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08-13 11pm Scoot/ Shooting in Ferguson, MO.

Aug 14, 2014|

Protest and rioting continue in Ferguson,MO; following the shooting of an un-armed black male by a caucasion police man. Was the shooting racially motivated and/or was it a matter of law and protection?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Connect your -- -- -- so Wednesday night's said to report that demand was fatally shot tonight on Barbara street today at six of one -- We'll have the latest information tomorrow morning at W offers news with Steve Cohen and David Blake and then throughout the -- owe it to Dicey shot -- okay John just correct me stay at Denver street. So used to saying shot but and it was fatally stamp Denver mystery tonight. This is not far from where that shooting took place on our government. And we don't know why it happened I would not be surprised if drugstore territory or something like that revenge Euro was involved in that. Which means that it was a targeted stamping it wasn't somebody who -- just randomly stabbed but again we don't know. We should know more tomorrow morning and we'll have the latest for you tomorrow morning. In -- VW well there has been a lot of criticism of Robin Williams for committing suicide and some people said that he was a coward. But he did the most selfish thing possible by committing suicide. Lot of different ranging attitudes about this is an update on -- WW a pretty general opinion poll just committing suicide diminish a person's worth. 59% say no it doesn't but 41% say yes. It does. It is your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com here's a Texan -- joking aside you were mugged and don't seem to hold a grudge cool for you. No I don't hold a -- And I've had people call me and and challenged me on that how do you feel now that you're bugged by four black males. Well I realize that those four black males were bad people. But it would be wrong for me to judge all blacks. What do have a different attitude toward blacks. Because I was mugged in attacked by by four blacks. I don't make that I don't make that comparison. And we only to challenge ourselves not to. Not to be judgmental of everybody. If somebody does this wrong because I know they're a hell of a lot of white people who have done wrong to a lot of people. And I'm white and I don't wanna be associated. Lumped into a group with them. And so I don't wanna be lumped into that group tonight to challenge myself to not want anybody else into any group it did not. The the only thing that that -- changed in me. Was being a little more careful. About where I am at what time it was a well lit area. In a popular populated area of the CBD. Hotels around. Again well -- But it was 4 o'clock in the morning. Now wasn't my fault. But I allowed myself to be in that situation. So that's the only thing that changed me that's the only thing that I learned from from that I no longer and in those kinds of situations. And I'm a little more careful about where I allow myself to be but I could never blame blacks because I was attacked by four blacks and that's why we have to be careful what we used the term day. Because there's so many people say well they did that -- No they didn't it was for guys that did that -- -- And when I I I hear the pronoun used. C. They are they need to stop rioting. It in Ferguson Missouri. They need to get a hold of themselves. The -- day the pronoun day. A lot of people were implying. Blacks. And that's a big mistake. It's not fair. If you wanna join us with a -- tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- semi tech's number is 877. From Slidell Rebecca a year on the -- -- good evening. Paperback -- -- out and it's common for more power -- and claw I mean and the incident happened. On Hulu. In between. Herb and all been okay. And what on -- felt -- in between urban Gaddafi. And you know this is not to be disrespectful of of golf scene or that they have those blocks in between -- and golf scene. But there are a lot of sketchy characters. In some of those areas. On yes that. You know what I mean that that particular. Right there. Pretty about travel you know -- -- -- and the -- -- it you know and com. It's pretty trampled and -- -- column. Well you know police can't. Tell. From -- I. Well I'm glad you're okay and I appreciate that there appreciate information Rebecca. -- -- -- -- place on to the of the report that I got was six of one of Bourbon Street but according to this caller who works in the French Quarter. It was on to lose between -- Fernando thing. And you know there are a few spots. Between -- and golfing and a couple of spots on golfing. That are really really sketchy. And I want to be careful let's say Ned doesn't mean I'm not gonna go there but. You know they -- and -- their you know it's fair to say there are bad people everywhere -- from Hattiesburg Robert here under the WL. Yeah well it's you know everybody appeared at his birth black and about what's going -- and -- that is broad because. Thank you like trash and blitzer in the same article and then they -- exactly what you deserve. -- All right