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8-14-14 4pm, Sportstalk, Preseason home game Expectations

Aug 14, 2014|

Sportstalk with guest hosts Steve Korte and Todd Menesses...what did you like or dislike about the first Saints preseason game? What are your expectations for tomorrow's first Saints preseason home game? Join in the huddle on WWL.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good afternoon welcome to sports talk hero on WWL along with former Saints offensive lineman Steve courts. I'm top Manassas. Taking you to 8 o'clock tonight and of course tomorrow. We have the saints' first alone season home game game pre season game. Against the Tennessee Titans. And last week against the Rams. I I don't know if you wanna say they get. Monkey off their back but finally beat the Rams it was pre season could move well they did beat the ram home that proverbial monkey still there because I was real it wasn't real game you know it was it was practice. We talk about practice. But in that game Mark Ingram was voted by the fans says the offensive. MVP of the game. He did run really hard look -- well at all and only -- -- let him -- -- throw more than he averaged ten point four yards Carrey I believe Kerry Robinson. -- for about the league average about three or four yards a carry -- exact number but. Is it because of its pre season they shouldn't realign in the that we now think. Yes is exactly does that answer before afternoon -- -- you -- -- yardage here's the answer to that but I you know look it's. This is all about him trying to find. Their second team guys and other guys -- -- special teams guys and guys they feel like you're gonna have. Know they can play at this league in the complaint as well make the sort handle the pro game and up after this right. So. Yeah you know that's it don't keep in 53. He'd like to -- it it's sort of a tough act to follow so. Look anytime you can go out there and and obviously that team and looked even the guys in camp did that don't make this team. -- -- mean they're gonna make not make somebody else's team at the same time these are really good football players you're gonna steal a lot of really good for butler's street it's tough tremendously. So. These are times you get to shine in obviously this is their evaluation period these you know pre season game so. These guys are gonna go all -- -- so it was kind of nice to see it in other quarterbacks and kind of see them. You know managing the game from the standpoint can do and you know. You hope that they have some -- and was not a yeah I don't -- can't throw real spin on okayed you know really did well. That you specifically sort of pick party each guy you know like this it last week at UConn. You watch later -- group of guys that your story interest in order you know. -- interest in and I think you can obviously an inkling something on Wednesday guys. There's a pretty good player whose plaintiffs and you know other competition out of its the same time listening to an -- -- And executing so that's really you know to do at this point. It looks like on the our quarterbacks. The back of quarterback because obviously with drew not playing last week with the with the oblique injury. Brian -- that seems to have. May be edged a little bit ahead of -- put down from the play from that game and from what we're seeing him right and they'll. We know the Saints like game well that has a lot to do it -- coaches like obviously. You know and I dog in my -- and quarterback meeting room so obviously -- impressed with what he does. No on the mental aspect of it now is preparing for now look you've had some great tutors there ride continued got a a guy is gonna step in the hall of -- is Susie gets done -- and then. You know obviously you know you get some of the departed coaches that are probably do the same thing's for certain -- and so. -- you have some guys that are real creative you know Peyton is there's obviously guys that really likes tackling quarterback position and you know there's a certain expectation that he -- -- certainly likes those guys to play. So I don't know to me I think that's probably this was convenient time there can be over such a thing to be said. You know offered for -- to have an oblique injury. You know look at Tibetan sort of rotating upper body -- it. And that your sore and I'm sure his -- curtain and one -- but. Not the same time. You know that's a pretty neat deal than others you know you really don't have to go through practices this time because -- I mean what is he gonna get out of this -- he can get timed it pretty quick it's not like he hadn't thrown me footballs in this in this game so if. If he's still sore and I know him throwing in practice and had pads on this last practice they had a green brier he was throwing before the game as well to a two Byrd was catching passes from a from and who was also sitting out. The of sitting out this week we'll let him go and get a couple of reps you know. I practicing. Pretty hard I was in game. That's just me a catcher and why why but I mean it. I don't think your offense needs to have him at home -- I just don't think -- lines. Pretty good group after disappointments to know what's going on the accurately can -- you know. -- were left tackle rounds on his way to be you know really good player mostly. You know I think there's still some months -- things that the response you know soft some sloppy play you know talk about some -- -- I haven't talked yet I got to figure out I got a figured a -- -- -- guys -- -- they know what's -- you