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Aug 14, 2014|

Today on SportsTalk with Todd Menesses and former Saints offensive lineman Steve Korte: we’ll get you ready for preseason game number two as the Saints head home to the Dome to take on the Tennessee Titans. What impressed you most in last week’s game against the Rams? Fans voted Mark Ingram Offensive MVP ….do you think Mark Ingram and Khiry Robinson can carry the load for the Saints this year? Are you encouraged by what you saw or do you still need more convincing? What about Pierre Thomas?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now welcome back to the final -- sports talk here on WW along with former -- defensive lineman Steve -- top Manassas. Tomorrow the Saints take on the Tennessee Titans it is the second. Pre season game of the year but it is the first game at home -- -- in the Mercedes-Benz superdome a lot of fans are texting and 877 that that are going to be. Happy to see the Saints at the dome it will be at the game even though it is a pre season game. And as we've said in the past. Fans do get into these pre season games the ones that do stick around towards the end. When it gets close we've seen someone get really close towards the end and we'll look at it not gonna say. If you see if you really. I guess one really sit and watch the game and get into it. At least you're not gonna have -- XQ shouldn't it's not as good it's not going to be swift it's not going to be as flawless and and the stuff that you're used to -- even from. From some of the poor teams in film you know record wise. Which are not gonna see that sort of you know kind execution stuff that you really you're gonna see a lot of change that you can see a lot of personnel stuff and you'll see some sloppy play. And you'll see some you know things did that -- intentionally do. As far as play calling that they normally wouldn't do because when they got to lose. You know Ron Brian they say you know there are several different things we can try today. Defensively to see if they -- and Hewitt they look out on scheme so we can watch those on film against you know life players that haven't seen this before let's the other react. There's been a lot of experimentation on some stuff coming back and give away you know either stuff that they're gonna do and that is during the season but the same time. Would be surprised at all to see him go for fourth down several times it would you know why why not you know we work really what are you really try to do here they -- win the game via. Anytime you put depends -- you ready stand between the lines you you want win it and gonna cheer for the end at end -- -- -- go to the players wanna win right I don't care what it is I mean you've got to practice -- gonna wanna win I want to win that -- up. But I. So you can you can get excited about it and watch it and it'll end up being. Sort of a pretty entertaining game yeah if you really kind of look at that way but don't expect it to be. Sunday brand NFL football week four -- not going to be. Exactly them. Don't experience don't expect right now and I think. Manager expectations I think most of must make it now debut with the itself among boys. Understand. Him and is there an expectation that pre season what it's all for what it's about but it's still fun. To cheer for the team now. The Saints are letting us know that fans should be prepared once again for NFL security measures. At the Mercedes-Benz superdome and and champions square. Once again this year there gonna be doing that we security at all entrances. For both embassy's been superdome and champion -- include metal detecting ones. The NFL's clear bag policy still going to be enforced. And gates -- champions square will open at 4 PM. And all gates at the Mercedes-Benz superdome will open at 5 PM -- kickoff is at 7 o'clock. For them you know I and thinking about then you might wanna get a little earlier this pre season for them to ride. To get in there and that's what they're saying in my hands one might -- arrival earlier now allow extra time prize right security measures. Don't remember this -- forget that remember that the the statement the bags are restricted to one clear vinyl plastic bag twelve by twelve by six. Per person. And one small clutch purse six and a half by four and a half inches maximum size. The small clutch should be approximately the size of hand and he's taken into the stadium with a larger clear plastic bag or separately. And the policies that dye designed to speed entries these are the prohibited. Carry in items. They include but are not limited to purses larger than a clutch bag. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Criticize your hand him briefcases. Backpack they size in my -- -- only a small woman's. Small moments and with Kosier at your size your hands but the size is small so expect cooler. Coolers briefcases backpacks Fannie packs. Since bags not approved seat cushions. Luggage of any kind because you can't stay there overnight. Computer bags camera bags or any bag larger than the permissible size. Not approves seat cushions include large traditional seat commissions that have pockets zippers compartments. -- covers. Other items not allowed obvious and -- complex include cans bottles. Weapons fireworks contraband. Video cameras still cameras with lenses that exceed six inches recording devices beach balls laser pointers. Artificial noise makers and containers of any kind -- don't go home. And let them. Pay as much contraband intelligently in the car with a -- it is it's been sort of said anything that is fun. -- made it the more simpler but Padilla but they're they're trying to do it for for fancy. As well it is. And I realize in the world we live in now it's the world we live in now unfortunately in -- How things -- just like any time you go to India major event especially the NFL it's. High profile like that it's like going to the airport an anecdote the roll the security measures so. Just get used to it but they just want to remind fans. For the game tomorrow. You might wanna get their little bit early because it is the first time for them as well like you said -- Griese is now. Only a million I don't know my source of this before but our fans are good. I mean you go to other cities and not nearly as. Friendly and I don't know I did just that everybody sort of in pretty good -- down here but you go to some of those other cities it is mean spirited and just not as fun. So you say the weapons in contraband list he could bring -- -- -- for Oakland and you have for Oakland Oakland and Chicago Rocco and -- Leo definitely don't know yet. That's one man at that. 260187866. They hate I bureau it's seventy will go ahead and take a break come back. -- talk a little bit about some of the new rules the officials are gonna -- forcing this year. Little bit stricter. On out how they're going to be calling the coverage of the quarterbacks and it's because of what the Seattle Seahawks and -- can look to make a statement and I can tell you Richard Sherman and those guys did Pete Carroll did. Last year will take a break to be right back WWL. And welcome back here than Everest or 60187866889087. Egan also Texas and 87870. Are pretty Jack or opinion poll. Saints fans you OK with Mark Ingram carried Robinson caring -- this season stool 80% of you say yeah. Okay. I expert so. Got a text here and there were talking about yeah the they're calling the officials Chris Collins worth was talking about the officials. They're not gonna allow the quarterbacks to grab and get away with too much contact after that five yards this year -- Up Pete Carroll and the Seahawks defense were famous for doing this last year Richard Lewis I mean Richard Sherman did it up and because there theory was. If we do it on every play. The refs are gonna get tired or not gonna throw the flag every time because it's gonna stop the game and that's -- and they're not gonna do that. And and they were right the referees did not throw it every time. I Jimmy Graham was complaining that they were grabbing him a lot when we played them and that's why he was able to get open and more than a lot of other receivers -- our tight ends complained about it last year especially about the Seahawks so. The rule has been changed this year. They're gonna watch it a little bit tighter. Pete Carroll has said it's well it's kind of like sort of like as an honor not not so much an honor but -- that we were able to make them. Change how it deals on me because of what we did. -- the Cleveland Browns. Wins so far as to emphasize this this year and in in their training camp that they had their cornerbacks. Wearing boxing gloves. That means -- hundred to keep them from grabbing media to keep the -- to remind them that you cannot grab lament the five years at 5 AM to five yards. So they have two kickers. On the you know I wrestled and was mad and all -- the outfield I don't letters I guess I understand I guess it's pretty good pretty good theory that because. Look at they're gonna start Collins -- you know it will because they're -- -- an emphasis on this because that's disruptive you know and that's the point where. In their right you can't collar reply to -- -- he'll last six hours right so. You know it's like anything else number one house plain and if they outlawed had slaps -- I'm okay. But guys were still trying to go for the club which is. You know obviously part of it and slap except it's on your shoulder right. Well they would miss the shoulder. -- -- -- -- -- So it was a head slap right so after a couple of those you know you can see the umpire that kind of wander over there and fog and haze and say. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But I was doing and anyway. But I do it now I was called and there's probably. 