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8-14 8:15am Tommy, depression and the suicide of Robin Williams

Aug 14, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. Bill Schmitz, a clinical psychologist & Pres. of the American Association of Suicidology, about depression and mental illness

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You know David win when we talk about some very serious things it is not appropriate it is around you know that -- And I got the man -- memos and emails prove we're lucky you have a little trouble with that yeah -- were both guilty yet but here's the deal and is not. -- in between series topics I think it's -- to talk about it ready jaguar opinion poll orca -- witches we thought we'd keep that lighter because we're talking about so many serious things and it is when it comes drying your hands paper towels or blow dryers. That's the question because somebody tell me the other day they like these new I think it's Dyson hand dryers -- sticky hand down into circles. And it blows everything up hands when he -- it seems like an -- On the paper towel I think congress yes I'm with you all the way when ice. And then I look around I see the blow dryers thing and I'm walking around world where the where the -- favorite -- and sometimes -- an. Empty paper towel container in there a vestige of what they used to do and it's going to using it slightly on it and what I really is negated choice of either. He -- as a nice restaurant genie is dry hands would. Avery and -- Ryan had ever gone back into the stall and gotten some toilet paper and and -- your hands rely on now is that breaks apart and you wind up with -- is kind of masks. I'm right. Have you ever used the blower and -- your hands completely. No means we need to exploit. And I -- get the brain trust -- and you. Join you now now and I got to move on. Gaza then unraveled I understand there are this -- blown away I hate then it's like me now it is pointless why are we doing this and you open the door with a little fingers as those little fingers impervious to. Any bacteria or germs right around. And text instances I prefer towels values and open the door because a lot of people do not -- they Europeans. And now and again mentioning names but -- -- -- -- the inexperience yesterday here with somebody here -- so -- -- shareholder who -- column in the stall. -- Nominated was and you know. And like right now -- and -- it is going back in Fullerton. In newspapers and doesn't and Agassi whether it's a man or woman doesn't. Rally think about that and -- out brought their food so the exact I was just gonna say that it didn't happen in a restaurant Saigon as Hillary is a legacy is a token junket token tells where you would. You know pull it down to chill out and give you so much the cloth towels. It says here this -- the -- how was called EC art he. For continuous roll towel -- a role -- was completely used a dirty one is taken out at me when his putting and hypothetically yes but how many times have you seen. The this did that -- towels hanging on the floor because it didn't on -- out. Or it's just championing get that one. Feels the towel hanging out there that portion of -- tell because they don't go in and change -- parent. And it using tax on in terms of blown from the Florida the air for us do and deal with those amendments. Are. Toss and turn all night on the subject but I'm saying I just like this is one of those every day things that are body has a strong opinions -- because it affects all of us why you several times a day I yeah it can. So I think we should begin a campaign for the eradication of all air blower. Hand thing it's must save the money. I think got an open standards energy efficiency but it views in the Pollard. I don't. You marry you -- make the one time purchase in the dryer. And then they don't have to constantly by the paper they say even money out and another thing is when they fill -- paper towel holder too much then you feel bad it is. He only get amount is it like a handful element that can't put him back end is you've already touched him and visas serious topics and certainly has -- -- struggle with Justin on the West Bank has serious comment they just in the morning and evidently well. -- -- or good real quick before we get you serious comment paper towels or blow dryers and comes a drying your hands. Quote jurors -- really can't tell me about it I'm but it is you called. Home under charter amendment and moderate voters who order a -- when -- on the chrome or understand why. -- -- -- -- in the middle of crew courtroom or -- the widow -- swish might not just to date just a couple days have been trying to -- this. Well cute well co workers were recruiters were ordered her -- turned -- down the -- a couple of of the William Weld and when rumors to move the I can't speak for all the reasons but at the African American miracle kind of -- that's that you all did it wrong. African Americans not old book. So so that rule. All -- -- do that actually grew locals actually grew old. -- the -- and simplified view of the legal believers. In from the floor civil war. -- civil war. The you most important. Which will be last person almost -- of America consumers -- so Brooke reasons. Caller who. So just in what you're saying I got to move -- -- isn't that against him what you're saying is there's a debt in the minds of the the people would do that that has not been paid so they're trying to settle it themselves. You're got to thank you -- I'm glad you