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8-13-14 5:10pm Bobby & Kristian: on Saints training camp - hour 2

Aug 13, 2014|

Bobby & Kristian talk about the goings-on today at Saints training camp in West Virginia.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Simplify our number two of sports talk here on WWL -- am FM in WW well dot com are ready jaguar people how anxious are you to see the Saints. In training camp. -- Metairie this Sunday it's somewhat very anxious like a kid on Christmas. He catcher though it didn't do well dot com or calls to Zito won a seventy -- 38668890870. We'll also continue continued to take your phone calls at 26018720386688. -- nearly seventy. And of course the pelicans released their schedule get to that also you'll hear from Saints coach Sean Payton in a few phone calls. Patiently waiting Roland on the cell phone you're on that below body of their questions here. And that -- that they don't. You got rule. I should go out and that's the sort of -- today -- camp. Well the Saints are all -- things Davis was awesome today I mean. If you look at their goal line situations they were playing a lot of passion in. You know one Monday. I think a third and one situation they got humbled. And I think. In -- Coach rob I mean he was all over room and you know look at coach -- Bill Johnson. They got all over and out did that they've brought it the last two days and at this they. That the defense had that swagger they had their confidence. You know I don't like that like -- apparel it's amazing. That this is only his second year you would have thought. That he would have already played you know ten years. Old you know look at today. He was going to get Jimmy Graham I think what. He challenges Jimmy Graham every day in practice. That I'm gonna give you my best ominously yeah best. And I wrote this in my notes it was the team drill and that famous back shoulder throw to direct the Irwin you can -- -- -- -- on a fade route. Which is -- 2530 yards down the field. Hated apparel with all of which Jimmy Graham. And he does -- -- that ball away and now was actually talking trash to him program now they are team meat but it's all about competing. But he also had a sack. A later in practice him. I mean. It moves actually -- -- in India. Holding out that -- I mean it was it righted the in. I mean it was right at the end but it wasn't the last play. But you know. And so we Jimmy Graham respond. Responded right grip and Jimmy Graham he beat Kenny the parable about a 25 yard gain. There at the kind of competition you need. Among steamy unique in the locker room and Indian you know we shake each other's -- the world teammate. Would you competing on the field we try to -- each other better. Me and now that that's what you need it Jimmy Graham the rookie challenge. We are unbelievable in week one after week one I thought it time to practice he was bored. He was like. Whatever I know what I can do and he was kind of nonchalant. Well over a kid at the Carroll gets in his face and challenges him and I think that's a good thing and then also of by that 45 yard completion. You know the -- the controllable. So it it's all about -- competing. In heat in the each drilled -- they come about when they go head to head. And and this that. Those two guys Jimmy Graham and Q David Carroll Rico by April bull Rocco but all pro when you look at the AFC NFC. On those who has those capabilities. 10 QB Graham McKinney the Carroll. PP all pro players not just Robles -- resiliency. The -- -- -- about a year recap at -- practiced a very spirited one on the goal line today and one in which the defense by my counts nine out of ten stops inside the three yard line you know Bobby in any of our solid one. We can see some bright spots from the office of the other team portion of practice first let's get -- little bit of progress and I -- It might seem like we're having the same discussion over and over -- but it's very important talk about. The progress of Drew -- today he was we saw him in individual drills before he just. Done everything on the side today. Every day during practice the receivers run their route tree with a -- with with the quarterback right. He was this the first time since he was held out a week and a half ago was an oblique strain that he participated -- that looked like he was horrible. Quite well well I mean that's if plummeted speculate. And and I think. Because you don't. He. Doesn't play in the preceding team that I think from a psychological standpoint. No matter how many years you possibly that's that good now evicted injury that keeps you from playing. In the pre season you have to deal with that. Now go back for so I -- a little psychological standpoint what -- mean elaborate though because every year is a new year. And I'd like to get hit in a real team that I get him out there in practice. -- you always at the say OK it's all. He -- -- -- you know it's -- like we used to it tonight. Over it still is like live action so what I mean by that is that. I don't what Drew Brees glory that a thought the team Atlanta. And he might built overcome that'd be superhuman. But you want that experience we got hit a couple of times before that. Okay Cuba if there's -- bleak. He's dealing with that it's going to be aggravating. They don't want to be 100%. I think he should be ready to roll. A few snaps. Of Saturday night against the Colts nationally televised game. -- Chris does not even. That that's Warren a week right blows so what do we have lots of those tragedies we Thursday. Yes oh there's a wins these days -- doors Thursday days he has -- And he keep doing treatment in the rehab and how he's throwing the ball. That. We'll Saints fans don't get discouraging exactly party united is that Titans. Now a diesel