456 times in years called for that but as always you then throw on the guy on the ground at the so stupid when I have to do that. It but nevertheless it was sort wipe out and sort of nailed that one but yet it's it's kind of falls along the same ones -- Look guys within -- hands win every time and that's what you hope to do so. You know it's no different playing corner and the guys that are greater press coverage blow like a rocket Richard Sherman and stuff you know look. They're gonna use that -- -- calendar that they have and utilize that the past that they cancel look at you can disrupt a guy keep him. You know out of rhythm and get off the line of scrimmage and they did that all year long -- what -- jail people the line scrimmage. When he couldn't hold that up just for a split second and you've got the defensive front that Seattle -- series of pressure on people. I think the reason that the NFL and Roger Goodell would do you that this year. Is is not so much because of the Seattle Seahawks have because they were in some in some aspects it isn't the quarterback throw a little bit of those -- they want and while the quarterback we have to throw -- what do they want the high score they want that at Atlanta the game 400 yard line there and they also I think ain't. Wanted to prevent the rest of the league from saying well heck if they're gonna do it. We're gonna do it too -- and then and and you -- talk about more musicality and possibly more injuries in more you know what you know clearly exactly. Copycat league yet and it's it this is just one of those things that sort of followed the same night. Look you gotta give you know look Pete Carroll those guys outsmart them and they said look can we -- the candidates like I was telling you break. Put -- thousand college and I was a defensive back. And the guy got behind me yeah. I -- pulling down. They gonna call me for pass interference okay I'm prevent its exports Jesus -- a spot now -- state -- get a first down oh well better than six points and do it every time exactly you know circle that. Now and that's you know -- a different -- different story about him to stated that they've you can learn to play within the rules -- my -- were kind of statement came on a roll the dice here. And is a difference from something like that because you know Keenan Lewis and and citizens -- gonna affect him and our. Our cornerbacks centered and emphasized. To them as well. How to how to play and how to do this and how not to do that Tom. But on the other side of the scheme that the penalty this year for dunking it over the goal post as Jimmy Graham is famous for error. That was. Put up by Arthur Blank owner of the Atlanta Falcons to put that forward he's been like that he'd likely do that over there and messed -- their goal post. It Jimmy Graham has said that he's still got to do it. Now. I don't think he's got to do I know he he did it in the black and gold. Game and they immediately threw the flag on him. It's gonna cost. Fifteen to be a fifteen yard penalty on the kickoff meaning there will move. The kicking team backs of the Saints scored a touchdown and Graham decides to don't get over the goal post. The same two of them have to kick the ball fifteen yards further back than normally where they were kicking off. I don't think -- do you think Jimmy's really gonna. Risk. That possibility of the giving the other team a short field and possibly scoring -- all right. And -- only time -- it's just -- game was out and late in the fourth quarter and -- by. 24 yes they -- AMA. I still don't know if you do and I mean. I certainly would hate to look at defense the next day and say. What you guys have bats hot you know doing that. Kind of selfish on my part you know and I'm liner in the pocket. -- but he has enough money -- America that's an escalating -- each time you do that I'm. I wouldn't do it. The village you know. At that kind of money you know it was just defiant against him but not you know the penalty that's where -- get that -- entities and their they're and they're saying -- don't do that -- team right right. So I don't and John with the stories that you you'll probably still do it in Atlanta once we're far enough again just to prove well okay. In your case point where we're up by you know 24 points or something we'll look at I can say this look ridiculously on offense and your. First and goal of the four yard line. I can anticipate that the offensive guy is gonna try to jump -- why. Because when they can do and it's going to be a lot. Over the cup and it just doesn't get old OK they moved to another foot forward. So one -- first down okay well. What does he guessed the right it would because Paterno so there's there's ways you take calculated risks exact -- and play within the rules. You know I'm not some secrets so. Well you should back it up after you're not on the field -- more -- But you you you see that all the time attorney anticipate the snap count especially when. In particular situation when he got to lose nothing