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8-15 9:10am Tommy, acts of kindness, Missouri police release officer's name

Aug 15, 2014|

Tommy talks to Rabbi Ed Cohn about random acts of kindness and takes your calls on the release of the officer's name who was involved in the Michael Brown shooting.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- WL AMI famine dot com. -- David Blake so here's what we know. At least we think we know about what happened in Ferguson Missouri there has been a press packet release that includes. Some still photos from a surveillance camera in a convenience store. An African American guy and white your red camp and that's about all bacon tells so far because I've never seen a picture of Michael Brown. How many people have -- As strong armed beat down a clerk stills and stuff from a convenience store not that it -- quick -- anything was the name of it the other story that. Did or this or at least and Michael Brown left there is believed to have left before he was shot dead by the police officer. I don't know if does stills of the video is conclusive or not. But. This may all have been and there's speculation now that the reason the police chief didn't release this earlier. Was. To preserve the case if you will. And somehow. Protect the rights of the police officer because there's a distinction in Missouri law. That says if for example in -- zone breaking very quickly now but if for example. And 911 call was placed as it was and say Michael Brown although maybe not the guy in the video. Was. The walking on the street and confrontation happened between the police officer Darren Wilson -- -- name and Michael Brown. And Darren Wilson had. Reasonable. Suspicion to believe that this was the same guy. That if they were dressed like whatever none of us know that right now but those same guys that did beat up a clerk at a convenience store. Well then may be using his weapon in self defense. Defected he had a reasonable belief that this was the same guy that robbed a convenience store may be acceptable and that's why. The police chief didn't release this earlier -- got you and I'm not sure even if it is a case of mistaken identity had -- been released it. I don't know if that would have quelled any violence or made it worse. Yeah I've run into this whole thing on releasing the name you just gotta wonder of I don't know is is that going to calmed down the people who are angry now that they have the name -- and they obviously want to know more. But they can't try this whole case in the media. -- in I don't know if it's about the name of the officer now as much as. The fact that there was videos that led to a strong suspicion that this could be. Michael Brown or if it was Michael Brown I don't know and then from there you have the the question of use of force and what's appropriate money isn't and and almost you know I hate to say. Another -- on Martin issue but it seems almost like we're headed that way not that George Zimmerman was an anyway a licensed. Oh lord. Eagle police officer he was not a lot of us earlier I don't know I -- -- veteran with a history of discipline so we're gonna have to CBS update for you coming up at 31 after the hour and will continue to follow this and as soon as we find out anything more. I will pass along to. So thank you David wrote a move on to limit lighter subject now and talk about random acts of -- kinda as a picture went viral level public's employee which is supermarket chain it. If you've been a Florida you know that you see him all over the place. Supermarket employee help and an elderly gentlemen while he shot. By a tie and he shield. And that got -- talking about random acts of kindness and what is it that -- do what is it about the in the make you feel so good does it feel better to give. One -- one to somebody for somebody to be the beneficiary of one end. Is it better when you do an anonymous rabbi and Tony and Ed Cohen joins -- right now rabbi it. Temple Sinai like on on good morning -- morning coming. Tell me come to when he comes to random acts of kindness is there anything in any religion. That specifically addresses this. Oh absolutely I mean I love your neighbor as yourself. There's the commandment of -- every every religion that you can think of somewhere in one way or another it's it's a part of every. On major -- All of the I saw the video and it really is. There really warm your heart but then I thought oh my goodness wouldn't you know wouldn't -- be better if that was a totally on the remarkable site. That people cared for one another a religious traditions he just. To take care of the aged. The the stranger the widows orphans. You're -- Give consideration to people but I will today. That there have been occasions are in all of our -- to win we just didn't expect it and so wants sum total stranger. Did something nice to us perhaps you know a counter at a coffee shop where we're short of 34 cents and someone behind you immediately -- here. Take care of it. You