WWL>Topics>>8-14 7:10am Tommy, why do people turn to mob violence?

8-14 7:10am Tommy, why do people turn to mob violence?

Aug 14, 2014|

Tommy talks to Steve Reicher, a Prof. in the School of Psychology & Neuroscience at the University of St. Andrews, about mob mentality

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

David Blake always some new data WL dot com police chief Ronald surpasses. Service rather apologize for a PR snap -- -- either forgot to mention -- NO PD officers shouting iron hand Coke. I'm Angela hills says what we don't handle will eventually handle it's got to check out her blog about violent crime in new loans and if you missed it. Listen to the podcasts over two hour special extraordinary stuff. Small group of US special forces went to that mountain in Iraq to assess the humanitarian. Price's latest there. And a pelican schedules out they kicked off the season and Orlando's Steve delegates complete rundown on prix season in regular games and still trending hot. My -- video brazen car burglars in Metairie pointing guns at houses as they ripped off cars all. Online at WWL that counts. And I know there's there's. New. Yeah. Have you ever seen and movie inside man I think it is with Denzel Washington and Spike Lee directed at them -- and hollering about a bank Robert yeah no I've never saying that they actually move into the bank in and stay there until long monetization talent but it happens sentencing -- -- this is kind of a similar thing. Teenage boy. Built a secret hidden compound. In a Texas Wal-Mart. And lived there is there's 24 -- store for four days before he was discovered. A secret com yes what the heck. One -- was an idiot to campsites actually one was in the -- caring baby products -- boxes of strollers. And the -- was behind stacks of paper towels and toilet paper. Customers want and the aisles where I was living. Never noticed it. He was able to store necessities in their sleep enemy ship then -- items of course taken from stored at the end. In Wal-Mart are there aren't open you know to make a big blundering sandwich whatever he created a crack in the back wall of the drink guy LC -- Jews. And he even had a -- eats a fish from the fish department's this guy was doing it right how -- Fourteen years so apologies. -- he was. So concerned about being caught in detected. That he -- diapers and said he used in the store restroom. Which no doubt the -- Diaper yes yeah. Her mom and dad now let's with the authorities are wondering you did ask it and notices fourteen year old was gone from -- -- -- it all by itself. Hi -- when we come back. We'll continue to talk about the problems and Ferguson which is the suburb of Saint Louis with the riots and the protests in the ought to professor about. What happens in a mob mentality of people go from media peaceful protest too. -- means dealing in burning in a tell you this is just my opinion. Don't know. But from seeing things like this happen before I would have to believe that if the Ferguson police department. Thought that there officer was in the right and there was any audio or any proof of this they would be out front with it immediately. I think it is my opinion they know they have a big problem on their hands and I think there waiting until some of the writing columns down. And then you're gonna release it thinking that people would've gotten it out there. System like I'd like you believe that the news is good -- why would you let people ride it for three days. And that is released the body and say here here's what happened -- we didn't have a choice. You think Tommy Tucker backlash and that you. I Tommy Tucker -- WL third night of violence in Ferguson which is a suburb of Saint Louis and it Texans and audio like. Black blue green yellow doesn't matter to -- a private business you're criminal and you need to be arrested. And prosecuted and netherlands' there's absolutely no reason for anyone under any circumstance to ruin someone else's business. That had no part in whatever happened. -- go from these protests door. Is this a plan to -- from the beginning and his -- get out of hand Steve. Riker joins us right now professor in the school of psychology and neuroscience. At the university of Saint Andrews where he joins his from the UK morning senator I got -- -- and actually. Our. I was recently in Ireland and one thing and astounded me was -- this moment for and on and around 101139. Well on the in Scotland and -- among its pouring with rain I think Scotland if you don't like the weather don't worry it will change in fifteen minute that -- you never know. Taylor at Scotland is next on the list because I am purpose or not it's not Scotch because that's slicker but that's not why you here's -- pressure's here to talk about. -- that the crowd mentality in mob mentality in and honey honey go from a it whether it's in Saint Louis or whether it's after a sporting event how does something like that turned violent and so ugly so quickly. -- it will -- often. Business very strong mentioning -- talking about the Russell two of -- to put people to -- have a in -- ball. And ordinarily reasonable people become pointless. But reluctantly doing very common way back to take and so -- virtually and things. And I think that view the use outdated and discredited and a lot small I think. It's deeply problematic because what he's done -- to say look. The complexity and crimes -- crimes such -- basically explodes and the content very. But actually the very closely the events that take place in crowd or which initiate crowd events it tells you something very valuable. About the perspective of pocket but I don't have to agree that. And go to like it but if you want to do something about the conflict. You need to understand. And so in the work that I've done in my career