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WWL>Topics>>8-15 7:10am Tommy, more Americans living paycheck-to-paycheck

8-15 7:10am Tommy, more Americans living paycheck-to-paycheck

Aug 15, 2014|

Tommy talks to Walter "Dub" Lane, an Associate Professor of Economics and Finance at UNO, about

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

David Blake and a couple of moments we are -- connect with doctored double lane it was an economist at you noted talk about the average American household. And only being able to come up I guess with 399 dollars cash if they could is the there surveyed. I guess was about typical American household raising 400 dollars and cash you know without borrowing money or selling possessions. And that's forty. Percent. Of the population. And I think that he -- question is are people spending too much images Megan too little. Texans and injuries 400 miles that we about it notice -- -- include food and fuel in the inflation rate and my grocery bill is so high just for the basics. How many raises the has the average worker guy yeah past five years are you talking minimum wage I mean good jobs. And tell you this and trying to be funny when I say this. Not only has the beef the price of -- gone up in the stores. But if you have an animal you know the price of by products of beef has gone up all -- are you shoot things -- the -- eight. Out on things a 1415. Dollars now now so it's crazy. Out there Sudanese. Let's choose things in Guatemala by house. -- -- -- -- Now. A piece of beef. Then on say delayed -- a piece of furniture what. Little was left exactly that's not why we're here let's talk about this happened in Ireland a heavy landing you know that is -- heavy landing means a rough landing. Yeah -- low light plane. Com -- passenger jet. 47 passengers on the flight from Birmingham England in the Belfast City airport in NORTHERN IRELAND. Train and pilot had a little bit of a problem. He is hand was on the yoke. Com. Guesses which you'd go to -- The you'll -- actually. And then he went to move the -- -- And his hand was still on it but the problem is it wasn't attached to his arm. The pilot had a a prosthetic arm I gotcha and when he went to two. Do whatever he did so Lander flight the plane. Apparently came off Eddie. So. Nothing was happening with the open now to adjust has -- us at their with a hand on bullet he did keep his hand on the controls problem -- it. It one attached and -- thankfully nobody lived. I'll carry that have gone up landing. The rough landing -- Brooklyn. That's -- -- and give an idea. We didn't have the terminal or. And it is everything okay yeah old lefty. That helped pilot could take a couple of raps with the duct that you need the dark -- in your back pocket an all time you do when you have to have an awful big pocket to a comedy entity and Edwards got a -- -- -- -- -- -- it one day. Under -- Terry what is the oddest thing -- that. Time that duct -- saved your life. I kept you from -- a big old rob you know that might be a good show -- the oddest thing you've ever fixed with duct. Offers some -- how's that people abuse and his band aids before the close alliance a -- like I'll take a break come back talk about the economy and tell Tommy Tucker David Blake Shelden Williams Jordan. The eagle and view Friday morning to evidently well. Tommy -- 718 the Federal Reserve says that does the economy's made progress and that. The majority of US households and their living comfortably or doing OK financially. To kind of slim majority they're talking about 60%. Of households but almost 40% say. Their families are just getting by are struggling to -- though. And that they would have a hard time coming up with 400 dollars. In cash -- 400 miles noted used to be joining us right now our friend. While they're doubling in an associate professor of economics and finance. At a my alma mater you know morning professor hey good morning. Yeah I don't know what the questions are here rather than a people's spending too much -- too little and others have not gotten raises because of the economy and and then prices continue to. They go up they get caught and inflation only thing. Well there's a couple. 41 there's men from what we -- wage. Stagnation. That is there's been for especially for the middle class and and below. There's been very little progress. In the real wages in other words -- although we haven't had much elation but also evidently wage increase heaters which is kind of been fairly steady scope. A lot of people -- just not. You know getting wealthier. A lot of -- of -- the progress. In the economy stock markets doing really good. But that generally mostly the very upper class people invested in -- they're doing pretty well. Yet his -- can't come almost 400 bucks chances are you know plan a market. What about the other part of it is that the wages aren't going up during much. A lot of people that it did previously done pretty well if you had unionized jobs in manufacturing and -- of those away. So people without much college education. Are really not doing very well this other part though is is. -- That people have. Use credit cards they have huge debt so. It basically negated every month where they are spent their money for the