you know what six inches but can't do just that much closer yeah. -- the goal line stand field remain in your wonderful. Great great things going on get a tackle for loss in what you do you know Douby to snap and they don't catch it you know. What about the experiment. For the first two pre season games. Raising the goal post. Making them five yards and change Shayne Graham. Typical hit the upright and last time around you know it's not it's making it a little bit more and moving them backing it further back yet it used to be sort of deal which yes. Those superfluous and 99% of all the extra point for me -- so now it's not. Quite as. And look coming to later on the season you didn't start getting some inclement weather and you start getting some wind and some cold and some you know harsh conditions and and he started in mount on the field and those types of deals and extra point made me a big deal -- -- to hate miss an extra points. -- it -- somehow someway you do is your comeback are you just do you feel you knew at some point. Were you know we. Can't believe we can get the extra point you know and now it's. Thirteen fourteen. He came back yeah point haunt the Saints -- that Jaguars game remember good god party that we've been brought at all or -- where they call that that they. Then a -- to be alert and so we -- Colorado -- be alert and there was a person they have a name for the planet term knows that the river city miracle that was the Titans again and in their playoff game but. But anyway and and they get it all way down there and Carney misses the extra point. Which would it's I'd have to put in overtime remember Warren was the time it's staggering exactly. So yeah it does mean a lot now. They're just doing I think it's just an experiment for the first two pre season games I don't know if they're gonna make it have -- they've given -- the green light. For the rest of the season. -- things Berman right now and doing so but yeah I think I think it. They should be able to make it a little bit further back from -- for the extra time to agree. Let's see let's go to -- on a cellphone AJ year on WWL. Yeah I don't know if it will -- -- -- I'll they've -- -- well be but bigger well like we're or. -- ago. I think anything that they're gonna anytime you're gonna do. It doesn't have to be the slam don't go over the -- polls I think the way it's written is any time it is you'd -- would you jump up and put it over the goal post. I figured the penalty. I don't think it has agreed with hang in on it I could be wrong by ascended to that that this. I could I'll look up the definition that I could it could be wrong and picky aren't as -- lord knows he's just yeah I just asked my life I've been wrong before. But that aside I think it's any time you you do that they're yeah they're good right now river Larry thank you. I. -- but the born out of the leader of the celebration on that particular awhile back. But you know it's like. -- and Peter in the ball real army all go on like the older you got occurred on been dictating you're right. He didn't -- hang on those ripples football's not you know I'm not. Did you bring up a good point I. You know I don't know man and I think some of -- stuff it's really spontaneous it happens -- -- go with -- which sealed his pretty rehearsed trap and your dislike Belmont we know where does it stop you know like a bowling pins and now Seattle that was just to put your garbage you know why I didn't like the -- go to the -- and you know set it up like he -- he might -- all that stuff I mean well. The celebration that we need to try to achieve -- first that trophy you know. And I agree on an -- -- I'm right today thanks for the call. Yeah I mean it their calling at the slam over the the dunk over Lugo post but I'll I'll look it up to break it. I think any even a finger roll and keep keep keep his river Drew Brees. Has done it a couple of times. So. And his influence isn't the same. Arthur -- Arthur Blank look Atlanta Atlanta used -- people -- -- people -- to fix the goal -- ranked in Atlanta Falcons -- demise and he you know a lot of mr. burns them on the Simpson's. Who they don't like what they do that -- with the -- post. These you know I don't know -- -- what do you -- that is the seems a little stiff to me and who knew who that man is but he shouldn't be doing that hello. Is he one of the players to respect. Falcons. I'm I just respect about him. Don't care exactly but it -- -- look at that point when you're the enemy in the enemy who -- the -- But but yet and that's that's where it all started with that but I I think you know it's still going to be fun as long as Jimmy Graham catches touchdowns. I think Saints fans will be happy -- the don't -- Over the go in the game and we've got more points and they don't care how. These delicate difficult poster god -- So someone's position and forced the penalties on the extra plane instead of the kickoff. That would be if you