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8-15 5pm Countdown to Kickoff: Saints vs Titans

Aug 15, 2014|

Deke and Bobby get ready for the second preseason game against the Tennessee Titans.

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And cleaning it up under the bus like countdown to kick off on the saints' radio network with a black and gold open up their home slate exhibition part of the schedule. And a little less than two -- they take on that and see highlights. On the KG camp Bobby Hebert of the Philippines came to -- last week the -- with the same as it was in got a victory and the first team unit. Didn't have as many Frontline faces including Drew Brees the two veteran offensive called -- residency tonight. How much more plants around the front on Wednesday it and who else will continue to be in the hunt but just that and you put a roster -- -- we closest to the start of the race. Well a big it didn't break it down. And it's up regain -- it. -- you look at you to do those Thursday's first two games that's like they'll be late getting to see because. You guys -- guys that you are you evaluate in that first quarter especially the first two drives maybe point and it's like water. So this is -- you know or to be they'll be eighty you'll. You wanna get up in his stance in the superdome. And I'd be able to witness because it is the closest thing the beginning. You gonna get -- regular season game at that and it's competition trying to make the team. Look out all the things got off to winning our last right now I'd think ultimately six. The 24 victory over the Rams. And if you look at the Saints finish now this is unique because I think it could be -- that we got to build upon. That he -- Peppers basic training camp yesterday. At the Greenbrier and white so whispering that's the junior. -- rhetorical we've yet to hold the Tennessee Titans tonight in about two hours at the Mercedes -- and brutal. What was also by the greens aren't quite so was ranked is that you get the Bulls were done is that it -- trying to survive practice. But over to next week is going to be can't you handle the heat and humidity the heat index it's by practiced like. All you old school maybe you like to bridge -- -- acquire. Any kind of get more commute dealing. With that heat index can't you handle it I think it does Bill -- to the third point mentally. If you know what you're doing yankees -- they at that high level and you would think he can this. You look at his faith and the Titans slash Oilers at the -- dollar in Houston. They have a long standing pre season rival. It point nine meeting today exhibition season the teams are tied. Fourteen to fourteen -- one. They've met every -- from 1968. To 1987. And no team has played this thing today exhibition season or. In the tight. Davis is had you are his -- that -- winning the last three match. The first break with a big game between the saint in the Houston Oilers. Accord in 1971. That was I thought that was five C is that that you all began play as an expansion franchise in the NFL. The -- has resulted in at thirteen at thirteenth gore. In their last regular season meeting of 2011. The Saints defeated the Titans went to seventeen. If you all remember that urgency in the 2011. When they won at Nashville thank clinched a playoff where. In head to head regular season matchup to think that the tide definitely. A total thirteenth time that the tide holding a seven the five and one tie -- it. That includes a four game winning streak by Tennessee. But whatever department lately that was broken. We -- all in one back in 2011. There's still several position battles. Going on right now as far as the Saints including get this in a position. To Italy or John I think bill and kicker. Gene grammar Derek deputy and it wide receiver nick Hughes also Morgan. And Robert Meachem. Obviously there are all things out there that -- -- before prize which it is the battles they key positions -- have a big influence. On the outcome of this season. He fits who's gonna be at second corner. The high heat and ultimately be -- -- Robertson. Cory white part Champ Bailey. I think we'll have to wait almost -- week one and see how that played so well. In the preceding -- wanna get off to a great start because definitely the darkest hours or play. The first -- that is that water. Last priority you all and started unit out rushed the ram's body used to be one. That's what I'm saying we'll probably play against the Titans. In their pars water and particularly. In the first half. Well at the stout opponent Iran we out rushed him 9261. Outlet Mark Ingram. Running back mark Graham had 8283. Yards rushing. So it's there that maybe he's turned that corner thing it could be accommodations. Of him Chris Ivory. I think Pierre Thomas debuted at third banana but I think the ball -- -- -- -- team based on last year's numbers. All the area the Titans can hang. With this date is third down offense that he'd -- it. You are the third in the league you version rate. And Tennessee was eight well someday we'll have to give tonight because being there were both pretty stop on the at this tournament nine. And it's not that type tournaments seventh and just look at the 20 lead out there outrage he'll. All but the defense who wins that battle and they were outstanding. Last year it's not in the top five that's beats itself. It -- cheap ironically last season. Both teams who -- in a -- It in the turnover ratio that quite positive that what negative now we need to be positive. But both teams like the team -- -- a turnover ratio. The Saints got off to a bad start last week at that reminded. Vs the Rams to -- all the pre season. To get on the plus side because. If you look at and hopefully this -- it's -- Tonight and get on the plus side because. If you get a few takeaways. Are truly believe that we are creatures of habit. And then if you can establish a pattern. Thank you consistently take the ball that big a threat or it's been a regular season. He started out good it's a start on the I'd be you know all our our local on this whatever it apartment they look at every NFL team don't want is there -- bit. This faith I haven't lost that game at home. Rectal our pre season and think about it I have received the count but it still counts in the group when you would you do this all. And the Saints have a lot little irregular preceded it drop -- their regular season final and a Carolina fan this party Puerto 38. In 2012. You gotta go in December of 2012. The last time you think that loss in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. I think that kind of speaks for itself why. This -- are relevant. No reverence at the and it seems to be able. That today's game has been there about us lights and the official -- it is by the Saints radio network coattails of condos DirecTV or DISH Network satellites and he's using it we will continue the public advocate all on New Orleans Saints radio network. What do those old Exxon is one out of one Allen's fifteen minutes to kick up between the Saints and the -- to -- a sound that's it. It's the New Orleans Saints radio network well looking back it down as weeks at individual things Victoria's. And a victory over the St. Louis Rams at the point for a week ago that game was not right about the when you look back -- looking for something you can improve on tonight. You're gonna -- off and get some type of points -- trademark we saw from the beginning of -- -- Bay -- if the Saints the ability as a sticking points. On their opening drive. Well those evidently the first race with a 30 it's awful including one long run but I definitely. I'm talking yet thirty yards on three cares but the final two plays at the time. That's a lot to be desired on a seven yard loss went to France -- that sent the back field -- I've commitment there and explain. Chris Long -- -- -- account -- -- -- -- -- see -- at the start a draft so good on the first I've played the last completely did not look. Well the in this thing is I think with a good matchup tonight's opponent. That not necessarily looking at the skill position but -- it stretches. That tied the tides are the Tennessee -- so much like you got the thing that the Rams. That they have a very good defense to run. Those could be a challenge. And they have a lot of depth. You look at the rotation and it'll be good work and then and who's gonna win that battle. You know it in jail without they have running back group member LSU fans though. You have a bishops thanking. From universal again -- that that he's there running back. I don't know -- you classify a bit if you look at him he's an all purpose back weaknesses. And you -- utilized in the passing game so if meters to the -- to stop him they used there. You know top draft pick. An -- to tackle at Taylor of fluid. And University of Michigan six six with 710. Pounds. Lola and you got to stay a lot of people look at if you look at 32 teams that type that wanted to bet all but the lines. So again you look at all the to David the lines. That that it would be a challenge to get the -- we all know what occurred movement against them and in the past history saw that you could be an added challenge. You know going against that type movie could work and obviously LSU fan -- You know that they'll wanna see -- back then burger you'll probably get there I would say maybe middle third water. Or Gordon's team but he if you it's -- to keep beating. Obviously -- Jake Locker. Who LSU fans are also familiar went. At a University of Washington Alves Vicki little was the beginning I need OT McCadam David game. And another -- that -- there it is positive because I. They'll fall that's -- little -- autograph that you won there. But then look at Nadal also Charlie Whitehurst. The I'll tell you but Charlie quieter side. And I you know not know getting all I played when it's bad right David whitehurst with the Packers. And and and my oldest daughter who's now 32. It was a cheerleader for Charlie and six great. In Alpharetta Georgia is when you look at all these an excellent ball and it does the opening on 27 when he bit I think in the not so fast. When I see all these names and how you cross. Pass whatever I think it's gonna be awesome. Opportunity. But this -- in the challenge tonight it didn't matter what the final score is but I think. Look at -- their trip to the game not like the Rams are you look if we win that battle on the off it to keep it to. Well Bobby also around the national football only because interesting talk about what is going on tonight is actually the third week of the pre season and remember the first game was not indicative of weeks one in two. The actual first week of the pre season overall. Was last week with the second game of Buffalo, New York. And while we've originated because the first two weeks the pre season in this beat the final week. The NFL wants to get experience meeting with placing the ball back on the fifty yard putting it on. Yeah ha -- there's that you got. Like that is the -- distracted every last time I got beat tiger fan. Yet -- -- go with -- back out I was talking