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Aug 15, 2014|

Violence continued last night in Ferguson, MO in protest of the police shooting of an unarmed 18-year-old. Now, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon ordered the state police to take over supervision of security in the St. Louis suburb. Ferguson police arrested a couple of reporters and an alderman from St. Louis. Does this cast questions on the competence of the Ferguson Police Department? Does it make you wonder about the case?

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Welcome back to our show is Thursday night tomorrow night the saints take on the Tennessee Titans in the Mercedes-Benz superdome second pre season game of the season. And the first at home I'm looking forward to that game. How would you go into the game or watching on television. I'm sure you'll enjoy it if you're saints fan. And our coverage begins at 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon with first take with time Manassas and former saints offensive lineman Steve court -- from Oceanic grill. -- and con -- wonderful food if you work downtown in the French Quarter. Make your way over there join us from three to five and it's a great place to -- -- for a saints game even if you're not going to the game. Fun place to -- our coverage begins at 3 o'clock tomorrow kick off is stats. 7 o'clock and Savard like countdown to kickoff for Bobby -- life from gate C at the Mercedes-Benz superdome at 5 o'clock in the following at all it's the point after with Bobby indeed. Until 1 o'clock ten hours of wall to wall -- coverage begins tomorrow afternoon. At 3 o'clock. So dole beat a -- tomorrow night to beat the saints game and albeit for Angela tomorrow from 13 and -- all next week from one to four while Angela is on vacation. You're sort of give you a pretty -- opinion poll tonight. Which is more important to reducing crime in your -- tips from the community. Or more police on the street. Right now it's 5050. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW -- come there was a peaceful protest in New Orleans today it was a of march. While it's an interesting is that I didn't see any police involved in in this in terms of blocking off traffic. It's sort of inspired Sunni -- Lafayette square. And I noticed it from from my apartment as -- prepared for the show I noticed it -- on around the lead heading up toward canal and then going on canal toward the river I don't know where it ended up. As far as -- tiller was a peaceful protest at a -- earlier say that there were whites and blacks. -- involved in this protest and it was the protest of the police shooting. In Ferguson Missouri. And there were no police they were blocking traffic but yet citizens stood out there and block the traffic on canal. And those in traffic seem to perspective. Now we're talking about the state police not taking over for the Ferguson police and handling of this the situation the violence in the protests I don't know everything that has gone on their tonight. But we know that Tim Ferguson has been our hotspots it's been the epicenter of racial relations in this country racial tension in this country. Over the last couple of days since the shooting of eighteen year old unarmed Michael Brown. A Saturday afternoon. And that the questions remain it was a police officer prejudice and assumed that this young black male was criminal. Or did -- young black male attacked a police officer go for his -- leaving no choice other than for him to be shot these are the questions. I have a feeling. About what I think happened and I'm sure you do it's well but we really have to wait for. The results of the investigation the president said it's wrong for anybody to attack the police it's also wrong for the police. To mistreat anybody in the field on an afternoon -- it's also wrong for any for the police stooped to mistreat a protesters and the media. And this is another thing that really -- is media questions about the Ferguson police department is a way that they've been handling the media. And I don't always suicide with the media. But when the media is doing their job of trying to cover. This events. At a police can't go out of their way to to prevent the media from from covering that I wasn't there that this is based on on what I've seen. If you wanna join us for the comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Or seven or -- number is 877. -- from New Orleans Anthony -- WWL. The year he put Ku up it didn't matter content in this -- -- -- and help the economy these. I'll leave -- comment that it can be don't come owner that you let the normal life. What it -- one point 00200. I don't know what you would want it to. But the police thought the poor -- input that he would be repeated the. Black so whether they can put them -- they keep it back. So the good apple. Pulled appeal pop it right there. -- -- -- -- -- He can did not look so. That he indeed have a go. It. That no weapons that people out now but. Why couldn't keep with the got to hear it. Anthony order or what what if what if Michael Brown. Was attacking the police officer reported he was going for his gun. The appointment. Could be what he would go. Out in. The one. -- -- If -- -- happening. If somebody's going for somebody's gun then it's going to be a split second before they haven't got. Spoke at the content you hear the opposite. So that we have the equipment and that that. Would go to the colonial lack. That and the -- of a group. That these -- -- to that would act to put -- totally -- to do you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Everywhere we -- to execute. Well we don't we Anthony and we don't know what happened. By he'd done everything that you're