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Aug 15, 2014|

Today SCOOT’s in for Angela…we’ll kick things off at 1 o’clock – “What’s Trending” with WWL News Director Dave Cohen…sports contributor & host of Prep Football Roundup, Seth Dunlap & our entertainment editor & Creative & Digital Strategist, Ian Hoch. Then at 2—your turn—45 years ago in 1969 Woodstock began on a farm in New York! Following Woodstock – Labor Day Weekend, 1969 – was the New Orleans Pop Festival at the Louisiana Speedway in Prairieville – Janis Joplin, Iron Butterfly, Santana, Canned Heat were among the performers – it was Louisiana’s Woodstock. Were you there? If so, what do you remember? If not, what’s the best outdoor concert you’ve ever been to? ALSO: today there is a growing trend of drinking, drugs and sexual assault at big concerts – is it different today than it was in the past? And why? PLUS: the Saints play the Titans in the 2nd preseason game in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. What will you watch most closely in the game? AND: Scoot just finished 4 days of jury duty; it was inconvenient, but he enjoyed fulfilling his civic duty. Did you ever serve on a jury? If so, what was that experience like for you? If not, why’d you “get out” of jury duty? If everybody doesn’t take their turn to serve, does that contribute to a justice system that is always criticized?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon I'm studio for Angela today and next week this is what's trending on WWL. Casual conversation about what's trending in new sports entertainment and social media. It's a great way to make sure that you're up to date. What's trending every weekday at 1 o'clock on -- WL. Attorneys today Dave call news director WWL news that Seth Dunlap. Sports that if you -- -- three WL thirteen 50 AM and sports commentator host of prep football roundup. -- -- -- Entertainment and social media editor also laws are created additional strategists for WWL. WL and via URL that. Let's start with the saints -- -- in town a lot of players -- going to experience the superdome for the first time it's exciting to hear some of that. The young players talking about being in the -- for the first time -- we've we've heard about it we hear it's like college football. And we can't wait to be there's so let's let him know it feels like -- game tonight at 7 o'clock it's going to be fun he adds even though it's just pre season game you can feel the energy in the city and today. Washington the station just a little while ago so many people dressed in their jerseys in many -- trust in your old friends and. Off the top beer can you tell me how long it's been since the last and the saints played in the superdome. Like I'm gonna say seven months in four days longer than that of our members -- -- on and -- days out. But December 29 the last and the saints played in the superdome two months and 1617. Days. A long time to decide to play the game in the super now and they aren't that. Half of that seven and a half seven and a half cents on call them and so I was -- -- -- restaurants like yeah it appears that Drew Brees is not gonna play again. Yeah I don't think he's gonna play and nothing official obviously would just like last week -- an official and Madea's big is gonna play as really he shouldn't at this point -- -- reader if there's any kind of lingering. Issues with that oblique muscle any kind of health issues we know he's going to be ready now. We'll like to see him play next week the week after that. Because even the great Drew Brees needs to get a few reps against live game action before this regular season starts but not too big of -- -- doesn't play today they're arson. Interesting things to watch today number one ever medicinal. Have their eyes glued on branding coach after what he did last week -- a fast enough to keep up with her hands full and full catches. Touchdown he electrified never this is -- -- is not from Drew Brees touchdown catch reception not from Drew Brees is well. Also this back -- quarterback competition is. It's very intriguing because again like I said here last week you have what what I believe Sean Payton and Carmichael and the team watts is they want Ryan Griffin to win that job. So they could secure him longer term and have him be down there ought to realize -- 45 years down the road the heir apparent to Drew Brees. Meanwhile in Canada and everybody -- point five and ten more well I beat him more years -- -- if if what he says is correct but you have from from all indications and I know Luke McCown had eight sub par pre season game last week including that horrible interception through that. Chris Long picked off. But everybody says at a camp that Luke McCown is playing much better in actual training camp so -- gonna have to perform. Much better in the actual games like today to win that back to duck I think -- the I don't think Dave that they're only gonna carry two quarterbacks that could be Iran. -- could be wrong about that but I think they're only gonna carry two quarterbacks like two thirds of the league is down. Last night that it had three quarterbacks on the roster I mean if they like to keep on on the practice squad that. And it's historically they see it as a waste of rosters remembers a -- one year during the playoffs. The Baltimore colts. I had lost Johnny Unitas and early aren't over yet -- moral I was a little kid. Rural laurel -- -- it was on the radio back with the girls are like and why did. They've had to go to the third quarterback. Which was they're running back and efficacy was Tom MacKey your similarly to what they were to leave if they went to are actually running back -- currently in the 1980s. -- The Chicago Bears ran a quarterback -- that McMahon went down and -- went down I think it was a Toms