optical -- fifty years ago that you Bristol. In the southwest of England where where rockets stop that well during my Ph.D. but it -- crowd and ever since. Characteristically. So it will as wildly disputed that and the expletive they just attacked him available -- And you begin to find. People to element has most -- something about what people think. Now looking in these. Further so it seems to reflect and to many. Which is susceptible. An event which seems to simple -- the groups and so injustice and inequality. And many interpreted for a quick stop to recruit the young black man that scuttled by the police -- -- to symbolize. They -- all being treated equally well being treated oppressive. But activity insisting that the rights to stop immediately. All of this into it and stop immediately. Often be in the flippant. All that happened to the period. Where people. The moment because play ball full explanations for all the reasons. People are trying to -- they have police. Amid danger is the policing the Ortiz seemed to ignore that point. If they the two ball -- if they seek to treatment makes the ball that they themselves were toppled because. -- in the field is left of the site look. -- -- Olympic that's what we want. There are our enemy and that full conflict is the only wait a column you will you'll remember that the mountain became. Talked about crowds -- to the police be oppressed. -- -- Oppressed and -- to Russia would make fields a right to be a -- apartment which. -- in terms of the Ferguson police department and out and doing it is suggested earlier ages I don't have any proof that this that. They know they got a problem on their hands because if not. They would have released some kind of tape of the caller or did their side of it to try to defuse -- this is. Giving you think that's a fair. Gas or intuition as of ours was. Well -- the that -- will bring the cup and crowds with its people go to instant explanation. Folding them -- Now how can you explain something until you vote saying. But you're trying to explain basilica de I don't if you remember about three years ago in the UK and very severe -- in in -- People making all full of -- makes possible with criminals with thing it was bound to. Gangs that thing that basic things that -- back to retractable. They tried to explain things before they knew the events from so by the time to accept help. To listen to find out the whole you try and be in -- -- makes -- -- -- council would be. It would take the fact that she's much more detail of these lead that's what I think he's a -- -- clear. He's the same. The community all of the family of the black community. -- they would have been at least two that they were being treated. I think problem but even when they try to make the ball off and what is happening they would rigmarole so I think that -- -- very clear symptoms -- which is. Clearly the community and probably should do to transition from the sort you like to mature black have some benefit to the police department. But the police all -- police in the slurping. That'll protecting. That tactic and stuff that was one statement. 0% severe NAACP which I think was was very telling you that look. To protect the community you have to respect the community. And I think. So what actually happened the process to -- the community and so -- some in the perspective of the police department. He's I think -- clear fact that we beat bill. -- propensity of a couple more minutes because I'd love to talk to you about how do you go from feeling outraged to steal and movies and things are not really -- tires and rims. -- -- question I have was about sports writing being one riots break out cars get burned over tip because certainly. I don't think you protesting anything -- -- united in anger when -- sports team wins -- championship we don't have any of that here when the saints. When the super balls away to put you on hold Jordan's it's RT I certainly hope. You can join us after the news Steve Wrighster right sure rather professor in the school of psychology and neuroscience at the university of Saint Andrews and aging and here. He's and a lot of a lot of research clinic and crowds in my mentality. Doocy you know it is 64 degrees and raining where he has in Scotland with a low of fifty tonight's that we can all be jealous. Of that 725 time look at traffic into that wouldn't terror problems. I Tommy Tucker double WL more with our professor from Scotland about crowd mentality and and mom and moms and writing and so forth against Mexicans and Tommy. Alert attract a long time ago from -- house when Dalton was breaking in a new crew he told them smile when you talked of people's smile when you deal with people. Until they won't let you smile let from retired cop and of course whenever I. I think the movie road house I think. Wrote hacks. Road tax. -- actual -- -- the road tax the road acts. -- -- Wrote about it Griffin road -- that's down from Canada. Obsessed with the movie road house -- now pampered at a W offers news and for that we go to David -- Traveling from New Orleans east when -- remains clear problems that he's slowing approaching the curve -- -- NAFTA which. Things looked open up as shift getting -- highrise -- gonna slow again near north Claiborne candidacy BD. No issues for the Crescent City connection of the Huey Long bridges same for the calls made the sell short doing fine. In from the plot vicarious -- action breakdown free that typical slowdown as it around williams' power. And all -- both with a shell that built this portal has canal. This crap what brought you budget your neighborhood medical centers. Bobby gave rare occasion can and here but James -- neighborhood medical centers college seniors these once stopped state of the art medical -- is is already here for you