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8-13-14 4:10pm Bobby & Kristian: on Saints training camp - hour 1

Aug 13, 2014|

Bobby & Kristian discuss today's goings-on at Saints training camp in West Virginia.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Simplify welcome at this Wednesday edition of sports talk here on WWL anathema to be WL dot com along with cajun cannon Bobby there I'm Kristian -- -- put a -- on treat him. At the Greenbrier this afternoon and courses more than a full pad practice there with a walk to right now. But -- can we saw plenty this Morton live portion of the goal line that saw the defense pretty much dominate. Yeah maybe for the local folks besides obviously a pre season game at home that you will see live action. In a goal like period a coach -- admits it will probably do one or. Of these sessions it's the ten to twelve plays where. If you gonna simulate goal line and how could you walk through that you can't put into motion Jeff hit and tackle. Because it's an aggressive drill. Mean it's offense trying to cross the goal line and get pointed at the defense. And you break your spirit can't -- Q will. And crossed the goal that I think I've ever seen this on the court Peyton. That's a three days in a row. Monday Tuesday Wednesday that they've had. Live rules you -- on Monday it was 31. Where he had a twelfth place. And -- yesterday they had 31 which is a place the twenty total plays that. You look at -- today says says thirty plays. That it was game conditions. And the first aid office definitely had the advantage if it wasn't. Eight to four it was at least seven the five. In the off -- its favor. But the team that has won the last two days. And I think almost they got those meeting the that the rules likely be a fly on the wall and and I think coach rob Bryan of course Joseph bitten who's very vocal and they probably got their faith. Then it's all about swagger it's all the bottom line it's that well. The bottom line is that defense kicked off a disaster in the afternoon a -- -- sugarcoat -- I mean. Looking at it and you can't be objective because it's -- plus or minus. The defense won the short eight out it can. If not nine out of ten. One touchdown would have been -- further review. Where was the thirty goal situation from about a little less than a yard. And Travares -- I don't know his that is his helmet with a touchdown I don't know the -- of football. Cut there not play yet so I'm taken. That that meat from my angle and I was right there with Mike Triplett. You know he's now works you know those Saints with -- ESPN. And he wanted to give the offense the -- Joba that so I kind of went into the pits -- -- night out with him the kind of break down what occurred. You know that a person -- Who you are like gave the Baltimore Ingram plus one. So now you know you got sickening goal. From the one that was equal it's being used the imagination now. Looking at right grip and being in there and did a play action pass. You know throughout the Jimmy Graham great defense by mark his ball he knocks the ball down. So now is thirty goal. The give it to Mark Ingram minus one yards. So alleged ethical for a fourth down that's a big win for the defense. That and now they have to take -- -- was intriguing for I continue. The defense -- penetration. Here they got Mark Ingram minus one yard. Larry Robinson minus three yards. -- Robinson minors when York. Eric Crozier the last play nickel line minus three yards so it -- that is getting penetration is. I'd like to be also in that meeting with the off the line tonight does that guarantee it. You know. You know they showed them that that's that good and you can't get mine George you gotta be going fall over. But props -- the Bill Johnson defense and getting penetration. Now the highlight. Was after they stop playing for minus one and 31 -- Robinson. They put the ball on the two yard line he had a nice. Run to the left he'd had a two yard cuts and I'm telling you that was the highlight a two yard touchdown where. He kind of got the corner and got that edge and he was gonna walk to instill. A Toronto aren't that great block on that edge. You know to get it in there. That's when all the -- kind of went downhill for the office Tyrod with a minus three. A fumbled snap we've seen lately almost that almost that between Kimberly -- And Macau completely on the goal line -- that you might have built that -- recovery. But it's a big way for the deep into the area that fumbles that not authentic Dolphins they get it. But you still that's like -- that that play. And you look at Tyrod as a minus one. Than -- thirty gold at -- it is all jacked up. That would have been instant replay they -- -- in his helmet got in I don't know the ball got in a compliment him incompletion. And then scrolls or minus three yards the deepest as jacked up and and I like to see it even -- off with a player. It just if you can keep your opponent oddity is that especially when -- knock on the door. That's very humbling very humiliating. And off with a player -- think you've had a sustained drive. And you -- on ten