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8-15 First Take 4pm, Live from Oceana Grill

Aug 15, 2014|

Who Dat Nation…let the home games begin! Hope you’re wearing your black & gold to work today…for the Saints first pre-season game against the Tennessee Titans in the Mercedes Benz Superdome! We’ll kick things off at 3 o’clock with “First Take” with our resident pro—former Saints offensive lineman Steve Korte & Todd Menesses live from Oceana Grill on Conti…just steps from Bourbon.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And what we've been our number two. First day here in Seattle restaurants of the thirty -- -- time the French Quarter along with Steve scored a top Manassas. First pre season game at home for you or New Orleans Saints taking all the Tennessee Titans in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. Our -- -- opinion poll who's your pick. We're back up quarterback Brian Griese or Luke McCown because we will probably see a lot of them. Tonight as they're battling out to see who's gonna follow back up through this season. And both to be voting on line so far -- that yeah like Ryan group but. The only kid who ultimately at Tulane. And look down -- come up more. In the voting for that someone -- that is an -- needs -- -- that it was -- -- the -- The do. Who beat distant north. They'll be there because of that doesn't count just say -- that but the little guys. But you know we get a lot of text here dates and he said he will try to get through most of these answer your questions well you can also call us at 2601870. Or -- -- Nationwide and 8668890870. Here's a Texas as I don't understand why I'll keep acting like it's no big deal that drew is playing. He's played them all before there for a purpose. Not play in any pre season teacher hurt RT three last year. My answer to that is Drew Brees RT three. It's not a -- I don't even understand now there's the difference between -- guy's definitely got many years and it's your second year in the league play. I went here also -- like I don't even that's not the same. Yeah this that it should be the same sense right now through. It's I don't know do -- -- there. Somebody says can we please start. Each over the Falcons are helpful if you don't have saved my best ones there for the regular season will we know that -- you via closet. You know wouldn't yesterday it and now vehemently. Denied that. I think I've had evidently a mile a look backhand I can learn to review that a you know past is to get over that -- Drew Brees grew up a Cowboys fan -- forgive him that the single life now you know. He -- words I don't read -- who dat nation. Another Texas comes in mandates that he -- uses. Somebody please tell Steve court to calm down easily too excited about this breezy down to hair and just audits and there's sarcasm that gets it that counts it's hard to be excited about this Vegas and I got big guys -- You take a deep breath on that night I thought that part that is really -- practice so that. Excuse me for her ever from my sluggishness. Sluggers delivery apologize for that but nevertheless. I can't get the -- spoke with. But there's there's a there's a lot to be said about let them looking at the pre season game especially the battle that things have. Are going on as we have mentioned. The the back -- quarterback. Battle going home -- -- written down. You've also got -- the emergence of Mark Ingram every Robinson is the one and two -- so -- The year Thomas isn't everybody probably Williams again. But you also -- the development of the young wide outs you know there's certain kind of do their thing. Obviously like to see the draft choices of what they're gonna do their citizens that you like to see what the second there's you do just upgraded there right secrecy with how they gonna fit him. And what did you elect you know we're talking last night. Linebackers easily spot right now or there was some. We disciplined in sort of that whole thing it is it's at that linebacker spot but that's Hampshire. You know in in Ryan's defense that -- the traditional linebacker spots are really build -- Diamondbacks you know so looks to me like released its mostly secondary people that's probably what -- group that you yourself. It's good on the front I think of -- ago but seven -- supposed to it's terrific ball players. That's it hurts Phoenix and certainly he's definitely he's in Vietnam where. -- -- keeps surprising people but he might be too expensive you know. If you have -- testament -- -- Walker the other -- that I think is really sort. The -- come off him I don't understand how to play this and get her philosophy that that's held him back so that. The religious secondary is kind of what you get through it it meant for the effort that will secondary if we could generate any kind of pass rush. Turnover ratio ought to be different here and that's you know we have turnover ratio in there -- he thinks its -- And then you give yourself a huge boost to what it would mean yeah it's one thing you -- look at in the game it's it's it's a typically from me. Well I've been to the was holding back my copilot took them -- Texas won the community that we gave -- That. I'm eager cowboy fan all your sports. Pay for the pizza. How about -- Cowboys are right excuse accelerate that -- expect that ignited the early seventies he Steve scored a that's what it takes a break. Get an update traffic is closer. The highlight of his delivery guys I don't know when I've had it after the fact I was in the joke like that knee. Is that probably more -- -- anyway we'll take a break and be right back its first they go to WW well. And welcome back to the first day we're alive and Oceana restaurant or die in the right corner from I got a lot of books now texting and all the jokes about. Yeah helpful yeah -- by the opponent and a Falcons they'll work them out dispute. Marino's and will talk who have modest -- give you don't want one