month are making their payments on there not in the car house but also -- credit -- So that's -- that's where does -- -- the paycheck thing is people. Because of such free credit with credit cards have really backed themselves out and therefore they just don't. They don't save that the other thing is we looked on the road savings. And a lot of these people wanted to keep the other -- bucks cash today which of these saving for retirement. Five in fifty years from. -- theaters a lot of not much if -- I professor I guess suffered traffic going come back and onions and tax about the guy we run overnight Dave Ramsey in his. Theory no dead. Pay cash for everything manager own finances but that's good in theory but is -- really workable for people and have a family haven't gotten raises the prices keep going up and yeah on and on how much of that is discretionary spending or gas -- while -- -- associate professor of economics and finance at UN now. And I often say my alma -- you know built the middle class new loans Clancy Dubose said it initially and people -- lightly what does -- mean money is saying and I say it because of people like myself who had no other option for college. And move was able to climb into the middle class from the way I grew up but for you know I couldn't have done. Seven when he won a lot of other people elected to 721 time only to traffic for that we go to Michael -- it. Tommy Tucker talking about the economy in a new Federal Reserve group who works as people would have 40% of sold in America. As is substantial amount at a hard time coming up with 400 dollars cash if they needed to. Unless they borrowed money or sold some possessions and Walter doubling -- associate professor of economics and finance it my alma mater UN no friend of ours is nice enough to join -- so. Professor went when it comes to stagnation when he comes to. Increases in real wages people that put money aside for retirement as we discussed before the break. And living paycheck to paycheck. What will it happen in the of -- -- what would happen if for whatever reason you know there were layoffs another dip in the economy and and the if you can't come up with 100 bucks. When Evans have no paychecks arrive anymore and you people put themselves in this in this situation because of it X it would eco discretionary spending cable TV cellphones Saturn is it really. It practical to say you don't need either one of those. Well again I think the key is consumer debt that people borrow money because it's so easy. And I understand -- you know -- especially your have a very low income. In your needs -- -- your income. But it's part of it just to consumers society that feels like everybody's. You know got. The latest salvo in the big screen TV and you know things that are not necessarily essential. And we -- whole lot of spending of those things and I certainly don't. -- wants to have them but as far as getting in trouble financially that should be a cause of. Well and that's what that's what I'm wondering because. In terms of stagnation of wages. We have so many bills now that we didn't use to hand -- so does that play apart innings. Absolutely and that you know but the people just don't realize they'll pick -- the philosophy that well. If I don't have the money I just yet. Bite they say well now hope perhaps more later and you're right this lead to huge. Vulnerability if the economy turns down again. And if things get bad that you laid off and you don't have any savings or whatever and dangerous trouble. You said if the economy turns down again isn't optimistic or rather pessimistic rather realistic to say it will turn down. We will turn down -- but I mean it is certainly in the near future it definitely will be turning -- yet. In others. There are some who worries right now. They'll think you're looking pretty good burglaries slow recovery. But they're still a chance of you know something big happens to all of sudden China. -- who's been spending money like crazy for the last couple decades. Does what Japan did eventually reaches in the -- it turned around. And then the whole world economies idea -- could go. I predict you get any time soon but. But to get I think people need to back. To have numbers over the they need to be made part of the plan and it's it's a matter of self denial. Saying that well I just can't have everything I want. Now. So if -- you know retirement. All week really about Robin Williams and and depression and being in holes I guess you know final financial rather depression and you know whole person it is stopping -- And if you have massive credit card -- if you have. Living paycheck to paycheck. You have a hard time coming up with 400 dollars can actually do Heidi get out of it. Well it it takes place I know I -- church. And several others -- they're talking about this this -- the -- -- a Christian philosophy that. You should try to be debt pretty possible it is possible it may be painful. But it is possible now that hasn't applied here if you -- Big big medical bills rack up there's something you can't do anything about but there's a lot except it is controllable. And the key is starting early. In a -- year when you're getting out of -- getting out of college -- did not start out