and eleven even twelve please. Come what you in the written it you know -- -- in the rental enduring goal -- goal situation. And that's a big -- that the which we could do that. And damn -- don't break kind of approach at times in the end you know their inside the five yard line and they think -- get a scorecard and -- can kick a field goal. Know that that that goals a long way. All the Sunday kind of thinking you know in the post game press conference well. -- it had seven let this settle for three. And also props go out that it defense and Chris -- continue to break down practice but I I thought that was pretty intent. In I guess that that was kind of old school football treaties in a row going lives. Where you don't see that that many plays we've seen this goal line situations before. But never. -- 31 scenario that they did the two previously. Coming -- you'll hear from -- take coach Sean -- along with Marcus -- sent down have about five minutes while receiver nick -- in office eleven thing -- -- back at work after dealing with a a lower back injury or tightness early in camp you'll also hear from Kyle Knox and Raphael bush phone -- vital point 260. 187 Neitzel -- 8668890. -- that is -- travel back to the world that tomorrow they'll hold their post training camp practice in Metairie. On Sunday -- makes I used to the black and gold. Back in -- -- separate -- people on line for -- to be in the like I -- call us or or you can catch a little right there. Phone lines to get to 60187203866889087. Will continue breaking down. He has very spirited crisp practice for the New Orleans Saints coming up next the sports talk on WWL -- dot com. Bodyguard Kristian garic. Phone lines are open for you get it to 60187 -- 3866889. At 087 that saint wrapping things up here at the Greenbrier. In West Virginia before they head back home tomorrow in the face Titans on Friday that we off on Saturday and back on the practice field. In Metairie on Sunday morning. Suppose we goatee on -- Slidell you're on WWL TR. Sacred about our ability Dave and -- -- I you know how it in the old -- -- -- -- -- yet. Without big -- wanted to know what what what is it I -- -- and none out. Not an all -- and Chris and I was -- on that. As he missed that an action why it's a hasn't been out there even on the sidelines. In civilian clothes are. Out of uniform we haven't seen a practice that over a week in. He had a he had a boot on it was a picture. Posted on Twitter not to long ago where he was in a boot. They and he -- and typically that's a foot are an ankle injury but even prior to this disappears now he hadn't done much and right now I think some of that had to do Alice Rolen. Early can't write this off as well he has carried his pads and eighteen months right he might be trying to get his legs underneath him and -- was a stretch a couple of days restarts the -- BBs. Start around in a formal back and coming off of that ACL but. We haven't seen them on the field and in a week Christian. In all my notes and TI and all my notes I had and -- we've been here three weeks I think erode as being down one time yeah. And it and all all all Michael -- what I see. And I'm not I mean I even right doubts -- does that. Like I mean. Who is that you know all wild as that Sacramento state kid or something. I mean still I don't go by. One makes -- body to have success. I do -- go by what I see Utley and it play out. So it's almost a case scenario right now out of sight out of mind and now. I mean I don't know that that's a big question mark to me I'm not on the inside enough. And those be -- in the training group to know exactly his status. But I don't know how discouraging is or how the opportunity is right now. That disease in the mix. I think right now it's like out of sight out of mind kind of irrelevant. And that is being objective. Well and listen right now. At this point given the injury in last year's injury. He's very much on the -- -- sets -- a very well stay up because the money you have to pay -- I mean it's all about dealing with the salary cap all also that. -- know that you gotta go to contribute they just cut their losses semi and as such -- the things as a number of teams so. And they got money invested in you yet to produce though they go to different direction. -- honest I don't think -- a phone call got an email here at Christian -- -- well -- ounces. As Dan from the Southern California who dat nation. We are big fans of any -- what's the status of Indy we haven't heard much talk about worth taking holed that putt coming. Worth thinking he is the saints' version of Eric Decker then. He would be a perfect slot receive round thinking coach Payton is grooming him. For some thinking you talk a little bit about -- will not letting the -- and I think he's -- he's a guy that like Bobby mentioned left at the wrong place at the wrong place could benefit another team for the teams to loaded. He doesn't separate himself Bobby doesn't do one particular thing better than the guys that are -- and have great speed he has he's got good hands but what is unique about. Well and I think that Andy Canada