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8-14 Scoot Show 9pm, Ferguson, Mo

Aug 14, 2014|

Violence continued last night in Ferguson, MO in protest of the police shooting of an unarmed 18-year-old. Now, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon ordered the state police to take over supervision of security in the St. Louis suburb. Ferguson police arrested a couple of reporters and an alderman from St. Louis. Does this cast questions on the competence of the Ferguson Police Department? Does it make you wonder about the case?

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Let the home games again and remember to Wear your black and gold your saints Jersey to work tomorrow for the saints first pre season game at home in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. Against the Tennessee Titans we kick off our coverage which goes on for ten hours tomorrow we kick it off tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock with fans first take. And our resident pro former saints offensive lineman Steve court. And -- Manassas live from Oceanic grill on -- time great food great place to get psyched for the game. It's a pre season game but it's still the saints and it's the first time we get to see the saints in person at home and that is just steps away from her mystery to -- grow great place. At 5 o'clock it's the bond like countdown to kick off meet Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia engage C. The Mercedes-Benz superdome then at 7 o'clock it's game time with the best play by play team in football. The voice of the saints Jim Anderson -- color analyst -- guys John states island reporter Kristin -- after the game to indicating -- and the big chief for the point after. Until 1 AM. Ten hours of wall to wall saints coverage begins tomorrow at 3 o'clock on sinks radio WWL the big 87 EAM. And -- 53%. -- Tucker tomorrow on WW a first it was will be talking about. A six pre season tickets. If you have pre season tickets do you go would be given to somebody else do you do you actually use them as one who thinks Tommy we'll talk about also there's video of a child died trying honorable man Choo and grocery stores gone viral. When was the last time. You preformed and receive a small or random acts. A -- -- I'm not trying on a -- tying the main issue we'll kids tying image you. So it's this is a random act of kindness quick conversation Tommy Tucker tomorrow morning and every week to wake up and feel good with some 610. Under the W a great way to get your day started his or -- give you a pretty jaguar Pena told this is inspired by police chief sherpas saying that there were two arrests made. In a shooting that took place on Sunday in the Lower Ninth Ward. Five people injured including a two year old and a four year old. And two people were killed. Seven people it altogether in a drive by shooting. What do you think is more important to reducing crime in New Orleans tips from the community. Or more police on the street. 52% say more police on the street 48% say tips from the community. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com and -- I wrote a blog about this it's turning on our website at WW -- -- comments about. How I think they have tips in the community. Are actually more effective in more police on the street but we'll talk more about that is the show goes -- also -- continue to talk about the unrest in Ferguson Missouri. We talk about this because. What's happening Ferguson Missouri is unfortunately. Somewhat of a microcosm of race relations around this country there's so many factors involved here. And I mentioned earlier and I got a couple of text about -- mentioned about. Black on black crime and white on black crime gets more attention than black on black crime. It's not getting to tell -- what about black on white tribal of course is like normally try. But that doesn't get as much attention. As white on black crime and that's because of our history this because -- a pastor -- I -- -- part of a test that you weren't part of but a pass that was really not that far. In our distant past. If you gonna join us for the comment about anything we're talking about tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's every text numbers 87870. -- today President Obama during his vacation in Martha's Vineyard did comment on the situation Ferguson Missouri. He said there is never an excuse for violence against police or those who would use this tragedy. As a tougher for vandalism and looting. The president also said there's also no excuse for police to use excessive force against peaceful protest or to -- protesters in jail. For lawfully exercising their first amendment rights. I can't imagine anybody disagreeing with the president as I mean it's difficult as that is for some -- you like can imagine by just agree with the president on that. Now I I got a text a moment ago from Sony says well you know what is the protesters are wrong. What -- -- -- what if the police officer really was defending himself. -- we talked about it last night we don't know. There is this assumption. And the assumptions or are quite often made on both sides based on stereotype. Based on on prejudice. There's one side that you