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Aug 16, 2014|

Today, Don gets reports from the local fishing spots in our coastal area.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good Saturday morning welcome to another edition of the outdoors wood on to the radio program now in that 26. Year of bringing you all the information you need before you head out to them washes in the woods in the bayous and we got a great show lined up for this morning much of events going on today on the Louisiana wildlife federation an organization which animal lifetime member. Is having its annual. Conference and convention it's time for the 75. Year in west -- of the Hilton garden in. And if you're gonna be -- might wanna stop buying in check out some goings on there they're gonna have dinner tonight. Featuring the winners of the wildlife Federation's photo contest. And also they'll be discussed in some of the resolutions that they'll be putting forth one next year's. Consideration in the legislature in Louisiana. That is only one event going on that many others of course the big ride the bull. Extreme kayak. Tournament number five this will be taken place in common out of pass in grand out. Last count there will close to 700 people signed up on should there be some more this morning with a conditions very good decision. Got good reports of a lot of big bull reds in the past so that should be a good one. Back we'll have two reports come and they attach Cormier are probably apparently reporter. It's going to be updating us on the latest there as well as Thomas -- who was on vocational bit later on also the Louisiana sportsman saw. Salt water series put on by the department wallets and fisheries they'll be taken off a little while from the delta marine in empire trying to -- to two. Have you slot red fish that is not getting late in the series they've got one more. Qualifying turn and then they'll be headed down the minutes for the two day championship. We also have a big sportsmanship on festival and exposition. Going on at the allow -- senate opened up yesterday afternoon continues today and through tomorrow that's more -- going to be a little bit later on this afternoon. That's some of those special law outlaws -- -- -- license holes and on not a -- Storing the purchase Europe. New fishing licenses for this year as well as a hunting license this is a little plastic protective that you slide those. Paper receipts that's all you basically get -- cash register. In those to keep from Bryant's days to stop by a -- CBS. Foreman has long does that last probably passing bills out. Also on the web page -- the outdoors guy dot com. If you haven't seen it yet we've got some of those radio photographs from a recent Alaska cajun invasion trip we've got some salmon and soc guys and silver salmon and halibut also some -- -- -- to take a look at their. And we thought deep into our new poll question. A rundown the results of that for you if you wanna cast your vote simply go to -- to those guys dot com -- choice and cast your vote. We also have the winners of last weekend's -- journalism contest I'll always -- Outdoor writers association sponsors that every year that people who will be taking over. My job in the jobs of all the outlook communicators in this state. I -- in and make some really good stories and excellent photography. You need take a look at that also the male and female partners of the year. A brother sister combination this time you see their pictures and read this stories to. -- a calendar lots of events coming up over the next couple weeks and that. Weekend of next weekend is another one whether it's just an awful lot of events will run them most for you. And I have finally got details those of you who have been asking. Balance Dog Day Afternoon. Number so it'll be on held the top of -- crane creek hunting preserve. -- got all the information contact details that cost. And I suggest you call early if you wanna get signed up to you have is opening weekend they'll run in the state of Mississippi. Also the use front. Extravaganza that Iran -- we get details on that the entries coming in fast and furious. A great opportunity three hunts that Ryan is all opened up his lodge for some. Twenty use to her on the use -- that'll be November 7 and eighth. Coastal marine forecast coming up as well as your favorite feature bad boy the outdoors and arrest has been made you know last couple weeks we -- Soliciting the listeners to provide some tips on. Voting in Enron case that took place in. Livingston parish well they have made an arrest will pass them along for you also a little bit later on we'll tell you about hunt fish talk that's program follows this one. -- billion out Lyle Johnson will be discussing. What the heck is going on without speckled Trout this season. -- tell you some T and usual whether it's August this year but there's certainly some welcome whether it's certainly beats