know so I don't know. Why that is sort of you know that that's an issue they discussed it together but I. You know those things sort of -- -- those Loomis and but nevertheless I think you -- You know that's a pretty veteran group Arsenal. You know the only thing and I think you'd like to see is. In some of the newer and younger group wide receivers -- used to them. You know so I think the times in the reps that they miss. He misses -- -- you know when the availability of practice. Column in this time the year is is critical for those guys but it. Once you once he gets in there they're gonna realize that ball right response to the thing it's going to be pretty easy thing just. He Steve court I'm Todd Manassas sports talk will take a short break check traffic and be right back on WWL. And welcome back sports talk near the numbers 260187866. And 89 steroids seven or you can text does that 87870. Saints get ready to play the Titans tomorrow the Tennessee Titans interesting. Fact of their -- met number course with the LSU Tigers. Former former gas and quarterback and Tigers will be with the Tennessee Titans temperature will get to see some of him in action. However -- I obviously a lot else would think -- on the it's time to get those guys sort of a big time evaluation mean you know this is their time. In the circuit on these young guys -- and got a conditional on him. So and so if he throws a pass. And we have since area out there who was from Alabama and he intercepts. Saints fans going to be a -- -- it's a mammoth guy himself in some real success there's a traitor. That's what would -- okay. That's it. It'll be his ball all right I'm sure it would dazzle you with some -- figure that -- his -- be connected dots on that once they've got a victory regardless smile somewhere that. But anyhow going forward in the season the national media. Talking a lot about. Appear Thomas you know being listed number three on the depth chart we saw that in the pre season game. Marking was listed as number one carrier -- -- Thomas three and Pierre as they made mention has been taking. His reps with the number two -- with this but the second straight -- Not with the first during squad at practice. Should we read anything you know did that for the year Tom now the regular season knoller. They're gonna go along with a group of guys anyway and they don't. Okay they gonna go home with a start that they're gonna start the game -- OK but that doesn't mean that the very next play that -- -- parent there. You know to its personnel packages and and the way Payton uses this offense. Anyways he designs stuff the backs are sort interchangeable it's not like. You know -- bona fide starters and these are guys are going with them. You know they're gonna play the majority of the game. You know they're not telling Drew Brees you know going out there or Jimmy Graham or some. Or not doesn't want him in the states and for every single offensive play so -- it's a different deal so. You know these guys are interchangeable parts of me Sproles look -- good he wasn't he wasn't a starter you know he came in and aunts and was a guy that was. A specific package you know he did all of stuff on the back field and you'll split on this in this you know in the slot and -- -- different things out there. And he -- a traditionalist too but you know and I'm sure that year do the same thing but but nobody runs -- -- Thomas. I know I mean that's sort of his deal I mean at least he he runs that maybe there anybody in the league so it's a timing deal and they've got that down -- don't think. And who has a that's a money player for us and that's been a great great play for us and obviously it and it means so when you exit Q and obviously when -- call it -- but nevertheless that's been a great place for us it's. It's hard for a lot of fans when when a player gets. Older. -- they get emotionally and had a history and culture that we saw with Deuce McAllister is well why don't we play induces mileage wise -- playing as much in his popularity contest back there yeah but but the coaches. Don't go by that they don't go by who's popular and who know who the fans like him who the fans have grown gloves and who's popular on the game plan exactly who's a who's gonna help them win and -- and a pulled hamstring right through and and it looks like this year. They are counting more than ever on Mark Ingram and -- Robinson. And Tarvaris could -- to some extent to carry the load well. You know and I know he Republican sicken me saying this but it's like race car tires have to change him a lot and that's what these backs are. I mean they have to use a lot of and they get banged up during the season there's you know taken some serious hits is they're going through there especially the he's obviously the more physical with some of these guys are mean. -- you know you look at Kerry Robinson and that's you know he's just sort of a smaller skinnier version of Chris Ivory. Soviet he's physical runner so he's gonna take some pants you know and -- the same -- and power runner. He's a north south guy he's not gonna give you a lot of shift in a lot of shake so. Those guys are gonna -- a lot of blows in and look when you do that he kind of just make sure that you got another guy ready to go that you there's not a big drop off. So when you look at the whoever they put in is gonna get it done you know I just. The whole the whole mark on the normal time has been as obvious his pass broke right you know is able to pick up the blitzes and able to sort of communicate and sort of being the next