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8-14 6:10am Tommy, situation in Ferguson, MO & history of racial unrest in New Orleans

Aug 14, 2014|

Tommy talks to Nghana Lewis, an Associate Prof. of English & African Diaspora Studies, about the history of racial unrest in New Orleans

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I thank you David I know you didn't wanna do this on the air because you -- free plugs but. David and I have started an improper group called eons maniacs and we don't know where they. Where the topics come from we just as the audience shouts something out now. And and we don't just do our name products those Sheldon Jordan shout them down when he when he won us where we. -- In a car when a collar and a car so. Oh boy David I sure do like driving this car you have what you're going a little faster meets comedy it's I'm getting very nervous in 88 in Nagano you do an 85 yep but I sure do like driving his car -- out. -- is slow down but to occur a gadget like driving this car. -- Well over I'm getting out I but I Richard you like driving this car you do how to do it improper about it. And I think he would have been a little more leniency any -- do we have a future that -- and so. Did the it let -- go our country by one of power ball infiltrating improper. You got a it is loaded up whether it's you know accurate drive and his -- does somebody get the -- get this guy got to stay on a up until it's done right take note securities and dubious about and as it -- that -- be screaming. Down -- -- RT today David of the reaction of the protest riding looting after Belushi shooting music is well. Known not good at all Drago yup -- everything from a tear gas smoke bombs and it's like -- and OK is everything. Really tear gas and smoke. While. Things 001 when she. Asked and it. Anyway it was and we don't have anybody killed thank goodness and but Eric you know the cops. You heard glass breaking -- reports of may be some homemade. I was up tucked in year out while and than they used Cutler's with the gas in the and the smoke and -- moved him out. Ordered an update from KMO excellent as you know the legendary steaks are out this country -- and I -- a circular Jack Buck worked for them. -- next June St. Louis Cardinals game for a long time in the baseball cardinals and he of courses Joseph -- 01 Steele books from toxins. Anywhere anywhere we talk about Saint Louis and kind of violent reaction like that happened here. And do you think police protect you or you need protection from them. An interesting story that broke yesterday Ronald surpassed. Throwing himself on his bed so to speak sand. A case so we released the report that says the officers scuffled global -- that was arrested. We left out the part that the officer shot him in the head -- that out and apologize for that we should have made that public and it happened two days ago. But he -- the police protector do you need protection from them and kind of violent reaction like it happened here to talk to historian. And might be wrong but I think and I remember -- bloody -- saying that it in one of his op Ed pieces at the reason things were quiet and peaceful here. Is because of sports and because of the saints that are but it was Poland for the same thing at the saints and 67 which was. Right around the time a lot of racial unrest in the country -- talk about Robin Williams suicide and depression Louisiana be in the second most expensive state. On gardeners and nowhere -- known talent rather what else is gonna come out. All cars -- -- as we ride the lightning here. I'll tell you this. I don't know so much about insurance. And why -- It's so expensive -- so expensive don't vehicle in this statement. I you know this I sure do love driving this car half will be back -- that you. -- -- -- going to be able to join us because they are out in the field covering everything -- Happened and I'll tell -- from the news reports what happened to Belize for using tear gas and smoke bombs try to break up the crowds he threw Molotov cocktails. An assault continues after the shooting an unarmed eighteen year old Michael Brown they have not yet released the name of the officer. And witnesses. Come to say that they're that. Young man eighteen years on Michael Brown put his hands up. And when a police officer shot -- You know I don't know. What exactly was going on here if the crowd was -- testing and assembling and a police were afraid afraid rather that looting was gonna break note. Or if there was some more -- I don't see any reports of that. And I just wonder how -- Albany and how how he would. I mean do the people are protesting just get tired of it and quit. And day in -- and for that that that that's a good thing in terms of her good word to use I guess is that just fade. Do the police change -- and as all hell break loose again when. The officer is identified and -- turns out if it is -- reports say to BY eight. I want to -- we we have the phone lines GMT yesterday. About. That the reaction is in -- in Saint Louis. And could something like that happen here. And is there ever any excuse for looting when it comes to protesting. Something might do the shooting of somebody. And and ultimately I think comes down to trusting the police and that's where we're asking