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8-16 12am Point After Show Hour 2

Aug 16, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk about the Saints 31-24 win in the preseason over the Tennessee Titans.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to a black and go radio 8:7 AM and 1053 -- them online at WW dot com final score. And the dome -- -- it was a Saints 31 at Tennessee Titans tone for jump on line at 260170. Texas and 87870. Emails up. Big chief AW WO dot com well okay issue I had matter where replay what's great Saints coach Sean Payton had to say following the team's 31 point four victory. All over the Tennessee Tynes became -- doesn't remember a game that had been many penalties in the -- of penalized 22 times. For 100 in 84 yards in the -- -- -- over there is quite -- they remember because it it would have been like a regular season record right all the football what it is think about that and the breakdown of -- the Saints fourteen penalties a 160 yards in the first half another eight penalties for sixty or. In the second half court -- -- basic thing it was painful to watch all the flips out about it let's look at some of the good things forcing five channel with the Saints defense. Yeah it's a game getting pressure on a quarterback for sex again tonight -- eight sacks for minus 83 yards. In two games and in the play of the quarterbacks combined tonight. Rye grass and into game distorted and a 423 repudiate all its. Three touchdowns. And no one set to veteran quarterback Luke McCown shot tonight twelve point a 117 yards two touchdowns at a rating of 109. Point eight. In the victory over Tennessee Bobby so is this battle gone down to the wire does anybody have the upper hand. DI thing is going down there OR -- -- if if bloop. -- and look at their Ryan grip than what they accomplished and I was to override Griffin Percy was thirteen in nineteen public touchdowns. He could have been sixteen in nineteen. I'm David there was assured two maybe three and I'm trying to be objective there. That he was that accurate that means. He's got to me to catch. And in a Brandon cooks on one Rose long balls even Andy ten -- is everything. Their balls behind him is that in there -- sentiment -- -- that have -- another. Penalty situation. -- Davis Daryl Jones I think he dropped a post route. The ball was right there. So what you know that there was a number of plays. That I saw it that Ryan grip than. That not only he should have made but he did the right thing that it's all you can do is get the ball there but. I roared in my notes and today I don't care who was Drew Brees. It was Aaron Rodgers. Peyton Manning Tom Brady. There was a 39 thorough. Them tell you look look around me. And nineteen yard tires on the Jimmy Graham they gave the Saints the lead fourteen to ten. That's -- they went right to replace Tony yards on on that and his start out things early in the count to promise him and at 39. He would Jimmy Graham. After about a small window that was a bag coverage. I'm not saying is the greatest video ever made by cornerback. But I tell you right now all of where everything is a top quarterback Aaron Rodgers Drew Brees Peyton Manning or Tom Brady the economy in a better throw than that. And that that it again gave the Saints the lead fourteen to ten. I'll also look him in the good about we have to look at. Member we've got the substitution with the participation charter -- -- us and again tonight to the best -- it in the league. In Napoli being Grogan Jahri Evans so I caught the game this week they'll meet the eight and also -- -- -- the difference was -- got the start tonight -- Senna and knocked him in the Ito. Now once sat tonight but in 82 pass attempt into -- wall and saying to talk about depth along the -- and -- -- -- so you could say. These three guys. Possibly that the first two weeks and see because one of the senate will win so. Got to meet today in Jones -- not star as can be Evans and growth so you talk about depth on the offensive line the tackle for the same street in homestead. But -- to pass that things it won't allow Wannstedt. Yes and in no way you look at how did you keep everybody in them because their numbers to -- I the cuts in mind they can make another team is that an ability to see that film. You'd notice it well and the things yankees this guy well. You know why don't we get these minimal we have. Mean that that that that happens all the time because the Morry could do. Now you look at Marcel Jones and and you look at originally. 