level of learning. Of the in a ball player in the pros and figure out that look you -- -- blitz pick up is the key most key part of this whole deal because they've got to figure out how to stop number nine I mean. If I was a defensive coordinator another team. That's the guy that I got stop and I got to figure you can stop him. Which is certainly gonna try to contain him and he's certainly gonna try to mess up his coverages and you're trying to get his guys veteran them. And if you get him you're gonna hit him you know middle and do anymore and they -- to paying pennies on now it. Ends up our druthers. You know they're -- They've gone -- all awful -- pull up. Well I don't know if they would have they would say that with all via the different challenges that they are talking about doing with the the ice challenges of armies in any of those. As anybody challenge you to -- any of the ice challenges my whole life I don't. Fourth seeded and realistic -- they Ellis and I mean if you're gonna give money to and give -- anyway but it is I think okay meanwhile don't understand is supposed to well someone challenges someone and makes a donation and challenges someone else than they have. So much time to do it or they have to donated. A whole lot more money than whenever they donated. So. Shaw show coach Sean Payton. Dated he's the latest one to do and had an interest in one and then -- the video's -- you concede he wars they put a camera on his visor. And they use one of the the -- you know they lifted one of those lifts that they've watched that team for the coaches watch from. And someone has the water up in there so he put the camera on the visor so he can look up with the water came down so he got a shot of the water falling on him now. Once the cold water hit him. The camera wasn't looking at the walker two sluggers like real quick and it went away so. And then -- you wait -- somebody has -- from there -- -- -- knocks him -- yourself something I think some people have -- -- you know it's it's -- it's gone -- that's been picked up by the time it looks like a fun -- -- me by a lot of the sports teams have picked it up in the NFL and now the Jets -- chants of -- him coming -- like guys -- now the Jets and -- the Yankees in and the Mets to do it now so it's kind of growing and it's all a good thing it's all for good cause for real lesson you know. So a lot of people doing it for Steve they'll tell you they're doing before Steve Gleason foundation or other people that they know that have been afflicted -- and slew him. So it's it's just something that is going on while a lot of people don't know I was just wondered if somebody -- -- force that's well. They mention it but I didn't take it as a challenge and it's I don't know that it didn't. Me and asked him and maybe didn't. Okay let me get yelled late -- matter of minutes and drilling in America pick in the city -- I don't understand flaws that have a bucket of water by -- -- -- and then your five. He's -- court I've done it -- will take a break send it over to a gym hands those got a news headlines. And then come right back to more got a line opened. You 26018786. Exit 890870. What did you see the saints' first pre season game. That is encouraging you or discouraging you as we head into the second game we'll be right back WW. And welcome back along with Steve -- time -- -- than course tomorrow the Saints take on the Tennessee Titans is the first as a home game of the season is pre season game. But -- -- kick off tomorrow will be on with the first take at 3 o'clock. Live from Oceana restaurant sit -- and ninth on time French Quarter. When we're done well give it to the big chief. And the cajun cannon Bobby bare that fresh back from the green -- brash back -- from the green brown all rested and relax and refine and had to resort Alaska -- they're all gonna come back all refine them and all gentlemen of the union now tumors orca you know. They're going to be advocates see it go to check about that we disabled Bobby at the and then of course -- game time 7 o'clock tomorrow night in the Mercedes-Benz superdome Jim Henderson -- guys on a Christian Jericho are on the sideline. Called in the game for you and then after that will have the point after with Bobby in -- After the game you can talk about what you got to see and what you're expecting. To see in the game tomorrow. The other thing about it is is he from a much more. Saints fans are are there actually much more sophisticated they used to be about how they watched pre season and to me very happy about it painful for -- -- -- okay that and I do think that from you know from talking to several that they. You know they do know I don't and what their expectations are -- watch him. You know it is somewhat refreshing them for you know when these distinctive. That was everything it was sort of a prelude to season and previews to what was gonna happen and exactly you know I think they realize now that it's you want to practice you know and and and take it as such. But I have been pre season games and you have to where the fans do give in to it when I -- a close towards the editing and trying to -- that yeah. Down here now you wanna win they're getting -- -- Sarah. Yet -- The competitive nature of -- but he did you know they. This team is a good football team you know when they're expected to win so they're expected to win every time I go out there doesn't matter who's behind Saturday that one of the way now they wanted to do not. Are pretty jaguar opinion poll us Saints fans are you OK with Mark Ingram and -- we