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Aug 13, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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I love and they talk about a cold front coming through this time of year I mean technically as far as the meteorologists are concerned I guess it is a cold front. But they need to figure out a way to renamed it because. It's just ridiculous and I am glad that it comes through -- glad that it dries things off a little bit but actually not a cold front. I wanna do the ice but the challenge. But I haven't decided who dare to challenge yet. Can figure out but I will do I'd look figured a way to do it in the studio. With without making a mess obviously. We -- to get some like kiddie pool or something our video just record it I'll go do it somewhere and and and record what will figure that out. The -- blog tonight is titled the death of Michael Brown the teenager in Missouri. And violence in the streets it's on our website at WW -- dot com. Tried to look at some interesting aspects of of the violence and why this is happening and why people -- reacting the way. They reacted and blinders the stereotype anyway the scoop on the death of Michael Brown finalist in the streets it's on our website at WW real dot com you can read it. And share with others also the -- -- -- -- the WWL project opinion poll -- on a question tonight. Is. This committing suicide diminish a person's work. When I talked about to the death of Robin Williams and the other night of the show I got some text and an even calls from a few people. Who said that he's not any kind of hero he shouldn't be celebrated because he committed suicide. In a realist that there are a lot of people who believe that the that is set taking your life is a sin and I do understand it. But I also understand that depression and things that cause people to commit suicide. Can be things that that you and I can't really relate to. And maybe there have been times when you've really been depressed and you you picked yourself up but that doesn't mean you can necessarily relate to the deep dark depression. Loneliness and sadness that some people -- have to deal. So hard to give you a project by opinion poll tonight is status committing suicide diminish a person's worth. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com the tractor pull through our -- give you an update coming up in just a few minutes. On the 20142015. New -- pelican schedule has been announced it's out and we got it right now on our web sites every if you don't count. It's time for tonight's top -- -- fear the top -- things we'd like you know as -- start our show tonight on WWL number eight. Last night at the World War II museum. They presented their stage store iTunes it's the final competition they're staged -- idol competition. And I returned as a judge last night when thank -- -- for doing the show us I collected data and our congratulations to April -- -- she was the winner. Although anyone of the contestants could could have been a winner. It was a hard decision but it almost didn't matter who you selected because any one of them would have been a worthy winners so all the contestants were. Where were phenomenal so very very difficult job. Now for those of you who had a favorites. They didn't win. And you realize that I was on the panel. These judges don't get together and say this is who we pick the judges each pick somebody I might have picked the person you wanted to win. I don't want revealed that. But you never know who somebody wanted to to win and somebody selected as we are each judge picks one waiter and then. The consensus is mistaken and they announced the winner so again everybody did a phenomenal job and I just love anything at the World War II museum. -- the the the costumes. -- hair styles. -- Mickey walker salons. These. These people -- this whole event just really brings you back to the 1940s which is what the World War II museum brings us back to what it brings us back to a time when. America was different for the way it is today and maybe there's something we can learn from that I got to takes a little food and I think the most amazing food that they tasted. Was -- -- corn dog. -- sure at all it was shrimp with the corn dog stuff around that it was a trip dog which was very tasty. Number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. The popularity of the new teenage mutant ninja turtles movie. Has sparked an interest in kids warning their parents to buy that little pet turtles. Movies often inspire kids to want pets is that ultimately end up neglected after the initial excitement of owning the -- states. So if your parent be strong. And don't buy your kids turtle if you don't think that they're gonna take care of it in the long run where if you're not gonna follow through and require that they take care because there's a responsibility that goes along with meeting -- -- I remember when 101 dalmatians came out of I think it was just before Christmas. And that year. People wanted to adopt donations for the kids. Dalmatians are high -- dogs that are not easy to him to maintain their kind of I mean it's on tonight strong. And a lot of these dogs and that opened shelters because people selfish we've ran out to