what the option could be an issue forecasts -- got a broad area high pressure's been built up over the Gulf of Mexico throughout this weekend. The -- is gonna stay over the coastal waters through the end of next week. So today you'll -- southwest winds five to ten sees only one for a lesson just a slight chance thousand comes on throughout the day. That forecast remains in effect. Pretty much throughout the weekend winds might get a lot of ten to fifteen and believe -- you may -- Google did breeze with the hot temperatures were expected and but the season gonna remain fairly low which is great for offshore fishing. And it has been some very good offshore official gave that a little bit later on. But until sometime later in the week on a much changing and that is some good news got a great time it rains today -- with -- all of that being said. Let's talk to -- Sanchez and found out what's been going on down in the hope dale. -- and -- Darian and I got to tell you in researching this week looking to solve this mystery of what's going on last speckled Trout. I gotta say your area has probably been in the most productive -- -- -- in Coca Greenspan -- Late -- issue everywhere object there's been more success in catching Trout. By your area than anywhere else and that it -- days to open is still. As far as the place where I would send somebody if they definitely -- speckled Trout viewers got to be number one. Well you know I mean. -- -- -- parents would see these things and look at what you trying to beat it it will weren't pretty. And you know. -- younger big money. Bill and it -- Rico audience that against. A lot of small thing you do that we clearly and consistently and -- a little gullible audience. And there are a couple of months I think there are very fault could be among a small -- -- Yeah I agree with -- and smoltz is hanging in there and they gonna be me making a move outward and taken a -- and and yet it was going to be coming back in the -- -- -- Looking good one thing that's -- puzzle this year. You know we usually get a really good strong -- by then I just haven't really heard that this year. No error -- you know everything -- solely in you. And in. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know everything was late -- being -- -- Yeah. Well it's going to be interest in the see what happens when we get into late summer early fall that Indian summer period. You know boy if we could get some of these schools temperatures start mommy and I went out with Dallas out Tuesday. And it was absolutely comfortable no sweating enough that I mean until it got that -- get straight up it was like a -- -- Yeah here who really really nice split -- that that affect the situation a little bit because they don't act. Your record it's incumbent and put together a west wind blow it may be an -- -- that the book would be like as the southeast. Well -- and that's not to say that everybody we send out that leaves Joseph launches gonna come back in with a 10020 obstacle truck. Adding -- happened but there's going to be some will find them and he just got to keep moving in I guess that she would be the year the burning of the gas you just gotta keep moving in finals agency located. -- prepare I think what britney's behavior. -- months while -- -- the picnic picnic and now that. Na -- like you're at it and that Fisher. But here in Iran dollar and these votes are so rare select file an appeal. So yeah. You know pure play your data prepared yet. Well what about an alternative volume a lot of times it's Beckel Robert short supply -- white -- -- fill in revealed what was the story on on whites. While it get it why Trout up in the Biloxi mark could see plenty more a couple of rocks. They get in court if you that would turn out that way too and there you'd get a slightly below where do you find them. And who bail -- small -- that they had religious. You know at that we -- Yeah and I know people who just simply don't want Y trial they'll throw him back like art in which I think is silly. If you take good care of them get a minute good coal -- clean them up real quick nothing wrong memento. Well -- that and it got -- and did the trick is regular reason why when rates are at war all -- -- year. He gave -- this you know Stu scale. He goes and stayed together. Where she looked absolutely. You know because a lot of people we've gotten way. Yeah I can remember at one point five years ago. Everybody used to get those little steal and plastics Taylor's -- he's great ball skills off the two left the scandal. And yet Rodham with the scheme and and everybody went to feeling and in just you know got all the skin often -- bones -- muse. It's easy that way but on a white -- particulates really basking in the count holes together. You know keeps it from getting that mushy fall point tonight situation. Yeah I mean and they -- Eden is here you can do what was well. You're -- like this morning it's -- that