about this is the second week of the pre season. Which is that Lance we couldn't beat the -- activities -- with anything that offense. On fifteen yard line putting better off I -- Ingram like -- better tonight is. Back to back extra point to two game right at that matter it's a long extra point that you gotta make that. That guarantee you that won't be tolerated no it's not going to be -- out. It's its peak at that believes that your professional kicker but he did not back you really would have to go with duties with rocket. No quit the I think what's good about it and you know look now the companies and pulled it and the -- this I don't know going to be the kicker. And I thought Derek -- I had the advantage. The last picking continent they had. It West Virginia. -- Graham makes a 538 of 58 yarder and yet he is will look. All of that I think -- -- he got the advantage that now it's going back before the weather change Gramm. But the bottom line is it needs it it's experiment now as far as extra points. And it could be the last game. You could not afford to have a game when he -- And not make the kick to win the game but that's that the fans can reflect well I don't care what you did in the past. They would know what you're doing now you've got to make those games promote -- the Saints. Radio studio food beat them by Reggie Evans pizzeria that and to take out all delivery that's -- pizzeria that's -- my -- and -- kick off. -- All Saints radio network. Welcome back it is about black -- -- to pick up on my official beer of the New Orleans Saints W coming up they have time Bobby Davis had time commentary of abuse that's. And it after the game it's the locker room show followed by the phone after the till 1 AM with the Kasey Kahne Bobby if it on the saints' radio network and a third opposing the pregame. Pre season -- is next Saturday night August 23 -- think what he would Lucas almost made -- to take on AFC south. Favorite the Indianapolis coast and his next Saturday. Welcome back and Bobby -- fans that the Saints wrapped up at the Graeme brown will be addressed to see what takes place on Sunday now want to insights practice -- at 4 PM. Is open to the public we note the -- -- love to come out. For the weekend practices it has opened the public in many people coming out of the gates will open up about 45 minutes prior to that -- that -- three people be -- aren't that. At the facility or airline drive but it is over to the public on Sunday afternoon about it from a temperature standpoint. Including heat index you talk about a forty degrees different -- that field. What the average woes from the start of training camp to what they will be this week but what you think about his outlook about with the Saints have. Other than these two weeks and outs that is scheduled practice outside the first all four pre season games in that the first game as owner wrote in Atlanta. The second game with a clean living duplicate a day like any light rain yet but as tiger behind the next few games -- zone so other -- that. -- -- It would suggest it be practice this thing when Matt being out that only a practice. An upset that when you look at his schedule tolerant fold them you deal with the heat index -- the humidity that you play. It's that Cameron Jacksonville Tampa via Miami. -- controlled environment. Even at Houston looking Ellis who's gonna play Wisconsin August 30. And -- outside in Houston and in August that the enemy Uga and at the old stadium. So now what I'm more about that the unaware about the -- and agent and I think he can be ready to roll. On this and you watch brag that they the media I think that you we've gotten all. Then it fits on the ice he went out jacketed. And hours covering the team. Who would -- be sweating profusely. To look at how we handle it. We want the body ball enough and dehydrated but if you look at it sneak I think it's unique though that they can back it down. Overall that we practice this in Louisiana are scheduled to all within a public. Sunday Q what does it is the eighth and it is not recovery day we still at the -- Campbell to a report -- -- practice. Real with the public obviously it's like this weather permitting. At that that if -- gonna be outside until they play tonight. They can beat goalie -- -- Well that's an -- to do. It's not like a normal recklessly as scheduled value to the Saints will be and also oval open practices that 8:50 AM Monday accused the right and that's what they start stretching. And then not as unique. I don't know we'll review this. But it's a connection and an arts through without a doubt. Then they had to. Reaches the -- oral Wednesday night for us nationals 7 PM. Practice at Vanderbilt high school you always -- -- with you. Many of the girls camp Bristol if you -- that are arts or just wanna make that drive. That it could be unbelievable setting -- the last time out and that environment. It would have been maybe in Hammond have strawberries stadium. But we did and I practice for the public. That's gonna be come with state. Especially 7 PM practice at magical high school which who really. -- a that a black Eagles gravity -- is going to be a lot of competition. Going on there but if you look at it totaled seven practices. In the weekend appeal within a public. Starting this Sunday at 4 PM at the C a your favorite players then. Like I said it is not glorified walk through they still competing. Because you feel in their training camp votes. The one game with playing last night the Chicago Bears beat the tentative dec fourth point in nineteen other