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8-15 6pm Countdown to Kickoff: Saints vs Titans

Aug 15, 2014|

Deke and Bobby get ready for the second preseason game against the Tennessee Titans.

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And welcome back to the but I can't down to kick off -- all -- saints' radio network whether or less than a one out of Saints or try to get it to know is preceded as they entertain the Tennessee Titans. We go back up to the press box now where things aren't as -- guys aren't on those. With a pregame injury report hope. They -- think pregame injury report it rock you by Tulane institute of fort -- for the athlete in all of us now. The only two people that say definitely not playing for the saint QB Drew Brees thinking skills their feel. In their warmup closed out that bounded dome or it's in new York and baseball cap doing -- couple laps back and forth -- the end zone. And made maybe Bobby would have a better gauge on a few more name to -- on the last few days of practice but drew and -- have been out there on the field. Running some. Treatment thrown about in -- -- run to deep routes and all that both looked at looked pretty good but. They're down there working with a trainer right now would you please indicate in guys that are inactive. On game day that they were trained -- the only two that I -- down there. And it's saint pregame injury report brought you back to -- institute where medicine for the athlete NL. Bogey on your time and West Virginia -- out of training camp being up the degree Kraft for the first time. Well I -- -- -- what -- I know I'll be excited about going attorney camp again that we. We all get excited when training camp rolls around because. Of the long -- -- you know when the draft is kind of the highlight of the offseason and people get excited about that for different reasons but. Would that mean highlight everybody ready for camp start but let's face that he's been about two or three days in that heat and Bobby there's no reason I mean -- there. Sugar -- did we hated. You know after about the second third day it means things -- a lot different than you would have had the first day and it was you know full contact. On Payton said the other day about. You know you get about twelve. The fifteen snaps -- those goal line short yardage play. During the course of training camp that it's a lot more regular than that back we played but. I'm getting off the point there I think there's no doubt there's something that those things looking too long term. We all loved it. The food was. Are better than what we expected the weather was terrific. I know day you know just one day that we really had rain. But that was more rain around but I think we're able to dodge. Much of that get all their practices and so. I mean it really to me it it seemed like an ideal place to -- -- you don't have competition there with a college game for example that. Well you need to be out of our facility back for the second time. Up here that they would make even some more improvement. Down the road. You know possibly get -- Bobble there are covered up that field damp but even if they don't Pakistan that I don't know. What they're rainfall average -- every year but it would solve some rain but it never washed out of practice so. All things considered that make it to hit point to have training camp and the weather is terrific in I think that you saw. I don't recall seeing a heat related illness that -- or the practice while we were there. Yeah I get a heat related. It's that it is because -- I was dehydrated and begin out of that hurt you. And him and maybe a party movement and then I mean did you couldn't. You could happen he related it -- doubles -- that become about but I hope yeah I think you can expand. Upon like I don't know what they care maybe the Iraq. And the proximity -- that the Steelers the Redskins. The bagels -- beaten me today. And to have them patrol type practices. That I get theology in my crystal ball. Let's just say. The Steelers. They come all the that green -- but through three days. If we have a -- -- game in Pittsburgh are artists that that it being old I definitely need ex governor about did they get after expand. The capacity as far as seeding. -- data that you could have hit a 50000. And was standing -- where. We kind of laid the foundation what about five I'll kill one out of black people room. Yeah and Bobby you know I heard coach -- response. That when you're asking that the other day you know if they would typically that would mean those guys would be. In -- the player receiving game like we got used to do against. Houston's. Yet and you know it just. Like there I don't see where they've really. The opportunity to do that obviously not at the superdome but one of the places I guess really the closest place would be the Washington Redskins them not really exactly sure. About that but saw a lot of people at the Greenbrier that there. Vacationing that we're from the DC area and you know. Some would say they made the four -- crap others would say you don't know we flew down here so. I guess in that regard to the net with. You. Only haven't had two weeks of practice before your first receiving game I don't know that it whether it's certainly not -- build a stadium up there but. We in his