manipulate women got the belly and happy to meet her straight rightward going you know but look next year. Well we -- in that time of the year with football season where. A lot of people like to include big big Trout Fries out of the tailgate parties and mr. going to be able locate the speckled -- my suggestion is. Phil enable the white -- get them get them on ice early put a minute goats Lorie keep the embryo -- that meat stays firm. And as you say if you don't mind their little skit on the finished scale. New easy enough to scale most of a pretty small and identical war. -- you know it when -- when -- Eric -- -- in -- it changes the pace of the rich and happy Miller. And related. And rapper that was -- -- repair or Hitler's cook witnessed it or it was a whole different -- it was so so much that. Good roles in this -- -- is definitely a lot of flavor in the skin of traditional about a month. -- Glenn looks like everything else good any other precautions -- things we need to know the people that might be headed out this weekend. Just make sure they stay hydrated and so on screen credit is -- you know and and actually at the war. You know in Italy and need to just make sure they do in the answer to pick it right. -- and the sand flies to -- -- -- -- coming. You can emulate ever got that this. -- -- -- -- cells go from a friend -- -- like everything's do we have a great summer and hopefully it'll continue on thanks so much the report is always we've -- it. And Sanchez he's down with the Breton sound Marines hope they'll get to debate its supplies that your advice before you head out. Speaking of advice -- bush was always got a lot of he's going to be -- video seminar given plenty of advice for the area coastal conservation association next week it will tell you win and win. You can meet the man in person. He's making a living anyway he can jam -- bush once told me I was looking at your fishing reports postal Omar website in that lady -- that purple shirt open gorgeous speckled -- -- -- -- out there a line out of the islands. If you would. And change up with a bit you know a -- -- -- there was not a lot of -- a lot of the big -- And they announced actually 13. -- his converting on some 200 -- and again. Little zoom really did well you know he done. -- recommend -- intimate format every -- it and I'm not armed well today. It complained yesterday include gravity that's weeks and her spot to fish and and under Reagan and -- on kitchen. Stop ornament -- -- and also mental and Obama and -- slows think you know the big east Malek a local impact as it is there's a minute -- intact. And -- -- -- -- and it's actually kind of weird about fishing and fill out they think really. And you do not think. He hit that it would. Just like a Diane bogey and they shouldn't put up on the way down and it takes 32 brigade as slow what are your column makes any difference. In they would -- that those are productive bat -- -- -- a lot. Because you know really make it play and moan don't not and -- my -- on -- two. Economic side boards though it out and let it sit there vertigo. And and bank. -- -- and review -- productive yet but it probably the biggest technical grounds of the based on the -- yesterday we had some bullets and I get a guy and you know normally when he's away -- -- -- Oregon man and a current blue you know that nearly all hectic. He got -- guys and advancement in Lebanon and that. He does and I think -- anger like laser -- that Scopes and competent and and you know and then. So we didn't mean that -- -- from the mountains down by had a big trying yet and it's going to name -- -- fissionable laden grew. That's Kim gets and gaseous layer not Latvia. It it happened yet and now so broad that aren't in my confidence is equipped with the outlet for eighteen years and -- didn't -- it will discover. Miller caught on me and let me ask you if you -- position -- -- -- -- and you've been headed west and all of solution on the Tivoli is staying in -- Bob -- in -- -- and last -- places. What -- last year I I just a kernel of -- -- -- and earlier. Because they're the -- wasn't good on thousands and political thing is really so obviously it was terrible. I didn't make interest sixes and page vegetation around a long are a partition it was really up on election this year. Adopted every town has its. The -- -- package to win. So I'm I'm Breton and go -- and get pressure treat nations that are based in direct. So right right now I think on you to bring when you weren't that the problem in the certainly grew into the. Raj Shaw a week celebration I'm. About celebrations that are. Hey there -- -- we caught some red finish and they'll accruals sultan was him -- I don't think it was sharks don't think it was more dolphins. Because yeah the sharks with a condiment -- that ball you -- clearly both sides teeth marks. Appellate they've had that -- open looks like I -- Yeah yeah -- admitted to examine the -- eight get