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8-15 11:10pm Point After Show Hour 1

Aug 16, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk about the Saints 31-24 win in the preseason over the Tennessee Titans.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome to the point out there tonight battle Scola New Orleans 31 and Tennessee twenty -- the Saints victorious moved to know in the pre season have a if you -- -- coach Tom -- very disappointed. And the undisciplined. Nature of his ball club -- tonight in the first half alone. Fourteen penalties 416 -- another eight penalties for 68 yards a combined 22 for 184. In the first two games the pre season the Saints have been flag 32 times. 288 yards that's an average of sixteen flags and a buck 44 game coach painted with painful to watch. It's the sound of an undisciplined team by being coached paints his at all on the. And that it and it paid for if you lose -- it's painful if you went away and as a winner I have to -- thing album but what he's meant -- being politically correct in trying to get his team's attention Colombo played devil's advocate. McCain and -- and I know. That. A lot of those pennant penalties are legit. But they no way to call on that many penalties on a consistent basis that are regular season game because the TV networks would be bitching and they ain't no way. Biggest -- on the game that much now. -- that being said you don't want undisciplined team why we should be on the level of getting penalties like the Titans. Are like the Raiders of Webby -- receivers and discipline. As you know what that's gonna cause he's engaged to be 500. And I you know I'm gonna go anywhere. Now the goal that positive -- negatives mean you have 22 penalties. I mean OK so let's say. Six. Isn't that that that that. Is ridiculous because you can never be anywhere round date they've done research on this. You never want to be. A hundred yards and never won nine penalties it too much. They've done -- -- -- pretty -- go with his coach aggressive on the -- -- a touchdown for the as seen yet there's really Dario at the -- about top of you as a hundred yards in penalties yes -- nine DQ did you stretch and when -- and he's got between them McGee -- wait the next I'm I want to see Jimmy Graham -- the ball to goalposts. In that game winning touchdown and -- Hernandez. Don't do it noble all right you've got eight stop you got paid and I don't grow yet yeah you don't have to do that -- to show -- and now that you Schobel -- that you don't have to do that but to show you how ridiculous it was. 22 penalties if it was in the regular season noted -- NFL record. That's when -- you don't. Mean to have 22 penalties but it's a little nugget -- that we don't need to. More I'll sell far beyond this been like our opponent at the Rams got fourteen. Well we need to have 45 we -- -- -- hit -- that times have the end of British and held on -- 121 and have. Like a sixth or seventh so that being said and the penalties and when you look at it the week I've never seen a game. And and it is pre season if you're plus five in the turnover ratio. But it that I should BO but will open. The game shooting is shooting Indian their question. Did you go -- is being -- tomorrow -- Leo. By seven points that we plus five. And in Europe was five you should be winning by. Seventeen points and not three touchdowns. I think that that is emphasize and I think he's gonna. Pointed out. -- -- players on their watch in the film but all of that talent you. Is that video game it would somebody's officials. And hopefully the players are listening because I'm just telling you. From a financial standpoint and how they won games to progress. They might say okay out of those 22 penalties. Maybe shouldn't call fourteen of fourteen. That it -- they'll wait to mini. Whatever -- -- to try to set a precedence to educate the players how they gonna call it you know in the regular season. They wanna call it going forward. As far as the rule changes. And being desolate. Again never out of but the -- as a part of bitch at about that meant when you look at now. Their track Greg getting as the Titans. Is kind of unique when you play Tennessee because that is fumbles and have a look at Tennessee as the Houston Oilers. And going way back missed Demeco -- the Saints. You know from the Houston area and Houston all muzzle AFL team AFC. So you don't have to ever worry about the conflict as far as the regular season so you tend to play him in the exhibition. Now I do it and it's what in nine meetings in and that posts in the pre season. We retired fourteen of fourteen while one now. We have and it is going back to. Think about we had played every year from 1968. To 1987. And no team has played the states -- the pre season. Didn't. Houston Dallas -- Tennessee Tynes and we -- up on them now we won fifteen games lost fourteen and tied one. And then another trend that we broke the Tynes had the face them in the pre season that won the last three matchups. In the pre season we came out of but we all know that's development -- -- Looking at stats and how would apples and history of a team. I'm going to get one another. I thought both third down deep at this so I mean bottom line is that's an the -- -- 56 missed -- repeated 3%. That's not even close to. Winning football and then when you look at it and and I had this going into the game. And I said oh -- what's gonna give and now as a stat that I thought. At that this in the pregame. Third down offense and defense. The states with third in the league a conversion rate Tennessee was -- eight. And then assemble something has to give tonight because the Saints defense. They were number nine. And at times or number seven as far as third down defense well we gave with the Saints and at times -- nowhere near. What they were last season as far as conversion rate. You always want to be like 30% the lowest 30% if you look at a divot Samaria. They were 34 point three with 34 point seven if you even like 28. Presenting yeah among the top three in the NFL world view of what all said and done. And listen you've leaned NFL -- guaranteed Tennessee artists Saints the -- a pretty 6%. They were five and nine to Saints were eight of fifteen that he -- present. You gonna be the one or two in the league when all -- little disappointing in overall running game as far