would not start investigate. If he doesn't play is the Colts come at third pre season game on Saturday night. But it's just ticket back in the little things that the NFL is that hard I'm telling it is that hard. That early you wanna kinda. You know a little of and it you know few -- where. Now all of -- -- this is for real and accounts that that is the real. And in almost like a good dream or a bad dream with success you're gonna have what you want it to -- Bulls beat a situation where. It is pre season and get ready for the regular season that's lies they -- -- which is important. Before actually -- bullets so to speak coming is the Falcons in Atlanta in week one. He's the Katie can't about me -- Kristian -- phone lines open for Kobe and Thibodeau also. You jump in at 260187803866. Inning nine. Zero weights and Marcus ball sits down -- -- earlier today it will play that -- next. Sports talk on WL IMF and not come. The Saints wrap things up here at the Greenbrier for training camp. Walk through it today and it. You don't have big jet plane and head on home to Metairie. The tobacco field on Sunday. Before taking on our after taking on the Tennessee Titans. On Friday night India home pre season opener tons of stuff for you regarding the Saints the latest on the black and gold. Steve -- myself the -- cajun cannon Bobby -- all -- for it had to be to be well dot com invited check that out. To the phones we go to 60187. To 03866. Inning nine is nearly seven Kobe Thibodeau you want to be if you allowing Kobe. The low rent. A couple questions or Dick -- Wonder in her. -- her injury -- -- in. Order. And we opened and we shall be -- -- you be one of the linebackers we. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah Marcus all you hear from -- Boyer militarily and I'll I'll get to a quick comment on a relatively liberally go -- -- Victor Butler. Basically the -- that. The picture on Twitter that he wasn't walking boot. He often ACL injury signed a two year deal last year if you played it played well he could -- the second year of his deal. But because he was on injured reserve with a ACL injury comes back this year the first couple of days were really sluggish or slow for him trying to work his way back -- it being fair to him. Honestly after going eighteen months without caring impacted takes a little while each -- legs back underneath you but he was. At the very least at this point I think. Because of the injury -- put it in the short time we solved. Rather. For lack of better words you know. Whenever like right. There was a couple coming out flat bottom right there was several linebackers that were making more plays. At practice while he was in the -- that he was so. I think you know Victor Butler it's it's very safe to say that you know he's it. He could be. One of those players that -- surprise cut. -- -- -- When you look at it a player we've mentioned as a linebacker has been. We given the nickname hard -- yeah. You know he came on on -- -- dated this season out of Fresno state. But you know that's a guy we've made his name a number of times. But you look at Victor Butler no. I mean. Mean I don't know you might and work about it not and you cut your losses yeah. But. That's -- Marcus ball. And that's a diamond in the rough. I think Marcus ball now. -- and I was talking to him and it's amazing. Because that goes around. Comes around so to speak. In that who you associated with -- from stone mountain Georgia. -- with the Florida State that any elaborate in though he had his grades right. Are not but he and then goes going to ju cooperative. Pearl river somewhere in Mississippi for Eagles to Memphis. But you know a -- -- talked with him and him and I wrapped and you know public TV to keep up Kelvin Sheppard yeah. Who's now -- Indianapolis Colts. Recovered -- was the Buffalo Bills LSU fans remember that and also Perry rally. A couple of Georgia linebackers -- attributed a high level. And LSU Tigers now Perry Riley. As the starting linebackers the Redskins. And cal which Evers and that makes with the Colts. When he was part of that mix. Now I was doing with crazy Christian athlete isn't a team not only that I think. When you're doing the radio and you know kind of covering the -- that a few years ago before you came to New Orleans and it's there was a quarterback at Georgia Tech team Reggie ball. Weickel. To Marcus in the Eagles -- anything as yet that's my brother. How crazy is that when you look at that gene pool and -- contributing. And that's it you have that that was like a throwback when I think about that and who you covering. In what you observing. But -- it's all a matter of opportunity right place right time. You the Eagles the Florida State. Eagles that you cool Eagles to Memphis. He goes to the Canadian football league -- -- trial. Just forty's try ousting by the public to an eagle who's that guy. You know he stands out is that he -- close. And now he has been dreadful and all that he looks like one to fifteen today he had yet he looks the part. And Rob Ryan and all love him -- I tell you what Christian and I tell you that. Early when we talked about this the Keiko the show when you look at our goal line. -- all know is he had a play. That. That I mean -- He's a player that's caught a lot of was in a Saints training camp. Circuitous route to the National Football League Florida State that you go Memphis. Canadian Football League the Saints in 283 year deal. This break Marcus ball asset down the -- that it was. Describe your route here we -- good and inching one CFL Memphis CFL here. They can you talk about that it's -- route it is long it's humbling. Luke. It's what I wanted to do was 101 of the views of football players assessed a blissful -- Weathers here Canada Canada's China. New Orleans it