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WWL>Topics>>8-15 8:10am Tommy, homeless panhandling

8-15 8:10am Tommy, homeless panhandling

Aug 15, 2014|

Tommy takes your calls and talks to listeners about people panhandling on the street

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'd David Blake we are joined now by Casey from mid city and Casey is a gentleman and Casey please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong who. Do you make your living standing on a neutral ground collecting money. Probably legal mentally that would public and civic. You know throughout -- year ago. -- you check equitable for all our. What should. We're not like what that they would veto it trial. Show and to. -- Eagerly at OM it's only on the takes some time with hang on. You've got black lung disease the disease that coal miners get from living in a FEMA trailer. -- -- The call was pretty good people that they control that from Bellwether. Senate -- outnumbered about our partner look at. And -- with two jars. And trying to cross examine any time. Calmly and passing people call. And and being handled feeling about people it's in a new round with a sign in front story out there so you two years billion a year magnitude jobs -- -- fans. And. While Republicans are and mobile. Well shall award -- to label more and and -- -- sort two when you're actually involved but my dream about it. Rather Oprah is one of those. -- the reports were -- which. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And and it should -- -- Two and saw or. Well when vote all the war in the front court Jordan -- The ball and watched. What sort of foreign. -- -- So -- that your failure or -- Who are troubled you should and shouldn't that. Of the part that got so much or -- -- About -- they pretty. Right but Libby -- his. Let me ask you this it would let me take a break you BO yankees and I as -- because a lot of people wanna know. Should be safety nets for. For this and you shouldn't have to to stand down on a street corner -- you out there every day. And Casey also hope you take some calls because they think a lot of people. Have view of the -- of people its stand on the street corner with signs. And I wanna hear yours -- I want you to take some calls and -- to people have questions about it and explain to them when you buy it is that Europe there -- -- has been interesting conversation 260187. Until 3866. In 89087. If you have a question or comment something you would like this Casey who says he is black lung disease from living in FEMA trailer. And he does stand on a neutral ground with a sign. Asking for donations if -- time -- As any questions about. That whole life silent how we got to there and and where it goes from here rate thirteen Tommy Tucker back in a flash and a VW. I Tommy target evidently you out too easy for me it's that he's joined this is your -- -- -- and as. A casing is who who stands. We record -- then. I'm not the war that should forgo important market -- Government torn it is more than -- -- in cork. Sites in Norman's out on the neutral ground collecting money you does does Norman got a -- Will he return that cardinal in -- for years and who that moment and so. Couldn't label almost like those are trying to their partner and. So what are what -- the decision a couple of questions in case or why. Why is there are no safety net for you and first off like in no disrespect to you but I global black lung disease and and FEMA trailers and I couldn't find a match. -- -- -- Got the paperwork from the government sort of side. But did you know all about -- Did you not also pinch yourself off as a veteran and he says what year veteran of the streets it was a year roommate. Number it was bad knee that was Norman at what an optical slot for their governments that -- what you know and you could well -- That he makes resources. But you -- to. And -- usage is that you're in listed togethers on an earlier part of that hearing. Forward. And you know we heard we stay longer that we threw that -- you get good critical. It's huge not a luxury vehicle Robert. 2000 but it -- sort of that they are virtually. Courtyard which you should know all Robert. -- -- -- -- You know about it -- call -- Or should -- the world -- in order to warn people about the current public view. It took note that -- of the people or. The order. In which we now -- In the -- Patrol. It. Certainly for. People. You -- in -- age. You're in. Population that we feel fortunate still. And that you -- -- which argument. -- -- -- We all that by what collateral for a quote quote -- call. -- or -- -- -- all a lot of over. Don't predict. But you go. And -- -- and sure. And the court record. Oh. -- -- -- -- -- We should have people were which were so real you know quote chocolate orange could. Did you go through it. I'm a coworker. In in this article. Many people. In vehicles and more shop at all for what. And look -- where. That. He -- -- -- conflict the world police. District. -- the ball. Well but he he certainly didn't -- pretty well. Edwards and it would be cooking tips about the here on FaceBook. Start of bird that should be. Good yeah. And no matter if -- home over how to dog can't be active on. Social immediate you homeless I don't understand. That sort of it. Pretty well but who do you do if you homeless aliens cellphone. Well. -- -- what it calls old -- but part of what that you got -- And their streets so well a couple log boat. You're in the four who fought for that were. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Important normally sure. About a court you know sleet. And in about it. And the truck it. Ticket -- so -- -- pretty -- -- -- recruitment. It. -- -- -- -- without. But anyway I got a couple questions that are time's run out Casey would do if your friend Norman can stand out on the street. -- did as he had assign any any panhandles and indeed that Mikey why did you carry him for 22 years and my does he now. Blazing not able get a job. Or in part we shall redundancy. You know who -- That sort. Admin table that would currently and Martin. Proper. You don't have a formal situation. Then it's sort of court they just. Could easily. Deployed or they'll. All in. -- you but -- The world that you all around. Which that you don't. Go over and over. What in the world. And -- it would have been a little bit -- -- With the job he says you know. And decided to run this by you everybody I know is thinking right now the guy. Is -- is talking on the cell -- guy as a luxury vehicle he sounds like a very Smart man which do mean you'd do so why isn't that. You can't work in the situation are. You know I haven't Jenna is arguably probably have been -- a pretty broad level for -- probably don't -- that sort. That's got nothing to do with black lung dozens mind. What -- the -- -- over the war well what problem accurately accurately. So. These were my whole life. In the most crucial that the market cool. Casey all of that call and I appreciate you taking the time nickel and given isn't in -- -- kid did George look into a story. In -- in an industry out there and book that convict on. How much Norman bring home dates. What we. Were. I thank you Casey appreciate your time -- -- -- calls to 60187803860. Casey there. They seized on those dance and by the beach house is at Texas popped up on. I've got ideal learned -- column -- to think into six a late seventy till 386 exit 8908. Set any. This guy was portrayed as a nuisance on in lake view if you live in -- deal neglecting your your end of it what do you -- Norman a guy that. Hey this is originally presented today as he had a manager Norman at the guy that was panhandling and a manager and Casey Casey saying no that's not the case. Because of black lung from a FEMA trailer. -- And a degenerative spine condition he can't bag now he seems like a pretty Smart guy to me. And though for whatever reason why he can't get a job that you would think. He wouldn't he could get a job that didn't necessarily involve heavy lifting and wouldn't have to resort to Norman and and begging and if you are -- -- why would you stop a 35 south and does not make sense to me Casey no disrespect for you'll take calls. When we come back gates when he primetime look at traffic -- that would -- -- -- Robinson. I Tommy Tucker that WL Aaliyah. Interesting policy at least from Casey knew and as soon. He sits in the car while is. Friend Norman and a friend of 22 years panhandles forehands and his ability. He has a cell -- he's very active social media. In. That the black lung disease from. The FEMA trailers. I've not heard about that somebody -- means that we had commercials and evidently well from attorneys. Linking black lung disease on to believe that you -- in England and the doctors. But that you get the same diseases -- coal -- as from being in the mine. For years and years and years from living in -- in the trailer with formaldehyde fumes but again who knows -- And they have been a number three. Under the collar protection program talk about Casey unionized. Is I guess is a pan -- by proxy because exits in the car close friend doesn't and -- start number three by asking you my theory on this is that you give to agencies -- -- concerned with the homeless. And let them put the money. To where we go to the best use and you wouldn't have anybody panhandling on the street you agree or disagree. -- -- I'm so tell me about -- your experience at -- when you know on him. And of radio down please. They -- -- you hang on. -- -- three Jordan's it's RT explaining about -- you have to turn your radio down meanwhile we go to WWL offers news. I lied I know we had a false start -- yet. It was Friday you know and start a race early -- they called shopping at the bit yes -- exactly David chomping at the bid Dave Johnson hang on typical way you. So here's the deal legally get a call from -- new name is. Who might be listening through the new dubbed W a lap listening in his car I don't know. And I presume is the same guy that the if you Google Casey knew and as you get actor Casey knew and as -- on a tweets. Now let's say I'm laughing about that in a second about the main area and homeless people -- -- -- -- And you know in terms of plausibility. In what he told it is. It sounds if I was a lawyer I would hate dollar I would hate to do represented him early because he's homeless. -- lives and what he describes the luxury vehicles or drives one. He's got a home waiting for him in the country. As soon as he clears himself of some traffic attachments I guess sort. Indeed it is citations for growing and it the lake front. There are reports of beach vacations that in and had a chance to ask him about. He's got black lung disease from living in a FEMA trailer trailer and and did you editor of the degenerative back condition it's quite a story it is the story -- And maybe it's true I don't know it it I'm just saying I would hate to go on a court with that story -- on any I understand got a cell phone very active on social media and says he was very successful at one point can't work right now but he doesn't. Do the hand handling he doesn't know dolls and Norman or Norman did not know it doesn't it gets out doesn't panhandling for him. And I guess. You know loading and missiles started because of Federal Reserve says. That 40% of the households in the country can't come up with 400 dollars and I guess you could make a case. For. You could wind up like an easy. Eight before you know it living in a van in no time at all right. But then again maybe can make a