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Aug 15, 2014|

Who Dat Nation…let the home games begin! Hope you’re wearing your black & gold to work today…for the Saints first pre-season game against the Tennessee Titans in the Mercedes Benz Superdome! We’ll kick things off at 3 o’clock with “First Take” with our resident pro—former Saints offensive lineman Steve Korte & Todd Menesses live from Oceana Grill on Conti…just steps from Bourbon.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome the first day were alive at Oceana restaurant 730 guy tough guy in the French Quarter. Because when we're here Steve that means the Saints are playing in the Mercedes minutes ago. Well look at the start the ninth year for me you know so is that number nine start -- the litmus. A look 2009. In a great year now this may be -- -- you know what happens when you get this thing here right. You know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On the down in the room knows that that's what you -- that pretty much. If -- that it was the states they -- the Tennessee Titans tonight. In the Mercedes-Benz superdome lots of folks -- you a lot of black and gold in the city is that one through in your -- yet today. Lot of folks ready for this game to get in the superdome to see everything going wrong see the Saints it's been awhile even though it is pre season. But it looks like there will be no Drew Brees once again for the game at night I don't. That you -- at this point why do that it's. But this is practice and you've talked about this but I work so. Look this is what this is something he does not need their go to guys need the reps. And look where we know who disorders yeah -- does not mean it is not an argument here. So what we're trying to do is give somebody else to experience that now we -- McNown has the experience is no question of three network so we know that -- he -- do. But you know look let's get everybody ready for the season and let's get you know what let's keep Griffin ego and -- because to me up again if this guy can do it. And I give us as a solid numbers you and I think the more reps he sees in the morning species that would be different defenses he sees. You know the better for him now I think he's gonna see a lot of different stuff with the same time. You look at just reps and that's the stuff he's -- at this point of the policy could throw the more things you can do offensively. You know maintain what he has to do offensively is a quarterback. In that leadership roles were. Should we read anything in two rooms injury that it may be some more serious than you thing -- we're not playing or is it just because like you said it's practice and we wanna see -- -- I would. And getting I don't know you know what to severe user who knows prognosis of vote of the low -- that. Nevertheless it's ambiguous enough to where -- can't see that you figured -- so. There's not a split -- put on it is not a bad it is to put so much depth so that is what you think he's worked worked today. This may -- strategic move to say. Again when you look at him I think you're pretty much you're pretty sharp the next few practices and look. He he's -- reps just like anybody else just because your guys waited at his level for as long as he has still -- -- that you have ineptitude. To be sharp can happen the same time. I don't think in these quarterbacks -- where -- trying to game. The report what you know performed season. You know there I think there was 13 season where Tom Brady sat out. If not all the pre season game yeah at least three of them and they still went on -- it was successful getting up and if it was the right now look. He'll have his. Dress rehearsal where you wanna call it sort of coming out party can do that with games like it always is because this little seed. It's worth their starters our third third -- third -- here. And you know they'll play that first half traditionally in the right amount on the second. Half and hopefully that first drive of the third quarter and see if that happens we adjusted to what was going wrong with halftime adjustments and whatnot but. A kid you're not gonna see a whole lot of different things that you were going to be pretty ridiculous that the situations of the American -- -- there is that. There -- lessons that you wouldn't risk is one. Well are ready Jack or people -- W -- -- -- -- -- is who's your pick were backed up. Quarterback Ryan group and Luke McCown because that's who you're gonna see a lot of and that's really what they're trying to decide you keep lose them this year and -- -- on the practice squad or. You know -- ready to -- up up to sit behind group. I don't know. What they're roster availability is to -- between quarterbacks. So I had a feeling so there's going to be -- -- cut outs but nevertheless. You think about account as you have roots or. You got a guy -- seen a lot starter for football team he's played in three years. He's pretty much better guy throws that are -- yet so. Experience wise there is no match for that however you got a young guy -- -- -- him to lose to. He did and obviously knows the whole thing got to use. -- obviously -- like and they see what he's doing mentally and he's you know he's adjusted to us to be up thinking that zone. That's what your future threat that. Are you lose we're really cut bait with that because Antonio -- markets they have the wider you wanna burn off to a that you kind of are going to be picked up. He's Steve scored on top and -- 26018786. Exit 89087. That number to call it Texas City 7870. -- Saints and the Titans tonight in the Mercedes-Benz superdome -- get you warmed up its first -- we're live at Oceana restaurant. 