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8-15 11am Don, Feguson officer named

Aug 15, 2014|

Breaking news this morning: Police in Ferguson Missouri named the police officer who fatally shot Michael Brown. It’s Darren Wilson, a 6-year veteran who never had any discipline action. They released photos and a video of a robbery that happened minutes before the fatal shooting. The police “incident report” ID’s the teen as a suspect in a “strong arm robbery” of that convenience store. If Brown was involved in the robbery, does your opinion about the shooting change?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And this Friday Friday edition of the think tank down -- with you in for Garland Robinette dollar will be back with you on Monday. I'm talking about a couple of things here this morning the the incident the shooting in Missouri asking you this question if Michael Brown was involved in robbery before police officer fatally shot into your opinion about the shooting change and as we're speaking the governor of Missouri is giving -- press conference right now with some of the latest information so we should have some even more facts coming out of this. -- one of the things time have been received here was. That. Jackson said that this officer who's now been identified as Darren Wilson. Responded to a call about a sick person before receiving a call about that. Now. Highlighted convenience store robbery shortly before news of the day of the shooting. And when he had received via his radio description of the suspect when he impounded down on the street. From there we kind of lose track of what happened we don't have all the facts coming in yet. But as they do. Hopefully the protest which -- comic quiet at panel that now on I think probably releasing some of misinformation has something to do that although still in a lot of protest to scream and that they don't believe any of it. They think it's a fake name they think that the trumping about the putting and get the phony videos. I guess there's always going to be a certain level of mistrust but there are parallel investigations going on local investigation. A federal investigation and confidently -- finally get to the bottom as but it didn't wanna mention to -- at the text in on the death of Ed Nelson although you may or may not remember Ed Nelson that. It was a local wal exact which back in the in his sixties. And was kind of an anomaly most actors all lived in Hollywood. It was in the wall and sky. I knew his daughter very well and hung out the house with a sometime Nancy Nelson was his daughter's name on and actually date Nancy but. A friend of mine did it become a hung out together bill in the Summers. Spent some time over his house and kind of didn't really get to see him much or and they were very busy was out of town filming -- Then probably in the I guess it would have been in the late eighties early ninety's. If amid Nelson calls up mama outdoor show and he was living in diamond -- -- and become a fisherman who retired in. He called me from time to time and kind of update was going on but he was -- -- -- Peyton Place was one of the TV series he was in there anyway the passing of of and Nelson I'm glad someone reminded me about that does. Sometimes you don't you don't get the word on I skipped off telephone lines we got rose in Morocco on line one payrolls thanks the -- think. After a union you will. There. -- It. -- It and okay. It. Yeah that would have been a much different way to present and in probably would have drawn -- totally different reaction. From the local residents there if that would have been in the information that was wanna. -- -- You can't. Archie. -- at a all. Get -- story. -- challenge and EU I bought. Arafat and critics call it. I. And -- and apparently. He indeed. -- weren't as an Internet -- why not call her back at prior yeah -- -- ERA he may have RM and him released that information again it's more of that stuff we just don't know. Right back I mean are on top edging out. Is about to get it. -- because you know and all -- where it in his. They're being hair. And also what is created evidence to the what -- god that I was aware that this person may have been endangers us. And and and. -- -- -- -- -- -- She and -- op at the Lee expose you got a situation. Surely any psychological training. And playing on regular Agent. Orange boy. Or that they do. How old woman and that -- -- -- each patent. You'd like me a break I. Got such and and he. Are playing -- It. Should he get. Out. -- -- -- -- -- Act now and he approached. Yet. I would earn more properly. Eat out because it is more. Or -- Which where we shall. I shall there. And and yet are treating me like I'm kind of treatment. They tried -- out at trial in my neck. And. Him rose yeah you know rose up -- -- -- would you did for a living if you retired now but -- I'm sure in your occupation it was Goodwin's it was mediocre ones and it was bad ones and they have the same thing in the police I can only tell you. Most of the encounters which haven't been a lot of hand with law enforcement people have been pretty good they've been very courteous. They've been very direct and I think in less you bite back at them they're gonna treat you with respect but then again. I bet some counted without the ones that would just totally I mean their attitude was his way out of line and eleven had a bad day it could have been something. And I think Q you hit on some of way if they do not. Have continuous. Prom and valuations in training and classes on how to deal with the public. In their defense still housing -- and say has a lot of times