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8-14-14 What's Trending with Angela Hill

Aug 14, 2014|

Today Angela is joined by WWL Newsman David Blake, Bayou PD Kat and WWL's Todd Menesses to talk about what's trending in news, social media and sports

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thursday. And I hope you're having a good one we are trending with the best but before we get to that just wanted to tell you about -- we've got coming up the next two hours. At 2 o'clock we're gonna meet two tremendous people who were each living with early onset alzheimer's. What is their life like what changes are they going through. And we'll talk about advancements in the fight against that disease. Then at 3 o'clock we have a doctor in the house to answer any questions you have as your child heads back to school. Will be talking about everything from head lice to Mon. We're gonna begin with our beautiful trending. With David Blake from the WWL news department -- had light -- but it's not a -- A little -- maybe about. Todd Manassas co host of last take with -- -- no hair for lice. And beautiful cat from by uniting five point seven her what's trending on social media howry. Over could be your trendy name NG an entrant here you know and not trending -- you know what is trending which I think is very important. Very important as a matter fact. Just like minutes ago -- up to arrested in the Ninth -- shooting. That's right -- police chief Ronald -- tasks has. Made the announcement two arrests have been made this is you know it's hardly news four days ago. The shooting on for Gandhi. And ten people killed. And five wounded in that of course we've been talking about all week and the repeated pleas from NO PD for the public's please help us please call and a -- please give us something. Will find out more because the chief is going to tell us more. Later today how the tips came in and whether it was may be a crime stoppers or whatever that's stays anonymous obviously. But it's just important that I think it's a good possibility -- may be just good detective for could be that is well but the bottom line is they've got to do they have the shooter. We don't know that yet. So we're kind of hang in and their two -- -- to more details from the chief. But this this was shooting that really. Was a heartbreak -- wants it was. You know he's a little digital -- kids -- one of them blind permanently the other one. Permanent brain damaged. Their mother hurt -- just outrageous and -- but this is this is very positive news it is however they got them. Yup yup and and hopefully the whole thing can be. Not put to rest because it's gonna linger around for a long time through the judicial system but hopefully some punishment. For the people involved and yes. As long as you're talking. Last night a man murdered near Bergen and salutes essar was there was a stabbing. A man they believed to be. Homeless person. A -- and he got into a fight. In the quarter. In that fight someone got on a knife. The attacker presumably. And -- this man and he was a rush to the hospital where he later died. And so about that story and then we're talking about shooting -- on the seventh Ward Just overnight -- late last night with four people wounded. One of those a sixteen year old in critical condition. So you know -- and these shootings. We're not getting that what we did get the information that it was drug related to one number -- yeah. But it it just appears that more and more of these whether there drive byes whether the people that are pulling up and getting out of the car. And spraying a whole front yard with bullets. When it it's all said and done it's tied to drugs. It just is continuing tragedy and that is we we spent two hours yesterday on the subject. And it's so complex that you know do you think you hit one area we resolved that then another area. But this community is ready for resolution to absolutely here yeah I had enough yeah I'm not absolutely have enough. We're going to quickly shift gears 'cause we're gonna talk something a little more uplifting our it's so -- that just was so happy to hear about. Steve -- yet and if he is the man. Yeah well -- all these ice challenges. You know there have been going around via the Internet and the sports world has picked up on him and everyone's following human -- human and and texting amount to everyone and all the little -- about it. Will Steve Gleason -- up the -- a lot of people who do in this fourteen Gleason. And that's other donate because all the money donated goes to analysts research. Will heat up the anti with the -- challenge to the saints quarterbacks. By doing it. Naked. Steve was naked and they've -- you know in this in his chair and they poured the water on him and he then challenge the State's quarterbacks well. Drew Brees not being won the backed down from a challenge. He in the saint QBs did except it. So is their final quote quarterbacks challenge but it really wasn't a quarterback challenge. He's got to make everything competition and it's in Greenbrier. So they accepted it and typical Drew Brees style with the competition they had to throw a football all forum where -- source that would -- closed. Throw a football hit targets the first one hit all three then ran into the locker room as they were running -- they were stripping off their clothing. Stripped down others give mes they didn't get totally nude but they get down their underwear ladies and and then had to jump in to the ice -- Where that got you know they've at a players Sydney's ice bath to took on them for ten seconds underwater and and so was their counting ten seconds is a long time and then jump back out. Run back out to the field. Throw the football's again and hit the three targets