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8-15 10am Don, Breaking News out of Ferguson

Aug 15, 2014|

Breaking news this morning: Police in Ferguson Missouri named the police officer who fatally shot Michael Brown. It’s Darren Wilson, a 6-year veteran who never had any discipline action. They released photos and a video of a robbery that happened minutes before the fatal shooting. The police “incident report” ID’s the teen as a suspect in a “strong arm robbery” of that convenience store. If Brown was involved in the robbery, does your opinion about the shooting change? Don takes your calls.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And of course it's Friday Friday's Don -- with you filling in for Garland Robinette on the Friday edition of the think tank -- and you tuning in. Oh and lots of things to talk about it today a little bit later on we gonna talk with. The most sure bureau chief -- -- -- BO television honestly Rodrigue very interesting. Story coming out of Washington parish. You know the fracking issue now is being discussed the possible sites for drilling in Washington -- Washington passionate look at the map is just north of saint Tammany in what a difference 101. Complete difference in the attitude. So far of the people of Washington parish vs those of saint tem -- with regard to protecting. Saint Tammany up in arms -- hiring attorneys in the concerned citizens of saint Tammany and many other groups green groups is showing up to oppose it. Where the report filed by Ashley Rodrigo de -- BO television two days ago. Basically use a day we'll welcome annual welcome arms come on -- -- -- -- Why the big difference we'll talk to her about that in and see you know what are. From her perspective what the reasoning is there. Also adds up planned a couple of other things on how much will get into them. But now one was the Robin williams' death certainly tragic loss of a celebrity. But. -- finally at what point maybe you still haven't heard enough. Was it too much national coverage Ortiz still one or media coverage about the death of Robin Williams story still going on now. Finding out about the you know disease that is now. Starting to take effect in that possibly was the cause of his suicide. This so many things going on on in national and worldwide level we've got the crisis issues and rock. That the Ukraine -- -- on all we've got the border situation. The violence in Missouri. Shootings of innocent children and drop by and long and should that be trumped by coverage and stories about Robin Williams. It was very reminiscent of other instances of celebrity deaths of Michael Jackson of course Elvis probably you know one member of the Baston. Then we also had prince's diet is seems like win. It's a shocking event a tragedy immediate. That's when it really just blows up you know other people -- on the call passed away and you know it was some coverage given to that. And when these people agent just kind of drift off into the sunset and it doesn't quite seem to be. The hike in the attention in the focus and really when you think about it how much does that effectively admit it affects people in the great way I don't know. I just think Robin Williams was a very talented man. I think he was one of these eccentrics and hesitated -- wasn't shocked when I heard that think that. Comic comes along with the territory when you have that type of personality. It's certainly a loss but at what point do you just say okay let's move on we we've heard enough about it that will be maybe we'll get to that. Also had planned to talk about a story with Deion Sanders. This school he found in which. Had a real heavy slant to roadside athletics and on the school got in trouble with similar to a charter schools and then there was some implications improprieties on on wondering what kind of educational. Really failing some of the lowest ratings in several categories in Texas but. That went back and have a chance to talk about it because now the the Ferguson police officer who fatally shot. To what we know as far as we know on all Michael Brown has now been identified is also some new development so by the moment that developing we're gonna stay on top of that. Talk to you about it and actually throw this question now for you to answer in several ways you can call us on the telephone at 2601 a seventy. Or 866889087. We also welcome -- text messages that. 87870. And now we'll get to those please remember to text responsibly. Have a designated driver if you gonna be texting. And also when you hear me reading these tax remember that when you hear me say this is not always my opinion I get criticized what our audience says many times. We'll let you know when it is. A a text and when it's what I -- We're also gonna have CBS updates out throughout the think tank will have meant the bottom of the top of the -- with the latest on what's gone on and the Missouri is incident also you can weigh in on how are ready opinion poll question and you vote officially counted. That is WW Al dot com as well right -- on the home page question move putting out there for you. Does businesses is gonna change. The new information that's coming out is it change your opinion. If in fact he was a suspect in what has now become what they're calling -- strong armed robbery of a convenience store. Does that change your opinion of the shooting but I think something else that's gonna. Be questioned years. If in fact and again we're waiting. And that's the way this thing should develop people jumping to conclusions arrived off the bat conflicting. Accounts of what took place and then resulting in looting. Protests rioting and reactions by the police. You kind of wonder if in fact that he was either a suspect in it which is one aspect or if he was actually the perpetrated. Who's going to be owing some apologies. How will his parents feel. How will the protest is in the looters field. If in fact that turns