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8-14-14 5pm, Sportstalk, Joel Meyers Pelicans Play-By-Play announcer

Aug 14, 2014|

Sportstalk with guest hosts Steve Korte and Todd Menesses...what did you like or dislike about the first Saints preseason game? What are your expectations for tomorrow's first Saints preseason home game? Joel Meyers, play by play broadcaster for the New Orleans Pelicans drops by to talk basketball and the upcoming season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to sports talk along with Steve court I'm tough Manassas sitting in for the big chief Deke Bellavia and the cajun cannon Bobby if there. They're all doing well I know people that calls -- masses. -- used -- -- seen -- this -- OK and if we're gonna we're gonna talk to Deke Bellavia coming up in the 6 o'clock -- he'll tell us everything about it. Training camp that he saw it get you ready for the game tomorrow and talk a little bit about the SEC. And LSU football. Also this hour we will talk with Jo Myers pelicans TV play by play announcer because of the NBA schedule came out and and we'll talk about who Republicans will face and tell you what. The NBA has taken a page out of the NFL's playbook when it comes to scheduling they they figured this thing out now. Because take Christmas -- Christmas Day is is their big day because the NFL that play on Christmas Day this year again. So the NBA that's the David a lot of casual fans start watching them well. They've got a big game there that's the day LeBron goes back to Miami the Cavaliers will play Miami in Miami on that the calculated means there. And they also have a game that are gonna play in London and one in Mexico City. And so there you go there there. Trying to follow in the footsteps I think he's like he's playing basketball in those places and things that is probably so well -- basketball actually. Is it's. More. Accepted around the world and American football I mean they play there are basketball leagues in -- -- -- no limit to place an area so it is more accepted there. He if. You know American football is. It's skating well it is but my whole point is its uniquely American runner and some -- I'm just saying it's it's. People you know mother countries I remember we went to London sort of went over there and these people thought we are absolutely Corey. The way and each -- him beat each other stuff like that and missed it did not. And it it they don't understand there's a group of them don't really follow it and throw it into it and then there's no larger portion a majority of the people it's like yes absolutely not Americans with soccer football football American football fans don't understand suck -- -- look we're here to stay in the soccer aspect of Armenia and you know -- -- series. Pretty pretty -- so. And I think of those kids start intricately sport and you know. I can sort of understand that you know as -- why you do you know it's tough going on so. But nevertheless it's still a very unique American game and I think that's -- entry. Were talking about last hour before we went to the very critical from Verne talk about Drew Brees eaten -- sunflower seeds on the style line you know like -- -- but he -- a hot dog -- a lot of folks of text innate 7870. And reminded us it was Mark Sanchez. He's the identical yeah it was a Jets quarterback and who was sneaking the hot dog on the sideline meeting the hot dog. Wednesday is because he was about. He was about a hot dog -- and player you know that's about what the best thing he could do -- underdog today did today he's now the third string quarterback with the Philadelphia Eagles so he -- -- The thing in prison. I am another Texan a 7870 that is Steve do you think we lacked skill and leadership. At the backup QB position with the fumble snapped the flat practices. Is that he's is that choose me that there's a lack of leadership Andrews out what do you. Am. You know I the sort of tend to agree a little bit on sort of what you say about that. Lack of leadership part media in the game scenario again. Tom. I'm not giving him pass on because that's you can't have you know -- quarterback exchange on his camp that. I'll -- is a lack of leadership there for yet I mean. Everybody knows that number -- the leader in the case oh you're trying to sort of maintain that role and blew the quarterback has to have that role. And has to assert himself in that position slot I see him probably doing that I think that's just you know I had a funny story to tell you about that about yourself you talked a and now filler but about that because my rookie year and we're in Vero Beach. And I played guard my whole life in them but college career but Catholic Cardinals defense one. And -- and we're gonna movies and and I threw it and like one -- human says. Well in most he's played 34 defense -- which is there's so you can be singled up on the nose tackle we've got to worry about him to guard and you know it's kind of gave you almost have to count on them we feel like it was sort of position is. And so he went and specials and fifths -- Says -- -- liked him you know crybaby in the power goes out and you know I was angry about stuff like that so. What happened was we started fumbling snaps in the straight over well -- room practicing in