all of that they're so cute in the movie in the went out and and and got the pet. And they weren't really prepared to take care of a Dalmatian so you really have to think before you buy a -- even something as simple as a pet turtle. Because we don't want peace pet turtle stand up -- the animal shelter. And these pet turtles and end up in these cages. Nobody wants him. And it's just it's it's a much better to go adopt a pet turtle it has to violence anyway just you know be. Be cautious about that and don't just submit to your kids. Whim of wanting to get a pet turtle and at this really makes us to think about the times that I can't say that I ever did. But I know a lot of people maybe you did did you ever adopt a pet or by a -- on a sudden impulse. And how'd that work out. Number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Or headphones and ear plugs. Damaging your kids' ears. Doctor Dave -- it is a clinical cardiologist in Metairie and he says that there's an increase in young people suffering from permanent hearing loss from loud music. He says there was a time when it was people who come in because they worked in factories. Refineries. Shipyards. They were putters from the out loud sounds of of guns. -- things like that he said but now we're seeing more more young people come in with noise induced hearing loss and there's an article on our website about this at WW dot com. You know you see a lot of kids walking around with these -- -- -- with headphones on. But also with the ear plugs in their ears. And you a lot of times when you walk by somebody you you can actually hear what's intimidating from their headphones because that's how that's a lot of it is. Now the recommended level is 85 -- of polls for an extended period of time. But did you know that doesn't mean anything to anybody because nobody knows what 85 decibels is. And our top Manassas I was talking about December briefly in -- argument this earlier with with potential today. And he said that his phone actually gives him. Gives him a warning when he gets over 85 decibels. It doesn't shuttered off but he just warned you that you're going into this dangerous. Area of noise. I don't know that that stops him. I don't know if that would stop teenagers having you get the warning to dismissing me to stop mean as a warning about the box of this -- pack of -- cigarettes. And people don't necessarily pay attention -- that so I don't know that toward the warning would would do any good but I you know I know everybody's different. But I have been doing this for a long time. And I had headphones on and I've been blaring rock music the music of the eighties -- blaring music. My entire career not just when I was in music radio but -- blaring music going -- out of breaks here. And I think I keep my headphones rather -- out. And it hasn't affected me however everybody's different and you do want to protect your hearing do you listen to loud music and -- here here sometimes I have to admit I I go to a concert and if I'm I'm close to the speaker's. Sometimes I will leave here. And honestly -- -- rarely experiencing ringing in the ears. But it goes away the next day mean I don't constantly hearing. -- -- to get that phone. Get that get that phone. Now maybe that's just the number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. -- security video shows a group of four young males when appears to have gotten. Stealing things from the course of residents in Metairie -- borrowed and -- -- Have you seen the video. It just shows the breeze and attitude. Of so many young people. And one person appears to be holding a gun. Pointed at the door while people -- the car. Now they're only rubbing things from cars as far as like intro. For cars that have been left unlocked. And -- this was a problem no longer go in Slidell. While we -- card locked by some people do. There are breaking into cars electric cars general but this one guy among them has a -- and it's like pointed at the front door of the house. And you get the impression that if you walked outside if you if you felt like something was going on outside in your yard. You might block outside. And you get the feeling that you might be shocked. A lot can result from this kind of hysteria. Effect Jefferson Parish sheriff's office says what call 911. If you see somebody India car you might have a right to go out and shoot him. But you have to prove that your life was threatened. As far as I know and if you do that you might be right but. You're gonna go to court. You're gonna be on trial as it as a defendant you -- a series itself a victim but shall also be a defendant. The at the hysteria that results from this can lead to two bad things happen people become too sensitive. So people with guns they hear something outside. And it wanna go outside shoots about. And that's really scary. Because even if you're right. You're still gonna be held accountable for your actions. So don't get hysterical about this if you look at what these young people we're doing is absolutely wrong. But if you do shoot somebody. There will be questions asked. About. Your safety and if you go out into the yard and shoot somebody their case is all over this country. That are involving this kind of thing. If you go out in your -- should