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8-14-14 11am, Garland, Anonymous

Aug 14, 2014|

Garland discusses Anonymous and their role in the Ferguson, MO riots.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back. It's our -- and somewhere around 1150 million -- -- which bought the way. And it's that time the president. Four news gonna come and talk about misery. Talk about -- Ferguson. Suburb of Saint Louis. Young black men and shot and killed not ago armed. Our riots begin in there that will play -- all weave through last night which was the fourth and there's so I'm a culture avenues helicopters. Former -- cool oops. All kind of technology. Because it's it's getting much words we controlled ground. A couple of journalists. Policies and retouched. Their breath for their ideas and told news it's stopped taking photos. And then there were ratcheted via. Journalists there -- jury delighted the resort on the street to and there rim McDonald's with five people six of them. Being police officers are six other please choose. -- -- And riot gear being used at this point in time. In. We've we've been planning on doing it sure there's -- they would play an open. During the whole series on 3-D printing. Which I'm sure by now. All of you heard about it but it's getting really brilliant super secure. And with that thought we were gonna -- -- which couldn't line -- -- expert. So during this -- all of certainly you tell your cup whipping up on them by an artery doctors and and didn't come Monday. Electorally have the experts in the given details. But abounded uninteresting as I was reading that left and I. I stumbled on this. The City Hall. -- Foreigners Tuesday -- Internet crash totally. Their entire web site when debt. And then there was a lot of traffic. Aimed at the studio web site that does Capone com. Come to find out it's an international group of unnamed computer characters there call on all. And they had warned. That this would happen. -- Hours after general Michael Brown truck and Cuba. Person please talk with the group. Urged residents to the streets. And the hackers vowed retribution. If -- form protesters. And they have -- you get on the -- and listen to it -- anonymous. Communicates. With. Any official and public. Its electronic. -- range -- And they sent to electronic boards mail. Two of the person -- and fed and were watching very closely. Monday they would -- Twitter. They -- view abuse rafts or from the protesters. In Ferguson. Will take every web based -- -- your department. And federal agencies. Auckland where they will not be able to work. And this is what -- equipment to. Hackers. Said they would begin publicly releasing police officers'. Personal information. And then they did it. They. Went to the drafts. Of the group say lose -- -- police chief. Posted his home drafts that spurs and the news -- the news bone. Or homer -- main bone -- and there was stream. A moment by moment post. All the popular lose to a -- while. And confront the police. And published instantaneously. By a cell phones are residents at the scene. The messages of cold world. When the crowds and that's when the people police lineup. Where the tear gases. And made my point in this. Is here we have. An organization. That's purportedly in 75 different countries. No headquarters no leader no name. It can -- across borders. To reveal police who did the pro life or death situation. My first thought boy those. Who want to be a policeman. Coming right back double -- a BO bigger celebrity immoral 53 yet. We're waiting -- president welcome we'll food through early this situation you know Purdue and street Louis. We're eighteen year old Michael Brown shot and fueled by the burgers and police officer. And was not. Formed. And a large for the population. Has been protests and -- Polaris borders. Lips and -- words another example there. But what do you wouldn't talk to -- do something. And usually loses the wrong war -- it's something I'll wonder if it's a harbinger. Off. There's a group called on all of us and and -- good looker room in India. There's trojans -- waited too long and complicated but basically they've -- started out. As today. Platform -- centralized. Online community. And they can all communicate through things and -- it was protected. So you know but it definitely could be now. And then they've they started pro tennis and -- soon. Hacks targeting things like trying -- a church of Scientology's. What are they disagree with the west Borough Baptist Church. Attacked. PayPal and -- abuses solely. Because of indiscretions. They thought the corporations don't. And -- all of the world. And the -- and -- C. 75 different country. But imagine. Very very large entities. That is not an organization. There's no here. -- headquarters. There. There's no lead or. But they have going into Ferguson. With the number of messages. To -- dances the good news found wondered their messages. And here's what itself. To the citizens of the United States. We are anonymous and a little over 48 hours ago -- Ferguson Missouri the first -- police department was involved in the shooting of an -- farm teenager. Mike Brown was shot six times in cold blood and it was left to die. His body lay in a pool of -- in the sweltering heat for hours while the police militarized the area against protesters. And attempted to just a slightly killing with a reasonable story as to why they snatch this innocent students -- for no reason. The Saint Louis county sheriff's department even the sealed roads leading to Ferguson in a vain attempt to prevent protesters from reaching the city. My room was only. Then that gives you an idea what an anonymous dogs -- and usually actually avoid Susan these strange computerized bourses. But very good computer run and most important drugs that blogs computerized. But the ones I've heard. Almost like out of horrible. So. What they did they went there and after those warnings the crash of the Internet and web site at City Hall. Then they sit sent warnings to athletes. Terrible watching you very close. If you abuse rafter or protesters. Were a true. And while pursuing they did to show them the power of what they can do. There there's -- brand new police shoot in single discount burgers and they posted his home address and phone number. Then. They came back. And -- mixture got a bright. At 12:36. AM two days ago anonymous posted a photo of the cells. At 1241 his phone number. 1246. Is droughts and then says. You mean cheat. Senator threats were just hollow. Sees that makes us there so. Then they sent the photos. Portraying his family. It's honestly -- count. As a wife and daughter or hormonal harm. He and his wife together. And it's a nice photo -- You're when it actually looks good for a and instead had I don't know. Well finally. 13 reportedly so four on Tuesday. Anonymous level moon ultimatum to treat if you don't release your officers and we're releasing your daughters in -- you have now. And then surprisingly. Anonymous gave up. They said we recognize the chief had -- -- damage done to him. We're gonna save the rest serenity of the true perpetrator. The policeman. The Cha. Young -- Todd Manassas is working -- right now did you say that they have released saddening. Oh well he went to bed to bed even prove -- -- not point. Raises. My question. Off. I don't think society. I don't think wall. I don't think order. Has ever experienced. An anonymous body. Ostensibly coming from. What is it and -- the number 75 different countries. To a little -- like Ferguson. Orchestrate. Many of the protests. -- threatened the police chief. By. Revealing. Who his family. Including photos. And then turning around and saying. Well -- veteran of -- you know we're gonna -- up to god. That shot the and there wouldn't have if it's correct they did reveal the name and it's wrong. Now. That transport. You your new oral. Evelyn this morning in copd shoot me and drew and traffic stop. Fields to notify the -- I think. Most of America. Try as -- convict people but for the fraud. I think that if it hits the public social media. On the -- and your convicted. And hopefully. Work to find yourself -- So. This little PD cop. And the co -- and -- We really don't know what the and I think some up close. Are willing to give this system a little bit checked. To see if they're gonna do the right thing. Richard had an organization. Made up. Of one anonymous people. All of in the same network. All the way around the world. And it's not a leader. And initiates. It can be one person. Can be ten. It can be millions. The people. And I've been reared here order and on this obviously. Confidential and not revealing -- and have said. Heard it's got like. Some of mafia and some groupings and war. CIA. Underworld terrorist that can thing where you really don't know who you're working. You don't know who's on -- saw. And that's the way. A couple people have been viewed. Explained. On the home. So. Let's imagine in this and there are. You were -- cop. Your Jean its release is it if you'd have to term should not be not respected. Doing. There is suspicion. If so whether or not true good -- -- -- Pensions with a B fire -- be policemen. Organ -- target in the future. We'd attacks -- users can report. I've got to come down already happening in other cities. So. At least some pure -- Once something is don't. I think most of the population -- Must have been -- ball. Now if you have worldwide organization. That can move him. And help our good straight. Protests. And tell you publicly. And your -- Who wants -- -- Anybody think it about these thoughts. 2601720. For. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are uttered a do boom boom there it was swoops to hold up a little bit of good we're gonna bootsy bureaus. 31 and but rumored comeback you if you're interested in this subject. I think we're looking at something. That would never seen before. Were -- and young. Of outside forces. Can come into. Our community. And you've -- not determine the direction of controversy. Project. Power or. What we won't. They certainly can influence. And -- that working in burgers. How important is this -- It's it's something out then the calls for all those that think about coming right back over -- -- All right are you heard -- we've been on the president. Through. Resolution of about the year -- fortunately they were in their fourth. 98. -- group called riots -- -- that your -- issues. India's Saint Louis suburb of Ferguson. And all because. The young men eighteen year old Michael Brown shot and killed. But for burgers and police officers. And it's that it had been calm down cents. And and start talking about two. Labs have power and currently on the home when new consumed in but it fascinates me. What we're seeing your burgers and we've been there before I don't mean to minimize. How long -- Horrendous thing. Understand the anger. Anderson -- wishing goodness knows we've seen. So many times in the studio room country. I don't I don't excuse. I don't have bold that that you. So I try not to comment on March or oral a lot of that but. One thing I know that he makes those. Different than in such a way. Vetted my deal harbinger of things to come. The group anonymous. Has moved in and this is a strung together organization of 75 countries around the world no leaders no headquarters. Norwood and trees. And they've removed collect from Brigham Meebo. -- -- a little more and c'mon you're going to of the time the whole thing. And apparently. A good portion of it wiped out web site. At city hall and Ferguson. Gave please department communication trouble. And then. Urged residents to the streets. Before there. And the part that really got movie. Is that he. Named it the police she's home. Home drafts and phone. And then. We it and with floater. Two to treat. Photos of them sound asleep on. White or moment. And -- -- for -- boy looks much younger. Then she -- foray. And then says have we have enough. And they decided. They had had enough and in their words. We're gonna say the -- are rendered you for the true perpetrators. The policeman that shot. The young men here. And a photographer Nelson who was himself and me. This this is based on a movie. Chicago the mayor didn't go out. And if you look it up Wikipedia. There's some Coke guy walks -- FA WK you know. Aboard a lot of these anonymous. Members when -- in public. Puppies announced. And if understood Todd correctly. The movie basically loses. Using the character of god or two or or at least his historical figure. Yeah he uses his image it's it's supposed to be at bestow a utopian future just opium future word government has taken over in Great Britain man. It's very -- Authoritative and totalitarian. And he uses the image of -- fox who is a real character tried to blow up the House of Lords and parliament back in the sixteen hundreds. As his inspiration to lead a revolution. Against this. Oppressive government and all these protesters have now pick in this pick this up and -- this mask and they're using it as well when they protest. Financial institutions government anything that they see is oppressive. It's. And what -- pretty much don't. And -- is just amazing to me. They can movement of birds and from around the world. Influence. The -- -- Put a police chief's family and her and threatened revealed. The mayor and the child to give. Both pouring good charge before it goes. Well what do you take this go to Eddie and Lou had to earn double. Good morning. I which flipping channels yesterday I'm not sure it would -- USA. Worker. What but I heard an interview. With so called a person that was on the scene. Who said. There's a policeman was having trouble getting the person in the call it was a struggle any broke Torre and you're running away from the police when he which. Now. Regardless of that fact. You know. He was running away from the police -- it would trying to arrest him for existing or. By. Go to war being shot. I don't know. That's to me I've got this old fashioned idea. We should let the law and NC chairman of guilty -- a project called but. And I know a lot of water -- of mind to scream movie but I don't think that America today. I think pretty much of it shows up on social media. And I'm not talking about racism. Sexism more. -- -- is I'm talking about just Americans today I think you're guilty until proven innocent. By most people and take a break go race they would have if the president doesn't erupt this. Welcomed news. Right all right we are waiting. President Obama. You can talk of the nation about situation than burdens them -- -- -- Michael -- you'll. By a producer and police officer and there have been disturbances. And riots. Over the list forward -- I just heard the governor Tuesday it's only a small group in the media's support trading. As the whole album. Sure we'll get details President Obama is coming up next who talked about the situation. In --