take that leaps. Let's quickly go to JJ you have some thoughts on crime. Chasing a record for a -- mentioned earlier it was but Kirk well. But got far and away you ought to keep that there are not fair to these cripples. -- well you know under their real strong -- and -- -- here to protect our commitment right but it got to be some kind of way. That we can picture the people that bar. All lawful citizen picked up your guard. And those that you know what it used it made in China car bomb are appropriate aid from getting it this easily. All the other settlers say it in a constitutional Richard -- water that are not. Trying to all true true. Ball -- on the proper thing but how can we justify all an honorable judge -- they're -- the cart constitutional right. You all confirmed our future. And -- Not that we need to be able tracked people. But it seemed to slip which -- where from what could have been -- package you and scholars -- aren't that this person darkness that. The next thing you know your your -- to get rated in for a charter and you know -- are saying or maybe for planet something going here whatever industry. At least rubio could check and balance would be there on -- program I never got the opportunity to actual -- sort correctly all. Early picture I'll offering promotional. And remember even make a quick comment on one thing of the thing about the guns. You've recovered talk Armando buying guns and put them more also the guns and get on the street a lot of them. Because become our cause that one unlocked. Houses. There were announced. I mean you've got -- -- to welcome people held and guns are right there on me and Merrill -- when mr. Goldman guys don't go to -- -- start by big knowledge -- do they didn't they do but -- what I'm saying is. They did. Guns and I does little break in the cause all the time because -- locked in a good component under the name and -- -- -- you know make it too easy some people after the interview -- You know I totally agree a lot of those guns or stolen guns in battery the sold on the black market between people doing crimes or just passed along so when you take a go on and and that's -- for us. We're always looking to try to get as much evidence of the -- through the -- process if we get the gun that was used in a crime. That's huge and many sounds when they test those guns they're gonna show that they have mentioned that on. Gun is shown at the different crimes materials and hunting rights on to the one time deal. On the source synonymous to process I'm an attorney but on election know that law enforcement officer can make an arrest off of an anonymous piece of information. They have to build the case they get the substantiate that the cause and and why do we even get a warrant to be able to go would not when someone -- Our information starts that process and mean times -- information is used to cooperate what's being done through the investigative process. So there's certainly a check and balance system in in the tip program. -- -- -- again if you don't give information when you look at we're sitting atop about. Not having enough officers. I think is that the community is huge as -- -- financial assistance vacant in getting invested time and hours back to law enforcement. By giving that information. No I appreciate after British at another quick break we'll be right back. Well we're gonna continue this talk until the top of the hour let's go to Connie uptown Connie. You're. -- -- to get a college. And I'll make it to the -- is possible. But you know -- -- every way police need help the community needs to help put it on the teachers. Schools that tractor with and for all match. Where a parent where -- held accountable. I raised my children. I trust them respect that taught them for that they went to school they thought that and went to work every pregnant at all. And out there -- been out there -- a third the yields on Parole Board ma'am. Dead children and is out they follow every child and have a parent there wolf they've they've chosen the right thing just because. I mean to be good to know me real father does go a mile up I have -- -- -- -- -- mother. A dip in and I'm not making these whose form some children only to be with your parents. We get there you decide exactly -- -- right. But in the cycle we -- second compared generation. And you. Teenagers are being made at the way the paint farm. They don't -- and no problem and I -- -- If you don't stop the cycle and make somebody got responsibility. Accountability. Have to work out I can -- keep getting out. -- no -- and preakness. And -- would be worried. Something that body up -- about the cycles where. Something that attorney Robert Jacobson talked about is cutting the entitlements that there are things are talking about. For families whose children are engaged in repeat violent and -- -- serious currents. We feel. Once you hit the wallet and you it is listed a bunch of purse and wallet issues. Yeah once they're brought to the table to the case -- and -- vote. The little Johnny robs somebody last night. Then we look all -- -- little Johnny was on probation for robbing somebody you -- now looms some viewer or whatever. Food stamps SS. You may have a flag in -- section eight Carl saying this happens again you have to see. New house -- I know some people -- us that's harsh but the bottom line this was more hearts. Are the victims the children were not being properly supervised. I totally agree what you and I expect mr. Jenkins got hurt him truck. I don't it's not an easy solution but if you don't stop the cycle compare the government dot I mean or -- I have a daughter that's a position she has multiple opt for each -- sell it why -- purple. People -- you have to break the cycle what's been going on too long. And you know. -- we keep going back to this it is no singular answer what you're saying is correct. What you will but captain blackened and Robert Jenkins and others have talked about let's start that process where do we begin with. Making parents accountable then we have the issue of how are we gonna stop losing these cops we need our -- What is it going to take. And -- -- sort of don't know and I saved the best for last and all the problems three of us here a black man. Robles you've got to stop making excuses. Bravo caught. A little bit of Jim Crow I caught Jim -- like this young man over here probably never experiences are good reverend frontier but the bottom line news. We do not the market cornered on tough times we do not the market cornered. On being able to use excuses to justify a negative behavior. And until we come with a definition of black man who has it does not include being a vogue. And shooting people's children -- Don't expect to be respected and don't expect to have a lot of sympathy outside of our community because people are getting sick of it after the National Guard columns of Medicare Hamlet. -- -- federal troops. This is the future that could potentially happen two black men in this community. Take charge of their laws it is and other community where the offender -- -- enough people I think just well. Those men had to take charge but here is majority black and we got to call for what it is and not walk away. From the issue. And we're not afraid ma'am as black man we're not afraid to the bill good to take responsibility and she was gone on. And cause I can have he we we need to fix it we need to be fix there. You'd think people come in this country Vietnamese now -- right edge. And -- -- network that he'll work ethic up. World. That morning teenage girl. 88. And opened the way through learn to be responsible for it chill they that they. School. Treatment they have an animal she got me -- See that there is quiet time when they do homework it's called parenting. And you read a book and it's also teaching them that they each they deserve better. In that they get respect themselves and know that over there and that things ahead for them and I do wanna -- on demand sitting tomorrow right. Because they are role models in an area that really need to be discussed. Mean we need to hit more male role models for our for all of our children particularly our young boys but certainly when we need to be out there -- Women have women have to try not to respect themselves they have children. You know you can support one child and common and don't -- getting three or so and respect. And we're gonna have to go to break I can't thank you enough Connie for calling I really mean that and I do thank you thank you -- echo what that the minister said earlier about. To the young girls because it is too. Why do why do you go with the fog. What's what is that right we'll be right back. Reverend Thomson captain black -- minimums. And darling we are committed to this and that we're gonna put out the challenge of solutions. We will do this periodically we I cannot thank the people calling -- enough. We can resolve this gang we really can't thank you for joining us.