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8-15 6:15am Tommy, Saints game

Aug 15, 2014|

Tommy talks to Mike Detillier, WWL NFL analyst, about the Saints preseason game against the Titans and Ricky Zeller, the Communications Manager for SMG New Orleans, about NFL security measures for the games

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I didn't let's go get a lot of guests let's get to it are right now isolated because. It and and if you've ever been in this position. By mucus often -- -- -- can't do it entails. You actually get into it. It's not -- Three thing well and -- I love working here but I will be here until 2 o'clock anyways so there's no need to rush. All I was in a situation where you have so many things to do yeah now. That which got a -- work and take yours months abilities but. You've got to do what Russia -- -- I got through you gotta protest the very outside business stop on hold. And so you get through which your works and the key you know there's no need. So you got -- or rushing because you've got the stuff on your mind whatever it is now I'm Neal pro football. Of Polly. And Venus what then Saturday evening cash. Well all you'll see him in now. You ever. Ever perform random acts of kindness for anybody or or have one done for you. Yeah out. Lately in two on two different occasionally element -- it's. You're deciding not to shoplift something is not a random and iron. And yet and it it's now something you actually do. For somebody not decide not to do you residing you're deciding not to cute car. Of somebody who now cut jobs and -- RJR daughter's on it well when he park in the same money you enhancing an alliance and negativity that's not a random act of kind notice and about what I've had people do for me recently. For example somebody were to Obama. We keep an erupting. Understand you out an India didn't and you probably -- our shot up exits the now if you wouldn't tellem. To shut down I would be a random act again but you just told me to shut up so like I think it would be a random act. I'm -- the checkout counter and I come up like a block short. You know and on lumber on the around the pockets and it's a little embarrassing and you know whatever and until people adults and the and the guy behind me. And we take care of that. Analyst with Blakey -- hundred dollar bill it's still a silver certificate I know all right 200 would. You know that's gaining on me and -- before. Like dollar bills got cobwebs on it would need to put it makes -- -- -- when people do things like that you -- -- -- that's really not like to know wanted to make you feel even better. Half of -- -- royals really know what makes you feel letters when you do an act like that for somebody I think. And I out I think we will wasn't it's the same thing. Came -- or somebody was struggling for change you know the old you know carry it forward whatever and terrorism. I -- helped out somebody it's funny you should say that because sometimes karma is such. Were God's plan or coincidence our real look at it. I help somebody out earlier in the day. And it went to one of these bead chain where he got to be a member of -- things are out. -- getting and what the card but you can check out if it's expired apparently was expired. It's a little more complicated. You can't give out apparently the market -- -- -- to my name but that's not the point now cited -- that -- got to check out -- only by means there -- no problem and and just swipe -- card and I am not trying to steal from anybody and not trying to -- -- also uses a -- anything does that help. Yeah well because I got all of it on a counter and its like will literally do now. And she was so nice and -- answered you know you're very nicely uniter in this guy is the size of a mountain illnesses actually feel we have very lucky that that you. -- let's talk about random acts of kindness today that this story. A new report says one in four young athletes say it's OK to play dirty that sends a message to the other team and helps their team win. -- yes. And -- coaches and parents are on board with this so. Is sport's about winning at all costs are learning in complete compete fairly year and seems to receive these days like then David. It's playing a sport prepares you for light. Tank which -- gonna serve you better. -- dirty when at all costs. Or. Do things the right way. And I and maybe it'll -- work out for -- and everybody else is backstabbing you and yeah now I -- say that take a look at the business world. And you tell me. Which one's gonna do you better -- but I just astute. No I I would like to I'd there's the way I'd like he's adamant he answering. A question with a question in the real world probably the dirty well I think I hate to say it but in the real world I think. I don't know it's a tough should decide because you don't you did to beat. Prepared but yet you don't want him cynical or are doing the wrong thing neither -- -- it to you don't want him being -- lamb led to slaughter will get into the business if you don't want them to. Somebody that the Federal Reserve -- about typical American council can't raise 400 dollars and cancer without borrowing money or selling possessions. If people make too little or spend too much. And if today's paycheck today's the fifteenth and Friday if today's paycheck which last how long could you -- how long did you make it. The are asking ain't one on just that there's Astaro and Oakland job well I mean I would like to know I don't think I'd go more than. Who