WWL>Topics>>8-13-14 7:10pm Bobby & Kristian: on Saints training camp - hour 4

8-13-14 7:10pm Bobby & Kristian: on Saints training camp - hour 4

Aug 13, 2014|

Bobby & Kristian talk about Saints training camp from West Virginia.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

White Sulphur Springs West Virginia. It just sounds. About -- -- for stories. All my favorite down his Lewis or -- the coolest it was voted the coolest -- down the 2011. And I think it's excellence on volatile goes fourteen you that these guys who starts. Everything. I am ready to roll next year I mean cigars -- the finest restaurants. No matter. -- your Pallet form of what you feel like he. The whole thing I know it is truly. An unbelievable talent and I it felt -- and nature r.'s saint fans. If you wanted to. Get away. I've been a different parts of the country fuel and it gave you get away from the heat humidity and heat index. And I've been Asheville, North Carolina. And have another. Community. That I would favor what I going out to West -- it's an eagle. And Malibu. Santa Barbara type atmosphere. It's closer proximity. Would definitely goal. You know you look away with the North Carolina highlands. A -- Asheville, North Carolina or writer Pierre Louis -- yeah I mean come on whoever thought in July and August in. You got to Wear a sweatshirt aren't you got to Wear a jacket well. That's where I'm -- right now and so that come watch your favorite team. The New Orleans Saints if you have the resource you can skate we've seen a number of people appear from Louisiana. In also transplants. You wanted to although call makes and it's. So to speak is still love the -- that the move over here because the job opportunity. In Virginia or in this region. And guys seem all the time that they are probably sign. The most -- -- obvious sign about Toledo thirty autograph and you -- be nice to everybody he also trying to. You'd jobless for his interviews him you know talk to the coaches and players but. With that being said if you wanted to skate and in experience. The conditions here. -- next year or even the year after edges plan like I -- look where -- late August early -- late July early August and you would not be disappointed. I gotta go earlier from listeners thing what's the point fifteen start of training camp and it's usually last week in July. Yeah I so if you try to plan for that -- fifteen trip up here two degree prior White Sulphur Springs. He can look at it last week in July and the in. The black and gold -- it matter that Thursday before the black Eagles is really kind of what you wanna get here because they'll they'll have Wednesday off. Yeah out of that week typically. And they'll practice Thursday Friday that a black school scrimmage Saturday that's what you're -- you see the heart if you will treat -- Well also because of our group because about work schedule. You know I I -- low life of here. She was there from Saturday Saturday. Which show went about working until I can spend quality time -- her. And goal and that -- -- net weekly the eight. -- He had a nice yes exactly solo we enjoyed our time here -- she was here. That it is Saturday I don't have the calorie part of me the -- that was the black Eagles scrimmage without an August 2 to wire that I was that is my son's birthday okay as of August 2. Of that well obscenities few of here. Dictated Greenbrier. Is wanted to top five. Helps bonds in the country. Now have you ever heard -- canyon ranch. Now Tucson Arizona. Boston. Miami. If I can recollect. You know because I look at those kind of things and you -- his ball you better half footer reversal saying is that this not look back -- and ninety's out of nowhere it's right now but at one time. Degree of our was ranked amongst the best health. Resorts. In the country in the navy in the world article that orbit. I you'd need to come up here and you and I'd be disappointed. And she came -- Greensboro arm. And she really enjoys her time here. And so that that'll be probably -- yearly. Pilgrimage. And that makes him. You know to come up here -- that one week to get away from Louisiana the heat humidity. All you states' pandemic they would when he had a black Eagles scrimmage. It was very passionate. 