6732 wanna -- like. Zach Strief. In that area of it immediately tackle and -- you provide -- there. That's Lavin. Element to a they over again in an amateur training camp it's better than nudges -- So that there's a lot of come visit to meet a big key is right now if you look at that than. The that tackle eligible when Evan at third tight -- depending on who's active come game day. Is. Who's going to be truly Tim need that third tackle. Because I think what all's said and done is that even close. That when you look at it to run -- -- extreme being that steady. But I'm Bryce Harris I mean he's a veteran Thomas Welch is a veteran laden the dark. Cars Davone rooks Wright but no it tackle a tackle you're -- there right now but I think who aren't they -- let me -- and Jones are right. So what I'm saying it they've gone and taken the ball go to a little okay to tune into priest now what you -- -- that's probably you'd wanna do now although. Marcelo jolt in the theory. Then -- he's played better gardening at tackle you know could he played tackle. As that third at tackle a close look at limited roster spot would -- Ross is but because of his value what he's done it on gas and not think Indiana all of a sudden it's okay we don't we get good guard. Yeah let's start work at him. On the back into training camp attack when we get value Woody's gonna go on the first two games might be his saving going right yep. Will come back over the phone lines and all of 31 Tennessee 24 give us should take its the point after on Saints radio WW. And welcome back to the point out the year all on Saints radio WW IAM at him and dot com final score it was New Orleans victorious. Over the Tennessee Titans 31 to 24. 2601878668890870. All the numbers too deep in ball. Now the Saints ought to know in the pre season coming up they are going to take on. The Indianapolis Colts one week from today and Lucas -- stadium Saturday August 23 to combat give a -- take. All on the New Orleans Saints and Tennessee Titans. Coach Sean Payton says Kennedy's. All the first sign of a team without discipline temple coach do you agree or disagree it's operating jaguar -- -- Online at WWL. Dot com a squeeze in a couple calls by the first and let's go to go to medal for Bobby Bobby thank you for calling. Hey I don't know about there about it -- yeah hello from Auburn -- I am and payroll would UC. Late in the depth sword for the quarterback we know orders its load we'd see him gone you know -- now Milan. Well. I still think it's wide open mean to tell you the truth they've both had their days. Hiding in all of a sudden running grip -- maybe it was have an edge at thought over Luke McCown. He navy to lower three days that was he wasn't at his best in West Virginia but you look in the gains in what he's done. You know it's a very impressive. I totally I thought. That even as accurate as he was. Thirteen in nineteen he could have been like sixty in nineteen. But I look at -- McCallum where he's at. Put it this I think both those guys. That. If you can look at. 32 teams jealousy. You got 64 quarterbacks. That I think in that number. That the play in -- -- now woods political about it think you don't wanna use of a roster spot and keep three quarterbacks -- that like last year. If you put relying grip and well on the -- describing some money insurers snaps them that much he's progressed. Going forward now. I think what could -- theory happen. That if he continues to go this way -- in his side. And put it is a grind over a little account the quarterback regular school. As betting against them we need Drew Brees. We have Drew Brees the hall of Famer. -- in net numbered go to school now that being said right at him in the count NFL quarterbacks. But I can't see them. The pre season is over we just played the Ravens in the enemy decisions that decisions. That I get -- him maybe let go look in the count it keep it right Griffin. Now what would happen. Some ever have a two drew now knock on wood god forbid. Whatever you wanna say. I don't know of the ages one to throw Ryan -- and how they might wanna throw mother even those who never played an actual regular season game. That type of pressure but now I think it would take that chance baby sit well with -- no one. Maybe take chances semis that the government -- So they weakened that we can bring back Luke does he knows the office. So then if it doesn't work out with the right group in then maybe we can put. Luke McCown and trying to protest the production whatever would take -- say like. Easy quarterbacks Damon will be out -- a year -- out. -- three weeks or month. This thing is speculating and as the approach. That they probably would take and that. -- the reason why you say that. Is because the progression. Of Brian Griffin and where he's at. Movement down. Ellis at like eleven games he started. Probably you know the regular season and he looked real poise out there to start the game and if you look at it. He leads the team tries to team down they go sixteen plays eighty yards. It's Jimmy Graham 36 that it the Chargers on the -- is seven to zero lead. So -- not that that's -- that's a good thing problem to have I guess when you learn about our with a scenario argued Tate is eating Kilgore. A look at a Kilgore -- that game from Middle Tennessee State. He might be the best fourth quarterback to -- have ever had in the franchise's history. Won't assess them oh no but I think devious and he can anguish on cant feel. Whoever who has already been. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is gonna get invited to another camp and maybe could be on somebody's practice squad in big Kabul and coming out of college -- make eleven. Earlier Kilgore has the Jets were eyewitness. I'm -- I'm trying to be half and pull out illegal you -- being a fullback -- them you know maybe if I've Thomas somewhere. While it -- you know me you know. For a quarterback -- -- -- play -- and a joke go to go to his -- -- incident that. -- -- -- But -- big week Joba talent. Now what I win is in practice. Watching him -- -- and field. Shawn Camp is that that in him. Yeah whenever -- so it's hard to say that but nobody's still laughter like old as say three or four years right. But so it is a lot of competition bottom line. I quarterback right now behind Drew Brees you do make it sound good to be viewed it back to have backed it up on the bonus go to -- Thank you for calling WW yeah. -- got eight tiger net with a. Well earned mostly. Eight ouster that -- that game on the radio. It is now what every player limit on network but there are just what are hurt it seems to me there Griffin. Is the current. Street more pockets patients into it quicker release where McAlister. He scrambled around a lot that he really can't chat where you want to go to the ball. But is. Is it -- scramble around those type unit that was like a bootleg of making it. Like all of tackle and and he was booting outside it's not really -- -- -- design. A play -- -- and it's in mind Brian Griffin I think born a quick release how to describe it. Is he naked the right quick decision. And how we step it up into the pocket. But a great I got a quick release you know that you know quick release. Its ally and I tell I -- someone. Who could snapping. Like Aaron Rodgers now that's a quick release. Even as good as Peyton Manning is even as Drew Brees. They don't stab that ball coming out like era rise that's what I sacred released I think. We're relying groupings more familiar -- -- it's become a second nature more confident. He -- seven in the pocket he's making the right read and the ball's coming out. So is there between a quick release it's a policy board to describe Brian Griffin. Is to make it quicker and right decision. While I didn't watch the game at a march in a couple plays we're pitching to me out. He's just great we are glad -- pressure. So tight and do you -- it down we got some comment thank you so much for calling a squeeze in Don and they -- Don thank you for calling WW. Odom and I Don well I think that -- that we know -- number one. Dale a lot of teams which ended up that we quarterback. And -- in the one job and wish that they can handle their QB so I'm not a word about you know who can who and I. Those who. I mean you know we -- second and third string quarterback and didn't you know beaten people bought it for a bit different to you. Are regularly -- we receivers we have so many receivers that we know we do like we like -- -- that you know. Probably died it's almost I got silly receivers that you can get a cut of the Saints and and and all of us and you know active roster as some Morales. Right interior line like you were talking about you know I mean we have a whole lot of options without interior line it was -- about that. But I'm not right now because I think they -- pretty good shape without imperial line. So forth then we know is we. Big on good gorgeous -- and making decent carry on. Base and his performance tonight acting out he's not going to Eckstein is not gonna play. Not a question that I -- able. Wow I definitely got to go back today now I can on this thing saint on -- team but you come up. Gonna play. I don't know you and there's a lot of there's a lot of good safeties and he you know. I'm a bit but they did you know. Robert he likes to. Yeah but make the team and -- saying -- -- -- late -- -- two different -- yet because I play -- -- -- right I heard it I do feel -- yes he got to be in the top -- -- and I wanted to best in the game he's not gonna be can't Eva character -- outstanding. Players that you got -- he's got better and Rafael bush if you look at there is bird. And and you can David Carroll is not that it Raphael bush. He'd be fighting with mark his ball in the lights that -- I don't think he's been involved all right well there one time on special teams. I argued today he had another penalty yeah. According got all over him because those illegal block in the back in. And he almost -- Italian -- Speculating here and like like he you know you're right -- -- you can do that we do it marked his ball about two games. He has two special teams tackles. You know you break down and you look at you know battle and I'm not. I mean well look -- carried forward. Powell in order draft picks it Kyle Knox. Mean he was a guy that time of the team and you know last year. Well he led the team in tackles at five and then and we're in. Recall his name on all the -- magazine in my dark cars last year Kevin -- and North Carolina all of those guys. Every one time we call pol. -- I got three or four times the