games on the docket tonight. Philadelphia visits and doing the Detroit isn't Oakland San Diego is it Seattle -- matchup has the night here in the dome tomorrow wrapping up the week. Green Bay visits saint Louis the chances at Cincinnati Baltimore is at Dallas the Giants at Indianapolis Pittsburgh hosts Buffalo. Tampa Bay entertained Miami Atlantic isn't it Houston Arizona and Minnesota. Two games on Sunday difference and frank -- Carolina and Monday night as -- that. And Washington is about like countdown to kickoff we will continue right here on the New Orleans Saints radio network. And welcome back it is the but I can't Danica -- don't get after the game take out the locker room so it. I'll take from saint Thomas the guys on and we'll have them on that with the Kasey -- Bobby -- to when he in your -- things radio network it's because of things but I was hoping. Let's go in the box but now we've gone -- the guys on the you know for a local what's happening in the -- but even -- hope our. I'm doing good -- out you and Bobby doing. Well I remember last week when I came on about this time that they were two people in the Edward Jones dome well they're probably about a hundred. Here in the superdome so expand a little bit more excited to get these pre season home opener under way I know that was a lot of traffic coming this way. It that was hit down here and get to about 4 o'clock or so so it seemed like it down pretty geared up for it or preceding game and the fact its own. Friday night in nobody's network to -- it -- real good -- here I would think. But. Yeah right now mean -- gets it. Typically what they do you know it got without helmet that you get receivers and quarterbacks down there working in Poland and speak -- a quarterback. I'm carrying out touched on it but Drew Brees is not expected to fight tonight and it's no big. Surprise to anybody so it'll be McCown in in trying grip and again I'm not exactly sure which order they're gonna go in tonight but. -- way that it probably. One of the more talked about battles. During training camp is who's going to be that backup quarterback game you know way. People have asked me I mean I guess that he had the lean toward -- out because he's the veteran player and -- right Griffey film. You know that he got did the arm and this marks in Augusta but I mean they're the guys that are taking him NFL snap so the gap here the non patent. You know that way and a lot in his evaluation of it you know gathered has played in some games in. Been a starter from time to time in the NFL -- -- Bobby I know that that I've heard you mention about the kickers sort of be at there's another pretty good battle going on doing Eric Hinske each Ingram. You know I I think it there are some. Battles going on in the secondary -- it mean they've got they've got so many guys back there with so much talent and with the number of safety that we've seen that. Rob Ryan it put in that defense you know I I don't know if the if he's been. If that's going to be statement part of his defense -- have an all those safeties back in the secondary but if they're looking for the best players that I think we all agree that. Notes safety back in some cases have better coverage skills and some of the corners do so I guess that's a couple of three things to be looking at tonight yes. You know how some of those things unfold when it. To me. More than anything else I guess for the backup quarterbacks but that's probably the one that looked yet the most now. -- happ would just a couple of series last week in Brian Griffin got the lion's share. And they put in Logan Kilgore so I mean I know he's not really in the equate him. But I don't buy it but they meet -- yet. Luke McCown out they would have much snapped and it built tonight. Well you know attendance then I think that type in -- transition like I think world when rob Bryan they -- you keep it that chlorinated ray Horton. And the ship him from a traditional sport -- read -- now or 34. Now the one area in all the work that I've done. I think depth from top to bottom the -- got better linebackers that we do. -- but I mean by that is to their pay and who they have brought in here Shaun Phillips. And Wesley what you -- -- ball flight from Denver. At the end -- -- barrel well if you look at the key there is a Colin McCarthy -- a big you look at it. Now -- Cameron Wimbley you've heard that -- before. -- Ralph Casey thought I'll look at that. It -- challenges and the ball we get run the ball against them and I think there wanted to advance. You -- we -- we always struggle by Carolina's front seven. I think it helped the -- are pretty stout when you look at. Though where there rat and it was kind of team they have they pride themselves on the line of scrimmage pull -- -- -- that keep it civil. Well Bobby I know that. It you know that's his ability by because he had to face those guys every day in practice. That if you are on a 34 you've got to have good linebackers that mean yeah we're at that's where you -- needs to be at. You know you week -- even going into last year. We didn't know that that defense and they'll make that jump that'd be it from where Finley NFL history all the way to the number four. Ranking but. I I know I had my doubts about the Saints line backing corps last year because of the year before when they were so bad that. It did well they got no linebackers and you really don't have much on the keep -- -- -- than Cameron Jordan well they -- that they're playing. Pretty good football I mean at least they did last year with all the different