we roll eyes I can barely make it to the next very checks you out pretty much an -- in our life insurance policy I guess if you wanna talk about that. Taken out the floral NK with the subs there's substantial penalty for early withdraw I'd -- maybe two months three months perhaps. And we'll start with saints game Tennessee deal like pre season games to go to them. If you have tickets begum away. Or if you. Get tickets and some money will you use them is -- -- -- that I get tickets tonight for the game against the -- enjoy ago. As much on TV all you doggone right I wanna go I rarely get to go to saints game. So we -- like coming up led -- on this Friday morning Tommy Tucker David Blake Shelden Williams plan that. The bumper music and Manning master control Jordan -- answered the phone calls and produce and and you a cast of hundreds of thousands approaching a million listening and thanks for being a part of the shell -- that it W. I Tommy Tucker saints claim a titans tonight in the dole man might retaliate joins us right now -- -- WL NFL and college football analyst and a friend of -- morning my. We're asking people for operating jaguar opinion poll when it comes saints pre season games if you have tickets do you use them begins somebody -- if you get them would date. Would they wanna go and and from a fan's standpoint of it's it's kind of different with pre season cousins. It's -- to get into it played for a for the players especially those trying to make the team does almost playoffs beat them and in. You better believe you know it is important you you -- -- life so to speak at this stage. In this in the second precinct to gain is very important because it's. All of you watching when he's been covering his game and missed it would be received and gain. Facto wanting most of those store sportier personnel. Well what -- quarters. So you know that is second auditions -- -- -- All broadway's. All. -- port service state opens up so -- all of that is being. This second printing game is critical. Because you know that you don't walk in the third precinct in day. Tell me I know a lot of people say you know to -- weeks he's. Crowded around two bit -- -- wage in process. That's why it's in place it would rule. Would you collective bargaining agreement actually fall in line. Oh you -- assessment of them agree it now we they're common in football and -- but some excellent points. And you're not really actually why. Important. That is what it's all out and put -- you first opportunity. To see that thing outlawed in person. All in what I think is going to be very special. Needs of public. I Drew Brees any need to play him tonight is knowledge is letting played the third game first half perhaps our. Are some of the first half until he's really -- and and yanking when he we think about that. It is but Drew Brees I mean you know he's not. Well that night sort of beacon displayed in the third received again you know this is all of this could -- opportunity a large group. Ought to solidified its spot as the number two guy. And you know problem count my opinion about wanna I -- -- what -- in Boca. -- -- orders toward the double digit. Player in the NFL as -- as the years and understanding. You've got a young -- portion you pretty good today and number two spot. And look at -- this Foster. Are the same -- just keep two quarterbacks. You've been wanna keep an extra line backwards that he'd. To help Donald special teams it's a huge game for more grip than in yes. To Greece itself. -- in terms of calm wining and losing the game. He pre season because sometimes you know that policy I would presume how player reacts sanders' situation which could be. More important to them than actually winning games so it got one win under your belt -- -- off the snide now does that. Make it easier for him to. To worry less about because I don't think you would go winless during pre season neither. Make it easier formed and evaluate talent now they get it first win or only when of the pre season every. I think one of the things you wanna look at his situation. Is also body reacts. All in and being put this situation mentally Kennedy. Transport what you taught in the practice into getting. Because you can more mental breakdown and physical breakdowns. In pre season. The other thing about it -- -- -- the -- -- -- Creighton has Russell that well all week long it is clear this special teams. And when you look at this football -- a couple holes -- -- In the big question marks. It is play on special teams and it -- fighting for roster spot. That's something to keep up -- ideologue who makes them away. All of those units that are projected to return units. I didn't think that that is something that still up in the air. And yet you do have a poor and kick off guy in countless more. There are a lot of positions. That final -- are -- to spot that are on grounds. You gonna make it special team that's something certainly the watched tonight. Mike appreciate your time I really do is always talking and Monday morning. Sort emigrate dad might retaliate or -- WL NFL and college football analyst a friend of ours is always willing to get up early. And we appreciated six point five timely get traffic and that would get a Mike welcome. I Tommy Tucker talking about the saints pre season game tonight a whole bunch of other things like random acts of kindness -- ready jaguar opinion poll. When it comes saints pre season games do you gladly goal or are you a no show. Dead even right now 5050 and I can even