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8-13 Scoot Show 10pm, Ferguson, MO

Aug 14, 2014|

Violence has continued in Ferguson, MO, a suburb of St. Louis, following police shooting and killing 18-year-old Michael Brown Saturday. Early this morning there was another police shooting of an individual. Here are the questions: Was the police shooting of Michael Brown racially-motivated? Was Michael Brown aggressively attempting to grab the officer’s gun? Why is looting a response to a teen’s death? When are we going to have an honest conversation about race in America?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A man has been fatally stabbed in the 600 block of Bourbon Street. If I'm not mistaken that's exactly where the shooting took place recently -- -- street that attracted so much national attention. I doubt that this will attract the same attention but it might because it's Bourbon Street. It's a street that is known to the country and the world. When violence happens on Bourbon Street it's such a contrast. From the image of urban street frivolity. Having fun party. And -- violence takes place there and so many people can relate to perpetrate because they've been there. And if you -- somewhere around the country tonight. Perhaps she did on our history. It is a highly visited streets. For many Americans and many people are around the world. So there's violence there it's it matters but they're there there's violence everywhere and that should always members well. I'd love to know why this happened. My guess. Would be. A drug deal. My guess would be revenge or drug territory or something like that. But it's also fair to point out for those who tend to use tragedies. As an opportunity to promote a gun control agenda. He wasn't -- It was -- night. That is something that we are taught to use when we're very very little. And they're everywhere. And so if somebody wants to commit a crime and they don't have a -- Quite often tell you something else like a knife. So I don't think that gun control is the answers we've often talk about are on their show. When criminals have guns those aren't the people who organ following a gun control laws anyway so that's ridiculous. This or talking about -- the -- -- the city of new worlds is giving a homeless a deadline. For vacating the area under the -- for an expressway between south Claiborne and saint Charles. They have I think at this point less than 48 hours. Is the city being cruel or is the city being fair. If you join us for the comic tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- semi -- numbers 87870. A report it back to your calls a lot of pressure text -- -- that's the challenges we are suffering that I just sent. You say that you have compassion towards a homeless that's the last thing you have. You keep talking about the homeless who refused to follow the rules but yet you are talking about the ones who do. Why is that why you -- think all homeless people based on the actions of a few. And homeless that are making every effort to leave the expressway. When they go to the shelters that offer free lodging and beds are full which leaves them no choice. To return to the expressway. Because they have no money to get a better to shelter the charges a fee. That is a disgusting. And appalling. Haven't. These people been through enough -- already. I understand why you wouldn't. Think that. I do have compassion for the homeless. But because you have compassion for. A situation that somebody's going through. Doesn't mean that you automatically have to condone. Living in a situation that they shouldn't be living it. And I again -- I hate to use the pronoun day because this text is right. All homeless people not to say. There are many who are just desperate. There are many who are just like you -- me. It's just they lost everything. And have nobody to help that. And maybe there's a time -- your life when you would have been where they are. Had you not had a hell of a family member. Or friend. I can relate to that. But that doesn't mean that we. Shouldn't be allowed to say. Setting up -- tent city is wrong. That's not to say that there shouldn't be a solution. And there should be solution there needs to be an alternative to the tent city. Because a tent city is not the answer. And it does creates health problems. There are issues with people living just on public property like that. Theoretically. Somebody should be political camp anywhere in the city. And can't do that. So if you support that -- You would support somebody according to gold camp -- again -- I have compassion. Sympathy for those who were in that situation who are -- But living in a tent city. It's not something that they should be condoned. Therefore we need to find another solution. I would be cold hearted if I said. There's no other solution there shouldn't be a solution to hell with them that's called heart. There needs to be a solution living under the expressway in my opinion is shot if you and join us for the -- tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And a text number is 878 Stephanie. Here's a W a pretty -- opinion poll tonight -- -- committed suicide diminish a person's worth and this has come out because there's a continuing conversation about the suicide of Robin Williams. And -- we talked about this after which revealed that he was found dead dead -- for her suicide. And has now been confirmed. There were people who are saying that he shouldn't be celebrated that he was sent a car court because he committed suicide. Robin Williams still with deep deep depression is a set