the first person do that would win. Well needless to say drew didn't win that challenge Federer. He ended up being last. The other three guys are -- younger than him. But Ryan Griffin. Won that challenge again. But I think why it is trending. On sports all the ladies are sending it because at the end of the video. All four quarterbacks are standing there shirtless. In their underwear you go with their helmets in front of their private parts. And at that point Drew Brees then challenges. The quarterbacks in the NFC east at Buccaneers the Panthers and the falcons quarterback -- at the same day that come forward court and I think it'll happen. I think it will because it's it's just gaining its own life through outs the sports world in fact you know another. Another when the jets have also done in the date. They challenge their whole team. Did the ice bath and their fans who were there watching and they had a fire truck. Close everybody. I brought -- They then turned around and they they challenged. The Mets. The Yankees the whole team the browns the Seahawks and and Governor Christie of New Jersey they challenged. I don't see that such a great cause but it's a perfect time a year -- you know what's hot. Yeah a little ice everybody images now when he told salon ice women low life quarterback shrinkage. An NSA as a sideline. Drew remembered challenged governor Bobby Jindal he did do the challenge on video online and there was no ice in the blocked. Now we don't know on it was cold water just don't know water now we don't know. Well you know what we're gonna have to take a break but you know this cat is also on the channel they're gonna do after glistening I mean yeah I mean my dog we're gonna do it it's not going to be anything like that can you champagne and stand absolutely. Okay isn't this their stay with -- seven -- as we continued trend and. And we are trending with the top Manassas and David Blake and sweep capped. -- yes -- -- This gets me because I think you and I agree the cruelty of people on the dad and Internet hiding out. Anonymously. Harassing -- bullying and yes and we're talking about Robin williams' daughter -- She's 25. You know whatever you think of his death it was suicide some people are. Have opinions about that either way he was her father there he is someone's father husband brother you know. On -- she made some very beautiful statements on the Internet about her dad and thanked people. And then other people trolls they column harassed her about her father's death. That you know suicide is selfish and going to hell -- I'd be out on the idea yet how we created a gay man in the -- aging you know only dressed like a woman mrs. doubtfire. And she said you know -- I'm gonna go and get myself off the Twitter and the FaceBook gave everything -- and she deleted her accounts because of hitting good for error. So all the nice comments that -- And I just it just. Irks me. The meanness. -- -- gonna grow out of this is relatively new on the scheme of life. Do you think we'll have a mature to the point where it's looked down upon and non hopes so I don't resent rule it's believed it is -- You know it's weird and it just made it easier because now you don't have to confront somebody when you wanted to say something about right now well cowards that. Ours is cowards it's it's the equivalent -- the electronic equivalent of riding on the bathroom wall about some of because you don't know who did it but it rights it's there for better as far as her. Yeah I want people to be happy anyway. People wanted McCain people want it and details. Of buyouts Robin williams' death I don't think there was any doubt about that and they got plenty of them did they get lazy. Too much. That's the plan is quite I don't know and that is a lot of activity online. Criticizing. The marine county sheriff Keith Boyd. That we just. Didn't need to know all of the things about the belt in the a closet door. And the door frame and that he tried to cut his -- -- And do we could've done without that of a sheriff comes back. Not really upset but puts out an email. And says that he he would have liked to of withhold have withheld some of the information but. Said that he just couldn't do it under California's public. Records act then these kind of cases that garnered national attention whether you'll like it or not. He said he could not withhold. What he knew and had to go ahead and make it public. You know what I often wonders. People like you know Robin Williams -- depressed and celebrities and and and the they go through this and then you see all the wonderful things everybody saying about them. On not patrols but. On Twitter -- If they hedges known just how much they were. Our loved yeah around the world would that have helped now what happened. No I don't think so I have now I think he knew he was like yeah he was any of you know good relationship with no kids yet you know -- ex -- while they get all his money but still they all get along it's just tremendous. Sadness yet. Bomb just how do you. It's a step -- I don't think any of us can understand right and I think we've all may be in all of us in our lives of one timer and other. A tragedy in your family you know whatever and you've been really down and and feeling really bombed out. But from all the experts were trying to do this as a so deep and dark place that did that there mines are in. There's I don't think his -- thing. -- amount William Styron wrote a book who was. Not unlike Robin Williams and had a lifetime depression and -- was going to commit suicide and stopped at the last second. And then wrote about that experience and he talked about that darkness. That we can't comprehend -- -- it was just a miracle that was something in particular -- pulled him -- -- you know just Jews. Captain -- church but I remember reading that and I I think I understood a little bit better just from what he was sent. Let's move on to look at little light and happy it was yeah Brady Tom Brady time. Yeah he's trending on something that he said on social media and of course he. Some Internet trolls -- that I realize it the wrong way leave the room if I thought that's because. Well -- not be good for the center Mike up I get the patriots. Like the saints are gone through it. With that with the center on the the offensive line trying out two guys okay. And he was asked. At a press conference about it. And it's been going all over Twitter. They asked him about the -- cup petition the incumbent Dan Connolly and Ryan Wendell. And they said who has the edge to get the job and excuse me and guy and a Coke and itself out anyway. He made this quote that's going everywhere. Tom birdies as I've got confidence in those guys. I love both Dan and windy as they nicknamed Ryan Wendell. Is that a love those guys they worked so hard the center quarterback relationship is a pretty special one. Here's what he said that has gotten it going viral. I've got my hands on their butts probably more than their wives and -- so it's a pretty unique trust and relationship you have. And that's what all the Internet trolls this sort of see we told you Tom Brady was it yeah what's going on and it's like no it's just. That's I -- at you know what I bet every quarterback. He said he they're thinking -- South Carolina but scale Tom Brady he danced like do you think our own cajun cannon. Had those experience as well. -- talked about venture Alaska Steve court deceptive Steve court was a setter for years that's right later in the show me this afternoon and art and favor those big pipes and slam you know we talked about that last time we hosted sports talk about about the senator and and and and the reason that they had -- -- difference difficulties and the snap it's not it is should be the easy -- exchange -- football. But it is one of the most difficult and you have to learn the different moves you have to do what and Bobby has said it on one of our ridiculous on the on the website. You got to know how to ride the center that's what it's called rise because if the center he's he's also has the snap. And blocks got up and block you sort of peace and I he's coming to nominate him immediately he asked the snap and movie immediately snap and block and ride yeah his hips -- his hips might shift so you have to ride with your hands where he's going to get the ball to make it think all of this is another perspective of exactly that's a hidden parts you don't see every reason to have those binoculars and and honest and open and a lot of guys maybe don't want us. And how -- Tom Brady though responding to those he's just laughed them off without real that should he is married to a supermodel would call -- at right there. Is it -- everything. Now as excited we're gonna have much more trending coming up but before we start again I'm just give -- some headlines to trending because I can't wait a year -- Can't talk about this it's fascinating that this kid lived in a Wal-Mart just like the movie. Just like the movie and had an -- well I wonder did he see the month. Every once -- -- okay. And then also a she's going to be telling us about a picture of an. Alien on the moon and -- that's going to be some good looking widget and of course we'll have more news and sports but. I think our news department ready we'll be right back with what's trending. And we are trending as we mentioned before the break up -- Team boy. Lives in -- just like that movie where the heart is starring Natalie Portman and that she lived there for months and that was movie anyways yes he ran away. And lived in Wal-Mart for two days and nobody. Noticed he felt like a little cape and he had two of the paper well you have everything Wal-Mart right. You have everything he could lift a Wal-Mart you the toilet paper. Young reached back stack it up and it idea behind it and but you know the mistake he made was -- -- buying toilet paper that he didn't clean up at the food wrappers in the water bottle as -- she did in the movie. She did she kept clean he should've known yet -- she made a list of all the money she would Wal-Mart okay but this -- you just don't himself yeah. Everything that he obviously had that he wanted to eat all night long all night long -- death row can you imagine -- being. In the store your data your -- yeah. President law barred and there are okay mom most people though probably look like there's a little boy that there'll. And nothing like that Wal-Mart but when I was in my younger years when I work that going we've actually admin. Yeah like men working in stock up in the stock room we had where the soap powder was stored. All the stock guys we had built kind of a little hidden room for growth so they couldn't find -- so wherever I go rest yeah. The cut away. Through an opening in there and if you look you just saw stacks of you know. Detergent there and we're hiding -- behind yeah vertical. The many homeless who have denounced displaced. Right their place out there I'll go live at Wal-Mart for a couple of days I don't think you're gonna get away with this is -- apparently did pretty good job today's today's national hiding out on. Yes you what you would do is you would hide at night right before they close at -- -- walk around like you're shopping or go back outside the angled backhand it's so big you're not gonna notice. That David down. It was a big move. Two to get the people out from under the expressway. All docile -- was. Dave -- From our staff was in news director was down. Under the expressway this morning it wasn't light