give your name. Because I want to be anonymous about it is to go along with you call but I know we asked you but you know like Leno on talking to right now. You there. Yet that you but I don't want to give me they are because of what you're talking about the morning how you deal. I'm doing great time it's. I was gonna. -- enjoy actually the and MacBook -- people related note it and you meet him in this week. What we lived at. Will offer a look and -- -- actually. You know children eating -- -- and drug on the ladies are all hard. And it goes to our -- our most all all young son. And I didn't want Arafat and that the good news from. It was right there on the New York chargers. October 3 book written dispose of it. I didn't need any. Right on the back right there aren't that ought be you know excited. Credit you know -- -- called profit and probably campaign or it could. I enjoyed randomness and that goes -- of people. Just. -- Hello all at some bit -- -- -- -- walk across the the street is the biggest problem -- I'll -- well move occurred on my bad and you know I don't know what's gonna. Not think Oscar -- I think that's an almost even name I think it's a great thing that you do and of course you know the eternally on the run very fast to catch India. Script or thank you so much for calling for doing those kind of things I mean it I I think it did feels better when you do it -- when you have one done for. -- thank you appreciate -- have a good day of course there is. That joke about that. Dog that shows up at the front to a David you remember that with a rampant and it's now our Anemia and I think. Like and ended the dog killed the rabbits and clean it up. Man made in -- and all up and make it look as though it was fine and and -- taken that -- -- that the families in this thing get passed away and cajun and there are five because and find out the -- dug the -- company and buried it because it died 632. At a talent is a joke I told it is. Remembered this. And the story and where nudity time for -- WL first news -- lately it's been a long way out of him tonight. David's talking about random acts of kindness today and I guess you could. Say giving somebody tickets to pre season game. Without them knowing about it if they really wanted to go be random act a kind absolutely I get a text about that result prompted by -- video. That went viral of a little it is. Time and home and shoes -- a at a grocery store and apparently being the elder gentleman had a hard time bend over to -- issues a look at so the issue -- tides just. Just gonna -- it. I'll score it but. Great. I don't I don't. And you didn't sound very sincere about our guys answer that there was truly great line all on a road -- and got a W out the morning. Any idea that. Does this morning -- -- and that it -- not actual content. And as Adam. -- a little early morning around much on that one and some -- we talked about it last -- And they literally were on the were Toshiba take it tolerates little place in the ruling. And it just don't have so much it. So that when you wake up. They will -- and only one. And -- -- to -- the donut shop and honestly about vision and on your -- police service and by opposing uniform. And so you know camp -- yankees. -- port. Appreciate it certainly it's counter. In line. Into I. I didn't need it named. He offered to bars that were housed in order and on you know I respectfully declines. And in a town that's Archie on offer for him they might build it -- was Christian -- -- -- HP's servers -- you know each allot for a so from the back -- toward fitness. And important. Thing. You know -- -- it's -- -- -- We mussina uniform you become a military uniform yet. But that's an outstanding students say one man but thank you and and thank you please serviceable but never won -- lottery I'd like to go around and just like people's dinner days you know. -- pointed him -- -- don't you know me. 642 there -- some new restrictions security restrictions you need to know about a feud on in the game tonight. And Ricky Zeller will explain all of them to us when we come back his communications manager for S and -- Tommy Tucker. Glad -- it was on this Friday morning -- W well. Tommy Tucker another W out Friday morning looking ahead to the rested today in a weekend 10% chance she hours. Eyes -- on anyone to feel like 95 down hundred tomorrow 30% chance for showers typical summertime highs around 92 the feeling 9500. And a -- a chance for showers goes up to 40% on Sunday but I think. Sometimes it is changed numbers it would seems different right now it's 74 a good night to be inside. The -- much in the saints play the titans but. Before you get inside you might have to go through some you will have to go through. Semis some additional and different security precautions and for that we go to -- Zeller. We're joined by Ricky communications manager press and -- long's morning -- I'm doing well thank you and I showed that it be excited about the saints coming home tonight. We are excited mental preparation denial I wanna make sure you understand that they're not. But while there -- additional -- not anything different than last year the security measures there's there's no different than what what all patrons and fans. People come to the game that superdome and and champion -- -- -- -- -- different security measures at the same want that well put plates last year we just want to make sure by members. So for those that might be in and also you might have some people on -- for -- for the first