Robinson carrying the load this season being basically the two featured backs. In the saints' offense a lot of the national media say that they expect that that is what will happen. Right now 67% of you say yes 33% say no. And I think it's a lot of those Pierre Thomas fans that think he needs to be one of those two featured backs. I don't think anybody's going to be featured on that -- went -- yeah I mean if somebody's gonna -- you know how many times are they going deep. They -- in a lot or bigger than what they do assist with a guy out -- into the slot so I. It's not a traditional. You know ground and pound type deal. Yeah well most of the NFL's ultimately know what's not small point so I don't know if you can release a -- because but they still feel a -- of -- -- remained constant through the wheel here or go to. Coach Payton has made an emphasis that this year and they are going to dedicate. To the run more than they have in the past. Which may well you look at them them listed as one and two you're gonna see one of those guys in the back field more than you may remember him telling you last week about I don't sell until yesterday I'd gone from. Towards him and exactly and he's lecture which. They are you and your -- it was because of -- via your dog but. You know I I think they've still -- pretty much of self scout themselves and realize that there's a lot of tendencies and they realize that if in fact they can become a more physical football team because I think they watched. San Francisco I think you watch the office now we don't have running backs like Frank Gore or mark lynch okay. And nor do we have. That is a Cali at this point of the guys -- -- In the offensive line both those teams have dominated the -- wants. So. You know when you have a combination of that minutes were pretty much beat yourself -- -- pretty good running football team which establishes toughness on the football field. When you can sort of keep the ball Hollandsworth to -- team so. That to me -- -- work I think he's trying to point the team to. Our schedule David in shall -- David you're on -- WWL sports talk. -- -- Went out car. -- -- worked out well I think we're. Pretty -- support -- -- Mostly with the defense. But it's. Look at -- conduct. Secondary and pitchers. And if you want at -- but Tara and saw Andrew interference that -- been -- -- Well look. I kind of know what you mean because there really wasn't a there wasn't a very good -- the game. And it is it almost seemed like their words practiced yours that it it was a vision and that and then again they weren't but to me I think there was so much interchangeably review of those players at that point I think there was a lot of guys. There were going out there into the came to Karros are that are sort of coming back from injuries and really trying to get a number of full speed reps could not. Overdo it at this point they know what they got -- they're not confront him about it today. But they do -- test him and say you know do you BO OK yeah he and and is and is well he -- disorder test himself and get his. Swagger back if you will because that's one thing it will bother players coming back from major injury La times is a confidence factor. Hoping it holds up in full speed because of talent you can practice full speed. But when you begin contact it's a whole different level of -- so I think you see a lot of that not so I think. You know he got some guys are probably a little bit tired little leg whipped it used to be a little more. Prevalent in my day because practiced living daylights right now they can't there -- sore spot. And are right so it's a little. Now IRL -- no you're right they're not before game time shape I'm telling you right now until. I think that until that fourth pre season game now that's when the offense is gonna play that first half and start at third quarter. That's when I think you'll see the guys begin to -- round in shape and and I think you'll steals the Indy teams in this league. Really hit full stride until about week three or four while we saw that ever since the of the collective bargaining agreement the first. Pre season when they went to this one practice thing. You're right Steve misty may mention those first couple games -- everybody looks. They're still list out and practice for us yet. -- like you're in the first few series now is that I was pretty surprised that we did not look good overall. I think I'm still worried about the lot back that I thought he would -- -- -- But I'm pretty concerned at that position overall our defense. What good year as we as we look. Well I think yeah I think we improved upfront. And I know we improved in the back part of it so. You know am I look at a critical part of the game you know on him we've got a good one in Austin -- there's some of the guys -- step and is now down. David thanks for the colleague Steve scored a top Manassas will take a break can be right back more for David Stern you guys hang on on you guys texting his ability 7870. We'll get to your comments also. Talking about the Saints last week of the pre season game and of course this week. They play tomorrow at home in the dome against the Tennessee Titans what impressed you in that first game would still has you scratching your head. What do you hope indices. In tomorrow night's game and are pretty -- opinion poll. Saints fans you OK with Mark Ingram and ivory Robinson. Carrying the load this season. For the Saints when it comes to running the ball right back it's WW. And welcome back to sports talk blog if I weren't a