things that Rob Ryan -- who -- that different I don't know exactly what you would call. If the fans that he used last year it. He came in one run 34 but I think you've got to hit it hit that because of injury and then I'll start it would Victor Butler. But. You -- right now it's just you just don't see that many dominant linebackers in the league that. That's not an outside guy you know you're really there's no. I mean I'm sure -- -- out there somewhere mean nobody it immediately come to mind but nobody -- and he man like Brian Urlacher few years ago. At the middle linebacker spot you don't need to come out with a -- guys. From the -- which they seem to be known for their ability to rush to quarterback. More so than play all the different aspects of the game that outside linebacker has to do. But you know I think if you follow football I think all of the fans that means that it's become the thing you have. That that bird. Yeah development and you know you look you in the that competition. Which Jake Locker and Charlie Whitehurst the better I -- early guys lately it is that David whitehurst. -- -- -- -- -- I think they'll be values -- appreciate the that it is the -- it is had a I don't know like it. Acknowledged this but I guess I can't because that -- well what I read. You'd call clipboard clipboard Jesus. Now. But now that you -- they're doing on me about it yeah and these last that a long time and nobody -- looking blasted ignored his ninth year. And you know and it realistically last that long you do it -- the right. But they've kind of given him the nickname affectionately. Clipboard Jesus -- you use him out there areas of Pierre long hair. And now and now with the depth at the B it started that a few gains but he played it just thirteen games war's start. It in the league. That -- back -- -- I think along with Jake Locker room we -- immediately not -- -- you know where things where. I had him make -- team -- beat ballot if it weren't these are. Yeah well Bob -- for -- honestly I was a little bit surprised that that Byrd lasted as long as he did your program it spectacle date line. But I mean I thought some of the things that young man is left here and picture he had a good. Rupert favored to throw too -- that you guys. Oh they'll let them do -- here in Landry I mean you don't get see you at the college level think they had help but. By all accounts they say he's got it good -- there is in the NFL right now anything I've really gotten that. And all that. But he did back to my original point. I thought he would go before that you could really say intrigue immediately that he had late this season at Duke. Degree -- agreement that. But he's not a mobile quarterback anyway he's strictly a pocket -- pastor I mean they you know they don't even run a whole lot of lack of reliever. Moving pocket. Anything like that so I'm a little anxious to see what what he's got to feel tonight if they put him in the game and and I do agree with you I think the battle. Early on -- in a CD here at the cornerback spot -- between B between. Met burger and clipboard Jesus. Yep and now -- you know it -- -- the high you and the environment. They play if tiger at -- -- it was that are raised alarm and nothing we had -- bomb. -- -- You know we've seen that in practice in -- Atlanta you know kind of -- get value they became when you do something like that. Right the ball on the ground and all that and now but -- neighborhood you've really been all. In night games they'll is that you're cold environment in the superdome for the pianist and with the -- and of that. Well I mean I am out that -- murder fan because he went dale if you would also. Chaos I saw him make a lot of throws last year at LSU that not a lot of -- college quarterbacks can make. Because he does have the big guns and has to be the first time I've ever seen young man play live in -- -- -- on TV a whole bunch -- I think we all know that. Sometimes TV doesn't do it just it just how well he can't throw the ball just out strong in the army and so you can't see firsthand tonight. It's a now. We will continue to I can't count it out right here in New Orleans thing you. And welcome back. The -- like out on a kick off but I'd official beer of the New Orleans Saints the Saints at Tennessee Titans coming up. In about an hour and fifteen minutes they'll be coming up at halftime the case came by the -- If you he's had them commentary afterwards he used the point after. With Bobby here on the saints' radio network when looking back -- Leslie to New Orleans Saints did not have their first. Three star as we talked about from a year ago point guard. Both guards -- and Evans did not play last week and -- -- -- and it was him Benito have a there was no drop off in production this thing that the team. 3075 yards of total offense to a five point one yards a carry up any of the big night 83 ought to the first track pretty carries for thirty all it. -- him on the -- -- Bible payers what 53 yards with ten point four yards per carry for the New Orleans Saints when you look at what the offensive line he would. They pave the way for five point one don't care 123. Rushing yards on the night and he did not allow a sack. -- fifteen against the St. Louis Rams going to be aggressive see where the production standpoint is tonight. Against Tennessee Titans -- -- who figures to be maybe if there's a team that can -- CN. In that south division with Indianapolis Houston still has some gas left in the tank -- different quarterback now. But some like Tennessee Titans to the new attitude of