spot back you see where that would make sense to him. Or to another coach that I don't know that we wanna make that long haul down there just to practice against somebody. And not be able to play a game at the end of a couple practices so. I could see his point but you know I can also see the point of where that would bring a lot more interest to. Training camp practices other than the black and gold scrimmage. Alright dancing is currently is hoping guys now what -- -- hole in the locker room feel it's a -- I countdown to kickoff Oakland arduous time. Road next time Jake he's 5053. Minutes to kick up between the Saints and the Titans turned down the sound on that six intent to New Orleans Saints. Radio network. I better take a look at today's opponent the Tennessee Titans victorious last week over the Green Bay Packers welcoming fall but I did great on one of the greatest police -- -- the history Frank White -- Don't just now color analyst for the Giants network frank thank you so much for the time -- -- a breath of fresh air in the -- coach Ken Whisenhunt your thoughts on what you've seen thus far you know what he is now with him and you stand with -- Well so far so good that the players. You know that you got to buy in and and that the leaders the vets on this. On this team bought in very early in this process I think coach Whisenhunt approach. From the start was clean slate for everybody I don't care what you've done in the past when your contract status is. I'm gonna evaluate you as icu for your actions from here on out and I think. This team -- the competition throughout OTA's and training camp thus far. Has been an up tempo and these guys are serious it's a business like atmosphere. And they have a great attitude so I would say that this team is headed in the right direction. Now great when you look at it and I noticed significant. It's a agitated significant. And all of that rob right they'll vote or. Mean they had worst case scenario. I said only going you have that you greatest show with her we -- -- but -- records. And then you look at -- bags and what we did the instantly. 2012 than last year all of us than we top five. I would know before actually -- number of categories you definitely sacks. Scoring defense total defense but the question I have what is your take -- ray Horton. And know what he brings to the table because -- -- -- to deal with that you proceed maybe at the 500 team. But if you take -- away to football -- you winning in the trenches. All of us then maybe getting the end wins or possibly even eleven. We just your take on ray Horton coming because he was the coordinator. Yeah I mean it's it's -- scheme changes all the way around very terminology everything and of course on defense going from a 43. To a 34. Without the luxury of building. And drafting. Those guys who play those specific positions so you'll see guys that like -- -- OKC used a 43 tackle. -- right page views it as incentive as players you know on a Pro Bowl level. Now he's got to play a little bit of five technique got their defense event. The switch around a nickel but you'll see Derrick Morgan of guys to put his hand in the third. And now he's a standup linebacker outside dropping coverage Russian from. From that you know doing a lot to think playing in the run plane at tight end. So those of the adjustments that this team has had to make they didn't have a great showing. That gap integrity was they are out there gaps in the first series in Green Bay cashed a pretty good so. It's gonna take a little time but ray -- got him on the right track their attitude is really good. But in its 34 scheme you got to be on. On the money as far as everyone being coordinated or else. You can kick gash that and and that's what they hope to work get better tonight from that the starters especially. Now frank obviously you look at the draft -- him. Everyone looks at the number one draft pick I feel a little when looking at three BC what is your take what you've seen him practice. Dexter McCluster everyone knows him in the -- Wesley what you're the linebacker from Denver. In obviously. And Michael Moore. We all know that he's out here because the the blind side in that movie and all that that just thought about those players about their eyes and maybe their possible contribution. Yeah I think they did a really good job being in the offseason with the with the free agents that they they acquired and getting some veteran leadership. On the defense -- ball which Shaun Phillips was Wesley wood yard. You know those those types -- guys along with what Bernard Pollard who's been there. I mean that's you really need you need those guys in there to really teach the young guys in the meeting room and then on the other side of the ball. War has been playing great he's playing with -- attitude because a lot of people. Have been saying that he had a horrible year last year with the Ravens that in understand by the Titans side into -- -- -- million dollar contract. But he is playing really tough. Replacing David Stewart on that right side it's no Juan the rookie he is a monster. He's you see that Jake Long cloned. Out of out of Michigan and he's battled Michael -- and now he's been playing a lot of right tackle and playing guard. He's playing left tackle so he's push in the -- Michael ruse. But