saying does seem seem logical. I mean -- a possible. We -- what we don't know what -- you can't you can't I mean the president said this today you can attack a police officer period that he can't do. The web and that you look at it are. The tech of hot everywhere. You would you know we learned that we as a -- that put them but they did go to -- critical. He couldn't. Have been an equitable. But you weren't. You weren't actually -- -- -- Anthony you weren't they. -- -- -- you weren't there. And that go completely the opposite the one that the pulpit in the so that the -- in. -- out. There. And that means well. You -- that. That. I'm well that you're going to be debt. I mean that's consequence it's a consequence for -- and protect what. I'd not seen the police officers like Anthony we don't know. But if a police officer is attacked in somebody's going for police officers gone in any situation. -- in the police officer has a right to defend himself or that the police officer on the scene has a right to defend the police officer because it's a split second before. That person who's attacking might have the gun in his hands. And that. That particular because -- -- it -- you. Because you look a little. That that that that a -- in the and that at and said that could -- in that that -- and -- -- -- -- But technically up. You certainly never write your speculation I appreciate you calling our show. Here is some it's an officer I don't think he wants to be identified from a from NO PD officer welcome to our children right. It. Are -- -- terribly. -- -- deep breath in and that it -- being out that we eat the -- right. We don't know exactly what happened in those out there. Debt deal on the debt to the investigation. And it can be brought to light -- when that happens. In our chances of being put the cancer. And to be in the right direction in justice will be served well -- not. What people need to understand is being pretty Sulzer. Win. -- Mean it and it's gonna let you deal with. Jump individuals who live here in laws currently at five. We update it keeping it. You guys that watch it and being. We have to get out there and put out -- literally lie. -- -- Now. Bureau. And it pleased probably every world. But the console war had been. Sold. Here in the long irons I didn't at least probably level between you. And then. Right now yet she -- we -- sought change and be there. I mean the but yet still required in. And he's been throughout our obligations in and handle everything that comes across to. There have no idea. Will do it on the big. You know we're here we. Even get out and in the bigger and better and excellent. But I want you debt still here. -- -- a certain. Extent. They base. We need significant -- -- in order true. The -- And want -- higher bad that it wouldn't go and I agree. You know I'm not in Britain did you let it been that strong. You know people. Expect that to come out and in active if we all are. Q what are saw all robots if you and expect that to hit it to do that Sunday. Why are right to Kelly we. Know we -- I would agree with that an officer let let's go back to this idea -- -- Europe police officer. What if somebody is attacking you and trying to get your -- It is it not just a split second before the person who is unarmed is suddenly armed. Let me let me explain to -- A person and that means. To keeps its ticket to that person is similar with. And the police officer is. There's no way that but he felt so you can't -- bad. So what happens if that police officers trying to make. A lot more wrecks and in person combat. Police are getting distance and treat that weapon. And tried to. -- the person. I shall we. Are aware that stay. Well. The problem is if any rule is combative. Any -- that acted opposite. In and out at you shoot -- in the because you know at least in the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Outs also so. Physical train in and -- is -- that we have to deploy and the -- necessary. Well that even an extra wood and -- -- all is no way. That -- in -- -- peace deal cat too -- stood directly hit that ball over. You know I thought I had a call last night from a former police officers in Houston and he said essentially what you're saying. And and again we don't know what happens if the police officer was attacked. And and again you know sometimes. Sometimes witnesses observed things through their own eyes and sometimes. The sometimes they're they're they're going through this. This this prejudice. This prejudice filter. And they see things with a preconceived idea in the same way that it's argued that a police officer who is white. May have preconceived ideas about young black males and that's wrong. Young black males or anybody for that matter -- I touched on this show last night. Everybody needs to be respectful of the police in the -- you you can't confront police physically in the field you're not gonna win. -- note that the thing is that is that -- but the rate rate or are. Sure -- -- -- of course it is in re read option is flatly in the McDonald's man they're at their way and it's not necessarily. White and black on black people act bit -- -- and in every aspect likes. That's not gonna change it -- it there and we have to learn how to deal would it mean at least be. We got to be able community. I would have to be able to come again. And say -- we calories every. We have to be able to. Respectfully. And should be out in handling the court when you have individuals it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not what you're gonna take it right it is split and the means to change up in an app that someone in our -- Within the community public app because it the Patriot Act would actually done it yet these individuals there. The