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08-14 11pm Scoot, Crime Prevention/ Ferguson

Aug 15, 2014|

Scoot continues to discuss developments in Ferguson, as well as Crime Prevention: Would crime be reduced by more tips from citizens and/or more police?

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Police in any -- Wisconsin made a traffic stop and they found the driver behind the wheel of the car to be intoxicated. Well not only was -- driver intoxicated but she was also thirteen years old. They were five other juveniles fourteen and under riding in the car -- Anything wrong with this picture. I mean you think that a thirteen year old will be responsible enough to think that if she's gonna drive and she's gonna have passengers in the car. The leash she could do. Is not drink. Here's -- -- -- you a -- -- of people tonight you know which is more important to reducing crime in New Orleans tips from the community or more police on the street. Give your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com scoop like tonight is type of community tips are more important -- -- police that's my opinion you either agree or disagree that. You can read it shared it's on our website at W well I don't -- we've been talking about the the protest in Missouri and the assumption that either one side's right to the other side's right to just the the tendency to jump to a conclusion about what happened. And I realized that to some degree that's human nature what we've we like to do it. But we need to stop ourselves and realize that it's not fair. If the police officer was attacked me what if there is that possibility. Do we have to accept that. If the police officer was not attacked and went out of his way is sort of with a bad attitude. And had a bad attitude about a young black male public young black males in the street because he stereotype them in his mind and it is hard. That's wrong. But we're so quick to jump to these conclusions. And I don't think there's any doubt. That. That white on black crime because of our history. Is more. Compelling in the news. Than black on black crime. And it shouldn't be that way and I believe that that the media is a reflection of the audience informs and entertains. The media gives us what they think we want. So they think that's what we want and maybe we need to look ourselves in the mirror. And realize that. That's what we -- Maybe not you were me. But as a country. Maybe that's what we want and that's unfortunate. Opera Edgar Arthur you're on WW a good -- author. -- school aid and goods. Call. A couple of what's in the -- I don't and it don't you know and now I've been. Taught our liquidity the it is -- -- and now. How many. Was all white or what -- -- We where we don't know the speculation is he's liked by it it has not been released. Yes because you know I'm I'm correct man and now our bid. Black and white an outside being. The correct call that I believe it was they'd -- don't know what a treat people. It -- -- you know I mean you'd be used do we need to -- -- -- -- -- that you're saying that black officers don't know how to treat people. -- -- -- Don't you started you know respect people. Letting you crackle walk on the number -- an article. I did period due respect the number radical does that mean because I don't know what -- -- -- -- Do you think you'd get less respect from the black officer than a white officer. Quantity India. Back India Devin -- it was different but now the crackle and yet don't I don't did not appear. What not follow my my problem ought not -- I mean need you try to call you are that we should be you know it be doing it is that -- job it would probably be it the put. Of course you don't like let. Our that your marriage. You know. I've I've heard multiple times I've heard ten times. But again we don't know for sure but apparently multiple times in. You know that brings into question was that necessary. Yeah I did -- one and made that would. I know you know. I don't make you neutered. And I -- on he would he would hold it at all look at it and I just lets users are made terrible Shaq early -- Eight and -- -- Marty beat two times. -- -- -- -- And we don't we we don't know author I appreciate you take it on the color showing and and I -- I appreciate the fact that you're you're trying to be fair and that's what we should all do. Arnold thanks for thanks for listening. And from the French Quarter -- on VW well. Go I'm good and I have. Much to comment -- You haven't yet text in a coal exports -- -- and incredulity. Disparate. Reactions about the depth of young people. One at it and them. Other young people -- and the other hands and would assume and Caucasian. Male. And offer them an analogy. And it goes like that. That children. -- children. Portraits some of these some form even there are to appear one of their shipments. You. It is going to be totally different from someone else comes to the wrong door. Interacts with someone from wrong and perpetrate similar type of problem out there. Tune what -- -- Viewed as human to look at different. Now saying that in the Arab American community we don't -- Greed violence and