can play in the NFL I think he can be. So once the fourth or fifth receiver. I know it's the saints' offense and not necessarily make it that saints' roster now. You could be on the active roster maybe one or two games but I'm talking about consistently. Make -- team and you part of their game plan. I just don't seated in New Orleans. And -- I love -- candidates I love anyone that he carries the ball and hits his hands. But right now looking at the competition. And who he's competing with. I think is the same song and dance and you get to a point where. You have so much years of NFL experience they can't keep putting on the practice squad. So you almost have to try and make some of the team now I don't know -- his agent I don't know who's representing him. But they gotta do the due diligence as fours and research. -- find out where Randy Tanner can make because he can't play I think he's good enough. Vivian NFL receiver right now with the depth at that receiving corps with a -- thing wrong place wrong time. And Allah. -- mean you look at Lance Laury and then and now I mean nobody -- do with the Steelers. But if you look at Andy tenor where he's that. It doesn't matter where you end up and given that opportunity. But as of right now. Where does saint threat with their receiving corps. I don't see him in the. 260187. -- 03866. Innings sends early Tony. In the NC directions body somewhere else yeah here. On this team as much talent that I've been out if -- that he will the Saints are playing and a Friday night yet I it would mean a few -- -- not a very -- years of eligibility on the practice like it's either make the 53 ago -- wells. Well and that's why look at like I don't know enough I'm just speculating here at the Tennessee Titans yeah I mean I'm like OK. I mean what I've seen. I I'd be surprised that they have five better receivers in and he Tanner on the titans' roster. You know -- -- you knocking on the door. If you could almost make the Saints team and you always knocking on the door for them. And Drew Brees to throw 5000 yards. Sean Payton considered since 2006. We've always been a top five office from the Tennessee Titans. That that they're hoping they get. A few first downs and while there's something about any of -- yeah you gotta go where you can make it keep it -- -- ought to be -- lifestyle you gotta be almost like a military brat. Going to be willing to travel and get the right scenario of you know so you could maybe make it a few years. And there's a reason why. He started out last year on the active roster when there is that he needed to tweak the roster movement because of injuries. He's always going to be that bottom third of -- anyway and on top of that living on the edge every kid in week out there's a will there's a reason why they cut him last year it was it was little -- the right spot because nine. All that unique from other wide receivers in the national football. He's like he's like. Oh. He's committed a bunch of things but is the Greek. The closest thing to be great would be how his consistency catch and approval. You know locals who Fred political -- look back in 1985. Fred political was a wide receiver coach with the Oakland invaders. And even as the Romanians you can -- -- mean he's still catch everything. He couldn't run but he still would catch everything and that's one thing would cause I ever want to -- to a Lance more. When he basically came out of nowhere was that will always mixed -- if he drops the pass. You know so that's kind of like Andy -- at bat the still like that. Branding -- -- a drop a pass but he ran the fastest forty. So that it about that. What ultimately you don't drop an evening and did you maybe the fastest in the league and the so that it separates the great ones from ones that are trying to make it. Chad and apple loses David itself only to a to -- so 187 and it's all 3866 -- nine -- -- in the league that a neutral parties at. I welcome -- sports talk Katie can about be there are Christie Garrett lines or before it to 6018703866. 88087. Mark if you could a call screen and just went out -- is on hold here. Is that Chad. Chad and not to lose this year on WWL. Think -- afternoon guard. They chant let's go. About. Aren't we can get them that we're not. In. It and -- -- -- and they. Are getting into the -- And. Well how how. Well while you hold your point. -- -- -- play on the tell you -- when you sit out a -- your point but I'll tell you how. Silly because this thing so wanted to events NFC teams. And it's all a matter -- maybe getting home field advantage because. Whether it's Green Bay. Seattle. Article 49ers. That's the main competition if they come to New Orleans. I think it's safe to win out they gotta go on the road that might be a different story. Yeah well the that you wanted to point out on enemy obviously don't feel advantage. Yeah and one obvious is -- something -- major injury that normally act NC. Jimmy -- -- second I think even Chicago beat him in the second -- Well that's that we -- very you know that's the give very challenging game middle of December a night game in Chicago. We hit -- didn't think you make an argument about eighteen with a with a well it's hard is it really if you have a back line calling grind that well let's go real conversation okay that makes a lot of weights and builds great cities make it is just be patient he -- all. Added -- -- this failure statements that. Understand what you're saying. Though I got respectfully call Christians didn't handle the board commentary I'm I'm gonna be relaxed with the but I'm telling -- reason why. That you might think that he -- of Chicago simply because inclement weather. And it's going to be Cole and I didn't have all know is when the weather was nice we kicked the Bears behind in their backyard. When it was a nice ball -- football -- Chad let's be clear I'm not on the hot. Arguing with you Chicago comment to the Chicago. It's going to be a good team because they wanted game and I am I to say if that if that was your argument is that. They -- a rash of injuries happen across the NFC that's the only. I vastly in -- now is Chad are you a Cowboys fan don't know who -- I don't know man no I'll pretty much via via the NFL and I okay -- -- talent I'm gonna tell you that bit about very athletic and I note talent. And would run. Well is that. It played well in a month. On the call of duty in. All that deported -- -- -- a ball that yet right. -- But. I mean at 830 -- -- -- in January but my point -- it. About Vietnam don't two point -- you play on the road and I wasn't on the regular season and by the way. That's a number of the ball. Yet. But that's a number of teams of all look. In San Francisco -- Seattle at home they got a better chance what's the average age they opened up what what we can figure potato teams if you are amongst the best of the best. Home field advantage. Usually. That -- opposite if it does make it different all I know is we've been on the road at Philadelphia. And we cashed in the NFC east out there immediately mediocre let the NFC east. To be relevant. The dead NFC -- they want the Redskins they want to New York Giants. Knew what the Eagles knew what the Cowboys to be irrelevant but the stakes are better than them they are better than them. I totally agree with yeah I agree with you on back and I don't look now but you know what -- -- -- -- -- the -- and yet the maybe -- US capitol and. Blood dollar idiot business there's always there's always -- there's no way we should lose. But I'll look at the NFC north. There's no way we should lose the Vikings and Eagles ST to say the Saints are rich -- -- bit about what we're better than the Vikings now. The bearers. Come December that we -- they love to win on the row. Now the line. He might play delighted we -- we might put -- line we gotta collect the right. Listen we've got to go at Detroit might be a shoot out I don't know it might be 38 at 34. Or something that tackler. Answered if when you are going to Lambeau Field but we're not. They coma Sunday Night Football the numbers say he's bit superdome. I'd be disappointed that'll beat the Packers at home. That. We played given all that got to witness schedule it girls. -- I think it's a phone call -- much time and I appreciated though and I appreciate you -- up man until he was addictive but to say but to say the Saints are getting. There -- the average -- office when he usable 120 years average player twenty years. Eight. On defense it's point six that's not old by health issues that'll that'll. And the rash of injuries at that they're argument. I grew Chicago. But Chicago is that good that they should read night -- be tough and went and got the OK fine you take the walls out of the superdome. If they're playing on the road yet different team history tells you that. But to sit there and say the only way they think it is a Bulls rash of injuries and no other way Drew Brees 36 -- right. But -- and had a win over year last year he's over 36. So black like at 36 year old 37 year old out gave me -- -- of quarterbacks now I don't act like you know he's over the hill and to the point to where oh he's you know he can't he can't have one of those years like Peyton Manning in the church hit me. That throw for 5000 yards with LU toddler Islanders and being a month. I mean it would continue to run the ball better and stop the run that's the old school and I think coach Peyton. And he realizes that the two most successful seasons 2000 night and ultimately at the sixth best rushing attack that he feels that. And hopefully we appeal to do that now coming up and coming out the gate. But but but this eight. Like you wanna make like excuses. But the -- to be. World champs are through bowl champs until 2011. Who we should have been through bowl champs that what do could -- or whatever. Yep five turnovers you almost beat the 49ers on the road you take nearly twice and the five minutes. And you can't fitted to deal we do a couple would've played the Giants at the superdome will be disclosed that Giants. That that year when we're better than them how we matchup because the Patriots. So you gotta have a bit of luck the ball ball two way it's always a handful of things that that has -- going yet we have. That appeal to win. But with -- -- at the Saints have to have luck this of that all know it uh oh elicit a UUNIUBS. That guy. But I'll tell you all coaches pay attention to stats all know -- -- -- -- before offense cinema for defense. I mean I. Sadistic Kennedy being his only team that never lost a game at home. -- comedy team just investigate look at up. How many NFL teams had a top ten -- -- -- defense that shows you what to think threat and it badges and that is approved for the putting right there. Tuesday so point 72 or 3866889087. Was that when we come back for the cajun cannon breakdown a practice also your phone calls. 