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8-14-14 6pm, Sportstalk, Saints Preseason Home Opener

Aug 14, 2014|

Guest hosts Steve Korte and Todd Menesses talk all things sports! Get in the huddle!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And a lot -- back to sports talk here on WWL you're the numbers 26018786. Exit 89087. Along with. Former Saints offensive lineman Steve court. I'm Thomas is normally we're doing the first state which we will be doing tomorrow at 3 o'clock for a India utterance from. Some thirty on the costs -- receive owner. Our pre season because tomorrow night the Saints take on the type -- that the difference is that the real as the real pre season. Our pre season -- was. -- all about this. I'll text you a first show is. At -- sixth school they'll be there and that's about it then that's what toward. It's a different season. Tomorrow. States take on the Tennessee Titans. Here in the Mercedes-Benz superdome mark coverage will begin at 3 o'clock like we said with the first state will be -- -- those in a restaurant. In the French Quarter. Then Bobby a bear and -- and almost of the cajun cannon Deke Bellavia that it backwards at the big chief Deke Bellavia. Will be at the superdome outside gate CU they always are. And then. Play by play of course the voice of the saints' Jimmy Anderson. Along with though hokey guy John and Kristian garic. All fresh and rested and back from West Virginia and Greenbrier so -- resort resort we expect him all would be real refined and and ready for weak it's law. Ready for the game and ready to ago and we facial system. Massages. I don't know. I guess we we have agreements. We have to check via the -- -- -- that that it comes in the province and one assist charge fair burden. This is hard rock massage and what does that have to do that I'm not sure. Speak at a big -- Alaska at all about that coming -- the big people join us here in just to move it to talk a lot about the Saints and of course LA issue. Tex comes Saturday 7870 is for the -- top of the hour break news break we mentioned. Linda Burnett and in the hype that's around him and heard some scouts. Next Adrian Peterson. Says the Leonard. Burnett type reminds me when number one recruit in the nation Randy Livingston signed with the LSU in the 90s90s. Injuries came into play in Livingston -- move up to the expectations. Not that anyone would or could live all those expectations. Very rarely do that it's happened and his wife drives me crazy when people make those. Comparisons to established NFL. Scholars -- mean. That you just can't do that it's a completely different football game and his -- -- -- learned how to play college football again. -- you heard that I mean -- that'll I was Reggie Bush he's like Barry Sanders or he he's like Walter Payton or easily you know and it's it's I'll say this Reggie Bush was. Was that maybe the best college football player ever -- -- And when he got here he had a great rookie year -- -- he was and considers his first year you know I mean every with he's a superstar yeah. He's been very unfair to the cyclical -- very unfair Africa. Yeah and I think it it puts a lot of expectations on fans but that people talk a little bit more about that as well. Right now on line one it is Nara our favorite Aussie -- -- Romo -- Tony thanks for hanging in there. I had gotten -- Good man good to hear your voice it means a little body Warner. -- that's true hey man I've been watching shark week. So I would like look it's the that your if your homeland asked him much in short week this is Doug you stay out of the water and I don't go there. Still the water to and we went which keep calling. Broke my ankle is going to be gone. And marking on that staff. Room. Brawl school. If you eat stable. -- I think he will you know looked like Erica said before I think they're giving him the opportunities is sort of a make or break deal for him to they're saying look you've got to. You know if society shows which are gone because you know we in your first round draft choice and there's nobody here to -- you in -- if we're giving you all the reps so and make it work. Disputing that -- was is that there all the -- it's deliberate more. We're pressing instinctively or threw in street. Actually he -- might be the I actually if you leave your. And anyone fall in there. Lamar on Steve Williams keeps. The other but you're not precision that we can excuse for us. So which Hussein measures Saints down there sort of like the Saints that we used to have down here and then yeah. I'm not talking about your -- -- you warm you before you sent the art. Wouldn't wouldn't who won't be too long. We can be. That really go -- city. And obviously were scared because go to football national. And it would collect the crowd's gotta pay to the school -- -- different -- -- -- And yeah. Sixty. That's true that will be it can we looked like delightful little -- yet to actually follow us directly kind of. And come over to the states and thus the game. Yeah that's what we they don't like too little country title. People who honestly can't change many things in the guys we can't exactly get a couple of double Leo we we. On again and tickets to home games and wrote them. That's a long way to go just for like a week and threw -- exactly is the worst at. Putting good -- those those of the Saints are really. There's sort of your team here there's no there's nobody knows you legions here. -- -- Not a good -- to be. You know -- pretty. -- -- And got lucky -- that I water on -- -- -- if you know. So you're