5000. Fans forget Nolan. Now likely he would detonation as far as the home -- fans who -- we gonna come back clips on the next week. But we gotta expand a nation. We are ready at the national with the win Japan Australia England. But we try to conquer America. You know all almost -- and they would they would suitable. Yes that's what you got to do use break you -- sources. And almost tickets to eke it still thin. That you got to come back get a foundation. And I we had -- Redskins in and out of Steelers territory. But -- all of a sudden the Saints thirteen to beat. The Redskins have been irrelevant the Steelers obviously. Still in the hunt but let Alex hey you know we'd be crazy. He would truly be standing room only in maybe you could even get in. If the Saints have here. -- price against the Pittsburgh Steelers. You know via electoral Pennsylvania. Or even the Redskins. I mean. You mighty -- almost have to come. Hours before practice. Like a bad -- 11 o'clock 1030 type scrimmage. You might have to come out here reporters sun rises to truly have an opportunity to witness that. Because they are that passionate about football we all know when Ellis shoot. Came -- here to Morgantown the West Virginia. And I was busy doing the same to my dad my brother you know here to watch T Bob. In Morgantown they would Al West Virginia came down to Baton Rouge of what they love football here. Vile people. -- hillbillies up here they love football just like we do without Louisiana. Over and all the cages and listen they are so glad the Saints are out here I'm telling you the wet ready to embrace the -- and I think definitely what's gonna occur. Of the freelance -- -- it and yeah flag planted right here in the mountain region. He's -- an appellation he's -- anybody there aren't crushing Derek Holland actually from -- offensive -- -- for the first time. Know about. About a week and a half he participated in team drills. Victim -- 66 the -- this is sports talk on W well. -- itself it's alignment thing -- returned the practice field today taking part in team drills. Here is number 66 -- black and goal. -- -- Say Dolphins alignment being -- returned to practice field. At the miss about a week or so with -- what he described his backs ordinance. And number 66 we know what he's capable of as a pro bowler body yet and overall you know there's not a whole he's he's like a handful of veteran players. You know what you have there. Well. At least what was gonna happen on the offensive line -- just rushing the football. I mean doesn't really matter who's in there obviously been grows Jahri Evans is actually -- -- -- is going to be is thinner. -- still I've always determined that. But I tell what they did against the Rams. Now it's more my liking. Instead of 24 rushing attempts. The sages have five more handful more in your -- 29 attempts. But I tell you right now. That if -- say we only have 24 attempts. But we rushed for a 123. Yards five point one average. That that that that's -- we get that though vigilant I'll tell you right now. Drew Brees is as efficient as he is. If we get average. Five yards on just hoping you know four yards or more than getting it done -- Christian that is when he football. 123 yards -- for tennis vital one average. We get into double digit wins now you wanna get that. There are twelve maybe thirteen wins it and -- the hopefully that that'll be the case I just think movement ideal to always averaged that. Five point one you know it's it's four point 34 point four. But just always tell you less of. They don't have to be six right 20092011. When he won a Super Bowl and it was the greatest show on turf part two. -- -- -- six that they can be ten and twelve yeah. In that neighborhood with with the defense if they forced more turnovers you play good third down because they that they did. -- It's got to be they got to be. Almost average in -- they -- average they were below average by NFL standards I think that is the average -- They can win a lot of football games. Yet. If they would you look at it. When you bring it down I think number one thing you look at scoring defense. Is that. -- -- we will we were amongst the best when is the last 225. Points something points per game. We'd normally been in the high twenties or thirties that's amongst the best for the Patriots. In the Packers. So it stands to reason. If you only allowing in the teens. That you. That you didn't get the double digit wins you look at Carolina Panthers. -- wanna -- the -- Blake thirteen and a half points a game. It didn't matter. But -- matter would help that wide receiver is annually given at that many points. You might only went 1713. Thirteen and look at that. Carolina 49ers game last year what was that score I don't know twelve team and then nine it was something that was like old school football. So you know that there is that the reason. That if he still can play at that level you have unbelievable or efficient offense. Which we have among the best NFL. That you can't help but the wind especially. If you don't just give the game away that's what -- he does get on the plus side. In the turnover ratio and all said -- done for if you look at their Rams game. Now they China. Even December evidently. I think this is their former that they wanna run. The ball but 32 times the team. You know 3032 who they ran 32 times -- 150 yards. Four point seven average and the tea that that is winning football be able to do that. What do Saints offense is -- they Drew Brees we can be