looks at all young black males as criminals. The other side looks a police officers white police officers in dealing with young black males. As having a tendency to shoot -- or. Incarcerate or unfairly treat. Young black males because of of that stereotyped. Neither one of those situations is fair. And the truth is we don't know what happened in Ferguson. The president called for a transparency in the in the investigation that would many who would argue that the president's administration has not been very transparent. So maybe that's not something that he should've brought up but as I said last night. You and I should hope and pray that there is an honest objective investigation and we find out the truth. If if Michael Brown the eighteen year old who was unarmed if he did attack a police officer and wrestle for his gun. Then. That might justify what the officer didn't. If the officer was overly aggressive. And assumed that Michael Brown was a criminal tight because he was a young black male. And if that assumption if that stereotyping. Led the officer to. -- react in such a way that he didn't may -- have to react. Then that's a mistake. We don't know what happened we can only hope that the truth comes out and then. Unfortunately there will be people on either side who will not believe. What he's percent -- -- the final results. Because they don't wanna believe it. They're people who will not be willing to accept even if it's a legitimate objective investigation. There will be people on both sides who will not accept or on -- on the other depending on the out who will not accept the results because it's not what they want a belief. And to me that's saying it. And that's why just like with -- on Martin George -- this is worth discussing because it it touches on race relations in this country. If you wanna join us with your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Told free. 8668890. Point seven your text numbers 8787. From new orleans' wrecked here on -- show on WWL. Right good at your Islamic summit being volatile here it was good that we were at all -- Powell all. You'll see you know you -- -- What it on black crime being talked about mordant black on black car it'll. Wake up each other black it's black market -- -- it'd be you know. And we've got to stop that we -- particular well all community. You don't I thought he would not -- that just now -- beaten up each other and because that was the call will be don't need to. And read it it is sad and it's sad to me as. As a white person because it's part of my community it's part of of zoos -- humans who are part of my community. And that should that should actually hurt all of us and it to it does affect all of us because. That the criminal types that come from one neighborhood. Could go to a different neighborhoods sit and they're there there is some of over part of the workforce some of them don't actually work but they'd -- they do target people. In India and other neighborhoods so that we we all should be concerned about this in there are far too many people in this area and around the country. Who dismissed black on black crime as well if that happens in that's in their community so it's not my problem when I think it really news. I think what'll it you know I appreciate you know long. What beat what that means that the NAACP. -- Eric being part you know. Is that. Change it around. Making -- beat the body. When is the pack coming into opera house is being brought well I don't count when despite. A caller earlier said that he listens to Al sharpton's radio show and says there's a lot of talk on his radio show about black on black crime. But the point is is that there can be there can be just blatant black on black crime like in Chicago -- -- here in New Orleans. And you don't hear from the reverend Sharpton the reverend Jackson. But it if it even if it's a smaller incidents involving white on black. Then you see them because they gain power popularity. And essentially they generate revenue. Product from having this this the states. And I understand that the stance is is needed but it just I don't think it wins them credibility when they only focus on white on black when everybody's a human being. -- rent a logical showing thanks listing tonight if you're on hold stay with this subject all of your calls when we come back. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78 and a -- is it 787. Here's a Texan -- could enjoy your show it appears that the reason. White on black crime draws more attention. Is more about the fact. That he has being monetized. Over the years maybe demonized as you know sometimes there's spell correction on these these text and I know sometimes I read these -- -- they don't always make total sense. Because of our history. White on black crime. Is more. Attractive to the media. And black on black or black on white crime. This is the -- show we're coming right back with your comments on WWL oh tomorrow is the fiftieth anniversary of Woodstock. So tomorrow albeit for Angela and tomorrow wonderful I guess when the three because the first take starts at 3 o'clock. We'll have an abbreviated show tomorrow we'll talk about Woodstock and what a wild event that was. You think that would