didn't matter I just wanted to play football and opportunities present themselves and causes of the red zone. Did you go straight to the CS fell out of Memphis and Austin 2011 I wasn't planning involves that I was dusted that off. And it's when it's well over my first series and this is. You bola I'm street you don't strike me as -- hungry guys that certainly -- now no -- and one year I was probably have a little painful emotionally. Absolutely. My nose you know say and do lose it says you know I mean. There was insisted the you know what I really wanted to be what are really wanted to do my allies and to come in and makeovers and tomorrow mom likes you very associate CC Germans and allowed my girlfriend she Kevin's and -- my Brothers so we Mendes is don't -- -- -- this is is. If you really wanna do this really was -- would do economic she worked for no matter how hard how long it takes is capable. Did you know the Saints were on the radar when they signed -- I was a wish list and didn't saluted then I was actually supposed to go flotsam and detained. And like osu. Miles birthdays are -- abilities are Taylor who is Thursday. -- they the Saints -- car they gave me the car and you know we've booked his flight and everything was. You know those dreams come true to write us and Jose is a wish -- team but I didn't know I know they hit some. You know some Macias still experience very grabbing guys -- but I didn't. I NC come -- lose a great feeling unfortunate for. He's like he did the last Friday and looking ahead to this Friday against the Titans but still the -- and over isolated and I think that is pretty good. Always can be better arm it was a great experience to go out there found experiencing did you know hit his other guys in the you know. Before long game in it was a very it was a great rumba. I can be a lot better and we can be a lot better not think I think we'll go out here this weekend and -- Politico. And he if your safety you gotta love this system right under Rob Ryan misses almost tailor made for safety via via rob -- a great and I agree is what he does and he's. He's a mastermind he does it up and draws it up BC every day some new some different some fast and attacking and I mean we love him and he blues. You know bird remain sound and the list goes on many you know these guys do arms is look at the Morrison these guys -- And we all we all really admire him of the system you brought up to. Players Champ Bailey Gerris bird -- that happen. Had the impact on a few yet training camp than any other kind of get back and things. But what kind of impact they have in the media room just because their experience and how well they played in this league. Well a -- -- in those regards him sound we have seen Sam actually on aggressive and he's made some plays. But like you say he's working his way back when I mean he sits down manage anything he -- so what's it mean I like to say mis. These talks -- young corners older corners veteran corners. Young safeties better safeties birdies and same thing he's he's stolen his include he's learning and gone and pull it off for new guys and you know the veteran players and I mean those bills did not only to you know -- guys like core white linen and loosened the car like just let -- say those does they're actually helping to. How different is the CS fell citizen to this tell -- that size that the field dimensions in the extra guys. That's three down and Florida house that's probably one of the one of the major things you can feel it again because. You know you win on first down -- there and you know you're -- thank you know winning didn't seem to punt or whatever but. Not list the notes it was different man wants the ball -- whistle while you still got -- -- -- -- -- one on one battles. They just go out there to serve you best and win their one -- one about it what do you feel like your role -- on this team. That I don't know I don't know -- amount on his door with a -- guys who do -- my veterans live my that are leaders as we do it's. Car working on the way home working on assume working on grass season every day if I can do issue worries here and there are learning. It's just picking up and you know feeding off it he's -- everything I can learn. He's an every day from all the guys on the team office has been because -- -- all the time if I do it is what do you think glorified you do see you know it may help me out. Com book bag at a reference to right right right right now I having it extra routes in me because is that's out there today is just to -- cruised to a I mean everybody around here is really helping me and you know we know we are grown as a family hasn't seen. So I don't know my -- put us wanna be their best that it would -- role that is whether it's. You know I mean. It's kicking game or defense it doesn't matter to me I wanna go out there -- best I can be. Saints safety Marcus ball things from time we appreciative -- lucky aren't you -- Our bodies so Woody and so Marcus. This policy sidestepped the question but said that the the politically correct thing that you know right from a player standpoint of -- do whatever it takes but what do you think his role is. -- Well I think is establish depth. Looked 612 to ten pounds a guy that -- -- thumper. And can run he had a special teams tackle against the Rams. You know what all said and done that you wanna be on that list. Sure that you had. In a special teams tackle wore the -- what they're asking you to do -- special teams. Your contributing. But with that being said it mutually objective. You look at Raphael bush. And you look at -- the Carroll. You look at Jerry's -- I mean he's like next man up after that it. So you know you don't know how good this season and track as far as force injuries. We you don't wanna