Robert I'm really glad to share their way to -- it just reminds us of the ignorance that dole walks among us if you wanna join us tonight are numbers 260 point 870. Toll free 8668890. It's every text number is 8787. Here is attacks that reads here's a new topic where's the best place to meet women 25 to a 28 to 38. Now you know that's always an interesting discussion where where do you meet people -- nature. And I honestly I don't know I don't know that there's any set place that you could go. And meet people between twenty and thirty year or any age for that matter you just have to go laden and and live life and and look for those opportunities were people or not so on guard that it everybody's trying to to pick somebody up. Look for those opportunities where you have. An excuse other than a com on. To actually talked to some. But you know again a lot of people meet the right person in a bar a from that city chuck. The WWL. -- -- -- do that she. Is also you know decline in newsletter and I were at home you know watching good. The Q school you know calling all communities surrounding. The only. Shooting. It would police that would it was Hillary. And we treat you. Know. Betty. Yet like -- now is technically born to. The African American community. -- you know he'll be. Would qualify that being. When we put out I'm an African American public. Iranian we've seen it like it is in the way here. The black community. In cute little black community. Coming the convenient tool of the quake port right. It sales folks in the quick report didn't mean anything to do. Where you may do so fortunate in that needs to be that as well oh would just. But the other. Activities by -- folks in the community respond to. Where you came down and burning all sources we don't know it and other quote I'm. Used to hopefully. So people distorted. Do with it being. Restored correctly and your take care of business may approach in the hole. -- in the community goes. -- -- It looked like it was burned down of the game and this just roll. It it's you know at the -- The civil rights movement while he would. -- being -- or will be our churches and schools -- and or you know our our our community work -- needed -- That we not stood down. So. That the nation could see you -- these being perpetrated applaud -- As opposed to taking up all arms and fighting back to -- it straight. This is why we do what we do because these folks of you mentioned Tate eight grand -- -- That typical -- spoke to -- ego -- that would be the fortunately it -- at some terror. Much has changed but much much hasn't and and chuck will tell you -- if you was a blackmail. If you guys are sitting around you're saying. They need to stop there's. That's different from the impression again it if if somebody who is 18. Refers to a group of blacks is today and in in some cases they're talking about that specific group. But I you know I I just to get the impression that sometimes they're just referring to them in this conversation comes up quite often when it involves when it involves blocks. Well to a school board which you talked about community. -- -- -- -- At the white folks did go. Out windows -- for it in that area of the community. Now they are to keep the -- OK. But it must be -- It. You know going out. This -- Being discontinued it because. Opening. In. The black activists say this. While I don't condone the activity I understand the frustration. I understand. And -- Acting in this -- and be. It could you don't we court skating. Answers. You know why all question being act on the other side it is built port animal rapid change. While all these people being interviewed. And so -- why is is being being looked for it. You need insurance and I've heard witnesses on the news. I've heard his interview by the media. Part. Of the investigation. Is saying we need to we need to collect. Don't go viral. The bio -- been collected. In other things could go. Forward with. That case all but certain what you -- -- All reserve is not there anymore we call him their procedure. Four. But. You know -- has been taken. Questions that need to be. Era many. Questions. And an inflammation in the -- -- so until further notice. All mr. its -- history and all. The court of law. Right foot and two of them that community. Action. No. To. Shouldn't that type of activity because. -- because you're hurting -- or innocent. Bystanders. -- that it would do it right so I would probably say it. In your community. You actually did it make you know since there's no. It's no worse than coal. But can make work its global receptacle. Then. Assuming of all if you wanna say it definitely is not equal for. Think now again. If if this young man. Did try to wrestle with police to get the -- and again we don't know what. But if there was that struggle. That's a different story then witnesses are telling and we could -- -- -- -- for the truth. And we got out there I -- quote would this would think about. It the at all. On the ball was there and I am they're gonna -- in with a gun. Deal. Wouldn't go 10. Lead on all of it yet to present in fire. I think that's a good point again we don't know what we're