that I like that. My favorite. -- -- -- -- -- What what is the first thing if Falcons fans does after their team win the Super Bowl. Turn the Xbox off that Barry got the Obama because that's the only way it's gonna happen. -- 678668890870. -- at Texas and 87870. Saints and the Tennessee Titans tonight in the Mercedes-Benz. Superdome. -- picked him for the back up. Griffin or -- we gonna see a lot of them tonight and what about those running backs. Do you have a favorite I think that we know who the fan favorite is. For the running -- is obviously -- -- Thomas but between -- and convert Robinson devices that first game. First game of the regular season we're gonna replay those dirty birds of Atlanta. We sent the squad out in the first one the line who do you want lined up in the backfield birds. Marking rumor Mary Robinson. We'll take the air out of the out of the equation. Fans would they want. He's not an answer I don't how you can -- -- answer anyway. Personnel groups -- -- they're the opener -- -- -- It is the guy that specialized to play that spot but there and it's got to be that game that way it's not. It's our vertical game and it either -- that the guy's going to be happy that it and lesbians slot. Or there that sort of picked up sequence relative because chances are going through so it is no -- it's a street. Let's just that straight Pacific run it their running like Coca that I think this story the story. And it does say that this was there when it -- it. A case has. He's done well is that it great can't. He stayed healthy instantly -- -- deserves rental cars last year but ultimately will have to say -- I think that's what to do at this point you know that if you gave it a shot to get it. And he didn't lose it that you gotta give it. Oh. That was the that remains to be through this season built on it. You know certain quarters turns into one of these you know marquis backs. You know just to be determined. We use a running game yeah it yeah through resisted his very best friends that. But the way it is right now. It's there and it's -- that it's not so that they keel out. Good part about it running game it is that's the world road. Especially here yup that's -- -- a road and right now it belies that stat which. Sort of an attitude toughness the same time keeps the ball with some -- so it was definitely going to Chicago. Arguably the year Carolina room. Extent that you could put him -- the ground it was a grind it out and you have to do. You know it could be at 47 game and got it right here. Takes community that -- -- says. And in reference to what it is that I can't believe I'm saying this but Ingram he has improved dramatically. Looking out of it is my whole point isn't -- to be. Proves he can't play. They're now giving him a chance to do it I think he's but it's been on both courses. -- -- -- And get another tech and a 7870 OK okay what more can -- won. Why won't the NFL gives San Antonio professional football team if we talked about the Raiders -- -- -- there going there now it is because that Atlanta would want one else -- I'm not I had that man you -- -- that you -- company. Yeah tonight the pre season game you gotta have some fun with it tonight and talked about that what's going on. Where you tailgate are you going to the game if you're heading into the game and hitting the dome. Let us know 2601 point 786 exit eight nights and early seventies also. Want to remind folks that are hit it to the zone. That's. You know this is their pre season as well. And those security measures are still in place so there are going to be doing the ones and so -- -- -- -- the -- -- square and also into the -- You can't bring in the big hurts you gotta have the small clear picture the leader is there are much if that's what -- -- leaguers aren't angry and no I don't like it. No weapons of any kind of laughter no not for. Leno line we think we as we -- we think that's probably for the Oakland Raiders fans. And you know just just the rules and they're here to if you haven't gone what you went last year you remember what the rules are. You kind of know what it is going forward this year but. You might want to arrive a little bit early just because. It's their first time doing -- at the film this year as well. And look at you wanna get that that get to a -- they've got it down. It's not like this the first to have it done have been clicking or else it's you know they're gonna be a little rusty sort of stuff as well so -- -- -- probably has been. But look it's. For more physical isn't it pretty easy to get the bill here. Since over the stadium you go to are currently you're these nightmares stories of people come and it. -- literally standing on it for our executed. You know not that you're doing a pretty good you can do there. I little it's let's do is go to the phones go to Guerrero might on lined one. Cabrera Mike. It felt like yeah my brilliant. But I -- pick. On him. There. -- -- -- we lost -- now. Apparently the -- heard Hillary you know it but it all you have -- good. Soccer is great god is good good -- April regret giving. That hopefully. I'd go to you quickly do me well over fifty. -- Mountain I hear about it most spoil. Atlanta fans as well and this is on the -- and he jumped up. They answered. On the who Anderson -- pushing cowboy -- all the. That was an like that was good gimmick. -- Jimmy -- you who do you pick as the backup quarterback if you had to make the decision. Oh. Not that you'll. I'm not quite sure it was. Very honored not count on the other. -- Britain's -- yeah it. It gets back there so you like -- grip because he's been playing well. An -- I tell you what the Saints actually. Like him as well. From what we hear the coaches talk a lot of bottom and they seem to like him. And usually what you hear that that means that it is a bit. Their scheme or they feel that they might but there's people look at that. Well look he's been here now for a couple