all saying you get to jerseys to sit in the man cave and and listen to the games right. Indians. And all that from the year suitable. Extravaganza that was probably the Indians. -- -- It was strong themselves in the tournament. Site where it actually and then. And indifferent culture. And so -- and gotten a lot. We're planning to come I think if you plan the couple a. Tony there's a lot of people down and asked me about my friends from Australia so they really are so you're sort of sort of famous guy that way when you get when you guys come here for the home game be sure it is to go to mussina Oceana restaurant in the front court. Well it's okay. Jones our guests. And -- don't actually. He actually. -- technical can -- -- I think more than enough content. Yeah. That you. Quote below. Lew -- -- -- will -- become. -- to -- weekend we can't wait to see we got a catcher trickery here thanks for list him at thanks for call following from Melbourne Australia once again. The -- -- separate. -- state -- -- -- and -- when we come back we'll talk to the big chief Deke Bellavia here on WWL. And welcome back to sports talk along with former Saints offensive lineman -- court on -- and -- -- don't -- always something -- -- WWL dot com -- -- -- arrested two men in connection. With the shootings Sunday number Gundy that killed two and wounded five others we have pictures of the suspects in the latest. Plus Utley is the window while Robin Williams says her husband was sober. Battling depression and the early stages of Parkinson's disease. Also almost have been movement on street expressway we've got the latest on the city of new world Owens. -- And at the SEC network has officially. Launched. That's all SEC 24/7. 365. The eighties. A year. On while. Can you -- college football is gone. Is college football reading writing and there was this yeah. Yeah they certainly haven't the course with. The ruling last week. Early in the week that. You know the top five. Can and a and do whatever they want. Read the wrong rules that's that's really changed the that game a lot. And incidentally and they certainly but -- Mendoza a little bit more about that by -- issue about Hampshire who's already got its description guru and ready. But SEC network. The big chief -- millimeter dialed it in. They didn't count to count -- order in I don't want it right now and I think. He's already got its that some. -- here as a young guy has a feel to be back below sea level. You know guys are pretty even though -- -- -- recovered Bateman in you're in what you walk around quite. We -- we -- quicker there. Or just get fooled. I haven't done it will be an ethnicity because you know -- -- -- that it is you know prior think anybody can beat your. If you are preceded. The Saints passed him the award that they are about seven fire. Their first all all pretty easy game in goal now are you put your per game and it didn't gain in the next tour at home. -- in the October. Before you play outside indoors -- you'll be out I will be -- impractical and drive but it. So I don't know how how mark they'll be out you know not not not -- thing but I on the B you know that -- would be out. -- boy you know -- That's going to be the hardest thing that's artist just -- there to make it's that they come back and they go outside a couple practices are bigger nets and he problems I'm just -- -- right now. It's basically you'd think about when you look at the -- policy can do and the amateur now and that will be how do you call opportunity going -- October being in the all the it would be like. Would be thought -- they normally you know. -- got a look at. Well I in. Man arguably in October of this month I mean it is all of them months. That's like back to Breyer would -- to what effect if they if it works though the gimmick come out today and there's three and one in that first quarter forward for Knowles and you know move on down that I guess you can say the experiment worked taken up there for pre season. Oh yeah. I don't I don't think there's no doubt about that and you know look it'll be some pain you know just like they usually do that you go somewhere one year in a bitchy attitude paint -- -- are now. I would have to think different we know more about being out there at the thought that the people up it could have been nice I mean to accommodate everybody. Looked real night. I think it you know like Bobby hit yes -- public too it ought to see -- be hoping that their full caught a lot. What impressed you the most watching at all those practices all the times there were up there is it is the defense. As impressive. As a lot of people -- thinking they're going to be or have said their -- they're going to be when you -- practice. -- he came along they critics own fault you know the first few days of practice being in our -- and ultimately kind of -- symbol -- -- they would be slow to make progress or make progress and you know on the back -- -- and make Campbell -- now granted you know drew and not political but we feel. You critical. Look at the trade Jewish. And they -- you know they -- -- I. One thing you you wait -- -- what is keen if it pretty interior defense that are offered to land. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We -- baker can Alter laterally until late -- trying to. He had -- Filipinos and the ability at what you're lifting but he can't -- They have -- And they put up there at Hendrick and -- Altman bad apple in your area -- -- your perfect. You know look at took up broke in Edmonton -- -- -- and -- great -- getting so I think he's got the lord yeah. In the lab I like outlaw stepped up so I think it will be real secret Internet failed and like everything change no beer. How many good body in your rotated it would not have a -- ball when you get a body of -- in the -- the next couple you have the ability. And and that and the depth is so key because really they just they put two and all that stuff especially on defense you can't put -- office on the teacher can't defense a -- EC. The different personnel packages that they use out there and how many different guys going in and out of the game and my big guy that. You know defensive lineman in my get twelve snaps a game that really he's used in really critical parts of the game and and that's a lot of and they don't really don't use a whole lot of guys for a really sort of a full bevy of of of plays during a defensive game they just don't. Now and it yet needed yet that it will be a repeat. Aren't these fat lie in the well while improvement they'd be in you know the mall where you grew up on the Internet reciprocal get back into they integrated tech and dad and you know in. Cool. Shake out into the cold on me right now at the rabbits and look like what for the first pick in those that you have to -- he looked like. A first round pick go court why is it -- gains and I did you know they all all that -- -- -- -- competition and all people liked -- that ultimately date. And I think that you know in those who who you probably got the global upper back but the other. If it's accurate that there. You know dig it seems to me to -- You know as more vertical is this game gets. It seems like they're really look at that and you know nickel backs and corners and safeties and these guys because they're really sort of close in those guys and linebacker spots. And then if they can get guys to get pressure you know -- That's really with a game is played now and so really used you know lineup a much different guys at linebacker spots and -- -- like anybody spot column linebacker but I'm talking about. Prototypical NFL linebackers based on many of them around anymore there either defensive ends there. Pass rush specialist or whatever and using it may be. I don't want that guy in the middle and he -- your your run block and guy but the rest of them. -- -- -- Oh yes no doubt in order other note though those rules call will be others in the middle yeah there I like OK -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- back. Vocalist in the outfield to go to triple quarterback and let you know in the interior defense the -- the carrier prequel or repeat and that everybody can get a field. And rob Bryan has gone on record -- cities. Not he's OK with being a little as he says weird when it comes to certain of the defense the news and those safeties differently than everybody else. All Holcomb no doubt about it and I am happy thank you guys get more call it -- more -- and and a dad that he initiated it there you know be able. -- and if you're more audible now so I did -- we could all your fault but you know of other things if you know something you're continue to get better. Truly. -- -- in the old -- and it was a one get to you bring livid about the LSU missile SEC network Richard -- -- He's a big chief Deke Bellavia along with the court -- as -- we'll send it over to Jim hands though for a WB -- news headlines and be back for more -- around them well. Court's -- Manassas big chief Deke Bellavia. Is joining us now and I'm getting Texas saying I should interview you as you but I'm not gonna do. -- Now the the SEC network launched today 5 o'clock. Highly anticipated but it's not the first conference to have its own network the Big Ten did Dayton. 2007 the pac twelve says going into its third year of operation I think. Texans long one longhorns though they have won as well yeah -- here or. But this. This is they inked a twenty year agreement with ESPN. For this SEC network. Wow twenty winners -- what are -- -- what do you what do you go to what are you seeing -- what are they gonna carry for 24/7 about the SEC. -- -- -- I think -- -- -- handle all want to know more. About everything even now confident that you gotta wonder. If you don't want to make it if you continue to relate. I mean it in lucky that we talk about -- seen that. That dominated. You know Saturday at Egypt Egypt in Atlanta wanted to be -- long for wanting to be. People -- but. Now I mean there or you know Dick Cochran in -- without question about football so. You know I think -- ball court. Is. -- -- the ball on the Decatur network. You know what forty years I would say a year but. Pretty scenery. And a streaking in the pac twelve that are here. Are you probably can't gain and it out -- Fourteen playoff. Shakes out and now what Matt thirteen committee members have -- and -- a boat. I think good good good move. Calgary area that epic you were at the coat over the court to to be more into -- bowl. What you gotta wonder. Where. We're pretty and it failed where we're at the -- -- -- -- field goal didn't get Cokie -- bigger. And bigger and -- with people into the green and gold globally. I don't know but people in -- either with the money I think last week we in the and where the union and the aura between me and be Smart and it bit beat you know -- -- -- -- out. -- TV in. Pinnacle. And you know you'll outreach. And think that. The medium somewhere but everybody is hoping to Belmont. At least it would building the shrines where we're talking about all the money now the talk about paying the players went. What happened to educate