earlier the other night. When I'm at Robin Williams and interviewed him and this was in 1987. In Los Angeles this was long before he was doing serious roles that I saw him it. I got him to talk about himself. And all of a sudden the the comic side of him left him. And he got really serious. And it. It's surprising I didn't expect that because he was making fun of -- he -- -- -- -- me and I thought that was all funny and he was joking he was the typical. Comedian Robin Williams. However. When I got -- to talk about himself and does the comedy hide something. That he's trying to get away from. He turned into this completely different person I saw a completely different side of him and over all these years. The movies that I -- Robin Williams playing a serious -- Always. Reflected more the real Robin Williams to me. Then. The comedic roles. But he was it. So just suicide diminish a person's worth. 51% say no but 49% say yes. It is your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. We've also been talking about the of violence that continues in Ferguson Missouri I know I do I -- there -- protest tonight I hope there was no violence tonight. In the suburb of Saint Louis. It was a a police shooting in an eighteen year old Michael Brown was killed Saturday is was there during the afternoon. On there are two different sides of the story eyewitnesses are saying one thing in the police are saying another thing and that quite often is the case you and I don't know what really happened. And yet so many of us are tempted to pass judgment based on our own stereotype. Whether stereotyping the police. Or stereotyping young black males. And that's unfortunate that's what the -- blog is about tonight the death of Michael brown and violence in the streets it's on our website at WWL. Dot com. Truly a sad story. Very sad story that an eighteen year old is -- what happened we don't know what. The FBI is involved in investigation. We need to know the truth that's what's important. But it is unfortunate that there will be a few who don't wanna know the truth. Or won't believe the truth. And I guess we never really know if it is the truth. Only the people who were actually involved. Know the truth. They're eyewitnesses. Who tell a story that totally contradict with the police are saying. But is there. Eyewitness account. Jaded by. Their opinions. I mentioned this analogy the other night of the show. If your saints fans. In another team. Another team might commit a penalty of a -- against the saints. It might be so -- the it might be more obvious to you because -- saints -- But the same file might not be perceived as a follow. By the other team's fans. And so when it comes to passing judgment on what really happened sometimes that judgment we're human beings. Sometimes -- judgment can be can be -- and altered by our impressions. By our stereotypes. From our experiences in life. He would be great if we can all get rid of all of that. And chest. Judge each other. And every situation based on the merits of the person and that situation. But in the blog I I I challenge. Defected to. Do we really don't have the ability to do that. Because we do stereotypes. And that's not fair. It's reality. But it's not fair. If you wanna join us to item numbers 2601870. Told free. 866. 8890 or Saudi attacks numbers 8787. I got a couple of tech for people have suggested that the tent cities the homeless people be set out to New Orleans east chancellor. Well people in the -- east don't want that. Here's a text. Did you said the cops and tonight I used teargas and -- You know I sometimes I have to use a little boy's room down the hall so if it sounds like I didn't hear the news it because I've really didn't actually hear the news that particular hours I appreciate that update. -- from river ridge Chris you're under the WL. -- -- -- much he distracting me first second talk about that number retreat OK just for a minute how in the world knew warlords that had it's own. Trying to escape by the city -- paid by French Quarter businesses. Owned French or at least Porsche is beyond me. But it's been a lot of talk about that recently Crispin but and it -- but it should. But since they can't be everywhere if somebody really wants to stamp somebody -- -- saying but I mean really that that pride in their debt that our -- -- about -- And -- -- a writer. Translation and not so conservative translation. Orders. Yeah you're little you're liberal writer and artist or what's -- okay about berg is that. The one here when I hear about. Make up the City Council make up of mayors and police chief make up with the police force is that it's. In fleets. If its signal is getting a mystery. That -- -- upsetting you are. And our national election. Oh. Vote. Because if you truly. Control. 