they're not dealing with people like you and I. They're dealing with a lot of low -- in the dragged in the criminals and how aware ozone. And I think you have to while. I have found -- when you treat people. Much talk more about it. -- and what could not. Eat. Or. To be too large here where. And eat out. There and act on. Do you. Oh. -- -- -- He. OK yeah yeah. -- but I agree with you that very first and initial contact confrontation. Between an officer in a citizen is very very important it sets the tone that says. -- meet -- in -- and -- -- -- not a question about that particular. -- -- Psychological or national. And say. It may. And I think in I think the law enforcement agencies would like to get feedback from people like you when you have those kind of been -- You know also that they can do include that into office's records and it determines whether they'll get promotions and not. You know -- -- should they get a lot of negative in and it could actually services -- evidence in future cases you know. Well I. Heard a way -- me in and act. Well but if there's five or six of views in one of him -- that kind of makes me believe -- maybe there's a trend you know. Yeah. Flat at cap and yet. And yet. Oh record and and -- won't -- Cheney aren't. Quite happy aren't. -- keep his seat belt on -- in maybe I ask. Thank you -- -- I appreciate it let's go to our a lot of lines and talk to Debbie and memories she wants to defend the police offices. On line five Debbie thank you for call on the think. No problem. I hate I get back get a little are expecting. Out late doctors are playing for -- being the car. Criminals -- know how to light on at least I know because my son killed by Eric I'm drunk driver. In it in ever try to treat for that we see she wrote to the plate for him that they -- for him medical care. And all and we elected that EA that we watched the video -- -- Iraq. And network. Back they took over the back in the ambulance would be checked -- -- -- -- -- get it up a cheap. It was at any introspection does that mean that in his report eat. They had the PlayStation. She ER is totally pleased that the police at. They read. And haven't -- that India. That proved that that would -- Yeah I think the video also wonderful thing you know the candidate bill doesn't die of beat them -- -- don't. Like. And we don't and I say it could come from me -- -- -- Gurney and I think a lot like stop and explain. And they and Leo what are you are like structural like Ian -- I don't know what happened in the activity to act out. -- -- -- -- Absolutely -- thank you for your call appreciate you listening. Let's stay in Metairie and go to days he says he wouldn't wanna be a police officers and -- -- why not Q. Doubt so now I don't and not do what I'm concerned that police saw the obviously without you know. You know the fact -- The jets are common sense tells me that. They culprit psychological strain in every Iranian but they don't pressure on the mandate. You know and and and everything are considered. You know. 90%. That are out here and -- -- it's bad it's here. To. And I'd like -- our partners at the hole it was here. -- -- Society. It's been -- And -- -- -- it out away from the kicked it out well here. And I expect ordered a big problem even -- which would go to law. Also orders factory have people with respect if it would -- street. And you know people react is up there and Missouri. They say it will market expansion and and -- -- brawl you know. And that's not overreacting -- just lol moral character messages the use in bombs and that's not somebody even caring. About who was shot when they -- -- -- -- proves nothing that's not a form of legitimate. Protest or civil right now. Exactly. In the picture rates to people. You know at the at all percent. And an innovator a track record in fact I mean I have a few bad -- like app with street got some quick. -- -- -- Put all fresh air or women in -- and the Canadian dollar and stop the article through. Your answers are saying you know what the results. Well how would the sale would at this point defend him what I would defend his his right to a fair trial in to a fair investigation and -- wouldn't jump to conclusions and condemn Lehman. The death giving death threats based on the little bit of information that's come on yet. On the other thing I think that people don't realize Davis won a policeman makes a stop. You know who you long what you're doing in what -- -- all about he has no wide. Exactly. What went out. And you'll hear a week ago split second to shock. And and you know thank god it worked out but got. But you know it's got well on its. It in the thing is. I don't know you know I don't I don't know what his intentions one -- was drugged out he had a zombie look. He -- had a knife he gonna have a gun mutinies common in my vehicle I don't know what's what's common. That's the -- only at the moment he was in the vehicle followed a shot in my would have been -- -- rights but certainly when he turned around walked away how would not. And -- but but the thing is you got all this split second and I understand what the cap scope and you don't know what's coming next. Exactly so so in North Africa Patrick bought it right ever -- is certain fair trial and I'm not against its belly ought to -- But you know if you got it got and -- and be patient let it play -- And and or struck in the system that we we have you know George you know it's got to -- and only later. Well my advice is you don't start off -- -- when you get stopped now on a bad tone what now you stop and before and phenom in our. You know just be courteous and if you are