know or for me the most remarkable thing was. After -- Katrina. I had to get rid of a refrigerator out of myself. I had had a back operation on a disk in my back. There was nothing I can do there was no one in my neighborhood you could you could call out and hit it echoed. Through market uptown streets. And I walked for two or three blocks and finally at fault too good sides to strangers that -- I needed help me I need to get rid of the refrigerator out of my house. And the and the two up and looked at one and Auburn and then looked back to me and said where's your home. And all I did was to hold the door open and those two guys struggled. And got my refrigerator out of my house. I don't even know who they were they wouldn't take anything for -- would have given up next thing I had they were so kind I'll never for debt. They're trying -- to be on medication. What is it rabbi about dire circumstances it brings together and we all talked about after Katrina we get just. Bottle it up. Even after 9/11 bottle it up tour and and open it when we needed it what is it about tough times it makes is willing now -- each other down. Saying there's something in our polls. That it is released. A drop of compassion. And it it's what we are capable of in every day and and and but but for one reason or another and are human nature. We're we're we are very stingy in releasing such. But in the extreme times or sometimes and we're particularly susceptible. We released that compassion that is within a ball. 22. Did the other person robbery or defeat in the ourselves. And two treat them with true law of love -- the essence office. And the more that we can trainer self discipline ourselves. To embrace the other. Trusting. And lovingly. To that extent I think we. Really earned. The title of humans. -- when it comes doing nice things are people we've had a discussion here about panhandlers and my own theory and please tell me if I'm wrong. Is to give it to the appropriate agency that helps and then did that would delineate who should get to help and who shouldn't and -- scam and and who's not and I think it would also. Did people off of the street corners and in some cases. Foursome to return to making an honest living in another cases. Forced them to get the help that they need and not hang out on street corners anymore -- and balance all of that. Well I did you just let the word balance. And yeah I've certainly not telling you you're wrong I think it is very important to give disease these. Genuine. And helpful and and well. Recognized agencies. That have a fabulous track record of serving of the -- Nevertheless. You know once in awhile. I just like to lower my window or opened my door in gives someone. If something and and in the in the in my opinion. Whatever they do with that. It's their responsibility. I've done the right thing by them. And and so I think we have to -- Once in awhile. You know treat somebody did it to dinner. When your when your original hit Piccadilly say the next two people behind me I'm I'm picking up. There. Rabbi Alicia can afford to do that more often and and I what does it -- -- -- -- -- -- some anything's going on here I apologize if I did the what is it that makes you feel so much better at least me. To do it and haven't done for you. Go to something that's been -- kudos. I think we know what we do a good thing. And and there's nothing better than a human to human act of kindness. -- it it warms one's heart. And that it did reinforces the sense of one's dignity of the human being. And that if it's the case as a righteous person and not worthy representative of your people and your religious traditions. Rabbi appreciate your time is always a pleasure always an honor to be -- -- rabbi -- tone rabbi at temple Sinai as -- over the phone lines. At T 60187203866. Innings -- 08 semi so many things. Going on saints returning to the dome and I'd taken on the titans you can weigh in on -- he'll likely wanna see more of and who shouldn't play at all. I don't think drew is gonna play you OK with that in and also deal like to go to pre season games. If you have tickets to your goal where somebody would give you tickets. Would you use them. Or would you say you know and just pre season I'll watch it on TV and listen to a Honda VW well. Another topic we have the Federal Reserve says typical American household. Cannot raise 400 dollars in cash without borrowing money or selling possessions. Inning -- a function of people make and who littler spending too much. In today's paycheck was your last how long could you or somebody you know -- hold out and and when he comes expanses. Cable TV. Cellphones. An expense or luxury. I'd -- in the Internet service -- cable TV Internet service and cellphones. And expands or luxury. And and what the Redman average just talking about a a still picture. It looks like a video because the the the zoom in on it. Of the public's employee bending down in an act of kindness that time an elderly man -- point. And was last time