57%. Of the population. A little or -- Make a change. If you can't do that. -- Allusion. And allusion. -- understand strategy. And Europe's. -- to the next level and change the dynamics of your political officers. Who in them. I don't think it's I think it's a great point we often complain about who's in office but we don't. Vote for those who were in office. So I agree -- Hopefully that hopefully keep it up anger that the frustration and -- -- real well hopefully watching between fox and then in this NBC. CNN. What Arab community -- hopefully next time there's an election. For every office ago. You change you didn't actually change. But you you would agree that. That anger and frustration should not manifest in violence. Now and I don't know him. But you know I don't think policeman should be drug and tanks where Campbell -- either but that's just. Chris I appreciate you calling a show -- accident site here's a text elections won't stop cops from shooting people. A stroke and elections are not gonna stop people from. Not only being disrespectful to police officers. By. May be reacting in such a way the police officers have no choice but to feel as if their life is threatened. Again we can only hope and pray for the truth. When it comes to what really happened in Ferguson Missouri. Here's another text Associated Press is reporting that police are using a smoke bombs and tear gas to disperse the crowded the protest. That's a forgery I was sometimes I have to leave the studio during my break which is at the top of the hour this is the -- showed will be right back on their VW well. In a PD is reporting that a man was stabbed on Bourbon Street he died on his way to the hospital we have an update on our website at W dot com this happened at the 600. -- it's six of one urban street. Which again if I'm not mistaken that's the same block where that shooting took place very recently it would be between New Orleans and saint and I believe. I've -- a PD is not released much there may be coming out to more overnight. I will have the latest tomorrow morning Dave Cohen David political of the latest -- morning from five to six -- WL first news event. Tommy Tucker and David but we'll have the latest -- W offers news from sixth to tenth and will also are the latest information on our website at WW real dot com. If you don't get news text alerts for WWL. It's real so I just got one of my phone just a little while ago it's about this. If you -- to get the latest news updates the latest breaking news. Have to do you can get on your on your cellphone anywhere does have to be Smart -- it's available on any cellphone it's free but we don't charge for tax but you're -- data rates may apply. Simply text the word news. Too late 77. Text the word news. To a 77. Here's a text. -- so. Why are the people not writing here in New Orleans with all the senseless murders here. I don't know. But I'm proud of us. As bad news crime is -- as many senseless murders as there are. I'm proud that we handle it differently. And people do and other cities. And I also think that it probably what is happening and in Ferguson Missouri. Is something that happens everywhere and that is that a lot of people are are using this moment to. To. To act on the -- their frustration. To act out of retaliation for a group that they believe is. To blame for their specific situation. There are people who are participating in this protest and -- They probably don't really know exactly what happened that was a case in Los Angeles but the writers who took place after the the running in -- There were people who were taking part of in that but they didn't really even know what was going on they just use the moment. To participate in this this opportunity to express their rage. Here's a Texas says it set to lose OK. Maybe that was the 800 blocked and I'm thinking in any event. It should never happen a popular populated area of -- street. Man fatally -- tonight's on -- and not much information is out we'll have more in the morning. Under the WL. If you and -- -- would come at our numbers 260187. Toll free 866. 8890 point seven tech's number is 877. From Gulfport wearing your on the Scotia. Came in Tokyo and -- -- people who. Do it. But you know. And it out and I don't know -- all the shooting -- mandatory but an important day. Every. Act at -- -- -- Vietnam many in the believe but he doesn't surprise me. Twenty. -- group. And armed groups is. At the group. People. That. -- In the northern. Dispute that not mean make the -- it. I truly believe. He -- What. Is important that our. I have no problem believing there's somebody that people wanted black white ever -- -- -- you approached. Well edited that is true and and and Michael Brown who was killed his parents are saying no violence no looting their denouncing this and yet. Their cry for peace doesn't nearly get the attention. That the cry for violence gets because that is more. Betty is more marketable. In the media. Well one more emotional in. The actual. The trend. Which of. And it's a good point man I appreciate posting if you wanna join us tonight with your comment on numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. It's -- at Texas a 77. It doesn't surprise me that there are groups going to Ferguson Missouri. To be part of the violence to be part of the protest. That happens. And it's unfortunate that people will will use. Use a situation. When they don't even know what really happened. And and maybe it did happen the way the eyewitnesses say maybe it didn't happen the way the police and Ferguson said it happened. But before we even know. Their people who assume. They know. And that's scary. For Gramercy Steve -- WL. Change but. The pilot that the shepherd. All the -- That out by you at all about -- -- world championship at. In it should expel. All fired -- People out there is being co -- That though were up or not that. Yeah follow. Have a while. Or error occurred well. I'll. Ever buy -- or what or. Where are like -- -- The clergy. While both the current model. Or impact the simple. This -- Those are about turtles are adult spoke. Out that there are you'll opt in oh are. Or are at the track. Update. Or that the patient. -- deter Al a part or all both sides. Steve why do you why do you think there is this serious undercurrent of rage that is so close to the surface it since so many people that they're looking for an excuse to act that out. Lack. Or achieve the Taylor. -- Or they'll or -- though. All the people were. -- look like a lot like. It. -- -- exit there are. If they. Like that. A curable. Eric Decker PPP. -- apparently it. Our while. There -- about our -- Errol. Act though. Alcohol cripple drug or quality. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Steve I would think that there are some people who really -- tactically criminals but they have this criminal tendency and it doesn't take much for them to be. Enticed into being part of a of a violent situation. Well I -- don't do the right crawl. -- but -- right call a -- of -- A -- -- cherry picker to go. Well. Is it is they're not this is their perhaps not this mentality that it people have been conditioned to believe that. They're entitled to things. That they don't have -- and have an opportunity to take something that doesn't belong to them they honestly believe in their heart mind that there are entitled to this. Well. -- Spain at the deterrent that. Killed. They're a light streak. -- All both sides. It. Our -- at all or. -- it out where at that. -- -- ought to stop all about oh where. Are just that. And I want justice to if this if this young man did try to grab a police officer's gun. That's a whole different story than what some -- saying if the police officer. Why is somehow. -- charged up by his own prejudice his own stereo -- of young black males then that needs to be addressed. There are critical -- or is. Out both parties are a bit early in the book by that early. Analytic well by a cop out is -- a good eight. -- -- they go to the -- Out there upper. -- They -- the right way. Ticket oh wait. -- operate that I hurry. That they turn out well. Audio hurt. Because it sure I'll repair record. -- -- or are there they. But he. There and Steve I totally agree with you and appreciate your tickets aren't caller shouldn't. For the West Bank Michael you're under the WL. What and I wanna while ago on the market. The black capital where there's group really it has -- -- if the plan under -- at Egypt at Kia. And you know Mike -- but I think this is a mistake -- that we use is our -- and -- but Michael this is a mistake that we are making today we're we're we're keeping score. OK if it is not keep the group. We do about that -- of the country club that I understand. Okay now what about it and it wiped out there and inadequate time. I think he's an aggregate opportunity whatever -- do what you like people give credit equity company and its global -- and jabs you to get Iraq. And -- would compete with a multitude of. Did you nobody here and in New Orleans we won the Super Bowl I was on Burma street right after the after the victory we did we partied we had fun what why is there. I guess the real question is why is -- this temptation to commit acts of violence. Or two to loot. When when you get frustrated I mean that's not my tendency. -- do want to beat. An important. Topic. To. Move the team to beat you. That would Ito. Would. -- -- And it may. Well. Keep up the bank. It. The comments. And it and it and it. -- Well I agree Michael I appreciate calling -- and I've got to get to break your direct thanks in and it was a it was challenging this idea of keeping scores we've we've we tend to do that -- you know. And I -- out here so many people say well if they can use the N word and so cannot. Wow why. What do you need to use it. Even if they use it why he need to use it and then you hear well you know the black Panthers well there was the kkk look at what we know about the kkk. So let's not keep score. On each other. Here's a text of the criminals are not. In raged. There opportunist. Here's a text what does alluding Wal-Mart have to do with an alleged. Unjustified police shooting. This is the -- show and we'll be right back on -- WL. Lot of people have been critical of Robin Williams for committing suicide while I understand that it's descent committing suicide diminish a person's worth. As a WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight 58% say no it doesn't but 42% say yes. It does for the first quarter Jeff here on this crucial in a VW well. Yes -- off the subject. Or whether anybody saw that should follow core vote. Encrypting walked out looked up there was brought. From the left ankle were there a French court. -- be great if you saw that if you saw it in the French Quarter all the light that there is stand -- must've been it must have been a bright shooting star. Period it currently now here earnings are up what they probably didn't -- anywhere yeah. -- look at it as it went by and then. Jeff what what what's your reaction to the news tonight to demand was fatally stabbed in the 600 block government. I you know -- detergent now while we're learning more about -- you know hurt. What are in a shock. It just seems like in many police shouldn't we should -- right now and all of knowledge is just a reaction. Well I made and police can't be everywhere now. Sure it's real easy it's really easy to say we Justine especially if there's a known problem that we don't have enough police you know people look for the of the easiest and quickest solution. And if we don't have enough police then that is immediately the reason that something is happening we don't have enough points but I think I mean you can never army down there. And they they wouldn't be able to stop. Two individuals that have a problem with each other. Now and in -- I don't know I would say you know all of your show -- not -- sure about it. Couple should go about after the shooting on Burge and indeed our. You know police on the