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8-14 9:10am Tommy, La. is 2nd most expensive state to own a car

Aug 14, 2014|

Tommy talks to Louisiana Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon about why car insurance in Louisiana is so high

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Jim Donald and Louisiana insurance commissioner talked about. Louisiana -- in second most expensive state on the cars and Jimmy you know I think a year nice man and thank you for coming on. Army -- -- Article are the district which you should worry leaflets. Yet. It is really feels like follow it Jim you know what OK immediately off the medication if you think today feels like fall. I don't know -- and well but you you know what that proves how positive you are that's exactly what bedroom. Tell me about second Ohio State on a car while one is that. All about alt auto insurance cost are -- will -- -- and call an area. I had my chief actuary do now -- a sixty all are. Penalties for PDA -- story on average opera on opposite. Partly it's 40% higher strength and orders thirty. Jumpers in nineteen. Commitments to. The rest of the sixty parachute didn't BBA. Opera opera. It's it's a real crisis in the metro -- area. Industry has been. They are really desperate to do something about it. The legislature try regrets it well or successful in the recent -- Address it in which way. It. -- do it right. Supported that once lord the jury or stroll. On the ice in America 50000 dollars. Down below minimum insurance limits -- to being out so so that. Our -- under 101000 origin or. Well would not be entitled to -- -- But any well I -- -- in adult court would be -- to -- well wore a jury appears something that. Lawyers only staunch -- depended. Our jury system. Unfortunately they oldest pitcher and that despite the principle we sort of business and industry it failed. You know I'm confused about 40% Orleans parish higher Saint Bernard I think he's at 3015%. In plaque -- and his Jefferson in between -- somewhere. In nineteen. But everybody drive I mean is not. What he called a border aware of people on driver -- drives and in the same area someone as a based on where he lives. It's extra. At 8000 dollar. Monitor action in it and it. Did. All of that durable stretched over a thousand -- Certain drivers at least you drive was notable work. Well we're not -- straight. -- it will be uninsured. Should that an insured who are not court. The majority of the robbers who consider themselves. Not that sets to just applied that buying insurance for those. -- -- Well and those. Policies and out the 8000 dollar range low life. Early in the -- -- all -- All rates are based all in all surely audits and but he does it look great odd years depending on. Pretty odd years a lot straighter and it's not -- old age but dropped those out. It's sold off. Saw -- Increase has our report looked at salt. Industry and warriors ever lawyer and doctor -- our -- -- Physical purpose and some ultra robber chasing that worked at certain you'll. Ebert lawyer. In church and all of that -- System that that is. About all the older. Nine I know it's soft tissue is because I've spoken knew before about it but for people that are here about this for the first -- no -- -- the don't know about it. Explain that whole thing if you -- -- It's it's an injury that results on chip Woolley a very minor collision. And that injury can not beat up on an actuary or a law it's symptomatic -- a sort or -- back. And build up the systems as if you search -- And your treatment for it meaning -- and purpose of doctor other car actor. That worked well what appeared. You are compensated. Being hundred dollars a -- so. Or that trained and so court and well on the -- Pretty well disk broke a mobile currently which could be clearly. -- it's legitimate. With an actuary court tomorrow. I was rear ended on -- Crescent City connection around Christmas time I think it was -- man and a company truck. And you know my card -- is a clunker in and it it it's a little bit of damage it did. My daughter and I were in and nobody got hurt and and other Indian yelled at by the Crescent City connection police officers pretty. Much of a non event -- -- Denton and bumper but again you know would it doesn't really matter. So in -- case -- even -- insurance company because I think we're all gonna wind up paying for this a little bit of scratch on a bumper you could notice in amongst the others. But somebody in that situation. Who would have done what gone after the company's. Insurance and and because of this and if there's not a minor limit the reason I'm asking you this -- -- it was a company. They they could have made this a lot more than 151000. And just stretched it out and out and out. -- not a lot more than 181000. Injuries Richard. They are not one who injury is turns damaged vehicle well the alleged night they put a good. Got a lawyer. Or -- him to -- or are Parker it's their bones and it would go on that there -- all. It doesn't are callable at times already. Well. Well there and that should we can all of that army is that it's happening you are all large metropolitan area. Moore also been anywhere else in history that has an urban area ports and partner. A lot of these agents that we could call all our. So it. It starts what with people no one through word of mouth that they