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Aug 14, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

When these cold fronts come through here that it does it change the daytime temperature that much but yeah especially in the morning at midnight like this it's very very comfortable and even. Even early in the day if you if -- initiate in the wind has blown it has been very very comfortable but it's gonna warmup. It's like our next big chance of rain is coming on Sunday so. -- looks like it's going to be a nice day tomorrow for the year pre season game in the superdome Mercedes-Benz superdome against the Tennessee Titans. For those of you who will tailgate for that. And hang outside in -- do different things that in and also looks like Saturday will be a great day. A team WWL is headed home to their home field here -- of -- well -- back from the Greenbrier. In West Virginia. It was obstacle to protest march downtown I saw from my window but I I couldn't see the signs because there were walking away from me. This is about 645 tonight he went up Carrollton. Don't sort of went up occur on the left when a Paronto electric canal street and turned on canal street and headed toward the river. And it was citizens. Not police that we're stopping the traffic. Holding traffic -- on canal street. If anybody knows exactly what their protest was about I'd love to atlas to know he could send me text. An 87070. Our numbers 26018. Saturday I'm not good at judging crowds -- -- they were about 200 people aren't like to know -- that -- protest march. That was about. It's time for tonight's are trending top eight at eight here at the top trending eight things we'd like you know as we begin our show tonight on WWL. Number eight. -- eastern Wisconsin made a traffic stop and they found the driver behind the wheel intoxicated. Not only was this driver behind the wheel intoxicated. She was thirteen years old. There were five of the juveniles fourteen and under riding in the car with a thirteen year old who was struck. Now this is responsible. With thirteen year old would have went one of the other people who was intoxicated drive wouldn't be nearly as bad. Thirteen years old into what part of this picture is is is just not right. Thirteen year old drinking. Thirteen year old getting at a car. Five other people under -- fortunate under riding in the car not a good situation. Number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. -- seem like a ridiculous idea in the beginning low fat French Fries but Burger King went ahead and try to promote. -- frauds they were French Fries we have more calories. Less fat grams. And less sodium. Overall it was of lost and two thirds of the Burger King restaurants are dropping from the menu -- but 2500 around the country are gonna keep it on the menu. The a critical -- -- these are status for guys. Now they had 270 calories. Eleven grams of fat 300 milligrams of sodium. Compared to the regular French Fries that had 340 calories. Fifteen programs. And 480. Milligrams of -- -- a difference but it's still not exactly health food and you know I guess some things are just not supposed to be not fattening -- French Fries. If you wanna eat French Fries in French Fries if you don't want -- helping -- French price of the founding and be something else. Number six on tonight's top eight at eight. -- yeah I hear from someone says the of the Saint Louis shooting here is another -- I heard the protest was over the Missouri teen. -- it was -- will be talking about that tonight that's a number one on our list of the top eight at eight by I saw this protest downtown and I want to say -- about 200 people. But he was so walking away from the from my window -- I couldn't see. -- it was and I wouldn't be able to get downtown I'm downstairs downtown in order to turn to catch it some want to know what they're the protest was about it was interesting because there were no. There were no police escorts and it was citizens who were stopping traffic on canal street as the protest went up Rondo went. And turned on canal and headed down to the river so thank you for that to think that every. Here's another text as -- it was a peaceful demonstration and Lafayette square called national day of rage. I says so cause. Cause nothing says peace. Like rage OK I guess I understand that way it's good that it was peaceful from what I saw it was it was peaceful. They were marching and and and chanting but I did know what they were -- -- interesting that right here in New Orleans we're having him. Protests and demonstration about the shooting in Missouri which will be talking about it later tonight number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Northeast Ohio teenager has been arrested. After he videotaped himself. I guess somebody videotaped it tough for him but -- this describe was walking down the street. Kicking a stray cat. The video went viral. To -- Mitchell eighteen years old kick the cat is he and his friend walked down the street. You know we talked about this recently with a video that went viral. Our YouTube. It was a pity over guy kicking a squirrel over the edge into the Grand Canyon. If these videos go viral. Don't those of you who watch the videos. Of animal abuse -- contributing to the abuse. By watching and sharing the videos. I talked about this on the show and I I've got a text from somebody who said that today she blocked this person on her Twitter account. Because. He he shared that video. The guy kicking the the swirl into the Grand Canyon. Now people videotape these things and put him on YouTube. Or post them on FaceBook because people watch. If there was no audience. Then would there still be the animal abuse I mean I understand that there might -- Now I never saw either one of these videos and won't watch you don't want. But if you watch a video about animal abuse. There -- -- contributing. To the motivation that inspires people to do videos about animal appears. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Williams' wife revealed that her husband was suffering from the early stages of Parkinson's disease and that may have contributed to his depression. It led to his suicide. Also the sheriff's officials in December Cisco Bay Area have been criticized for releasing details of Robin Williams suicide. But officials say that state law requires the release of that information. Is it wrong to release details of somebody's death and we've learned a lot of details about Robin Williams. I'm dying from -- -- Needs to basically choked himself to death but he was apparently not a quick death and a rather slow death and the sheriff's officials in December Cisco Bay Area say that it is and it's a law that tells them to do that. But his wife Susan rumblings like -- and made this statement she said Roberts spent so much of his life helping others. Whether he was entertaining millions on stage film or television our troops on the front lines were comforting a sick child. Robin wanted us to laugh and to feel less afraid. Since his passing all of us who loved -- Has found some solace in the tremendous outpouring of affection and admiration for him from the millions of people whose lives he touched. His greatest legacy besides his three children. Is the joy and happiness. He offered to others particularly those fighting with personal battles. -- sobriety was intact. And he was brave as he struggled with his own battles of depression anxiety as well as early stages of Parkinson's disease which he was not yet ready to share publicly. It is our hope in the wake of province tragic passing. That others will find the strength to seek the care and support they need to treats when -- two -- to treat whatever battles they're facing. So they may be less afraid escaping from Robin williams' wife and steal of the tragedy that is -- being talked about in America tonight. If you gonna join our show with comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. X seventy and -- -- number is 8787. Number for tonight's list of the top eight at eight. What is the psychology behind us this challenge. Did you or did your kids take the challenge. That is just designed to raise money for AL us Lou Lou Gehrig's disease which is the disease that has. Affected the body of the beloved Steve Gleason here and into -- area. Eight Ellis reports that they are donations are up a 1000%. Since this challenge started -- what this is is is people get a a bucket of ice water. And -- challenge somebody else to do the same thing. If they don't dump -- a big bucket of ice water on themselves. And their obligated within 24 hours are obligated to make a 25 dollar donation. To a Ellis research. So yeah I guess you could get out of the challenge if you just made the donation to a LS. Which is it certainly agree cause. But he seems to me that there's this psychology of fifteen seconds of fame. And people actually. Are taken the challenge because I think they wanted dump the water on themselves. I think they like this opportunity to be part of this. Massive craze and again I'm not being critical because it's helping a Ellis research. It's a very worthwhile cause. But it's also the desire of fifteen seconds fifteen minutes of fame. By dumping the water run yourself and again I I think people. Are making the don't have a lot of people are making the donations and they're still dumping water on themselves which is really great. Now 86 year old Ethel Kennedy. There's a bunch of people that Kennedy family. Dump water on themselves and Ethel Kennedy was among them Ethel Kennedy challenged President Obama -- said he's not going to do it. And I thought it would be critical for the president to do it but again he can get around it and still be too good guy by making a 25 dollar donation to. And Ellis research I kind of like to do this I spoke to challenge but I'm really not sure who yet to challenge number three at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. 47 year old man died from a stabbing last night side near Burgos street and to loose I think this is really -- a distorted onto loosened. Went on to a -- -- street we talked about their sisters breaking news during this crucial last night bitumen started fighting -- that led to the -- The man who established Knight was also stand Sunday evening about 1030 in the 600 block of Decatur. He went to the hospital and was released. To the guy stand Sunday night at 1030. And -- again last night. After 8 o'clock. Police have yet to determine if the two stabbings were belated. And a PD is looking for a suspect and the suspect is described as an African American male. A between 3040 years of age. 55256. Feet tall. Last seen wearing a white jacket possibly a red shirt underneath a scruffy beard and shoulder length dreadlocks. So that certainly includes. A