miss a beat. So he needs to be that guy I think right now waiting in the wings his opportunity. And to take advantage of it in what you have to do is. When you called upon. The pre season to be in the team. Make plays in this thing in the areas is safety. But also a contributor on special teams. I mean I'll like them. I mean if you look at. The big safety was like a small line backer. But it's still have cover skills that go against the top tight ends in the league he's in that number 612 to ten pounds. I mean he don't come have seven -- he's a guy that brings it. I mean so that's that you want. And he has that's Wagner. And it is a matter how you got here. I mean. You know what the Florida State that you go to -- as the Canadian football they can find you wherever yet. And you have to take advantage and opportunity. And I think he has you know and I think he will. I mean I think that's where he's at right now and his career. Still I'm gonna wait and see what's gonna happen. But -- I would be surprised so far. What he's done if he is -- in the mix is forced to make that final roster. Now winning could be activated or not quick if you truly want to make an impact if -- -- starting. Is key -- as -- kick -- coverage especially that is like coverage yes. That that don't let him block you don't let them block Q when you going down on a kickoff or punt coverage. Blow the play and if he does that and then and it did Rob -- -- -- aggression. If you utilize your regular people. He's obviously our Kristian -- more sports talk a couple minutes Mike in bettering -- -- 2601872. All 3866889. 087 you'll listen to saint radio WB well. I look back to sports talk along with a cajun cannon Bobby Hebert and Kristian -- this time tomorrow. The final four -- -- sports grew up here are secretive group we headed back to. New Orleans. The Saints are back tomorrow and -- take on the Tennessee Titans on Friday that the off Saturday back at their practice facility on Sunday in Metairie. And that is our WL -- jaguar. Of people on line it. W -- how how anxious are you to succeed in training camp back in Metairie somewhat very or. -- like a kid at Christmas. 260187. It's all -- 86689087. About well Chris hit a look at an okay -- they play Tennessee Titans. Where the right now in NFO. And how many stack up you know going forward. The one area that he would excel and actually -- With third down all that to -- it. I don't know if you look at it became how it's gonna transpire -- -- Friday night. You look at third down office and beat. You look third down offense they were number eight in the NFL. Write it -- 42%. And -- if you look at are all and it's. We were number seven. And -- that they do a number three. And out 44 was it now you look defensively. That -- or number 734. Point three the Saints at 34 points that. So that's where at the Saints in the end types of very similar. Third down and offense and defense. So who's gonna sustain drives. But I've been in that the types are not to me on the level statistically. Like St. Louis Rams. Now one thing you look at special teams Connecticut better. In that area. And you look at a kick off return. They were number eight in the NFL so that'll be a challenge. For our coverage units. But you look defensively a punt return average. Kick return average and and all because that is one area. You know field position we got to get better. In that you look at the -- very similar that are Rams the Rams and number one. Would guess what the tight and number three. So we have a good -- return against the tying that I think that's tonight's accomplishment. Considering he only given up six point oh. Or as a punt returner. So when you look at different areas and I'm trying to compare both teams. And -- red. -- every team the puts into the wall. But the thing to just way better. In the Titans if I look at. All off with the people at the stats. When they're ranked it's almost three to one presses the Saints head the number four ranked offense to normal four ranked defense. Lara offensively that tied to a 22. Profits -- fourteen on the pits. So I mean if you go down the line. And I mean I guess that is three to one. Difference now. To get on Justin. And his -- organization. Had to read this. Pat -- this the it is in the Titans because they need to be promoting it. If you're number one and anything in the National Football League you better promote that. The State's defense. Was noble one. In the NFL less first down to allow. Okay. We all remember. We had 41 downs against the Dallas cowgirls. Think about it 41 downs at a professional level. I mean is like before city vs the junior varsity. With that that it wasn't in this -- Last played at Dallas Cowboys cowgirls it's. But they only gave up 171. Downs last year on average. That was number one. So all I'm saying Rob Ryan that the events rate them or we all know we've -- that number two against the pass. You look at -- who -- number four. I mean how can you not exploit it points per game were -- Ford ninety points a game Woodward doubled one. First down to allow. Seventeen in the day when I play. Yet to get at least to be. You know worth you waiting gold when everyone -- call tomorrow are worth your salt. He had to be at least 43241. Downs -- -- at a high level the high little averages 26 yep okay that's okay by the high toys in the weeks Ellen. So that they view of 7070. And all upset Martina how how opinion. Advertise that because. If you know bullet that that is if we do that again. All the so that helps you get the double digit wins. Bobby -- Kristian -- sports talk RW well. I come -- next -- Saints coach Sean Payton -- receiver nick toon and office alignment being -- along with a cajun cannon Bobby are Christian Derek sports -- rolls on right here artsy radio WWL.