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8-13-14 6:10pm Bobby & Kristian: on Saints training camp - hour 3

Aug 13, 2014|

Bobby & Kristian talk about the goings-on today at Saints training camp in West Virginia.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcoming to sports talk powered over three years of -- by Kristian -- with a cajun cannon Bobby bare. In the saint wrapping up training camp appeared Greenbrier this afternoon with a walk through the back on that plane tomorrow and -- home in the -- Thirty degree temperature difference between practices. That's awaiting the Saints. Appear from up here in Greenbrier White Sulphur Springs West Virginia to. Metairie Louisiana -- that practice field Sunday. For training camp in front of who dat nation back home Friday to Tennessee Titans in the superdome. Saturday -- off. 2601878. -- 03866889087. Weeks coming up here the next six minutes you'll hear from Saints coach Sean Payton. Following it very spirited spirited. It's -- session that saw his defense dominate the offense and also Drew Brees work his way back slowly. Looks and -- likelihood that. He will not. Be quite. Ready for Friday and no official word there just from watching him in observing. Tennessee where the goal might be. Play that weekly recent recent contest against the Indianapolis Colts along with KG can about it will step away. We come back we'll hear from -- take coach jumping right here on sports talk WB well I have definite -- I welcome back to sports talk Christian Derek with a cajun cannon Bobby -- -- take coach Sean Payton in the black eagle putting a poetry can't. Appear at the Greenbrier earlier today. And a very good physical. Goal line period for the Saints here -- Saints coach Sean Payton. Saints coach Sean Paton earlier in. A highlight in the -- happy the most attractive position battles talk about but kicker karaoke. And seeing Graham a very important way. It is attractive a -- you're not the thing it's attractive but think about it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Game winning -- there's -- -- open and the Super Bowl record three -- -- party all right missed a chip shot in Atlanta the Falcons -- -- don't get home field advantage and they'll. I mean right now it is truly. Wide open. If you look at what occurred today. Now I am being objective. I was ready to give Gary didn't keep that edge I was there but -- -- beat them for me lately. If you look at Garret -- governor breakdown kicked my kick. You know the extra point in the first priest is thinking. Is basically a 32 yard field goal. He made go to. Shane Graham is that 32 yard extra point. Against the Rams. But he makes a forty. Yard field goal. So -- three for three boy what a great start what a great start that's that you won now. Seeing Graham. He it its first opportunity. He has a forty yard attempt. In his physical tools out there at that ricochet. Going in there because she's going now so he misses. That it wall big advantage for -- did he. But. With that being said. Going forward. Now they going from the forty of 48 yard line 55 yard field goal. So -- you got Graham. He makes the party yard -- -- -- -- if if you look at it right now but. Nazi theme is that his vehicle pulls. -- -- -- He miss the forty yarder. And then Graham made the forty yarder. And it -- scheme is the 55 yarder -- Graham makes the 55 Bjork. So when you look at like gave when he kicked indicate come down to that because it repaired in and it fell. Graham makes a 58 yarder -- forty yard and he makes a 55 yarder. Now think about this significant at that it -- to let you win or lose the game. Now they're thinking this is the 48 yarder he missed the 55 yarder at the bottom line is dead he's three for five grams to put three. So I don't know it's wide open. I don't know what's gonna happen. I mean beginning have both opportunities. According as the titans'. -- against the Colts. Going as the Ravens. I mean who's going to be the kicker I don't know. But you know -- give you adequate opportunity. But he missed that forty yard -- that there -- 55 yarder and Shayne Graham made their forty and 55 yard kick. And a solid and -- was if you look at at a race for the senator race if you get two individuals. And you had all of us and Derek did he come -- out of the -- smoke in. And he's winning. But who's at the finish line and Shayne Graham. -- that almost 85%. Cheaper rate 84 point Ellis -- sixth. Well he did a significant hit and out people had to deal with the same conditions. So Christian bottom line is. I don't know who's going to be the kicker. But I know it's wide open and it's dogs when every department lately the bottom line whether it. Gary -- your Shayne Graham if you dedicate winning cake you better freaking day. You don't want to lose because the dam kicker amid the cake and in that counts as a loss these. Okay you can't Bobby Hebert will get more from him on the Saints practice today. At the news headlines with him and so. He's had a solid camp. It during his third year out of Wisconsin a fourth round draft pick it when he twelve wide receiver nick -- met with the media today following practice Nicholas. Saints wide receiver nick -- earlier today following practices doing for the black -- wrapping things up here at the Greenbrier will get the cajun kid by the gators take on -- -- in his prognosis potentially four. A roster spot that's a -- yet this is sports talk on WLA commitment aka. The very chilly final night here for. Does this weather is unbelievable. Is credible and I -- like got much like he needed jacket -- think this is like. Late November early December cold front come through you know Thanksgiving. And you know it's just feels like football. I mean it that's why the Saints and beyond three years. I think it's going to be a number of years to -- because it -- that nice. It is global weather and now. Come September if we're all -- through playing Tulane stadium. Approve playing. Every