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8-14 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Aug 14, 2014|

Dave talks about how much cash you have, changing your oil, and changing your pillow

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Ten minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news it's August the fourteenth it's 2014. Never got to 1414. And it's the day before Friday -- welcome doubts I day eat up all let's celebrate the day's sound nice that we like to know celebrated its -- out. Friday may as well start the celebration on the day before Friday Friday eve just like -- with New Year's Day. I am I'm not suggesting -- stamp till midnight tonight usher in Friday is that it's the you know most shall now. Thing Christmas or something New Year's. -- things like fireworks at midnight tonight as it's Friday but this thing you know appreciate that today's the day before Friday and maybe be happy special day in. Becoming a new tradition here early edition of WW offers does that tell you what national -- Arlington national day calendars dot com my favorite part of the show real. Oh I'm a national Vijay day. Victory at Japan and it okay and that's actually a celebration that spans over two days because of the timing in all of that but it. So that he go and then this maybe more fun. For her national cream -- -- -- you know that's really my favorite flavors noble are rarely creams called Gregory in -- all the boundary you know what they call. That -- the milked the milky green goodness we hear a man. And man like -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Lecturing them -- to use a lot of those Puerto pops like an article get them now and I'm sure there -- out there and they have little cartoon -- and the ones I remember right I used to get to one there was like a rainbow -- on tight you know so every time you push it up is that if you go -- yes exactly one player. Interesting down -- report. That. 40% of American families. If you -- right now. You've got a 400 dollar. Expense you -- net and -- whatever it something radiator on the car. How something and issues on proof that -- something god -- -- -- to -- -- JL we you know whatever it is 400 bucks yet to come up with 400 block right now. Did you go and just take that any savings to keep -- about a year. Piggy bank the lack of a better word. Or which you have to as he said 40% of families in the -- attempting to sell something. Or borrow it like a payday loan although a boy for. Hundred now box. Here's -- audience. If they had -- right now could you tell 400 dollars. You know for whatever it is and it's a wildlife in the old old day news and murder you could code -- go to your bank. Hey John good to see you -- a signature oh yeah John you better ask them about that pop art it's. There's no way -- go to your target house in a target Jakarta can borrow against the CD targets yeah targets something something. -- hosting days of the signature alone I believe -- gone so Jesus explaining why we have an explosion of pawnshops. And payday loan places. That's too obvious places. That people would have to go -- to maybe couldn't come up 400 books out now that it don't have that NC. Got a don't have it in check in now don't have it in an envelope. Under the mattress don't have it anyway. And it it's probably situation group you. Desperately need -- cars are gonna run whatever it could yank it toward the kids -- did that whatever in. Whatever it. Budgets so -- every. Little bit it is gone in if you had an emergency years -- Stocks on the treatment on. Stress well. Running -- line well here's a way here may be could save for. I don't know I -- you and I. Briefly discuss this session we'll talk about it more come up. I have that sticker on my windshield in my car staring me in the face I'm supposed to change my oil. Like 800 miles you know all -- Man. Because the placement and while put the sticker says that told me three months or 3000 miles later I'd come back to change my oil -- most people I think three to five maybe Guam look in on line yesterday. And I find out from Edmunds dot com. Halfway. Regular manual about how often if you change your oil mandate that the very interesting thing. Edmunds says most owners manuals will tell you. That a car can -- 75101000. Miles and some cars 151000. Miles an -- to an oil and and -- -- Karl. After -- 03000 miles. I'll talk about them more coming up and read up on here AM about them back on your forecast sports. It's a -- on the day. That's after the Alan -- I think you feel that a little bit 66 and Hammond. 67 and vote Duluth to 72 and slide out the humidity down. Around 80% in the city. Then not so much mostly cloudy eighty degrees to start the -- at the airport in Canada but humidity is down to 62% so little drier. The drier air is here although it's more noticeable north of the lake in south silicon at just 10% rain chance this afternoon highs around ninety T. Then tonight lows dropping into the upper sixties north of the lake and mid seventies on the south sort then Friday at 10% chance for rain with highs around 93. And Saturday the humidity returns a little bit look for 20% chance forces storms and heights of 92. From the pinpoint forecast sent her I mean to relatives Clark knocked out. At five point text messages coming in an 87871. Person says I work eighteen hours a day seven days a week no way I could come up with 400 dollars for anything. At this point. Another person says thanks to saving for rainy days I have