260187. Until 3866 and 89. It relates and it just don't give us the rash of injuries are. Well all I know is when you look at right now. The cylinders and ESPN or how is that relevant. Well the Cowboys negated a fist fight with the Raiders the Raiders sought the Cowboys saw the light that relevant. Come on did you look at the high -- they're showing. It's irrelevant now that that's that that's a long time ago. The Cowboys -- relevant the Raiders are relevant that one nothing we're irrelevant where in the -- and his -- film have you worked out. Nowhere in the hunt out everything so that's up a lot of highlights -- -- -- you know work them bottom hung in note the ankle and it's like they'll be hitting the -- I mean I didn't say to it is time to be big gains and now by the time. He's got that Christian is sports talk on -- -- -- -- well. Sometimes the outbreaks are as good as the -- maybe you'd better. And funds overseas indicate and welcome back sports talk big foot in -- race. Lights -- Iran that he will -- but. Hey big guy to guy. And -- on the court. And I don't see any and by that we all go. Even though this year we got well -- got beat them all well all our whole body. In May feel like you're not on the package this year put. -- -- -- -- Well the other thing is to they'll -- that a potentially going to be bad weather could be. Pittsburgh in November Chicago and -- -- yeah. Yet. The tea. I don't know if your state season ticket holder. And I'll -- -- every year and I observe every year to teams that are comic that a film. That this year. It's like you wanna be in that number. UV talk about -- must see TV Euro will if you would have been an atmosphere. The Saints have an unbelievable home schedule this year. I don't know I haven't seen -- -- years and what I mean by that. Is that teams that are truly relevant. That would mean our relevant. Playoff contenders whether it's the AFC. -- NFC for instance the Cincinnati Bengals I'm glad become a that are Mercedes-Benz superdome they did lose the whole game last year and a regular season. A -- -- that Green Bay Packers. All on a Sunday night. I tickle on and on -- at this sketch of part of your right now but I mean I am a member look at that as four or five games. Oddity -- does that it will this is the great. Home schedule. Does that I don't know who contributed equivalency. But I know we got a fighting chance. And it is football it and as I guarantee. But I don't the Saints fan. That that's all you can ask for I mean all of those were irrelevant. We're relevant right now. -- -- Dallas Cowboys and at Ole miss the are they trying to be relevant they try a to be relevant. That that tradition of the Raiders. When the Raiders semi medical -- the -- again yeah it's like a decade by the Buccaneers big trying to be relevant. There's a number of teams. That are trying to beat relevant the Saints are relevant. Now you think about that. And that's all you can ask for as a fan but ultimately you wanna win championships. And all of those we got the right coach. We got the right quarterback I don't know what's gonna happen. But this is the -- Estes 2006. And I'm gonna ride that pony. I'm -- arrived at -- do we run and into the ground and it's it's no longer there and and I don't know what's gonna happen after that. But right now. The key after remembered who dat nation this they are relevant that their relevant. Whether we get national recognition or not. They know deep down and every now and -- -- throws the ball and a talk about oh Brandon cooks. Oh deciding Jimmy Graham -- it would -- accomplished if he was in New York. That they'd probably be building a statue of him night -- -- -- -- rubles but just so -- accomplish. And it I think around the nation -- realize. We Drew Brees has done. As you know as far as being among the league has now -- seeing when the conversation Tom Brady. Peyton Manning. In an error Roger's been through a reason. To look at the top for so. So when I'll let go as ever everything the rules the way the structure that you -- at their franchise quarterback and we have that in New Orleans though. We have a chance I don't know was have a but I know we got a chance. 2601878038668890. -- on the phone calls caucus states football and of course the pelicans schedule released -- is generally to have that as well next hourlong went. Saints coach Sean Payton the cajun cannon Bobby there. I'm pushing -- The sports talk on WWL IMF MW WL dot com saints' radio.