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Aug 15, 2014|

Dave talks about Saints gameday, favorite pie, and What is Wrong with...Cats

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Eleven minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL for listeners on this fifteenth of August 2014. It's. New. Duma GI Athol my goodness do I have -- great on -- To tell you and everybody else welcome. To I. -- -- -- -- Yeah okay okay okay -- That was a good. Yeah. From the strength. I'm going to get run down. The -- and has -- the saints have come home that play any game in the superdome tonight. Pre season but a game. And. All of twelve when else exactly. The stars have aligned. I would like to see injuries like I I would -- if he were well. And if I didn't think that it was a better idea not to play him I think it is all part of the strategy to try and make here at the injury is not an issue for the Pro Bowl QB guarantees. Healthy and well throughout the regular season in the playoffs so that we don't have to. Have any concerns in alignment of the whole reason they went to West Virginia did practice in the cooler drier conditions. Listen they weren't fighting the heat Wear themselves that a year before the season even began exactly and if you just don't want your take something even though he's probably feeling fine. I know now based on what he's doing with these quarterback challenges. And there's ice -- now. Yesterday to run an indictment into. Couple ice water the day before he was slip slide across the grass. And -- (%expletive) ice water dumped on him I think he's feeling just create enough doing good. So that he you know six super often tonight every game is officially underway right now but it really started 3 o'clock. With our first day I went. C. Obviously everybody wants to see more Brandon Cox and and I also won a -- Some of these defense in stars that we haven't really gotten a look at -- of maybe they'll see a little action to you know and maybe a little pick or something you still gotta get those take away takeaways would be. Nice turn -- would be nice forcing a ball getting interceptions that's in this. Whole plan all along but remember. In the three season and they're not gonna show a whole lot for other teams to learn what they're up Q. When the games count. There it's very Vanilla it's very plain it's very. -- -- -- -- When it very basic confidence and basic defense of these guys and it. We're in the first real game. Men -- going to unleash the crock and yes. All he's cracked and Josh in Atlanta but. It will start on what a group ways now it is time for me to take a look at national day calendar and -- national day calendars quadruple Friday it what you national relaxation day. Today Israel relaxation. Suggest that you find away to relax during the day. And -- he stressed that don't take anything -- honestly just relax. And it's also a national lemon meringue I'd. And I have not had a good lemon meringue pie and remember now. I like the lemon meringue pies. That fluffy goodness on top of those eat egg whites with that if -- Latin is. -- the exclusion below. You've got to get its own right the right crossed -- -- in the -- across the inside has to be. And my grandmother made one on no one's ever been able to the -- I swear that I can taste it now are you know as well as things. It's just it comes right back to your mind. Because she got it was. Can not explain a bit with it had all those great lemon flavors and everything but the texture in the middle was just a little. Thicker maybe then you might see in just a store bought one for just Erica time. Good news. It to pay right now as you've got a piece of plot. Element rang apple like guys chair and I got -- again I probably got a chocolate cream market Coca I'd do a Dutch apple dot. People -- example and I and there are lots of currencies on to -- vote. -- jerks hot -- cold ice us. And argue but actually pumped with. Well there you go there you go then. X rated 7870 today is national was hammering Qaeda wanna slice is another flavor you for. It's an idiot then bring on the body text messages anyway I want high. And I don't apply but I got sports and I got weather right after this -- 19 good morning I'm Dave going to happy splash today thank you so much for starting your Friday with us here in the early edition of WWL -- Or third characters are winding down you're. Long night with us here on WW now your forecast for the weekend. Still hot today even though it's still a bit dry outside 92 later on with 810% chance for just -- straight storm. Tonight looks nicer -- dipping into the seven -- -- the dry outside but the humidity returns over the weekend. Highs both Saturday and Sunday lower nineties were or take 20% chance for storms on Saturday 40% on Sunday. For the pinpoint forecast thinner I'm urologist Clark. The sixty's north of the lake 6667. Across the North Shore clear skies 90% relative humidity you know it's like now at the airport in -- partly cloudy and 76 Teresa not eighty. 