full gear Todd it was miserable defense -- Angry in sort of the bad news and cost inches at second card respond snaps and start over again so there -- -- let me tell me what's wrong pitcher had I mean it is underdog. I was feeling bad drive. And and a member. Then saying and bumps and you know what defense take a break for a second and I wanna but it watched Ken stabler Steve court take snaps. And so we took snaps again. And now the pressure's on the as a player to get this stuff right wrote it was like one -- fielder animals -- -- him so. A -- the first one and in the film. And he and he said hang on second and a total team as a skinny state state. He says I know the problem is he said. This is a right handed the ball -- on the left -- quarterback and he took the ball. And threw it over the center field fence it was there dodger town. You know into the jungle out there and walked and we never -- the notion that really now. In slick -- to move worst of -- right now it was just he was basically similar to excellent year and just let this thing so. I'm at that point that's sort of became and I became a senator until. One of the guards got hurt him back to -- here I thought I -- move John Hill back to senators that some sort of story that -- so it just it just a way to. Which Gettysburg tea ice and then you have and I look I remember a couple times of a snap the -- you know -- -- before I remembered in RFK stadium. You know. Bobby was giving me -- snap and that was basically called play at the line of scrimmage and account at the line of scrimmage. Looked down and I didn't see him movies healed to signal to me that he was ready for the football because he was still sort of talent wide outs point where they should -- -- on. Where were in the red zone. And now. -- -- -- in -- and blitz and they had some technical from an underdog in front in whatever. And I to snap the ball that was shot down. And so this ball hit him square in the crotch. And get over it and obviously how you would react to that Bryant and grabbed the football and looked up and it Robert -- union's -- touchdown. But it comes off the feelings and you get away from foot three talking about it I need to beautiful and you snapped the football it is a good thing you don't have a snap that's why he was. Position if -- you know right now. But I jewels trying to era and in doing so it was you know obviously -- was a it turned out good that petrified because of have been off six inches one way or the other. It have been backed and the forty yard line as a fumbled snap that have been a bad deal yeah I'm surprised knowing you know you just you just didn't say. I did that to make you look good a -- that's yeah I don't know if nothing so you can. And going wherever it all I have no idea that I had a few that I thought -- -- haven't had a heart attack on the sidelines they get it done that. So is Steve -- I've done Manassas. We'll take a break had to be right back up Michael Marrero hang on wanna hear what you got to say about Robinson and Ingram. Also a lot of text and line open for you to 26018786. Exit 89087. Me. Talk a little Saints football here on WWL. And welcome back to sports talk here than ever to 601878668890870. You -- and 87870. Let's see here gets some more -- so who that -- a Saints fan living in Denver. -- I -- so much Bronco talk up here it's crazy but I am a Saints fan for life of the city of Denver Cutler. While that's what Littleton sort of Gregory but you know that was like a little too little sleepy count down like southwest now it's like. Suburbia. Sort of swallowed up into this huge metropolitan or -- do it's it's different yeah. Someone else -- comment commenting 87 days so we were talking about Mark Sanchez eating via hot dog on the sideline and and deliveries with the the sunflower seeds last week and we said you know they really don't they frown on that in the NFL now but he on the silent during regular season games as. And I remember this two -- years ago Jack Lambert standing on the sidelines smoking a cigarette between I always remember seeing a player smoker -- -- MRI. In the seventies. Don't say much mini camps in the mini camps with the Saints mind. Rookie year again -- back to 1983 I want to locker room and there was these old veteran dudes in there. Smoking cigarettes and I was like -- Since you smoke cigarettes would be an athlete I was told that those five years old until I believe in -- like that means I get out here. You know and they were new smoked a cigarette and like to be huge draws. And they go out and practice them like 20. Yeah. Go to love Michael and Maroney Michael you're on WWL thanks ruled. Michael -- -- about it and he's gotten. Them. -- he. Loses. The two. Square. Well. Years. It is going to be -- well for. The actors Robinson in the Mark -- -- for years to gain entry to. Secure area there -- -- Poland will -- be your order was yours. Today and Acura and Wyndham. When Bill Parcells called you look so you know here's Morton in the backseat to the and it's a bigger and bigger and I'm. Now two year -- has a great skill and that Eckstein and Theres the right way. -- watched like. It can turn. And like seventeen. Here is blockers that. She steps they'll let that should -- because their rights stated that just