out to be the case and we don't know that at this point the -- lot ago. And will try to keep you updated on that. I've taken a look at the text message on Bravo done enough Robin Williams well there's one there but maybe not maybe some people still -- Stay on that. Haven't done enough information anyway -- now that the talk about. Also we go and later on as the big big seven sportsman's festival in expo that's going to be in the Larry ascendant tomorrow infected opened up. Today it'll be today tomorrow and Sunday am going to be there tomorrow so much on my wouldn't talk to Mike the last accused -- director. And avoid in this city is far sportsman shows ever since Katrina. You know Bob DelGiorno the united worked here for many many years he was to show promoter of the Louisiana sportsmanship on and moved off to Gonzales and yet you can still. Take the ride up there but some than right here locally in town which is really a non handed slide Ellis had a show. On a much smaller scale good show Ireland they did not have it this year. So we're gonna talk to -- -- you know if you're a sportsman and you wanna go take a look at some of the things -- all to feel about all that's coming up. Are ready opinion -- you Michael Brown was involved in it robbery. Before a police officer fatally shot him does your opinion about the shooting change. 57%. Say yes it would and the remaining 43% say -- would cast that vote and double -- dot com. Getting a lot of text and will ship those million -- -- to wanna get the Howard he's one analyst was over Texas on line one. Howard thanks -- you call. Is calling -- say it would try to help me try to understand this question okay did you. That attorney's office suggesting that the realization of local police with equipment that kind of -- And -- forces added to the problem instinct will. Now what I -- confused with yet Homeland Security. Last month. He's the helicopter -- tank in contract enforces. These guys he ran around with guns and Campbell. Contract is that maybe -- forty working chops sound security detail to rest one person and I think that kind of upon -- something. And also the -- forced off Homeland Security in Idaho but don't have that contradicts prefectural government saying in that. Homeland Security can use -- forcing one to rest one person. And confined to those people -- -- but. They -- criticized local police have -- to use military force. In tanks and equipment provided -- kind of point. I'm just wondered. If Homeland Security been. Picky about who they go against because they demographics. And I can't understand how come Homeland Security is being used in single situation. Well I don't know if it's necessary. Well while I was in the senate Homeland Security using helicopter. I think and contracts and forces to rent one person. Question and another -- Q when he landed them in the school you'll. Pretty -- and come see Homeland Security helicopter tanks. In -- forces. Why isn't Homeland Security that you don't need dances with this kind of obvious maybe let this come up with something why. Doesn't present on the US government is home insecurity in Saint Louis is it not politically correct. Good question and good question for discussion we'll throw then -- it. -- thank you for you call we appreciate it to 60187. Known a few calling from Texas on a statement listening to live stream meant. WW dot com could give us a call on line it's 866889. 08 seven's you taken a look at all text -- come union. -- -- -- -- No this is in response to. The question about Michael Brown if he was involved in robbery before police officer fatally shot him as your opinion changes France's knows sentence for stealing cigars. Is not the death penalty. While -- and the question becomes did this officer shooting because he was dealings -- Always trying to rest his weapon from him did he fear and William's life was in fear of danger we still have a lot -- ago on August. Imus is another one now the said the world is on fire and we beat the Robin Williams story to death. But that just proves how near -- in intentionally on informed the public he has. That's on in response to my question about a war how much is too much coverage of the tragic deaths of celebrities is not the first time we've seen that is another when you know and also antibody and fracking as it's happening parish. Enough well that's an ongoing story that really seriously could affect a lot of people's though. I'm not sure we want. Completely dropped that in the long. Is one that I disagree says heck no we wanna hear more about the Robin Williams suicide I don't believe that we should ignore the fact that a wife of only three years. The night before it goes to bed. Wakes up get dressed leaves the house without kissing -- sang goodbye. Then we all just by that I just on he was still sleeping c'mon. He probably didn't commit suicide -- -- -- but there's some questions that should be aunts and only if because he is an enormous. Celebrity. The news maybe get low for a problem now. Here's one with regard to the looting going looters won't care about the outcome they are creatures of opportunity who look for any reason to elude. Stir the pot and cause -- I gotta agree with that I think we've got a bunch of buzzards. That weight around looking for a moment of opportunity what retaliation is looting. If someone's civil rights violations that's the answer loot steal. Don't thanks. -- let's go to a lot of lime first up is going to be Alvin listening to us in a long long line one -- Alvin thank you for you call. Wild and also they don't -- and I'd just. -- get that. About elections in the browser in order to get into the day. After. -- -- -- are going to be due to respond in person or respond. Because. This guy's been. -- in the -- you know. Ought to be good -- community in being tapping into and so. Well maybe we don't quite know that. Where are do you know that -- I think you and then. Well again you