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Aug 15, 2014|

45 years ago in 1969 Woodstock began on a farm in New York! Following Woodstock – Labor Day Weekend, 1969 – was the New Orleans Pop Festival at the Louisiana Speedway in Prairieville – Janis Joplin, Iron Butterfly, Santana, Canned Heat were among the performers – it was Louisiana’s Woodstock. Were you there? If so, what do you remember? If not, what’s the best outdoor concert you’ve ever been to?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon I'm -- in for an interview today. All next week. This is the last hour of our show today because our coverage of the saints titans game tonight in the Mercedes-Benz superdome begins coming up next at 3 o'clock. First take but it president pro former saints offensive line that's the court -- Manassas life from the Oceanic -- can't -- just steps away from -- street. And that is a wonderful place to enjoy some food and get psyched up for the saints game even if it is just pre season game. It was a moment that defined the youth rebellion. Young Russian relations in 1960. It was which to pitted against 45 years ago today at large farm in upstate New York. Which truck was billed as a three day. Event of peace and views. And it personify the attitude of the original anti establishment generation. Considering that an estimated 400000. People gathered for this music festival. It was relatively peaceful. -- drugs. And alcohol consumed openly. And people have sex in public view. That reflected -- three love mentality as a young anti establishment generation. The love music in the mind altering substances that defined Woodstock 45 years ago. Today completely contradict the attitude of the generation that is now the establishment. That generation at Woodstock 45 years ago is today's establishment. Imagine the reaction from today's establishment to a massive gathering. Of young people who acted like the young crowd did it would stock. I imagine condemnation. Of the young generation physically Woodstock happened today and always doing a show here on to WL. There would be people who calling up condemning the young generation for their lack of morals their use of drugs -- use of alcohol. This was interpreted as a sign at the time that's civilized American society was about to collapse. Well that's exactly what the establishment thought of the establishment today when they were part of that Woodstock phenomenon and other music phenomenons. In late sixties and early seventies that young rebellious generation. Is the establishment and today they are judging many young generations. The way that -- generation was judged by the establishment so I guess in some ways things don't change of course every generation needs to learn from its past. And doesn't mean that we should encourage young generations to do what we do to make the mistakes that we did. What I find so interesting is that -- that the judgment of today's show generation. Seems to come with a lack of acceptance or appreciation for the past. Of the generation that's now the establishment. And that's why often describe myself as a hostile witness to the baby boomer generation. This 45 anniversary of Woodstock reminds us that. That failure to acknowledge our past. As we critique of new young generation I think leads to our loss of credibility with the young generation. And I'd been criticized for suggesting that today's young generation in many ways is no more rebellious than baby boomers were in the sixties and seventies. And and though times have changed its its not fair to judge. What happened in the past. In the context of the world today. It's fair to judge every generation. Based on what's happening at the time. And you can't go back and say well. Woodstock was which relatively peaceful and it and it waters. But at that time it was a sign of the decay of young America and the ultimate collapse of American society that's the way the establishment looked at. And here we are that generation is now the establishment. So relative the world to the world in 1969 Woodstock the music festivals that followed like the two big wins in Louisiana. The celebration of life in nineteen Seve won and the New Orleans pop festival. In 1969 which was just a couple of weeks after which stock. This created panic among law abiding citizens that they got -- establishment there was widespread fear that this was. The signaling of the end of our country. I have a few memories of the world's pop festival which took place Labor Day weekend 1969. Just a couple of weeks after after Woodstock. It took place at the -- because of Baton Rouge, Louisiana speedway. One airline highway in prairie -- Louisiana. My memories include teenagers camping out for several days drinking some did drugs I didn't I drank but it new drugs. I it was a promotion of love peace and the celebration music. That seem to be void in the establishment. Of America's society at the torrent. And while things are. While things are different. That was a wild wild time in 1971 there was the celebration of life quality patient on the the river chapel at two Scheffler -- -- click a -- parish. Young people took off their clothes and openly folic naked in the river. An airline even flew low over the river because they didn't have restrictions then like they do now. An airline flew