of course commute. That epic as but it -- You know how we deal. And it would proceed -- Brad woods. You know throughout our history here in America we have you know we have separate but equal or separate. Our own reality so yeah or -- from our community who perpetrate the chairman of the community. It's more. And human nature are. Other comments and -- regarding. Witnessed in this whole culture of law enforcement change. And we we. We can trade -- director Richard Nixon with the war. Which later morphed into. The war on drugs which were called words for war and people we cannot be at war. War and -- doubt. Changing the culture of law enforcement to be with people perceive are criminals or. You don't have you would. No bit -- protect and serve. It is a battle out there and you hear and muted. On one of those -- -- Why don't want didn't want to go home. Saying mind. But if we can get back to page police model where -- to protect and serve and you know we can emanate from apple. -- -- Redick did your rights -- one of the things that is has continued to bother me abouts about black on black crime being. More tolerated or or it's not as I guess the best way to put it is it's not as big -- of a story in general. Is that the fact that there are so many people within the white community who are so quick to dismiss it is that's not our problem it's their problem. My contention is that if it happens in a community in our city. Communities are linked to other communities so we're we're all Linkedin and if there are criminals in one neighborhood. They're going to other neighborhoods and and committee crimes. And so if there's a problem with black on black crime that it should matter because everybody is an equal human being and it should be as meaningful. Even though I understand our our historical past it should be as meaningful. As white on black rock. Ripper -- at school. Are. The man to say they have a -- that proverbial that we are. You -- Processed for. Apparently quality in a proverbial. Then. Will float -- You know and you you. Of these pockets. Borrow. District's economic distress and certain communities of course did you -- -- Appalachian communities were mostly Caucasian and -- Haven't distressed economy. And it'll also. -- if you will what would you call it and probably it put holes port. The most impoverished communities or communities are well. There are many reasons and and you know we can come from. History. People caught in America but even today. Web history. As prevalent is that as much about his legacy now. -- -- -- week we have issues that we've got to do with this or altered and. People -- you or your end but if there is a certain reality and whether the realities they are not in the reality needs to be understood and and in no no young blacks. Should the should be taught to be resentful of whites collectively in in general. Because there are some whites that may have more than them I mean there are a lot of whites that have more than BN NN and I'm white and I can't be resentful of them if they didn't take it for me. Well -- commitment that it would really. A group or not necessarily resentful whites. They -- African Americans. -- that there position. That policy position on the global. You know -- the debacle spoke about that African American cops who who -- things are much respect love. Him. And other African American ever. Experienced it. It's -- -- being an expert before. -- and I know that it. You know Americans don't you. African American it. Because -- look at it and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that's an issue that we did away. Say that there's not that African Americans don't care about violence and -- perpetrated bar. My other African Americans is that. It it's a counselor issue and you know -- your emotions. It would be more problems for if someone is it wrong but something to wanna be here. Also numbers. Are housed in Kabul port -- is -- out -- the wrong. Does something did you have ready made target to be one dormant I understand everybody. And and wind. And when the scenario you speak of I'm conveniently fits into the preconceived. The past and at the preakness he passed but the historical ties that we have in this country in exaggerates. -- -- Greta I really glad to call -- showing and thanks for listening tonight technically the time to call. Here is a texted it reads this city does -- need more police it needs more parents. That's true. From -- mark here on this crucial WW. Good -- good but and I'm not gonna -- its little black on black aren't going to -- -- soap -- wanna step on. This -- -- in. Sherri Lewis out -- though it was on own and he was shot jail yes that's all -- now. I have heard that allegedly. Trying to get on an audit -- problem. -- -- But he was on on shot and killed at all real and we don't know the output like black -- -- and -- -- And he code at Iowa. And I information. Really could have been given to a yesterday you know me -- guy. An -- capital -- how much you to continue but part of this whole discussion is is the fact that did they are so many people who were quick to assume. And the assumption is based on -- their