live better and longer lead change everything quarterback for your help. Call viable for 6480244. From the video traffic center Roger Robinson have a traffic difficulties excellence and on David Blake WWL first news now Tommy Tucker WW LA and government dot com. I Tommy Tucker here use editing it under the WL talking about mob mentality in alluding. And criminal activity and I get a text here that says I LP and not -- you keep mentioning tires and rims and make you sound racist. Saying looting is good enough we understand what you're saying onerous on same tires and rims that they had a guy that was in the community for 27 years. Where the tires Stiller and his was one of those hours it was damaged. More than any other -- and looted more than any other and he's that we you know -- -- thing about movement. And he's been there 27 years had a good relationship with a community up until now and but he's doubting everything so I don't know. There's not you know off on top of that. Everybody likes tires and rams everybody's got them on a car -- volatile wagon wheel thing go on which I guess would help you when it comes to. Flats was to be pretty rough ride I -- mind going down to the tires stern did a couple of big fat ones on there thank you David Steve -- -- rejoins us now way up professor in the school of psychology neuroscience at the university of Saint Andrews in Scotland. The two and a half hour ferryboat ride as matter of fact from the emerald island professor -- before we went to the break we're talking about your studies in. Mob mentality and writing it rioting and looting it's better. If if there's a perceived injustice how do you go from that. Suze stealing TV steel and tires rims. Shoes what have you. The all of -- we talk about the credit event. But it's one thing I'm -- -- characteristically. The many different types of events going on the same time. So do you will get. It if you look at to police were due to conflict between the particular community. And the authorities from the authorities of the oppressive. Then it. Where the police cultural way but some people will take the ball to different people will cool whip the cap to wave them like slow play so lifting. It often and at the moment happens would do it meant to please try not think it's been -- problem with two to get it to the other thing -- And -- different in different complex. Sometimes people who -- in conflict with the police. Will loop festival to show that that that -- how the fact that they can do what they like the -- -- the the police no longer rule. The -- and so. Often like to be good to see the destruction of properties beat the land the property so the people want the goods that simply stealing them. Fail and so I think that while some -- we will YouTube to view that the police. In in the conflict with the -- about what was. What's happening in focus again I don't think -- on the position relative but the deal is in the position to tell a list. -- until one goes a little analysis of exactly what happened. But just to do admit that they know that old saying that people get mad get in the way the proper understanding what was happening -- -- has been for two days of what in the world. Would make somebody think that by going to a store terror and it apart -- down steering the goods stealing the goods would. How does that in any way have anything to do with the perceived injustice but I think the light bulb just went off. If you were speaking because OK I I have a problem with law enforcement may be a wrongful shooting whatever it is. Law enforcement represents laws therefore I'm going to go out and be long less to show that rules that -- cents. Yeah -- them off the funding for days. Spectrum where people feel -- preferable. On the plate have been -- the poem. Another group they've been imposed the poem by the police now finally in the -- -- Collectively. That in a position where that and so Wednesday -- the -- when they did following the rules what they can do. And the thing. And sometimes you do it because you. I'm in being able to do it you'll were -- you'll now. Of the -- the group went to which you've been in conflict for flow on effect if you looked. At some of the pictures and data. Of but the support for the very briefly. You see things like in the community that imagines but if we have -- the whole structure we're going to the the Libya -- be -- -- remotely like from my Ph.D. impressed many years ago when the polls what happened today. And I paid the price may -- in the neighborhood. -- -- may put -- in the sense for Bristol. In the in the country. And it Bryant. A number of buildings will. When you spoke to the buildings -- when he spoke to figure out which makes cents -- festival. These institutions were packed with financial institutions like. Secondly they bought so Soviets -- a chat rooms where the rent was -- simply had. -- knowledge goods that keep politically couldn't fool people came -- from a psychic and these were so often. What you tend to only if it's some properties are packed. The prop -- all the -- and some of that is symbolic of people. -- -- -- -- -- -- the main support these properties -- community school political practice syrup which is to if -- clearly. From people who commit them because they were gay groups. For free but -- eat them when that happens you have to off. Well you know and if these -- -- -- to some time and again or is legitimate relationship we have get the community which I salute you can't. So again I think we pollute much more closely. A war going all -- Well you were packed couple with two went meaningfully cut to people in the community and the hole when. You will play. Professor I get a few more question -- quake and were running lately and I appreciate your time but how do you go from. Being happy about your team winning a championship. To a riot breaking out lawlessness in a -- cars burning etc. I never could understand -- I cannot say the specific event. We studied the bowl on a perfect bullet that what you talk about -- real mobile. Fumble. 