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8-15 12pm Don, Washington Parish "OK" with Fracking

Aug 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon is done done to -- with you in for Garland Robinette column -- back with you on Monday. -- to have you with us this afternoon in interesting topic we're -- discuss this hour one that we've been been talking about now for several. Months I guess that of fracking to Franklin not to for a -- -- now really found this fascinating the difference between the attitudes with regard to fracking permits for saint Tammany parish. -- Washington Nationals review who have been following it. I'd ever since -- oil has. Team expressed its intentions to apply for -- first to drill a vertical well and and make a determination as to whether. Would be beneficial cost effective to go with fracking. Rob has -- a lot of opposition tonne of opposition in saint Tammany -- concerned citizens of saint Tammany. Basically the leaders in that saint Tammany parish government while not. Supporting an outright ban on -- some of the council people would like to see that. Have issued a line of restrictions in some request that they would ask. Of them to do which generally would go above and beyond the permitting process. A US Army Corps of Engineers says some concerns about weapons in the area and asking him maybe to look for another spot. Which they responded according to news reports that. That's just a normal part of the process. Lake Pontchartrain basin foundation has gone on record as being opposed as well as many out of town environmental organizations who are familiar with of the fracking. Operations another state so there is a groundswell of opposition basically it's our opponents are surrounded by two. Different fronts one. There's those that say that it is very hazardous and dangerous to the single source -- for the only water source for probably know well over a quarter million residents there if it does get contaminated there will be no other alternative source of water. There has been some problems and other areas. There has been some problems with the company found records I've -- records researched and shown that they have been. In violation of regulatory process there's also been. Some places where fracking over the years the well casings have failed or rather surprisingly high rate of failure. I have invited to tell us all to come on this program. For emphasis disease she started. They simply don't wanna come on for whatever reason understand why -- don't want to show up at some of the public hearings it's not really a friendly environment when they can actually disgusted that certainly he would they would be treated with the utmost respect. And and in fact I sent them a list of ten pretty simple questions and updated one common person to simply send me responses. That was probably six weeks ago have yet to hear anything from. Suffice it to say saint Tammany parish is it is certainly a post of fracking in their Paris. I mentioned two fronts one on the safety aspect of it. Tool would be simply isn't conducive to the lifestyle. Of saint Tammany parish residents should saint Tammany parish residents be able to determine the fate as far as. What -- community looks like what industries are represented. Saint Tammany parish says a reputation for being. Very. Conservation minded with regard to its natural resources -- water it's it's it's pine forest it's. As lakeshore. Creeks that run through it. And two. Begin the start of becoming an oil producing Paris such as what you might see in the foolish parish. Plaque -- parish. Up there on the river parishes where you -- chemical plants and trucking operations and wells. If that's not what saint Tammany parish -- according to a zoning should they should not they have the right to do that outside. Of the possibility of being hazardous and has a lot of concerns on both. However a story it was done recently this some -- permits that are going to be sought to do fracking operations in neighboring Washington parish. Which lies directly north of saint Tammany parish and from the reports I'm hearing. Totally different. Opinion on whether fracking is a good thing or a bad thing -- -- not to listen to some of the comments and a -- bring ST Rodrigue and who has it. WW up television nor -- bureau chief and has been following them the ranking issue. As long as we have here -- Debbie Debbie out this aside president John -- one of his comments about fracking in Washington. For a good thing don't really great to see other players out there. I don't think it's a bad thing. And this is another resident Carol spears when asked about. Somebody come later this current first up let's all emotional -- -- And resident Justin Brown put him home personal research on it and then found based on the track record that they have that there's no. -- safety concerns for. On the residents in this area. Now residents of saint Tammany parish and some organizations was certainly dispute that let me bring in -- Rodrigue WW all televisions also bureau chief Ashley thanks for being what is it. Nasty fuel you filed this story in saint Tammany parish you've been the most of the public hearings you've been viewed some of the play is the concerned citizens of saint -- you listen to the testimony the arguments against. -- were you a shock is how was when I heard some of these comments from the washed and -- people when needed to store. Now. Mainly because. When I'm working Baton Rouge and the interest in Tuscaloosa regionals are picking up around 2010. It was mainly focused and paint a parish and there. Same attitude at