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8-15 Joe Morgan

Aug 15, 2014|

Kristian talks with Saints Wide Receiver Joe Morgan after the Saints preseason win over the Tennessee Titans.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joseph what did coach -- say you guys obviously you take the winner of pre season but -- lot of things that that. -- not be pleased with in terms of penalties that are on that I mean there's I mean you everyone clearly sodomy was. -- the women of the sloppy win -- we -- five turnovers effusive and no but it doesn't our turnovers didn't really show up as well when you're only seven points in the game so. You know. We're going to be those -- -- -- into the season and you know -- attempted to little things and that's Kennedy's stuff that we can throw just -- -- there and -- Mickey -- Few big plays on you tonight you feel more more comfortable coming off that knee injury year I'm yeah I'm I'm doing a lot more time to me as a his -- a slow process really slow but is. No it's been going well these past couple weeks and everything especially you know. Today last week I felt great too so just go out and go to notre run in that you know feel any pain stuff afterwards that's you know the biggest accomplishment. How much have you had to kind of rein yourself in in terms of wanna get back out there I'm well initially come in to training camp I was I was like eager existed noted -- would they were. And and his counsel. -- to go at that becoming pitch count and I'm you know I want to do some of their talent you know is -- in those hard because I haven't done anything -- you know like a year and a hat and not one of Upton showed that I can do their famous anti got to -- -- is that I am coming from a major injury and I got to you know basically wean myself and so. Joseph with the amount of penalties that you guys and and you addressed early in and -- talk about how much of that falls on you guys to address it without even. The coaching at the coaching staff had an harp on what -- a them when they drew told us right afterwards it's as a lesson that we got to police ourselves. Because eats you know -- -- -- -- step that we control ourselves we got to go out and -- that mean at the end of the day jumping off sides in the holiness that day in the weekend. -- you can go ahead and you know you can clean up so we got to know together. Basically you know addresses and you know as as a group and those dollars or anymore is it at all concern. I mean I mean obviously it's concerning because -- is not giving you play. We -- playing you know in and a close game like that and you notice one little mistake you know can be the difference between one and lost a you don't wanna take the sensitive things you can do to this -- you know to try to clean them and making news Saints -- -- Joseph -- season thanks Christian thank you.

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