prejudice. Well it's an awful lot of people's experience it's not that -- -- but -- group urged that. You know what -- Arctic culture. In May not have been out and speaker but he was talking about the experience that people have. Dealing with. I don't I'm white album in the war potential that I'm on the road and neighborhood. I don't you know what outside the call by the department and -- and where cop pulls up next week now I want. When cops want to do what cops want to do. A cop wants to -- you bring down. Shut it didn't. According to show you go to a -- -- Right or wrong and against did not do you. -- there. Is a play called police. And they don't ask people so I'd like -- and was patient. Opinion based on hadn't been purchased that's good no. And what that lady from. It all in. All walks hours. That cop on the Wallace talks in China like. Oh well. Recognized -- talk about. I didn't know that want to stop -- alleged they may treat you with is Eric I respect the ability. And you had total. Because that you don't you don't regret it. Now -- one in the country in the police. That shouldn't let. I not I think the problem really is. Cops get away with saying all the time. To want to go to cops in New York should elect would struggle. -- shot somebody watching the other day. He got shoot you hear that old we've got to tell you about that -- got you Red -- and what would you. What else can do out and do you shut up. And like -- -- -- and police brutality -- and rear its ugly -- Wearing black and white stick out and Hispanics and Chinese and everybody. People are probably. So look at all -- this. Marquis settle not. I do you -- set a lot and I appreciate you contributing to our show tonight thanks for listening. Here's a Jackson read some of black truck driver and I would rather be stopped to buy a white guy black officers. Have no respect. For others. I haven't experienced that. If your whole stay -- -- site studio will be right back with more of your comments on this passionate discussion. I'd have to -- well you know I first heard about I thought it was a ridiculous idea low fat French Fries but Burger King tried to make it work they introduced saddest Fries. They were French Fries lowering calories lower in fat and lowering sodium. But overall it didn't work he was kind of a -- and so two thirds of the Burger King restaurants around the world are dropping the -- from the menu but 2500 are still keeping it. We eat French for what it's a French fry. Mean how good is it going to be for it if you wanna eat French rising for that idea you know its status Fries let's make it healthy French fry. It's still a French from. These are critical cut sad it's Fries. Via the lower the ones that we're supposed to be better for you 270 calories eleven fat grams 300 milligrams of sodium. Compared to the regular French Fries 340 calories. Fifteen fat grams and 480. Milligrams sodium again. A difference but it's still a French fry. More community involvement. Is more important in my opinion in more police on the street and a PD chief rural surpass announced today that they were to rest. Made in the shooting that happened Sunday that left two people dead. And five people injured including a two year old and a four -- -- some of these injuries permit. Blair Taylor Tony won the alleged killer the 25 year old Jeffery rivers the alleged driver of the car in the drive by shooting. Were both arrested by NO PD. For shooting into a porch full of people. Apparently this was over some kind of a drug or. Gun problem. Within a matter of just days NO PD made these arrests. And more arrests are expected -- She surpassed credits numerous tips from the community for the arrests. Since the number of NO PD officers on the street is down. The instinct for the public is to blame the fact that they are simply not enough police on the street to protect communities. But police officers can't possibly be everywhere. And while it may be easy to point the finger too few police officers on the street and while that is a problem and we need more police officers on the street. Is simply unrealistic to expect police officers to stop shootings like the drive by the took place last Sunday. Feuds. Drug turf wars guns retaliation over. Over drugs or women or whatever. These things cannot be stopped by more police officers on the street. Every community's first line of defense against crime occurring in their neighborhood. Is the people of that community. -- he's like attitudes are kind of changing in New Orleans. Criminals and common thugs. Have been seeking safe haven in communities in which they live. And they often commit their crimes in the very communities that are protecting. It's understandable that many people have been reluctant to reveal information. About the individuals who are known to be involved in criminal activity and even specific crimes because of retaliation. But he just the community that ultimately protects the individuals. That are posting a threat to their community. And more police on the street. Can't stop that. As a society. We six simple answers to big big problems. And the idea of more police on the street at