at the time and Walter Payton. Was the starting quarterback. For the Chicago Bears. You see it every muscle while it's like inmates leaving us all when you see the big blowouts like the right fielder comes -- -- bit us again for the yeah for the wildcat existed I mean and that was you know. That a big mystery that was gonna let's just say this if the if the saints were down to their third string quarterback anyway is not going to be good situation another second string quarterback doesn't matter if it's not Drew Brees come. Can I ask a stupid question here is the fourth string guard I watched Greta how are you more -- I believe yeah yeah. Why just I was watching the ice bucket video the other day and more important enough for Red -- -- around as I have I have I never heard anything about this are for there are four quarterbacks what you're your. Anything about that fourth guy. Vizio are definitely not -- on the practice squad if they can't keep one of the -- as well -- they won't be able to let me say this if Griffin gets cuts. Or McCown gets cut there's no way they're -- Make it through waivers and make -- practice squad that's just happened so it's definitely a distinctive I just don't think the other -- -- space like you said -- keep three quarterbacks. If you're just tuning in I'm studio for Angela today next week it's -- -- -- WL every weekday at 1 o'clock a casual conversation about what's trending in new sports. Entertainment and social media Dave Cohen and I -- Google news directors where this says Dunlap is with sports was to be WL and three WL thirteen fifty. -- Hokies with entertainment and our social media and our digital. And creative strategist directors so he gonna join -- with a comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601878. To all free 86688. -- -- semi tech's number is 87870. They let's go to you obviously did that there were two big stories when I talked about a lot last night on this crucial that was the arrest of two people. In -- shooting that happened last Sunday the drive by. In the lower ninth -- and also a big story continues to be the the -- continuing unrest in the questions in Ferguson Missouri. Well now start with your second because the good news is that there's more -- apparently then unrest in Ferguson. Now that the state -- for state Highway Patrol came in to. Use slightly less militaristic tactics to keep the peace on the streets of Ferguson and the thing. Man in charge of calling the shots now happens to be black that's probably. Been a calming factor as well that is the black police officer now trying to keep peace. Rather than the all white police force in Ferguson. Things have come down there and they actually last night there was no violence. Police -- news here aghast. There were no major confrontations. But today -- and the police did hold a news conference and released the name of the officer. Who. Is the one who shot and killed. The unarmed black teen in -- and things started to bubble up again now we haven't had any major violence but it's -- loud it's got rowdy again. And interestingly though that at the same time that the police chief released the name of the officer he also released some surveillance video. And some information saying that. They think that perhaps. Perhaps the team that was shot and killed. Is also a team who may have been involved in a strong armed robbery at a store taking nearly fifty dollars and cigars and the surveillance video. Shows. What looks like some very scary moments for the clerk at the store with as much larger. Black suspect. Grabbing him -- man handling him so the question is that the police wait to release the the name of the officer to the canals to release these images to try and balance things out. Either way things there it's that they think the powder keg is still there and waiting to see if things erupt again. That because we don't shoot people because state they rob the place if you if you shoot him in the process of robbing a place and it's not a self defense sets. That's that's different than -- donning a person down so it still comes down to this question whether he brought to place an artist who comes down to this question of did the police act properly and that's what we don't know yet. Right and and and that's what is gonna take a long time to investigate of course. You know Brown's family and supporters of the ones saying that he had his hands in the air he wasn't even he and he was running away. When the cops shot him. And the police are saying well we're not -- comment on that until we've done the entire investigation gathered all the evidence and we really know what happened -- the autopsy revealed angles of the bullets and I might give us an indication about how he might have been shot and we're waiting for the medical examiner did release at least the preliminary report to say okay it was this -- at close range. Was it indeed. At a distance they can tell by the angle of entry by the trajectory. They can even tell by the velocity which the bullet entered and how it impacted the flash. Approximately how far away the shooter was at the time that the. Fire there's no way and get away for the Ferguson. Police report I'm gonna wait to here at the FBI and the Department of Justice has to say about it because I think it. Proven themselves in that department to be maybe less than trustworthy. One of the most amazing things when I step back and it looked at this yesterday was. Forget that he's black the new commander you talked about -- Johnson but he was walking. In their march yesterday morning to defuse the situation and I just thought wow. Forget about race what color you guys and you got out of the I was an -- up ahead of you waiting yeah you want next year we'll talk and that was brilliant. I feel like we learned