it right now. To come up with 400 box if you had to right now. 40% of American family according to this report could not come up with 400 dollars without selling something. Or taking out a loan if they had an emergency that record 400 dollars they call it. Crisis. Us. Sports time now on WWL Steve Geller is coming home today we'll have him back to -- Apple's preview the saints. Pre season dome opener but mark Menard and to tell -- states are also coming on either John at the Greenbrier and Martin mark. Good morning Dave Dunn at the Greenbrier Hussein's final day of work in west for what's not to like about this schedule -- that's that'll get a little premature there a fifth final day of work in West Virginia. We're heading back home to the Crescent City. It's also solid effort from the team on both sides of the ball particularly at a very spirited goal line drill -- Sosa has coach Sean Payton. Good guy like intensity I thought it was thought it was very good but you know -- you get a chance when you look at the tape to see the specifics. But I like that it was competitive and overall I was pleased with the tempo and whether guys and. The team traveled home today ahead of tomorrow night pre season contest against the Tennessee Titans in the superdome. But -- 142015. Euros -- schedule is out. The action at the smoothie king center gets under way Tuesday October 28. When the pelican square off with the Orlando Magic to open the season. Their roughest road stretch comes early when they play ten out of thirteen games away from the Big Easy from November 17 to December 10. Also played five straight on the road during the mid January East Coast swing but much like last year the back half of the schedule is loaded with -- home games. Including visits with the visit from the clippers thunder rockets and spurs have to be -- pelicans insider Steve Geller says the birds could get tripped up late in the season if they're not careful. What's not to like about this schedule is the Tony back to back games they have to play there seems to be a really tough stretch during March and April. Apple makes it even worse is that thirteen of the back to backs have a road game as the second game which will not be easy games to win. You can see the entire schedule over at our website WWL dot com. And Tiger Woods has pulled his name out of consideration for the Ryder Cup. What does his doctors have advised him to refrain from practicing and playing until his back muscles have been in rehab and he'll. He's looking at possibly return to competitive golf in December. I'm mark Menard and that's your early look at sports -- poetry they've -- mark what are with you on this day before. I day and yet today is that there -- the saints return home so they can get ready for tomorrow's pre season -- -- in the superdome the first one. Of this exhibition season for the saints and Drew Brees threw an individual drills but not in team drills yesterday. What are the -- -- SE him in uniform on the field. Tomorrow night in the com zero. And that's not even not even a little tiny chance on me out and not not get that -- lap maybe 5% but. I don't think we're gonna see him he hasn't got much work in the past couple weeks. And I mean drew is drew they don't really need to see anything out of him in the pre season is now he's fighting for jobs. I I think that they hold him out one more week will Wilson will get a real good look at him in the third pre season game when they typically do all there. They're major evaluating them of the starters and and then they'll probably arrest him in the fourth woman hadn't ready for Atlanta in the season opener Sunday afternoon when the first. Training camp practices open up to the public in Metairie expect we'll see him participating band to get ready for the third -- All it yeah if I need CNET if not Sunday then I'd say probably Monday in the first couple of days and might still take it easy but he's in full pads that's a good sign. He should be back at it at at full speed here real soon and he did a slip and. Like deal yesterday for the -- challenge if he can slip and slide I think that abdomen is doing just fine mark -- a talking point by meant to more sports here on WWL. AM FM and dot com by the way. Cowboy fans can rejoice Tony Romo is playing the sanity in his first -- games -- Then. Rejoice and 524 hard to take your forecasts a little less -- put out their folks are you feel -- it. And -- text messages coming up in -- to change your oil. I'm overdue and that stickers staring me in the face making me feel guilty but that I found out you know what in -- close -- -- India -- -- point. 547 time for your forecast. For your Thursday a mix of sun and clouds and still warm 92 this afternoon even though it should feel a little bit less humid out there. With that drier air in place and tonight mostly clear 68 on the North Shore and 76 south of the lake. Right back up to 93 tomorrow -- look for just a 10% rain chance and Saturday it's -- -- at 20% with heights of 92. For the pinpoint forecast sent her I mean you wrote is -- -- tell. Eighty degrees at the airport in Canada the humidity is down to 62%. With the northeast and at nine miles -- party feeling better on -- -- -- Norstrom Boettcher Phelan at clear skies 66 in almost 67 in Bogle Lucent. 