yet. And they were there before sunrise talking about. The city officials and they were it was very gentle way to navigate rough stuff going on they were visiting with these people. And you know enforcing the order making sure that they were packing up and moving on and presumably. They have been able to as they said to clean out that area because it had been deemed a public health right hazard. And now I understand they went back in later once they got the homeless out. And put barriers up. Does not only -- yeah a Mardi Gras outside area. And I drove by it looks very clean now it does yes OK I'm just curious how they got rid of all of the furniture. Where did they might I just in the you know I doubt I don't know how to manage images came -- was some trucks. Because they had some people you know from sanitation. And tried to give all of the garbage out of their -- -- rafts. We'll actually are on dumb to do you will ready Judd -- opinion poll is asking the question the homeless have been removed from under an expressway. Is this a long term fixed -- just move them to other parts of the city so we hope everybody cast their ballots on that. Let's go back to the wonderful world of Todd in the sports I didn't at last night's AF last. NFL is now considering stiffer penalties for domestic violence differences. Yeah a an expert has someone has told to someone at aid newspaper the Washington Post. Mark mask says according to sources at the NFL's now considering stiffer penalties. Ford domestic violence offenses and what has started this rolling is that. The NFL. Was totally caught off guard. By how viral -- got and how. Upset people were that Ray Rice only got a two game suspension for domestic violence and that the NFL. Didn't give them a greater suspension they were totally floored. That people took that much interest in to -- -- their looking at it again and they say in the future going forward they're probably gonna consider stiffer penalties. For domestic violence case -- which would be a four to six game suspension for a first offense. And a possible one year ban for a second offense that's tough. Very tough but you know the but the fact that they didn't realize people would be upset. Is that they didn't do it that -- that -- added tax and he's. We -- realize in our world one and two game suspension means and it is -- money. Appointment that the -- and of it was a four or six I wonder if they're gonna do it like on a sliding scale of Pope don't -- the domestic violence -- I don't think so like I think the commissioner made the point before when he was questioned about it. No we can't we went in concert with -- but we do for marijuana offenses and so the marijuana for these people were saying. He gets too but somebody else gets you know six you know the marijuana via. But it was because that was the -- on the -- article that was in the collective bargaining agreement and that was like a third of fourth the fan vote they really need to address that because. You know and not just a one year ban I think if it's bad enough about lifetime. It's series that is that's right very very let's take another break we'll be right back. 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Bargain on top of -- always at Winn-Dixie you're neighborhood store in the official supermarket. Of the saints. Yes we talked about this -- having something in the hunt. I still believe this and aliens. On the moon I mean I think it's an alien because -- Obviously. That's what I would say via -- you believe in the senate and we had moved it looked like it may. They look like a little man is a little man. But more human and alien where did we see how it was front the Google and saying there someone posted a picture of it it could now true. It could be now this of course comes from England. -- hot hot topic little looser standards yeah. You know very reliable magazine. The Daily Mail just hear a cell. It looks really know what avoided it was a doing his -- and ice -- and then I don't think there's an actual video but it's. It's still -- yet still pictures are kind of movement of move on most of this little man on the moon and at one point you'd like. Turns around and like weeds. I think keeps going -- of reference where this video or still shots might have come from from that a satellite yeah and -- that thing you look for the Google Earth again as. OK okay that thing. That which you know is correct well it all comes from England and of course any day doesn't feel right. I'm ready sure it's true I did picture now already at least three L -- -- remember the famous. Big slick video you know who won many many moons ago that's real and any member of their big vote -- -- and -- that's -- okay. It's just stories like this that kind of hopefully light laugh RJ lighten the day I gotta play another one that didn't and -- like you have this. I'm very sorry. It's just if we could give the award for dominant. All right the woman on the Slidell woman who checked into the hospital. In her deceased sister's name. -- in urgency sister's name checks in the hospital. And then she sees she's wearing a T shirt. That was in memorial it's true that exist dead is dead sister who had passed away. And yet and the names right on the issue is and she's going as all the idea of having a breakdown of some sort. Yeah I guess shoes not right. But a term to a hospital. Looked at the heart and they looked at her and they served well and now you're you're not -- -- -- -- -- But that will make the world. I think that information in the -- they have you know the dumb -- things and I absolutely up -- gonna have you look up would be only a minute -- pictures from Google Earth -- I'm could have been. If she had the right teacher on this wouldn't and let's talk about