one about Portland and -- yeah. The GOP didn't you know they gonna come out -- -- in the fourth straight USA. He might yes no reason that these endowment that that is -- is not a guarantee. Like when. You run defense. The wind chill out and as he cornerback than quarterback or you're not -- Well above that thing is. I don't know and in and maybe get develop a Stanley on bad teeth you know you know when you know -- tackles. And in if you look at it. -- interception. That that would that would have occurred. That the it was a one that would -- count him but he didn't appear -- that are and remember. And reflect back. But he is not that he. Well we witnessed -- it's everybody's healthy. And if you look in and obviously -- Patrick Robinson. Champ Bailey and Corey white. We went in his entire body is -- he was in bed and now he might eventually. Progress. And I get better name when you look. -- opening according white as a lot of hustle. Lot of fight but. He's gonna get picked on he got beat on when locker. When it was seven to zero were winning. They went seven plays 62 yards locker he would honor. And they'd be Corey widen in hundred did a great job to have to have getting his feet and it was led batting cover -- Corey white. I would do it right Adam. -- a four yard touchdown reception. So yeah what would cornerbacks. And they tell you know I think. And on now -- you might agree with -- -- Then you look at OK who like on the slot receiver who's actually a cover guy. I -- tell -- there's died three guys there and gave Carol. You know so even though gave a -- the safety he would be like the third cornerback and a different packages and how to get to utilize your outlook -- in -- -- You could see oil it'll be where -- -- the only way it would nick right causality right now when you get into a regular season. An all time and making him an all time. Both -- as long as their body will allow them to be as fresh as possible and is -- to coach and you know how to do it. You -- wall bird in the Carroll on the field as much as possible now whoever comes and annals of the packages whoever it may be makes his team that will be. Well those two bad. They playmaker. And we -- -- -- burner but yet you look now in the -- errors bird in Geneva are. You know what it might make things happen you've won them. At the now as the lights that would need to bring you Bulls know if they do but wait you almost have the mindset that you better with him being attacked yes and I have adios a way. That's not good -- with the Eagles liked the high schools to. Well it is -- on both ladies and only special teams everything you ever is that they never leave the field and Andy tell the coach. Coach. I think of tired -- and it becomes a no no no no no you don't go -- -- tadahito -- here and the coaches telling them go. I'm gonna tell you when you can be targets of lead back right because -- -- the best option. -- and -- the of like saga as we need you out there every play. Yeah let's go to on nick has been waiting on -- nick thank you for calling. WWL. Yeah our argued -- take -- number 20/20 on 290 yards and -- I've been an argument. I they -- and Edberg I was thoroughly impressed. How he had some zip on the ball you could -- to NFL warm. I mean now but it is -- zag Sandberg as these dosing him problems. I don't know forever be a top starter. But zag men Bernard can definitely. Have a career well into his thirties. What I mean by that like a double digit career. And he can be is lifestyle the only negative play. That that I seen was and that is right beginning when drive when he threw it to sincerity. But that interception but other -- that. Especially in the first half he is coming out like gangbusters. He ended up it's what it 25. Allies said right driven could have been sixteen in nineteen may burger. Could have been about 22. 25 he ended up 2252. Or 69 yards a touchdown. And an interception. Put this in the progression what I've seen is that men burner and how Cam Cameron I think helped develop them. Like Ellis he says a lot better competing for national championship. If he was still there. I mean and and I think he's -- good I don't know who beat out Jake Locker was gonna come about that. But -- but I know he is definitely. He's an NFL double digit awkward type quarterback he's in his future. Yes yes this or this he's not easy I mean maybe impatient with him he's -- the end and that's why they want. They want Jake Locker okay either you know you know you'd you do what are you get of the pot kind of thing Theres a time -- I would go to different direction. 260 point 78668890. Rates and the -- the number two game well come back tomorrow calls and we gonna replay what Saints coach Sean Payton had to say. At tonight's game at the last night's victory the Saints took over Tennessee Titans. 