that lesson along time ago after Katrina if you come in with rifles drawn and year old you know the militarization of police has been -- thing we've been talking about for decades and it seems like nobody's really learning that lesson. What stranded on -- WL a continuous duty for Angela with Dave Cohen says Dunlop. Andy and -- and we'll be right back on -- BW well. 45 years ago today on this day -- is the fifteenth 1969. Woodstock began in a farm in upstate New York. It was a milestone for young generation that is now today the establishment -- studio for -- to little talk about that go to our. And that's exactly would turn out to be for a lot of people this is what's trending now and WWL. I'm Dave Cohen. WWL. -- VW a thirteen fifty. And -- -- our entertainment and social media director and he's also created and digital strategist whisked over to fuel and three W will also dubbed W real dot com. We've had discover station now about what's going on in in Ferguson and there seems to be a lot of conversation it's gone on among us. Concerning the that the militarization of the the police that the police department and police departments are getting equipment from pentagon. And the question is whether or not local police are trained to see it I had flash is not that I wished they are now visually younger happened. But I flashes of especially going back and reading about it but what happened today at at Kent State when students were protesting and the National Guard shot and killed four students. And I see these these Ferguson police officers. With these. High powered weapons these precise military weapons. I'd -- I see them with these that these weapons trained on these these citizens and it's a scary scary thought because tensions were high and anything could happen. Yeah yeah. In the stun grenades and everything and rubber bullets while these anti anti mine. -- -- vehicles that they don't have lines well and does that not put the police in the mindset and acting like the military Brothers and the police and that. Completely undercuts their -- will be in effect you know source if they're seen as an -- and occupational force that's forcing themselves on the citizen community in the can't honestly police and you know the 01 of the worst parts about this 90% of those officers out there are probably really good people who have never been good out. That's a really good point. Darlington mind it's it's really tough to it's a tough -- talk about. Yeah I guess if it almost looked like a war zone when you when you see the grenades. With the tear gas line and the sparks flying out of dominance here gas bubble and up and the that people break in the into the stores in the window shattering in the loading and it really did. Look at least from the outside looking in like. A war zone and then you have a militaristic response from the police force and yet. It let's just be glad that it's finally at least for now simmered down what about. As members of the media here when you had journalists being arrested and then after they were arrested they're taking down breaking beast television cameras turning off the lights and all sorts of stuff it was just unbelievable I think what you really had. Is a small town and and first and really is a small town I mean -- say that based on the population it's like any small town. These are not police officers were used to dealing with this kind of stuff. And that does that excuse any militaristic response or denying journalists their first amendment rights absolutely not but. It at some point you just wonder why they didn't throw their hands of -- -- -- -- We can't handle this when the state police Sweeney then National Guard we need somebody coming in and out because this is over our heads. -- this also became an issue about freedom of the press and freedom of speech and has always been an adversarial relationship between the media. And authority and law enforcement and that the truth is that the media has not only rice but also a responsibility to videotape. Or to record police in action. And the question though though on the other side is has this been over dramatized by some media. Because fuel some people who went to -- that when they got there they were surprised how smaller group of people. Were actually protesting and rioting. And how a small police force it was responding because when you saw it on video on the Internet or on TV. It looked like it was this massive upheaval of this huge huge group. And the other problem here's with a 24 hour news cycles of 24 hour news cable stations. We see the same scenes over and over and over again and it makes it seem like it even more prevalent than they are around the country. It. You know and we talk about the talk about whether or not the media is over plaintiffs of course the media over place's because -- Because of our because of our our history while it's been neatly the national media because of our art our history. If if a white teen was shot by a black cop this wouldn't be an issue. This fits into this preconceived idea of injustice in this country that we deal with for for such a long period of time. And then here in New Orleans where we have the continuing black on black violence the reaction is very different. One other story trending at WWL dot com was when she surpasses now announced. In this game yesterday but it's still popular story on our top ten at WWL dot com the arrest of two individuals. A twenty year old Blair Taylor who allegedly was the gunman in the drive by shooting. Spring support full of people on the Lower Ninth Ward with bullets killing two and wounding five including two small children. And also the arrest of 25 year old Jeffery rivers who was the alleged. Driver in that drive by. What I got a lot of people upset and what a lot of the