got to remember how reliable are these witnesses who other witness can you believe. The police as witnesses and you believe the suspect in the bystanders as witnesses. Who haven't ran against the police the police don't seem to be very popular in Ferguson Missouri enemy these aren't deal. I actually believe it. -- and The Beatles bet which. At that they're gonna be more -- you -- you a fair at all. -- Well I don't know I haven't seen any good deals all you're. Yeah mine now about what all of his right now because we don't have all the facts and -- all the facts recruitment. Know a lot of people jumping to conclusions on this thing and I think again Avalon lake on the base -- if funds and you know. Yeah without it -- -- I think. You can activity at their. At their door. And have been at all what I. I've told you. Don't -- about Chester went and our continued. Well it is if that happens we not yeah. I did -- something that I think the iconic glass and all of a little bit not really focused and on did you hear that the police officer was treated for injuries. Certainly don't want the Honda was. But at the under is able to get used to argue the manner in which. Distort. What turned -- -- -- And so and all. That good. -- -- -- Alvin you don't need to be an attorney determined that if what that that's the scenario you know the fired the first shot they say it was -- from in the vehicle in other words it's. If he's with felt threaten -- fired his gun and then -- suspects turned. Ran raised his hand he tried again he's wrong has no question about that he should the tree again that first shot may have been just. But we don't know any of that yet. You got it thanks for you call -- appreciated. I'm let's go to Lisa in -- else to talk about what happened at Iowa Telus and Lisa. Highly I'm sorry -- only down and he. I want our. Oh yeah I don't know -- -- Find it looked like charity. I'm out there and it won't change and I didn't need in order. Well I don't -- it and -- -- and it all out there. You know Aaron award. Management against the -- People whatever they -- general management of their. There. Are -- And all our. Can't really show. You how many. Are you didn't. Know cherry. -- that in the story I don't know right what happened Michael -- it all come out and Walsh. And all peachy and. Agree Lisa thank you for the call it real well. Tonight 260187866889087. More more Faxon news coming in on the Ferguson -- -- in reflected on property opinion pole quest -- -- to a change in asking this question now if Michael Brown. Who was the on -- man who was shot well we think on -- By most accounts was involved in robbery. Before police officer fatally shot -- does your opinion change about the shooting change. 71%. Said yes it would 29%. Said no it would not. Lots of text messages coming in on that also another topic we just come -- up there on the Robin Williams coverage was a notable was over done. Or not enough what do you think. And you can send us those text at -- 787. OK let's skip the small these -- coming in here's one that says. Even if this boy is the perpetrators of that alleged crime. It's not going to make a difference to the black community they have done this numerous times. In. That camp filed with the rest of his assignment economy it. Our Delphi agree with that think it will definitely make a difference you know it's just one of these things where rumors get started in I think souls who media's responsible for this word gets out. Instead of people yes she'll now. Waiting for all the facts to come in. They jump to conclusions and immediately. Assume the worst. And in many cases on the looters asked the then -- alluding to get even -- -- alluding because they got an opportunity to do it. And it happens all that is another one says sounds like the police trying to cover their -- No fun -- means pun intended I'm just found a hearing about it. Is another Ferguson looks like scenes from the movie the -- to. Can't comment don't know the scene in the movie urged to see a lot of movies. I here's another when the FBI is involved for a reason the shooting doesn't pass to smooth process. The Marc Zimmermann case and this one hopefully teaches every one. Something while we don't know if -- got to pass the smell test and that was starting to get more and more information out about. Some factors in facts that may have contributed to that shooting when I first heard about this that. An unarmed black teenager had his hands up. And was shot down time assembling his initial visits seven rate time dozen others there's got to be more than it is. But then again maybe it's not maybe it's a police officer who lost who knows. But now we're starting to get a lot more information as possible he was. Now a -- is not a suspect actually perpetrated. In a strong armed robbing a convenience store now whether this particular police officer who has been identified as Darren Wilson. Knew that at the time. And people actually considered him suspect we don't know at this point but I'm sure it'll come -- -- here's another one that says the shooting may not have been justified saluting and damaging property. Off. And another aren't we wonder why no one wants to be police offices ignorance in the African American community is Rio. Another text if he was struggling with the court and that tells me he was an aggressive person. And -- a lot of these -- we you know a lot of it's the and we won't be able to -- the final on this until we actually get the facts. Can tell you this if in some of you may remember just about a month ago. I was involved in an issue where there was attempted carjacking. And I had a split second to make a decision on whether to file my weapon in the perpetrators. When he saw the gun auditing to get out he raised his hands. Our -- walked away. And what they're saying happened in this case was from would be similar voted jumped out the truck and just started shooting down -- street and