it's only matter time before Taylor gets out on the field so in the draft picks have been. Have been surprisingly good. Bishops thank -- in that backfield with but clusters a lot of weapons on this offense. Four for the Titans. Now break -- would you break -- he football fan in -- observe in the game. Who's that guy that you would say that -- not only at a Pro Bowl level what potential all pro. Where bottom line is the majority of time they're just winning. -- good with a clever we can look at. Jimmy -- -- penalize that guy tight -- -- the state obviously who recently Davey. Whether all of it to be that the guy that as a fan you could be looking at -- that it didn't matter we've gone against each group will put them and -- get the job done. Keep your eyes on number thirteen Kendall Wright. That we're at receiver out of Baylor. He is. He's. Like. Your guy branding coax. Maybe not as a burner like him but he is an explosive coming in and out of his breaks to get over ninety. Catches. And a year ago at the most quiet. Ninety plus catches that -- adversity in the video here of in the league but this guy really it will pop when you watch him tonight hit the ball in and out of breaks. He's perfect in the slot and he compliments those other receivers that big receiver outside Justin hotter. But if I were to pick one guy who's really really special. It's Kendall Wright he he's a guy to look out towards wells the rookie bishops saying he. -- saying he is the real deal coming out of Washington rushed for over 18100 yards. He's a strong kid. Runs between the tackles has a good sense of of football. As far as scrambled through those got a good feel for the passing game so he get his pass protection down. I would say those two guys have really great potential. To really shine this year -- the -- young guys. Well the Tennessee Titans great frank why -- color analyst for the Titans radio network frank thank you so much for the time have a great call this evening. My pleasure guys thanks for having me. I know I will continue to but like countdown to kickoff on the New Orleans Saints radio network. And welcome back to the but I count down to pick up all night official beer of the New Orleans Saints. Well the Saints account at times the ninth in at the Mercedes-Benz superdome the Saints have made it kind of more. I did all I was also thinking of a team. Haven't in the pre season they might point nine time it's 14141. Of course if they expected Italy every year for the sixties at the eighties. With a -- Gordon all of this thing with the Memphis one season at -- moved on to this field to play. With the Tennessee titan at that point in time that it as it's -- since. And the Saints at night that made in the regular season as will several times we expected that they hope that being the Houston all night matchup in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. He does think that -- to the Titans beat the Green Bay Packers last week in their fourth BC's game go to one note I think the -- to missing the difference. By a score of 26 to 24. Coming up after the game night it will be the locker room -- With the case with hope you guys -- myself what if Saints out of -- Christie Garrett now on the theory if you take the weird thing is happening. In the locker room with interviews and also we will have the point after after the locker room true. With Bobby even go for it coming up with a regular season began who had the Saints coaches show each and every other night here on the Saints radio network with -- coach Tom -- At a special yes assistant coat -- around for the game to the National Football League tonight the schedule. Boy have this last night we saw one game that was played it would -- Chicago Bears -- he beat Jacksonville Jaguars -- for. A twenty to 1992. At the Philadelphia Eagles at the New England Patriots. The Detroit Lions at the Oakland Raiders at the San Diego Chargers are at the Seattle Seahawks tomorrow night's game the Packers -- at the St. Louis Rams. The New York Giants visit the Indianapolis Colts at New York Jets at this at -- anything goes. Baltimore is at Dallas and also ran out of on -- Buffalo was at Pittsburgh. The Miami Dolphins visit the Tampa Bay Buccaneers the Atlanta Falcons at the Houston Texans. Arizona is that Minnesota Sunday's game at Denver at San Francisco. Kansas City at Carolina and Monday night if the Cleveland Browns at don't want him. -- will take the time about it come back if the Saints coach Tom pay you to sit on game day crew Christie Garrett -- guys on him Madison. But yeah all the game action we will continue with the -- like countdown to kickoff right here on the New Orleans Saints radio network. Coach you guys are back in new Orleans back in the superdome for game number two the pre season the number two quarterback battle has been a tight competition from what I've seen during camp how hard has it been for you watching these guys. One of the challenges -- seven quarterbacks is it just didn't reps. The games because unlike a lot of positions you know there's just only won twice but both Brian and Lucas about a lot of work with the ones. This past week and a half and so I think that's helpful and then most importantly is -- when you're evaluating the quarterback in the pre season games you do you wanna make sure he's