31 between -- it's the point out on Saints radio WW. Dunn isn't a bit. Mindlessly tonight and noon tomorrow will be on I'll be on recapping the Saints thought -- college football. I'll let him off from noon to three operated jaguar in depot coach -- there's been. Any penalties. All the first time. But the team without discipline and poor coaching do you agree. Or just a well and vote online at WW laughing yeah I know -- -- -- -- players it means well but as a form of Psycho and obviously coach Peyton feels like. You don't have to come to the media at the right team attention what he told him before he came out. He got the attention -- right -- this opponent because what he told him the last week before he came out spoke to the media. Obviously didn't translate. And that's why he called McGinest and I'm exposed yeah. No because every year is in year and that's wage -- get their attention. You know span and talk about it team to shoot to be a -- a game that my -- -- -- Jaguars not the Jaguars the modern day Raiders. I mean that that's why they're good enough just didn't back then -- this in what is on the though is no expectation this is an elite. France elite franchise expectations and its fans that we're talking about a coach Bobby in the last four years coach up to about the last four years coached. In the National Football League. Not well you've got to remember everybody else. In 111213. Sean Payton was nine team and eleven and thirteen -- -- twelve. He has more -- -- about anybody except Bill Belichick the Bill Belichick in the last four years and now wants to -- Sean Payton hands. At the 2009 seeds don't go back and look. Well I look at it at 88 elite franchise well then that's -- and. You know. You need to keep him respectively due to be demanding also of that. If we look at the Mercedes-Benz superdome. But the Saints haven't lost -- game at home Rangel our pre season now. Whenever you competing always gonna win. You gotta go back to -- -- painless and around and -- season final that are. Carolina Panthers -- December of 2012. Although we don't win and as I like well we play and Hart are we trying no. High expectations. And as a wasted -- because they're -- good. And and you gotta pay attention to detail one of those details. That coach they mentioned -- -- plus five and eternal Horatio. And you're only -- by -- touchdown from on. You should be up by three touchdowns. Seventeen to 21 points as I says seventeen at least. But now like Collison the -- still on the line. Because all the rules ridiculous penalties. Which I thought when I read that as you gotta be kidding me and I know it is pre season -- That the 22. Penalties that would have tied a regular season NFL record. 260178668890. Eights in the ease the number -- you -- about that broke these things down. Of the coaches in the National Football League who have won a Super Bowl in one of the last four seasons coached I mean Colombia flat drama Sean Payton. In that -- 2012. All of these coaches that have a possible one last who both Mike McCarthy is 44191. He won Super Bowl in 2010. Jim -- John Harbaugh is 42 of 22. He won a Super Bowl Leo was San Francisco 2012. Tom Coughlin is 35 in twenty. He won 2011 Pete Carroll won last year he's 3826. In of their group with a 4816. Record winning Super Bowl forty Ford 2000 Dan. Is Sean Payton so we see it is sometimes shall we wanna see these things do where when they do well we all feel better this whole state we all make more money. Everybody does it to -- effect it's an economical physical impact. But those numbers don't line we see me they saw in the company these last four years coached their three coaches in the National Football League. In the last four seasons they have coached. Have led their team to the playoffs in each the last four seasons they have coach you know little trio of Sean Peyton Bill Belichick and might call. Jim Harbaugh a job Jim Harbaugh has only been only three years with the foreign analyst John Harbaugh mr. for the first time. This panjshir John Fox has only been with -- -- Bronco but three threes. Well and the in any coach if you Olympic. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We were testing will look you can't win big -- turn over the ball by he's the main area. I think everybody's and I don't miss it I don't associate with the lights are on drivers at the end. Out and say I think he has the same mindset you come got a coach who went to a Super Bowl yes for the Cardinals so I mean he -- The ultimate goal for him to lead the team to -- Back to the -- to go Marrero for Mike Mike thank you for -- the point after on saint trio WW. Hello Mike. He got an okay which got. -- and so. I'll speak both men. I him to call -- golden -- teams coordinate and execute that I think this well. And -- -- terrorism. Great here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah they could be I mean I unum I don't know who knows this guy is the limo would rob Ryan's imagination. -- -- -- It's a test separately. It's it's I think he's in the club that secondary. With safety into her. It is Marty Nolan yet to go look straight in -- it's you don't have to beautiful three. You know it's you know -- he is right now as as those -- that rotate right direction of the media. Backers that