low over the river to give passengers an opportunity to see the naked young people in the chancellor river. Louisiana governor John the Kiffin promised citizens. Of the states that he would personally throw out any long hair -- group and darkest. Who attempted put on the festival. But the festival. Did take place it was cut short but -- -- place. A Rolling Stone a journalist wrote in a release on magazine. That there were two areas one known as cocaine -- The other known as snack street where thirty different mind altering drugs were openly on sale and plastics -- Rangers. We're sold for a dollar each. What would that generation say that is now the establishment what would they say if a young generation did that Tuesday. Woodstock and festivals like the New Orleans pop festival. Celebration of life in Louisiana promoted and brought to life the slogan of that generation sex drugs. And rock and roll so as we reach this milestone this 45 anniversary of Woodstock today. Let's not forget how old rebellious suite for today's establishment as a young generation. That doesn't mean that we should encourage young generations to make the mistakes that we made when we were young. But I think it's wrong to judge today's younger generations from a -- perspective. When essentially. We did many of the same things that were critical of today. We you know Woodstock. What what are your impressions of Woodstock where the -- -- or not. This -- seven -- a milestone for today's establishment the baby boomer rock anti establishment generation. Where you let the two -- pop festival in 1969. We you to celebration of life in point could pay a parish. In 1971. What are your memories at that. And what is it that you loved about the sixties and the early seventy's. What is it to you hate about him. And if you -- part of the generation that I'm part of is it hypocritical for us to be so judge middle of the young generation that we should try to guide them but is it hypocritical for us to be so George Mitchell. Of a young generation today. Because if you look back. Didn't we do the same thing. Are you gonna join Russia with the comet are numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And a Texan -- It's 8787. Jimi Hendrix. Star spangled banner which part of that whole anti establishment generation. It was the star spangled banner but Jimi Hendrix certainly did it his way. And it's interesting that there are so many people today who were critical of anybody that takes liberties with the star spangled Mandela has to be done a certain way. And yet. An icon from our generation. Did to his own way. To join us our numbers 260187. Toll free 866889. Through into the Texas 677. We knew what to any of these festivals. Celebration of life -- -- gentler reverend. And members of that commute to New Orleans pop festival. And if you're if you're young what's your impression of Woodstock in the generation that is critical view that is now the establishment. Constant differential. Coming right back if -- Today August the fifteenth is the 45 anniversary of Woodstock it began on this statement for the eighteenth in 1969. There -- a lot of bands that were on the fence they needed to know whether to sign to perform at Woodstock or not they weren't sure. They waited for this man Jon Fogarty and CCR to commit. That's so influential Jon -- increased -- more revival was a time when they sign. A lot of the fans agreed to sign up to. -- studio for Angela we're talking about it's talking -- in Woodstock which started today 45 years ago. Also the New Orleans pop festival which happened today in 1969 Labor Day weekend and in 1970 want to celebration of life these were wild festivals and while not everybody was part of the establishment today which of those concerts. Everybody who went to those concerts is part of the establishment today. These were microcosm of a society but they were very representative of the overall latitude of course their. They're exceptions not everybody -- we doing tonight I didn't do drugs at the time. At frank at the world's pop festival about products that but I pointed. -- -- really special moment to a really a moment that to this day when I hear the song it just it gives me chills to think about this one moment. At the two worlds pop festival and I'll assure that with the coming up just a few minutes what is -- what did you love about the sixties. What did you hate about the sixties. And is today really. That different from what we did in the past in the context of the world we live in. And also to we will talk about what's the best outdoor concert or festival you ever went to. Our numbers 2601870. -- -- 866889. Servers heavier tax receipts have TH every it to a -- techs here he just a moment from the North Shore Steve here and -- WL good evening I'm good afternoon. -- going to be I am used to say good evening good. -- It did. It. Came out probably eighteen years ago. Babble. About -- -- the injury. And the year before which started school year which. What was -- to be. All the people -- would start a band out and party or Michael -- and one of the distrustful of the people where they could build or or studio. On the so. Let's start. We read the book it's pretty may street band -- -- not play the very any age could well. The -- among 1969. The close shot which ended up being without