good protection you don't. Sometimes in the second half. There might be. A breakdown in protection. And that really blurs the evaluation of player because he wasn't able set his feet -- So who's around them no different than it in our starting lineup is very important. -- from quarterback let's take a look at the guy snapping him the ball in the center competition DC Toledo or Jonathan Goodwin in the league right now for the starting games. Well I mean you have. Two completely different players you know obviously the veteran with Jonathan and -- young players both -- my car handling it well I think it's early. I think the next couple weeks -- going to be real important -- both of them. Are doing a good job. And now. I know that I like the flexibility they chapters both government played dark. And ultimately when it comes down to the starter is and then. Who else is soon enough it's important that there's some flexibility with that position. And finally coached the facilities in the weather -- phenomenal at the Greenbrier you feel like you accomplished everything that he wanted to accomplish in West Virginia. Well I know that I mean look at I think. We're still in the middle of training camp and we're still making progress and how we were we wanna be right now. It's hard to tell -- I -- -- we wanna see improvement going into this game. -- couple the last two days have been pretty good practice. Thank you -- I KG can't in the green briar is done this year that a black go back home that don't. Well the you've talked about the young players talked about the competition and -- receiver. Who's gonna be the kicker. We brought that down a little -- -- who's going to be the thinner the one area I'm telling -- you have to establish depth. I am like. I mean that we amongst the best I truly believe. -- actually read it to run Armstead. In. Larry holder government today has him -- BQ in it and it is true. I mean who's gonna be their third offensive tackle. Mean I don't know price Harris. A lot of friends bills to eight. I mean I -- he has NFL experience and all of a sudden. It. You know he's -- that from becoming a star starter. And in all of this than you know a -- with the situation. We have to start a 45 games not legal fees to answer. You -- who's eligible. Factory did that in the past -- Harris to bond -- a lot of side obviously no experience. Thomas Welch out of Vanderbilt. Four year guy he's been up and down the -- I think you got to have luck but it is always say that. But right now also would you look at it that tackle with vision. I think he progresses. Who's gonna beat that third offensive attack but it swing guy the kind of 53 man roster who who's gonna win that spot. -- Harris obviously it's a front runner. If you've been here before but but it's not a slam dunk. I think that's the continuation of progress. -- -- and -- that that guy and a third on the attack. But nobody how the Saints going to make it and I hot -- do I how quotes Graham who is now only at I hop -- look at some of the things just to improve on. Thought the New Orleans Saints the last week of course like we talked about the team. Coming out seventh -- travel the first round the first five plays were -- -- the last two minus seven to tackle behind allows him to talk to various ticket. And many innocent to -- account right picked off by a Chris Long befits it for the rant but also you have to look at all of the flip side. Of special teams last week to St. Louis Rams. Five kickoffs that aren't 35 north averaging 24 yards. Her return to that is up to the Saints won't want to allow the courses -- averaged eighteen point 82 when it was over point. Well at peak then if you look upon return average and and when the -- that I think it's gonna be another challenge. The -- that double I guess what the lights -- number three. The only Cuba a six yard average a two and a half as the Rams when it's time it's only given up. Six yards for per return. So that that to be a challenge also. A would you look at these numbers penalties. I mean we've we have bad. And though we will work this Tuesday. Is that correct -- the Rams will -- Whit did that I was -- four yards the -- at 14118. Are you kidding me that that drive a coach crazy. That's letting you want to improve in those areas you know what happened nine penalties. -- era hundred yards. Would you look at obviously -- turnover ratio brought that out. My -- just -- a plus one. Because I think you are a creature of habit when all's said and done and on the plus side. Continue to do what you did against the Rams. Averaged four and a half five yards to carry that all of the outstanding five point one average per carry. 