trending comments are was reaction to the chief saying these guys have long rap sheets. Detail criminal histories. They should not have been out on the streets they should have been in jail but the criminal justice system he said as a whole he didn't point any fingers at. He and say the police into the prosecutors into the judge's. -- -- point a finger at the community saying they didn't help put these guys away earlier but he said the entire system failed. The criminal justice system failed. These guys he said particularly to one Butler Taylor should not according to keep -- -- on the streets to commit this mass shooting this double martyr and wounding five people the blog wrote let. Snipes which is something I talked about on the in this crucial us I was about how community tips to me are more important then and more police on the street. Police can't possibly be everywhere. And the way the community came forward and -- guys over gave information that led to their -- I think is a very positive side. We need the community to step up because they're ultimately protecting the very people that are hurting themselves. But the problem was that the community knew this was a heroin. Drug dealing locations this house where the shooting happened and the chief. Britain said earlier in the week in the DA has made comments about it as well that if the public at stepped up earlier. And said hey they're dealing heroin out of this house may be the shooting every event happens because the police shouted -- are coming up at two. 131 interest few minutes we're gonna have a special CBS news update on the latest developments in Ferguson. -- what role the social media played in in that the coverage of all of this. If people didn't have a way that they can just jump on to their phone or their computer in and put out these images and cheered news on the scene and what's happening. Then you'd have to count on the mainstream media to do it which further reasons that we just detailed is sometimes you know you get a skewed perspective or an incomplete picture. And so you know you have to kind of put on a filter in your brain when you go and you look at these hash tags and look at the Twitter feeds and have to kind of take it one -- at a time to try to understand the bigger picture but without that information there. We wouldn't know anything except what we are being told by people that perhaps have an agenda. But does the social media also get us to jump to conclusions before -- all the facts more quickly than we otherwise what it's your responsibility as a consumer that social media to do that responsibly I totally agree the audience spears a lot of responsibility here. What's trending on WWL we'll continue right after the news says Dave Cohen argues directorate of W Ellis with this. Says Dunlap a sports commentator with a BWL and three WO thirteen fifty Hoke. And creative strategy directors with this will be right back what's treading on -- WL continues on scooting in for Angela Dave Cohen RW Google news directors here. Ian -- entertainment editor and creative additional strategist for WWL three WL and WWL dot com is witnessed. As just don't laugh with WWL and we WL sports. As witnessed most of prep football roundup saints play the titans tonight it looks as if Drew Brees is not gonna play that another interesting thing a lot of fans are going to be plea for sect member. They well right on the opposite sidelines and that met burger locked in a pretty heated battle with Jake Locker. Too Little League is gonna start at least be the number one backup to walker there in. Nashville and Tennessee and with lockers injury history. Probably gonna get a -- played this year as -- like resorts like -- -- liked by foot and eyes and worker on. -- a at a real shot at being NFL quarterback what he has one of the best arms already in the national football you saw that last year. On an oil analyst skyrocketed his progression last year and made him -- -- the one thing I think members. Gonna have issues with there and that type of offense remember they built the offense around Jake Locker and he's much more mobile quarterback and even Ryan Fitzpatrick -- came in. For locker -- was hurt a much more mobile quarterback in -- murder is so it's not the best system for him however I do think at the quarterbacks that were drafted last year. He was like my number 45 best quarterback out of that -- when you think he's gonna have a chance to succeed here. Downer -- an -- success so many people this part of the country looking forward to the the large of the SEC network you sort what's your. 5 o'clock last night it came on your watch TV I actually I was and they did this -- the day before the -- basically -- preview. Launch on and I ESPN news that was kind of a mock -- -- I think to get paired -- They're gassed their hosts already to go I gotta be honest here. Now everybody knows most people know me know that I'm not originally from here on -- SEC guy but you SEC fans out there. You deserve a lot better than what I saw yesterday and the day before amended their little mock launch on ESPN news it's. Was. Awful. Awful it was cliched. Nonsense it was Tim Tebow talking about I don't even know what he was talking about. It was all fine bomb that was a great radio guy and Alfie was -- -- was in over his head. That look like he should even have been on the set. It was it was bad now I actually got so bad misses a couple of days ago as well but when I was watching and I never do this. But actually had to live tweet the ridiculous in this that was happening on this ethnic lines and you can go back its -- set -- don't really read them on the air. But unacceptable on -- if you go to -- are -- August 12. Twelfth tweets you'll see about 1012 on just recapping like the ridiculous things that Tebow