people. Well it was there it was phenomenal fans speak as he did reflect that anti rebellious attitude of that young generation and it doesn't mean that everybody -- part of that generation the establishment today. Was rebellious but that was that was our generation and we made it to this point and I have a feeling that young generations are going to make it to this point is well. Now. Awful adequate time which shall shall shall it was a -- now. It was terrible they build nature and the water. You know important. People around. Like they -- short it was. Yet they did I think it was scheduled for eight days and they cut it to a 24 days in order or a lot of problems were secure effect. I think there was that they -- to galloping the galloping goose motorcycle gang in New Orleans was originally hired to do security. Probably your. And I don't think it worked out so well. I don't think it is but you know they were going to have a lot -- -- you know all of you all also. Put it was probably the corporate. Do all -- is in his -- Are also. -- -- a mental well double fault. And I think there America. He and the government party. I appreciate the insight have a great weekend. Hey you know it's it's interesting when you -- back on these these festivals and you think about some of the festival today and I've talked about this quite often on this could show it at night here. A -- and that is that there's there's a trend especially in country music concerts. Of drinking and drugs. And sexual assaults and that's a disturbing growing trend. Coming up at two at 231 we're gonna have a special CBS news update on the latest information that is coming from a Ferguson Missouri and here's a quick update on RW if -- a pretty general opinion poll. If Michael Brown was involved in a robbery it's a team that was shot in Ferguson's. If he was involved in a robbery before a police officer fatally shot him does that. Does that change your opinion of the shooting. 65%. Say yes. 35% say no can -- opinion by going to our web site to be WL dot com from Slidell Tony -- and a BW a good afternoon. You could argue that. -- Collar and so. But I'm not out. The origin. Back. You'll. -- -- -- -- -- what are your. Coach. But -- -- -- And old. Are you at the border yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And Tony wanted to have one of the bands that wears an iconic band from Woodstock and also was at the -- of the New Orleans pop festival and in prairie -- -- -- Labor Day weekend 1969 was country Joseph and the fish. And -- that's -- a Vietnam ranked. And it was such an anti government anti establishment song that. I can only imagine what the establishment would say today if the young rapper or young rock performer did that kind of song today. Well and knows how much more not by any invite. Being. LP. Portugal which now. No matter what. Do we. But there. -- -- maybe. That you -- and got. -- -- Our. -- Now and or there was always competition between Republicans and Democrats but not like it is today and I talk about this often it's it's almost as if and advancing and protecting your party's image and agenda is more important -- working together to do what's in the best interest of the American people there's no there's no sense of of of unity. But bad but the politicians are reflecting the lack of unity that we feel in this country where. We are actually allowing them to reflect our attitude. Why don't -- the table we have Chicago can match and then and he's come to Chicago. That was a democratic down the Democratic Convention a democratic mayor. And -- or acting like. Oh yeah local golf outback reactionary and art and other. A much change and -- Tony appreciate you calling her show and have a great weekend here's a text best outdoor concerts. Summaries of -- to. Other Rolling Stones it's easy topic George store goods in the Cotton Bowl Dallas Texas October 1981. Here's a text my friends and I went to see Jimi Hendrix a City Park Stadium. Here's. Attacks that reads Ozzfest more bands and you could count. And here's an interesting text why wasn't which stock canceled because of the national tragedy called Hurricane Camille. Hurricane Camille if I'm not mistaken hit it at this time. And so that was something that. Today there might be reconsideration but in nineteen in 1969 we didn't share events around the country and around the world the way we do today. Because the media was just more more segment it if you're -- stay with SI will get to more of your calls in more of your text coming up. The -- blog today is titled Woodstock was 45 years ago today what would the world's state today about it. If you wanna join us with your comment about which stock or about the the sixties and if you're if you're one of our younger listeners it's interesting to. To give you the information about today's establishment that you may not have or at least some vivid stories about. Our generation and how wild and crazy we work our number is 2601878. -- free 86688. -- nearly seventy. At a text number is 87870. Here's inevitably -- pretty general opinion poll if Michael Brown was involved in a robbery before the police fatally shot him does your opinion of the shooting change. Give your opinion are going to be WL dot com I stood for Angela here's a special CBS news. 45 years ago today Woodstock started in a big open farm