need for walls -- eight and there. Are there vehicle or deer tick them. Of rock because they're so protect him but what. -- You know get a call. To stop battery. Children when he used that. And unfortunately. And let I don't see -- are out. It's gonna take some one of them acting. To become. But -- to actually changed it others. Put the what is -- doing keeping them. And that the problem that spring that he planned. Their next. Ticket being Brett. The okay would you would be Whitney and community. And I changed things to make thing. An officer right I think that this is a problem that we should all share and an -- if if if -- whites this is also your problem because this is your community and it might not be happening and concentration in your neighborhood. But the people from that neighborhood go into other neighborhoods -- so we all have a vested interest in. It is in in criminals and criminal activity is and in entire city. I'm gonna get text here from a police officer who says that the officer on the radio was 100% correct I'm myself and the police officer and that is how we are trained in the academy. Yes and that's why there are elements here that are its seems to fit this stereotypical. Image. Of a white cop shooting a young black -- but that might not maybe that is the case but that might not be the case. It is just let me show something out of that a -- point. Well if it in the order race color and the naked -- the police is heading back. And see. Numerous complaints from sitting back and it is enormous complaints from. Members of the black community -- this officer at the end and that's the essential. -- immediate problem. It's officer. Walks would be the police station where he works and Tibetan associate -- blacks. And all are even if you just to sit down at the same table with. It properly -- -- -- the community. This white officers protect them. It's CNET and there will. Let. But it with every call that -- why in how it. After the -- that. Little white cap speculative. Ethnic expect it to I'm. Can you hold for just second. Hang on I've got a lot of calls again -- I wanna finish this conversation of where it says somebody is color shall identify themselves as an NO PD officer. Sounds credible and able continue that conversation and and it's all of your calls we come back and -- well. Tomorrow August the fifteenth. Is a very big day in and in this hearts and minds as many as a baby boomer generation now the establishment. Tomorrow was the anniversary of the beginning of Woodstock. We'll talk about it tomorrow albeit for Angeles it was a three minutes first take with -- Manassas and Steve court for -- offensive lineman. Like from Oceanic real SRC coverage begins tomorrow. For the game tomorrow night in the Mercedes-Benz superdome against the Tennessee Titans. Begins at three so we'll talk about that tomorrow. In the in the 2 o'clock or 1 o'clock it's gonna be what's trending on WWL -- join us for that. Continue a conversation with this. Caller who misidentified herself and and a PD officer we haven't I mentioned his name. Opposite there's obviously. A lot that still needs to be determined. And we can only hope and pray that whatever the results are that it is the truth. Based on what you have seen of the Ferguson police department and how they've handled the protesters and the media. Especially yesterday. Well what's your impression of them as a unit. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But our nation will ever be watching out in public -- -- and it investigations. At. First. Oh. It themselves. Well there are. Staying at the officer is completely innocent. Well say it until. It. Justice before. The senate to vote question used to. What -- Police departments it'll say eat eat it is happening eight we're just gonna go in. And you'll see that one. -- are putting in jail that is right. Embarrassment and the and huge -- Out -- water because it Barnett. -- be victimized at school because of what it. Can happen. Well that's it for example. Three and it was bad. Did anything to do we want to make that are -- in there at this it to get it that much. Don't look he's a victim -- all -- -- what. They want to -- three. Witnesses. That Japanese people to try to show not a window. It's got it in the fact that this police officer -- two. Add insult. Shouldn't. I. Come out so out of the -- -- it. In action engines. Well that it. Yeah your questions kind of rhetorical because we really it doesn't really require an answer I mean obviously I'd nobody should be in favor even though some of the protesters might be nobody should be in favor of the police officer being found guilty before there is. A thorough investigation as to what really rampant. I actually agree what you you expect it to a lot of the being at the public change. You know what it's at least not see it on the chopping block -- don't even know. The circumstances. -- -- Correct. Well there are people who want to believe it happened to certain way because it fits their. It fits their opinion of of the world today. Right. In so early and get back home to eat -- And that that -- being -- We're at an interest. And is it how it wrapped it -- some point it. All shall at the street stocks were -- it ain't it it's all. Right should be -- game it'll get it -- Ali. -- to expect an apple or. Spot or being at the police. Well they're there and unfortunately officers there will be many people who if the police officer is. Is found to be not guilty if he was attacked if he was justified in his actions. There will be people who will absolutely not believe that because that doesn't fit the scenario that exist in their -- An indirect. It'll tell you all signals is that correct. He's on the people pack. In a