76%. Relative humidity and gave no it's the early edition of WWL first news text messages coming in an 87870. On this national lemon meringue pie day. Not many people apparently want a piece of lemon meringue one person want to MacKenzie custard -- oh -- Another says the -- -- to have the best lemon line. An -- Rangel lemon -- Give me a -- or give me death says one person. Dark chocolate pecan -- says Daniel -- line now. I'd love my -- sweet potato -- has another text message today to mediate seventy and -- any flavors as another. Sports time now on WWL for that we say happy Friday -- Steve Geller. Happy Friday -- that's -- in the game day in the superdome tonight as the saints host the Tennessee Titans in pre season game number two what are some things sideline reporter Kristian -- wants to see from the black and gold in this contest. Just more progress at least on special teams ripping away the penalties a little bit they had a ten in the opener against. Brands in the coliseum these young guys are progressing. Well Johnny football we have to be sad to hear that the browns have announced that Brian Hoyer is the team's starting quarterback for Cleveland's pre season game on Monday night head coach Mike routine emphasize that although -- will start -- -- -- will share time with the starters the LSU football teams pre season camp rolls on -- the tigers' opening game of the year against Wisconsin is now fifteen days away quarterback for -- white says that like the saints -- she's been stressing creating takeaways this season. If -- win the turnover differential and again -- -- -- -- -- -- -- winning more games and this week outside inside this camp and try to strip the body any kind of really give a lot of -- Try to get off as much as school. Louisiana raging -- quarterback Terrance Broadway has earned more national pre season honors as he's been named to the 2014. Manning award watch list the list includes 32 of the top quarterbacks in the nation the winner will be selected by voting panel which includes national media and each of the Manning's after the bulls. And Tony Stewart says that he won't compete in this weekend's Sprint Cup race at Michigan International Speedway the decision comes less than a week after the NASCAR star was involved -- -- dirt track incident that killed twenty year old Kevin ward junior Stewart also missed last Sunday's Sprint Cup race today at three. AM. Steve Geller WW wells. -- thank you Steve happy Friday it is game day so -- quickly go to saint sideline reporter Kristin Garrick and say happy game day and happy Friday to use mr. Christian. Happy -- -- happy Friday Dave Cohen an exciting time certainly pre season opener at home for the saint. Welcome back first of volume you answer the saints back from West Virginia and home in the dome for pre season action. And the -- to practice in front of the crowd on Sunday afternoon. Open to the public in Metairie. I didn't know drew tonight. I would highly highly doubt that I mean you know element of -- -- ultimate. -- -- -- context clues. That you and I looked for. The -- is look for him next weekend against Indianapolis. And do you think it's you do like the strategy. I know a lot of NFL teams use their starting quarterbacks sparingly in the pre season just to keep them healthy. Do you like the strategy of -- in the back up some real wraps during the pre season just in case they ever need to step men during a real game. The I think that. It's really the silver lining in this Drew Brees oblique strain injury first -- this the regulars in game play. But it gives the coach is definitely a great opportunity to really evaluate. Ryan Griffin will account to determine if they're gonna carry three quarterbacks and carry two who's going to be the primary backup. To Drew Brees and I think it's the -- you set for these reps and pleas of those guys. And who else are you really keep -- Diane -- the can prove themselves in the second refusing. Policy of build upon at least the office lines seek to build on that either they go last week -- -- -- was well. Really good game yet with that -- that's the real deal or was that another flash in the pan from -- law -- See that in the regular season consistently week in week out but can they continue to build upon -- that there are certain things Dave that. If you do well in the pre season have a way of trickling into the regular season savings if there's a a troubling trend that you have in the preaches and has a way of finding itself again. In the regular season so policy thinking you know continue to sustain and build on this morning in that they say that it went. Saints at that reporter Christian Terkel talked in another 25 minutes and I wanna talk you more about that defense will we see turn away turn away. Flights combined to. Turnovers and takeaways as I was trying to say coming up in tonight's game in the down Kristin -- back with more analysis of 25 minutes we're back with your forecast on this. Friday and your favorite kind of pot what Al Christians they reply is a 25 minutes as well here at WWL. The weekend forecast. On this Friday morning we're looking at sixty's north of the lake and seventies on the South -- still feels pretty good outside. And little rain chances around later today at 10% heights of 92 we keep that ninety to around for tomorrow is a great