do ago. That would also oh. You know because -- eventually could. Good six hits -- extra point out that ticket package. Hasn't hit it I thought I don't Barton and Barca. That I could could catch up on you know news if you get six every town is that lets them. Argue to you will you missed extra point here it's just a good deal. 96 -- 7866889087. Yeah it takes river city relay is with Jimmy Anderson called that -- on -- and so and McCarty I don't remember that there but I do remember watching that I remember Watson I think -- -- -- that was that the most completely I've ever seen in my life and it was Connolly. And it was a anyway I thought it was automatic most on the belief I guess I missed that kick I ever saw you your smile at it like this is automatic regarded overtime. -- And still. Saints fans still love Jim -- Some. Human -- 26786. Exit -- 0870. We'll take a break to be right back sports talk bureau WW. And welcome back to 67866. At 89087. There were a lot of rule changes actually that did go. Did pass this year for the NFL. And going through a bunch of them. He year. That have started let's see the to that the that the taunting an abuse of languages. -- it. That was kind of there all -- time and abusive and. When you don't mind those people he -- taunting and use that language that. Can really that. Yes but -- the whole thing with the with the goal -- being extended five. Hire five that that is that has passed the experiment. Is. Is with they're doing right now in the NFL the 35. -- kicking a little bit further back. Now via the extra five feet on the goal post that had that did pass so. Go Poulter goal post up rights are increasing to 35 feet that's researching Graham. Well it looked as well as you know that they're trying to prevent that ball from going -- atop the goal posts and referees Republican the bottom of the goalposts and look up receivers in round. You know it's sort of went right over top of the goal post. Now music they're saying that. Look at him where they -- a -- that -- those they're not really any higher and then there's no way to get that much trajectory on the football. You know that close right. So any time they were missed and missed in the -- Eagles have been that far away. You know it was barely sort of squeaker over top of the goal -- service that was I was right behind the gold balls and it was in. An amazing now I was in so this is you know five more feet that's pretty significant. Let's see here now via the whole thing about the the dunking rule. They're saying here. You can't. Dump the football. Anymore. Graham I'm reading also some of the comments that day at. People are putting on there talking about it but that the NFL is outlaw the dumping of the ball over the goal post. Before this admitted likened the crossbar and still be toyed with. In other ways with the NFL must address it the ball may not be used as a prop anymore the players may still do pull ups on the crossbar. They may mounted and perform balance beam routine -- is set up model trains along its -- that they haven't. Signified all of that but basically yet they can't. Don't gonna put the ball over use the ball as a prop as someone says that's what the actual rules state you can use the ball. As a prop so. Technically he. Jimmie could do that jump and go like he's ducking it but not have the ball in his hand. I'm guessing. -- if he doesn't use the ball. And -- the same thing. That's you know things go tomorrow what's -- gonna do do you look can jump into over the bar. Panel slamming the ball in the back of the stadium is sort of the dealer and. -- now. And also the other -- to be -- to be more respectful to each other that some of them they're trying to hold them taunting thing. And that's from the the NCAA is actually asked the NFL the try to help them by. Being stricter about that in the NFL that maybe you reflect back in the college game. -- going emulate the players that you can't and on it and do all these crazy things. Well I mean -- two -- Things matters -- -- the largest -- not to do that and but. Well you look at the reflection of the coach to detectives would echo of a coach came on similar. You embarrass yourself and your teammates you know or or this university institution of caller by doing something stupid like that. -- by some. You know so I don't think it would take it just a couple of times for -- and act like. You know if they get sent down and. How would you do it again right. Yeah I college I mean Australians and you know lupica hardness. Discipline in the college. Coaches. Let's. Duality in the Slidell hey Alan. Here's crop up on -- you WL. They -- which can happen and I Jimmy Graham scored a touchdown that out five. And movement -- but one point. Any doubt that and all that I operate now in the kick off. I don't think -- will that it probably does find him yeah it does and doesn't weather play there's not neither player that they can do a song. And. Most famous