dominant yeah I was in the conversation continues will be we go to the the -- -- educated and we're we're talking about -- -- -- yeah he has the professor glasses on and now that's because I can't see moving -- it has -- -- got him perfect the -- I thought -- -- -- -- the -- the public like Charles Barkley used to do this win -- the as the running back move -- the back and on the offensive line. Who. You're doing now. Got to Texas a Steve do you think we can prolong the year Thomas's career by making him a second. And third down back. I don't think they give a damn about prolonged it because -- OK so long as you're productive. -- -- they're gonna use him and utilize him they're gonna say. OK so we've got some other guys that are younger stronger guys at this -- faster guys. And but you know and you're still fits in the mix here because. Obviously the great things he does do which is obviously picked up the blitz green in the pass game. He's Korea in the backfield catching balls a back field and he's obviously a screen guy so drew Torre -- -- and. Drew Brees did mention that in a press conference when asked about a year Thomas and the fact that he was. Listed at number three decent look. Where's the million a year and -- bottom of the screen better than no hair his timing is great for the blocks when he runs the screen it was when the cut when the you know he knows how to run a screen set. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah if you ask Pierre a -- obviously. He's like any other players a lot of pride in -- the player republic. But if they said hey you're you're gonna get. You know the -- touches a game for us. You know one of those might go for a touchdown -- you can move mystics or whatever and and eventually the result is when the game. He's gonna say great -- touches a game -- Goodwin and you know I mean it doesn't matter you know I'm here I think he's a team guy and obviously. You know he's gonna accept his role and what that's going to be a lesser paid I think -- -- -- -- like early elected dock his pay his first rushing touchdown last season didn't come tool and a little in the 8910 games and this is just like it's because that's not too built it's a vertical team. So. -- but I look look I will say if they can get it. You know sort of in running formation they can begin to sort of run the football and assimilate that on the football field. And begin to sort of have that kind of toughness. And an office and have they run the football with a physical offensive line. Now I'm telling you right now that's that's going to be Drew Brees -- for him. So look for him rate your running game that's you think you think about the running game in the back like. On the offensive line can always say -- Drew Brees is only -- going to be his best ran so. Let's go to Vernon New Orleans they've earned you're on sports off. In. First -- Who buries. But when he's on the sideline duties -- shooting game and he's not playing -- -- very competitive -- you know -- and ignored the way he's sure Eagles. Solid slow and spit you don't show that there. Problem and a bottle of -- attitude at all like the way that should. -- unlikely either I guess it's got that it's good it's not tobacco. Yeah. Yeah at least ask that is that. But in order missing. But you don't -- if you if you watch any of the other pre season games on of the of the NFL network for their show and all the pre season it. You'll see a lot of them do that did on the sideline doing that does does the quarterback and the one thing I'd get some sores in my mouth moment salt until you and the trickle down hole -- every five minutes at. When you were thought it was -- Frontline I think it was -- increase your game he was. Sitting on the bench eating a hot stove while. Ohio. A theater so you know wouldn't rule that you couldn't eat like on the -- -- Baseball baseball you can do whatever. Maybe it am in May be different for the pre season I'm guessing in the regular season to. Him -- I haven't seen anybody else on our city of Atlanta and San -- I think I'm -- would Byrnes and right and Cameron and sort hand over one point saying. I think the game was out of hand in hand and the guy -- was sorted. So -- that some -- and so it was it was rooms on hot dog from the fenders are so competitive like. A socialist -- -- -- his helmet for a few minutes it was sort of take -- bite out of her something it was like sitting there and you know yeah. Doctored up on the sideline and like -- -- and you know the mosque -- the -- and cold here -- it right there with the whole thing out on the order her. I've curtain. Alex and -- it can't pass up on somebody calls offenses. We'll talk about the sunflower seeds at the reason being on this and I -- buddies and I thought it was gonna talk about the brand may be was upset with the brand news. -- I couldn't tell you brands and it is but you don't you don't really see that during the regular season and win. Guys are on the you'll see the number two now over. If that you know and I found out I think over -- religious person uses tobacco bride you know when I was play everybody statement did -- now that -- all. And watches film like its no dispute it. Wave of nausea right. Yes I think they're kind of discouraging and and obviously that's -- sunflower seeds and two I still don't understand why. -- Two months and -- -- Maya and -- Maybe it's like -- rescind. He Steve scored a -- and -- will take a break -- be right back. Michael Rose -- everybody else who hold -- on hold on we'll get to your calls and your Texas well here on WWL.