respectful I think you get respectful treatment back at least -- shooters should be expected. Thank you -- appreciate it let's go to Don causeway is a police officer line. Five think if he called down. I think they were probably Clark I'm not called it political -- -- on the causeway about driving again right. You know there are pretty. Couple or should we shouldn't we withhold judgment we -- all facts. Absolutely I think you'll the other -- -- the government we are arguably. And argued prepping airport at that got rated the number of that you don't know where some of it is what they it would mean. -- -- What happened at bat I hit a couple of our our crash in war on or an instant. An -- child strapped onto the heat on the record -- the job. I spent an hour and a partner thing -- -- -- department of pop art. Extricate -- -- ultimately get there that felt like we go. Okay back to patrol on the report and -- competent enough not to be exactly I had about backcourt -- back -- -- I did it work about ten minutes later I stop the corporate or eight and that's it. I -- I -- -- in there now you'd think you don't water. Probably should have been a little more tactful but on the circumstances -- I think that's understandable and you know people shouldn't jump back. But the part of the department that would not on the court. But please please I I would ever go on please please don't be respect that's all -- both are and I told what happened that oh my god I'm one. About it thank you for the call -- Williams -- We're learning -- more more about the Missouri shooting in Ferguson now Michael Brown now was identified as a suspect in India beat down robbery of a convenience store we also have -- that the officer who shot and killed him down Wilson was. Actually responding to that all he received a call about that -- and for the end of the day of the shooting so as more and more information comes out ways stay on top of that to pass along to you. -- a couple of advanced programming notes on coming up on Tuesday. The 26 of this month at 6 o'clock. At the John Davis center and -- home. Concerned citizens of saint Tammany is going to be sponsoring a district attorney debate forum and I have been asked to. Moderate that form and -- agreed to do and I'm really wanted to do that so hopefully those -- -- in saint Tammany. I will attend the tenant of candidates that will be there to participate in the debate. To replace outgoing district attorney Walter Reed will be Roy burns -- black in Bryant trainer will tell you more about as we get closer to it but. I might -- marked at them you -- Tuesday evening at 6 o'clock at the John Davis center in look home also a little further down the road. Really excited about this I heard from Judith -- -- you may recall that name the author of the book me and -- This is the woman who was in new Orleans back in the sixties. She was working on a project to develop a cancer causing virus with doctor Mary Sherman. And that she had a love affair during the summer of 1963. Was Lee Harvey Oswald she wrote a book called Lee and me. She's been on this program twice once from an undisclosed location by telephone in Europe the other time now that she feels more comfortable in coming out. She was in the studio and hope -- should be back with in his studio which is going to be here October the seventeenth. She's going to be in town she's got a new book coming out about David ferry. And don't know a lot of bottom and I'm hoping to get some advanced chapters from that book in the resurgence on a lot of youth. Have been following this story of doctor Mary's monkey was that has a woman immediately and Judy's. Trying really she's on a mission to vindicate Lee Harvey Oswald she does not believe that he was directly involved in the killing of John Kennedy. Anyway all that's down the road today we got a lot more to talk about coming up next hour we gonna be trauma Ashley Rodrigue. That an ideal televisions nor shall report. Very interesting. -- issued this -- The way it's looked at in Washington parish and saint Tammany -- totally different to parishes. Sit -- next to each other Washington the north south Tampa saint -- to the south and you're -- hear from some of the folks who were interviewed about that and some very very. Differing opinions on basket to a phone call ahead -- and hold them on an awful long time. Wants to talk about the police in this issue Joseph thank you for your patience your on the thing. Pakistan to -- which -- it down to bring about the papers you know. Two wrongs don't make it right I don't know what the young man indeed it would the position of the police of the world. But I do build some pain -- policemen do they all they did look light. Already used the term ability begun ought. -- it looked around to find someone that they robbery was committed. If that doesn't work the police solve the white policemen do build it and close unit and word to get you angry that spot them. All of it is just plain rituals that are racist stereotyping. That America uses everyday police officers. So not -- the young black males out there it just -- made as the policeman well they've both of them impacted. But if black people are upset they should be angry at what to do. -- white policemen have been in the black and also black on black crime is. And you -- -- mrs. Extremely. Travel Marley I don't know -- I -- I think it is yes it is the -- the lives and the -- it may be on the cover. But it raises what it needs to. And how how do you handle that you sound like a very reasonable person. And you know I can get overly excited in in and in react the police give you a