heading into banana if it -- With regard. The -- and I understand and it it doesn't look good it doesn't appeared to be justified on the surface but. Let's wait for the investigation -- are -- -- -- Jaywalking. Is that in and get calls port well and I didn't there. I think it was CNN. CNN captured on tape. Somebody. So police officer in Ferguson's. Side during their during some of the looting -- rioting. On something to the effect. And let these Lincoln animals bring it -- or something to that effect -- police officers should not be a police officer. Enough that it's in -- All watching television -- a licking it in it has been called in person. Walking down the street. Any young black men who act like he's not noticing it when -- -- it maybe seeing it. He turns around and call this person scenario would be to -- called. -- BM glad to -- the show thanks for listening tonight if you wanna join us with your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Right Saturday and a text Amber's activities having will be right back on WWL. Toward Nova Scotia will talk about the latest we know abouts what's going on with added stabbing that took place and I guess according to a caller we just had a -- in the French Quarter just off -- and between suburban and don't feed on on to -- street. I will talk about what we know about that tomorrow night also tomorrow night or talk about the psychology behind ice bucket challenged. Now Ethel Kennedy. 86 years old. She could even lift the block it herself she a family member had a -- lift the bucket overhead. She did the ice bucket challenge and you know who she challenged. President Obama. I think he should do it but so far the president has said that he wouldn't be wouldn't -- -- cool thing for the president to do. Although. I wanna do it I don't know who did challenge yet. Now the whole deal is it's is -- to bring awareness to the disease -- which is the disease that is. I've taken over. The body of Steve Gleason. So we're very aware of it here. But. That's -- -- challenges you you. You doubt yourself YouTube videotape tennis rebuke to take it -- Capture on your phone and you post it. And you challenge somebody else to do and if they don't do within 24 hours they need to donate 25 dollars to -- and -- has said that they -- donations have gone up. Since this started recently. So naturally good. But it's you know kinda confused because if you. If you if you don't so all you have to do is is pay 25 dollars to not do it. So does that mean all these people who were doing it would only -- the challenge starts with somebody who who does it in the -- -- of two. You know it seems like it should be punishment for not while I guess it is in a way it's punishment for not. For not. -- giving money to -- us. So anyway Ellen ports -- -- the psychology of I -- to challenge and have you done it we'll talk about that owns -- A torn right -- Houston Jay welcome to WW well. On. Our borders and the amount of oh -- -- Here are -- country that can't grow. Number. -- and the people. -- I don't know there was a total. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know if that of this so called. It. Wouldn't -- -- I have. -- -- -- -- That's an interesting observation that at that size I wouldn't wouldn't somebody size would matter in this particular case. You know and I understand -- somebody's if somebody's trying to grab your gun there's just going to be that instant moment too between you acting. And that person getting the gun and shooting you. You know. Different director who you know bottom. You need to do it could do about it because there. Are -- there aren't accurate you. You know. That a black man I would that would create an four. I would whether. You know but. -- special all. New Orleans and what about Hillary. Apparently want to carry -- -- the entry. -- that purport to. You know. That you -- but -- You know. What do you one black would. Have a -- -- -- I've JR I -- I agree we have to we have to wait to see what happens and to and and just pray for the truth to come out as the officer was wrong needs to be punished. If Barbara young man is wrong for attacking an officer the -- to service a lesson to everybody else you don't attack the police officer. It like people are to a brutal. Act like every problem or are properly on the it will probably. You know. And -- -- A result of Kabul for the withdrawal. Of it roll off the that power. Beer. Warm. There are no doubt. That were quickly and there are a lot of her -- -- -- what they're there right. But also your commitment community. Yeah. If you're really. Betrayal of our -- there are active and where appropriate note. That Obama won or. Want to come or not or or rule America Obama scored. Like -- critical blow me. And at 10 o'clock caller called earlier and made a good observation about the need to businesses that are being hurt are the businesses that it -- -- black community. You know what -- -- about it from -- Then Margaret from. -- -- from an. Intimate. Partner. -- the different. -- -- But it's different. Greens but they're -- -- -- You know. And there. You ago. My arms are. -- -- root of an impact. That