rich he don't get enough yet. Allows folks to heaven a real -- they went -- got the fly out and do the certification -- speckled drama you can have him inside and low seed area exceptional tonight Israel it's a great round trip. Understand you're going to be making a presentation on next Tuesday going to be at the fox has been in -- -- will -- at the CCA members. Yeah which I interviewed -- only -- Some support you know make it back soon enough but adds that -- Putin's bark and he alone out there. But it will be up into Manhattan you talk now about cooking. Politics don't -- last week we Charlotte Schilling yeah actually smokes and Spanish macro which in my in my books is distressed patient. You know that's -- -- yeah yeah I think they'd get a book. Well on The Daily Show him on vastly too we did that we cooked catfish would look at this cool beyond any made Lanka. I don't know -- catfish -- it geez it was -- that yeah we unity ticket -- came muddy ground up to camp finished mixed with mail and taught us Austin. It was come sticking sliced and put on crackers and a guy you went back on his late into the show where they aren't nice beautiful place. It which at peace you know importance as -- -- in terms of it's -- you know some option appears that I don't know it. But I was impressed that the way it tasted really. -- -- -- to a -- and -- and and that that product management has pact would take a look you can smoke -- -- -- -- and. Keeping he eliminate any saying he's good he really. Didn't get or a career. That he's fun guy he's a fun -- to be around. Well yes no doubt and it doesn't get Bernard argued against output now we get both on and today we've been -- it finished India and school and around editors aren't they like today. It's just that is -- boats around it. We got that call in Obama beat patrolman that it would never. I'm -- and a couple of my black and balanced as always throws that not then the deadly in the Balata. -- around it rather entries Simon big by the number of buying apple going to be the -- adult today. In the let that date can't believe I'm not going to pull my pants and and Megan Megan I got it today I'm gonna do and -- this. And. Including -- -- -- a little bit of a -- alone. I had -- that you do the big basement. -- level above and not think and Iowa Illinois and much it was stated they have not -- not. He never got a big fears like that of the -- -- -- -- day. A little work we'll farm out. He ran good luck to him and now will get some of those pictures will actually funnels pictures. Comment go to web site and Susan Acker in my dispose of that grant -- -- yesterday and they torso they're there in that FaceBook -- to a fishing charters on it but give it. Not afraid to get the other request -- be on the move which you know and a the bill as -- and aren't done a viable for 301 charge X one floor wondered. How oil is -- you know these days are. -- Nazi Nancy are good and good for. They -- all have a good trip today or catch up which in next week in the you know trying to you know stay out of trouble. They're written there haven't -- the next week. Hi Mary goes all the Louisiana man checking out he's going to be he gets back into from the -- Slidell. August 19 Tuesday at 6 o'clock he is asked I pilots to agents -- I do want to direct you to Lama web site on the -- guide dot com. You know we kind of worked it in conjunction with the radio program allows us to show you pictures and catch a lot more information that we normally wouldn't have time of war on the radio. I'll we have posted -- when he thirteen Louisiana youth hunters of the year the photographs of Chloe Slater of prime deal. Are her brother received the male youth -- of the year award. He went on to duck hunt she went on a deer hunt read this stories it's right there on the home page. Also we have the results of the Louisiana helpful writers association youth journalism contest. There are two SA categories. Broken down by age and photography competition. Today that photography competition. Those photographs or as good as you'll find in many magazines. In newspapers shot by professional photographers. Check it all out is right there on the home page on the outdoors guy. Dot com and we come back from this quick station identification prospects -- right to tell you about you wanna. -- trip and enjoy some of the outdoor activities gone in and around listening area in front of mind -- worked in radio with many many years Bob DelGiorno was the promoter and founder of the Louisiana sportsmanship on them how many total years probably equals the thirty years Bob and the show. About finally retired he sold the show. It had moved after Hurricane Katrina he had held and in the real irrigate senate for many years and moved into Louisiana Superdome where was best known. And due to the destruction of the go home doing Hurricane Katrina he moved it up the -- Lamar Dixon expo center in Gonzales and kind of found