Washington Paris and -- Aaron the president. And they say put in my yard if you want it now why -- I couldn't tell you. Day -- welcomed -- and there hasn't been any challenges there. And Alan and that is that because he parted a lot like what the Paris where -- -- world. That could be why. The president sort of feel the same. In regards to the leaders that Washington parish president Richard Thomas said that. He didn't do his research on Google he didn't -- search by contacting. Other -- in our state. You have had bracket in their community for a while. He specifically -- that actually spoke to several counties that you parish leaders and he wanted to get an idea of what has happened in similar communities at -- and according to what he told me. They found what they told him that he quote looking forward to it. Let me ask you this tool when you go to these public hearings a term that is brought up very frequently in saint Tammany is risk vs reward. And for my understanding is about a two million dollar. Called attacks of permitting Theo aren't cut basically that goes to saint Tammany parish. When they do in fact start extract -- the all they pay nothing until that happens. Is this something that's a little bit more lucrative economic winds -- washed impact that may be responsible for this change of opinion. It would get -- to say that. Correctly stated I would it would appear that. Property owners. Well a lot of plain dealer and thinking only because that war can organize you have. Someone who wound up only -- the land with online you don't have as many people -- big flop between Washington and into the apparent particularly on the North -- India though. You've got -- and do -- own 4050 acres and I mean for example bought out a month ago. That school district there had. Received 45 big acting -- -- -- they apparently didn't compact. And they had five options of a lot of money consider and they ended up going with. Obviously the best option that they felt which not only gave them. -- we'll get them thousands of dollars about thousand dollars. Per acre every year but up front they got million dollars just the signs that will be. Though I would have to pay back for rent and -- -- they see it as a lot more opportunity personally because. Not only. You don't just make money at stake I'm actually make money as they need our Elaine to check on the oil that. They could just speed that there's so many more people feel like they can personally benefit in Beijing. Feel okay with it because -- I've made it that it is there in that the reward is worth the -- but. They feel like day don't believe some of the rift that has been air and they came. You can check with the solar variations on the -- OK she's you know the last few years we've been trying to get prepared this. And that of course Washington parish president Richard Thomas and we're talking with the -- BO television -- show bureau chief -- -- about the drastically different attitudes in Washington parish and saint Tammany -- -- -- -- to -- if you are not familiar with it. Fracking is that where there's a vertical wells drilled through aquifers in to shield then if it is our cost of beneficial to do so then they fracture the shale. To extract oil and gas it's a very less expensive process. There are some concerns that have been expressed by environmental groups and saint Tammany residents with regard to what to do with the waste water. On -- the chemicals that are put down on the well the possibility of well casings failing. -- contamination. In it and I just associated traffic problems and -- in problems and basically becoming an oil producing parish rather than one that prides itself on pristine. Forest and -- own -- air in beautiful water and pine forests. Now Washington parish on the other hand very similar topography is listening to -- but seems to be a different attitude. And we're talking with Ashley about that. Actually do you think that Washington parishes attitude may have some direct influence on saint Tammany maybe lightning them up a little bit towards the -- That guy down I mean outlook -- had conversations recently where. A lot and it could be because we have been having a lot of meetings. But it appears that that you know that being. Opposition. -- Countdown and we usually a little lately but I don't really. Kind of -- no one has. It was the we'll do it the other -- you know that this situation. -- -- -- -- -- So you never -- yet there might be the people that would. You know. I shouted if you will he say that there not a candidate but. And -- at this point and an engine that story this outwardly appears to be the first night moving out did the arc in count me that. -- -- Particular site head application for union which is sort of first step but has not received that approval yet however they doing that work against that -- Do between companies landowner. The company that break out of Houston. All -- Partial unit that and equipment in 2012 that is both Washington and can't you know passion. And apparently there was an old unit from. Back in being about the that was established pregnancy but nothing's really happened with. And rich. Region and it is also. The operator. The majority if not all of the well -- are operating right now thinking about Paris via our said that there are five -- -- Which are predicting currently and you which has been permitted but had not -- for it yet and they are all on Mike Edwards that -- could also be part of why. Washington. I think maybe he NG is. You know -- law against something. Different to look at because they have -- theories they have that that timeframe they'd been