chance to start to edge up to 20% and by Sunday. Parents just 40% with a high of 91. Could pinpoint forecast Tenner I'm meteorologist Laura. Tell 76 at the airport -- 67 in Slidell text messages my aunt Delores is pecan -- is the best pecan -- is amazing sweet -- my favorite but I can kill for a few weeks chocolate right now -- 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this fifteenth of August 20 fort. Name EG. I -- I have been waiting all week to tell you Wellcome. Do I. -- lewd -- pride -- -- it's certainly well. Okay okay okay. I love that time and I like to -- both -- them like. Does that. -- -- Second pre season game first run at home in the dome. Feel a little black hole today and I've got to go and comfort of my made them ready for an out. Even though no Drew Brees said you know even -- it has -- bin -- that now and he's he's you know drew but it's a game that no. And I think the saints are gonna pounce on these titans do -- think -- aria. Pounds. I really get the feeling other guys. Either we're gonna seed maybe a couple of real long exciting touchdowns. And maybe just maybe. We'll get a take away. I don't really care if they when I was at this they wanna see some good sustained. Solid off you know at some exciting defense that is it. Really moving around and given its other. I don't like it but that I would like to. We will see we'll talk more about that coming up sports and we'll get to it that partners -- -- you're now we're talking about hot day today being national lemon -- hide -- -- by the way over the weekend. It's national tell a -- day tomorrow national rollercoaster day tomorrow national airborne day tomorrow and Sunday as national thrift shop day. -- fire the medical more. Or go to it's going to be a lot of stock over the weekend we're gonna miss out on why I don't have to miss that -- no no we don't really. We just won't be. Celebrated here on there it is that's -- -- offers but people have been Texan as being national boring but hammering hi Dave Thomas what. Our favorite pies are what are you hearing a lot of -- united talk much about com year round. I shouldn't admit this because -- this -- people that it. Among pecan. Pie you're not stand. It is it's to me it's too sweet a -- huge desert guide to begin the older I've gotten a little more I like desserts but I am. Among big protein give me another state briefly yeah I know it's innate and it's a good thing you keep your blood sugar -- and I feel -- better. Ambit as -- I do enjoy a good piece supplies but I'm with you on the apple. That pumpkin Iconia and the bomb in his ear piece of pumpkin but you know here in the south on -- very popular -- more people than not it takes me about the content we do warm out law with ice cream on top got to be even a lot we got -- blueberry text cumin and we've guys chocolate -- and the we ideally if you want -- we talked earlier about the the ice cream and allies during with the with the apple pie. If you're really wanna go for next. Go forward very -- you can do that whether he warmed up to -- pot yeah within its device just. On combos aren't -- just activities at all that he's taken. That's our keiki. Yeah -- strange when it is cheese K yeah it is but it's more it's gotta -- crossed. I all the good she's gay active. Anyway. Movies this recap what we have so hungry cranky -- about why you -- make your prediction quickly though the expendable story now my goodness I can't list all of the people in this movies too many of course led by Sylvester Stallone and all of his friends throughout the year -- -- calls up every one yes PG thirteen this is the third expendable let's speak cops and with Damon Wayans junior and Jake Johnson pretending to be police officers and the giver a PG thirteen rated drama side five. Opens as well so that's your new movies going up against your current top five of guardians. One nasty. I DB's ambulances to its he'd give me the wrong top spot in -- on anyway so those you three new -- -- new movies and I you know despite. What's out there right now on this a couple of big ones yet the current top five. Our teenage mutant ninja turtles guardians galaxy into the storm a hundred for journey in -- I'm gonna go with expendable. -- savor that he takes down the turtles I think so they go that's his prediction let's have a great who'd bet Friday. And maybe catch a movie over the weekend thank you David we'll talk to about twenty minutes more procedures. Of god let's go live and direct the pinpoint forecast center stated our day. Happy Friday he's funny hold gains Friday in all that stuff to solve together right there are hardly over pre season how. And the -- of an archer and out in the areas away from the city aren't doing another morning. A little bit cooler a little -- again getting text from North Shore I need to -- to -- today yes I was getting glorious morning in things like that. It's pretty good again has -- maybe they're just you know it's old -- out of used to it but. And it's film mid sixties they are Slidell you know Vogel Lisa Hamm and Baton Rouge and it's still very dry so hopefully should -- just -- -- this morning. All right and not down here though the. Cities