these student -- yeah now. You know you -- -- it -- you know coach you know I'm all. Our coaches value at least it doesn't make it. It is that it not me it's easy way. Where the level of importance there and if you're not this -- scale you know follow Obama. I'm not -- I'm not -- an indication but I mean a lot of bailout. And you know his team his school Kansas say they just built and our brand new stadium. And Taj Mahal like he says but he said you know I hate I hate for a player to decide where he's going to play based on. What the building looks like now don't look on in -- Really want to some of those kids think that that's the thing no only I mean make or -- Eli. You know on the new shoes they see the new uniforms and see that turf they see the new here. You know living facilities and see the weight rooms and meeting facilities and that makes all the -- on the -- targets off for this. Think -- of respect for these they had to deal Americans and they gave him -- -- -- it would -- Kind of dues you know nice yeah that was kind of a neat deal went up there had been Fayetteville longest time Beckett there. And that stadium up there is just it's gigantic now the -- Fayetteville. Yeah I remember the defensive line -- his honesty because to look a little different from when the last time you saw that I said. I'm -- and create more. Great Razorbacks stadium and they've raised the bar -- -- creeps up in the stadium and -- yeah. And he said knowing that he's always plasma screen TVs in the biggest Arenas you know offers few years ago big screen TV you know in in the world -- there. Jerry Jones bought them you know -- Wal-Mart people did this and he's yet to do it recruit him did but he now. -- you know. Well last in. In along racial and if you hit the ball and elected by the people did that and make a complete. -- and Annika talking about their -- zone in critical part in and then. Are reluctant security -- -- all. It's -- -- -- and what can we believe that barbershop in a big brown is that if I'm in the you know if you -- to -- -- but it. Right and then if you get a player like that who's drafted and goes to Cleveland and it's slightly lately the that the college looked much better and is a whole lot -- -- -- those schools are like that that the facilities are way better -- in the facilities. I went went from arkansas' for the Saints on David drive are you kidding me video trailers. The Raiders when he scenario you mean in the -- beside the film room. -- I thought we are met the place just to have the press complicated member Kevin Manning and -- give me. And there were at a press -- okay. So it took me over the noticeable you wouldn't know where we have practiced. Exit when you mean that's -- we will have practice and lift weights and -- He loses it. -- -- -- mean it as -- keep an idiot if there's only one football field. Ticket again as that that winners but the way you do that is -- one -- And I have for this answer you're gonna play -- -- saying where's the -- bar so you know fit that gap of so -- what you're saying is it's not about the money in college football right. And you know Ali I'll pray so whenever we talk about it level sports talk about it at -- -- You go back. First standalone for the championship game with the media Internet and game between Miami at Kent State at about 88 featured uphill lie that would. But -- I don't -- my college football field. It's about that. And -- that was the end college football and slowly gravitate toward the league. And now you come out -- I'll convert it so well. I didn't. I mean look they they had that they had to say okay. You can you can have some pretty easy bail out on the I'll come DB do. And then -- it bulldozer they pulled those conferences. Those conference coaches. Was it does 65%. Of number 65 of them or whatever. We haven't said they only wanna play against themselves and wanna have to play any of these smaller schools. Yeah all -- -- that -- you come out of college so about it and he can move toward. They -- if you're out playing normal order one double lately. Go and and we don't know -- well it's going to be could be -- schedule we don't -- Mateen did you know. One double A portrait down -- it will move the game at the 118. -- -- and the committee -- might come but it would what you put a program that knee op art that can beat the come on that million dollar paycheck -- at one school. So I'm not only you but there are two and some comparable only eight. Some of the Olympics a lot I don't know fourteen double fault. What about some of the the independent schools. Excited about it if you let. Them and they all I'm seeing a compliment you can make -- analyses. It about eight it. You know how and you have a school that trade it. It is not how hot -- after the ball -- -- -- out of a tremendous program. Built up court and make people would would wake or immigrant group like that -- the unity. In the point and I'll cook. Premiere conference. And and an -- and don't go out there to pick it actually they're good people with their cargo compartment to appear in going in there and -- there. And they had her. While you want the way you look at their. And that was the common ground. Honestly if like Notre Dame you know they made it to the championship game of course album destroy them but they -- They going to be able to -- -- not one of these power conferences. Notre beat -- the only one in my field and it doesn't want to hand it. There might be all. Yet it may -- older ones currently -- kind of you know -- -- color I don't mean on the day he'd