time this year that didn't go what what exactly. And it might be new to them what what what did they have to look for allow time for and anticipate. While others the the first thing is that they allow time it is a good way to put it but just actually become a little early. Distribute so -- time and we -- to strategic or getting people through. As quickly as we can. -- house policy it is. That need to pack a clear back -- it would be. Twelve inches by twelve mentions like 62 so the sides more of those large zip lock. Actual clear plastic back into -- custom ones but they're a good. Clears a -- it's and then along with that could also carry one. Clutch. And that would be about the size of your hand -- just like six inches and let things like gay. Backpack. Or briefcase. -- Those those are for a while and -- is -- Way to binoculars cases fit in under all of this. Is now goes out of -- are -- -- binoculars we put him in the indicate last word that in the orange -- exchange. Clutched. You know just put them binoculars and side would Wear plastic -- -- period. And you net whenever. So lie embodies patted down metal detectors bullet wouldn't need to know. Just want to be there every gate and the other thing. The other thing to remember is for the entrance a champion -- ashamed and so rules are in place so for the big pregame party is champion square changed. Which is terrific that you just need to remember that the same. Rules that. But it takes to go into the game going to champions square as well and others that. That's that's such and such an important people are chipped and scores. If you -- of their their people checking you is you. As you walk in the if you if he had her from -- pointer street people are checking before you go to champions square. -- -- And and walking down mr. Campbell south street soared. Yeah that's where they have. To watch it -- but the people that market the league champions we're like go to LA -- correct to I mean to court -- -- -- But I wonder. Make sure we talked about and yet bottom. I mean again in the champions square and let's go to the same procedures as 200 stated. I -- appreciate time anything else. Now where were look at order we're excited about. That -- lot of work on stadium and -- and people extreme. -- -- I took on the screen and off -- campaigning and and training or you know over 3000 employees like game day so we're really excited. About a game that's a new salute to. A lot of new food offerings a lot of new food for different people tried so we'll look forward to. Thank you Ricky appreciate you timely dollar Ricky Zeller communications manager for SMG new loans is reminding yet of the security precautions or informing you know if -- Never been to the -- haven't been recently and on I was gonna happen 6528. Before seven. Tunneling -- traffic and that would go to Michael welcome. Tommy Tucker talking about our whole Lotta things morning here's a picture of public's employee tying an elderly man issue that. That's gone viral and -- it brings up a conversation about a random act of kindness says you've. Ever received or done is it better to -- to receive not in terms of moral judgment will what makes you feel better when somebody does something for you. Or when you do something for somebody and I think he can also have a conversation. About customer service here. Because I was at a place the other day and I don't name any names but their difference and silent and so on means it will be with you. So they filed until they were ready to stop opening came over and help me about five minutes later and as a result I'm ready. To move. Whatever it is I do there to -- not to identify -- kinda place that is to somewhere else. And it would be big change so local. And I really think I'm gonna do that and I think I should have done along time ago. But if you ever had service it was so war and I don't think we need to mention any names but. What was it that -- does someplace else do you think customer service is what it used to be. And it. I guess the other side of it is -- he ever had exemplary services and and employee gone above and beyond the call of duty to do something like tie your -- Or would you want that because again again again as she can look at it is. You walk into a supermarket all of a sudden somebody's bending down and tying your issue. And you could say that is so nice have you or your response to be without Kelly Dylan -- -- get away from me. Will come back -- talk about the Federal Reserve they say the typical American household can't raise 400 dollars in cash. So if you need a washing machine if something goes out and you need. To get something repaired. Or any other emergency 400 dollars. The Federal Reserve says the typical American household. Couldn't come up with 400 dollar bills 400 dollars in cash. Without borrowing it from somebody. Prized possessions. And what did speak to snapshots would snapshot does that give of the economy. Is it proof that people aren't making enough. Or is it proved that people just can't control themselves and are spending too much. Andy do they pay for cable maybe that they can't afford cellphones that they can afford. And they are living paycheck to paycheck and speaking of that today for a lot of people payday if today was the last paycheck you received. If after you get you pay envelope direct deposit whatever they say elect. Fred sorry -- get the let you go how long could you make it will be back on -- -- -- well.

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