a time when the ranks of NO PD have dwindled seems like a logical and tangible solution. But it's just not realistic to expect police officers to be everywhere there's a violent. A violent dispute that takes place between two individuals or two different groups. -- police to stop the shooting that happened Sunday. -- -- police to stop the shooting that took place on -- street recently did receive so much attention. The individuals that are part of any community. Can do a better job -- police are reducing crime right now. Members of the communities have come forward to the information. And that has led to the arrest of suspects. And they should be very proud of what they have done and hopefully they set an example of what others should do. In an effort to reduce crime. If communities continue to turn over vital information about crimes. And criminals. Eventually. The criminals will have nowhere to -- it. Scoop like tonight is -- community tips more important then more police. And it's trending on our website at WW real dot com you can -- then share with others from -- -- -- mark here on the -- show good evening. They're getting scared by -- Moscow or sanctioning and and acquire some or use our Beirut is the actual vote brief court has the Butler always the problem. It was great goalies circuit and I. Not a question if you'd think the order or use. Change ago. Well since I'm not dare I I don't know but based on what we see -- -- and it and apparently the protests were peaceful their tonight I don't know whether the energy has somewhat run out of the crowd the energy ended day. The appetite for violence or if it was the state police taking over. But I have serious questions about the the police chief of Ferguson. You know -- -- snipers -- starlight scope. I saw that. Guidance and do you know how I see you know how easy it would have been -- for somebody to pull the trigger and make a mistake. It. Scares it's here. -- a bit. -- respect -- you know that there is German. You know. Properly acted. -- Well it's obvious that he didn't treats some members of the media properly. And also protesters and everybody has a right to protest you don't have a right to loot. And set fire. To things but you have a right to protest and -- see if the action of the from what I can tell. The actions of the Ferguson police department. Leads me to. Question their side of the story of what happened in general. Although allowing. You know -- an honorable thing -- -- you know he's got ago. -- -- you know treat. Them or you don't treat unarmed -- like. Market alleged -- show thanks for listening and I think that I think that's part of this story. Here's a text. Scoots. What to you like better. Status and I can't read it taxed here is another text the conversation tonight is a boxing match. If you're a cop. If if the -- from Ferguson -- -- the crime blacks at some point to have to let go of the victim. Mentality and accept at the justice system will do its job. And the the system of justice needs to be fair and the system of justice needs to do its job. And I understand why some people are so frustrated that justice isn't served and this is on both sides of the racial barrier. From New Orleans Kevin year under the WL. The goal attempt. On comment that Somalia caller made perjury and tax. A couple of black in his view that media attention things of that sort would you know I'm not answer true. I can only speak from my experiences then and a PDA in depth compares. It didn't matter what color police solve the world's personally. On the home care. This type -- thing has been happening since -- eight ED. If not -- you know. It brings gunman down. Unarmed individual to a full meaning he has been out -- -- -- ham sandwich issues. -- -- people. Good. It is their companion along with a debit impaired and that one incident and our comparison now after -- when -- these. Maybe and keep -- -- like enable. Level this respected. But that would -- And law regardless of what -- do -- it has -- own frame of mind in the peace deal with -- before aren't too. One of the struggle attorneys Mike McCain. My client. Look and -- The trial would. There's one of the drug -- consummate -- forgot the name. Who actually says dad in the PP it flies it one known to be the most local police force almost in the country and number my number one and a lot. So that was the whole reason for the struggle. May indeed become down on yeah. That they're what -- can't not mention in this shooting on with prominent guy nobody did that -- And now -- Campbell probably. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Looking province killing and the neighborhood. Well one thing it won't really. When -- did acquire Omar murder something actually being committed in laws which you see now on that they do get a lot of support that they interpret -- -- -- -- and early on in Korea here. Chain that we don't support the police department you kind of do the following. Would you expect that -- the killing and the police are on track to post to the person who committed the crime. That's its own and and when it comes occasion slight bit -- the person here and not been -- into -- that was so upsetting thing about. Yeah yeah are you referring to this this case it happened recently and NO PD did not talk about this police officer who shot somebody united the person wasn't killed but. This was something was left out in a recession for a we're just -- that uncovered the story. Art -- so that -- ballot done purposely. Polluting got on line you'd feed actual perpetrators of the crime you'd expect some kind of acting could be done. Even after it was then black on black arm of the police -- don't respect their got to be prosecuted when it's something like this -- -- when no go on acting have to happen. And outlook is different with them now some cases. Like that -- -- the hippie in the march well one of the tram -- were you fired a gun at a police but there's no protest that match. You have a opposite fired at officer. What they're gonna respond with beautiful. So that. Which one of those things that I didn't see any reason to protest well. LTD and count them on a mom have a modular that you need to label all of them. Well not. That -- we have totality you know like okay. You the ability on sixteen year old young man forties is trying to search for. It took him you know those fire. And charge the kid. -- For our final count build around and wore on and allowed that to happen. Okay cool you're guilty when one actually did the surgery ought to stop that's been around them. Didn't ball but -- and but if you on the full. We navigated anything on timing chip fourteen hole. That's on the back what people in terms -- little risky is so my life and definitely. What not that not happened yet Dougherty. All award from dropping about. -- into -- Carrollton. What some local officers came out and didn't appreciate that it would get -- that bestows but it came out to the point that. I also -- to go to GAO. In a couple planned a gun on -- -- it wasn't for the book industry. He's ought to work. Stand up the -- that believed that it would have been involved in the system look convict at convicted felon. Because these offices and that's not on her own. It is it is unfortunate the police officers some. Some a few police officers take advantage of of their position -- power. And and that leads to distrust and you know and as human being so it's not fair but we tend to judge your group by a the behavior of some within the group and and there's a tendency to say that all cops are bad and that's certainly isn't true I mean there are a lot of great police officers who were just working hard every day. And they're doing it not so much for the money because it's just in their heart to do it into two indeed protected serve. Then there are going to be some who were gonna act on their emotions. Yet another battle it out there are -- some -- those -- -- go out there are being you know to try to do its job which is probably one of ought to stop in the city because you're screwed and just stay. -- one guy out of hunter. You know but. I mean you got to clean up with the volcano you get cleaned up -- and in the end a blog in -- C itself at the change that mentality. When you have like after Katrina when you have Texas police department Texas Rangers. I'm a little with a -- the Texas State troopers and bad neighborhoods -- in the week and actual book. Kept the sign about the brutality. Of annual PD concept of Katrina this would. Proudly hand doesn't beat people on amnesty that's a real problem. But the mentality. Of the department really and it it. Well it is gonna take a -- I hate to use this as an excuse but in reality it's gonna take a while. Two to change it's not gonna happen it's not gonna happen overnight I'd like to think that we're seeing -- a lot of changes now I'd like to think that. The police officers who have been arrested two have been suspended I'd I'd like to think there we're weeding out those officers. Art art and I have no problems -- about I don't know do have a problem you know it is -- straight. Quote fame and like distinct from the caller that called -- there was some are gonna come it's -- -- -- -- again didn't show. What other gun you know nobody anybody if you want. Does it it it does it make sense I wasn't there. But there's something about it that just doesn't make sense about a police officer shooting somebody who is unarmed but again. ADT it it could be a fraction of a second before he is armed if he's going for the police officer's -- so at that point maybe something has to be done. Kevin I appreciate you calling her show on got to get to break in thanks left listening to WWL at night. Here is attacks high crime areas are a reflection of the people of that area not the police of that area. Here is attacks that read chicken on the bone that's the band and their suburban street tonight at the corner of too loose and -- Just let everybody know everything is okay in New Orleans in this ever talk briefly about it standing we come back after -- -- we've talked about a show last night because we get the breaking news during our show last night. -- -- stands to lose and urban last night we'll talk about that a more of your comments coming up next on WL. Actually listen to