believe me I would not be here probably talked on this radio and I done. I isn't otherwise how can you be found guilty when the officer has not been charged of anything. The -- charges filed and I don't know that there will be impossibly there will again we're gonna let this thing develop. He officer identified as Darren Wilson in the Ferguson shooting hitting some text in saying that they don't have a wanna give the past of the the officers but they do of -- suspects in perpetrated well that's not true news of the police chief. Thomas Jackson disclosed not -- the identity is being down Wilson. But he also reported that it face no disciplinary action during his time on the job six years on the force and never had any problems that -- and as governor report there. Also followed the several of you or texting me saying that the 911. Call the tape that we played here when I had an attempted. Carjacking. Was -- well. If you really believe that you wanna file out of was taken out going to get a copy of his public information go to saint Tammany parish police department and ask him. To get a copy of and you can listen to the fees self and make a decision on. Night must see what else we go to calls on diskette to the callers line one Daryl new loans now 93 -- And it. Eight on. Our. Shooting your. Ought I'll -- Are being -- and no opt out. Perry in an upgrade. Of young men when it comes down to about that because you don't want all our weapons. So academy you're trying to what -- call -- what that. Means she'll do all that web oh you mean to kill. But if you drop at all. And use you and it's. It's not. You know I meant what. To do it alone -- -- that Alec you better back. Because at some opposite you -- pay your money back up. -- Well yeah. But you know again you -- reliability of who witnesses the witness's testimony has to be. Either discredited or accepted depending on the person as of -- is friend and his body and on me in my wanna take it with a grind assault. At the open door but not a bump on the people spend a lot about the veterans and all about it already dictate. You don't wondered why they didn't have a video of this from cops caught the doled out -- most of them now are are outfitted with. Video so that you can record each individual incidence. And exactly -- all everybody felt all out and art all out -- -- also. Should we do not have been beaten up. Well the fact that so far he has not been charged. If there is in fact some video that's been produced maybe it's something that would exonerate I don't know we've still got a long way to go in this investigation into that. Thanks -- appreciate your call for an opinion poll questions out there for you on a website to simply go to -- -- -- -- come and answer this question of Michael Brown was involved in a robbery before police officer fatally shot -- as your opinion about the shooting change. 73%. Saying yes it does 27%. Saying no it does not. Let's see what Kevin in new loans as a -- and on line to Kevin thank you for all that on. -- They are you don't dig it -- put it on -- recommend. About the matter what Michael grow I think it is wrong -- was shot. I mean anything Robert. If it can be committed a crime a robbery at a web part of I'll take a look at the third quarter would be killed us about. It out traditional that the procedure. Where he says the bitterest. Especially keen. It would itself while output -- heads up. Integrate some of the country. To where -- isn't -- I didn't do you know that you would get chuckled a bit. About a web -- China -- it was back out. On highway was videotaped. It this country -- that to all that it is -- history and culture with this and it it's it's great. Well. You know you ride on a percent robbery in this country is not. Number autumn you know doesn't want shooting for the robbery itself but I don't think the facts are all in yet as to whether there was more to it than that. As far as whether that the the top. Felt it was necessary to use deadly force full of variety of reasons Cordoba but yeah robbery -- -- the you know any -- that shoots a robber -- if that robbers got his hands raises according to some of the counts war yet he's definitely wrong. But general we know that the other thing that's really got me Carl about this is injuries. How did this office to get injured. And if Michael Brown well you know where anyway he's spread it out like -- -- -- -- -- the right. Justifiable shooting good. I just wish that they would have came out with a lot of this information a lot sooner. 'cause I think you would have calmed a lot of people at least backed him up disable wait a minute before. We get these violent protest and go and all this may be we need a little bit more in and I think they withheld the information to well. I think the protesters as the company is that oracle. And in the country bill that would black man and -- It has ever turned it around the -- Super young pregnant there are so -- recommended that are being you know -- on our own woman and I always it's great. If you look at -- arc of part of it in the people. In the people will cool. In the last recently to being in there it doesn't buy it is -- at. But when you look at the record in this country their -- at it like it happening you know. Honest mistrust there's no doubt about it the economist. Ayatollah really got me upset about the as to why when these two children. That was shot here in the long while and all of this come down youth and right -- and why does that not make news. Sort of absolute credit -- Okay thank you for the call Kevin -- have to wait and see what develops on the story appreciate you calling thank you some. I would come back next oh picked up where we left off also commendable -- literally going to be joined by north to a bureau chief for -- -- television -- Rodrigue. To figure out what's the big difference in fracking in Washington where it's being welcomed in saint Tammany -- being opposed.