739 -- time different quarter of Mumbai NC us we'll be right back on WWL. And welcome back live in Louisiana restaurants that 39 outside of Bridgewater. That -- who -- At that the iron there ago. You know what you guys now. And the bachelor party. Of matches and who would go to New Orleans for a bachelor party again. -- -- -- -- Brett Fuller. I know a lot of people and governments now -- game tonight is the world that thinks they can on the Tennessee Titans at Mercedes-Benz superdome. It's the first for home pre season game at home game pre season game. -- going to be watching tonight. Which players have position battles you know watch closely because that's how a lot of people watching pre season and I think you have education a lot of folks on Ottawa receive I don't know buckets that. Credit for that but I will say that while but it gets credit or -- -- and that's the U. I think it's a white way to look at it up because that when you can sort of like you know I think you sort of enjoy it without saying man. Is that the same kind of deal with them the same excuse it is the same speed -- -- same. You know everything that an NFL game Hanson and end -- the same time he knows that there's a lot of personnel changes and you know you try to see the kind of which is definitely deserve privacy hey you know we use our depth draft choices. -- the official press I expect a guy like who support that he's gonna get a few reps that he's not in the much either you know -- No so. I look at a handful but I will say you know I don't think he's got that from bunkers. I think they're definitely looking. As we mentioned earlier with the quarterbacks there were an every down to find out who's gonna back him breeze right. What about the we talked about this yesterday of sports talk. The running back has Mark Ingram won every one over some people are saying you know last week which -- a fluke. Still don't have confidence in him and other people who say yeah I think the light has finally -- finally go along with the nose where it. Where run how to hit the hole more decisive moves that are that are. Look I guess it's tonight will be. There are there to use him duties every Robinson. All throughout the pre season as well. But I think. If he runs just as well -- the offensive line it makes those holes like that before then I think. You could say that maybe Ingram is I don't want to turn the corner. But I think I might be a little more confident and look the I just mentioned I kind of look around people like -- I think that matchup that they said this is time to. Fisher cut bait but -- popular your first round draft choice of Beers ago. Had really good healthiest guy you know -- -- so people that your question is sort mr. -- that part of it but. It looks hats she's got skills knowledge is -- -- but it's the same time he's a little bit of he's a serious opportunity I think is what it is. So I think any time they put a guy at that position as it looked its -- your job to lose at this point. Because I don't think they feel comfortable with saint -- could be your go to guy. Now we're really should be back and they don't really have a lead back but but it is your to say is a bonafide starter he's our guy. No I think -- situation right now which is great you can play that position -- -- a situation guy at some point. Have the skills you can pull off screen like he does it in the draws and obviously that. In the blitz they can put skills he has to do that and then if he's gonna be good living but it. You know you're younger guys this -- you know Connor Robertson. -- that when daughters are sort of the guys are look at students were handled the bulk of the street. Traditional running back. You know the -- type of yours you know carries and things like that that they might -- but I think -- -- the -- that they look at him look you're trying to win it. -- thing that they're gonna put more emphasis on the run this season. I don't know to tell me what is exactly what does that tell you what is there anything coaches trying to tell I think anytime a coach a certain. Yeah that bad now its own minds and look. And have a coach says look. We're gonna emphasize running the football. The next thing that comes out of myself and that is now is look this is going to be so -- that we have to do to not only that we establish toughness and certain attitude about it. -- that they get pushed around physically last year by a couple of teams you know and everybody in -- US which can include the Rams and Cardinals so. He looked that that's. And the teams which beat us down pretty her audience young and San Francisco. They're offensive lines are tremendous. You know that's what they do and they've got the running backs back and a witness Wednesday is kind of went to San Francisco game but -- held on to -- beat up on. This lately they they get they get whipped physically too much -- Virginia we -- it okay that's cool with that were part of it is but. When you sort look at that tape over and over and you realize that we get some chinks in the armor. And we can't sort of rest on the laurels of this thing because he circuit now physical and play. That this particular guys very long to figure that out and see what the Saints are real physical up front and these are pushing round. And now you're not your play -- the game and keep away because if they can establish their running game forever. And you know what time of possession laughed and also they keep moving the sticks to the running back. Keeps going up the clock down hero tiger aren't. Are pretty -- or the people that do you the people that com. Who is your pick for saint back up quarterback. We always say that -- -- both the few fans talking about this. 80% say Ryan grip it and over loop -- now. Below ground level nothing is a young guy most of the veterans and experts -- account for him because of the experience than. Look at you sort of have to at this point you know it's a rule that dies and you say okay we sure hope nothing happens over time. Okay under these circumstances. That this should