and find bomb and everybody were saying it was. Again it's SEC fans -- I was a hardcore SEC fan. And this launch has been built up now for months as the next great thing -- specially in college football and I -- that the last couple days. Well with a little -- up with all the talented people that there are in media it's amazing that the SEC such a premier conference couldn't come up with a great network now there are great plan on how to launch that would make people maybe the saluted its I know the same people that -- -- -- large the FCC their own this just give you know. Is -- just and I'm not -- this was an official. SEC network promo that ran all week OK and you've got that you know the big football noisy crowds in the background. And one of their main host he comes on and says. Some of these teams will be better than we -- minute classes over to Tim Tebow. Others will be worse than thoughts. And -- and there is no kind of hypocrisy. Cliche kind of dirty thing going let me. Let's be real what is the SEC network really for its for the games at CBS ESP NBC don't pick up that's at at least the fans will get to see their team play. Because at least someone will be caring man SEC yes now that I agree a 100% that you know want to be ready reason before that great that that's. What's treading on WWL we'll continue I'm -- in for Angela with Dave Cohen says Dunlop than in -- We come back it's -- sound like a bad idea from the very beginning to me Burger King decided okay this is it really good idea we'll talk to you spoke about -- -- and also -- still still trending is the information about the suicide of Robin Williams and his wife saying that he was. Dealing with the beginning of Parkinson's disease all of that when what's trendy continues into the to -- well. Every weekday at 1 o'clock you get a chance to catch up on everything that's a trending at this is what's trending on Debian is -- -- for Angela -- call insist on lap and he you know in our studio. Hi Ian is an entertainment and and sports and everything else is this going on on social media. I Ian Burger King had a bad idea and I thought it was a -- idea that he did and I'd gladly if they finally admit that it was a bad idea -- -- bacon back in the ice -- No no no chicken Fries -- on that it provides a back in 2005 they rolled out new product called chicken prize which is its French fry shaped chicken strips. You know because that's novel and it's easier to dunk it insults against. And it took them off the menu in 2012 because I think. That's what really stupid bad ideas like that would set off a tiny social media firestorm -- and somebody on buzz speed -- up like. And delicious fast -- things you can't get anymore and then it started the conversation again and then Burger King puts out a press release that says. They've had an overwhelming number of enthusiastic tweets change dot org petitions Tumblr pages FaceBook pages phone call a ticket -- all about demanding that ticket price comeback. So they've responded. And they're putting chicken -- back on the menu but also the eliminated -- Fries which were the lower fat lower sodium lower caloric. Our friends -- I get excited somebody puts out of -- article about status prize you know me like you -- critical -- it's a French fry. Except for what it is and go to try and make it healthy. Sales -- fast food -- and well I mean it Burger King is very patting themselves on their back how we respond to our customers were very social media savvy but also. Beef is super expensive right now and any new menu items we can get that only uses this horrible reprocessed chicken were probably didn't go with that instead. Everybody loves to surprise. They still -- his -- suicides in -- -- whites of her passion it's a statement was released yesterday about how he was dealing with the early stages of of parkinson's I received so many text on my show people who were critical tensing his power for committing suicide I think a lot of people really don't understand the depths of depression. Well and not that but the emotional. Chapters that keep coming out on this story I mean first of all Robin Williams is dead. Was shocking to so many people because he has been so cross generational he's been on television and in the movies since the early seventies and everywhere yeah he's kind of like the always there as always and Robin Williams movie your TV -- -- project. So he's dead. Now we found out he commits suicide and we found out he hanged himself that we found out he was just at a rehab then we find out now that his wife says. He was not only depressed and fighting his that demon -- addiction demons but he found out he has Parkinson's disease. And you imagine already being in the throes of depression then finding out. You've got essentially an incurable disease that you're gonna slowly degenerate and lose control of your motor functions. So. Every time we find out something else about this story it's just so overwhelmingly emotional -- -- it's it's not not spies and -- Doesn't this show you how politicized and polarized our climate has been because I feel like -- almost anybody in that actor famous. I'm -- that Robin Williams was transcendence and what initially when the story broke all I saw. That's for probably the first 24 hours or so was nothing but an outpouring of mourning in support for him. And then you had Rush Limbaugh come on he had some stuff on Fox News said. I'm about him being a coward and Allison -- caught fire and then all of a sudden this became a left vs right issue somehow it's just. Everything out everything goes in it's it's it it it's sad. And it's not -- we have an open discussion -- study about suicide -- the last time I can remember real open discussion about suicide at least here it was right after Katrina S it's. Now I think