it's kind of little bit try to have slept outside yesterday afternoon and it was hot. But you know when -- the -- eight it was actually not that back is that you have a little bit of a break and that's what we were in that kind of take the edge off the heat. We don't have that win those today who -- -- comment on of that breeze blown it make it feels a little later today I'll go. I think it later this afternoon and really after games or more when you noticed that it gets hot but it still feels pretty dry outside right and -- another nice one today with -- about ninety Q and whether we can look like -- a little more humid for the weekend to add some scattered rain chances start -- and -- panic eased back into it that 20% tomorrow. And up to 40% on Sunday. I it's but that -- of the two days Saturday but not a washout Sunday that 40% to 60% chance you'll -- Asia. I would like to look at. You know that's that's just how you look at the bright -- give a favorite kind of pie today's national level. No I heard I didn't like Mike -- -- and I think the key -- better than -- -- you kind of the first and finally I don't why moral. I've heard -- talking about can't hide -- -- -- can't hide that pecan pumpkin sweet potatoes are all like. Thanksgiving fault you don't like -- he goes year round yeah. It's hard for me finish here on high in like April you know with. But I do love them around Thanksgiving time I love old fashioned apple pie with you know got to have that dollop of ice cream on top I'll. Summer when it's hot like if I want like a cold refreshing -- -- Guess if you're at the diner this evening add to that your heroic key -- yeah that's what I yet I can't argue a key line. I added that the -- Like I heart pumped in any Tammy -- you know -- TD not spikes -- -- now. She noted that as it. I don't -- -- -- cinnamon and -- spicy I hope -- -- -- -- -- it's just -- pumpkin -- out just ahead does that -- a pumpkin pumpkin. -- -- I think it has been talked about this before I -- have you -- sweet potato -- I have had three but it I thought I heard him coming -- are not -- a little bit maybe this is my mother in -- -- but I find it. Kind of milder than than pumpkin pie it has a similar flavor but. It's a little bit at the pumpkin lever a little intense you know sometimes that. Find sweet tea can be how come milder flavor put a lot of thought it had I don't know how we got off on a flat out. That's because national -- bring my game turning around anytime you lie -- well well well well and with what rock cats. -- -- -- -- changed dead. We are getting more and more stories lately about just crazy cats going nuts and cause them problems it's another case. Of someone having to call 911. To save them from their all cash. Hats and suits to San Diego County women had to get help from the cops after being trapped in a bedroom by a family cat. That a neighbor calls -- all of furry fury. -- gas police say that the woman and her adult daughter called 911 to say that they were stuck in their bedroom because the cat they call up. Was in a rage and would not let them leave this has happened like three times lately that would be political might want one because their act goes crazy. In fact I talked to a woman here in -- -- of the day. Who they had to finally they love their cats so intensely but today the cap went so -- that accurate that they could not keep the -- anymore -- kept attacking. I I I all I always feel there's more to these stories stereo. I always feel like -- some then behind. You know I'm not I'm not a -- -- finger point and say that these people were. Doing bad things that matter what you know I don't know the story that just can't help -- -- like there's something going on here. An easy enemy to these -- know do this crazy for no reason and I and I don't know that I can't yeah there are things that I wanted or maybe I don't know I kind of sad that you know wasn't there so I don't know either way. But I grew up with -- at. And I haven't had -- under no fury and don't forget I don't remember hearing about like at eight -- that we heard about it lately that I remember this scene that they used to -- I mean. I don't like you said the family pet so I don't understand why they would just go we keep here. He -- about it cats gone crazy. That's gone wild my dog -- never done that sense there that he's never he never locked in -- -- with companies like that. Then you have read comic and you are what I can't -- that apparent that you -- that you advocate but now live in direct from the penguins were cats there's sports it's game gave folks Steve -- -- -- -- I do like a piece of Boston cream rises once sex ethnicity that the semi coconut custard that's another walnut and hair high with -- and allies and my favorites queue lines and another. Humid and -- says a lot of people don't know about it but merlot. -- on -- OK coconut cream. And we got a lot of folks those saying Scott. Don't hate me for I just think the syrup and sugar it's just too much wheat. So I just can't. -- -- on time very often can't handle sports. And I love me some saints on this Friday so we say who that is Steve Geller. Good morning to all include that land and happy