72 degrees in Slidell relative humidity. And 81% nine days at the early edition of WWL first news one person texting in 87870. Says no problem -- -- -- box. A person -- -- play it for my retirement and emergencies announces alike could not come up with 400 dollars. -- for trickle down economics well maybe if you don't change oil so much he could save some money. And maybe you don't have to delve deeper and of that coming up next here on WWL I am -- them back now on this day before. I'd. -- come up -- surprising research about oil changes and this. The article -- titled the gross truth about how often you should replace you or not oil but you're still. I'm 37 minutes after 5 AM call the early edition WWL first news. All will call August we'll call -- the fourteenth -- college when he fourteen and we'll call -- A day before Friday I like to college Friday. I just the only difference is -- Little bit little bit and maybe in my head 62% relative humidity supporting tanner northeast wind at nine miles an hour right by -- 72. It's -- go -- -- -- him under local blues in the sixty's I just talked to of one of our coworkers. Who came in from Covington. And she says the air was wonderful. Putter this game. -- I would be talking about it all our. But haven't had time to delve into -- I have been feeling guilty. I've been feeling like I am doing bad things have been feeling like I am putting my -- Carr's future in jeopardy but now I don't feel so that. Get that little stick. -- that they put in my car in -- little peel away with a stick that the static -- -- plastic inside right they usually put it right there in the left corner of reluctant Portland dad tells me that I was muschamp might oil. Eight hours miles yeah I feel terribly guilty. If I have gone 5000 without that your -- was 3000 clause that in items they value most in 3000. And and even as it on your mind as wandering headed down now want to really go reform them like and users can blow up I'm going to be in -- world hurt. According to Edmonds and -- Our chemical and engine -- Our chemistry and engine technology have evolved tremendously in recent years you'd never know it from the quick change behavior American car owners. Driven by an outdated 3000 mile oil change commandment there. Unnecessarily. Spending millions of dollars and spilling an ocean of contaminated waste oil the majority of auto makers today call for oil changes that either 7500. Or 101000. Miles says Edmonds. And the interval can go as high as 151000. Miles in them. Now as a synthetic or just any -- or any kind of your commuting the cease and attic I might of you know maybe. But now some text mediate 78 it is nice catch Dave just cracked open my owner's manual on -- curious as every 7500 miles. Is in the details out so I challenge you. To check your owner's manual don't listen to me don't listen to -- but. In May be -- into the people's ability car unless you believe there's some conspiracy and -- trying to make you break your cars if you -- by another. Yeah I don't know but. You know who. Are pretty religious about 3000 -- -- absolutely. And and I feel like you're you're you're treating your car to. Fresh wonderful if you get it I really do when I have that oil change -- I've watched a guy kind of peak and under the hood and actually that -- oil Gordon and it's like hollow man. That engine is just love and you know all right just fit and I feel great my pull away animal always convinced. Engines. You know if it's great as good. And now you're telling me I can hang around for another 34000. And -- this thing and it's and it's an. As -- authors of the 500 miles. Thought it might have been a new study assumption that you tell us about but the ex president my Range Rover every 151000. Miles. I just -- Fifteenth I just can't believe that. All the dirt in the air and all that you know and -- can get in there competitor in the Euro. -- -- it goes right through the air cleaner lines of worry and arrows through -- the ruins Iran and then and yet there's. I don't now irons that I've got a really digest this this information I was surprised. I'll tell you that right now because I've got 3003 months in three month 3000 that would have always known when I always try to do. But maybe I am I wasting my time and money in -- -- and so what are you what are you gonna do are you telling tight now Hungary the owner's manual again without a and see what it's that some -- this that is open their -- man over there 06 GMC and it says. Every 101000 -- 101000 on the -- so is it conspiracy by the auto makers to get the break our cars to buy new ones is a conspiracy by the oil change places to get -- to change -- -- often that we have to do is the truth somewhere in the middle. I don't. Well now. I don't wanna. But I do know that. Tucked in about twenty minutes are -- on WWL. In a head on over to the pinpoint forecast cents. Oh god let's go live in direct to -- meteorologist more up on attack. Happy Thurston every day before Friday eighty years in and how we are getting. Messages from people. On the North Shore. Out in the neverland yeah -- -- metro area that it feels pretty good out there those that you know temperatures are down -- is down a bit of breeze. That takes a lot for estimated that -- city -- we're just so warm but yet -- get into the outskirts in North Shore him Mississippi Gulf Coast that does little better this morning. Yeah outskirts of a better way to put the hinterlands that was a bad choice of I don't even know these -- I don't know what hinterlands I -- I know it that is you know -- -- that was -- -- -- at. But I know that this lower humidity means that some people are rejoicing and yet. You with the sixties for the North -- mid sixties at 66 right. Now