called and I'll be have a good day the only man will say you are dead wrong on the air blower. Towels the only way to go Tommy Tucker. And we will series up talk about depression when we come back under evidently well I tell -- Tucker talking about Robin Williams suicide and depression in general and I was astounded to find out 39000 Americans each year take their own lives and I know somebody not tell a story later that took their own life and I can say -- there was a man or woman to divulge any concerts. -- confidences but I do you know this. Knowing the person for as long as they did it seem like they were constantly in search of something and could never find it like the UT's -- still haven't found what I'm looking for. And eventually. I think. They just get tired of it. And decided to ended in -- devastated everybody that they knew. Doctor bill Schmitz clinical psychology. Psychologist rather president of the American academy of suicide Knology joints as the morning doctor. Thanks taking the time with this on you hear me tell a story about somebody I knew that seemed to be -- restless soul never confined. What they're looking for is that typical of the person that. Commits suicide as though -- triggered by some event. Is at long term ten Telus but I guess the fundamentals of all guns. Well there's not eight prototypical. -- -- -- -- -- You know the reality is unfortunately you like so many. And all of your listeners. Have been touched by suicide. It's the competing part is that in the country and in general people don't talk about it. Unless they're really public tragedy such as -- income and. Com. Did do it it suits our statistics kept do you know if it's. Excuse predominantly male predominantly predominantly woman young old. I area. Life span but they're actually are out there number. Statistics that we do know. We know it -- Are more likely died by. Whereas women are slightly more likely to -- to but not now. I think there's a misconception by a lot of people. A suicide is really. Focus on the young. And unfortunately we aren't there Robin Williams is actually you know a pretty high risks -- looked like we find it elderly white male. Are very -- -- -- You only guess it's a hard kind of thing to. Knoll study after the fact because unless there's a note. You're rolling on by the way people were behave and -- -- they've given. Behavioral characteristics that they've given to friends or relatives etc. But is it usually triggered by one event I know each one is an individual of managing just told -- split. -- home -- on out how to phrases exactly but. Is there a substantial number of people that. Did did they are ultimately is they're tipping point on this I guess -- I'm asking and trying to ask in my own clumsy way York. I think is really critical converging. Multiple factors and that can happen very quickly. He cared an acute crisis in in -- really short period of time or it can be very draw now. It's been -- look for a particular are. Ordered a long and that really. Shrinking kind of way of saying being disconnected. And not having -- and being a part. A group for the largest. And they're also. -- burdensome where people can feel like beer. There were more. And then our ally and -- -- -- equation is in -- There are -- -- Scientific literature and actually didn't -- the things we look at our. You're searching for up to -- what did that he alcohol consumption or drug. -- and -- purposely. Is there anxiety higher. If they feel trapped. There are a lot of hope. -- -- more withdrawn get engaged in and not connecting to Britain are there. Anger and education and increase. Prior to a to a target. On -- not to be increasingly reckless behavior. It really dramatic the changes so those are all things that we look forward toward a similar to if you had to shoot. On your left arm. We note that the war war heart attack. These are the warning -- that we looked for regarding -- When to take a break your doctor understand him sometimes then with -- -- week. Definitely appreciate won't take calls it to six 187803866. 89087. Some of the questions at the top of my list. -- is is this about it is being tired and an ending what is perceived by the person commits suicide. Just like constant struggle and and pain that they think is never gonna go away in and they just get tired they're just tired of and they -- no no and inside date date of this what's the point. Feeling. -- is about showing somebody get a text that says that comes in dances Robin Williams loved his family so much. That he killed himself and left them with a lifetime of pain and -- -- that's. Written by somebody who who lost somebody do this suicide don't like about the effects on the family. Boat. Are people think and rationally when they take their own lives -- also to talk about depression as well because I think a lot of people. Have a feeling. A friend or relative of their depressed just get over it. Just just come -- -- -- happy stuff and feel better when in fact it's not I think it's like as I said the other day Euro hole -- you're so deep. Yeah after -- you can't climb out of it and and I think the people that. Are not sympathetic to order don't understand it think that you just in a little bit of rot in getting it Allan thank you urges ten feet below the -- -- need some help. If -- can extricate yourself. From that and I think the other thing is it's ironic in that the brain does not feel pain. But the brain can cause a tremendous amount of pain to the individuals and talk about politics you