be greatly EP kids they'll count. Or -- -- by all rules but. You know what happened it if they want -- Five with sixteen in the school at Notre Dame all -- the -- demand for all looked like you know I told this to you now. He's big chief Deke Bellavia deacon at tomorrow be ready for the countdown to kick off. And I know you're in 08. At the end -- And you again don't fully knows -- you don't fool anybody UB placing your order while while we're over there. All of that look I -- and do not. Look -- things don't go right. Big chief Deke Bellavia would look forward to countdown to kick off but like countdown to kick off tomorrow with you and Bobby Knight and Garcia era through. We'll take a break it's sports talk on the TWO. And a welcome back the sports to knock it on the depth you out. The press conference that is so funny to them create six exit 89 087 -- just -- into the big achievement Deke Bellavia about the SEC. Network. And it's estimated that that deal. Is that worth combined round 400 million annually. The combine television -- with the CBS sports and he has via half. There in that ten minutes ago when he tucked. I. -- -- coming candidates 7870 saying I hope the SEC network is not like he has the and you -- book of Manny and SEC stories every night the -- Manning was a great show but not every -- -- -- HBO they keep repeating the same thing over and over I would imagine the start. They're probably gonna have to repeat some things that they do have some shows. That yours that's set up. Tim Tebow. Is going to have a show on the SEC network. No CC nation and Tim Tebow taking cholera. The conference and who's gonna talk about it so he still says he's ready for the NFL if -- if anybody wants them if anybody calls he's been practicing every day. He's been training every day he says he is a better quarterback today that he was two years ago. No but nobody's call no. No nobody's -- no come -- now -- uniting around a a football environment to -- mean. What do you like getting geared to dailies throwing to wide out here are concerned he's got a trainer Ernie strain and every day in there on working mountain. I Manila you know on I. Pretty -- SAL Brady Quinn again needs he's down Miami who who says Sanchez's Philadelphia Rex Grossman Browns just picked him up course. He did. You know. Played a Super Bowl didn't win with there assists the ones who both played one Manning now but. You know. Well look I mean I'm I'm giving credit for hanging in there and you know sort of in -- continuing to try to live his dream it. -- I mean there comes a point you sort of have to realize that maybe. Whose knowledge nobody knows about him okay and I think that's the thing I think everybody knows about him so they're similar in. Much -- Canada or want to compound it by at least. They might be saying similar things to him him because he's not I don't think he's gonna get the shot that he's looking for an in the NFL I don't know maybe is. I'm sure thing called he went he would he would go viola are you hood he's he's going to be do on the three game for a lot of the games that they will be -- on the on the SEC. Network. In SEC nations so that's where Tim Tebow is and you know what. Do that broadcast things not that bad a deal for a for a lot of these Texas -- all the. He's not ready to hang it up obviously and he feels like keys or maybe didn't get the job he did pitch out of me away it was a god gave him a shot it okay and well laughs they want the the guy was he was polarizing now because I mean he was. Everybody had their -- on the TV and he was out there I mean it's going to be the same thing this year when now. When -- does his thing technically and when they how popular and that is going to be in -- -- I think it's. They're sort of element of it they're pretty much leaning towards him learning to -- nevertheless. He's going to be fun to watch you mean the guy's a playmaker whether ice if he'll pull off for not. Remains to be seen to then his polarizing kind of player. How good could it possibly be for Cleveland this year. Journeyman so to put some life back in team LeBron comes home. Cleveland maybe maybe a couple of critical a couple of things -- -- the Cleveland -- at Cleveland's medals may not be the worst sports fans or the or the the most depressed sports fans. In all of sports them this year list usually there at the reader. -- -- -- I. Mean yeah -- just try to memorize I think I remember Cleveland I have not done that stadium game will grip on the plane -- -- With greens and all of them face spray paint the sentiment would address for TV. So. Can you go there's more than a great -- okay. This is an Arkansas anymore we'll be right back to WW. -- Ryan has -- wrap up this -- ready for our final hour here and sports talk we'll get back to similar Saints -- some Texan talking about the Saints and say hey you know the Saints are playing the Titans tomorrow and I. Season football you know we know we've talked about it it's a practice is going to be. High spirited practice. Against. Opponents that you don't have to practice with him every day but it's going to be in the Mercedes-Benz superdome while. You know ready to get -- venue you know break it -- come on -- draw on crop Cologne and get ready. C'mon get excited I'm I'm fired up it's to. From your fired a mall here decided. I'm on -- mantra now. It got really yeah ICM and Agassi the intensity effervescent. Ready for this pre season game tomorrow night aside myself we'll talk a little bit more about it what you expect this week of a time of year on WW well.