and and -- Did you go all right well if I were up there -- like it at Lovett and I want some more of it but I felt a little better now. Yeah if you know it's it's it's kind of a little noticeable in the drier air is here's the problem with the south sort that were still a bit warm. Temperatures right now New Orleans around eighty so even with a slightly drier air in place that doesn't feel that much different like it does north of the -- out. Get -- to be a huge difference maybe later today it's we get that heat that sunshine yet you may notice hot. But it it doesn't feel quite as bad as normal. There ego and that but all we can. And this afternoon those still hot but -- -- human -- feel right exactly like dissent still hot but not feeling quite as to how -- -- -- get today yet 92 today going 93 tomorrow and in 92 for Saturday and Sunday the humidity does return for the weekend. As a scattered downpours mix in that week and Google. It's they go folks there and as in not jump from a meteorologist Bora but now the good news as. Now that worried about in the tropics right. That at a single wait we're tracking well yesterday I was doing some research about how often -- need to change my oil. In your car in my -- yeah I don't have it well I mean he can join your lot nicer items and yet -- -- like deep with prior. How OK yeah I can drive got file ignited in the car yet side guy just attack make that clear yes and I. When I was drooling I came across something completely different that. I don't know which it shocked me make me laugh or watch. The headline here that headline in the Huffington Post healthy living section was. The gross truth about how often you should replace your. -- Keep that from checking when he needed to change your car I don't know McDougal -- I said how often should I change my oil and how often -- changed my pillow somehow came up in the Google's I don't know -- click on well yeah. I'm better read you what it's sent and this is from August 4 so it's just like a week ago. Nearly 70% of people say comfortable pillow is very important to a good night's late but many of us to make a crucial mistake when it comes to our favorite pillows. We're keeping them way too long. In fact -- should probably be replaced every six months. Says Robert oxman DC director of the sleep to live institute and definitely within two years and according to WebMD a day. You might ask why why would I change my pillow that there's knock -- stuff and yet it's not that your pillows breaking down it's not that whatever the filler material is isn't working and I -- But days saying. A host of critters and debris can be found in the very pillow where you -- your face night after night. Here's my my question I routinely wash my pillow in hot water and Clorox. And that is that and I. Does not help gain does that match that's a good question that try it on high high and dry it's completely dry. Well apparently does human rights which belong to the spider family and to live in the crevices of your pillow and the dirt oil and dead -- that ball -- your -- won easily right right but I don't know that's a good question if you wash in hot water with bleach. And -- filled mostly everything. Does have a nice to let it soak in the -- -- -- like a couple beliefs in the Washington how often do you do I mean it's it's never couple weeks. I don't know I haven't really comfortable out there I don't want to go get up there -- knowing what you find that perfect you know. Yeah how well a worse yet when it's too flattered to fluffy. With compete with the -- -- -- -- didn't sleep well right yet I have two pillows and after both be just right connected. Move them just the right way six months that seems excessively. -- I promise you -- not changed or washed my pillows and bleach in the last six months and I don't think it's making me sick. At least -- can -- whole actress thing it's eight years -- five -- -- -- elegant like yours -- shed been you know. Stuff like two years into year one yet -- it is and report yet a year matches doubles and weighed over seven years. But -- -- all the dead skin and blogs and different eight years and six months of the year -- through a lot of realize that the case just on you at the article says I don't know the temperatures should be trucks and checked him completes name I'm on and that got -- covered for at least a little while I don't posted may -- you've got maybe you found a way to lift the -- found a loophole -- -- to move the ball -- -- -- -- while. Thank you are -- about now live and -- from the eyewitnesses. Pinpoint forecast sent the different kind of pillow talk. 547. Sports in your text messages about oil changes coming up next on person texting a 7870 about this will change controversy. Says you should go by the engine oil life reminder on your odometer it's measured in percentage. I don't think Mike will light has ever come on in my dashboard. Maybe I have to wait seven to 5101000. Miles for it to do that that would make me crazy nervous. -- for the light to come up. Sports time now on WWL. And for that -- an artist and because Steve Geller -- comment home today traveling back from. West Virginia at the battery as are the same with more on that and sports getting ready for the do home opener of the pre season was taken -- mark and good morning gave -- -- -- -- waiting for light a moment when the sport flight is not so we're -- is not a changer sports but let's go. Would Drew Brees -- in the past two weeks on the sidelines the saints coaching