put. It aside teenage blockers which. Oh you know I could not have been any disorder -- a little bit Mike if you will because I can tell you right now. You know when you watch somebody like appear Thomas he is not exceptionally fast guy you know he's he's very very average speed guy. He's got a balance but he still looks like he's fallen down the stairs when he's running the same time. He's got a pad level he's got good for him in and what happens is. He is very very patient he sits and waits and he makes the defense commit. -- usually sits at his locker room well -- like Michael's -- indicating here. And really. When you watch guys do that it's it's because they have patience and vision and not gas all the time to where they got to feel like they got out running Republicans get a swollen. Reggie Bush is one of the fastest guys out there he can these guys benefit and there's just no way in the world so. When you watch a real patient runner and you watch some things that they do and then when you sort of send him -- and you know of the good ones do that they're not exceptionally fast I mean. None of these guys are are are lightning guys I mean Chris johnsons like my fastest running back out here Jamaal Charles or something like that but and they have. -- big K you know big play capability but it. It looked fine margin you watch the guys that are patient once you know. -- they're just like some sort of physical freak like. Adrian Peterson's -- sort of Crazy Horse is just trying to get how -- the whole time you know. But but nevertheless you know that that's that's a great tribute to him and that's that's why -- screen pass that we -- be able -- work so well. There. Bottom. Well worldly -- at. That and well. I'm yeah. -- come out. There. Just aren't as a result is our president and you know again to. Our own. And number two. And number two slot they were you know to. -- -- -- -- -- a doctor -- being -- another. -- those two but she's sixteen squirrels. Did that they they were up -- and it's been redefined the the defense this year than it is going to be a whole new. It's going to be oh well. -- -- tell you what if -- if -- refined it to any better than he has -- mean that he is it that's been our -- -- let me just say this. Brodrick Bunkley is a guy they brought in I watched him when he was Philadelphia. And I was pretty impressed him -- the three technique of the nose tackle at the time. And and lucky. He was at Denver for a while and didn't really I don't know if you didn't fit in out there or didn't -- homer out there. He play very well after and I think once -- sort of got in here I kind of watched him the key was sort of stumbled around for the first little bit. But I actually he's a good football popular and I've watched him make some really good plays I hated losing a couple of years or -- -- You know -- Franklin and those guys up front did -- thought were were so good but. The looked -- happens but -- there's just not a whole lot of big dudes like that that can hold down the middle and and not just don't think you give up a safety spot for a for a. I Islanders line understand what Michael's trying to say because I knew I was really -- -- of the national -- say and then rob may create a whole new defense like is that well I occasional slip while other problem is on this thing is is -- -- Expensive guy so he's awesome Obama so -- could be a factor to that that could be that things get tomorrow. They might do just that in the -- Listen. Don't -- on horizon. Right now can be called a -- -- -- -- -- I don't answer Michael Guerrero -- Michael -- credit. It's now Michael you need look good either go to your job because go look at your boss right now as the lights are gonna get canned at a -- the entitlement. You do think he's so much there with that we will head over to news where -- demands a standing by. And then back for more here on WWL. And all welcome back to 601878668890878. To Texas and 870 -- having along with Steve court. Former Saints offensive linemen on top Manassas and Jo Myers. Joins us right now he is the pelican CB play by play announcer. And the NBA schedule was released last night. And of course we now know who the pelicans open up against in their home opener first game is going to be at home correct -- The first two guys are going to be your life or -- also all Portugal beat. After that that it can go figure to really awkward to a -- the next four games two road games that Memphis playoff teams and Antonio the world champs. And Cleveland so. Got a pretty rough stretch in their -- go to -- every bit of 810 out of the 31 deal where that's gonna be yeah. It's a grind. Yeah that's for seemingly young in the call about their lives so. But a lot of coaches and I don't so you've got a lot of coaches like to potentially. They've got a couple of long. Road trips right away or he brought to the northwest Portland -- Denver Utah Sacramento at and they can bonded and kind of get the attention. Well you know the thing to -- and and you know this deal from being around the basketball. And that's just. You take him out of the environment enabling him nobody talked -- so they're kind of stuck with each other in this sort of forced to focus on -- team in and you really can get a lot of good work down at distractions