a permanent home for up there. Last really avoid in the city of New Orleans there have been some poll shows that as far as all around. Sportsman shows that have the hardening in the archery in the camping in the grilling cooking in more. Really hasn't been one -- doesn't attempt now to bring it back this will be the first one it's called the southern sportsman's. Festival in expo. It's going to be at the allow aerial sun would set some pretty nice it's got to Lakeland -- on it right there on very scenic Hawaii cement. And is it opened up yesterday at about 2 o'clock. It goes today the hours today the doors will open at 10 AM this morning and will run through tonight and tomorrow and opens all again. At 10 o'clock and shuts down at 6 o'clock tomorrow. Only ten bucks to get in you can get actually three day pass for fifteen dollars. Kids under six get in free. -- kids up to sixteen now six and sixteen it's only five dollars and if you a military personnel with -- ninety. You get infant half price and only five bucks now that's going to be ducks are limited gun raffles. Survival training. There's going to be dog demonstration gone on live music and of course what would be -- way excess of food in the a south Louisiana celebration of any type but you can also shop some of those. Hard to find the item with the Euro on our bowl -- fisherman. A -- you can find that all right there it's going to be August today sixteenth and seventeenth tomorrow. It is called the southern sportsman's festival in expo. Are -- are wrap up and not turn the switch is off -- the radio show I'm going to be on my way there'll be there all afternoon so. Come on by in the look me up say hello I'm gonna have some of those license holder is for you there -- so. Take advantage of that also coming up by next week we've got we mentioned the CCA coastal conservation association is gonna have that. Event going on Slidell and if you want more details on finding the location of Fox's Dan. In the prices forced a slide -- chapter does great job Ron Harris -- avid fisherman Slidell. Called -- at 985640. 64 all five we'll go to the website and you find out -- directions and details that's going to be 6 o'clock Tuesday. On the -- capital feel great slum record to finish orders also going to be making a presentation. Then the sugar chapter of CCA is gonna have this banquet that will be this coming Thursday at the Kate community center in saint Martinsville. Opens up -- 530. Dinner and auction night at 7 o'clock tickets is sixty dollars for prison and it does include a full one year membership. In to the CCA sleek and stopped by -- stories. Mean to pick up some good merchandise at the CCA chapter banquets. I come back after this Jeff bros gonna join a suspicion Alabama those of you listening on -- Alabama affiliate. Listen up or if you want Michael triples side trip from Louisiana and that's from Alabama -- just gonna have some in full forty. And -- Saturday morning we get a little bit of a challenge from that -- tartar sauce and Jeff rule on it helps us so overcome that he joins us now and get a few. In Alabama yet get -- some of that night time efficient. -- -- and that he needed it that when it that. The man one warned that the man at the church. 1100. -- And greatly Miller declined. In the sport news or in the column that war broke the kind of plumber over -- oh yeah. They ordered that her story there's this story and her word go about daily you know just look here we've reached it it -- -- you about it via -- in the political order by Lou and -- certainly. So within the river campaign and I'll pick through it one -- -- -- in. Drug them on the net to straight pretty difficult there -- and for the the world we -- Some -- state -- -- who grew and then we went on the well and insist that night -- -- Before -- they better -- that we got what it is -- its elements of -- -- Louisiana as appearances beaten the vote difference. Well that's really good -- list goes on -- six point five some talk on our affiliate station in mobile and by the way as a Sean Solomon does shall immediately following this -- -- localized show I'm interested to hear about that. -- -- -- about vision at night you know I've always found when efficient night man it's just you've got to be pre rigged and you gotta be ready because you know -- the lightening thing. You can't go out there and expected tile -- rigs and eleven dark and bring -- lights and all that stuff do you rig up when you finish and. Well I think he. They have the great with blah blah. But without but last week you poor -- or aren't they get these black light they actually at its commitment to put into their. They're certain. He Ely England but bill. Well posters music he would. Which he gave you Rick. Pretty much it. It's that are very -- -- -- -- order and that stuff matters is that they can inform them here. Also is that a path for. Lot of -- -- from countries that are important for the