rough time do you him. First thing -- do it with his bat and I look at my watch to see what time it is then it's not be the wrong and that rightly. And ultimately is bad enough that uses port number to identify him and accommodate. -- and -- -- about will look. -- that's gone on May be the uses these cell phones. You know is his record as -- help. When people try to -- the first thing to police as saying in the united amendment right to do that -- says they -- test that's been tested you can do it. -- you know but but two wrongs don't make it right. I don't know what happened in that situation. Won't could be wrong place wrong time could do whatever yeah I can't see it. It I'd be wrong at this point even with this new information out it's still up in the air either one could be in the wrong on. Exactly it is being done. Black people so upset about -- They should be upset about black on black crime that happened in the war in the last two weeks where baby begins. It's got my ignorance I agree. With -- that. Absolutely. Needs more attention. Thank you for -- Joseph appreciate. Have a good day -- who dat nation let the home games begin hope UN to blackened goal or they like and I am for the saints first pre season -- -- -- -- country's most first one in the dome I got you against the Tennessee Titans in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. Will kick things off at 3 o'clock with for a statement about president pro that's former saints' offense alignments the court. And Todd Manassas they will be live from Oceanic -- along count -- -- just steps from urban. Then at 5 o'clock -- the bite -- Bud Light come down to kick off you can meet cajun cannon. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The voice of the saints Jim Anderson saints color analyst smoking guys John. And saints' sideline reporter Christian Garrett now after the game cajun cannon a big chief comes back. For the point after 2:1 AM if you count -- up. Ten hours of wall saints garbage today at -- radio -- 7 AM 1053. And WWL. Now this is an important note -- -- nation don't forget. You can stream saints' games at WWL dot com. On your desktop or laptop but remember the NFL does not allow us to stream games on your mobile device like phones and tablets so. That's the method you wanna receive the game certainly that's available to you -- hopefully enjoy the game I'll be on not long after point after. We come on 5 AM with the you know Saturday outdoor show. -- bless us if we got some text here come and in. This one says with regard to the the shooting in the missourian now I'm saying that before we didn't really know that the that the young man who was killed. Was a suspect but now there actually confirmed that he was indeed a suspect in stealing cigars. Beating down on attendant at a convenience store. And that the police officer responsible for the shooting. -- was notified he received a call about a convenience store robbery shortly before it happens. This one says and last week found out that the victim had a weapon pointed at the officer. Nothing changes. Not so sure about that -- edges so many different seasons and now aerials you would think that yeah that would be the most obvious. -- way that an officer would interpret that as a threat to his life and authorizing the use deadly force but. That could be some other circumstances that could warrant this shooting without and now actual weapon. Directly pointed at him and too many possibilities to get into here is another -- coming in says I feel sorry for the officer and his family. He has already been tried and convicted by the people and the media. I don't know if that's totally true wealth I agree with them on percent. I'll certainly. Think they threw out some names I believe they even gave out some fake names to see what happened. Death threats were issued. By many people he has been tried and convicted by a lot of people then there holding judgment now withholding judgment and giving him his due it's certainly it is. Worth waiting for. Here's one that says yes sir and no sir angles along way with a police officer and it's kind of what we talked about as far as that initial stop when you encounter a police officer that sets the tone for the whole -- the confrontation and again you gotta keep in mind. When you launch stopped or approached you know who you all right you know what you doing. Police also has no life. Who you'll what you up to and he has to cautiously but he should act with. Respect just a couple of minutes fully close up this topic of the Missouri shooting -- should be picked up went wrong the other shows but let's go to Larry Mississippi get a quick call in line to thank you FICO. Racially trip and at the -- It -- -- like your listeners are you explain to me why. That the Arab American community. It's not up in arms every night in every major city where there's always black on black crime and murders taking place with the internal culture. And what they were taking choose distance to light protest and -- among -- culture -- communities culture about which you. Well I -- just this is just my speculation I think for two reasons one there was a white police officers shooting black and they you know they review originally think is just. Out of pure hatred. And -- there was enough distraction to allow -- -- -- off -- to get in there and get away with it because there wasn't enough police to control this -- back and think of and I think we've become -- -- The black on black crime with shame all the leaders should be down here every time we have one of those. Will be back with the rest of the think tank after it is.