that much more efficient Danny don't take as many hits in the pocket. And but -- once they get the third to me. Ankle and it took that Tennessee guys' -- You -- eat dinner on the plus side and turn overreach every game we go into. Tuesday even on the plus side of reminders to with a turnover ratio. I'll tell you that goes back to bite you and Lapierre -- had a chance interception. We still would have been minus one until -- look at it the Titans game. Comprise -- you'd -- game though the point out there just be even on the plus side. Because I think you order a creature of habit. Even though it is preceding glory their regular season. How do we get on the plus side we get on the plus side a turnover ratio. We've been at that much more deadly and that helps us to overtake. The likes of the 49ers. The sealed the Tigers whoever we -- on tickets but I'll tell you put yourself behind eight ball whatever you know negative category. Hopefully going forward you turn that around and at least be even on the plus side in their turnover give away take the ratio. -- -- -- -- -- -- Pointed to get a the press along with a penalties at him. Al thing it's you know overly concerned with penalties it's very common especially the first prefers genius across the National Football League Bobby has. The referees committee -- emphasized certain points. Blitzes in terms of what called established it will get a call this in that usually see that. Back awful will be come week one week to they've made their point in terms of what they want to call -- yet usually weeds at that. Well limit date no matter what the officials say. He hit about being lawyer's trick and all that. Little what they gave lasted three to have the 3045. Minutes right fit in that -- -- big gigantic right now they don't let those cruel games. Now they get -- trying to establish some discipline. In the pre season. But I'll tell you they do not want to slow -- -- -- what -- -- Major League Baseball right now its and its -- generation. This slow you've got to be as pace I think that magic formula. Is about 3015. Minutes you don't want anything long and in that. So with that being said even though you might think he's gonna challenger team like the -- adult illegal contact down the field and what they do defensively. But what it's Cubs then that cut in time I'm not a real big -- -- make those calls not a real big and it sort of fly. That's -- duty pre season. Could -- the NFL don't wanna see this. We've -- presumes the game the Rams had fourteen penalties and we had in. Promoters -- afford penalties. They weren't that could be more. Like the Rams would have nine. And we have six about the -- fifteen of verses 44 penalties could just slow down the game. That that's what I'll tell you I'm not saying the fixes on a whatever high you call anything and if you live it on the edge. But I tell you -- not one big gains to be prolonged. Because it's all manufactured for TV let's let it go to pre season yes they did that a priest either try and maybe you know make you conscious. Of like oh that that's apparent that see -- that Medicaid is right exactly. He's the cajun cannon Bobby very another player that's had a good camp Raphael bush. Saints safety -- Atlanta Falcons try to lure him away this offseason signing him to restricted free agent offer sheet in the seat and a matching that. Here is number 2.5 four you're in the world it's not about practice and training camp. I think Raphael is this he misunderstood him and ask that question right way but. In terms of seeing that difference through weeks up in West Virginia compared with three reached a -- could they have got the same amount of work done. You know you have day. I mean. I mean really easily could -- be objective that -- the -- -- he correct as far as. All of million and it doesn't matter what the conditions. Do the best they can and you productive mil. It's like football while appears like appalled that he. In Tiger Stadium. Are any outside. Late October November. Where you feel like the crispy in the Aaron and you wanna get things done so that being said no you can't get better. With you young or Europe -- Because it away the conditions. Vs the heat index at times. I can reflect back in 1986. That being at Hammond. And talked with a number of players just trying to survive practice. The same thing even though they don't traditionally do two days anymore. Either don't want to -- practice he gets hit a point where you get dehydrated no matter how much water you drink. That used to try to remember what you have to do is that are trying to get better. So I think under these conditions that's out strongly you get -- truly can't get better as a player now. With that being say you lay the foundation. And if you got a handful of practices like they gonna have. Going back -- and I airline highway yet at their facility. At that