war built in work in them a letter opener. Well could include the and throughout the repeal as opposed to make that call you. Much keeping the -- like -- your -- there might be pounder might feel. He pounder but there's. Mama out with -- -- and here's that is extremely on this. Well it's a good drill on how to fish but you'll rather than -- side is unit is basically the only element you've got. With just a little bit closer back to your home grounds are pro revoke what's what's gone there has been up and down this year is -- up -- -- down his name on the move what's happened. There's so little -- for a good that we in the Caribbean athletes compete on Sunday. Particular make the -- But the -- a girl port next week -- that's gonna help. Felt that area if you own that we you know obviously that glory and -- the look it would states there where -- but he can't order early amendment that the other people and it -- we -- not -- and painting them -- -- core areas. It's on you know he's been pretty cute and that's that it's perpetuity concentrates that -- at least potentially -- whether. Yeah so don't -- -- right early in the morning maybe go to the martian and once the sun gets up close them beaten down and up to the woods in in the -- How about the -- awful lot basin man that is really get low -- really fallen out element that was sent me. The reports that there are together stupid little ball but it with the statistic. Keepers but it is that they -- the kind of struggle. The vote sportsman of the year but for. Reports that you know just small -- -- the majority on the right point and sometimes you get that needle and -- if that you look at the on. I'm here. It's been from Google or some of the -- -- -- -- oval where people money could be. -- and likely that the -- or rent it Serbia. And its. Yeah and -- in the -- that are great and that's terrific. Like that -- points and at a church during that search. Good stuff what about tournament wise when we got coming up. Other point that are better chance breakdown on the east purple. That's something that I have right now it's doubtful that school -- that was the console got a remote that that. Well all the winner current series or -- it and he got there but it can't that be more that colonel Greg is on the radio. I -- get another -- tournament entry in combat champs are going to be haven't won on September 6 at Gulfport -- fluent in the individual trail tournament me. Guarantee you a thousand bucks first place what do you know about Gulfport lake I don't think about. I don't know much about. It's been Pascagoula river there's some I'll be in the and that's the -- that. There's several call or -- to Jordan River that's in the river rebel -- very. That's a lot of go where they -- Combatant or this or parliaments from the result of saying. Over the election your. It's 1012 demonstrator that there but it's really mark he populated area so you -- -- -- pay attention -- -- Don't like this little political and at some days and some buddies went to the that is it's you know -- marchers. I don't know he can run early in the there was a federal. That triggered. A lot of it is so small and so there are two. From the important result meant to treat its -- back. Yeah my own good deal. We'll just hope you get some sleep the only trouble financially and on the days -- you've been finishing ninth. Topics now and go back to -- so little you know he didn't know about these. -- accidentally. And there has immunized term. That would get this problem all right. I could -- the -- in the open and it in the -- -- We'll talk to you when you get -- Jim thanks so much that report which hurt her. -- there's -- up and northwest Alabama built some vast vision for us up there on his reports have brought about Berkeley they are division -- -- of -- -- they've got all kinds of brands all star Berkeley Fenway all the gulf lineup Johnson Mitchell and you name it Stabile Shakespeare strand. Trial Alina ugly stick fuel fishing and most proud. Over 22 countries -- largest and one of the best fewer fish I coming back get to this got a completion while talked doubt carpenter about. -- Jack -- I just opened it up August 1 is getting ready to close. And also about sex is separation big meeting coming up in Baton Rouge. We'll talk to him about that and get -- report on the Randolph nation and we're gonna head on down to ground our got lots of things going on include the -- ride the bull X scoring five kayak tournament and other things to talk about we're joined by. Captain Darryl carpenter also president of Louisiana -- association good morning captain Darryl you. There -- mornings are. And those that did this morning about -- had over the winter we had any day. Absolutely first thing I wanna talk about a greater -- Jack just open the season August 1. Are projected to be closed now on Monday August 25 -- the same situation with -- as we always -- plenty plenty of them out