the the lyrics of this song. -- -- called rude by a band called magic -- other reggae kind of behavior. But it's about what -- to be so rude. And that's what we talk about a lot on this show just people being rude in this this tendency to not be respectful of each other. A northeast Ohio teenager has been arrested following a video of him kicking a stray cat down the street went viral. -- Mitchell eighteen years old cats. As he and his friend walked on the street. So why did this -- go viral. Videos that show animal abuse like we talked about this on the show recently. Then did the video that went viral of a man kicking a squirrel. Over the edge into the Grand Canyon. Why did that go viral. White this video -- Ohio teenager kicking a -- down the street why did that go hard. Because people watched it. Why do people watch it. Do those who watch videos of animal abuse. Contribute to animal abuse because they watched the videos and share the videos. I got a text from somebody or maybe it was a a tweet. As somebody who said that she blocked. This person who put the had a video of the guy kicking squirrel under the Grand Canyon. Keep he tweeted that to her and shared it. And she blocked him saying I don't want this guy on my Twitter account. Anymore. People who watch these videos do I think bears some responsibility for the creation of these videos that go viral because people. Wanna watch. If they didn't think there was an audience. They would videotape these things. And they wouldn't commit these acts well OK I have to be honest and say they might still be committing these acts of violence. But these videos wouldn't go viral. If people did watch. It -- so often the audience is so quick to blame the media for everything. And I don't always defend the media ownership. But quite often the audience bears responsibility in in what the media shows them because it is a reflection. Of the audience. Sometimes we don't like what we see in a reflection. But you can't blame the thing that is reflecting you back in the media reflects. Society back to society. So I just I think we should realize that that quite often we the audience bears some responsibility for some things that. That happened. And we're talking about things that go viral we're talking earlier about the psychology behind I spoke to challenge. Did you or your kids take the the ice -- challenge. Essentially this that started out it's it's it's gone -- me it's gone craze just gone through the roof pitchers have been viral. And it's about raising money for a -- which years. Lou Gehrig's disease the disease that is affected the body of the beloved. -- -- To force these players here and in your points and as so many other so many of the people the ice bucket challenge Shipley is somebody poor's. A bucket of ice water. And you know I mean you pour ice water to there's going to be reaction. As a people are doing this and they challenge somebody else to do it. And if somebody else doesn't -- within 24 hours that person is obligated -- To make a 25 dollar donation to a LS the good juicy as a -- said that their donations have gone up a 1000%. So that's good. But I really think that what's behind it is this idea fifteen seconds of fame again it's it's. It's manifesting a good results because there are more donations for a Ellis research. But let's be honest about it people doing this because they want their fifteen seconds of saying -- -- about his fifteen minutes in this case it's more like fifteen. Seconds. -- fame and there's nothing wrong with a great -- let's admit that that's why. That's why people were doing it to two to show these -- reaction to watch the reaction of others I wanna do the ice bucket challenge but again I haven't figured out exactly who to challenge yet. Here is attacks that reads if the cat kicking video had done gone viral that can't kicker. Would not have been arrested. Well that may be true but I wonder if it would have been worth kicking the cat. If the guy wouldn't have known that it was gonna lead to a video. That he expected to go viral. Because he knows people will watch. Last night on the show we heard about a stamping. Not to listen -- A 47 year old man died from the standing last night. Two man according to witnesses were fighting and that led to the standard we don't know what the fight was about. The man who was -- last night was also stand Sunday evening about 1030 in the 600 block of Decatur. He was released from the hospital. So they get stand began last night police don't know if the two stabbings or are related. NO PD is looking for the suspect in the suspect is described as. An African American man dark complexion 5556. Somewhere between thirty and forty years of age. Last seen wearing a white jackets have possibly a red shirt underneath a scruffy beard. And shoulder length threats. Thinking this guy you know I guess. You know some people just don't know how to stay out of trouble. And meeting. A guy gets -- Sunday night and he lives and get stabbed again. Last night. -- thirty in the in the in the evening. To listen in urban and he ends up into -- again we don't know if those two are connected. But there's no there's no need to fear going to the French Quarter because that this was not somebody randomly running through the crowd stabbing somebody. This was a targeted. Standing. It's still sad. It's still tragic. But it doesn't mean that you and higher threatened if we go down to Bourbon Street because. This wasn't just a random stamping. Here's a WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight which do you think is more important to reducing crime in New Orleans tips from the community. Or more police on the street. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com previous final update when we come back. On WL. I'm proud to say there was a peaceful protest to do world's tonight about the shooting in Missouri buddy it's assuming that there was an injustice done there again we don't know what happened. This was it to Lafayette square. I saw part of it about 6:45 this evening are going up Rondell went to turning onto canal street heading toward the river. And I'm not good it today estimating crowds but I wanna say they were about to 200 people. There were not police stopping traffic there were actually citizens that stood there on on canal streets and stop traffic for. The protesters the good news is it was a peaceful protest a -- about the psychology behind the ice bucket challenge. And I said it was a 25 dollar donation to a alas here's a text as -- it's not 25 dollars it's a hundred dollars if not done. If done you donate what you want all cable that's that's good news. -- even if you do and and you and you want this the fifteen seconds of fame don't Venus this water on yourself. -- and Ellis gets something. Even if you do if you don't do it it's it's a hundred dollars so there's that incentive. A to do it but everybody's story and maybe one they next week -- -- -- -- -- -- for Angela tomorrow into will be on vacation tomorrow and throughout next week. But the inference looked more from one to 3 at 3 o'clock alike from Oceanic grill which is just such a great place to start any saints home game. It's first takeaways for -- offensive lineman Steve court and Todd Manassas from WWL. So if you work in downtown I've had over there as starting at 3 o'clock from three to five. And then it's the but like countdown to kick off with Bobby -- life from gates seat. At the Mercedes-Benz superdome should be a very nice evening for football for those if you wanna just walk around and hang out before the game. And then it's a kick off at 7 o'clock -- and following the kickoff what's the point afterward Bobby Indy until 1 AM. Ten hours of wall to wall -- coverage begins tomorrow afternoon -- from Oceanic real. At 3 o'clock and again that is always such a fun place. To go before every game at what he's going to the game he is gonna watch it and if you worked downtown live downtown French Quarter. And over there and I'm enjoying the guys and team WWL. He's coming home the saints are are coming home will be in the Mercedes-Benz superdome tomorrow night against the titans you'll hear that game and the point after everything tomorrow right here. On WWL. And then the saints are gonna head back to their training camp in Metairie on airline drive. And the practice is open to the public Sunday weather permitting I'm here is about a 40% chance of rain Sunday but if the weather's okay and they don't have to go inside. You can go see the saints and training camp for the first time this season. And I believe that's it was open to the public weather permitting and I think that's from four until 550 tomorrow from the West Bank James you're on WWL. -- -- Yeah I just went in the saying basically. I don't know how many people that are being here while her you know. You got it and check abortion be the and we we've seen that work out at any way all these charity goes and Colin. That I -- any -- that let any in church. Changing you know as it has the bullet any jurors. -- -- Note there has been so much research done though when it comes to breast cancer -- -- and great strides. And now that you know there's never any idea what. But nice medium well who's this let's start taking -- came in our product and will be like the people in Singapore on the crisis where there's like. -- Very little cancer you know and as for the police the cause of the situation first and as blow to both sides and those companies really reached in the news that reality is pray that it -- become an militarized state. I don't -- -- Alex Jones from an -- our crown but it that. Even dipped in Paris now and these I think like machinery in just sat up and bogeys between them and it. -- -- a -- scholarship yes we could all lead of one healthier. So above that you will be doing -- doing this crucial all next week Albion in for Angela from went for now next week -- -- -- thank Bob for sitting -- Here's a final update on tonight's having a -- project opinion poll. Which is more important to reducing crime in New Orleans tips from the community or more police on the street 40% -- more police 60% say tips from the community. When I think John -- studio producer Jack Harris also in the in the studio have a great night tonight. -- New Orleans.