case that case the and I'm just saying allegedly year possibly. And I don't know this for a fact and -- and noted all that you could make a case and maybe Casey is. Just asking for funds or at least is Norman asking for funds because he he doesn't wanna work he's on disability he said because of his. Black lung disease I believer may be the degenerative. Just sort of -- doesn't work and and is in a horrible pain any has this black -- thing yeah I would think it'd be very hard work so. I would ask this I guess after everything I told you after everything you've heard about Casey who by the way called back during the news -- Obama might just ask for a -- -- saying anything about disability. Is -- getting. Disability I just tell you all counselor and a edit settings. But it just went right by anyway. Casey told exit the beach house it was a scam it was terrible. Conditions and tons of roaches well we vote on -- it didn't work out so. I -- and politics comes in and says. Norman in case senior and has collect 1050 dollars a month he probably collects disability somehow -- -- go league -- yet he said he got disability. -- get the luxury vehicles and only probably bought it used -- deals cell phone bill through Wal-Mart or government. But really got me LOL though not funny he admits to most of these people beyond Harrell. So announces he can call once a black line and LT and had a cough twice LO well and I think the bottom line and all of mrs. After everything you've heard if he is representative. Of people that are on the neutral ground panhandling and he said a lot of people out there aren't like him in quote dire straits that they need now. He is building it's better to give them them or to give to. A charity that deals with homeless people because again I maintain if you quit. Giving the people on neutral grounds they will disappear and maybe they'll get the help that they really. So Glenn and -- -- good morning thanks for calling knew he given Casey money or not. And I wouldn't. -- actually walked out there and sound amused you sound amused Glenn. You sound amused. -- -- -- -- There is -- comical story. Yeah well that will be out in -- -- yeah I mean I have got run out who do not been done you'll get a huge EP. It's Alice story a day that you give to panhandlers on the side of the road. They don't. IB MW. From the U organic and at least -- bug up there workshop there. Gal on the corner over. Do it and get bigger yeah you're right behind that show -- -- there. I need to watch these guys every morning. He'd thought -- motorcycle. Gas station across the street. And it gets into the empty keep open most tackle you might be drops down and eat DiMarco -- -- at radio closed. You know that. -- -- you get up watch him every day. I'm -- saying that we talked to and well. It. Easier each time and another guy Thomas yeah yeah yeah yeah and we couldn't walk and stand you would -- any collect money. -- -- -- -- Look at it or not to smuggle it -- he augmented work and the sort of stop pay you bet you dollars. For real big -- our work work yeah. If you want implement key people so he let me start happen. Egypt it out as yet he's not make it didn't let the two hours. Guys you eat -- need to war. IEA Glenn thanks a lot and appreciated don't thing I disagree with you plan is I think if you if people would stop giving. To panhandlers. They would disappear and if you wanna. Make. -- nice gesture you wanna help out the problem I suggest giving it to the charities so. The deals of that so they in turn can get it to the people they need in the way they need it. And I think panhandlers disappear that's that's my theory talent to think about that police and Ferguson called an apprentice press conference right now disclose the name. The -- officer that was involved in the shooting that started all the writing and I guess perhaps give some deet tails will find out what's known as soon as it happens right here on WWL. Tommy -- the Ferguson police and by the way the governor ordered state troopers to take over the in the town I guess the -- and police department after the rioting handlers saying. Are there reports that there could be video. From a convenience store not the quick trip. -- -- it was burned and looted but another convenience store that purports to show Michael -- the guy that we shot to death. Stealing cigars and beating. The owner of the clerk at the convenience store. Now we'll have to see what happens there if it does the question. To me that saying in way out there is -- recently uncovered video or. If the police had this why in the world didn't they release it. As soon as the shooting happened. And I don't know that anybody would. Have -- currently is their in the outrage. The police shooting somebody that -- strong armed a cleric. And -- was exhibiting criminal and violent criminal behavior. As there was to think and that this was an innocent person who could still be it all depends on the video that they're gonna released. And maybe the video to your show that the person that -- that convenience store matched the description. -- Michael brown and answer in the case of mistaken identity came in. But I think. If that police had this video from the time it happened and didn't release it and they could have selected as a guy that. They just beat a clerk. And convenience store and rob Damon and -- and then the police when they went to stop him he began -- the office and struggle for the weapon. I don't think you would have had three days of looting. And it taxes Tommy thank god -- the office has been named against people will be returning stolen items and collect money to rebuild the buildings which were trashed. We'll talk about that makes hours well that a few.

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