are learning. You know on the circuit there. It anymore it's more about could -- even more of a quickness and Reid. Didn't -- planets the. Well the only thing is and -- dated so. Were you talking about you -- surpass. The -- that is Seahawks. And the 49ers. You know get a time I -- no matter what the conditions. They might only throw the ball. 2425. Times and is still gonna run. -- still plagued approach. That you better be out to stop the run against those kind of teams that's another about a lot of teams the reason why I say that. And I know -- -- catches Rob Ryan detention. In also Sean Payton. And after paying dead zone. Is a good RR what are we had -- got to get better. If you look. The Russian defense and you look at yards and all that but I look at average per carry against the Rams as good as we were five point one. Well the Rams averaged four point 750 yards and then against -- tied it at times tonight. Averaged four point two I think you mutually at times a stout team it's playing the likes of -- mold in Marseille it's in his Seahawks and and the 49ers at times. That we just got to be more stout against the run even though the the rules have changed. How it's a more open has -- league. But having -- time that thing bodes Sean Payton and rob Bryan and I we've seen him do in practice of that was against says pricing it's one another that they've played better against the right. -- for Robert thank you for calling WWL. -- they robber right but he -- about him that you Archie Manning has questioned the -- -- about a year girl yesterday Christian -- no don't call about that. So be sure market discipline. I mean coach -- -- so. First of response. -- it seems like they're not. In his in the first two isn't -- it is not. They're just -- and being around each other vehicle -- years ago. They're gonna trade target there than go the you know lack of self discipline as the season wears on and start playing games in their computers in the room regulars. Well I -- -- Robert McNair right now if you go on the road I Cleveland. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Johnny gummery rubio on the side over and it's always -- -- we. Please lord no. I will they'll come back it's the -- -- Bo were gonna replay coach Tom -- post game. Press conference the point after New Orleans 31 Tennessee Tony fall. On Saints radio WW Rio and welcome back the point after here on Saints radio WW donate 70 AM FM 1053 and on the net. At WWL. Dot com do you Kasey Kahne Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia -- jaguar you -- coach Sean Payton says any penalties. All the first sign of a team without Desmond or coaching you agree or disagree -- vote online at WWL. Dot com before we hear what coach Tom -- had to say it's squeezing a couple -- call let's go to Mike in new walked Mike thank you calling debuted -- Hugo. Then you're out there and -- All -- talk about those penalties. You know forty years or have a pretty good wrong things Saints and everything. And coming up might think -- raise your level like. From start to finish that game -- -- -- doubt that the Saints had his game on the way up without Taylor about things. So I mean with the penalties and starting point at some -- some penalties that went out and about one try to make a statement and you know what he's trying to produced throughout the year went out. But I mean it was trying to -- being introverted player -- work out of -- game inheriting what's coming up for the upcoming season and also give the coaches. A reason to get down on the team activities. I. Talked. You know to keep him humble. I think people you know a lot of gains a lot of players I don't read the newspaper and -- By example about the Bob is the best things seem on paper and stuff. So really differently to go to doctor really to push this game a lot Wada. Because like solid you know the first two games like totally solid no penalties no not. They -- kind of maybe picked up on the boards saying you know we're really that good. They're really get an opportunity for the coaches to really jump on them to push him so much talk that they've got really not act. Right that's America today yes or I don't really -- but I think at the two games though they'd probably like to jump on about some -- yeah yeah -- and at that the only thing is listen coach patience -- and -- -- -- from a psychological standpoint. And he's gonna get. Of the team's attention this is -- way he can I mean just goes to show you. That used -- when you have five turnovers. The year all part of the united talk about the penalties and you look at it. A force in those five to handle that as the Bulls by. A Saints beat visited priest he's got to go back to 2002. They did that against Miami that's over a decade. And and you look at the Saints had only five takeaways in the regular season the post season twice in the last decade in here we are we should be glorifying that. -- is because when you have -- discipline. 