123 yards. -- out with a little better run defense but running the football I thought of barking came out the -- Smoke and I think him and I Robinson. We'll be that combination. -- all of that and a bull being you have Pierre Thomas but. Obviously. Winning the turnover battle because I think it is a good habit that you ego guar an obviously that happened is stupid penalties. No matter who's in the and also yet to be impressed with last -- thing this thing so often -- about without being -- -- -- thought that the UQ you think we're not a day goes and it's ironic and -- Goosen -- -- well. That and I've given up a sack. You knew what was that and they averaged five point one north okay rush and -- all well and ending those three interior -- took the ball could cares they took the ones that groves. It never went ahead and they have snapped that they -- -- as much -- apartment. Two thirds of the time the ball game would be generous to see how they do tonight with what I wouldn't want snaps on their. -- I don't know how you you can describe that. That was outstanding now. You know have a hard time in Spain and -- calling a column Murray knows they've and I column Mario. -- -- B somebody called me he does that even there yet but column my today. University of Washington. And you know also luck guided he wanted to step Bob. Marcel Jones -- known that means the lake color and that I've seen him yet because -- you can do not only play tackle. He's like it tackled. That could play caller. When you look at this that are resistant made schools that are ankle hard at it Emeka -- -- -- that that would lead to eight. But like you said the -- -- killed 67. Really when he pounds without any Al team who. And they core positions now I've also moved all the -- name the him up close and personal -- -- -- -- tonight he has been dancing as you can have one. Once at that point -- dogs they will be the pace. A man who I've seen all these jerseys out here. Reggie Bush started Iraq field bush. You got even -- it's our -- Jimmy Graham. You've got at all all of all obviously -- don't look at all these jerseys. I'm telling I'll look at in my crystal ball within about three of four years there's going to be a number of number it is. Jurors before years I think it brief opening. I'm trying to be conservative when you -- be conservative movement out let's establish itself up to about now Leo a Pro Bowl but all pro. Brantley coach not a traditional government and that's only get honor are maybe a back up quarterback Chase Daniel. But I tell you right now -- -- I mean options -- by what I see in practice. And I think well. And I'll be objective. Immediate or cat that was like two yards I mean. I don't that's gonna happen in the real game but I'll go with what's happening in practice. And how he's competing I think Randy -- that good. Now the sky's the limit you don't know like about him he's not SOB he's humble he is humble he is the good kid. And I am telling you if he wants it known he made double Eagles yeah -- it. But he's almost like breeds ordered off the field yeah I mean he is like unbelievable off the field. And now as it. I might be harder but it wrong if Brantley coach bill. Work out that I got to eat crow could not big Randy coaches that's -- it. All of those went out of the earth and you're going to get. And -- said I'm not -- think anymore. Is that to be in the putting it -- about it and and I and I think he's gonna get it done with a couple -- -- -- wide receivers though it is seemed to be. There's going to be some who believe as of the eleventh probably -- -- don't of the teams. McNabb does doesn't he -- duplicate that might be wrong well here and that's like it. And they hit an eight minute it looked like Mika that the team yeah it like trying to make this thing they get to -- I think you it in NFL receiver and I agree wrong place wrong time I'll thank you what you keep five receivers and possibly six. The best sixth receiver every you know the best that team forever. -- -- -- You are member court and rolled into the -- the united the -- you -- like 818. Because you think of him as a kick off returner but no he was in the water and -- -- off they play coverage they can act. Making tackles. Though that Nike -- think he was known as that guy can change. With the linebackers a safety so we don't have that kind of receiver that -- a big deal and keep five receivers. And the better. That's what you got to talk to you eighteen you gotta get hooked up. With some the team is I think if you got 32 teams times five. That there's not. It's not that many receivers met him. But it's the thinks that the that they took out receivers. That'll make them by the team because -- think that it that it's. All right nobody coming up and had sent -- to -- about Davis -- commentary and after the game tonight. It will be -- locker room that you would -- the -- -- -- Christie Garrett and Christie Garrett won on when it will be cut down due to his take on the game -- think coach Sean Payton. -- players contribute in the locker room and after that it's the point afterwards by being in the -- they -- you were. -- -- -- you know they'll get turn down the sound on it stick it enough that it won't -- radio network were coming up next it's the second pre season game for the exhibition part of the schedule. All the New Orleans Saints they were victorious last week 26 point -- the same as it was for him to Tennessee defeated Green Bay. Both teams into tonight's game. It won and how we will handed off to on game day crew down on the silencing some reporter Christian yeah -- up the -- Manning -- so it is Robert Carroll color analyst of the New Orleans Saints at the -- you -- -- and of course the Saints. Jim Henderson it -- bring you the Saints and the Tennessee Titans. Well thought Bobby -- barefoot man -- the ability up next it's -- wanted to Tennessee turned down the sound that said. And it turned up the New Orleans Saints radio network.