as average. We averaged a two point nine yards a carry the average four point 20 was that was a -- the realm. Then led twice seven attempts and without love -- Peyton. The run the ball to one -- seven times again in the matter who's the quarterback. Into nothingness winning global but has had a two point nine. That needs to be close 24 point oh inaudible higher like grave with a Dugan the Rams that was one area. I thought if you look at average -- per rushing attempt. Now if you look at individual. Accomplishments. -- river -- crap count out of thought they both played a winning football. And look at Joseph Morgan. Joseph Morgan three catches a 108 yards 36 yard average. Dallas -- will be expected of him and Woody was able to Thomas before he had. The knee surgery defensively. Again. Well what is this back to back to get in here in the numbers 123. Well we got eight sacks in two games. Yeah menu you gotta like that no that's I just go sixteen times four that's all you got to look at it you can average at every game. Then that is when he pro ball -- and plus. If you look at this the turnover ratio. And get a break down all the individual players those special teams in. In -- wide and and in and on and on on the on the opponent's side. Then no LSU fans are listening and as I thought that meant burger. Was outstanding two lead as the I think I think zag men burger -- that one bad play debating since serie. Now on the interception you know. But 2125. I said of sag members who played Baghdad you have a ten year career I don't know very be a starter but I know we can make a living. Playing in the NFL and and who went one that kind of job. When you're in the bottom of the totem pole you make it -- million a million dollars a year but the one thing because we -- -- a break. Now we are well we -- plus three. Aptitude being remind his two plus five. And -- games and now we're plus three after two games so and I'll look at that. That's kind of thing I said this in a pregame where a creature of haven't. We just got to keep getting it takeaways yet whenever it's luck. -- whatever I ever you perceive it as protected a ball but it demanding job on the plus side I think that goes a long way. A truly by the UN losing game. But to be -- five and only went 31 the 24. Of that that's why Sean Payton resulted. Because that's and beat. You plus five he should Russian opponent. But UK crush opponent. When you have 22 penalties almost to a New York -- he was about -- -- yes he gave I invites that I would be like get a degree it does not big Internet if you. -- our right New Orleans 31 between fall well here again we'll go to -- had to say a little later but you give us your take 5042601878. Toll free 86688908. Sent -- text -- 7870. It's applaud after New Orleans thirty wanted a seat when he fought visited New Orleans Saints radio network. Final score tonight New Orleans thirty wanted to see Tony -- saint radio network. Texas and 8787. Well Bobby looking at some -- things at the Saints have done is we talked about it. I wouldn't talk about some of the things that coach a department he was frustrated -- enough focus on some of the good things will go back -- it. Four sacks a game and -- its eight sacks for minus 53 total yards. In the first pre season games so. That is something that you look at as a train as much to you say what he's abandoned train as it happened two weeks in a -- what two weeks in a row in New Orleans Saints have recorded. Or -- well big also be close to setting NFL record if you do it every week. I mean in they NFL record is 72 -- my last year Carolina Panthers had sixteen and they were normal one. And what we -- party and I thought we get to a little Ford and be at a high level. But listen. No we going to be in the makes you get after the quarterback like that. That. That's winning football because you uniforms. The opposing quarterback in the mistakes. -- by Deke who has. Who's been one of the most consistent players ever since he put in his Saints uniform in Ebert Carroll. I mean just how active he is -- a sack you force the ball bowl. He was second and tackle. With four. How about we -- in his name. Now we just go violent at times will we see -- -- from Fresno state when you look at. Kyle -- not -- Not hard knocks but Kyle -- Five unassisted tackles Yeltsin had a tackle. On special teams he just a very. Active football player. Now hollow with a little discouraging. And there is why I say it is because that was not necessarily an area of concern. And if you look back to back games kickoff coverage units. We given up wait too much. And and that was not necessarily. The case last year. No. Return game. Was it -- You know if you look kick -- return in punt return where whereas. You know we end up thirty you know -- return was seventeen on kickoff return. Average in but you look at a defense. -- kickoff return average. The guy I guess who are bad now that I look at it. On defense 226. Would accidentally -- happening the first is who we were good employee coverage. We were number seven. But that Allison and we're not very good hitting kick off a coverage. And in now you want more syndicate and eight yards the rookie an audience film. But he had only there who really excelled in was. Put coverage in ninth and. Return or kick or return very cute girl I go back to what you say you know you planned I was looking and I agree you know I article analogy from pro -- You know won't ever get to how to go about BC's but I also think we had to do you know -- the sums of coach -- insane. And he's trying to -- you know he's frustrated I mean I think he. He did he decline until the media day he told it to east team we got the tainted in the room blog devoted fans appreciate -- what sort of every -- -- -- do we we also had the look. You know. This ball club this -- China all have -- record. This bobbled or to win a Super Bowl mean that's why he's saying he's eight beyond this if you look back on the season -- you going to a game. Some Smart tactical -- you it will cultured -- you're not out and I say this January is not January. But that's the way the coaches think as the mad -- -- if you got the practice you've got to move ball. Each and every week and if he continues to happen. And come back to bite -- yes now though is about it will be he would figure -- where. If we were like the Jaguars at the Raiders in China have a -- -- Gigi Fernandez with thirty thing I will will work to let -- -- that we have a few things to work Omaha heading in the right direction knowing your championship team. If you call -- team. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And when you almost. And who would've tied and after I -- FL regular season regular -- two penalties. On UK's Sudan and the road you have to address that. And coach Greene is gonna address and that's what I'm saying even at the officials. If are even. NFL executives. Whoever's in charge in and the flow and how they wanna game OK we wanted to finish it about three hours fifteen minutes. You know we don't want to prolong. A game because then the TV people how they have everything structured that they don't one that. But still OK so let's say you don't have to 22 penalties. And you know they break down every you know -- actually call. But it probably still gonna call fourteenth or fifteenth which is still ridiculous. Adding that it could -- was getting at that. And I mean it was almost mind boggling. And indeed the game could have been a pretty exciting. If it. You get all excited then netted them penalty. And you to watch it even both sides of the time that was like -- you always see mega. You hear coach Peyton say a lot of time in question today is as you know we're going to -- the -- But like he said the first to -- group made again the later from what he saw. He -- dump the majority of calls were legitimate call tonight. Ladies are riding -- -- him and that's why -- -- -- look at -- that film he says well he's almost taken the approach -- they have to call that. You know resided maybe I and not a judgment call but it's like maybe a flagrant. Call hold right. What they'd talked about -- grooves are illegal contact down the UN apparent committee gets a point where. And I mean UK just let him play because it's it's obvious penalty. All right we'll come back and over the phone lines to -- 31 to the seats 44 this is the point after on the saints' radio network. New Orleans thirty want Tennessee 44 to the phones we go coveted for bill bill thank you for calling the Saints radio and it. Yes thank you. I've what did you take on the rushing game tonight. I was a little -- that. No there was there was a very good what. -- -- -- -- mysterious injuries that kind of -- -- bottom line. This a then you won't have a chance you part of the makes. I don't think that they -- truth. Ending while no mention his name bullet time in in training camp. The West Virginia but. I mean I don't know I mean guys I don't want us regularly met him but I know right now. Have to say -- counting on him. I don't know what's his status but that's kind of where -- at Gretna forgotten guy thank you for calling the point out on the Saints radio network. Yeah day -- be a historic medal and put it. Out of those 22 penalties. How many of those were by guys that are trying to -- well the positional change hasn't trying to you know beat permanent with the Saints right. And my second corneas. Is it happening in the airplane. Where Drew Brees. How could anybody else. Come up to their -- and at the plate. When the captain. You answer that Michael fan -- coach they would answer. Of soccer coach Dave because if you heard I hope we -- at fourteen penalties for 160 yards in the first half that was the majority of the people go beyond that. On a -- and who's been here before. Sosa talk about that's likely had fourteen the first have. Eight the second half when united defensive back. That is illegal contact and needs heading going to be stricter they had meetings. Are you holding it didn't matter who's the captain AQB. Captain -- -- Captain America. Whatever it that -- had to add to David airbags did not offended but. Whereabouts. -- you make us feel that -- I'll probably look if Drew Brees who have been with three possessions in Portland. And then nobody would have been you know do try and two -- in the right in the -- Not not not not that big since may be a big game that is -- so you don't feel as desperate no -- -- had a good day without won't get my dad living guy every day and you -- If you're not as confident -- -- tried to do something illegal as far as technique did you get burden given the tires on that way. You went out and pick which is it about according -- papers they have bachelor again there -- in the -- and it. I will -- look at and. Yeah now why I ride it out -- that's what was so disturbing in numbing eight for 68 in an in ball game is man enough. But I mean you know that was what they did and secondhand but yeah he pulled for boxing the Peppers hasn't signed off and they might -- -- -- -- -- -- -- at eight for 68. That's borderline. That it's -- -- the -- -- meaningful football game right club but it's you on the bar lined up right yeah -- aides say is when you start getting nine in -- a hundred Dan did Indies started gave paying attention but I big government mean. Q is it. They get ahead not a single bit of that is -- have -- it was totally unacceptable no yeah. But noted no -- clean up the right but I mean we -- BC news and -- you know that is it at halftime but generally you know to a fourteen but he comedian -- halftime adjustments and -- the -- -- going you know. -- get out the network and you know I don't know what to say it does goes to steroid everybody's human being and and now Brad big -- He catches everything you thought IKI believe he dropped that touchdown pass right. The only catch you guys he -- jones' speed and I think -- -- and maybe they'll overcast. At it and this and a lot of times isn't out West Virginia in a car balance it's close it out and I you -- him so it was David is superdome lights blinding him. Yeah I mean there aren't a problem since Sonoma but I'm telling you folks. I was like shot could not talk show or. Six points he had one drop in three weeks and a slightly behind him and we've seen him excited nine catches. We drop -- time -- as -- come -- you and help right grip and not you got to make them play. All right time now to say go back to our station down the Saints radio network -- on the top list those in the Big Easy stick around from all of the point after. Final score New Orleans 31 Tennessee twenty fall for Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia visited New Orleans Saints radio network.