in upstate New York it was on this day in 1969. Almost 400000 people gathered at Woodstock and then just a couple weeks after that it will talk about this closer to Labor Day weekend on this -- show. But tonight is Labor Day weekend I believe September the first 1969 just two weeks after Woodstock. That there was the New Orleans pop festival. In appropriately named I guess because it was in prairie -- Louisiana. And it was a while on in this band it's a beautiful day was one of the performers at the world's toughest. Where you there and what do you remember about that timing going to concerts we're hearing that there's a new trend. People getting really drunk and doing drugs and sexually assaulting people and to concerts today in particular problem in the northeast. And country music concerts and country music festivals. When you go to concerts do you feel threatened today. And did what we did what did the things that we do it. There's a generation where the establishment but did the things that we did where they really that different. Now what people diverted -- to make it right but sometimes I think my generation judges younger generations as if they have no idea what this behaviors like and just think about Woodstock 45 years ago today. I junior into the W a good evening. August and I have to and so used to say good evening I'm sorry. An acceptance of well I didn't used to be you on it. Yeah I tell -- like -- would -- What they could be. Could also. Although it's. Doherty a college degree. Immediately who's going -- the time or whatever. But you Britney. -- added country -- -- -- and and -- simple program should slides. Unfortunately lost and Katrina. And now if the Janis Joplin was there. -- -- there was that the -- -- office of the fact I remember I got so drunk I was seventeen years old -- not proud of this and just being honest about it. I was so drunk on Jim beam and fresco. That I passed out in the back of my car and at some point it was Janis Joplin Big Brother & the Holding Company that actually woke me up. Oh well -- Oh cool or. Really what it is some friend and what. Oh. Good drugs so. Just lawyers but dollars in -- you don't know again. I guess -- -- -- the conservative and probably grew and grew up shop and you know low -- and insert. But look good news in morning goes. You don't like that hold you again just thought it was tremendous -- And tell you what. You know you consider those that came to town to. Well ergo all. You know that was horrible. In time that has some. He's -- You know like -- yeah. I got the -- for enemies Santana. Grateful Dead they were not known is Grateful Dead they were simply known as Grateful Dead back there and can -- iron butterfly. The young blinds Oliver Janis Joplin the birds it's a beautiful -- spiral staircase to mean they were kind of a pop and I don't know how they figured into that. On Toronto source wrecks before the shortening to T Rex is mark Boland. And country Joseph and the fish deacon John and don't -- wish was popular in New Orleans and in Baton Rouge pot liquor and also performed there. Yes well you know -- -- In -- -- What you were almost export the time man on. Still -- network of people like pure rage you. And maybe get a little wilder -- you know. Not -- Opel. We aren't but I think we have a Mueller. That we like the music Canada which at that time that you still do and I mean you know school or bring that point 09 years old -- -- Our music is not should be you know CAD what I grew up. That usually that was back then -- talk about 45 years later. And still The Beatles even more and -- from the fifties and they'll popular. -- -- Yeah it's been incredible. That's that law. And on to -- generation out maybe dot. And we continue to goal. Is still out there things and if they're still. Trouble populate with younger kids you know it's Arkansas. You write about that Jim I appreciate you calling -- show I gotta get to break have a great weekend here is a tech's best outdoor concert was my first concert City Park Stadium. Log -- Messina Bob -- foreigner and Fleetwood Mac 1977. Here is -- I'm only 35 years old so my best is fairly recent. Best outdoor concert for me Pearl Jam and the Ramones and tad Gormley stadium in 1995. When that would have been that would have been rights. Right after the real peak. Of the whole alternative grunge movement that would have been phenomenal shooter via here's text -- great show offers all these have you seen CNN's the sixties. They show Janice Joplin last night she was mesmerizing. I've seen a few of them McDonald and she was indeed mesmerizing. I'm suited for Angela if your -- statement -- repellent right back with your comments -- -- -- well. And. It is -- this 45 years ago today would start start. In New York just a couple of weeks after that there was the New Orleans pop festival on airline highway. And I believe it was called the Baton Rouge, Louisiana speedway in -- Louisiana. This is one of my fond memories I still get chills thinking about this moment. I was this young kid in the grounds light rain was falling fireworks were paying this guy in the background. Andy Young bullets played this song together. That's all these young people. Didn't care about the rain. They just came together. And it was really a great moment because that whole generation was about coming