you performed to received a small were random act of kindness. And what was it. Plus you get more joy when you do one for somebody else when you were the beneficiary of one done for you. And finally the name of the officers been released in Ferguson that shot Michael Brown I believe. CNN might be reporting because there's been video that. Has been released -- it's at least still pictures of video from a convenience sewer. That indicates Michael Brown may have been involved. In a strong armed robbery beating down Hitler concealing cigars from a convenience store before he was confronted by the officer but. You still have an issue of of what's appropriate force if if he had his hands up backing away -- was shot by the police officer while. Then you would think that would be a different thing whether he was involved in a robbery. Or not will be back to 601878. Toll free 8668890878. If you want weigh in on the conversation any of those things. -- it is civilian about it's a couple of text comes in now come in my arms as leave it to a rabbi to be more Christian than most Christians. Nolan says they are all luxuries not even an argument about Internet cell phones and cable TV. And another Texan Zoller both expenses and that luxuries. I think you gotta kinda get off the fence. League Becker's still -- name and address we get a call from. Casey -- as a guy who was featured on a TV story is. Friend does the panhandling for him he sits in the vehicle and waits because he says he has black lung disease. From living in FEMA trailer and also would be generated of degenerative back ailment. City give the panhandlers how do you achieve that balance at the rabbi I was talking about when. The EU is it better give to them right here immediately give it to the agency I prefer to give it to the agency unity of nobody gives panhandlers and finding. Then the panhandlers is I said Cody get the help they need in the right way and those that are scan and disappear. -- do you think when we come back Tommy Tucker get a W well I Tommy checkered evident beyond got an update coming from CBS on. The events out of Ferguson Missouri and the shooting a Michael Brown by officer Darren Wilson and we know his name now on. And they were handed the reporters were a packet of information in their poring through that now when. Apparently there was a police report written. By an officer. Other than the one other than Darren Wilson that said conclusively. That Michael Brown was. The person that beat down a convenience store clerk. And -- and cigars. But it was on related at least to the shooting her before before it happened. It was unrelated -- is determined after as I understand a lot of information coming out. Very quickly. And then from that point I guess you go to. Michael Brown was portrayed as. Young man has can register college. And if he has the same guy that. Had just beaten down a clerk and held up the convenience Stewart they give the police officer. Reasonable. Suspicion if that if he knew that was the guy that he stopped because it's all originated. With and everybody agrees on is that the officer DC guys were walking on the street and the officer told them to get out of the street. So I think debts telling and that the officer today. You get out of its currency okay who are you where you go and in response to the robbery of the convenience to our. Serena watches so weekend for you sorted out indefinitely talk about it on Monday morning meanwhile will continue our conversation. About random acts of kindness and also about the saints game tonight pre season game -- coming if you will for the saints. And and conversely if you had season tickets do you use a mark he give them away because you just hates it there and you can't really did. Game it sound like a regular season game. And it is a chance for a lot of families it. To get to go to saints game that normally wouldn't get to experience any of it other than on television so. More -- we come back -- David Blake right now it is time for his CBS update. On the latest out of Ferguson on Debbie WLI David Blake the events in Ferguson's story in Missouri more protest going on you got the packet of information it was a release of police -- not saying a whole lot. Not conclusive that Michael ground again that we shot strong armed declared. And headed out with some cigars basically you know stronger misery of threaten to beat the guy out be you know if you know. And may be rough him up a little without paying. And I think a couple of questions here -- in the police chief released this sooner would have prevented writing and if in fact this guy. Michael Brown. Is not the innocent victim at least -- harmless guy the young guy it's gonna start college. And he was involved in a strong arm robberies later. I think you get to questions even if the officer didn't know is that. Does it go to the type of person Michael Brown is and how he carries himself. And then on the other side of it you have a question of even if he did strong arm a