looking at it in dealing with it for. Four year at this point and there a point been dealing with this same company that it's a little easier I think for them. She tried to make some comparisons but I really don't know it if Washington opinions and it is anything in saint Tammany I would say that. At the end of -- council has called for today say that you know they've heard from people who are OK with wracking but those people. Com sport in the public or at least they had -- Found three. Today -- call for that seemed like -- then a little bit more the broad side has come out I don't know if he'd be back. Will start shifting things are on the glacier -- an interesting development -- would in Washington early early on that it would be something I watched. Have there have been any intervention by some of these out of stayed -- out of town environmental groups that got so readily involved in saint Tammany parish issued maybe they just have not had time. To get to the Washington parish residents and try to educate them and get them up to speed on what some of the possible objections would. I would say before my story the other day no one but the people who literally live right accident I knew about the loss in the Paris expansion. I you know that last week what I did a story about into the parish water district exciting start casting their water. That that two of me and who is the farmer in paint about Paris and own the land. Can -- mentioned that day it heard when he says today he means he and other people. Who have lately that are com in favor fracking have heard. That some of the faction that has -- that they Tammany to. Com for information or making plain cute and they're moving into thinking about Paris. And that's about it farmers are getting together to create a pro -- group to combat that if it happened. Again I think -- Paris is really early at this point McCain to back -- actually talking at -- means that they had heard rumblings that -- things. People coming in and they were the orders are to build there. Their push against that -- com. Where specifically would this site be located and what is -- time frame on getting the permit approved from piano. Don't want a parasite is on highway 1056. In -- Hartman. It about two miles east of the action with it was 450 point 450. It's liquid into the Mississippi State line. And that area. And I mean conference really outlook for the company at and engine the company has had. Lee since Franklin and I'm a rather that you needed Franklin and forum was four years that means that the documentation they haven't done anything. But would be on this particular site they've got a unit application and for obviously they'd have to wait for -- it that but. Mom I meet with them moving. That indicate that meat that they got a plane to do something at the same time I a level well into Paris where they've got the unit they got department they did -- work. But nothing happening there yet so long. They all depending on the company what day need to do what they want you really. It's going to be very very interest in seeing how this all plays out and Ashley thank you for joining us and you do a great job you got a big area to cover over there. Oh yes they -- and you know it's -- issue on the Beagle those stories about the McConnell might cover that these and I try to keep myself. Try and very busy that I cannot keep on top of everything. Well you've got one of the best jobs at WW LTV you got two great guys and Larry -- in the final Lucas to -- -- guys that work -- -- and -- and I apologize won the few occasions when I commuted to ask if that kind of -- a little fishy when it ended in -- -- -- need to pray that you know he was the month apparatus. That. It's a familiar with that from when I was a kid -- -- -- many out now that at development. A ghastly thank you again after joining us who really appreciate it. As -- rendering Davida BO TVs -- sure reported talking about this dichotomy on the the attitude Stewart fracking in Washington saint -- assembly little early in Washington and do think is gonna probably be some opposition but they -- -- washed in Paris is -- -- that nets couldn't. Saint -- and he's not many got to be good to. I'd coming up another CBS report covering Missouri shooting in the latest on that and will be back to talk about a southern sportsman's festival in expo. Coming up it's -- will be open up and a couple of hours and go to the whole weekend is always something new Ferguson police of -- the officer shot Michael Brown is Darren Wilson if you haven't heard he's a six year veteran no prior disciplinary action. They also -- brown as a suspect in a robbery minutes before the fatal shooting we have the latest plus who dat nation you can check out Deke Bellavia saints titans preview. Featuring what to watch from a resident pros obviate bear and the hope Cokie -- -- Security at the superdome home we have all the dues and also if you go under the don't check that out before you head there also turned down -- TV and turn up -- radio. The give you did detailed instructions how to sync up with Jim and Pokemon always have problems that usually end and get it done. And still trending hot Angela hill's blog on violent crime. What we don't handle eventually handle office Steve Geller has got a complete rundown of the New Orleans pelicans schedule. Plus saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan why the black and gold defense values Smart. Players so all online right now at WWL dot com. Well coming up a little bit later on this afternoon will be the opening of the southern sportsman's festival in expo. It's going to be -- -- aerial senator -- you cement. That's today through Sunday in I gotta tell you. There's been a void and all -- area ever since Bob O'Donnell show packed up and moved up the road hopefully this will fill the bill may be even get bigger and better and joining us to talk about it as a show director. Mike's alas -- my thanks for joining us you guys got the doors read it open pretty soon. We are getting close were. Were put in the final cut -- don't -- right now done its job. It's looking really good we got two great -- in here in great giveaways. And yet it's going to be ought. And file what can people expect to see when they show up. -- -- their -- on did it like you said it -- fortunes that's all we're trying to -- all year we've done. We got -- we got we got here a situation here. And everything you need order 40 we got archery. Indoor archery range. We've got a horrible -- I'll back you get a ride on the hook prior. Would do that -- true on Sunday opened the public anybody want color shouldn't. -- we -- and there are super shouldn't -- or sport certainly built with off road course Peter -- straight -- their stride. Any of their vehicles that are new trucks out on up the offer. Now you've got up con with a dock on that deal Larry Nelson and that's going to be a big plus cousin you can do some demonstrations put kayaks which is really. The fastest growing aspect of the boating industry and. Absolutely obviously doc has put -- out there on the on the -- and it will be doing and don't -- there would be even got some tree burst. That are going to be -- doing -- outside. It's it's going to be a lot out there much like the -- is an old well so. I think you're reading is going to be there. And and grilling you know that's that the final stage we do the fishing now honing in where we -- a lot in Louisiana to. We've got we've got a lot of food show -- folks from Green Day. Are going to be out there are simple and food also and there are actually -- -- a big green you build come into -- sports. And Indian debut with a victory today. On that's fantastic that's my favorite method of cooking is on the Green Day and I gotta tell you only get one a lifetime though you can't Jeremiah. Yeah they're they're out. Who got -- wanted to talk to you about it. -- just never seen wars and a couple. Appropriate Colleen called -- all boats and they just didn't. -- -- -- -- -- Seek to bring four Wheeler when your newer or gold -- -- -- you. For the most. Are you serious. I gotta check that out yeah because then when you know a lot of hunting we do here. Isn't very remote areas where you can't get a Falwell alike to an island that separated by creeks of bodies and if you can float up right after the bank and and -- a you. In doing nowadays -- not good. -- that does not play every. All the vendors and want to -- them vote they've been looking at Sony that that's what -- -- out product. I got to see that now I'm assuming mob buddies from the redneck adventures Billy Bob in store are going to be that you've got their passports and -- form. Well. Hopefully -- on the let up -- they're that they're here -- -- on stage they're going to be doing the redneck adventures in the -- Olympics in between. Billions of these -- be the -- agent and they'll be out there that we do it all. Also on the simple salute cook off they're they're they're -- to go out. They are that now you got some live entertainment -- music on loan. We do we've got -- really good music Lotta Lotta local bands. What are our opening act on Friday night you're sure -- -- -- on Tuesday. Our Country Music Association emerging artists into the -- base for last year's. There aren't and she's going to be onstage this afternoon. And that he's coming back for a quarter from eight and were told kind of and after appreciation for openers but it -- on the. America today is going to be a full weekend of activities. One of the show hours and you open up at 2 o'clock today Ali will you be open today in what is it for the weekend. -- we opened at 8 o'clock tonight there and in Iowa the after party outside. The folks won't stick around the world and industry expose their committee on Saturday art. And then six or so. And the price it's ten dollars. And we -- for fifteen we try to keep roll it differently and reasonable. And for the kids you got some special discounts. Yeah for children. You're engaged and I would go to victim could be due to. We are casting. Inflatable room -- fisheries. And they can acute tension that experts from West Bank archery. In the archery range so -- by the -- and -- The Hollywood derby with the Boy Scouts and we also got some contractor who's going. With on the. Well it's going to be a full weekend and I can't tell ya how great the timing is on this 'cause this is just in time to get ready for the fall fission and not the seasons will be kicked and often about three weeks and with dove in and -- and -- duck and -- and deer and -- and it just goes on and also the timing is fantastic to get out. Yeah we're excited we're world. Access to bring additional back in the oil and -- It if it were just visit visited by shall right now everybody's excited. Well as soon as I get off -- outdoor show I'll be headed that way and -- tomorrow afternoon. Nate thanks for being with -- good luck on the show. -- -- -- as snake he is the show manager for the first -- southern sports festival in expo that's -- deal Larry Nelson on the West Bank cut doors open at 2 o'clock this afternoon to eight and then 108 tomorrow ten to six on Sunday. And taking a look what's ahead after the top of the hour news -- it's gonna be in for Angela today they