people. -- one to talk. Rockaway. Where and who would probably would. -- rot away. And brought the world or map you can army. Right. It's and and so there's little silly people who do that that's the comedy. That's sort of thing is as a way of distracting them from the true person they are and that's that's one of the reasons that people get involved in this substance abuse is they're trying to get away either trying to escape the person they -- they -- They don't like that person you don't wanna beat that person so they. Try to escape through drugs and alcohol. You know and O and board you'll have a problem where men and like. This abroad who it. Do. I would. You know like this there are people out. There and it would -- all of them. You know. About. This. The year are yeah you're you're gonna hurt when governor Mario opened a -- -- And that's one of the that's one of these it's one of the positive things that comes out of something -- horrible is it. You know their. Voters. A lesson to be learned about what you're saying about a talking if you if you if you have depression don't do what Robin Williams did. I've talked to somebody because there -- people you can doctor. -- -- -- -- I hear is attacks that breeds a guy is -- -- bars for so I want to know where to meet women. 128 to 38 this Texas tell a lonely got to go to -- street on -- Friday night there's always a lot of bachelorette parties works every time. Are people going down and meeting people a bachelor parties. See him down they're on I'm not looking to meet anybody but I seemed on their -- time I figured that those goals we're just focused on. What they were doing. Celebrating. The impending wedding -- from can't would Walter you're on the -- showing -- WL. Ali could be an attitude from area -- counselor here yeah. Story about -- -- I caught a pool reporter in late moral pop twelve years ago it was the blind river comes into lady Laura popped. -- is one of the most scary about 56 years ago at -- man Jack right where it goes into like more optimism over an area. And one of the kids who -- swim and as I land of five footer. Right there now but in little record horrible shock. Goes all the way up to saint Louis Missouri. Well one was caught in the Mississippi. River that's just shocking to me and apparently they can live in in fresh water and it. Months -- six months and French Quarter and ended in their note to. -- -- Lake Pontchartrain India areas that are somewhat fresh water but -- of this storm my brother caught half three and a half foot hammerhead that. All the jedi is required to train -- is back in the sixties horse that won the golf file that was poured a lot of salt water into. -- never know what's in the lake. Another story from there ought to. My cousin had the camp up there in years ago he watches tremendous fight with two alligators fight in India in the river. When the victory came up through the alligator and he hit a three and a half foot chalk it now. All the way up pair brought to bear -- and -- lap based. That's amazed alligator and a (%expletive) that you never know where these babies -- they could be anywhere even to the gears and Japan Korea Vietnam and now. While I appreciate that information although it might be scary to some people who were skiing and wake boarding and doing all those kind of things and in his swimming in the water but I appreciate you calling tonight from camp would. If you wanna join us tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688907. You know tech's number is 87870. The virus that is erupted in Ferguson Missouri something we've been talking about it tonight and this was following a police officer shooting and killing an eighteen year old black teenager. It's. It proves that many people living a racial -- Michael Brown eighteen years old was walking with friends Saturday afternoon -- Ferguson a suburb of Saint Louis went police make contact with. Parents only begun to street whatever. There are two completely different accounts of what happened the police say that Michael Brown. May fiscal contacts with a six year veteran for the police department who has not yet been identified which been identified to the investigators but -- to the public. And -- the the young man attempted to grab the officer's -- And you disorders have a conversation with somebody who was a police officer was trained as a police officer said look you know you're a big guy. And you come and after my gun. That's a threat to my life I'm particularly. But -- Francis who was with him at the time said that the police were the aggressors. Another witness says that Michael Brown had his hands in the air as if he was surrendering when police shot. We don't know what happened the FBI is -- has joined the investigation. And hopefully we will find out what really did happen. But in the meantime tensions are high. Ferguson police are are withholding the name of the officer in the race of the officer although it is believed that he's white because of death threats. Any in the mayor's received -- forgot -- why would you threaten the mayor of of the city. Because something happened involving the police say it