you this morning do. You think police protect she who are you need protection from them apparently there is segment of the community. That does not trust the police. And on and -- that breaks down in a white police officers and black police officers. But I don't I don't think something like that could happen here I really don't I think the mindset is different. I hope the mindset is different and then I was doing some stuff yesterday around the house and saw the text message that came in about. Police officers shooting somebody in the head and I thought you know we go this could be trouble -- -- -- -- happened two days ago. And that person was scuffling with a female officer I don't know female officer was white or black. And it didn't kill anybody I think the bullet -- to him in the head. So. Have you had problems with police officers either white or black where you felt threatened. Intimidated at setter do you think they're there to protect and to serve do you think they do. Or do they intimidate and -- on -- it was a story about a lady that. One at two different occasions. Wound up but the police just dropping her off. And not given a ride to where she had to go -- -- whether it's satirist so phone lines are open at 260187203866. 889087. In a text comes -- hopefully -- in -- the Budweiser plant up there on Thursday. Well thanks for taking a topic seriously. Allen says that you majority of those protesters aren't some kind of government assistance. One says they'll stop on the fifteenth when their checks come in. And and resistant Tommy what do we the public get pulled lower by one of these cowardly police officers we are in fear for -- life. We should be able to shoot at them as well I think the majority of police offices in this country are cowards who hide behind their guns and badge. And I totally disagree with that I think I think. As I said being a police officer. Is an endless glamour -- thankless job and not a lot of people can do their bad ones absolutely but if you go to. Computer programs -- abandonment of programmers they're bad ones if you go to doctors. There are bad ones and not to impugn any any doctor's reputation. But the old joke is what he -- somebody that finishes at the top of his class in medical school answers it doctor what he calls Monday finish is -- the bottom doctor. Not everybody is of equal ability keep on West Bank higher end. WL he would thank you what one thing I haven't seen is what -- reason. Police all the need to stop to begin. I don't know that one has been giving yet I know there's. Some dispute as to whether he was trying. That the office tried to drag him into the car whether. Brown tried to. Surrender peacefully in any officer shot him I don't know that all of the details are out yet except for. The fact that. He was unarmed. Whitbread said this -- that but I don't know that they released that yet exactly it was a reason for the regionals one -- -- Well because I think would read it straight because it seem like -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Think like he would've made a comment saying you know on top and individually as well that isn't stopping well shouldn't that shouldn't police had -- audio. Recording. Well they may well but -- never even really name in the office yet so I think yeah it's an interesting point that you make because. Maybe the reason is maybe it's in Sydney -- may be we get people more upset there wait until things calm down and then. They'll release it hoping that it won't start up again. -- right well thank you Tom you bet I'm glad you called six when he three more calls we come back. At 260187. Neitzel 3866. 88908. Set any attacks comes in on and upper middle class white male and I don't trust the bullies I can't imagine the mistrust the black community must have for the wild timely to traffic that would go to -- Roberts. Tommy Tucker -- you ought to get a text that comes in morning Tommy LP have a good day at work I surely want to oh ball he'll have good days at work. Including us. Everything works -- today. I'm talking about the riots protests in Saint Louis and the phone lines -- handled yesterday -- Lot of people couldn't get in 6 o'clock crowd may not have even heard it's and that's what we're doing it again. Trouble again in Saint Louis last night. Molotov cocktails -- nepalese police responding with tear gas. And I don't know how does that man I really don't. They've not released yet the name of the offices in many text me and said that MSNBC got it and released it. And we're trying to find if there's any audio of the initial stop. That led to. The young man being detained by bullies and and ultimately. Shot and killed. He was unarmed and next our -- talked an associate professor of English and African this diaspora dearest -- studies at Tulane. The asked for a that's what it is because that's like a displaced people anyway here areas include black literary and cultural studies don't talk about. The history of racial unrest here in new long ones and could something like that happen here. I know we didn't. In the sixties the protests were peaceful little or no fire hoses or anything like that but. Then again maybe in my memory fails -- will find out when we talk to professor Louis. Derek -- the morning and -- WL. I don't. Mort