kick things off at 1 o'clock with what's trending -- -- is directed Dave Cohen will be then joined by sports contributor and host of the prep football roundup I'm looking forward to that. If you heard that they. Four schools have decided to play up including eventual and John Curtis we could see it John -- -- championship in the superdome -- that period. Anyway Seth Dunlap who works on the football roundup will be there as well as entertainment and editor and creative and digital strategy is -- else's guy does in -- Then it took clocked at your return 45 years ago. In 1969. Woodstock began on a farm in New York. Following Woodstock Labor Day weekend in 1960 now wasn't -- pop festival at the Louisiana speedway in prairie bill. Janis Joplin Aaron -- to fly Santana canned heat were among the performance. It was Louisiana's version of Woodstock war you there and you don't want. And if so what do you remember. If not what's the best outdoor concert you have them -- took it to when I was in Alaska last week. They had a salmon. Stock. If I -- take off form and Woodstock. In the little bitty town of bond down about -- point they want real big crop down. Anyway there's also growing trend trend of drinking drugs and sexual salts -- big concerts is it different today than it was in the past and wide. Loss saint a school will also be talking about the saints taking on the titans in the second pre season game. This one will be the first one in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. What will you watch most closely in the game what did you see last week that you think needs deserve Europe. I'm divided attention and put your isolated camera on our tail like to run and backs -- -- a defensive back performance. Also -- just finished four days of jury duty. Was inconvenient but he enjoyed fulfilling his civic duty. As you ever served on a jury I -- and I got -- today it was a very rewarding educational experience. And I think everyone should do so. However -- as if he was picked because most fun out to work in the mediums -- it's just -- -- work in the media I get thrown off very quickly. If you did serve what was experience like for you and if not why did you witnesses in quotes get out of jury duty. Everybody doesn't take their turn to serve does that contribute. To a justice system that's always. Criticized. Joint -- for a good open minded nation in for Angela. That'll be between 1 and 4 o'clock right here on WW -- I got a break coming up there will be back to wrap it up and tell you what's coming up on the outdoor show later on this afternoon and all about that. Ten hours wall to wall coverage of the wall and saints exhibitions I gotta tell you the Ferguson Missouri shooting case giving more and more interesting and revealing by the moment now they've got video of the two suspects. In the store shoving around the attendant walking out on paying not paying for the cigars in the I don't know when we. Thought Ryan inning and protesting and screaming and -- to defend the robber. Of course there's still some circumstances with regard to the shooting. Really got to fault of Ferguson police department for not releasing more of these details before all of this chaos. Began because I think if this would have been. Brought to light. That he was a suspect in -- robbery in the there was an altercation that people would have to a little bit more of a wait and see attitude which we still need to do at this point that. It's looking more and more like possibly his his accomplice. Does not. Totally telling the truth about what he saw as an eyewitness in the maybe this videotape and we'll find out more as we get to it. Also -- thank -- Ashley Rodriguez -- real TV nor shall report from talking with us about that the big. Differences in opinion on fracking in Washington saint Tammany parish -- following that story for you. Also Mike the last -- joined as the show manager for the southern sportsman's festival expletive chance stop by the isn't on this weekend. If you're an outdoorsman numbering the kids -- lots of things to see induced of course forgot that. Big saints programming up by BA bandied -- -- they'll be on for sank Saturday tomorrow noon to three. Sunday you can wake up to sports talk with Christian Garrick it's just sports from ten and noon. And then the saints Sunday with cajun cannon big chief and hope you guys John. They are home folks live from saints' training camp in memory from three to six nobody covers saints football like the flagship WWL. Ten yeah. Heard nothing but good things from green -- I would say that they're probably going to be headed back there again next year for all things go right. Talking about the great weather conditions and and I think the important thing about that is you know when they hear -- fighting the elements. And doing that training camp in the trying to make the team I think they can really focus on getting. The defense is in office of the special teams altogether instead of battling the elements there actually more focused and concentrating. On playing the game just my opinion. I'll be back again tomorrow morning. 5 AM we kick it off till seven -- and network condition of the outdoor show in more outdoors Todd mess all join me at 7 and 8 o'clock a roundtable discussion about bull riders with a -- you woman Wendy bill yacht while Johnson. That's on three WL thirteen fifty. From 7 till 9:8 am. Thanks to Shelden Williams doing a great job on the board for us thanks to you are produces time Manassas and talents and panic. I'll see you tomorrow morning right here on the big 870 WW.

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