phone calls well. At T six 187 he told 3866. It 8908 sending -- gas to. Is a pretty a accomplished. The researcher when it comes to. Suicide doctor bill Schmitz clinical psychologist and president of the American association of suicide Knology right now time for traffic. -- that would go to Terrell Robinson. Thank you David got a very. I guess we're electing to have doctor bill Schmitz clinical psychology. Psychologist or other president of the American Association. A suicide now would you we're taking calls here it's music one rates of any toll free 866889087. If you have any questions dork. Comments about depression. As well as. A suicide in doctor Schmitz I was asking before the break is there any. Link to a vote. When somebody takes their life that either I'm trying to show you. Where is it more and know each year ending individual episodes or is it more. You know on I'm just tired. What I actually on army is. I think for a lot of people that are left in the aftermath that -- -- it can feel like. A breach of trust and and there are a lot of anger. But -- worked with a lot to a title individuals over the years and really it's a matter take care. CNET TV on suicide. It seemed like the only option for. It's really -- Psychological anguish they just won't move. For. -- And so it's not -- care about handling the war or spirituality. Ordered job war. Their community -- it's almost like being just can't see past. -- to those things stay the plight made. In shivered Fox's -- Adam Smith I think from phonics. Called Robin Williams initially. Coward Denny. Tom retracted it after after a bunch of negative feedback -- actually comes in here and says. Robin Williams at spineless coward I think sometimes people let others make up their mind for them and then. Repeated no disrespect to the text her but he is suicide does that have anything at all to do with cowardice. Not at all. He actually used. Relentless and think about how hard it is to reflect inflict injury on yourself. You know it's if your diabetic truly parking objectors applicant for. So it actually takes. A lot of result and a lot of anguish to push people could apple. And I think again. People would think about if you thinks about -- commit suicide as a coward I think you would not look at. Depression as a disease you would look at it as a mood and depression is doctor correct me if I'm wrong. A disease views just like cancer or diabetes although there may not be the physiological. Manifestations of -- they're certainly. Symptoms and everything that qualifies it to be a disease and -- ranked. Heard much so I mean we don't help people accuse church you just get -- for. -- -- you don't get actual work. And they are all our chemical differences in the brain for major depression and bipolar disorder and a lot of these mental health illness. So it's a real misconception. And I think we used the word depression allowed to work it depression is kind of a little bit and it in no way captures the sure lack. Dark it's it's just in developing. That a true major depressive episode it. Let me try to get some calls -- quickly as they -- Sandra -- good morning. Cool hey Tommy would you historians. -- -- moment I. Act like people. And there. And you know. I think I -- happening I mean on what you -- fact that the that he's happy. Without -- up by somebody has got to pick link why. Yet. Did you not done. All the warning I'm happy to forward those warnings signs and the link under -- -- -- on their FaceBook page or make certain their get out to anyone he's interested that they -- really critical now. Cassandra Emery noted as you mom committed suicide. How old were you at the time -- was and did you at any hint that this was gonna happen and an uneasy feeling after Anthony Ayers and did you feel betrayed. -- not. Be completely honest you know -- -- why. We got what we -- You know -- But in the point that I'm. The I'm pat me. No longer in the -- And one that. You know in. What. Behaviors and things like I'm -- When -- -- it was a complete. Up. I would go out we don't know why he's. Not saying -- outlawed. -- just said that you understood so. I'm confused. And my mother you know you look back and -- in. Ma ma -- and you know you know. You know crumpled like a permanent. -- You know. Profoundly. How many. Boy you -- not. Every -- that people like that they are. Cassandra appreciate you caller really do in god bless and and it's tough to deal with. I won't come back doctor Jeffrey Rouse is on Sony's new loans corner he deals with mental issues for the parish in new will connect him with doctor bill Schmitz. And I will listen what they have to say when we return under the W I Tommy Tucker heaven and informative and very serious conversation about depression and suicide. With doctor bill. Schmitz and about -- again who he is if you don't know when you just tuned in he's a clinical psychologist president of the American association of -- suicide knowledge -- Doctor Jeffrey Rouse the I guess the the first -- did enough newly elected doctor I guess be appropriate coroner of Orleans parish after. A long time with -- -- frank -- yard joins us right now in the morning doctor -- -- on the morning doctor real warrant out. Doctor -- would did you -- and it would you. Shorten. Thank you for a -- to call it and don't have very long but I want to just say that. Yet the board certified forensic psychiatrist and now -- corner I've seen this issue from. All angles from the treatment side. I'm unfortunately to the -- and outside. But I want to