be tolerated today and we'll talk about it on the show tomorrow we'll be right back under the W. And I -- tomorrow is the anniversary of Woodstock it happened and I started October the army as assorted August the fifteenth two went through the eighteenth and 1969. And then not long after that there I think was Labor Day weekend there was the New Orleans pop festival which was held in prairie tale that I think it was the Louisiana speedway at the time I was there. I don't remember a lot about it I was young but I was I was there. And these were wild festivals but I got to Texas has Woodstock was not a wild event it was very peaceful you're thinking about Altamont. No actually Woodstock was very wild in terms of drugs alcohol. And sex in public. Altamont there was a standing -- the stones -- on stage. But Woodstock was -- If a concert like that happened today -- a festival like that happened that it can you imagine what two days -- stylish and which say. And today's establishment. Is the establishment. They gave birth to. Those music festivals. Here's a quick update on our -- give -- a pretty -- opinion poll what do you think is more important to reducing crime in New Orleans. Tips from the community. Or more police on the street very close -- to. 52% -- more police but 40% say tips from the community. Is more important if your opinion by going to our web site W if you don't like come from every Brian your on this crucial. -- I think both sides right now -- -- one -- -- looked good. And cattle truck count then I don't like seeing riding. On. I know you Boeing reported either. No I think this is this is becoming a situation that is just also about it's now become about first amendment rights and now the police. Appearing to bully people because they're journalist. Videotaping their actions that's absolutely wrong I mean that is. That is like a Communist tactics -- something that happens in other countries not in this country and if there are these questions about the Ferguson police department. Then this just leads me to actually questioned their story their side of of the shooting. But he didn't know buying her. A note during a bit and that is involved I don't know who that is but he's not from that not a group to be -- Honestly that there are extremely. Well known acting group that it threatened if they don't start release from the fact they're gonna start attacking them. Not expecting the -- and police department and they've been pretty bad in Japan when it came. Acting government web site and peeling -- I mean it and getting involved and I -- it's just got a whole lot -- Well. We need to wait and see what the results of the investigation art and again we care and hope and pray that the investigation is fair here's a Texan re scoot. A love your devil's advocate stance but crime is crime regardless of race color or creed. But some communities breed a certain lifestyle. Who is responsible and who is libel. I will agree that there is a disproportionate amount of crime in many black neighborhoods. But that doesn't mean it's a result of skin color. It's a result of parenting. Or lack thereof. And I don't think I don't think this country really wants to know the truth. Which is -- to me. I don't understand why there and I have been talking about this recently why are there not comprehensive research studies. They have been done on young people who turning to young criminals. With -- commit crimes committed murder think nothing of all of these these stereotypical. Criminal types that we talk about. We hear about in the news. Why have them not being comprehensive studies to study them and figure out how they got to beat that. Are we afraid of the real answer. He unit to understand an account at our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Attended Texas a -- seventy. The scoop like from last night still like -- count on our website at WW over comments about the death of Michael brown and violence. In the streets read it and Chara to -- sets to be -- to -- From pearl river Bob you're on the -- show good evening. Still. Tremendous program the way thanks -- Obama really balanced approach are very typical issues. And you mentioned it more than once in in your diatribe which you were entertaining. Your guest there. This security just the tip -- the -- for its kind of turning what are gears. Super spiritual blanket. And that happened in person -- -- -- history white police officers and cerebral. There -- 67%. Black community. And -- -- -- judgment keeping little ominous thing with Michael Brown fortunately use rate trigger. And they were armed as we saw on TV repeatedly. We have as. Armored vehicle -- heavy weapons we're. Swat gear and so four days were really forward and it almost like personal popular papacy. I would I would that there is there a side note I -- our company commander Fort Leonard Wood in the sixties. And that door barriers in Missouri -- white people bit ago. There were areas in Missouri where black people didn't go in particular mystery being no more punitive or. But there do shall tensions I think our ongoing not only. In the sell well at all or the United States you brought four bit. It's these kind of tension that -- and -- -- worrying trigger