years and obviously he studied this game obviously -- that before he's. You know he's been under the microscope reason this -- you know as well as they. Willis Pete Carmichael. You know understands the system you know -- -- what -- picked it up because he understands the different level. You know it's quicker faster guys. -- -- got to have some youth at this point. And I think if you reject that you've got a guy that -- are you -- They just want as a receiving can perform and pull off just not sort of in the classroom practice that you received through quite right. So that's really sort what is all about -- you know obviously they give him the reps -- -- -- situations against the opponents currently hitting. And a little bit more off its pre season but. The guys on the other team's defense their front and make the team as well as they -- to play hard and we keep 53 times you know I think he's he's caring about. -- this and I cut -- cut me. So. Obviously want to they obviously you feel like it called it cut but nevertheless. They did the companies by their guts out his spots they do their starters are but just not many reserve spots that -- get those. He's Steve scored a top finances were -- and Oceana restaurant have a 39 -- -- the red -- its first day. We will take a break right now get a CBS news update day at a local news updates and then back for more as we get ready for the Saints and the Titans of the Mercedes-Benz superdome. Tonight he can hear all the action here on WW well. And welcome back to do first thing we're -- those Seattle restaurants that the 39 not to. Depress order. Or speak to that but you know. Again until we put his ability in Valencia in Houston and at the -- -- that. They have but like count them kicked off that's gonna start with Gil and Bobby bare by the clock found it bothers me that they should. And then of course you can go at the other outside that beats the superdome where they always are at game time kick off tonight is at 7 o'clock. We joined the broadcast guide you and -- and -- 645 just before the kickoff. Game we going that would get you commentary. And his thoughts on the pre season game and the thing so -- -- he was up there. It was Virginia's well he got a CO all. Practice and everything that happened it. That your gym and doing so there's I don't think it's the hardest things answer things. Is -- the fact they have to practice outside here if he hit that and it's. I'm it is they'll they're going to be heat related illness I saw -- news that it's going to be a sloppy today in quite honestly he said you know you sit him we talked to yesterday and a significant today use. Hands. You just don't believe the difference it. You know often out there and it's like to richer and the coming years it's like yeah days. It's like sort of -- the beach California yourself you know it's like who brisket. Dance. He's done it represented the south Louisiana summertime he at all so they're gonna get there regularly anyway period that that's what you. But who but who knows if there you know if -- -- the -- side of the argument and -- -- to a field. Davis only to those who -- here it's still -- It's still hot putter so you know occasionally Zogby. It's it's probably you know if we screwed it. And different stuff. Talk about who should be in the backfield. 87872. Text coming in. Let's not get too excited about marquis from the fans who looks good now but regular season right around the corner. We'll wait and see what happens then. Someone else says I want the guy who can get two yards when it's third and one with three minutes left in the game -- ego that's who you want to be in the next few. And other -- says I like I think Griffin is on the team based on what they needed last year when teams came after him. So if the gown and it was with the job that will keep three and I don't think they want three. I don't know they can keep up that gets the biggest. Decision that whole deal at this point and not so sure they have the room he saw. You know look I don't know that I cannot overlook them with the parameters are for the practice squad guys that it. If Griffith even a candidate for this do after I guess he probably -- you know that. Yeah -- so -- you know I'm not sure what that is that might be options were pretty tightly they go to sign a guy now that. They gonna put a -- waivers the team that. You know so or another he could snap them out quickly. So that's. It's a risk you take -- -- it was gonna play but those rules but at the same time if they're looking for the youth movement this way disorder he is the process of hands over the reins this look it's common. It's not like you can play anybody accurately is not anybody to play it forever but pitchers trust him try it expensive so. You have the kids do it so at some point -- could be without them -- you know it did future and it's going to be. It looked back handed pitcher which -- home was supposed to organized and he maybe we got to do that. -- -- -- analysis where it Oceana restaurant its first day here on WW well. And welcome back to the first day lives at a restaurant that thirty not enough time to break the corner and we wrap things up. It's ready for the game tonight the Mercedes-Benz superdome Saints in the Tennessee Titans. Coming up next at 5 o'clock it is the spotlight countdown to kick off the -- Bears that they keep the ability. Predictions for tonight's game. Now is if we don't you had a great season so -- everybody out healthy and -- the guys that need the reps you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you know what the quarterbacks watch the quarterbacks watch the receivers what's the -- just watch everybody have -- -- -- And -- -- of seriously when you like and that went at it and don't think it's fair. Kristi scored to evidences thanks so much for joining us. And coming up next but like countdown to kick off here on your home with a New Orleans Saints WWL.