thing -- -- to say that on and arm and a book. The man at some -- -- Dombrowski space. I was standing right there. Yeah I mean you know that's like. Totally on or like just. Being mean it. Well I did some little unsportsmanlike to about two plays where it -- brought him out all the way I don't under -- is okay. Yeah. It makes so it's now it is accelerate 7866 and 8987. We'll go ahead -- take a break it's -- of the Saints play in the dome. In Jimmy Graham scores a touchdown they should show -- video of him dunking the ball over the goal posts. And the problem goes and I remember when remember like a Jimmy could still do this and -- he looks. I'll sleep he was that. Ice. Issues on. The crowd with -- go crazy just because he scored the touchdown. Do six allotted 786 exit eight -- -- awaits -- you'll take a break and be right back -- listen to WW. And welcome back to 6087866889087. Talking about almost the court to evidences in sports talk and the Saints tomorrow of course have their second pre season game. Of the year -- will take on the Tennessee Titans in the Mercedes-Benz superdome keeping them off at 3 o'clock experts take. With our resident pro former Saints offensive lineman Steve courts and and just in live promotion and agree oh average rate goes I don't I don't have to have. And have a long distance from the title and guys that does just about everything else around here and now that I've Oceana sort of like. Pretty much in major via close ago Witten were to Texas. That's awful as I still wake up and called and it's as I still -- debacles -- -- Aikman. Anyhow. At least a lot. From Oceanic growing contact distance from -- 5 o'clock but like countdown to kick off. I need to meet Bobby -- beat Bolivia at gates the outside the superdome 7 PM is game time. With the best play by play team at football with the voice of the Saints Jim Henderson Saints color analyst hokey guy John and Saints sideline reporter Kristian -- After the game join the KG -- in the big chief for the point after. They'll take that to about 1 AM ten hours while walls Saints football over tomorrow -- -- treaty no anyway it's good to get football back in the city. It is in you know -- whine cry about it. Pre season and just can't stand it it's better than the season and it is better than than. Just watching it is the game's over and over him like we do -- why -- -- and what the NFL shoes all the old games I know. And watch all the time but there are some that I will stuff wise you know I've seen even though -- dole. Joseph Montana. When he was quarterback in the -- Beats John Elway in Denver Broncos in the game and I'll still watch it I think as I say he'll watch it every time because it's just a good game just a good game -- with -- AFC championship. With the Browns and the and the Broncos win I don't have the ball up the drive that ended the year at the moment the drive with a with Elway when they want including Ireland and in the next -- when they fumbled and Denver is like. You still -- -- -- if you watched that whole game and you do you think it's somewhat may -- this year he won't follow that could change this time. We're gonna change history well and I'll put my Tomasson when I mean this it wouldn't -- -- sit and watch Rocky. -- it really yes I hope he wins. It's completely that -- ever and he won. Joseph movies you watch movies over and over again you know what's gonna. I mean there are some games like to watch again even though I know I can watch the Saints super they're the looters and proving that -- over again and now you know I can watch the Saints who promote any sign of the outcome of -- that playoff game with the Cardinals on -- command and the Vikings. But you know I mean just that. Arbitrary. Game in the middle of the season now probably. No but but look I will watch Thursday night game or something and you know power yet you know those. Flex schedule things -- -- right and I love watching a football week in -- I'm talking about go back nine I don't know you know I asked about stuff. That's not changed them. Does that I wanted to do not know there's enough distance field goal doesn't win this time it doesn't do it don't block the stands in town now. But maybe doc brown and Marty back in time it's something. To seek to Cowboys. No one you know. That's gonna start to the really bad for you. Although. Yelled Tony Romo will play this weekend. When his back injury he's going to play in the course. Cowboy fans are already tweeting out that means we're gonna lose even in the pre season -- really you'll probably get hurt and go away. Why you gotta let him play just further -- he should address the -- and sell. And organizations. Downhill spiral it's in a freefall and it's all because a Gerald Jerry Jones and you don't see it. -- don't want to hear about him spiral. Rest him all academy. Kelly coming up next -- it and we got scared of it taken all the way in -- threw a midnight coming up next here on WW.