again so much of the blame is totally misplaced. Those who initially defend the police officer and those who insist that Michael Brown was an innocent victim of police violence. Against and young black males. -- I hope that they're motivated by the truth but they're probably motivated by their perception. Of what they think of either the police or young black male. And this is when we need to challenge ourselves to to not stereotyped. The death rate among young black males at the hands of police officers. Is. Is there is a problem. As of this has led to an understandable assumption. That many police officers are prejudice. However there should be no justification. For young black males or anyone for that matter. Allowing contempt or disrespect for law enforcement to encourage them. You have an attitude and physically challenged a police officer. When I find most discouraging about this racial conflict in Missouri. He is dated it reflects the volatile racial tension that still exists in America. There's too little tolerance for the truth. And tragedies are are used as campaign messages. To promote. The racial unrest that feeds the appetite of leaders and the media. So we should all stop would recognize how often we make assumptions. Based on -- perceived images and stereotypes. For one group. Young black males are responsible for a disproportionate percentage of crime and murder. Therefore police have no choice except to profile and assume that every young black male as a criminal. For the other group the police a prejudice and assume all young black males are criminals. In the case of the shooting death of of Michael Brown we don't yet though. And yet both sides are already defending their side as if they know what really did happen. Even Michael Brown's parents are denouncing the violence saying that the reaction is is not what they want in the should not be the reaction to. The killing of their son. A young black Leo killed by police officer. Most speculate the officer's white. We don't know for sure. That will be out of that will be a factor in this in the minds of many people. We should all just hope and pray for the truth and hope that there is an objective. Investigation. That does yield the truth. If a police officer is over anxious in dealing with the young black -- on the streets of America. That he must be identified and punished for for taking a life. However a young black male. Who is allowed to have contempt for police to the point of becoming physical. That needs to be faced as well. And that could be part of this equation. What I'm about to suggest. Is not fair. But life isn't fair. The unfortunate reality is. That young black males in America. Are stereotyped by many people including many police officers. That's not -- And while it's not fair and any level at all if it is reality. And young black males. Need to understand that when they go on the streets. My son fit a certain stereotype. When he was young. And he was profiled by police officers. Pulled over. Assuming that he was a bad -- Didn't drink do drugs. Was a good teenage. And yet he was -- I told him you may attract attention. And I'm not saying that this is exactly like being black because he chose to to look the way he looked. But I told him you may be profiled. And your only option is to be totally respectful of the police. If they do wrong that can be taking care of hopefully later. But this idea of retaliating against police is just it is just a mistake. And we only to realize that in certain situations we may be profiled if we're aware that were being profiled. Then. We need to. We need to do all weekend to. Defuse. The stereotyped. As opposed to being so proud that we stand up and defied those who wanna stereotype us. At the moment that doesn't do any -- it. Stereotyping is not fair. But if it is reality. Then it's important to understand. That reality. This could blog tonight is titled the death of Michael brown and violence on the streets it's on our website at WW real dot com you can read -- with -- others. And if you -- join us with your comment tonight -- numbers 260. 1870. Troll free 8668890. At seventy and a text number is 877. I'm scoots we will be right back on WWL. It happened after the the trial of the four police officers in Los Angeles it happened after the there in the trial of George Zimmerman in Florida and it's happened now and Ferguson Missouri there's a lot of racial tension that still exist. We need to know what happened here's a Texas says where's the video and audio from the officer's dash cam every unit has one or is supposed to have one. I don't buy the idea that something was turned off for something was missing if it's for convenience to protect police. -- we need honest truth. If the police officer was overzealous stereotype to -- blackmail and shot him when he didn't need to it was a marked the end. He's to be identified. And and punished accordingly. If the young black male. Was aggressive toward the police officer -- that needs to be addressed a -- reserve Randy here and every WL. It goes to -- question you same scenario. It was a black police so we'll see if -- -- So no -- -- And and we don't know for sure but the the did. The word is that it is a white police officer right at the. If it if there was a a black proceed police officer which you know we have. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that's not fair. To him. I Randy and -- to call but then again there's this. There's this perception of young black males in this country and so many people support the perception. At their criminals. -- somebody who aren't. And it's not fear for police to profile and if a police officer and this was caught on on CNN. If a police officer did say something to the effect -- I have it written down here and some consumer could find. Police officer was caught on CNN. Here it is. Video captured by CNN of a police officer. Saying is something to the protesters. Quote. Bring it all you blinking animals bring it. Okay. Animals could refer to whites as well. But. That's not behavior that should be acceptable offer Memphis Chris you're on WWL. Hey people actually got to get an answer questions. What are you at the cam video. And it's -- yet. Event that -- respective. Even the apparently the Austrian media. You know it you -- several dates like her. -- gave it a lot of things and I'm really starting to order. And then thing. -- -- not I'm not -- thanks but it's just -- warriors because. The op certain at the -- injury. And we did everything is just the nation picture the -- but remember the -- In the future. It's giving here with them and that that. And that the public can -- and where this now from the end now on ought to at least -- Because we have -- story from one individual. But at least start here there and that we at least departments. -- written. Three the young. Started -- there are. You know all this confusion. It is just going to genetic things and make it in and sent the question -- is it actually am video. Chris it's a really good point got to get to brave man thanks hosting tonight's in Memphis and thank you think it's time to call the show. -- the police covering up for one of their own. We know that that's happened but think of all the police officers in New Orleans recently that have been arrested so that's not always the case. But where's the where's the video were the only were where's the -- again. And if it wasn't on that when you know why it wasn't -- point. So there's still a lot of questions that need to be answered and police officers. Did not the protected if they commit murder. But if this guy was aggressive to the police officer then -- shooting. Would be considered justified in the minds of -- I'm -- will be right back on WWL I got a text here for someone who says that they found doubts from the news today it's -- Ferguson Missouri they have ordered the dash cams but they don't have them yet it has been. A budget issue up to this point. Here is attacks that breeds -- effort as a police you don't have the -- cancers and other text and who's to say that the incident happened in front of the police car or the desk. It says something else it's important to remember everything can't happen in front of a camera. You know there's so many videos now. So many cameras everywhere we -- we expect everything to be videotape but it all campy. Omar here on WL. Are you are now -- quests you hit that -- black I'll kill them quite well you know why -- -- suspect light -- with two minutes and we're. Due to. It it -- -- they don't -- Audience here. I -- though I made it 2001 update this city. I audit -- that they'll let all -- -- -- but are widely. It's Omar is and it's so sad that race is still an issue debt. -- at least to starts such stereotypes. White police officer dealing with the black youth young black youth on the street that their stereotypes on both sides. -- -- -- -- -- Like book that in -- -- little. -- -- that's. -- -- I'll let you edit note kilo why you seem to fit the. -- that's that there is there is still. I mean a white officer has a right to protect himself if a young black male does attacked the officer and we don't know what happened in this case. -- -- I appreciate you listening Omar I I didn't mean it to turn into. Into an argument but you can't justify it just because. We can't justify somebody attacking a police officer mean that's. That's wrong. If the police officers wrong the police are just wrong if the young man is wrong. The young man is wrong. My email address is -- -- WWL dot com you can join me on FaceBook -- On the year. And you could join me on Twitter at scoots. WL. Here's a -- update on tonight's seven of you -- pretty -- opinion poll disk committing suicide diminish a person's -- and this is -- inspired by either. Conversation has taken place following the suicide of Robin Williams 62%. Say no committing suicide does not diminish a person's worth. And 38% saying. Yes it does one thank all of you for listening tonight's we'll be back tomorrow night among other things on the show tomorrow I will talk about the latest with a standing in the French Quarter man fatally stabbed. And also we'll talk about the psychology behind ice bucket to challenge one thing John -- studio producer Jack Harris who love you New Orleans.