there. In a bad day and a causing them and give us some very very short season all on and on target. No I think it's an overreaction remembered it's not the science situation with Brett -- amber drag you probably need strikes. I think a large part the over harbors where an amber jacket bit on the commercial side the commercials a year or so eroded -- excuse. All member -- but prior to that. They were just right and intelligent as far as dam project is give animals the break would not. Be a bank. However I do believe that there again it's an overreaction it's you know it's their data is as a kind of always edited come -- -- you know -- solidly. So would be much better manage a local level aura that is just abject concentration and we got -- You know but no I mean it's there is a little bit legitimacy and -- -- But now the other thing -- -- we're world complainant and you know that it's hard to get chamber Jack I did real well -- stop we lead the problem is now you've got to get a big enough. To catch him project where you can leave it -- it low -- or thirty patriots' staff at least it gives them. You obviously. And now -- There -- never ends it never ends. Now wanna talk about reef fish amendment forty yard so -- the separation is Columbia council meeting -- held in Baton -- saw this coming Monday it'll be at the Hyatt place on blue Obama boulevard. Scheduled for 6 o'clock very important meeting and the people not familiar whether it's to discuss dividing. The recreational -- snapple -- into both a private angling sector. In a federal far higher sector which would be the commercial on the charter boat industry. It also can come into play and can be some people would like to see some of those is taken from the commercial. Quote -- input into either of the recreational all that -- -- -- quote how important the meeting is this -- hasn't always you know charter boat association. Taken official position on or is it basically up to each individual members position. There's lead in shorter sleep at all short shortly Louisiana has typically been -- so at the separation under this but -- -- to dole will leave that sector mean that that regional management would be a much better way to go that a management and our backyard and you go figure -- your back so to speak. However because of the chess match that's been played. The you'd be all -- part of locked out of -- these fisheries and Alex Lambert Jack at the state Dona -- -- whenever I expect believe them directly -- The only people locked out of this this -- get the -- And it's things as though the -- to derail -- separation on approach whether we like it or not so at this point it's jump on the bandwagon and make it the best thing can be. And sector separation or that -- a lot of rhetoric about all the feeling it is all up now if they live out -- they split the charter boat out all they're gonna do is your book artist or. Portion of the -- And in exchange we agree to stricter management. You know -- counting. Daily reporting that -- stuff. So that they can have a daily Al upon British arms that how many people addition all from our boats. And I mean at this point not like -- said it's about how important that meeting. Probably but I understand that the green groups or truck and busloads of people and I'll look or commoners. You but you've got local groups in Baton Rouge to do and it's anger you know I have an outcome that she and bill and everybody to -- -- how would how -- -- like 80% of the people that you look at that meeting comment on all and other like you really should. All right well we'll stay on top of that getting to this fishing that's gone on number one I think we need to express some concerns for safety this morning is going to be somewhere close to 700 kayaks in common out of -- power boat guys -- really be aware that maybe even pick an optional -- the launch of. Well I think god probably building a look at -- may be one of the boat that left hit it only because that's where art itself Serbs. But most of it and got out of here in most of the boat and got out of here early. But yeah I mean it because hackers have been in a pattern at the provost -- -- well Alvaro Mejia trying to get who writ small misunderstanding on top. While we had a good week good week -- or open tool well just -- that we talked up until about to do so and cynical marketing group. Edit it put some money brutal war in here from a world war or gifts and -- all the rain and -- and it kind of got it looked up again to an official beached or small. Brinkley at tackle this -- -- is Spanish macro level. Offshore could be done out there aren't that -- put a finger current that anger of the looker. I doubt things they would they thought cold bit longer there. -- -- -- -- catch back on the backs out of the break and take a quick break and be back with our number two in the outdoors -- -- to -- radio network.

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