they'll come and eat he should go to suck of anything that you have to that deal -- And -- here when it rains. We haven't necessarily have to deal with the lightning when it rains where we grew up. And we usually there is lightening around three got to go indoors. And the indoor facility is unbelievable with the Saints have. And the production they can get and you truly can't get better. But at times. The heat index -- -- -- which I'm outside practice. You truly try to survive that necessarily getting better. And like I said before we look at the conditions. And as you playing at Tampa Bay. All right Jacksonville Miami. When you truly dealing with the elements. As far as the heat index the humidity. Where all of a sudden now you're by get dehydrated. And that pat -- I really haven't heatstroke. But but on the verge of maybe. Just trying to get by and act truly get better or even being able to perform at a high level. He's the case you can about me there will wrap things up. From a White Sulphur Springs West Virginia here's our final broadcast. For the Tony fourteen preaches and at least. The sports talk on WB well -- have that Clement WWL. Dot com. Are winding down here on sports talk the final addition at least from a out here it west Virginia's saint streaky happen body overall -- eat your thoughts on just. The production the Saints got that -- -- states that appeared and a minor -- interval until we see it. -- two victory of the season but. Overall -- feel good about the worked out here. Yeah what -- a doubt I've been a number of training camps and images give you background. What I've been exposed to. Going back to 1983. You know United States football league in the NFL. How theater training camp in Daytona Beach, Florida who. It was a miscue Panthers now I can memory it was in the high forty's the Dallas this spring. Summer football league. I've been training camp and a Mesa, Arizona. Which is really Phoenix in the winter. Was that the time you want to be in the desert right. Not necessarily in this summer and and and I've done that. In 8485. I've been dog days -- -- Louisiana today Hammond Reston Louisiana Villa Crosse Wisconsin. So I know as far as I can pitch. The -- -- the pulse of the team. And I just know. How productive. As an individual or as a unit. When everyone comes together. The mindset. And it truly makes it different. It makes a difference. How because it's more football weather. Come on. It's night bridge over river acquire wears like a death march. All are or are something it's like OK -- a lot of but what's -- -- -- -- the other. Where each truly want to be productive so this is football weather. And and you can't get better. And so that's why whether it was lacrosse Wisconsin. Also part of that three years. Or. Whether you have here in West Virginia. -- you tell you even in -- with the Falcons. I mean it was hot. The equivalent if -- Houston or New Orleans so. You know it's all relative. At -- a player is dealing with the humidity the heat index. So. With that being said I think it's a way to win if the Saints -- goal. Oxnard California and you're out there for ten days. You are out there -- you know that whether I've been out government dollars for the school out there. What you would call at San Diego Malibu -- guard Santa Barbara tonight whether. No you can't be more productive the said he -- the way as they went out there the Cowboys Jerry Jones. Bring out all the okay that they -- -- figure deal the other thing is it 2000 level at such prolific office office numbers one of the things -- -- was that ability. To go there for ten days. Quality working without feel like their guy. We -- or 45 minutes of practice yes went out like he charted them by price you truly getting better. Because once in July -- what you go to training camp. Football season is on it of the Super -- So are you truly getting better or he just status cool or you stay in the saint. So that's why I think. Went eagle an environment like lacrosse Wisconsin or here or West Virginia. It's a way to win it is a better scenario and that's why I think it's safe to -- -- -- for years to come. Because if not I think a team like the Redskins -- whatever that they would come out here but that's why I think Sean Payton hasn't of fits. And it did that I think you realize how good it is here you get after vegetable or start out. Like we do it now. And you also -- -- ball that are local fan and you have a few prices back home. As you continue to pre season body pack your bags that were among all the sports talk on W well. -- Were out it's got to go home. You know that big jet -- let's go yeah I'm gonna go let me tell you I I loved our experience here West Virginia and I'm looking forward to going back and looking forward to it Gypsy kings for my birthday comes Saturday night. A bullet that we elation law goodnight people booed at.