staff has gotten extend it looks at backups Luke McCown and Ryan Griffin but he too with the extra -- coach Sean Payton says the decision is not exactly cut and dry. Know when you're valuing the quarterback in the pre season games you know you wanna make juries get protection sometimes in the second half there might be a breakdown in protection. And that really blurs the evaluation of players so moves around them no different than an hour starting lineup -- important. No word yet who will start tomorrow night the team to head home today and will be in the superdome tomorrow for pre season game number two against the Tennessee Titans. The doors -- schedule for the 2014 when he fifteen season has been released. The team will open up play at home on Tuesday October 28 post in the Orlando Magic LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers make their only trip to New Orleans on Friday December 12. League MVP Kevin Durant and Oklahoma City Thunder come to town twice. On December 2 and February 4. The world champion San Antonio Spurs make their first visit to the Big Easy on Friday December 26 the day after Christmas in return for the final game of the season on Wednesday April 15. There -- -- -- pelicans insider Steve Geller says one key player returning from injury could be the key to a successful year. We'll see how Ryan Anderson comes back from his back injury his presence on the floor is vital to the -- success with the threat of the three ball would definitely opens things down low for Anthony Davis. You could see the full -- can schedule over to our website WWL dot com. And Tiger Woods has announced he will not be available to compete for the US in the Ryder Cup. His doctors have told him he needs to rest of that -- that have given him trouble all season long -- would -- to be out of commission until December. I'm mark minority and that's your early look at sports. 553 days -- -- -- -- we your radio and would you call the Greenbrier spearmint for the saints' success to this point I don't think we'll know until after the season and we see if they win the super ball. But -- do you think it's helped. Psychologically and physically get -- up to a cool dry mountainous place instead of hot. Sweaty -- I think so you know that the heat here can be so oppressive and the beginning of training camp the first couple weeks or when you install all of your game plans for the season that you're going to be using. Over and over and over again and to get a good install I think is very important -- the guys to really soak it up. And not be worried so much about trying to make it to the end of practice because it's so hot so. I think it's gonna be good that they come home and they get some training camp time in the heat but I think. -- that initial couple weeks of training camp to have them in West Virginia where it's nice and cool. I think that was a good idea and I think that's gonna pay some dividends I hope so because the bottom line they're hoping it means fewer injuries down the road in the season is now wearing your guys out in pre season. And like you said that there psychologically in a better place heading into the season that having that fear going to practice every day in. Sweating twenty pounds away so we shall see thank you mark we'll see what you have in sports again and fifteen minutes here on WW Allison and the like goes. More text messages about oil changes and I've done some more research about washing your pillow doesn't help and what's the real risk of keep in the same pillow mourn six months that forecast next. Forecasts. For this thirsting kicking things off with some sunshine and lower humidity especially north of the lake heights later today they're still making it up to 92. -- -- take 10% chance first straight storm tight close so pretty nice upper sixties north of the lake mid seventies on the south sort. Looking -- that tomorrow at 93 with a 10% rain chance. Haven't humidity returns over the weekend Saturday's rain chance that 20% with height of ninety Q. From the pinpoint forecast -- I mean you -- just locked out. Thank you all those folks are making me jealous or -- us from cooler drier places right now it's here according candor it's eighty degrees the humidity is down to 62% to a little lower this morning -- out cloudy 72. Relative humidity 81% I'm Dave -- All right according to this healthy living article from a half posed. The good news about your pillow as the dust -- don't carry. Any risks of other diseases they only affect people who are allergic to them or have asthma which is about 20% of the population at that. And they say you can extend the life of your pillow and get rid of the dust -- by cleaning it. Using a pillow cover in addition to a pillowcase. And even just throwing it in the dryer for thirty minutes unload most of the -- Stimulus at the new hundred. 559 died. Folks I don't know -- -- about how often it change your oil all I know -- I'm well past my 3000 mark with a sticker on the Winfield says the white has. Hasn't come on an owner's manual says I have a lot again -- One person detects an 878 cents -- don't let the sticker on your windshield because sometimes the light will malfunction. But on the owner's manual says something different. So I don't know bootable it's just amazing to me that. The sticker from the folks -- change while tells me 3000. -- manual says 75101000. Depending on the vehicle and I don't know where the light comes on. CD's of the and the -- -- the deal -- happy day before Friday.