lot of people. I hope they find the person but. It appears that this is not a reason to panic going to the French Quarter. It appears as if this were as a targeted -- again I don't know if this is related to that standing the other night. But this was not just somebody frantically going through the crowd -- people. And there are people who get in the fights they get into fights over women get into fights over drugs. Whatever. -- which targeted standings so this should not make anybody more afraid to go to the French Quarter before that happened. Number two on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. A lot of help from the community. NO PD has arrested two suspects in the shooting Sunday that left two people dead and five injured including a two year old and a four year old. She surpass believes that guns. And drugs were involved in the shooting it was a drive by shooting. Here's our WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight. Which do you think is more important to reducing crime in New Orleans. Tips from the community. Or more police on the street. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com we're gonna track that throughout the show tonight. And the -- like -- is. Entitled to a community tips are more important in more police. And if you think about it. It seems to me that tips from the community. When do more toward reducing crime then the more police on the street not that more police on the street wouldn't help. But I think there's this Tennessee to to think that if they're more police on the street then police are going to be able to stop. More crimes and I guess that's a possibility but how would police how would more police on the street. We -- had a thousand more police officers than we even worn on the street. And I don't see how that would stop the drive by shooting Sunday. And see how that would've stopped that's the standard. It might lead -- quicker apprehension of suspects. But he -- and actually stop the crime because police can't always be everywhere. When it comes to some kind of dispute. That erupts between two people over a woman retaliation. And drug turf war on guns or or drugs in general. So I I I think is an interesting question. Which is more important reducing crime in New Orleans tips from the community or more police on the street. If your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com and finally tonight's number one on tonight's list. The top eight at eight. Violence continued last night and Ferguson Missouri the last I saw before coming on the air tonight to do the show. Was that there was a protest going on it was still peaceful but the sun had not yet on set. In Missouri. And apparently it's after the sunsets that the protest turned violent. Police Iran. Are still trying to keep the peace but now the Missouri governor Jay Nixon. Has ordered state police to take over the supervision of security of this Saint Louis suburb Ferguson Missouri. Ferguson police arrested a couple of reporters and an Alderman like it's like a city councilman for Saint Louis. And it seems to me that the way that what what I saw on video of the way the police are handling this and Ferguson this type cast and this cast doubts in my mind about the competence of the Ferguson police department. And some of the policing really upset. That news crews were filming. Their actions. Well. This should become a protest also about freedom of speech. Freedom of the press. Police might not like Q videotaping them. But we're -- -- that the media would not have a right to videotape please don't -- if they actually got in the way. If the media were in the way of police that would be different. But if the media. Simply reporting what they see. Then how can police have this aggressive attitude. Toward the media. This is cast. I doubt in your mind about the competence of the Ferguson police department. If you wanna join Russia with a comic tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Early seventy. And a -- numbers say 7870. Here's a Texan reads how crazy is it to protest Saint Louis when we have. The Barone street suburban street to Rocha -- shootings with kids as victims. Right here in no law. WTO -- if you and -- join us tonight are numbers 2601870. Told free. 866889. Series every text number is 87 EA Seve were coming right back on -- -- show. -- -- you'll be a friend Angela tomorrow and all of next week from -- for the afternoon we'll sort out time every day at 1 o'clock like Angela does with what's trending on WWL. It's their casual conversation of all the hot stuff that is trending and you configure on everything it's going on. Also be talking about the saints in the titans and that's the first pre season games second pre season game of the season first one at home. And Mercedes-Benz superdome. And that's going to be tomorrow night and I am looking forward to to CNET and saw a lot of good things in the first pre season game looking for more in the second. A team WWL is headed home from the Greenbrier and they will be at their of their home field here to WL. Hi this weekend and all next week and the saints have a practice on Sunday this will be the first practice open to the public here in New Orleans area. At the training camp in Metairie airline drive a from four until 550 Sunday afternoon. Weather permitting -- then again we're seeing about a 40% chance of rain on Sunday so if the weather's okay the practice will be open to the public if not they have to go inside. Here's our -- -- you -- party jaguar opinion poll tonight which you think is more important in reducing crime in New Orleans tips from the community or. More police on the street. 