somebody this possibility that you're going to end up being a defendant. In a trial. But what just so amazes me about this is this attitude. That they -- on people having this happened about -- I think 1 o'clock in the morning this morning. And it just. Reminds us of how bold. And senseless. Some people are like they just obviously they just don't care. They have no respect for other people. I still think some of this is. Retaliation. Against a segment of society. It is considered to have more than others. And I could be wrong but I think that there's a lot of them right I hear crimes being committed. And it doesn't seem missive robbery was really the motive although they're stealing things here but one of the reasons that that some people were targeted I believe. It's because there is this. This in eight instinctive. Idea to retaliate. To take from those who were perceived to have had more even though they didn't take anything from you or prevent you from getting anything. If you wanna join us for the comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seven and a tech's number is 87870. Number for tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Robin Williams. -- called. An actor Ed Nelson who went to my -- from New Orleans. All died very close together. Do you think celebrities die in threes. Where's the system crazy coincidence -- mean there are a lot of people who believe celebrities die in -- Is that something that you noticed. Join us tonight are numbers 2601 a.'s -- toll free 8668890. At seventy. In a text Amber's age 77 number three at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Williams' daughter -- that says that she's gonna quit social media altogether because of cruel and unnecessary comments about her father's suicide they were made on line. And there has been criticism of Robin lawyers for committing suicide to RWW a pretty general opinion poll tonight is. There's committing suicide diminish a person's worth give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com and we'll tractor pull through our -- right and give you an update. I just wonder what it is about people that that possesses them to say ugly hateful things cool things about people who have just committed suicide. -- people have to start. The the Internet allows people to anonymously. Expressed relief rule. Ugly comments. -- it happens all the time not just in the case of this suicide of Robin Williams. It happens all the time. There are a lot of just mean ugly people. And this gives them -- chance to just say on the Internet is so anonymously gives him a chance to say recently. Ugly. Cruel hateful things. And it's sad but I mean let's recognize that there are just a lot of human beings. Who or that way. And do you think. Somebody's life is diminish the value of their life is diminished. Because -- commit suicide. To join -- to -- our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And a text number states have he's having to your text calls you're just a moment number two -- tonight's -- list of the top eight at. Said he Buehrle just giving the homeless a deadline to vacate an area under the party -- expressway from -- Carol and to saint Charles we've got that story on our website at WW -- not count. -- they had 72 hours as of Monday so I think they're down to what 48 just at least and a 48 hours now is the city being cruel orders the city being fair. The city says their problems with rodents. There's debris there's choke there's trash it is a health hazard. So they're being forced to move their tents. There mattresses. There are people sleeping on boxes. You know this is very close to two really nice residential areas. And I don't mean that to sound like an elitist comment. By. The day health hazard. Could easily spill into other parts of of the city. There are a lot of people who don't wanna go to shelters and and I heard on the news today on our station. That they are are. Beds and there's food for everybody. That nobody has to be camping out in this is their home I mean that did they they've made this their home. And many view past that the area under departure an expressway on a daily basis in and you see it it's not it's like a tent city. And apparently there is enough room for people to go to shelters. But the truth is a lot of people on the street don't wanna go to shelters because I have to follow rules. And I realize that there may be a certain rules within the the society that has developed within the tent city but they're not the same kind of rules that are required when you. When you go into a shelter. People don't have a right to just do whatever they want it. And you don't have a right to just live on on public property. That's valuable property the property around there is. Very valuable. So. It occurs to me that the city's doing the right thing. And I don't mean that to sound heartless and I I've said many times that -- encounter homeless people every day and every night. Living downtown. And I feel badly for these people. But nobody has its legal rights to occupy. Public property. And if this is becoming a health hazard -- I'm sorry but you know you can't just do whatever you want in this life. And if you don't want to follow the rules to go check into a shelter bulls and you will be held accountable to join our show with your comment chart numbers 2601870. Tool free 8668890. Which have a -- numbers 877. And don't under estimate that these people who you know it's might not be home to you were to me. But today and it's it's a home -- it's far. And they're panhandling and they're getting. Planning money relative to their life. There make it a good -- And it's tax free. Number one on tonight's list. Of the top eight. -- eight. Violence has continued in Ferguson Missouri I don't know what's going on there tonight but we will get an update on that this is a suburb of saint Louis Missouri. This is following the police shooting of an eighteen year old to Michael Brown who was killed Saturday. Early this morning there was another police shooting of an individual. And there are questions. Was it was the police shooting of Michael Brown racially motivated the the identity of the police the police officer who shot Michael Brown has not been revealed the name isn't it her field but he it's believed that he is a white officer. Just does race come into play here. If there are police. Who are. Stereotyping to the point where somebody ends up debt. How can that be considered acceptable. And you could say all the things you wanna say about. The fact. That a disproportionate amount of crime is committed by young black males. But profiling can never lead to somebody being shot and killed. By a police officer. Also if you're young black male. How do you raise a young like me on the world today it's not fair. It's not fear that young black males are stereotyped but if they are stereotyped. Don't you have to to be aware of that reality. And while it's not fair. Shouldn't young black males always be taught and again I don't know -- apply to this case. But you can't deal with police with a chip on your shoulder with an attitude. Even though that's not fair. My son because of his style fashion. I would much sums -- teenager. He was profiled by police. Several times in Portland Oregon. And I always told -- -- said it doesn't matter if they're right or wrong. You have to respect the police. Had just along with what they say if they're wrong hopefully we can prove something later. But you just absolutely in the field you do not confront police officers. Now announcing the police officer. On is innocent in this case of the shooting in in Ferguson -- But shouldn't that be the other lesson that we learned that no matter what their -- will be a question about whether or not somebody. On what is approaching a police officer with a bad attitude. That should not be the case but yet that might be a factor. If you wanna join our Charlotte with a comet are numbers 2601870. Told free. 8668890. Point seven your text numbers 87870. -- -- and -- this is the Scotia we're coming right back with your text. On WL. Outsourcing television of the day of one of these commercials came on for this that you to the mattresses squared the couple can both have the side the way they want it. You know you want it to go warmer you -- -- or you want it's -- you work harder each couple can have -- their own way. -- thinking in the back of my mind you know if a couple can agree on a bed and -- married. Here's an update on our WW a pretty -- opinion poll this committing suicide diminished a person's worth 67%. Say no. 33% say yes give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com. And the -- conversation about the suicide of Robin Williams dives continue. Also we're talking about the city of New Orleans they're giving the homeless a deadline to vacate the area under the punch train expressway from south -- into saint Charles. They got a I think less than 48 hours from now. Is a city doing the right thing it's a city being cruel. Here's a text that says says they should go live in jazz land in New Orleans east. You know that was -- that was an area near the airport. And at Portland Oregon where they set up a tent city. Four for the homeless and I realize that some people have very few options but I heard today that there are places for everybody to sleep. But some don't want to follow any rules they just wanna live wild on the street. And you can't do that you can't just do. Whatever you want -- -- the talk about it -- crazy things on the show but sometimes we have to talk about things that are that are serious. And there is a protest continuing in Ferguson Missouri I don't know if it is a violent at this point but they -- protest in Ferguson Missouri this is a suburb of Saint Louis. Where the protests continue following the police shooting and killing of an eighteen year old named Michael Brown on Saturday. And if there's a lot to discuss with this and and I think part of part of this is. He is reminding us that we still have yet to have an honest conversation about race. Americanism and haven't we talked about her initial right after the year that the trade on -- Georgia -- trial. We have yet there -- so many opportunities when it's been time to have an honest conversation about race and I don't even know where that conversation begins. But I think it has to begin with with both sides. And there are a lot of different sides but. If there are two main sides it's blacks and whites. The conversation -- to begin with both of us admitting that we don't really know how each other feels. And we can't assume the things that we assume. About others. If you wanna join our show with a comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- -- it's every text number is 87 he -- let me get to us some of these text. Here is attacks. That reads. And I would be afraid to defend myself against a black man if all of a sudden becomes a racial thing even if I'm right. And that's that's not right I mean it your your right but that doesn't that doesn't mean it's right it's it's sad to. That he does come down -- a racial thing. And some will automatically. Blame. A white person. For defending themselves. Against a black person and it shouldn't be that way. And yet I think we have to admit that it kind of is that way. Here's a Texas sadly I have a lot of experience dealing with suicide. It is the ultimate selfish act the Stanley a French left behind. Deal with unspeakable guilt and questions about what they could've done differently to possibly prevent. As good as a person. May have BN or talented or whenever the fact remains. It leaves a strain on their legacy and their memory. And that's -- -- W a pretty general opinion poll tonight is committing suicide diminish a person's worth. Right now 77% say no 23% say yes give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com showing your on this coach going to VW good evening. I don't discuss it about what was he knows that ownership and additional. I'm not trying to be I'm not raced well at all. But I'm not a racial profile. Hey Al Sharpton does not a martyr and out and sailed -- and only our secure complexion -- Let me have an opinion well no I mean I'm not saying in the white carpet at the patient and -- it on Martin. -- the new -- at all. Or something happens and let our. People about. And it's. OK Mary got that you'd -- lower from third straight month mortgage age represented in the same age as to what we're just the Asia with a lot of follow law but what I. I agree with you Sean and he does it does irritate a lot of people that two people Sharpton and Jesse Jackson -- people. Promote and say well what's they get killed. -- But one little kid was blinded and that Roseville hospital -- -- outs are in -- for coming out and well thought all black artists and -- it racial profile. The sad truth to use this sad truth is that Al Sharpton benefits from racial tension. Yeah financial and sodas so -- Jesse Jackson. And it's a shame that somebody benefits from that but they big benefit. Financially and everywhere from from a power standpoint they benefit right. You know -- -- what you yeah rush -- -- you know it was. And terrible and you might have been born college yet they're. In London Bridge accident terrible tragedy. A trade and ago have violence. And artist where is terrible but beat UC. Inning. Chilling there Iranian seven people that were -- won't and a two year old blinded orders are there are actual but it. To. Be polite going to be. Bring them. You hear anybody making national news about that you know and it was spot on what. -- I'm going to call the show and -- I don't I don't disagree with that tendency I don't disagree with with that problem. If you wanna join us with your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's having a -- -- -- 77. I'm not saying this is the honest conversation that we're gonna have about about race relations in this country but but we need to have it. And I think the conversation begins with both sides agreeing we really don't know how the other one feels. Now I realize it might irritate you that Al Sharpton the reverend Jesse Jackson don't show up. When it comes to certain cases. Where a black person is is killed because it's black on black crime. And every once in awhile they hit that they're concerned about -- miniature they're concerned about it. But they don't grandstand. When that happens. And that is unfortunate. Because it makes it seem like it's only important if it's white. Vs black. So this is part of the honest conversation. About race in this country. However when you focus on the things that. The reverend Sharpton the reverend Jackson don't do. Then don't let that distract you from the fact that okay fine all right they don't do that but so -- Mean I understand that they should but so watch. Let's focus on the reality that. An eighteen year old was killed and there was have a shooting in Los Angeles during a traffic stop and another young black male that was guilty of it. We shouldn't. Be distracted from from these. Realities. And it's. It's truly sad and it you know if if if Europe blackmail. You can't help but going to this world on a daily basis. And wonder how people are looking at you. Unfortunately that's a terrible terrible reality and it's not fair. But you have to go out and understand that reality. And those who weren't black who are the ones quick to stereotype young black males who don't think beyond the idea that that skin color doesn't cause. People to commit crimes. It's its. Environment. Its many other things but it's not skin color. The rest need to understand that it's wrong to profile -- stereotype. If you what did you and Russia -- -- our numbers 2601870. To all free 8668890. Semi Texas a 7870. This is dispute showed