clerk. Do you think the shooting was justified. If it happened from a distance. It's year when we don't know because it's very sketchy about the -- -- goal the -- supposedly had. Brown in the officer. And how that went down and was there a struggle for the gun and he and I -- We don't know. You don't you know sort of the stories. Diverged 11 says that he was. That at the officer guests began confrontation opened the door into linemen and in effect was hassling them and and then they shot an innocent man the other count is that this was a strong arm it's. Runner rob Morrison got out strong armed a dollar. And then you could infer from that that maybe that. Influence the way he reacted with a police officer. Or again maybe the police officer to know anything about it. And was completely unjustified or a freighter there was no struggle for the -- away half -- I don't know it's I'll tell there's so many things line outs of. Quickly do you get the feeling and just in your own opinion. Is that they have the people who were causing the protests and and some of the violence and and are afraid that some how this cases gonna get swept under the rug. -- -- it's shelved. I do and I think they're very suspicious of the way it's being handled -- and you know for the life of me and trying to figure out how. Releasing this video early on would have been any way affected. The case. For the officer. Or at least violated any chance that he had four. Defending himself because and other videos what is. Yeah exactly and now that they've released the name we're gonna have no doubt thousands of death threats. And I don't know what they're gonna do this officer I don't see how we can do is go back and forth to work. And at no point do we need I don't think in the race of the officers even been discussed because social media is is gone crazy -- officer was black. -- network anchors are saying just the opposite that. Use a white police officer. The town of Ferguson two thirds black the police department majority white but I think it's kind of races to presume. Either aid that black people and commit crimes that are. Beat that white police officers aren't able to dispense justice whether the people be white -- black. So we're to talk about -- -- 60187803866889087. It is an interesting text here shooting probably not justified. Looting rioting sure as hell not justified so even if it was. And an incident where the police. Officer and shot somebody when it wasn't necessary shot and killed Michael Brown. Does that justify the looting. And would say absolutely not done on a North -- -- your police officer to morning. Good morning to. Bring some point here from law perspective and the most -- a traffic stop. But -- -- that it ourselves so bring up. What we make a traffic stop we don't know where stopping for states. For being up in simplest. -- caught. The guys are calling it -- -- opt out it turned into shoot out. -- -- No time and if -- sort of trying to get into one and there. The bank. Shorten the clock in the police stop that -- what. -- -- -- So. You know war in Iraq. Or call. Two. Urged. All browser window that it just a minute the strong. Goes -- the way he would behave. -- bomb -- when confronted or stop by a police officer even told to get out as straight. And go we're -- not realize that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know get it because. All the store but it. -- -- -- -- It. Again or it may. It's -- -- like that -- stock along ball but it can't fight or flight. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- look. At it worked out or anybody. Because there's so it's that we don't know. About this back -- the facts come out. So in terms of -- says police procedure. Somebody struggles for your guns and as far as you training says. And you keep your weapon and then he runs away and he's 35 feet away or whatever the distances are given and I presume ballistics would be able to determine has done. You can tell how far away some money was. Shot from. But can determine if this spot at close range that would call stable but wrapped up for -- street. Know you really can't -- -- fourth quarter might be able to spark that in my in my -- -- -- the core target. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because of thought -- played our. Well they're not part of Qatar would be that -- power come out the barrel on my clothes or your. Writes so is sergeant training goes in my struggles for your gun. You managed to keep it they go to run away there ten feet away thirty feet away whenever you -- -- the stop. -- -- justified in shooting in that case is your life still in imminent danger does -- go to. Preventing the person from -- in May be -- and somebody else does it go too them reaching for a weapon Heidi design and yankees what to do. Sure on that that can call terrorists are cheaper so caller. Which which that term used to support -- actually the ports. Would you don't -- Yours are all parts and to get away. -- -- -- -- it. If you get you articulate