55% -- more police. 45% say tips from the community. -- like tonight is say about this it's. Titled how how the community police I mean the commuter team. Tips in my opinion are more important in the police you can -- venture with others it's on our website at WWL to account. -- are talking about the violence that continued last night in Ferguson Missouri I don't have a report yet on what's going on their tonight. It was a peaceful demonstration earlier but apparently it's after the sun goes down the violence has erupted hopefully tonight will be a calm night. A Missouri governor Jay Dixon has ordered the state police in Missouri to take over the supervision of the security of the Saint Louis suburb of Ferguson. As Ferguson police arrested a couple of reporters they were acting like military police also arrested and ultimate for Saint Louis. Does this -- questions on the competence of the -- some police department. If you wanna join us with a comment about sell all of this and and the continuing. A problem in in Ferguson Missouri which unfortunately is a bit of a microcosm of much of the racial tension in America today. If you gonna join our SharePoint with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Early seventy and a text number is 877. For new -- press he runs cute show on WW well. I didn't do that I like -- show. But for the -- boy -- pretty fair and balanced. And you know America's third does so I mean you know it's sponsored going to be. Along those lines. What the and let our partners to say it was a reference to. We'll let you know protesting out in mid Missouri when there's so much fire ball and although black on black cloud in the law about a record. No that was attacks I read a text chorus. Okay well in answer to detect them. Law and. It's also along lines of votes Ellis and -- Jack Obama well in the air to solve. Yeah because so much on all and -- the that argument will probably go better if it's not used in the -- Oh they'd do -- -- and that's like it's okay they've done on an automobile complaint portfolio. To them. What likes people who actually that. You bet nets would much rather and that little -- net. Chris you know it's always been my contention that there are a lot of -- people who are white. Who who are conveniently defining it is black on black crime which it is. But that's a way of dismissing it from them it's it's not our problem it's their problem it's not our community problem it's their problem but I would think that. Today a crime problem and any city in any community should be the problem of all of us city's human beings we should care about that and if crime is in one neighborhood. It could spill over into -- neighborhoods like the French quarters so we all need to work together as an entire metropolitan community. To fight crime. And riot act a certain group which. And I'll admit that the issue listen to equal that they don't is that you and I didn't and I heard comments as to. -- did Jack sent in ballots are then again -- they'll they'll come out but Atlanta like this happen and it making money off. You -- it to someone -- it just like president. Clinton and write and make money -- -- the position that hole. They happen that the leaders. Internet you look silly. And I know that it will. It that it signed books and write books and a speak and it was just like everybody else. -- the situations that have occurred even Iraq to meet that. Just like -- -- directly in the from the end of the ball cannot build some specific incident -- on the UK from. A game but he and reaching out to the people that. Don't they vague from the publicity they get they gain power and they gain revenues from the publicity it's generated an. And I and Chris honestly I do understand the frustration I mean there is there's more black on black crime. And that should be as much of a concern of the two reference as to win a white person kills a black person. I would say they think and yet put up until they -- director since he can't but you're not only did bring politics into those individual. -- I put the -- of its bulletin to every black student. Well Nike nationals that. You know you're actually right that's that's that's true and that is. The way the media operates it reflects the audience and it's -- At the audience that American citizens. Don't demand as much attention placed on black on black crime but it's something that is generally. Dismissed by a lot of Americans unfortunately. -- bit can't you build -- national audience that make an immediate Colombo needs some doubts that consider it you're so. That they. Constantly talked about that -- talk again. Goal -- keep it in the media they ought. Talking about black on black and ha it is up. All of that is reassuring Chris and I appreciate you sharing that with us. Bicycle if you wanna join us for your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- semi tech's number is 877 it. Here is a -- -- I'm studying for the police lieutenant test and and is using lights I see going on in Missouri as training. On what not to do. As a law enforcement officer. I have to say they're doing things they're doing a lot of