it opened the discussion that we don't often have an emotional tonight. Think it's okay for us to be a little bit grateful about that that Robin Williams kind of parting gift was it made it possible for us to talk about depression and mental health and suicide as -- as a Stoltz. You know which is something that people you know in the mainstream media are really fond of doing it's not a very sexy topic but now we're able to talk about -- deadliest suicide doesn't drive rated -- and you know though it's -- -- it's it's it's different to have -- a it's under control now but -- dealing with obsessive compulsive disorder -- was -- -- there were times that you know nobody understood the Yunnan people's it -- just stop doing -- her to stop. You can't do that you know -- when -- in depression or when you have certain disorders your your brain takes over and you really don't have control and longer. But it really is say is that when I met Robin Williams and 87 and I got him to talk about. Himself. And I saw that the comedy was a facade for covering up this really sad lonely person. And so over the years whenever saw Robin Williams say in a serious roll that was the real Robin Williams to me not the comedic actor and -- And then -- -- sending -- kind of thing yes and and that is sad but -- here's a man obviously could not. Keep them marriage going he was failing in that effort here many people say he struggled with so many personal issues and maybe people just didn't wanna talk about that is -- laugh with. And very quickly -- we were talking earlier about who's the third string quarterback for the saints who the fourth string quarterback piece -- article instead. Kilgore Logan is the fourth string quarterback don't. Now if he goes down apparently since I live downtown and close they'll call me as well. Taxes into the stands what's treading on -- WL will continue will allow wrap things up with the Dave Cohen says Dunlap and he had hoped constituted for Angela indices standard view oil. The song makes you wanna dance but don't worry guys I won't what's trending on WWL I'm scooting in for Angela. Casual conversation about what's trending in new sports entertainment and social media Dave Cohen is -- -- -- -- -- and you know -- -- with with Dave Dave what you. Wrap it up with well -- this story has been in the top ten for a couple days at WWL dot com because I think it has a lot of people going yeah if the Fed found that the typical American family if they had to get. 400 dollars right now cash in hand -- couldn't do it. Media have to sell something. -- get a loan from either somebody or some institution that. The average American family doesn't even have 400 dollars in savings or in cash around the house because there -- living. Literally month the month everything they make their spent. It doesn't surprise and that is it is have been a transfer or for a long time Atlanta five years after the recession that that it might have been better but it has an emperor. I'm -- -- problem and -- there is a new major league Baseball Commissioner because there are some people who might care yes well not maybe that's an appearance here at Catholic governor -- -- this trend and I said -- -- -- -- baseball though it's -- -- -- it's big -- one of the big -- sports -- -- named rob -- -- -- Commissioner that only ten commissioners and it's on all of -- -- -- ten commissioners are by the way to I have to throw a little assisted Dave here. He told us he told me so I'll tell you that Tulane at today sold out their first home game with a couple hours for son recently semi -- for a sellout and to. When he seven years and I never sought out the -- obviously now back on campus that you -- stadium -- doesn't -- first came with -- well it's not art. And at eight and there's a way to sync up a lot of people listen to. Radio and watch TV and they don't and always sync up effect there's there's a moment when you can actually make a -- with somebody in the room. Our auto auto auto play because you know how it's gonna turn out because it hasn't been hesitant to place you know what you're watching is so hot you sync everything up. Well everybody likes to listen to deacon -- -- and they like to listen to Steve and Todd and poking Christian and everybody else so and Jim Anderson of course so but then when that when the game comes on -- you know people would sometimes have to watch the TV and don't get to listen but. We made it very easy for users article up on a website right now and he says sync your TV. And no matter if you're watching on cable or satellite or just regular TV or you're listening to AM or at stammer WWL dot com or W dual HD. There's that there is that there's a configuration in there it will work for -- -- the you can listen to the saints radio broadcast -- watching the game on television -- -- -- all happens at the same time it's a much better viewing experience. -- says people -- get your heart -- -- have to do folks right everybody basically deposit their TV now right on the radio or the stream and you just -- TV till its -- ago. And -- -- -- so glad you point that you have -- time you are literally just pause the game and get any whatever you're listening to sing like yourself. Very quickly. I say Woodstock what do you think. Music great music Ian Carlos Santana. My dad. I could probably be your dead at this is the 45 anniversary 45 anniversary of Woodstock -- blog is says title 45 anniversary of Woodstock what would the world say today can you there instantly know like I wasn't I was young don't want -- we're gonna stick him right at our current round chicken Fries circulating in the audience do not eat them in -- has done a lot of they -- that -- but it has been a lot of fun what's -- at WWL return Monday. At 1 o'clock a WWL. Go saints and we'll be back.