together. You know everybody get together a couple of one another right now. From city park. Mikey went up because you -- Pay go he might do good. Aquila times that you once. Yes well it was. Hasn't called me and it actually that works because here. It was. -- your memories. -- a whole lot about it but I. Well I was thirteen years though like I flew out to meet Michael was -- in Austin and then a few days. Meehan. And his friends and myself all that it is caller he had hour. Pre purchased tickets and we drove -- -- got there on today. Late in the middle of the Friday night and they had a party -- -- night with Richie Havens. Don't buy it but we didn't see any of that got there at all happened and basically that we got out in the you know in the midst of my memory. Saturday day afternoon whatever it was started and from that country joke come out doing this cheer. And that and and a band came on the plane called that nobody heard of before -- and -- them. And and that just trying to -- the party started -- a little bit of didian. I had to be a phenomenal. His vision for you -- -- of -- thirteen what do you think the what do you think the establishment today which was represented by the generation of -- What do you think the establishment we say today about an event like that taking place. Well. Right against against state of their own a modern day version but with with Coachella there but. So I you know I don't think you can. I don't think had to recreate. We create Woodstock but maybe only in the the modern day version but. So as far as what they would say about it well against a priority on on the thing I think it was a thing of other crime and a bit more. So you can't like recreate. History I guess is that. Well I agree and then there was that period which stock car reunion around. I don't remember when it was but there was a Woodstock -- reunion concert and a world a lot of people there there. We've made it very very different no you can't recreated. I just think that sometimes my generation forgets how wild things like Woodstock Warren how rebellious we work and how the establishment at the time. Looked at us like we were just. If these -- beginning of the end of American civilized society. Yeah what. Well. Speaking about these was like the exclamation point at the end of the sixties that we went into the seventies and I think it was. Not too long somewhere in the seven everything. Transitioned into believe it not Disco. So we should know I'm embarrassed about that I'm in street marches on but -- back in the sixties we kids. He's. Being called they would have these events and call them -- happening. And oh which may be to be the modern day version flat you know bad so what turned out to be the biggest. But the ball but you know. It was definitely a milestone for an entire generation like I appreciate you sharing your memories of of Woodstock and thanks for listing. Country Joseph and the fish weren't Woodstock they were also probably the one of the -- the other one of the -- that that it world's wealth and I didn't see every band there I was there. The world's pop festival a couple of weeks later 1969. Which can't sort out with the fish cheer if you know what country join the fishing with the fish cheers we can't do that on the air. But this was an anti government songs that I don't think there's anything quite equal to this today here's here's part of the song was. To this as we go to break. Student for Angela and we'll be right back -- if you else. 45 years ago today Woodstock started in 1969. Just a few weeks later this. Pop festival and very feel Louisiana. Santana The Grateful Dead known as Grateful Dead dead -- iron butterfly Janis Joplin the -- it's a beautiful day. They -- performed ridiculous festival as sort of this -- spiral staircase I can't figure out how these guys. -- did it feel -- a year into the W well good afternoon. Eight PR -- on my -- -- By not dealing. Media. -- -- -- time the government. Got on that plane. It it was played on -- today. Mean. Patriot and -- it but. It would be. No quote -- apple hit some. -- Eight years. And I -- you are on -- -- You like to say it I did not hear her answer until I was six -- But I brought my daughter -- C actually able. Or in Spain. Down when she happily eat a chance. And I brought far and it was not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Into the culture. -- all it sweatshirts Albanian. It you know Donald at its troop line. Went to go to that parents would actually. Parents are currently actually my daughter to the street ball. You were you were trying to do with your daughter which -- parents didn't do which you. People. -- like people knew. You know my that -- my grandmother went one of the people at the Al -- terrible war. What it could be. There. Right now. -- -- And it -- what it. Black all our hearts -- and -- During -- on that we all. Time. You know we do our whole area and look at that need to -- How we've -- I know it's a court. -- I -- that. Child an answer any time you and -- -- -- I've got to get to induced break here I appreciate you calling your show -- studio for Angela back next week. Our first take with double -- in state court like from Oceanic real starts next as we get ready for the saints in the titans tonight when I think John -- studio producer. Love -- New Orleans.