of you know home life and things happen around here so that is a good thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It'll be good receivers you know whoever it is could be -- Utley O'Meara should come to the center position to Republican but he papers. But got the play right now USA basketball he's a week in Chicago embedded. Madrid the at about USC basketball. The good experience for him so lot of positives stole it and hopefully they can get a couple of all the wins before it all starts and the wrote that we talked about Orlando now two at home discrepancies. Joseph look real quick I talk about Anthony Davis planned with USA basketball or what do you think. About I know Mark Cuban and making a lot of noise about why do we even let our players play in these sorts of things. Due to the injury to with Georgia here I don't like right now. In the practice this year again he's out for the season. Paul is Paul -- for the Pacers. You know and in Mark Cuban there why we even let our players do this it really doesn't benefit so and so forth and so on you think any of the other owners are. -- say that we might see. These are all stars a lot of the Olympics and other events. Old old tootsie Kevin -- pulled back and unfortunately today the orchestra to Susan Richard Bartel are right now and tomorrow -- consider to be. Sacramento Kings -- it's legitimate what mark. -- so it doesn't -- economically. Vote for the DeBoer players they're going to proprietor. Represented their country so there is a risk factor but I don't think it would pull back. I it to the super experience for him but it it was the Browns. The competition. And a lot of people talk about potentially maybe the other guys who live and he you'd you got that we'd go to college you even wanted to. Maybe 2.5 years of -- but for the pelicans and gravity beavers wasn't the best record after the. He also I don't know apiece CBS Sunday morning you get some exposure on there they were doing a segment on eyebrows. And there Sunday and a -- Anthony Davis talking about his his you know brown and at a particular little segment on on it it was about how eyebrows views and expressions but it. And did -- hole but 345 minutes with Anthony Davis in the whole year around thing. Time for you it is yeah you guys you guys know how good -- years were great represented here this suited. And I get a kick out of ago I remember all the rest goes well I'll -- you know a little straight up and and what they try to cover -- -- equipment that's my personal yeah and that kind of Anthony Davis you know he likes it it's part of the personality to -- -- The year the brow is what they say that all started the Kentucky and it's followed him here to New Orleans as well. Joel I know a lot of fans have told us they're expecting a lot -- from the pelicans this year and do you think could just by judging and notes that it's a tough schedule -- plane in the west is tough. In itself. Can we make the playoffs this year and we are all about if they're -- can only. Their opening group drew jrue holidays McKie as much as we talk about it but he Davis threw quality -- You know I can play multiple positions is good relief dark Tyreke Evans which is well the three and say Europe -- -- out. And Tyreke will go to war group and go to the two. And who can guard multiple position should not put pressure on them. But he picked a novel get up knowledge and he was and it's great. So -- look back through quality as -- varies from great traveling. He used the kind of -- got in the works for Jrue Holiday this year I think it'll be different now she's in pro ball -- ignore. What does it bringing bringing Jimmer Fredette and now what does that do for the team. Spacing you tomorrow and so they can't dropped out -- are six putback at the bar that they have but he can play anywhere on the board is -- so good. But we're Jimmer Fredette he peace at all -- You have to guard because he can hit an odd percent from the -- are so it takes another -- away from the paint away from the rim. Potential penetration and attacked the basket -- the shortstop. That Anthony Davis -- older rush to get choked Jimmer Fredette could be a real fine panic and a late addition if you guys don't just picked up recently brought out. All right to -- Myers have pelicans TV play by play announcer course pelicans. The schedule came out from the NBA they've got to all sorts of ticket plans out for sale right now and so now's the time the if you wanna pick games you wanna see Lindsay is time to do some of these players and I know the in the NBA more than more so than in the NFL. With the Saints. Fans like to pick the games where they can see some of the superstars on the other teams and that happens everywhere not just in New Orleans. -- -- Europe Edgar. Brought in two years and we got a blow that. And their other team -- -- Kobe Bryant back to the Lakers -- about the Lakers may not be a playoff team this year. It's so Kobe Bryant who are hall of Famer who has really -- some really great packages now that you mention it again in our. Hi Jill late thanks for take some time with the sale sports talk. For and I don't think steal and go pelicans this year an idea everyone's expecting a lot out of them and with the additions like he said. It's possible