a Ken Whisenhunt. Right to have a coach at the Super Bowl resonate he had with the Steelers he took the Cardinals to a Super Bowl you've got the talent is something that -- that they could surprise in the south BC. Well because. They went in the -- when you -- it stretches. Now that a lot like the Saints that's to start out it was year old Scutaro reached and not negative not positive. You know -- did it take advantage opportunities and they create turnovers but. If you look at it there's still he could still prove it differently a 500 team. Now all of a sudden I'm -- give -- -- alienate all the that you get to ten wins and immediately speak in the back door. As far as being a playoff at the end there. But if you look at AFC south. I mean. This knee considering how he did fell on their face last year it's very weak and me how can you know I think it. When you look at who could overtake. You know it would and it drew luck in and Bolton you know like to a straight. Yes this Lola. Big eyes -- -- -- the Texas ski yet. Out -- quarterback -- consistent automatically you don't all. That quickly by the wayside right so but you know what I'm but I like the Titans. Because. I look at if you if you wind is tricky you have a chance. And then now I'm actually get him you know make the plays to get it done that you could be in his seventeenth thirteen. I wanted to hit type game. What I was doing them researching and and I looked at my ability and I thought this is. Ironically unique if you look at like. You know points per game and all that and in this faith that this is -- -- there were scenes on distillate beaten Drew Brees. They averaged 26 points a game. Which was the tenth best in the league right. Normally they were in the high point total thirty along with the Patriots. And Packers where you look at Tennessee the average -- 22. In a half which is nineteen now you look at. Defensively this that this ain't got to continue to do only given up nineteen points a game that's more than us. And you look the Tynes gave up basically. Want it to mean -- to sixteen -- -- shows how pulled through it but it does make it different. Of that I think Tennessee. Could you sort of -- cars. He's -- case he can't Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia that's what's a gravelly with the defense analyst Mike NCAA on them but like countdown to kickoff. And we welcome it now FL analyst Mike -- -- identity again comment might material to an end Michael ballclub you're familiar with Tennessee Titans a team that's got some. New leadership with the proven leadership that coach Ken Whisenhunt. No question about it you know this year might break. What. -- -- -- wild streak walk. And -- the lights to honor. It. Well you know way out there and -- -- all its not like -- -- art. And I don't want that would wind is not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They can put the but one thing -- You don't do with a when -- a -- gotten a lot about the after all of looked good on that we've just got. What I'll look it did he got it where he -- is that at the past Olympic runner up -- the -- -- very erratic now you've passed the and it is critical here but it allotment it. Now might go what is your take when you look at the key additions in free agent of market. Obviously -- that today you heard about Wesley what you're for the Broncos but Dexter McCluster. No but different weapons and you don't with Darren Sproles bit that the Saints in. -- and what McCluster coming out Ole miss -- -- that the Chiefs because the what is your opinion is that that they'll look at that we have a guy that. Not only get stretched the field we can get his hand them the ball its base and did you get those yards after catch are also in the return game. There -- a good point there -- Dexter. No no comment there are some of the dance old world. With experience more you know where there was more important you know the -- you think you yeah. Well 31. Got down they go they'll be. We wanted to but I think one guy that apparently -- -- -- the -- -- -- -- -- -- Is it like. What more. And you know I'll watch -- what was you don't want -- that the Bears have not yet bought. -- -- what I swear to that 10. -- but it hit the ball out the black ones that. Yet the -- them while their objectives right at that they portage in wind and on. Probable quote in the game he got a young quarterback you're not but it than you expected it spot on all of your Napoli walked. Guys -- don't you wouldn't dampen that down here you're you're back. We all thought it would be part of it expected back it would only walker it really didn't know what you'll. Now -- love Michael what is your take you think they could be -- -- cars -- and AFC south them. And and I say to me youth out in the trenches. And I always have a chance that much different it -- fibers team and maybe possibly get him. Bob I think -- Butler football. You know and I'm going to -- on one game one real of it but in the -- that there right now. Out of a bit of hope you. On in that division. It got the young dog that belonged and all of the line I'll put it back on the bottom line here. Yeah you know what -- would rested and Jake block on the night no make that happen. And did what. But I'll -- back. I. Don't look -- it who. Burton who agree with whom. I went on the all of that -- the ball right spot. Not being in -- that he has ordered this year but -- like we did you know and we don't work out with. Back -- -- of -- with the the -- -- sport that this unit. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --