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8-13 Scoot Show 9pm, Expressway Homeless

Aug 13, 2014|

The city of New Orleans is giving the homeless a deadline for vacating the area under the Pontchartrain Expressway from South Claiborne to St. Charles - they have 48 hours remaining. Do you think the city is being cruel? or fair?

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Good evening welcome back to our show Robin williams' daughter Zelda says that she is gonna quit social media altogether because of cruel and unnecessary comments made about a father. And his suicide on line. And I started to get some of those those comments on the show the other night we're talking about -- suicide of a Robin Williams and it's its stand a lot of people don't understand it don't understand depression and they just think well. He he wasted -- he wasted everything and and shouldn't have it done what he did and it discredits him as as as a person. And that's -- -- a pretty general opinion poll tonight. I just committing suicide diminish a person's worth. If your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com also we're talking about what is going on in the suburb of Saint Louis Ferguson Missouri. The scoop like tonight is titled the death of Michael brown and violence in the streets. And violence has erupted following the police shooting and killing of -- black teenager he was supposed to start college on Monday he was killed a Saturday it's a sad story. But we don't really know what this Aureus. The police tell us when -- Witnesses tell us another story so we don't really know what happened but the scope blog really talks about. Some of the different aspects of this state. That we should admit we don't understand. And and some things that we should admit we don't understand that we should really try to understand. And getting a number of texts from people who use the pronoun day. And it's disturbing win when people say things like well you know. They are rioting. They shouldn't write it they need to get themselves under control -- this date that. That's -- to just make such a grant gross generalization. That. That feeds. The stereotype. And we need to step away from that. We need to challengers are -- challenge ourselves not to do that. I don't want people to look at a white person save the day. In the include me in what somebody else might be doing. But the -- luggage if it brings up some interesting points or will be talking about this on the show tonight about what we don't understand about each other. There are things I don't understand about blacks in their thinks of Blackstone version of Romeo we need to admit that and it's it's okay. It's on our website at WWL. Dot com -- incher with others -- America's Sandra you're on WWL. And it is him. -- let me practice. -- Oh my I have. One oh. I and many out -- and including regular. Don't. They hammered. -- accommodate. Say you're not. One -- And working. And maybe. I can. You know. Well they are. Hanging in or -- -- And I -- many months. -- that people. -- out. Have a problem. Never had a problem. What -- people on it. -- Let me go and be on. Yeah people part. -- aren't there. Angle on what. But in the Cassandra. Understand where you're saying and I appreciate the insight as you have and in December the shelters. But there are there arson shelters that don't charge that much. And there are a lot of people who even I admit that there are panhandling enough money did to spend the night in a shelter. Would you agree that there are people who don't wanna go to shelters because they don't wanna follow the rules. I'm. Not a -- You know. When. Somebody from men -- any -- And become a permanent. And they say you know I remind. And you know I am I am I in -- -- You know McDonald's. -- And I. Got about. Half. And that's fine women I mean. You know look clock and it happened. Be up there in. My car. -- Then. One in my. -- I found. Out of me. -- A bill. That problem is that people want apple why we can't quite get -- Quickest we don't know that there are various health problems there and they're living in somebody's neighborhood they're not living in your neighborhood but the are creating a health problem just being there. Without facilities. It and and with with food and things that are attracting the rats. There's apparently a big rodent problem there but -- that this is somebody's neighborhood the people all of our live close to the -- and on on both sides of the expressway the warehouse district and on the other side. -- well problem. Well problem and in my. Pot. Even go and from what. I'm -- -- Now the point that it. But at any moment. I I appreciate what you do for the homeless and I appreciate your compassion. For the homeless. But the solution is not to just allow people to have a tent city. In public and I'm not an expert in city planning I'm not an expert in on the homeless so I don't know what the specific answer is but it can't be just. Finding an area and and living there because conceivably they can pick any area. While higher I would agree with that. But here if there if there are resources available and I've I've heard this every time this topic has come up if there are resources that are available to help people. Didn't. People need to be. Encouraged and maybe even forced to seek those resources rather than cop out and just live on the street because that can't be healthy place for. For people like you know it in a wait Cassandra I admire. That they have taken nothing and found a home. I admire that they have have have made their -- people on the street it at night and you know dear -- dead their home is their their little cardboard boxes their flattened cardboard boxes that they sleep on and their blanket and they've got their little on their little. Things -- close spy. It's like that's their little bedroom that's their home and I admire that they're able to do that but that's not something that we can never encourage and I understand what the city wants to. What's to change that. But. People who aren't. Cool -- They get used. To be. More but some people don't wanna follow the rules that don't they don't want those restrictions they wanna be free they're just they're used to living on the street and they don't wanna follow anybody's rules and I don't know if that's fair to society. No -- people bad. People. People. Do. I. Why me. I mean and you can't I get. Older parent -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well if you're there I'd like I will white why do you think they got turned away and if you were there. Well well well could mean that. The current ban in it. Why. Yeah. You know the -- Of people you know quote unquote you know where old and and how orders and they have. I'm -- and while. -- tell people. Well that. Well that you know then we need to find out that that truth but -- but the the issue is also that people. Don't wanna go even if there is room because they're people who. Feel like they have a right to live on the street and I guess that's a big question Cassandra got to move on but I appreciate calling a short thank you for what you do for the homeless. -- here is attacks it reads scoot. To the last caller Cassandra just had on. I've been in my car on my way home with my who has been on Saturday night's from dinner downtown and stopped at a red light. And you concede the rats. Running around under the overpass. She obviously isn't -- aware of that. A lot of text coming in here's attacks that they get turned away because of intoxication issues. Maybe they have Booz -- and they won't let him in because they have booze or. Again there are people who don't wanna follow the rules that's why they went live on the street. And if you project the rules of society. I think it's unfair to just say you went live on the street and yet they reject the rules at the -- society. That they depend on. To give -- money. Here's a Demi W a pretty general opinion poll tonight is getting a little closer does committing suicide diminish a person's worth. 58% say no it doesn't 42% say yes it does. Can -- opinion by going to our web sites WW well dot com. This is the -- showing on Wednesday nights we're coming right back with your calls. And what your text on WL. Tomorrow night on the Scotia we'll talk about the psychology behind ice bucket challenge and I wanna do it but I don't know who would challenge yet. The -- like tonight is titled the death of Michael Brown that's eighteen year old who was shot and killed by a police officer in the summer of street Louis Ferguson Missouri. And -- violence on the streets and it does a continuance on our website at WW real dot com will be talking about the city of New Orleans giving the homeless a deadline at the they have less than -- than 48 hours from now to vacate the area under the -- train expressway from south Carol south -- and to saint Charles. Is the city being cruel or is a city being fair. They're living in somebody's neighborhood. Here's an interesting -- there it's and I just and let me preface this -- -- saying a moment ago I said. I'm bothered when people use the the the pronoun day. To describe. The rioters in in state in the Saint Louis suburb saying -- Nurses that Texas says and it's good like you said you wouldn't wanna be lumped in being called day as caucasians I think there's also a Tennessee to lump. All the homeless as today. And to some degree that's true. But my perception is there's a difference because going my perception is. When when there's when there's talk about they need to stop rioting they need to stop shooting each other. That seems to be more inclusive of of of all blacks. And I do need to be careful with the use of the pronoun day. And I don't wanna be lumped in with all caucasians any more than if -- like what's to be lumped in with with all -- -- on blacks that they have created problems. There's more attention focused on the people who wore. Disrupting things. Acts of violence. Then there are in those. Who. Are calling for peace including the parents. Of Michael Brown. And that's our tendency. To focus on the negative rather then deposit. So if if you talk about day in your talking about just the rioters specifically but some of the text that I've I've received. More general lies blacks in general and that's part of the problem we have in this country today. Here is attacks that -- -- what don't you understand about blacks. And I don't know where this came from a white purse or black person. I don't know what it's like to be black. I don't know what it's like to grow up black. I don't know what it's like. To hear stories from my grandfather. Or my father. Abouts. Segregation. I don't know what that's like. In defy a pretend to know -- Been on not being honest. In the same way that I don't understand blacks. -- don't always understand whites now a course there are obviously exceptions. But I wasn't just because I'm white I wasn't I don't feel like I've been given anything in life. Things were easier for me because -- point. Growing up and maybe other other ways that I did know but I wasn't handed things that we do guarantees. Just because I'm white. And so I think this is part of the honest discussion that we really should have about race in America. If you -- -- Russia tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Nines here or separate tax receipts have do you separate and we talk about his or hoping or my hardest and right. Because I try to be -- -- I can't. But he -- fair I have to admit that there are things that I don't understand about somebody I don't understand what it's like to be a woman. So. I have to admit that there are certain things that -- I don't understand about that. And maybe we should be more willing to admit that there are some things that we don't understand about each other and that's the beginning I think of an honest conversation. If your -- we'll get to all of your calls are just a moment for Texas Howard you're on Scotia. Interpret -- let you listen to people covered approach probable. That talk -- In that we talked with him I think it's really helpful. Microchips put -- and I just you know all consumers hope tonight I touch somebody's someone. So my point is. Actually global security article in the -- Let -- insecurity. To rest warning and or in the military -- -- and -- And he dodged -- -- compact he has to rest one person only massacre. Where -- only security in Saint Louis now. When the that you were demographics -- Day. When the demographics. -- all right -- to people which you wouldn't say it's a government. We implement security. In like he did oh. And the rest is one -- you know. Because of the demographics. Yeah I know I'm I'm I'm I'm listening I'm thinking Howard. You know these are these are just all difficult situations. -- they're. I don't know it on let me get help defense and security in Idaho it was a difficult and secured it went how are. -- the tank -- also sure to give it -- triple over one person that complete -- could go rest. Now here. They destroyed lives and injured people at Brookstone to which -- -- and I've got sent home security here is to pick a Democrat. I can't answer that coming archive possibly answer that I mean that's obviously this year prussian. What that but I am oppression my people get that production. Oh what were the only real quick what should people -- -- a chance to ensure that all but the government balloon back. I don't know Howard -- -- you know the other night when I was talking about how. I would like for -- to be comprehensive research. About people who are young and end up in jail. And and find out how. Parenting or lack of parenting contributed to who they are or what contributed what put them this year. What put them in a position to where they were willing to get a gun and years ago. And I don't think we wanna know the answer. I don't think people want to know the real answer to that question because it seems to me that it's oh so obvious that over the years there's so much research done and so many things that there should be research about that to Trace it back what leads people. To be young. Criminals. Look at one of the public opinion about people. I work offshore. And 1182. Very Cole -- coming off pretty standard right in accordance building -- the -- he. I kept -- background that we are agree. It will play two people on the practical quote board box. And that gave me insight would hope people go. At night. I simply don't sit Howard and I see I see it every night Dicey in the wintertime and it it breaks my heart I appreciate calling her show. However -- I can't condone in setting up a tent city. In a public area which is somebody's neighborhood I don't see how that should be acceptable so. I don't think the city is being cruel by telling the homeless in this tent city area under the -- for an expressway downtown. That they need to vacate I gave bureau -- showing every WL. As you and your game. Look I'm not. -- you know that the very complex it's to their. I'm -- involved here -- odd odd man or one way or the other eat totally have it both sides. The reason I'm calling it idol. Literally don't grow weigh -- -- during the current director and -- And it like a block I'm. Up by -- And just being objective. Ball back what -- the other caller thanks. Expect. Show me don't rodent problem Iraq problem like there was. -- under there couple you know a month ago or I'm in Amman at their job. And you know lock up and I'll think in our -- there and not wait. By it you know other one back come out of my courtyard and -- negate the streak. There are here and there are more. And there are your breath now I can order a map and come model that trigger. Don't want ladies are you know which are comment. You are eroding that -- problem -- there. I've never been broken and you were acting like that yet you know I've always been. Shall there department -- probably India expecting. Me you're feeling like. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know it being human being I'd be you know they are. I've actually seen one. One at that I'll look gentlemen urinating. On. -- and gave -- and I think there's just there's there are unique problems when there is a group of of homeless people -- in terms of like a tent city tight. I've community as opposed to homeless people living scattered on the street I mean I I live in the CBD and I can tell you that on a regular basis I two -- urine. And on and and weekend mornings I -- the and quite often eyes see that somebody was not able to maintain possession of their. Food very often. Are very long they might have just -- now well lucky dog or something and they didn't maintain position -- that's all over the sidewalks or did you do see that everywhere and that doesn't just come from homeless people. Right but I raised. You know figure about what you set up actually being being an. But there in your neighborhood and that's not I mean that's not fair. I mean right about -- -- again. Both sides of that what you train expressway. Our -- neighborhoods. And that the city can't afford to enhance have. A community like that existing and ultimately it will grow. In downtown New Orleans knows a lot of controversy and in Portland Oregon win the team that was a tent city there. Close to the city and they moved -- up on the report like controversy single that wasn't fair. Well what's fair mean. You know just lifting just. I can't imagine that you could just go camp out anywhere in this Amy theoretically you can camp out -- that theoretically you can camp out I can put -- a -- outside of Jackson square in the French Quarter could go to the moon -- and just camp out overlooking the Mississippi River. Mean if if well if that if it's acceptable and theoretically I can do that. A rare leader and the only that it that there are having your -- to -- in front and from Portland -- tent city. Under the Britain great acted like -- can't comment -- debate renting for a growing problem. Really gotten a lot of metropolitan city you look at Iraq the I'm honored to earn enough property factor you know -- -- interest rates are going not from the -- that thing then you're helping Bobble. You know in unemployment. In -- -- -- -- people -- people have been built the backhand. -- You know that probably the majority -- -- you know. And gave I I understand that an -- you know I've been close to vet and I I totally have compassion for those situations. On however. The bigger question is. Can we allow Venus or do we need to find the resource is the city claims that there are beds for everybody. Some people say that that's not the case. I would you know you can't -- because you are I wondered you know. There aren't -- big comfort weight in her -- and wanted to have a permanent campground and you know. But yet are we wouldn't be able to do so correct why are they -- I -- I hit it. Gave him I'm glad you called a show and and and thanks for listening and good luck with your your new residents and in the warehouse district. I really have compassion but you can have compassion for something and still understand that. There's something needs to not be allowed if that's the right way to put out from the -- on your WWL. -- Yeah. You know yeah. Want to -- AMOCO and America really -- Yunnan has seen yet a little bit. Well let's say what you need to say because we do have to move on. Piano and my the -- this series at least he will be need to express way. And -- and of that attention that he whatever it is -- -- tent cities. Day someplace of the way and then these people can't land land odd pages of security chairs or whatever year it. They couldn't. I didn't -- -- as part of the of the Social Security check is it to is addressed a tent city. Now because again on gum card and you know had they have provided it -- and -- and gives in the cards and the gays in the -- The government we're we're gonna get to just go to get a now and it comes on the bank okay and date and taxes go wherever. I got. People noted that these -- OK I think KM omelet guy. Who de -- and he it and possibly in my house in the year. Okay yeah that money would go on court ever more and god bless you for helping him. You know again and appreciate that trade you know. They're really not connect. The it would. Make excuses. On. Would they wanted to. But no -- on -- Whether or very quickly what do you think the solution is. This solution. Like part of -- this city. He would ever Annie Annie greed takes it away. -- And and put intensity out there is okay you want columnists. The and and and hang out. So there's no way ago. Day in this way and I. Eight years what. Did he get any kind of money come in and -- and -- on -- that room we know it. We won't get out he will use use the -- -- -- And that probably stay yet -- out this city. Leon one way bus ticket and get them. I appreciate you calling her show I hope we get a chance to say what you needed to say. I heard there was a a campaign and in Denver and they got no it was in Denver was in on I think was in Minneapolis. The may I wanna say it was Minneapolis but there were some some city in the midwest. And they were offering homeless people all one way bus ticket to Denver. Just to get them out of their cities and the -- when he picked Denver but the big Denver and there is this whole tent city I don't know whether still exist but in in Portland Oregon. He was out near the airport. Is that we need to do establish a tent city so okay so let's say -- -- it -- Lambeau what happens when. -- a contract approved in a development is approved. And then. There's a development it to a -- -- well then -- to the ago. If your -- stay with us this is this -- and we'll be right -- -- WL the death of Michael brown and violence in the streets Ferguson Missouri that's the year title of the -- blog tonight -- on our website at WWL dot com. A -- share with others a Tommy Tucker will continue this conversation tomorrow he started a conversation this morning about the rioting in the looting. While the violence why is that a reaction to. The death of somebody and and that the first violence erupted right after a vigil. It is eighteen year old and his parents are saying they don't want the violence they're trying to denounce the violence. That's one of the things -- we talk about also a Louisiana is the second most expensive states in which to own a car. Why is that. Is that really our faults. Are we responsible for the wake up and feel good with Tommy Tucker tomorrow morning six to ten on -- bureau there's a Washington's on the nor short welcome to our show seeding. -- of you don't think they could. -- Epic about emotion that is an elementary level. There at the moon and not. What it should be. It would sure about those. And it -- and well. Didn't he -- option music boat and ship but it could take doubted it. You didn't you tell them as goals away -- is that -- well. Vehicle belongs. Operators is somebody else neighborhood into -- is not all you do it move one. But what city would you send them to -- -- and wouldn't that city get a cent. Well I'll let -- take it -- able to ago. In here and you don't sit down your pocket you -- You all -- are. So you would agree that there's certain that you just the more time should be given which you would agree that there's a there's a problem with -- tent city type location downtown. Pop -- mine who else really in. -- thought that was not the problem you know. I don't know I don't know community. Not. Didn't get to. -- I don't want it it has -- What would be black people out of the American people out by may be it'll. It is all that should there be a war. -- what it will pay out eight. If you are keen on what. Well some might get them some people out. -- -- -- -- -- I'll I'll drop it on. Four and not and it taught -- is typical problem. That's what it completely alien act like you know. You have a guy yeah ID in full you'll. All it's only what -- -- in the though. It was you know. It won't it much out there -- the right. In work light it -- but the -- is -- right. Yeah and that was -- a bigger problem in the past than it is now but that's not to say that it still doesn't do exist as a as a problem today. Mr. Washington when you say that that's not to say that. That a white person is just given job because they're white because I feel like I've had two to prove myself not in the same way that a black my age would've had to prove himself for herself. But I still had to prove myself so. Just as -- why does it mean that you don't have to prove yourself. That didn't happen. It's one you will not hear it. In my life our enemy and -- thought spears. And it happens it date now but is it. I'm not at all why but it but you're not a -- problem. Is a big problem is it being hit outlaw mobile. -- -- Mr. -- I appreciate you are. Calling her show ensuring there was a story thanks for listing I'm getting out very disturbing. Text report here about. A standing in the 600 block of or restrict. Or trying to follow up on this and find out if that indeed did happen because that is about where. The shooting took place recently that we spent so much time talking about on the -- The city of New Orleans is giving the homeless a deadline for vacating the area under the much for expressway from south -- to saint Charles. I think they have at this point less than 48 hours is the city being cruel or is the city doing what it really should do the city says there are bids for everybody. The truth is there are some people who don't wanna follow rules therefore they don't wanna go to was shelter so should they be allowed to live on the street. That's one of the things we're talking about tonight's on the schoolchildren will be back on W well there are reports tonight's that a man has been fatally stabbed in the 600 block suburban streets. Tonight's relatively. Early in the evening. And if I'm not mistaken that's the exact block where there was that recent shooting that got so much attention here in New Orleans. We'll talk about that coming up in the next hour from mid city run a year under the WL. How close to thank you. Actually sent two quick comments. About one is about all the people. Okay there's still people are the -- -- -- it. An -- -- it's been in the city. -- world with the selection of OK that's his job he played all the money. To orchestrate. Whole people have been decent housing that it actually crime down. Know what to. Issue of the art brought out. A few couple called -- now relax off not share treatment with models want to put -- Wall Street. Oh I'm not but it caught it and and the Chinese it's Alaska whale -- date maybe -- looked -- a apparently. Fairly prestigious. University. OJ and let me tell you something outlined -- -- because it was so much. -- system. And that Clinton's it's the ultimate -- approaching -- dot com Robert -- as of late and I speak out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Rhonda I I appreciate I've got to get your news break that are really crushed -- content thanks for sharing that information. This is this coach -- if -- Arnold state was this will be right back on WW well.