was up. -- -- -- would you would you talk about. You are important to Motley sport don't -- will -- I think the guys go to work and and do we actually drew and you hear -- you don't hear anabolic because -- -- goal stated in a bit that they that this group of people vote you'd get one bad days ago. Article about it people wanted. Thought toward toward the different directions. Illini -- I don't try to make an unending in this comparison I'm not saying that the bulls are. Police officers or the other way around but if you think about it it's almost the same way with a -- where. If something goes wrong it's going to be very very wrong because police officers carry guns there they maintain order. And if they shoot the wrong person then all of a sudden somebody's dead and it seems as though. All police officers are bad and I think you make great point because that's not true however there are. Times where bad judgment is used and if for example -- not a good shooters it relates to Michael Brown. It would have a hard time seeing in this police officer. Set out to murder him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A -- go to work one day and I are thrilled -- my job and out dual boot -- article whole which people not mud and it's a little bit more a couple of results -- yet the that he. It's up to like that they exploit now acknowledge that the tragedy. And just be clear I presume you say bad day you know -- about a fight with his wife -- her husband or anything it's -- -- makes a mistake. Or did not do my job certainly aren't just out -- -- -- -- work because -- are to a different type of work to deplete -- out there that are still ball that well at night. -- portola result the bad day industries where. Well nobody I mean there was some of them talked opened struggled what was the result sent -- regard. And it it that -- coming out that you shot art. -- same thing happening -- new loans with you know we've signed a two days later that. A suspect who has a history of resisting arrest with police officers was struggling with a female officers she shot him and -- apparently. Just grazing because they say he's doing okay. And it sees this elderly shut somebody in the head -- you don't know what that moment what was going on and if that officer was struggling for their life. Thank you Derek and Politico -- and a day. You -- 631 more calls when we come back. Right now though time for debit WL first news and for that we go to David let -- thank you David Blake it was reading more on this. The shooting of Michael Brown in the suburb of Saint Louis and what the witness had to say he says it all started when they were walking down the street a police officer pulled up in a truck apparently. It would Zuma might be a marked vehicle and said you know you two need to get the blank on the sidewalk. Get a blank on the sidewalk and until -- offices they were almost at their destination which was. That the witnesses house. And news offices slammed on the brakes there -- reverse almost hit them. And then he said what did you say and then attempted to throw his door open and not. Brown down but. The door bounced back and close time. And -- says the officer was left hand -- Michael Brown by the -- he said he could see the muscles in this forum members in the offices -- -- -- this much. At this point revenues go witnesses and not wrestling so much as his arm went from his throat to now clinched on Sheridan -- The guy that was shot which is Poland away. And then he said the witness and he fixes. Eyes on the offices it was -- of a stun gun or real gun that's when he saw the barrel of the gun pointing the offices says look I'm gonna shoot. And did. Then brown got away got to about three cars down and then that's when. The officer according to this witness. Shot him in the back. And then bill witness that he is a cop turned in Hammond put his -- and -- guns that shooting. So. Out. On sound good now it doesn't the witness's stories seems they have a lot of detail to it. And this what the Saint Louis when -- saint louis' with the Ferguson police chief had to -- You guys. Yeah so. If you workers know what. -- mirror. And edit text here that says. -- question Tommy why the only protesting at night. And I'm -- I guess the reason as. I don't know what the reason is matter effect on the why you protest that night. And another -- says. So Wright's error happen over this criminal being shot in Saint Louis Renault and stands up for the kids killed and knoller recently makes sense I guess and I guess. We talked about this yesterday extensively I think the difference is everybody would think that shooting. A toddler is wrong. And somebody called and said you know what they -- handle business on a street which leads to more shootings. Because they don't want the police involved almost like against the mob where they would take care business themselves certain communities. And I think everybody. Thinks that is wrong I don't know who would be on the other side of that but in this case they think that it was a wrongful shooting and is from everything I've read I got to believe that the police know they may have a problem on their hands here. That they are afraid to recently released the details given -- what's happened. Because then -- really all