with huge debts. And and it's simply or do it to be more modest than -- been. Now that's actually good for the economy in the short but it along and that's the key to personal success. On the anecdotally the full relate to go here and I know you hate to do it is because your numbers guy and a tax -- that. Well I see people riding around in so many. A brand new luxury cars on some out cars it used to be reserved for. Other successful doctors or maybe professors or. Our lawyers again it just makes you owners the economy doing that well there are people buying cars they can't really afford. Well a lot of people doing well. And that's that's one of the problems is that the recovery has been fairly and even. And there are a lot of people up there doing well if you look at the stock market. People that are have some investments agree that. Are actually doing pretty good so there are a lot of those out there but but it -- the strike be keep with them don't have the -- to do. Thank you doctor appreciate your time luckily. Part of the hello. And I will when I was gonna tell a professor. Just didn't -- like finding a parking spaces these semester begins here. And Debbie WL and David -- Baltic double lane always anxious cinema parting now our ideology you can't wait for. EU has sent him an email later. I at 731 a warning from yellow we come back into 60187. -- toll free 86 exit eight nines or late seventy if you know. Somebody. That would have a hard time. Coming up with 400 dollars who couldn't get a doughnut and a couple of coffee with three dollars down who. It is in tough financial straits is it because. As you observe it they make too little. Where they're spending too much money here for me when we come back right now though I wanna hear from David Blake but WWL. First news and good morning jolly can hang up on me I'm not exactly 76 degrees right now -- it's partly cloudy and I David I think it was a -- she Keyes who once said this stories on yeah. -- and I. They have a historian WWL dot com that's trending right now that is on fire and considered concerns wait lines at the low end the call -- body. And I am a neighbor tell me a horror story the other day in and what happens it would happen here -- -- -- -- there's senator Ed Murray waited for hours to get as. Or you'd go there what does that all alone mode you don't make them no no not the state senator is not guards on Monday would talk about the wait times and no I'm being in which you strategy in which our story for that -- a strategy. Only am concerned with the I don't know. Who's gonna call in. And reveal their strategy well. And you were you know it's a shame what you're saying here is that we even have to have. Our strategy some kind of plan of attack. Unless you want a goal. Blues four hours once again David Blake you have taken the situation and you've broken it down there you go and into the the things that we have to worry about the things we need to talk about on the draw at -- time ago of their. Am of the west -- like that really when it is it better to wait is it bettered to. Drive around try to find your secret spot and mom. Like -- and should any it is being necessary -- what is the attitude of the people where you work. And talking about the Federal Reserve here in their studies and 40%. Of people that. Households have a hard time coming up with 400 dollars now I did not say it is only make this clear okay. I did not say this but this is a text that came in. Q and I in Chile and I demanded it says I heard and then divorces you split the house half and half. Only problem is the wife usually gets the inside math and the man gets the outside -- I. That was attacks that wasn't me but I'll tell you really you know sometimes likes -- -- skin drastically Alter your financial. Situation but do you know of people or do you think most people. Or 40% of the people have a hard time. Coming up with 400 dollars most of them are overspending or under earning. Or they never. Recover from the recession. We'll see an answer saying it's easy to say you know live your life without -- but if you get no bad situation and you have to run their credit cards up to survive. What happens if -- K now they get to 161000 dollars or you get two cards run up to 20000 dollars in credit card debt. What do you do now. Because if you if if you're not of the means to pay off that you found yourself in that situation. My -- Megan minimum payments eleven paid off by the time you retire. And when I first heard this story I immediately thought of we have seen an explosion. Of pond shops and payday loan -- season. That's kind of sounds like that's 400 dollars thank god that -- either sell something it alone on some thing or get into the -- days. -- -- trying to to call on any particular industry. You know maybe people are buying cars they can't afford maybe people are going to casino when they can be gonna casino. You'd tell me NT six -- 18720386. Exit 89087. Of that 40% -- living paycheck to paycheck why do you think you're doing it in if you know somebody. That's in that situation. Did do you think they should cut their expenses or they just not making enough and if you don't wanna be known we million at the take your name will put in the collar protection