22 penalties. That you -- The kind of -- of the five takeaways and the rules I followed the Saints 31 point four victory over the Tennessee Titans Saints coach Sean Payton addressed the media. Obviously. -- that was painful to watch. I don't I don't recall. I can't recall ever game with that many penalties and here's the thing. Most of ones I saw were good Colts. So this this is obviously this isn't about a crew. Call a lot of penalties this is obviously. Something I've got to do better job with because look will find ourselves that the short end of the game. And then wonder about our offseason goals and what happened. And we won't be able to we won't know when exactly it happen. And yet. You'll hear it in a pre season game twenty I don't think I lost track. I lost track. So. I've got to do better job in that area and it'll start on Sunday. It'll start on Sunday any questions. Absolutely is a big listen. It was it was it's the first sign of a team that has no discipline and that's if that's the first sign of poor coaching. It's the first sign along with the quarterback center exchange next question. I'm very upset. Well would that make sense -- would you be upset. Yeah I was. Particularly. We just talked talked about it. This question. The ball. Okay. Now listen here here's -- number for you ready five takeaways and hear me -- five takeaways. Worth the nine minute mark in the fourth quarter were up seven. We say that again five takeaways. Nine minute mark in the fourth quarter upset. And listen. Who will say they -- we get to the regular season it'll clean itself up. That's that's. Silliness. Crazy. I thought there were some good at this and I thought both. Luke and Ryan did a lot of real good things come. I thought they both located the ball well. I think you saw in Luke's series in -- and make some plays outside the pocket I think with. Brian you saw him step up maybe -- time get the ball down the field a little bit so I think there's a lot of positives. To coach off of based on. Not look at the tape but just first impressions. I thought the coverage on kick golf was average or a kickoff coverage was average. Lot of lot of returns you know the one into the end zone. Within that we enforcement upon but. I can't count how many times yeah we've got to take away. Or. Early on -- you know got a field goal or touchdown so there weren't many punt return opportunities. But. Look in fairness to that I think. That's easier when you when you put the tape on you start looking at individual matchups -- but I just felt like the from a kick off coverage standpoint. It was it was poor. Those were perjury and encouraging you got behind the defense was Raanan. You know was able makes -- make a few plays that we've seen you make you know prior is injury so I was pleased with. What you play. Well. I I don't. We don't if you remember way. Certainly we like his speed I think he's physical and can block those who do combinations of your receiver. But I think more than anything. Was important for us in the -- of processes. How's it moving in and tonight we saw him. Do do a few things we're urging I would say for him and then again without having looked at the tape I think it was a a real significant step for him in the right direction and I think. That type injury he had was pretty significant. Wells I thought -- play a lot better than last week obviously was around the ball here a couple minus yards plays in the run game. -- turn over. It looked like he was relaxed -- last week and I said this. Whom during the week practice I felt like he was in position but he was a -- count either behind. Or miss in the tackle and I felt like tonight. It was much better. We'll see in the in the kicking game plan tonight was to play through those safeties quite a bit and I think we will do that. -- Just our decision. There -- No I mean if you look at the total snap count. It's easy to say -- to play two quarters. We felt like we wanted to play them. You know what at least in the high twenties. Sometimes that varies on offense and defense one group might be in the second phase the other group might still be in the first base just based on snaps but. We were close to half of football I would say that that was planned. Hey it's just -- -- obviously looking got to pay attention to it. You got to pay attention to -- I gonna pay attention to it it's that so. You know it's it's. Look it's tough. When you when you hand out forty tests in your teacher everyone gets a -- -- You look at what you're doing. You know. So obviously. We've got a lot of work we've gotta we've got to the cover. It is what it is. It is what it is you see don't take it was it was painful -- painful for for fans sit through pre season game like that. -- that was. Talked about last week he ran particularly well I thought. Tonight. Look at look at the tape but he's healthy in tennis have said that ten times now. And I don't know that -- wants. He's healthy. Last last year -- -- -- season who struggled with a with a foot and it is is it got healthy. We saw. His performances. Heal up better. Then we'll see we'll see it. -- Those civics. As thanks. Saints coach Sean Payton addressed in the media seven minutes and 27 seconds after the Saints 31 point four victory. Over the Tennessee Titans and you know Bobby this brings me to policy. You woes. Maybe only a sentiment Texans is this lasted the -- the financing coach Payton missed. May be a little. Little more adamant in that one but -- -- him saying you know we have a high higher expectations but it's not a ball that the defense. It was count almost as I guess you'd say. Tonight. In his post game that that's what that reminded me over the pre season of the years back -- -- -- losses for the Texans and he was listen that he is trying to educate the -- He instead. Like Imus have been like painful to watch -- that Rick dutrow they gave Wigan only and I when he -- anyway like Dominic expanding them and if he can be present when you have Ethiopia. Says event and I mean he didn't -- Brecht he's he's the. Yeah and they don't. Talking about his production now to be truly objective. Ingram got off against the Rams in I get off is that kind. At a time to have wanted to beds for a seven handler -- best. -- -- You know -- got to look at how many cares how many touches them. Five carries nineteen yard three point eight average. When you throw int eight carries. Three more cares 83 yards -- -- ten yards -- carry -- that Rams game. You know it's well like I -- he's healthy. Last year everyone's on him and myself with. It really goes on like that behind closed doors and we will now okay what kind of injury a player's -- England. So you know you fight through that but he says he's healthy now that when we learn to -- him -- need any -- Bruce yet it yet -- supposed to -- -- -- is not in good in being the right there. So right now him being elevated that you would expect that. Marketing is gonna come out of the gates will. Yeah you know at Atlanta and Cleveland whatever. Notably by organizing at a restaurant or at the -- though nobody judges the ball up for and care yes and don't tell lead -- totally carries. Because against the Rams he had eight carries and -- didn't have yards a carry so those they got to get warmed up. On you know so get there again as the thousands -- -- twelve carries. Averaged 45 yards a carry all the you're doing your job those I used to coach back in the day will be calling. Him a totally went into the back -- You know -- -- yeah. Let's go to Tony on line three Tony thank you for calling WW ago. Well Indy. You know on the net and in. Ideally the restaurant that beat -- And ignorant but in -- -- -- that it does that give it up some plays where. The opposing quarterback you know went wide open in the flat there I was wondering. -- -- -- I'm. -- well it's Curtis Lofton but. To say to each week and analyze what coverage they were in. Now I thought at times I'm just speculating he might have been out out of position at times. Ramon Humber. You know they come on and gave a lot of snaps. -- Curtis -- and ended up with six tackles. A three unassisted. But if you look at it I think. Coach -- bit. And coach rob grind -- the best out of while I'm mag is but to say. That we have a this a Pro Bowl type player. In the wings are waiting just to be. Awarded that a put it this way. And I'll tell you this is what it's all said and done. I look at which team is structured. The Tynes got way better linebackers -- and I'm not it is going now in my opinion this will arrive red. About their common accomplishments. And from a national perspective. How they proceed. Michael in Mississippi thank you for calling WW. And yeah I just want to -- from. What you thought about that don't -- -- Graham. You know at that didn't know -- that you know -- -- I mean I don't know all especially now but -- -- stupid penalties yeah I mean unit that the fans love you got your money you don't have the delicate black and gold its yeah not now by winning game -- when it goes spike that ball at it and they go Portugal poston and they might UK -- The old pulls it back to me it don't hear him -- India the game using a week ago. On goal posts mean he can't do nothing more. The nothing -- lot of these scores Kenny breakdance this Olindo came -- on the team -- law. Gamble that. -- yeah they would head is going to capital flight and all you -- you when -- route like he's got a -- at the passes and beat this as it is they would ever notices that -- that. But if you go to ago oppose the world have actually touched the hopefuls that would be like that abuse the abuse in this era. -- -- -- -- -- Like out like you know ice and -- is it out alive that -- would -- assuming he's anywhere in the game -- the bullet. I Somalis are about one of my -- back tomorrow from noon to three -- about the Saints. Victory over the range how -- the Titans you'll recap everything we talked about tonight nuanced article on and Tennessee 24 for -- gala -- maximum ought not. I'm big Bellamy has always done by the cage -- Bobby a -- -- that we elation well goodnight people. David threw it well every season and that's out to about.