things wrong. I'm not in law enforcement never have been. But from what I see from the videos the raw videos and the official videos from the media from what I see. The Ferguson police department was far too materialistic and a story on military -- they were like military police. And they were far too aggressive. With even people like reporters. Here is -- Regis cute I agree regarding the police and Ferguson to military. And defy a if we have that in New Orleans would -- make a difference. Here's one of the more interesting text that I've I've received -- -- the care. -- I'm trying to watch beaches for the tenth time and listen do you. Love technology. As rumor -- if he just doesn't make you cry I'm sure I would. From loading Kenneth the front of VW good evening Kenneth. We spoke. About Robin Williams movies of course people in the world through terrible generation of the family yeah. I think that would mean you would. Okay guys it's I don't remember the name that a couple of people came up with after UST talked about that -- -- came up with with the time I forget what it was so. Did that day and he went to court. And they probably declared him -- human being. -- interesting concept. Jennifer I appreciate you calling thanks for listing here's an update on our W of you a pretty -- opinion poll tonight. What is more important in reducing crime in New Orleans tips from the community. Or more police on the street. 54%. -- more police on the street. And 46% saying. More tips from the community. You measure bring -- like going to our web site WW dot com we're gonna tractor pull throughout our show here's a Texan last caller was wrong but telescope called before that. Where's Al Sharpton with the shootings in Chicago I have to admit I don't listen Al sharpton's radio show. And if he's talking about black on black crime on his radio show that's a very positive thing. But it is it is a shame that the reverend Sharpton and reverend Jackson only get attention when it's white on black. And white on black is -- it and shouldn't be tolerated. But there should be in an equal amount of of outreach. Over black on black. And even if you're white. We should be outraged about that. Because these are people that we share this city. These -- the criminal types. It become part of our society. And so we all have a vested interest in doing what we can. To. Stop crime and if we pass it off as well you know that's that's their problem. I live in the white community -- white that's not my problem. Well I suggest it is your problem. In the same way that you know they're people who arguable why am I paying taxes to send kids to public school if I don't have any kids. Why am -- paying taxes to send kids to public schools if my kids -- private school. Well we all have an interest in those who go to high school. We don't have an interest in those who are part of our community -- would have kids or not. Because those kids. Going to school they grow up and become part of the community part of our society. Part of the people we work with part of the people that serve us part of the people that workforce and and and what that's. So in the same way that it's it's not. I guess we specifically if you specifically don't have kids you still have an interest in kids getting a good education. -- even if the crimes are happening in your neighborhood. This is something that should affect all of us. If you wanna join our -- right our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. And a -- Summers 877 and -- and we'll be right back on WWL but today was -- last day of four days of jury duty this month never got selected but it was a very interesting process. You know I ever took pride in and in this says civic duty. That I I I I I appreciated I appreciate that I had an opportunity to participate in that you often hear about people trying to get out of jury duty. Never was I attempted to try to get out of it I'll talk about that tomorrow albeit for Angela tomorrow for -- four under the W well. Here's an update on RW you up pretty -- people which do you think is more important in reducing crime in New Orleans tips from the community. Or more police on the street 56% Seymour police but 44% say tips from the community. If your opinion by going to our website WW dot com get to abort your text here in just a moment let's go to admiral Mike you're on WWL. Hello my interest -- It. -- had to be a problem on. The issue. You know you know it's it's it's -- -- you know it's it's that can happen but it. It will start in his. You know let -- step taken you know look at more. So the objective manner. And that's you know it's it's it which allowed to do you are right let's you know let's proper. In LA and -- -- Police say wrong -- an American soldiers. In focus on better move from in the is much while since somebody's got a little. You know all he has the you know -- take care it's you know it shows it. Nazis in the present system so did -- -- Iraq and Afghanistan. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They don't you think if they can't handle it shouldn't be on the street. I mean so well I mean. I mean they did -- incidentally is so much. As -- -- some trouble and taking it before you know people. It's solid like you know people don't -- police sleepy used to it and need to lean -- mean -- but really don't cricket. They didn't Peter doing wrong because. Learn by right because there there are not the consequences that they are there once -- Mena I think I think you're right there's -- there's not a fear. Of the police like there once was and I think you're right when it comes down demand and that's something that starts in a very very early age and that goes back to the whole issue of Arctic and it's it's it's parents. Who are actually turning these children into criminals. Might not parenting them. And space them out student out and blow right now there's -- -- okay but it isn't tied it is news and tended to be actually. Okay the first time the bill of rights was long sword. The cinema shield the country and on the well. I like that the bill of rights -- individual's. Freedom includes individuals rights and protection and that's part of the constitution. And get in and anxiously -- well you -- here all kinds of crazy situation there. Someone breaking into their house and it. They get -- bring out in the -- Well I think it's ridiculous you know I am certain that somebody trips over toward breaking into somebody's house and they see the person because they left the toy in the floor. In it's. Well golf is of course it's a cop who's pulled both you wouldn't want -- -- it you know I think. It is then others. Are you to let alone so much that it takes to comments sent. Mike this all goes back to something I talk about quite often on the show and that is the lack of personal accountability is what is destroying this country I appreciate -- take it and scholarship right. -- from our hands around your on this crucial and every WL. -- that -- that sums -- involved first in mind that not planned in the group. This summer -- And answers -- well. You know it would easing is wrong not that probably pay about quote. Delivered record all the China back. Got down there. -- a lot in black folks and white folk are thought that question to protest tonight. That's where. I should try such a -- and it would black and white opium Albany. It is it vacancy. A lot communities so. -- the group that it is. Yeah I'd really. But I think some relief thanks you're not. -- I don't wanna put that you know it is just it is just the way he. You know you wouldn't be so people. One. I don't want to make it worries you don't wanna play the front. I understand Jerome and and does the fact that it happens. Among blacks more than among whites. Doesn't mean it's a it's a black problem it might be a problem within the black community but it has nothing to do with skin color. And that's a distinction that a lot of people can't seem to make. OK what about you that's wanted to let you know but they about probably go on about -- -- comedians -- what we're real site. Person. Joseph I appreciate listing and thanks to take time to call if you wanna join us with your thoughts your comment tonight. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. And -- -- numbers 8787 getting a couple of texted about the movie at that divers are trying to remember its bicentennial man. It Robin Williams winners was a robot in and he was declared a human. If you wanna join us call our show our -- numbers 877 were coming right back with your comments on WWL. It was a peaceful protest in New Orleans says this afternoon into tonight has started Lafayette square the march or Winamp Courant the way to canal and then went down canal. Toward the river I don't know where actually ended up but it was a citizens not police actually stopping traffic on canal. I would estimate there were about 200 people don't say that Kimberly greeted today estimating crowds but it's about 200 people -- there. And a caller earlier said there whites and blacks and this was to protest the police shooting an unarmed black team. In Ferguson Missouri. Nice it was a peaceful protest here. On the protesting does continue in Ferguson and I don't know if any violence has erupted hopefully not. The state police are taking over this is the direction of governor. Ferguson police are no longer in charge and from what I've seen how the Ferguson police have handled this they have not handled it properly. And when the question. Is being asked. Is a Ferguson police officer. Guilty of murder. Or was he defending himself went a whole police department. As a collective unit. Doesn't seem to be competent. And if they say things that have been caught on tape like bring it on you blanking animals. -- If this is the mentality of the police department that doesn't really bode well for their side of the story. We still don't know what happened. Here's a Texan reads -- I would like your opinion on something do you think the situation with cops and black people happened more. Or do you think it's just televised more. I don't know if it's happening more but I guarantee you it gets more tension in the news and this is being over the last decade. White on black crime. Gets more attention than black on black crime. And it's sad. Because we're talking about human beings. However. The news give assess what royals Osama. They give us what we think. Will make us watch and pay attention. And this country pays more attention to white on black crime. And black on black crime. And that same -- and I think to some degree we as a nation. May be not you were me but as a nation we are responsible. For that situation. This is the -- show on Thursday nights tomorrow -- saints are going to be under the WL and we'll be right back after the news.