program and give you phony name. And is it really realistic to ask somebody to do without Internet service. Cell phone cable TVETC. To keep their expenses down is it really. Possible to live that way here in twentieth 2014. -- column know to think Tommy Tucker back in a flash on that interview. Since. Tommy -- another WL 748 well before eight. Target. About money. A Shelden Williams is as topical and relatable as always is with the up -- music there. I did -- -- federal reserves and 40% of American households can't come up. With 400 dollars cash money. For 100 dollar bills unless the a borrow it or sells something one of their possessions. And leads us stance in the do you think people are spending too much Jamaican too little. And I'm sure we all know people better in a financial hole. And I would wonder if it's because of a life event if it's because they never were responsible with their money. They do is some people's they hear people are buying luxury cars but had a crappy house. And I don't begrudge anybody. Anything but I just wonder. If some people drive too much car. Because sometimes you look Kenyans think while -- the person's just dressing down but it would it would seem like that cars out of their price range but you never know. But I do think that if you if you dances on drive in. A big this or luxury that then if you struggle for money again nobody to blame but yourself. Another -- says the economy has not recovered. No cable no home phone no restaurants no -- another one says maybe people lead out too much. Tell me at T 60187 Neitzel creates X exceeding -- early seventy. Another -- says when it comes under a sorry I'm ready -- opinion poll says when it comes as saints pre season games. Do you gladly go are you a no show. 53%. Are saying no show 47%. Are saying gladly go and if you don't saints game tonight. I'd love to hear your take on this and if somebody gave you tickets of right now somebody we're off the tickets which I'm not. Would you go would you drive park and enjoy the pre season game. Number one color protection program talk about debt -- morning aren't evidently well. -- that. The on that particular day. Okay. I don't really bad economic news is it is that it is it is. Entity people just as she's hit it. The -- OK -- don't know LePera. These people know that. Because he's so I'll I'll I used to work on my honorable disabilities. Okay. Ball wide support and that we got that that meant everything we feel -- -- these people. It is likely that. The deal under but that. How do you think everybody think they do. I have no idea because you know. We don't know beyond me put it -- and I looked okay but we don't -- around me. But we've still live paycheck the picture. It caught the whom -- called the utility. -- -- -- All -- that you -- -- -- in the instead the these are much happening especially if you get children. Well yeah and then I would not try to Parse words with you but I don't know that it's a luxury -- might be an assassin -- -- -- somebody Internet you decades -- good point. On the -- marks on line. So you don't have a choice as far as the candidate is -- -- and it goes. Cell phones against you have a choice on. Will. You do what you know we have we get it you go cook approaching opal yeah. Okay what could happen that move well that ruptured -- -- -- injuries. But oh man. I got a little bit about it right now lies in its. OK did you like I could work but got both vote. OK I'll go straight out of state. And we -- Beijing. See -- same but it's not because of anything you're doing wrong and just as as well it. Got to thank you number one I'm glad you called. They take a look at traffic number two will come back to you and a second -- he or she has a an idea on how to get yourself out of financial trouble and and tell you that astounds me and museum that the Federal Reserve says. 40% of households in America couldn't come up with 400 dollars cash without borrowing money or selling their possessions and what that tells me is. 40% of Americans are living just on the Ngo and those of us they can't come up with 100 dollars. Hum boy there's a big problem waiting for a lot of people that's in effect 753 time to get traffic in -- that would go to Michael. I Tommy -- -- WL Federal Reserve saying 40%. Of households in America couldn't come up with 400. Dollars hatch. 400 dollar bills if you needed better if they needed that. Got either sell something or borrow the money numbered to tell me your theory you're under the WL under the collar protection program. I. Alert early today and coworker if you take twenty dollar paycheck during your working years. And and now. That you can put sixty exit if -- -- And you have to discipline yourself to do it consistently. And you wouldn't say he would do about it. Don't use it absolutely to. Oh this -- -- in there -- continues Nabil. I think I think number two united grade point a lot of people forget that you gotta pay yourself first is a lot of financial people. Say this is the Texas Tommy work with a company 25 years live paycheck to paycheck. Houses pay for it kids gone 53 money goes to gas under mile round trip in taxes. And insurance more when we come back and -- WL.

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