year in Jacksonville Tampa Bay and Miami. Yet that -- with the heat index. I can understand that or even Tiger Stadium and Ellis shoot. Opponents that come into account. The unit controlled environment. You wanna get production managers chart to survive practice. Actually get better thought they truly get better come into Wednesday's three out of the 41 games are either indoors or cold weather climates anyway. Yet you know and he got. Well yeah indoors -- -- by Cleveland now he can arrange we had a couple of practices. In the rain and they could be the case. In Cleveland -- all week to. But I evident that. No. Solid -- he wanted to make a team tougher. -- it's all about the conditions you're playing and how you try to get better as a team and I think is perfect environment. Here at the green garden -- -- And we deserve from -- it to Bobby -- he's had a good camp are right he's shown up a lot of practices some big plays. It was a moment in the game last year game right now Friday though that. He had an opportunity to. To make a play and continue to drive -- and get stopped and eighty yards four yards and can Italian forward in an inning get the first down but they tune. I know that this might sound crazy but I I'm not quite sold that his roster spot is completely cement that this. Well I just think how to consistently catches the ball now you can reflect and and jet game he had three catches for eleven New York. Basically if you get around at all four point average against the Rams. With those three catches is that of when -- break it down instead of you know three point seven average needs to be -- -- and nineteenth in average. -- you have to averages ten yards -- reception. It is third and five yards after the catch. Unless they gotta break a tackle -- make a big play. But you gotta break a tackle at least leaned forward. To get -- now so if it is third and or 35 carries the ball and you -- one. Calling you -- faults or for 23 yards that's a problem that's why you heard the question that I asked them. Is that and he realizes that the coaches are telling them. That you have to be. Sprawl and what I mean by stroll. Is that that weight room strong. No I'm just follow football -- is that with Sobel is trying to tackle you. You you know you state flat at the point of attack. Or you -- forward to get that extra yard. Yarn I have -- -- holes that he accomplished Pierre Thomas I was gonna -- I didn't bring it of Colston Pierre Pierre Thomas like he got hit. That you've fallen forward yard yard happened that you would think. Today and when I look at this it truly break it down. That you look at -- QB probably 64220. Pals. You can't let the -- at that -- battle of the 1180 or like 190 whatever like torn apart thirty pounds less -- -- You have to. You know fall forward and get their first -- that -- only problem today. I'm if they -- news. You might think I'm being old school missed out you can look and with a look at Al -- his dad. He was nearly concussion. But the level he played his seven years. A Pro Bowl yeah he potentially could have been a hall of Famer just be happy old man. I'm the villages behalf of that will really stood in the game and yes it do you litigated vs practice yet coming in and show a lot in practice but. -- yet to see that applied in practice. But he might be Europe we -- -- Virginia. The top wide receiver yet. When he went visit it's it's all about turning into a game time I've been around players. Who -- outstanding practice players vs gamers and I go back to. What about Brian say about Tyler Walker right. The game great game constantly shows up game I mean at them not the best practice and we did talk the bottom in practice that I mean shall meet in the game. And I'll look back like Marc Cooper. Anthony Carter Andre rise and I mean. You wanna dog -- them at times at a practice but would -- be -- in the game. That's an account that that the fancy. They want to see your production. And nominate tune fan because he seems like your great individual. Well rounded he has those GQ looks you put on the coverage GQ. But they just produce. At the highest level and be in that rotation. You know that the -- being that one through three receivers has been their fourth guy right now. And just windows of single battles 101. In the union job for the saint. He indicated. Anybody Vera Kristian -- more sports talk on WL IMF and W elect come. Inching their worst spot but were sponsored by a mosquito that has control. Solutions company here -- his body right before the the break that I heard just slap. You lay right in -- well in the paper als like wheel -- is it matters of that but they'll -- it and it was interesting bug that you just feel. As well -- -- here for an examination. To make sure I knew that I saw you're like. Steve. Look like -- Well the thing is though the weather is so nice. You know we want Al fresco kind of dining. And -- this is like go to Albany New Orleans doing you want to fit in McAfee is currently in the spring. You know he got twelve months -- Tuesday -- 1212 weeks out of the year. Where you wanna sit outside in. In enjoyed atmosphere so we are here we have. When we do in the show we at the doors open. In all of us on his book comes out of nowhere in public and end this thing. Does that it's rated by our sting whenever. If I got it in his that is being as a dragonfly mosquito hawk. But it's between owner is kind of like -- -- Williams in the deep into we have a number of Sweeney's. When the year strong safety corner route runner and -- will -- as a great playing in Provo rob nine and it's like that -- between. A safety or cornerback -- outside linebacker -- -- have been and now all of a son that's seated thing and -- said. It's about the by some is that -- go -- and squash and NFC before you showed you you're very proud -- but -- but. -- me Chris what do you think you look like he'll like a mosquito -- it all out in the more -- more than what it is follow.