workers black on black white on black or bush where. Yeah and it's a shame Bob that there are people who are waiting for that to an -- a lot of the people who were causing the problems in Ferguson were not from Ferguson. Yeah 0% in -- and ordered. Producer's name out in Utah border war. Warden. Right wing opt out there was no weapons should be reported differently from the. I don't know where -- and -- Klein's book Clinton Bundy I think. Yeah yeah well. And the thing about it. What makes you so prevalent right now electrocuted back the president of the United States. Is black and there's just very difficult to get around that -- And it shouldn't it shouldn't be such a factor. Bitch -- not -- any factor at all. Part apparently it and it and I used to see it. Took golf from the way candidates go. But I'm going to Kosher and I appreciate your sharing your genuine -- if you wanna join us with a comment tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 86688907. At Texas a 77. Here's a text that -- -- come on -- once the kid turned around this is about Michael Brown wants the kid turned around and lifted his hands. The shooting should have been over. There's no justification for killing the -- what's so sad. Is as black people we have to fear. The criminals and the people who are paid to protect us a no win situation. You know I am I I talked about this a bit last night. Says I'm not like I can't speak for firsthand experience. But it would be ashamed for anybody to go out on the streets. And believe that people were stereotyping them. As a potential criminal. Because of their appearance. It's not fair. It's essentially. An American. Even though a disproportionate amount of crime is committed among young black males. That doesn't mean it's a problem of skin color. It might happen in the black community. But that doesn't mean it's. -- does -- mean it's it's a color problem it's a it's a racial issue. And we need to make that we need to make that distinction. -- these are all human beings were talking about it. And I got a text early for some -- said this the the ideas that. There's not as much attention paid to black on black crime. Is suggesting that. A black life is worth less than a white life. I don't remember that time but I read about it in our history books. When. Blacks were not even considered to be full human beings I think three fist. Other issue. I mean how could that has even been possible. But it -- And because of our past white on black crime gets more attention than black on white crime or black on black crime. And it's sad because we're talking about human beings all the way around. For the West Bank Jeff you're under the WL. City -- or -- -- oval but the coaches and -- are where the good lord of the cultural. -- you speak about the disproportionate. Obama Michael -- -- committed Perkins you know what it'll require an old. Well when the worker and that her cookbook in the there's always going to be. Old people who really care -- Both or was recruited the ball to our own but it dismantled. A -- Order so -- bill like such long hours. There. Oh -- -- short one which would cheer for. There though out the order all mold. And there are two utility they. Are. The upper level final ball out of the but -- or a bird they. Beat by. Medical record. What are cowards -- short in the opener are calmer you know. You're Soderbergh. Oh right. Now what are you registered. 0000. Rachel. -- and great people more. A 402. -- what about it. And when he went oh and please vote. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All over corner. Are your. -- sure that her or they move mr. Some. -- What do -- went went. Oh -- Our side to sort out score card reason. Would be would be renewed worries. That it would -- conducted -- battered. Body. Get security elaborate on her finger using today that there's still a psychological. Effect it's manifested in in young black males today. Wouldn't you. We ought to vote. The medicines and don't have -- -- -- -- would you. Suffer from you know what was called beauty is being you know consumers and things of that nature alone. Used to do if you. The Yugoslav Mulder and -- mentally -- -- so. Widow trees -- exhibit split minutes ago. Jimmy says the -- -- so weary. Old bit. Well some some some things some mental illness is is hereditary. But Jeff -- but I think what we're talking about I think you know I understand what you're saying about the horrific things that said that it people in this country -- it really wasn't that long ago and are in our history. But when we talking about prejudice is something that's Lawrence prejudice is not something that is he is talked. I understand what you're what you're trying to say -- it's -- it's a valid attempt to. To point out that it that this suffering a fellow blacks in this country but. There have been enough generations to where there is a degree of frustration. That there continues to be this persecution complex that seems to lead people some people in the wrong direction. You know -- a popular vote though the treatment. All of the record they bow to record -- Well some some -- some illness -- some middle illness cannot. And I don't -- where. They. -- forward. Parts. Of the impact. On. You