manner. -- can't beat up. Toward the shall you. That. It. Department -- country it'll all well. In bills saw what -- and what. They call. -- I'll. Bet -- -- and that is how it. Obviously I appreciate you taking time to call our show and I appreciate your dedication to the community isn't in a PD officer thank you. Thanks for thanks going to show. -- from the North -- Tony thanks for hang it on your now on WWL. While companion and is akin. Hey man this is one incredibly awesome shows who I want to thank you you finally maybe. We're talking about race relations. In this country and it's it's difficult thing to talk about. It is -- I don't know that we have really had the honest conversation we're supposed to have well I made this I made this comment and we started talk about it we try to talk a barn after the the trial of George Zimmerman with the killing of -- rebound -- we need to have an honest conversation. Okay well I would like to express something that I haven't heard tonight but but let me first say that. I I understand the deep frustration. And anger and outrage of what is happening in Missouri. And the relationship of Black America to force. I did it man I understand I -- no problem you can hit some some incredible. Callers tonight and. And I appreciate listen to. Where where what would it certainly in my heart -- and. I've been going back and -- between just turned and turned the radio off well calling you. But I'm gonna try to express this particular. You have a protest today. It -- it was. Cool and quiet group that and they were protesting. Injustice that was. Perpetrators in in the streets of of Missouri and it like it to him. What I don't do -- do is. It was in justice. Perpetrated upon totally. Get on innocent children. In this city it will. Did you see the faces of the -- these -- fiscal purposes it is ideally an eight yards jumpsuits and it was Smart. No one was -- one F -- market. This to me you know Ted Nugent is a big Haiti but see you turn. So -- -- Sub human model when he talked to president. This these people fit into the but my concern is. We there. My black Brothers and sisters in the black community this these people living amongst you will where -- outrage about this is. Why -- we're aware of the hottest team in the NAACP right now. -- and a raging about this happening in the community and -- I don't know why but it gives the impression. And this is the -- if you are not out there. Moaning and groaning and bitching about this and we as white people think. That you think it's acceptable then went not wrong. Now you're not wrong that is and fortunate to an impression. There are many in the white community who passing off as well that's not our problem because it's not happening in our community right but I suggest that it is everybody's problem because it every community is linked. To every -- community. It is definitely do but it -- in the black community and you would that mean that people that you. You share some of the blind. Tony I really appreciate your insight and when I invite you to read the blogger wrote it's about community tips more important in more police on the street and it really does address this issue of communities have had. A tendency to protect the very people who warned the biggest threat to their community and no number of police on the street can prevent that. Tony appreciate you calling Russia priceless. And are if you're on hold stay with this -- we'll get back to a more of your calls so also more of your attack start coming up here's an update on our WWL pretty general opinion poll. Is close but it's continuing to shift back and forth. Which do you think is more important to reducing crime in New Orleans tips from the community. Or more police on the street. 42% Seymour police now 58%. Say tips from the community. Is more important to reducing crime and police in the street. Give your opinion by going to WWL dot com scoop like tonight. Its title community -- more important -- more police that's trending. -- if you don't dot com and we'll be right back connects our show on this Thursday night -- I love to have as much fun as I can on the show but sometimes we just have to. Talk about very serious things and what's going on -- Ferguson Missouri is something that touches all of us because. It is a reflection of race relations in this country. It's what's wrong with race relations in this country there's too much Mr. Bush assuming. Here's attacks that -- talk and people in New Orleans protest the perceived injustice in Missouri. If no one knows what happened yet. And that's true and it was a protest in in New Orleans tonight. When I saw winners was very peaceful. I'm from Iowa -- here on WW -- leading marine. You know I think -- About you know you're correct me and it it identities and the act. It will. They. Are anything at all like. But we're doing it in a situation. -- -- People. Are. -- -- you walk in the street him and that it. Could be. Integrate. It. In and it didn't -- To me and on Wall Street. And it ought to cook your current. Economy. They're getting. Or -- just that we couldn't. Be good you know. And at that I'm here and bring me for a rotten. You'd think you're on a -- and get there and you're with respect and you'll hear. It. Now. Yeah not every bit -- Well you know what you get bigger situation. You. Are to be patient. Situation and here. In the or what -- -- -- And make it. Each and oh yeah. And if -- if they do train them to be respectful they have to be respectful. I think you bring up a really great point marine life and talk about how people need to be respectful police the police. Have an obligation and respectful to citizens as well. -- Interrupting -- Particularly. It. And that's -- and I think. That