can do this. And then all of a sudden they date go to C a lawyer and NA getting on -- a lawyer and and actually sailing -- and happened but -- guy did hit me from the backers there's some kind of nudge nudge wink wink on on. Well -- Actually adopted a note should urge all we -- I do know that there have been occasions where. Oh or or not longer. Be compensated. Over -- traced to a -- One bridge and it was legislator. While increasing. It will be Smart circle in the legislature. -- kind of activity. I mentioned -- arms because aren't they get called police to see will be the damaged vehicle. And sometimes they have been able to. Warriors call or to a person involved in the actually recommend that all that well. And -- results in it would breach back out well. I'm not only animal -- all you got called jamaat -- and operating at 40000 dollars. Of -- such a Portland and that's the only work forward. Fraudulent insurance -- Well it brings up a collection a good question comes in via text and says so why charge me more. When I've never made a claim -- suit anybody in had a perfect driving record what do I have to pay more because of this new slash fraud happy times. Because the whole -- Gets increased in that. York dropping record will open -- -- -- rate. That someone. Worker. -- -- -- All all higher rate in the metro -- That it is in street -- Is it some. As common today for. In if you if you make a little mistake and hit somebody from the bag no real damage your foot slips off the break would have via. For companies to to. -- when watching them drop you as quickly as they used to or do they realize this is all. A scam that's going on instead -- drop in new they're just gonna pass. Whatever it is amortize the that the pay outs all over and the zip code in just charge everybody more. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All just like speed or where it. Those are -- games -- on record that all are used to -- right because article. The duties or you are not yet the vehicle. Supposed to keep let's say it's been UN next. So. If you if you get somebody in buried. Turned in what these recordings. And it will. Not only eagle or all. Rate page but it also own creature individual. It cost as well. So because of the questions we answer a drunk drivers terrible drivers. Bad roads. David Blake through in car thieves. All of that this is not that is attributable are the cause for a higher insurance rates. As are these fraudulent claims in the soft tissue damage. -- And the good -- because so license plate readers in my opinion. Caught threats out there actually. Jumpers. And that old or eighty. Your your basis the most recent numbers on the got 2000 well. Your period that -- -- and I got your period that dealt 34%. In the week we. In regard. -- in the national average and adults because court -- -- generally church vehicles. What they stole our result is playing against insurance company that also. Total. -- on -- zip code bases and a dropped call stop in in it caught up there. That's a bit. More and not sit well by the continued political ration alt least only. Why are accidents that result in salt to call him. A question before we let you go is any -- -- database that in the insurance commissioner Steve -- the insurance companies about. -- out of your column frequent offenders but where. -- will wait ML remained soft tissue is a third time and this person this year and they must be doing something they either get people hit him -- the back -- caused the accident somehow and as it is and for all intents and purposes is their job. That rears -- call your clue report. Ability to do great and all the news a number Ortiz you ready. Our -- and individuals. Doubt that spreads admissible evidence or during a trial. -- org or negotiations. And I shoots but our equity could now on the on the other side a lot more folks in our area. And there's a direct correlation between employment. And needs to look at accidents to litigation. Bet that a bar or app that tracks each other art program went and as a result all larger than normal. Or population. Most folks we're presented with such opportunity. And to take it a negation -- -- And -- Robin -- -- durable goods on the bulwark in there. Where were. Run out of time here DeLeon and critical thinking and we've from Bruce who wants to know about. God you look back and any that is so hey Bruce under the W good morning. Aren't. Your winter at a question wasn't that -- -- you know in -- companies to look back five years our auto accident. And what I was living in Georgia was only -- -- -- victory because no -- It. An accent over the here and we moved here for forty years later and then to her and increased rate here. Because it actually in Georgia where Milwaukee -- It gears from company to company and there are no statutory limit on all all back and well. -- Could do that carpet it was so. When we do to protect someone who's serving protection because solemn marker marks. Are also all optical. Orange orchard. What you do that. He carries are pretty -- because companies. -- -- earlier. That he and there. They're pretty good for all their losses in which are well. And to protect wall. Or drugs called stop all. The right -- it thank you I think you -- Bruce and thank you Jim we appreciate your time zone -- called.

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