Friday the saints are back in action tonight as the black and gold take on the Tennessee Titans in the superdome sideline reporter Christian Garrett is anxious to see if the saints have continued to be able to have success in the ground attack. Can continue that running in the they've said they feel like it re committed to do in the off season. And up marking your had a solid night last time out policy dolphins alike if you do get a bush and create holes for the running backs. The browns have announced that they'll start Brian -- in their second pre season game against the Redskins on Monday night itself what are relevant news that's coach Mike Mateen has insisted both -- and Johnny -- -- will get to run with the first team all fans -- football was limited to just time with the twos and threes -- Cleveland's pre season opener T minus fifteen. Days now to the LSU football team opens the season against Wisconsin freshman wide receiver -- -- feels that the offense is shaping up nicely. We're really come together stronger announced fall offences and bettors have -- whatever quarterback isn't there where we're doing a great job moving the ball. Well -- -- line is doing a great double block and and give the quarterbacks and running backs room to move in time to do it. Well this Sunday's Sprint Cup race at Michigan International Speedway will be minus Tony Stewart -- decision not to drive comes less than a week after he was involved in the dirt track incident that killed Kevin ward junior Jeff Burton -- race -- Stewart's place this weekend and in the first practice is called George broke his right leg during a scrimmage team USA suffered a another injury blow the markets cousins injured his right -- while going for a loose ball he got tangled with -- star Anthony Davis win both big men hit the floor cousins had to be helped off the court -- Davis is fine. Today at three. AM Steve Geller WW wells. Courtside 53 Dave Cohen thank you Steve -- let's head on over to saint sideline reporter Kristian -- coz it's game day Christian we talked a lot about the offense when we talked to 25 minutes ago. What are you wanna see from the defense what you expect -- we. Gonna see more flashes of this great defense were hoping to see in the right. It is policy more turnovers that that was something they -- size it and you know that they need. Made a point to go -- -- Harrisburg who's -- likely I think to play this week put. Connectors and force more turnovers that was something that they wanted to do coming into the season. And focus all offseason there routier's any chances training camp as getting a ball out whether fumbles interceptions etc. I don't know you'll see an all out total. Exact example you'll see the regular season tonight because it is the pre season and keep it. Fairly simple put you might as an exotic things from time the time. Apparently -- you making good point no Jared Burton a Champ Bailey those guys figure to be big in this defense how much are we really seeing what the senate to put on the field in the regular season -- how much -- they hold back the plan anyway because they don't want to show the teams with the. Yeah it's -- it's a balancing act that every team faces really. But you know it. It's really just comes down to excuse your your base defense can do that well you know lot of coaches say that decreases and it. Ultimately the that the base defense is what you've got a master. I think getting into a nickel Alicea -- why does he's had a strong the last couple of days. And it certainly last week against the rams can build upon that he's in a fight for that nickel cornerback spot. And you guys are raving about the essence goal line defense in the final practice up in West Virginia hey we'll see -- tonight on the sidelines and then we'll see you Sunday for the first practice open to the public in Metairie of this training camp thanks Christian. Yeah that thinks that -- what your favorite -- by the way. Oh pocket all day every day -- we talk about turnovers to him as well talk about -- -- they like turnovers do. In football and that like you know in the repeal the -- Thanks commissioned -- -- impact well he will hear on the radio on double coverage on thirteen fifty T Bob Clement. It's 555. Still pretty dry today for this Friday with partly cloudy skies were expecting highs of 92. And it 10% chance first race dorm but over the weekend it does start to read more humid that moisture returns on Saturday with a 20% rain chance. Highs of ninety TU and Sunday chance up to 40% what types of 91. From the pinpoint forecast center I'm meteorologist -- can tell. At The Who -- Friday Tommy Tucker -- -- data anything stuff on you know. Well I'm -- at that it that much change in time for the game be done welfare now. Which the other saints great season games have yet -- -- he would go already in the somebody some money. Gives you tickets to Hugo. And the Federal Reserve's people it. Come up -- 400 blocks. That's hard to believe 40% of people probably. -- don't talk about cost of sports in teaching kids to cheat to win. Teaching kids that you see have a great Friday saying.

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