call in and remind the public. Are -- unique sitting at the corners not just the New Orleans and carriages throughout Louisiana. Have the power to do. And that is if -- a similar number of interest party. As someone. Who is displaying these warnings aren't that suicide. And to the -- -- actually threatening suicide. And the efforts to have them. Goes the -- counselor. Doctor. Voluntarily. If those efforts are feeling. And the family members. Don't know what to do then. At the last ditch effort recorders. Do you have the power. Chu -- person. Picked up. Not a criminal charges whatsoever. It's simply forward delivery. To -- examination where they can get in another doctor to see what can be done to help. Pull them out of that shouldn't despair. It is of course -- much. Option but it is certainly preferable. To having so when you're down that it is suicide and that and about the. How important is that. I guess it doctor -- you -- -- you can say -- -- and pick a couple of hours wondered how important is that or how effective is it. Just in terms of somebody that's considering suicide just to show that somebody cares enough. To get involved leaders that often received. Negatively. In my experience of doing notes for the fourteen years or so toward its king corner I was very surprised. How well it is received. That would be my intuition that somebody that's considering this it. You know -- feels though you know maybe it's not hopeless -- somebody cares enough to do it is. Yes and a although it's so dramatic that it doesn't involve you know. In involuntary. Commitment to a hospital. I mean I've been stopped on the street even jets that once -- course stored in a letter to do just thanking me. It was somewhat surprising. But the but the point is it's a drastic action but when wondered what shape polite were all acquired street drastic actions so. Doctor -- I appreciate your time really doing heavy on again it's about the coroner's office and some of the changes and so forth well thank you are earning hangers on into Wednesday to contact information. Now and it quickly to guards in mid city. And let him talk to doctor -- morning Gartner and -- WL. Good morning all our crack. Were able I would like stock administration by saying that on foreign scorched near city park acted eagle -- -- -- warming comforting time. -- -- I'm sort of -- back kitty. Where where -- -- what level are won by oh I tripled from moderate to fracture. Order I'm -- and what joy Eric Cantor being. Shall basically OK. But I'm shall. My father. Attempted suicide in praise for baker city to eat whatever it was but he in my and so emotional an option sure and I'll never know why I didn't -- -- fell. I didn't worry about it on the -- your soul my career we're not structural. And among that -- said lieutenant would you know something about your daddy or speak English -- a tribute to Judy -- from a severe. He did not promote him to -- bird colonel got very upset about that yet. OK so boring to me being used to get really into -- sorry. People that -- so what span. That they find no recourse. But. -- we aren't here are and so upset about this shall I shall one. Cool and -- excuse artist partner as well put your equivalent quick. She hit vehicle in almost every reason we're seeing here. And guard them I'm glad you called and it makes me ask doctor Schmitz one final question which is when you see it happen to celebrities and so forth is that a case of from the outside looking in that be okay well I think if idea like in my -- -- this -- me -- -- a lot of money this can make me happy if -- get a lot of big house that's gonna make me happy and then all of a sudden they realize till they haven't found what they're looking for. Well and it. I consider it practice their stuff doesn't matter and whether junior day or Robin Williams. Is it really doesn't discriminate. In circular economic status or race or any other factors you are trademarks mentioned are really good point which is reaching out. And anyone can call the national suicide prevention lifeline at 1800. -- -- -- -- That -- it's available 24 hours a day seven days a week 365. K a year to there's always help at the other end of the ball. And I can as quickly for people I'm getting some text here in you know people consider that they want. He convinced that Robin Williams and those who commit suicide. Are cowards that just aren't tough enough they can't take it what would you say to them. I would say. People dying from diabetes. Our justice. The people who are dying from severe mental illness and that the battles -- -- -- it's clear to those. Around. You know I -- And pleasure war with some veteran guard mentioned it's -- certainly. And thank you for its service but you know I've worked with veteran the regular -- which I -- and -- LA. Because then people with -- and so I was. Really struggling and I I -- the challenge. And is -- time. It got me interrupt you you know. And of yet time and that'll put on hold and find out who -- and we haven't even addressed. The issue of suicides in the military which I think last couple years of actually. In the leading cause maybe one day of death in the military. And -- W ultimately -- -- province. I Tommy Tucker man we're moving at a hundred miles an hour this morning right in the lightning like we normally do we come back we'll talk to. Insurance commissioner Jim Donaldson about why Louisiana's the second most expensive state in which don't have vehicles.

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