something happen to him. Do the best going into where you can establish. And not have a big let down you're gonna have a let -- they know that but they do what they have. -- complete abortion out -- -- -- with a -- is just absolutely filled the tank it now because this is his first RTZ young QB can't handle whatever that year. Problem the back up quarterback -- -- -- that before is the most important. On football's line in the you know. -- the kind of court that support and have a good win but it's the guy you however. What a great job to have exactly you'd win. Your hero if you lose well you better quarterback that was special and that's the result you if you win. You're gonna get a payday somewhere. Baghdad. -- -- -- here -- you know -- particularly if somebody's always look for quarterback it looks like. -- because. Greatness. And -- we've seen that happen -- -- you know so with back to step up back Tom Brady was the back up but the people a lot of people forget that. Q what Drew Bledsoe when Bledsoe added that would agree that it it. It and it -- turn anybody and that's what matters that he no picture it -- -- Drew Bledsoe recovered it. On. While Allen wasn't exactly on relay throw was. Now the -- was so mean. Released it but what's that was never considered -- work great he's considered the top. Interchangeably three every week and -- so that. It's time. I Steve scored a top announces -- first day rely evidence at a restaurant there on time francoeur. -- qualified -- of course we'll have the spotlight cast out all five. Coming up next word that into a CBS news update. The lets you know the latest going on especially with happening but Ferguson. Missouri with that this situation. And then we'll be back with more. First -- here on WWL and welcome back to -- -- -- yet restaurants that -- outside for a quarter that's a step over street steps. Literally walk up the courses that -- -- then. The amazing how that works out that what you -- They display the Tennessee Titans tonight of the Mercedes-Benz superdome. Courts are coming up at 5 o'clock. It's the amount -- rather than we detonation -- -- the -- chief Deke Bellavia. For the club like countdown to kick off man at the Saints fan tradition you can -- -- -- it beats the at the superdome. Then about. Quarter -- game time 7 o'clock. That would be about 7 o'clock will join the -- play by play team in football voice to -- -- Anderson. Saint color analyst -- -- John and -- silent reporter Christine Gary. And then after the game you can sound off with a and it. And the victory for the point after 2:1 AM kickoff is at 7 o'clock equivalent human -- but -- -- -- -- -- the -- -- It's back known as much as it is. Here pre season reasonably well what do -- work. The fact that we are now playing again now we're talking about an -- getting ready for. Now. It's it's sort of like it's like Christmas in December hit you know Christmas is really you know a little bit -- Christmas -- -- excited about it. And so. It's a look at it that I Zurich is going to be if it's little. That means we are a credit card bill stress that drafted -- I think -- and you hear it. Come off line as an adult yet -- -- as a Singaporean. Via. Are ready Jack or opinion poll. Who's your pick for saint quarter back up quarterback Brian Griffin a -- down. Numbers change slightly 28% -- they have to put down could be the back up again this year 72%. They -- Griffin and I think a lot of folks legislators thing that also because the -- locally at Tulane so. It's a nice touch that I thought of him. Does that make any difference the Saints now now now that ridiculous replace really. You know I think it's like his whole body -- work its way it's so long they feel like he's got they wanted to. You know poor effort reps -- -- has -- this time of the year that's the most critical -- this whole deal is the red. If they keep you reps that means that they -- used to -- which you could do -- -- not just doing that because it's a football glory. There's two there's not there's way too good football players not enough reps Simpson's right. So they're trying to obviously do -- those reps the ways that if Felix could -- him best opportunity to look at those guys and make an assessment to say. And it's got to play. Or you know what we think he can play but he needs a lot of work. But that. And the need a lot of work power. That goes -- Drew Brees got to get better suited to Bryant he can't -- like he has he's got to get better in the fact that he is. -- older and one he's got over had a at a function that -- it used to be even better than he is but he said he wants to play Phillies 45. Feels like he's 25 years old that. Well that's the only model hopefully. He can do that anymore Cartoon Network -- that I hope so. There I find it interesting -- that might be positioned to do it and we we had started we had started our show what I was doing the equipment to show with Lance Louis. Talking about after group that says. Amazingly the week -- the Friday after he said it the NFL randomly drug tested. That was maybe that as the day goes by Spiller put on talk about it again randomly drug -- -- yeah. Just -- But for just to make sure Bruce. But he moves them out there is no body that wants to play wants to play as long camp as every player goes with every player who's left. Will tell you play one or the element of its market and do it you Thursday now. -- its target not every quarterback you see the -- would like -- -- -- -- one more time and have another mostly even. They seem to have a little more resiliency yeah it's because of commemorative plaque to head record it's sort of the difference there. They're not do it he let us do the grunt work on the line I don't know -- now there's been lights. -- It's line get the television because the -- to -- now -- who really he went through with the rule change is gonna get worse changes