they could make the playoffs this year well. It's exciting and -- -- Enron. And you're good enough team -- represented sort of be there sort of in the end even if you don't make a pitcher competitive throughout the whole. That's a lot of fun to watch if they were in the east they would make it like almost every if he. Dammit but they're not but there's like -- area it's like. Two good teams well sort of like the Saints would still San Francisco and still Seattle Tennessee and thank goodness we're not in the media west anymore we have confidence and wouldn't. -- matchup against anybody away. There's Bob match against Cardinals in the west as Bobby often Saint Louis I know that as Bobby is often said it would ahead of 49 -- would have been in the playoffs small. Well we've won one Super Bowl we were in his eighties there ego so with the. ID Steve court I've job and -- will take a break and be right back sports talk here on WWL. And welcome back to sports talk along with Steve court time -- Manassas 260 when it's 7866889087. Also Texas and 8787. Are pretty -- opinion polls Saints fans are you OK with Mark Ingram and -- Robinson carrying the load this season. 89% obviously. Number sense -- no. So you the answers yes the answer it would -- and missed. The password in his -- to. Here's a texas' hate Todd. Tell my wife mrs. O'Leary oh number earlier right in the board -- here. Thanks for the card and tell Steve that I love him no way I read that back -- tell that I love her and tell Steve thanks for the card greatest Saints lineman of all time out here but it says. Autograph card I'd like -- thank you so there -- -- raised. It's indeed I did I did read that backwards. -- -- -- -- Maybe in the man -- it's the only kind of said. Let's see here. Cut that's a that it -- That says one bomb was a coach that was some fun time for Saints fans he was talking about the stories bum Phillips. When you start with the Saints the difference is it's he Winnick. Comes to Pierre Thomas when it comes Pierre thomas' touches don't forget we've lost Sproles. And Mora so those touches have to go somewhere someone -- thing and. I got an idea. The first round draft choice because. He's gonna get some touches right raincoat and I think so if they can get some. Elixir rook who's gonna do writes the other accidents you from all of the things I've been hearing from in. It's sort all good you know and I think he's obviously got some serious big play capability so. They'll get the ball in his hands often often enough to where he. Who have -- shows that athletic ability and speed. Talking again about the Mark Ingram here's Texas I was going to called to congratulate Mark Ingram for finally breaking an arm tackles as he did in the pre season game at 22 yard scramble. Then when I watched the TV -- when I watch the game again I saw. The gallon and hill break the same arm tackle from the same linebacker. Also on that TD run the safety that Ingram quote ran over fell to his knees after slipping when Ingram hit him. Ingram was still brought down my arm tackle on every run needed run with good vision and was. Decisive and using his blocks -- he has done before well look I mean. Either way that they're gonna give him a shot misses you can obviously tell what are you doing here they're saying look it's now time to Fisher cut bait right. So I think this is probably the year where they're basically saying look. And markets -- you know sort of go -- and see if you can do this and pull this thing off really give you ever opportunity to do it. So -- you know I would be surprised if he gets a full load tomorrow night to you know you know. So. Look did this is his opportunity to do this and and obviously and I think he's as skilled guy you know. He hasn't been from tremendously durable over the past years and that's probably something that's hurting has probably heard his confidence vote mean it's. That comes with the territory so. You know a lot of times you see everybody says I don't listen to. -- -- and papers and I don't listen to send them blogs and sports radio and -- native native appeared in. You know and they'll sit down and listen to dwell on it -- he here and you're human being you're you're you're trying to. Do your best for team you know in and obviously when you're not an established guy he had in years are trying to break into it and there's been. Disappointment because in your -- so high and all the things that expectation you have in the great college career you have. Leader Reggie Bush there's endless he was absolutely the most unbelievable player on the planet he was gonna fall short of the expectations of that year. You know the -- and don't discount alike and he had a great rookie year. The I've never been so recruit to at LSU we'll talk about that would be coming up the next hour their party saying he's the second coming of Adrian Peterson I mean you live up -- -- Like this that and the money that only one they put. The guy in the same breath on Adrian Peterson are you kidding me and mine don't a lot of scout to say and it's like they'll they'll put that pressure should just let him be. In himself via. And before and it's going to be Peterson and -- -- ID Steve Korda Todd analysis will take a break and be right back sports talk here on WWL.