shall. Oh I don't you will be the order of impact has. You know. To roll over attitude and no one. Entry. But were treated -- Jokers there. And no history. In the -- of the art optical don't that it. Two term -- People in the -- But one of the -- there. We're just there are bet there are there are so -- African Americans who are not part of the problem that if this was something. -- ran up front and -- the worst way and America. -- -- -- Jeff I'm gonna disagree that it's a mental disorder I'm I'm going to suggest that it's more of unfortunately it's more than acceptable. Issue of of having children as a career and that means that fathers aren't around and it means that mothers. Are not all caring for their children. It doesn't mean all but but too many aren't are not really caring for their children and they. The they give they give up if they don't think there's anything they can do in the face of society to. Raise their kids and in a proper ways I think some people have this defeatist attitude. Never ever ever book is -- And -- you have the -- what that parent. Coal group raised the so. Properly you know what I mean like what -- and a -- -- in -- Or alcohol if you do ultimately though you don't order it should ignore -- I would you. -- and -- well ultimately disorder. A home in little folk art review you might do so -- -- -- it'd be intelligent -- -- or against or try again. -- or -- -- the nature you don't -- -- that the cork and don't have before. Google and. Our our Jeff I think you bring up but very. A very interesting point all tall light I'd I don't agree that the problem today it's mental disorder I think it's more. A disorder that is a tricky place in many communities have got to move on to break right I appreciate ticket TimeCrawler showed nationalistic. If you're on -- stay with this were coming right back with more of your comments. And more you're text here's our seven -- a pretty -- opinion poll tonight which is more important in reducing crime in New Orleans tips from the community. Or more police on the street. Give us your opinion at WW dot com and we'll be right back. It happened in Missouri which is to the north of us here in New Orleans. But yet it's something that really does touch. All the Americans. Because it does prove to be somewhat of -- microcosm for racial actions in America when it comes to. People taking sides keeping score when side believing one story and this I believe any of the story. It seems like there are far too many people who are focal. Who who wanted to just preach this idea that we really need to wait to see what happens it is possible that a young black male made a mistake. It is also possible that he quite police officer made a mistake both of those things right now are totally possible. The black and gold returned to the practice field in Metairie Sunday it is open to the public I think a source for clock weather permitting -- about a 40% chance of rain on -- so keep that in mind and when the black and gold returns. To the to the practice field in memory so -- -- WB real we will be our president pros Bobby -- -- guy show on. Speak Christian T Bob Steve we'll follow the saints all of their moves into camp breaks Wednesday. August 27. So keep your radio locked in the big 870 AM and 153 FM for saints breaking news. Sean Payton on a daily practices and just exclusive interviews with the saints and double coverage with T about navy air and Christie Garrett will be weekday morning from six to nine on three WL. On the AM dial. And then sports talk more on that from four to -- in the afternoon here on the flagship VW well. This is -- show and from Mississippi Jonathan welcome to WWL. Oh yeah it's. It straight like a lot of people trying to divert attention away from the role. Will -- bit. Ankle but we don't know cheap shot he shot it. Were you there. Are. No dummy were using or when -- -- I. We have another year but we don't we we are. -- -- -- -- There -- the case but it Beckett at Petit preached about the cops does. -- -- -- Now. The potential. About all the Iraq is right. And -- But talk about the talk about it and it took hold on multiple. Cat bit. You know without a public it's that they are about to talk about political. Prop out. The situation is a couple black -- -- it next saw it with black. All black people know. Where black. Editors country split what are -- black person people. I'll -- and that's true. Well why -- killed a black person. -- that. -- let out. Because. -- can chat. Look at that. -- that's it that's another that's another country Jonathan that that's that's an old country let's just talk about America. All. Welcome. People. Talk about black. -- Black people that they. Open at. -- -- -- -- I appreciate listening to Jonathan. Black on. Black on white crime doesn't get the attention -- white on black crime gets. If a white person shoots a black person that gets more attention because of the roots of our history in this country it may not be fair. But that's reality. And black on black crime does not get it a lot of people may bring that up but it does not get the same attention. That white on black crime gets. And it's almost as if just the the whole country as a as a whole collective unit. Is more