they're. You could do it you know so -- a situation that they're. We know. That could happen on its and I made it. There. -- on the I would like that about lack of you know -- to education recap. Part of the fact that man the -- at their etiquette at. That we were in -- at that point where you know on the they are prepared and well being equal between each other because there -- laws. -- Need to -- at that age and things like at that at that point that we. Can't. -- certain. It. It career. You know what happened. -- the board. And -- character and what they -- and -- This year. Here. We go out on the teacher -- being. -- -- Yeah well when you got you -- -- -- in my pocket my main insurance than -- might not compartment and look at. And tell him which he chipped it. -- -- -- -- -- -- Each party and there. And -- you know because. In the situation where you know there's there's been so you know fortunately the beauty and -- -- -- You're right it's and it's not fair I wrote this in the blog last night which are still turning on our web -- -- I don't know Michael brown and and violence in the streets -- While it's not fair if it is reality. And is totally not -- that young black males. Might be profiled it's not fair but but if you're young black mail you you have to make that -- -- and. Lot -- -- Russia who right now at short chip and Italy to and that blackmail or on the minority and you know -- -- -- -- On the -- they called it you're like oh here argue that minority. We re. Not -- not you got there some -- and you continue to be -- He worked and -- -- -- -- Anderson. And that's -- and we got an air inoculate you know. You couldn't figure. -- -- -- and at that you're you're right that the government -- here you know. All email. It got. Out and I would argue it's what you do it like and country people and what it what the record. I -- I agree and -- it. And if there are if there are white males young white males that it's certain profiles that have might make police profile then. Than their parents need to teach them and they need to understand that they got to go out of their way whether it's fair or not they need to go out of their way to be -- -- the little. Air and ethical thing and that would admit that your state -- not -- they figure out there. I think that that they're both and all you wish you all your way and not -- on the ground going to jail. Great great great harboring a -- harassing that -- all right tonight. Here's a Texas just stack comes in I agree with Marie on mutual respect and kindness go a long way police do have a responsibility to be respectful to citizens. Citizens of -- So it goes both voice. We need to be respectful police but they also need to be respectful of us but even if they're not respectful of us you're not gonna win if you disrespectful to police officer. Is that fair. No. But it's reality. I'm scoots and we'll be right back on WL if you're -- stay -- -- -- to get to all of your calls relief first get to this attacks that reads. I have gotten a several tax like this. Bottom line black on black crime is okay. If the topic Saint Louis was black this wouldn't be neat. This wouldn't have been made wouldn't this conversation basically wouldn't be needed. If Zimmerman was black we would know who -- -- mark news. If I'm wrong. And why -- people calling up upset about the young black kids shot in the drive by days ago in New Orleans problem is the media. Won't say it black on black is acceptable. I don't know the black on black crime is acceptable. But we -- we talked about this all night. It certainly seems more tolerate. By everywhere. If black on black crime doesn't get the attention in the media. That white on black crime gets. We're still talking about human beings black or white. But -- black on black crime doesn't get the attention that white on black crime gets in the media. And if the media reflects the audience it informs and entertains. And does the audience bears some responsibility. For not demanding. The black on black crime yet the same amount of attention. From the North Shore. Alonzo you're under the WL. Go right and center. Let. A couple of little mention that little you could freeze and know the way the go ahead though. -- okay. That you. Reasonably sure that went -- separate issue with. Him for them there we don't know. Right we can't even very young man was shot by the men because of your ability and it made in opening date right correct. We and -- -- it in the legal. A right that does not. -- different thing that marked. We need. A right that issue in this market that. You lose. He gave you needed it and that it -- Or what battery. The policeman. That made the right that the police will be justify. It's noting that individual because we put a curtain and and. Writes it could not -- would not be able to protect his fire. That the military. Coup in human and into right. In the top of the block of the street. And you. -- it and block the bird to the fight at the he has -- -- certainly. No reason to assume you. I agree but I thought you say we didn't know what really happened we don't couldn't. -- policeman. But he. And we we have confirmed that it is a new Orleans police officer I know his name he's a high profile police officer. And the fine. With the in my opinion and probably the part of the opinion if you do that political police of police department need to give them need to do. The comment that -- And a good thing. I have good. Got to get some news for it used to be liquid. And and he'd be. And that and the need to department Alonso go. I'm going to call the show I know there are a lot of people agree with you if you're on hold. Be patient I know this is a passionate discussion will continue its right after the news.