22 big issue in Europe and in the duke today. The first thing he discovered what the terrorists -- football too old -- belt and -- -- -- bothered to walk on the you know which one can deal with PP IC. In France when there's trouble ignore the peaceful and so actually on hold. Crowds -- generic you become -- dirty rhetoric these. How do you win a championship and then. And then it turns violent because you shouldn't you be happy event. -- it good and sometimes. In their specific case and what happened some time. And at and so you'll think of specific event something like occupant of events and UK and sometimes. It's. It. Picnic people getting drunk and marketing control sometime ago people who simple -- that he. The team that particular relationship we've beat. The places where the -- to talk but it is in the some of our to move. You know. You know we can which people want to achieve especially from communities which historically people and so -- beat them so. When you do on these Tibetan but the important thing is difficult to explain them in the abstract you have to look at the whole -- it's a little bit like all that stopped. To augment them back examining the takes in the -- for it to each his own. It -- -- you will all you'll lose the -- and meaningful. Could crowds express meaning that not leaning. They expressed means the express the meanings of communities which all. Sometimes you don't like what we here -- equal to deal with it we need to leave. Pacific system that we store more trouble for the future. Professor Thomas fashion fascinating low -- Talk to you again now I'll get this it's awfully well our our. Our team that has received rice Hughes goes psychology neuroscience at the university and Anders any. He's studied crowd mentality and behaviors and we'll take a break right now Shelden Williams in the -- with the traditional Scottish music. I Tommy Tucker. About Saint Louis and rides and mob mentality in excel or take on depression and Robin Williams suicide a lot of people 39000. People each year in this country and suicide. And you. Think people of any control and find out depression disease like cancer or diabetes. You know when you know battled depression caused an idea get through it and and an -- -- tuchman into good morning to voters and in mob mentality. Good morning -- actually. Our first description or -- O Michael. You know -- absolutely be. Simple -- mentality. That when people aren't large groups because more -- shared risk. Among everyone else. That that question at getting caught. They're actually doing. You ought involvement. That is not a precursor. That -- precursor that you wanted to do for. You want it and get something you'll admit -- do about it. To -- just defendant directly from any talk about Psycho -- -- that is like -- as. And he didn't say it was okay what he said was if you look back at each incident or incidents together. There's a common denominator between them and talk I don't know of a riot that's ever occurred. That just broke out -- without a reason do you is out a precursor of Florida with that I mean people on just at saint Patrick's they get together -- riding in his huge crowd out there now Irish channel. Well don't go. -- everybody trying to -- some idiot. People that it would be a lot but. -- -- -- A little in the global. As to where the world. When you were. A year. But there have been riots in Boston have been rides and Philadelphia after teams -- championships. It is a mentality of the people all's credit where they are good excuse to be enabled that it should happen urgent Katrina yeah. Tropical looting food that he wiped out. In the call that blue collar. But which -- entreaties clinched early. Oh shoot. -- that stretch and pull out that's all it takes and you'll want to I didn't. Items which is run in late I appreciate the call and want to wait one thing you said it's very interesting and I wish it on about as in the doctor's that is. But it will win where would the rage Reid and with Katrina old where would be perceived injustice the unless it was against nature because. OK EU needs food needs. Diapers you need formula -- get dead but in terms of you got no power of the city's flooded. I would've loved to it and asked him why would you take a TV in those situations and I didn't think about it. Early we get this feedback -- Kate thank you will last in next time zone but it is interesting because he talked about each -- as having a different dynamic in. 11. Cause that -- comedy nominees named in the denominator if you look at column. And Elwood what you would be raging against there -- what perceived injustice injustice he would find -- would be against major because at that time. I don't think anybody really knew -- in here and remembering it. That there had been a massive levee failure and and then ultimately the court engineers blame 754 timely Traficant for that we don't care products. I tell -- targeted -- -- WO even talking about so many serious things Jordan Sheldon and I the entire brain trust got together. And decided to have a lighter ready jaguar opinion poll and it is when it comes drying your hands do you prefer paper towels. Or blow dryers 91%. Of the people responding -- paper towels. 9% blow dryers and as for me. On paper towel guy and Taylor taste alike believe that are -- was the old could -- it -- Cloth thing that they add that went round -- round the circle and fortunately nobody ever changed him when he got dirty. We'll be back in a flash and a VW.

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