we'll be right back with your comments on WL. A legend at the beginning of the show tonight -- that last site and bonds like Bob Mitchell for those sitting in last night I was at the World War II museum because they present their annual state store -- of finals and it was absolutely phenomenal congratulations to April wiese who won. But I -- everybody was phenomenal so it away it was a hard decision but I wouldn't filter I would feel badly if anybody want because they were all that good. And here's a text that it reads. Without pay scoot so I was in the competition to judge last night I was the only guy singer on the show and it was says Taylor Miller he was phenomenal. Thanks for the nice comments I wanted to share. When I think about headphones in the music issue -- being a musician listen to all kinds of music on my iPad sometimes some blaring the music. Because believe it or not to it relaxes me it's my happy place. I have never experienced any hearing loss with blaring music and I have sung in -- -- at concerts with very amplified music. My ears may ring for a little bit. But never more than just a few hours I agree that everyone is different it it goes on Taylor thanks a lot that you were phenomenal last night he he sank some enchanted evening and the -- just hit a beautiful here couple of the notes -- wrote last night. Extraordinary voice sure. Crisp tone confident presence onstage great eye contact and gestures with the audience Taylor defect that you didn't -- don't let that discourage you at all. Here's a quick update on our -- get you up pretty -- opinion poll. Does this committing suicide diminish a person's worth. 71% say no 29%. Say yes from Mississippi Gregory -- and -- VW well. I do it. Armed struggle with depression for about twenty years are wrong and not a hospital. On disabled. Com. I don't like to say you know for the people who trade. Things about our. And commit suicide I think that is being ignorant because they don't you just don't understand what this disease does to people. I mean it's like you have an -- place and you just don't see delight and it's constant. Day by day -- even with medication doesn't -- quality control it and. It's just a horrible life. I can't relate to what you're dealing with Gregory but I can relate to the idea that people don't understand certain things because sides talked openly develop my obsessive compulsive disorder. It's under control now but there was a time in my life what it was just totally miserable. And there are people that say well just don't do that or just get overload you can't do that so. I can't relate to what you're going through but I can relate to the idea that people don't understand. -- so while I don't understand what you're dealing with I understand that it is quite possible that I don't understand what you're dealing with. This is I mean it's just it is it is just. It's just doesn't stop. But does anything make you happy. Nothing. But it makes me. Out there and he. But my wife had -- witness tree is. Not -- a portable. Is it because -- depression. It aren't financially or outlaw everything. I mean it is it's horrible. Pieces for -- or everyday kisses or. Gregory -- are you seeing somebody if somebody could help you. Al-Qaeda terrorists could you know an -- city and -- you have to live with directional it's -- If you want have been doing wood to twelve years -- you know part of it. And that's not -- to have our fiscal disability. I mean. Most places in my life just. The Gregory you know I went through a tough time recently and you you never know when life's gonna come back to you you'd you'd never know when things -- change. And the only option you have is to just to stay in the game. And I I can appreciate what you're what you're feeling -- dealing with -- felt that kind of lost before. What you. What you need to do -- is trying not to. Try not to let the decisions that other people make it affect you. And that's something that I dealt with very actively in my life recently somebody makes a decision -- Hershey would devastate you. But you can't control their decisions. So so we'll let that go and focus on -- just know that your worth it -- that you mean something to the world. And you are valuable. And we have no idea you and you have no idea what your next gift is going to be and and why the world needs you but believes that it dots. And just look for things to change. All right Greg -- you call us call us -- Excellence. If you and join us for comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's happening. At a text numbers -- 77. Do you really think you understand depression. I admit. I don't. This is -- -- showed we'll be right back into the WL. We have run out of time in this hour but if your -- stay with his -- right back with a mortar comments it to the caller Gregory Richardson Gregory I hope you're still listening. I'm getting so many text from people who were saying stay strong Gregory. And hang in their guy life will get better for you I will pray for you -- sure a lot of people will I'm getting text about you Gregory. So you mean something tonight right here now. To the people who are listening. You are worth something. Just to carry yourself -- and figure out exactly why you're worth it will be right back.