accepting. More tolerant. A black on black crime and white on black crime and not seeing that the media is not -- partially responsible for making some of these issues explode. But if we allow that to. Rile us up then it's really not the media's fault. It's in part our -- from the -- -- your under the WL. -- mrs. Welch and called yes are just a couple of comments probably 71 it'll -- I was on and Ninth -- Walters. And I have now live in the segregated and it. Always got along as we used to -- do you. And when the police were around -- that there aren't in trouble with the police. That would be better but it took me in jail well -- America to get on -- it's not like apple. But you don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Especially taught some -- -- -- what is the police that and I and I -- on the answer those were right and wrong in that situation. Well you know when you play five you gonna get -- -- we we we talked about that on the show last night. Young white. Almost call last -- -- religion right now. And I'm lesson to all of this game sort of got the doctors and Melanie were to search and we're not -- Now it's something everybody's opinions or something. Everybody doesn't agree with everybody's opinion but everybody's mentality. And just because just bought had killed. And until -- -- know the man shot intent arms and the back in and the -- try to run -- economy is gonna go to jail got to put in sleep. But that's sensed that still hasn't of people right take a lot of outreach responding to a lot of mystery to date night and steal from other people and not in the -- And sound and sit there and the people loose -- bench -- that you got a real. -- and these these businesses were there to serve the black community as well as the white community and they are being attacked by a blacks who are. Knots paying attention to those people who are they're in support of the black community. Ellis have a good work out I appreciate you calling our show if you're on hold just hang -- we're coming right back with more. -- -- -- -- LPG announced the arrest of fact two people in the shooting that happened last Sunday seven people were hit two people were killed five were injured including a two year old and a four year old little boy. This was in the Lower Ninth Ward. And -- surpassed said that a lot of people came forward with information. Here's -- W have you up pretty general opinion poll tonight which you think is more important to reducing crime in New Orleans tips from the community. Or more police on the street. Very close polled the majority has since shifted here 49% say more police now 51%. A slight majority say. Tips from the community. Continued talk about this site into the next hour from Harvey. WL. -- -- appoint elected. Make yo. And -- -- -- -- they had no idea hold off for it. And he was talking about the police the -- that. The only inevitably get beat three officers. Is because they get small community okay. The girl probably any trouble down a -- Or elm saint -- That counts the city itself a little. So stay in the pool police all that they can do it like any other little smile on a city. -- struggle -- financial. And you -- watched night on PB and dry heat I'll get. At it one other things do on the there and about the that you know there were off. What is being all believe -- -- Epic that cannon -- and let me repeat equipment that they don't want anymore. What do -- -- -- offered a different police call on the court. And it doesn't cost them and then do law. But it's not me it's not having access to the equipment is what they do with it it's how they act with it. It's important and and I don't get the impression that the Ferguson police department acted properly. With how they handled the media and I don't know we stand up for the media but how they handled that the protesters in general. -- what. People want to you know media and look at the I appreciate that information thanks to -- panel Larry you're under the WL. Hello Larry. Larry Goodson. Here. And if the year -- -- backward. You'll be. On. That's right I appreciate it Larry thanks. Yeah but -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But one thing partner that he -- July. And a minute -- That are out there are things that are really thank. All -- the -- let's have -- from protect and serve. Two full spot. And I a lot of solid from the broken families that respect -- that Eric an update your decision. -- Well there's no doubt that things have have changed Larry there's no right there's no question about that. On you also get this impression that -- and maybe this is something that has happened really throughout time. You get the impression that sometimes a police officers seemed to be willing to administer justice in the field and that's not acceptable there they are too. Stop crying prevent crime or to rest those who commit crimes. Larry I really appreciate you listing all these years and I'm going to still listening I've got to get -- news break and I appreciate calling from Delhi and if your -- stay with us if you would join us with your thoughts in your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven text. Is it 77 in this is the -- show were coming right back on every WL.