on the street walk in and out interest or will it. You know what you what you -- record -- -- oil. You know where she -- or not always finished equally. That's the group that -- Releasing until Labor Day as far as you know I don't know I'm not. So would you be careful secure yourself and appreciate calling her shows and Jeff says he's bright shooting started -- may be silly about it it's such a great interesting phenomena and it. If it happens via agency -- we were -- under the WL. -- -- -- -- -- -- And dimension something or shot from an early on. It all but (%expletive) about the racial situation we -- the industry. And we. So order. Great show except -- for a while throwing incident and people or were more. People saying vote for a group are fine. About chewing her. From Britain to control and loving that Rachel -- Certain you're -- -- No but I know the -- is still active. And I don't know -- all -- You know the planners is still I don't. I don't know that the -- is doing what they once did. On deterrence and killing people let him membership from -- Program people -- Damon told her. Certainly Charles grew out there -- Nowadays that is that that's a -- a tactic the kkk in its is in my opinion it's not right they have a right to have their opinion they just don't have a right to do any wrong. And I. -- Yeah I never known them to be benevolent group I've never known that you know well you know -- they've dated some bad things but other trying to change their image in their having fundraisers you know I've I've never heard her. Baird and so I -- All of them can. Well. Again I've never known anything good that the -- has done -- if I'm sure somebody you'll come up with some. Some good thing that they've actually done that Joseph I appreciate the call GO. -- -- Here is attacks send in the National Guard and the Marine Corps reserves. Then get the jails ready. So is that how we deal with the stabbing in the French Quarter again -- you know a lot is not known about Davis. I'm sure overnight you know PD release will release more information will -- on our website as soon as we get the information. Also like Dave Cohen David Michael have the latest tomorrow morning at WWL first news and then Tommy Tucker and David likely have the latest on every WL. First news tomorrow morning from sixty to answer you'll get the latest and depending on what we learn about it I'm sure will be talking about it tomorrow night on -- -- -- if you wanna join us for the comment our numbers 2601 a seventy. Toll free 8668890870. And attacks or were -- 77 he will be right back on WWL. There are sharks in the late. Those sharks went to the seven year old last Friday afternoon. And -- Mitchell some allegation who tag -- to the University of New Orleans and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Caught a three foot and a four foot bull shark last night apparently with very little effort. We've got the full story sharks flourishing in the lake on our website at WW real dot com. Don't write this stuff that there might be some sharks in the air but I had no idea that they were this plentiful and I've I've I've heard that I tried to scare anybody. But I heard the -- short -- the rather aggressive shark and Aniston is is among the main leaders of the sharks of the world. -- of the good old days when nothing could live in the way. Now the links improved and we got charts now most sharks are not gonna attack you if you happening hit camera -- and they might they might retaliate. Every weekday at 1 o'clock it's what's trending on -- WL. A joint Angela with the top NASA sent a coterie today and it was a lot of fun it's a it's a great way to catch -- on everything that's going on what's trending under the WL. Every day at the beginning eventually show at 1 o'clock torrential and friends for candid funny in depth conversation about the top trending stories of the day. News talk sports social media. And joining Angela our friends from B 97 magic by you and channel four plus she favors from WWL and three WL so paying out and catch up on what's trending. Every day. 1 o'clock -- many view that we'll be right after you watch what's trending weekdays from one to two. Under the WL adjoining Angeles from one afford here on the VW. Here's a text a taste of its Kevin and Kimberly Johnson from Odessa Texas we hope you've been doing okay. And wish you a great night thank you for listening and Odessa Texas and -- Kimberly and Kevin. Great to have you as listeners. Here is. Attacks that reads of the Klan in wash top parish. Has tried recruiting. Mixed race people. Well I can kinda understand how that wouldn't really. Really wouldn't work out. From -- -- -- WW going to -- for quick comment. -- out. There as well digit record established. In order. You know I don't regard them. -- It it starts with it starts and ends with people I just don't think he can put enough police officers to stop some of the senseless. Are crimes that are considered tonight I don't know what the cause of this was I I wouldn't be surprised if it was a somehow drugs or territory or or something like that it's and it's a tragedy it's not gonna stop me from from going to the quarter but it's added it's really sad sad -- -- -- Charlotte got to get Turner's partner -- thanks for listing. So the Clinton tried to recruit mixed race people. We'll tell me that's. I guess that's interesting. But I mean as far as I know the klan's not you know music is a -- is a Clinton doing anything. Reputable. Order they just stand for what they stand for this is the -- show were coming right back after the news on -- WL.