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8-15 Sean Payton

Aug 15, 2014|

Coach Sean Payton addresses the media after the Saints preseason win over the Tennessee Titans and talks about the unacceptable number of penalties.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Obviously. That was painful to watch. I don't I don't recall. I can't recall ever game with that many penalties and here's the thing. Most of ones I saw were good Colts. So this this is obviously this is -- about a crew. Call a lot of penalties this is obviously. Something I've got to do better job with because look will find ourselves that the short end of the game. And then wonder about our offseason goals and what happened. And we won't be able to we won't know when exactly it happen. In yet. You'll hear it in a pre season game when -- I don't I lost track. I lost track. So. I've got to do better job in that area and it'll start on Sunday. It'll start on Sunday and questions. Absolutely it was a big listen. It was it was it's the first sign of a team that has no discipline and that's if that's the first sign of poor coaching. It's the first sign along with the quarterback center exchange next question. I'm very upset. Well would that make sense -- would you be upset. Yeah I was. Particularly. We just talked talked about yeah. This question. Strong throw that ball. -- -- Now listen here's here's the number forty -- five takeaways and hear me out five takeaways. We're at that nine minute mark in the fourth quarter were up seven. We say that again five takeaways. Nine minute mark in the fourth quarter upset. And listen. Who will say they -- we get to the regular season it'll clean itself up. That's that's. -- Crazy. I thought there were some good at this and I thought both. Luke and Ryan did a lot of real good things. I thought they both located the ball well. I think you saw in Luke's series in -- and make some plays outside the pocket I think with. With Brian you saw him step up maybe Bible time get the ball down the field a little bit so I think there's a lot of positives. To coach off of based on. Not looking at the tape but just first impressions. -- I thought the coverage on kick golf was average or a kickoff coverage was average. Lot of lot of returns you know the one into the end zone. Within that we didn't force it upon but. I can't count how many times -- you know we've got to take away. Or. Early on -- you know got a field goal or touchdowns. There weren't many punt return opportunities. But. Look in fairness to that I think. That's easier when you when you put the tape on -- look at it individual matchups but I just felt like the from a kick off coverage standpoint. It was it was poor. -- those were perjury and encouraging really got behind the defense was Raanan. You know was able makes make a few plays that we've seen him make you know prior is injury so I was pleased with. What you play. Well. I I don't. We don't if you remember way. Certainly we like his speed I think he's physical to block those -- good combinations of your receiver. But I think more than anything. Was important for us in the -- of processes. How's it moving in and tonight we song. Do do a few things we're encouraging I would say for him and then again without having looked at the tape I think it was. A real significant step for him in the right direction I think. That type injury that was pretty significant. Wells I thought -- -- a lot better than last week obviously was around the ball we have a couple minus yards plays in the run game. -- turn over. It looked like he was relaxed you're last week and I said this. Whom during the week practice I felt like he was in position but he was I have count either behind. Or -- -- the tackle and I felt like tonight. It was much better. We'll see in the in the kicking game plan tonight was to play through those safeties quite a bit -- that I think we will do that. Just our decision. -- No I mean if you look at the total snap count. It's easy to say week to play two quarters. We felt like we wanted to play them. You know what at least in the high twenties. Sometimes that varies on offense and defense one group might be in the second phase the other group might still be in the first base just based on snaps but. We were close to half of football I would say that that was planned. Hey it's just you're obviously looking got to pay attention to it. You gotta pay attention to I gonna pay attention to it it's that so. You know it's it's OK it's tough. When you when you hand out forty tests in your teacher everyone gets a -- naff. You look at what you're doing. You know. So obviously. We've got a lot of work we've gotta we've got a -- cover. It is what it is. It is what it is you -- don't take it was it was painful to watch painful for -- fans sit through. Pre season game like that -- that was. Talked about last week he ran particularly well I thought. Tonight. Look at look at the tape he's healthy and tennis have said that ten times now. And I don't know that and wants. He's healthy. Last last year nearly portion season you struggle with them with a foot and is as it got healthy. We saw. His performances. Heal up better. Now we'll see we'll sit. Now. Those civics. As thanks.