because you Marshall intellectual -- if you do have such a fabulous vocabulary. Oxford dictionaries adding some. Words yes lots of words shall I read those -- her favorite -- like -- kind of words are now being I would take gore -- I would say they're more. Of the descriptive nature OK yes you ready here it is odd should get the dump button -- now a -- not out I'll give you the Q and get -- -- now this Oxford dictionary not even like that other one bright scrabble dictionary. This is great. Here they added side -- So I boo -- yes is that one word it's actually Cuba itself. They do that now to sign a get booed everybody sit with me -- well -- intending was very offended by that it real yes I don't think that you're -- -- that mean you're standing next to an idiot that. Yes you know I've multiple meanings and you know I always wanted to meet me sign -- -- okay. But you're right like when -- order -- together when he is hot mess. Again multiple meetings you know and I think this one does not have that many multiple meanings but -- balls. On May -- ball chalet he's feminists and it's I'd like that would do okay and beaten. My side -- is not a hot mask isn't -- ball out there. The you and I are very you can become very in the CI -- each fairway and I get up the radio thing you won the trending awards -- added yet you're in the tunnel leading out. Possibly put that all in one -- you know right what -- to seven inning in the world of sports -- -- well nothing is major's side boo -- the NBA did release their schedule yet yesterday and everyone was waiting for that. And fans are already tweeting about the big game -- now the the NBA has taken. I guess a page from the NFL. The NFL has been a master at putting up their schedule and realizing. Big games big teams conflicting. On the NFL schedule this year on Thanksgiving Day. They have three huge rivalries. Playing on that they can say no everyone's going to be watch while there are you gonna dorks I got the 49ers in the Seahawks playing into the Eagles and the cowboys. And the -- an alliance playing well. So. The NBA on Christmas Day that's their big day -- -- on the audit on your Christmas and that's when a lot of casual fans start watching. Well they're big game that day is the cavaliers. -- -- cavaliers -- at the Miami Heat. On an error that I errors -- -- so fans are already tweeting about that will LeBron be booed when he goes to Miami or not is Adam so forth and so on. And they're also playing two games. Overseas. This year yes comes right they're playing the they have the rockets playing the timberwolves. In Mexico City they call that oversees -- relieved south of the border. And the -- it doesn't count the knicks playing the box in London. Are not -- Again trying to be like the NFL Linux and terrorist financing everywhere however basketball has expanded more around the world. Then American football and there are basketball leagues in Europe. And we notice there's an in Mexico when the Olympics come around it we noticed immediately because some of these teams are hot. Get off removed from Europe and whatever hot mess. The hot -- yet. Can't -- a new word Anderson over a lot of -- -- bad basketball and baseball just go back picked up in a lot of those countries after World War II because they were easier and to teach. To play than American football facilities because to them football is what we call soccer season. Do you think there is not because the NFL's been doing this for a while over in Europe -- that there really is a concerted effort to. I have an expansion gas leak that terrorism and the. There's 22 with a bigger owners Jerry Jones and Robert Kraft of the patriots who owns the patriots won a team in London and they think that there will be one within the next I would imagine. 5%. Or seven year there will be a team there. And even when the saints have gone over to play as -- it. And is or are there big crowds there's always a big crowded added fills up and that's that's what they're saying there is a big strong they ran last. Which ironically the biggest. Team fan base in England is for the Chicago mayor's. Simply because they played the first game that -- and a Feller played in -- -- so kind of a way affair began way back when when the refrigerator Perry will Ariel like die so. He became an -- line in London I mean he was doing commercials. Are glad -- it was a big hero in London for years doing commercials and all sorts of things he was just a big gap that too. You are married or not but you know he had a -- that some of the great moves. Just hurling manager let her out here on out -- -- that you're in the polity going and then he would do it Nolan stopped the refrigerator okay pat let's take another break we'll be right back trending. Well we're back with an update and tournament a very sad -- It is we talked earlier about Robin Williams this story is still lingering in the minds of many. And today we learn from his widow Susan Schneider they've been married three years she has revealed that. He had been diagnosed with the early stages. And now my mind is -- and like apartments are. Parkinson's and coupled with the depression yeah -- out with the they're drug abuse and going and yeah so was an early stages of parkinson's. That had to have been devastating news for Robin Williams to get that. May have been another trigger. Maybe in the trigger may have been medication coupled with the ya -- we will never totally totally know. And we still not her defeat left a note pointless right very sad still very very missed. You are the best. -- thank you you're not -- -- you're an -- fall into a problem. -- -- -- Well this is the new compliment of the decade Anke stay with us everyone we're gonna get serious in the next hour we'll be right back.