it and it. Also. -- justified. -- use that at least sports but that's the height stay and so I don't know its case it it's you don't all the -- what's possible. But to have that. Under court order -- You just don't know on other things to keep it that no there was no -- all these -- But -- and so elsewhere in. Full. And why. Do you. Want a weapon at somebody. -- Instead. It gave. Police -- -- -- can easily -- analyst report -- well. And just to be cleared -- of the information that's come out so far out of Ferguson at no point. Of anything and I've seen or read is that none mentioned it was a strong armed robbery where. Two guys basically in UNC on the video on and it was Michael Brown or not but. About twice the size of the clerk kind of roughed him up and took what they wanted. And I and I'm not dispute that spirit that what we say we don't we don't know we know we have a view. At the moment. Sector and mr. really make a decision and that's why investigators. Good investigators don't make this (%expletive) like that until all of the accelerated. There's no need for all of this -- that's -- on the -- in. And their and that perhaps against the officer -- Call anybody liars that we don't you know. We don't know which happened. Despite. I think don't think smaller they get it they're going. It's while our outside agency. To conduct an independent investigation. And wait and see what the facts. Are you -- a black. Is there any a difference in. Either way you carry yourself and try to be honest if you if you will or. The response that you did when people's money over the it's wonderful life. Don't get a different. And sometimes. Sometimes I do it. But it looks like it's in the it's a racial thing and I think I tried I tried out early in the here and in my book -- it. The -- but it. So. It's. Got to -- Jack. They get done aberration as pretty tough you give your life a ticket. Next thing you know -- subpoenas -- 4614. Before ten more calls when we come back under the WL. Hi Tommy Tucker just WL. -- this the events this Ferguson Missouri three days at least. Rioting in although they said last night it was a lot more peaceful with even food and drink being served and and people get along hum them arena reports here that Georgia's -- forming in printed form had been released by the Ferguson police department. In their reports they definitely. Name. Michael brown. And as one of the perpetrators in the I'm strong arm robbery that happened at a convenience store not the quick trip. And in terms of size a gentleman that was with Michael Brown 55 Dorian Johnson 55120. And Michael Johnson is a very big guys 64292. And -- and of that factors into the the office's response and use of deadly force I do you know this thing an invitation from a friend it's Jefferson Parish deputy -- -- -- to ride along and I would love to do that because I guarantee -- most of us would do that and even some of the people were protesting. In. -- Ferguson board to get a chance to actually see what it's like. To pull somebody over it is stop somebody to not know. What it is that they are up to and that doesn't mean then obviously a law enforcement officer has a right did to stop you if there's no probable cause -- I do know is that I think it's a lot more. Terrifying and maybe that's too strong a word but a lot more menacing and threatening you know somebody could be innocent. Because on the other side of the bed you don't know that. I -- in Canada morning on -- WL. And at the art and that baby body Eric. We are now -- high. Not sports that are being let it. -- AMR carpet that it's black skirt the edge sport -- -- -- out on the this if it. Well it I think he could presuming it was within view of the camera and when you get the stop in the musician and we it and hear me. -- -- -- And a lot of that was not covered on the video but I would think. If every officer was wearing radio Cameron every -- had. Camera system and it sound. And help everybody I think it would help the police I think it would help. Whoever it was it was stopped because it would provide for the most part a truthful account of what happened. Well I'd like you -- we know now the really make it and it because I mean like he's like the other -- that -- really well now. It's somebody keeps -- -- and we don't know enough but the opted -- on my part because -- like you're more in the back. To make it -- Right and it Ganges in terms of facts that mattered any. Mention of a -- other than -- news that clubs police officer's gun on him says it. Well maybe somebody can edit and engaged at no point report Jordan and I could read denies any mention of it done. And all right nine because we're on at a hundred miles now here and trying to be accurate ninety before six of -- and coming back on -- you. Hi Tommy Tucker thanks everybody more details on the burgers and situations they happened on the -- coming up. And -- Garland got a great three hours plane flew here on WWL.

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