its viewers. All right though he's the court up top and this is what gets it right here first day. Here are the WWL safe radio that Orleans Saints are back in town and we'll be playing in the Mercedes-Benz superdome tonight. Against the Tennessee Titans will be right back -- WWL. And welcome back to perfect -- the most -- -- restaurants have 39 cup side of the French Quarter fifth. We're all the Mets go poorly every home game even the pre season game and greens and show that night you ready for the game tonight -- -- -- to go because you know -- talk to a lot of folks. All weeklong in this thing you know yeah we know it pre season that like that we just have either way. And here -- -- -- -- happy to see that the -- do it it looked -- sophisticated enough to know. It's -- ride and I there's nothing doing so that time they know it's time to their game on gonna get upset if they don't know. Like this he has put that on the -- every time you you know still a little fuel to get between the white -- you win. When we're playing cards it would be neat if we don't think it's a. Well I think that -- -- our chances are you would that's why we don't but it. Are ready jaguar opinion -- who's your pick for back -- quarterback Brian Britain's Luke -- because chances are. We are going to see a lot of both of them again. Tonight. There's been no official word of truth that -- a player that that I development thing but. Both people expect him to sit out again this game. I resent when one of the national networks earlier -- about it that and they said he wasn't written a relatively regulation I don't know. I would be surprised if there's anything Arnold. 31% say Luke McCown now -- 69% or Ryan or should be so a lot of lot of fans darkness. You know vote on line as we say it's on sides -- the -- but the experience of -- right now. Clubs night that we don't have a sign that back at the state -- analyzed ago that was recalled the NC yes or no more maiden score. -- to understand yeah it's a hit that put an interest and that's why regular pool that's it if it's. And that's not it doesn't apply. -- -- It's music so what it's 7866. Today I threw it seventy. Is there ever call you what do you know conversation. What are you gonna be looking bored tonight what is. You're big. I think for tonight -- you still going to be checking out the offense or the defense who has looked. Very well the practice. They have dominated most -- -- -- issue but last week. They looked okay against the Rams but they still didn't look like we saw him. For. You know it again it's practice -- watch -- not about too excited about it you know anyway you know. Individually I think there -- some guys that some games. You know becoming less -- -- they -- a circus of a -- series tickets which is sort of optical barber going out. And knowing that I had. Water to draw lives in that knowing root for the rest of the night I was -- So -- -- -- -- -- you definitely steps you know not just because it was that you were pretty much done that when you do that this was again look. -- what you execute perfectly for those. I don't know if Jeter when he plays pretty yet and when that all your mistakes is obviously going to be the battle because that's the biggest key. If they hit for us to have him. So. The fact that you can go out there you better have a good. Successful drive they would -- say look we get the ball wouldn't kick off of it you know look back and go eighty yards school. Whether to close down on her you know. So a little bit -- through whatever if that's success that you wanna do that so any time you go back -- you wanna go that route that sloppy it would have. You know pre snap penalties -- problems that you've you know most of us flexible. If you you know let's give me knows that does the team absolutely the right direction that defense is going to be ahead of the office this time -- -- it always is -- should be you know. So. -- will be calling things a little bit tighter. It was breezy and he's a pitcher regular face -- -- -- that we'll see him do right. He Steve scored a tough but that's this man's first hey we're live at Oceana restaurant that the 39 cuts -- water. Will take a break and be right back for more on WW well and welcome back the first day here -- WW well we're live at Oceana restaurant. The 39 time time -- -- are ready yet or political boost your fifth. We're back up quarterback Brian -- looked down right now Brian Griffin to be leading. Ian that hole. Someone -- that dates at the gates and -- the best decision on that should be. Who is the best place holder for extra points because we scored a lot of touchdowns this year maybe. -- that part of it at that quickly from an event. Also. Couple of months with no luck next thing is that 877 is that a lot of talk about -- justifiably so because he is. He's an electrifying in in and training camp right but there's been little mention very the other receivers besides colds and has to -- him. A step. Utley stepped board from last year with the status field. Or if you know I think if they're there I think it's a handful. Of sort of taken. A step forward but now I don't think they've done it the about separate themselves. To make -- sort of first choice guys out. -- -- -- he's -- good some good days of practice better I mean this is what has he added it would appreciate that score you can't have that now you just can't that's that's one of those things that look forward consistency yeah. And I've got to be a -- you gotta bring it everyday Q is it that. This will be the year that you him to step up if he's gonna he's gonna step up and and stay on this team. All right we got another hour ago here live from Oceana restaurant have a 39 not -- -- water spurts today. Aren't out Zedillo's knew that we got news coming out there will be right back on WWL.

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