hell break -- so. We'll see how it plays out Brenda -- town good morning talking about the history of racial unrest in the Gerri good morning. In. The -- member it would you know. Sure a lot of Irish and that demand alone. Hotel motel back in the sixties Wimbledon. It was strictly like that then the defense during that time. At the top. So the civil rights workers came in in demand isn't it taking in -- Yeah and he couldn't because. -- that in -- stay in the black people stay in -- why people would never come again. It caught in the middle of every piece of Christian man in each story and I couldn't believe -- yet to sleep in my hotel and I. Key -- in the picketers from back in it now. And it was a horrible horrible that I camp but it do you remember that -- -- -- the first black -- that in vocalist. -- was murdered. If you remember we covered. -- -- I don't Brenda appreciate collar relief do you like it it will moment being -- where the guy. Know that they're burned down to now call it what he says what. Keep. Their credibility you know they're gonna burn it down. What they'll vote for me as well. Do you remember -- -- very. And. -- -- called back because that we're out of time I wanna get to the -- couple -- guns and maybe protest at night because you work during the day. And then another one says they protest at night because they're cowards we'll talk about that as well when we come back and also. But at about the history of racial unrest in in new loans and as any of it ever turned violent. Tommy Tucker back in a flash under the W. I 65010 before a seven professor and and Donald Lewis joins us right now she's an associate professor of English and African. The aspirin studies at Tulane and their areas of research include black literary. And cultural studies in morning professor how you do on our. Wealth thanks taking the time tell me about the history of racial unrest in new Rawlins during the 50s60s. Etc. because I think all of us whenever something like this happens. I know that there have been some controversy of things here and in the area and the is something like that could happen here. From The Who was it did terribly violent in the sixties or fifties when other places around the country we're having some troubles. Nor -- strange story is a T and that. Is actually our air and -- it and it at great deal. And there -- I didn't get a lot. And it it was. It out. Only at the art tee. -- eight. Had -- yeah and -- -- or at all. -- -- Or why. Deal. Under way. It. And choose change at. All. I'm pretty. Cool integration. A lot act out -- -- -- -- -- How they. -- -- -- -- I'm and yeah. Ideally. Are. Out there without that it was a -- and it. -- -- Frequently I was. Actual. Chile. And it will. -- -- Great. Property. Was airline alluding here -- -- Rioting looting destruction of property -- Building. And take on. Should not. Actually in I mean. It like your you have individual on property going. On. And let. Me. There -- It. Better her. -- Your belly it -- should be. I do the trick. Our armed restriction -- -- Large aptly. People out of their group. A lot right. Or root out. -- -- at that time. Well. It's -- street. All he is acting. Or is it a credit. Check that. Geary. Eight. Our. Time we're we're -- -- yeah. Why. Are our. I guess the united remembers a young guy when Dr. Martin Luther King was. Assassinated did you know we were expecting. The adults at least we're expecting trouble. In the city and it didn't seem to manifest itself in an ankle gold racial violence in new loans on an -- of -- was a big -- of 1866. And but he Gilbert a guy who worked here for a long time said that. The reason he thought there was not a lot of that violent protests are a lot of club rioting and looting or anything like that was because. Of sports and sports was a unifying factor that kept people from. Believe it or not I guess being. So concerned over the other things are going to war against each other. In the -- -- -- It's technically at war and the character -- you're right we -- was acne. It was IT. That broke out a our just about every each year. The eighty up and street I wore on the issue me and that became mere fact that. -- -- share. Control. On. -- -- Eight change. A war that act and -- and always at Harvard. Actually jury where black people. And yet she. Our religion. Race. Yeah there. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All. -- let me ask a question -- is Ramos at a time and attacks comes -- where there hangings closings beatings here like. The I -- iconic video that you see from. Hello this film at that time from Birmingham and other areas. Are you should be re eighteen to -- -- out so Gary. Color ER. And they are working. There were chilly. There are people. He'll now. And police. At her and he. -- -- Right which -- The jet. At acting. What occur in the. In the fifties and sixties like they would like it was going on in other areas of the south that we had here. -- Yeah pretty much but I need a quick answer is screaming it. Any. -- so we don't have more time and become back commons. Thank you so much -- I'm McDonnell Lewis says professor Irving was an effort in the Asperger's studies it to him -- it does break and be part of the Casper back -- and evidently.

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