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Aug 16, 2014|

On More Outdoors, Don was joined by Todd Masson for Speaking of Specks and More. Todd joined us live from Ride the Bull Extreme Kayak tournament.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All commits another edition of more outdoors on big big weekend lots going on in the probably the biggest is the young -- tournament called do you ride the bowl extreme number five in Thomas song co host of speak in the specs and more is there. Tom what's it look like I heard from markets -- it is somewhere over 700 kayaks kinda. Yet -- you know this is the third year wrote that on the radio shields from. Randolph for probable. I've got to tell you it's it's never been like this you know last year -- born eighty -- that this is I didn't think. Potentially possible that the western and the -- now handle. More votes than that but it looks like this year that number may be approaching 800 Arctic eagle. I had I was coming down here she says it's going to be easily over 700. But. Quote we get 800 who knows what you compared to last year which was a two out here you come back to what it looks like this year. There kayaks on top tracks and it's still a steady stream like ants you merchant -- -- Heading in Q it's coming -- -- they have not. But the boats three yet but it got all of that changed votes. Surrounding me that kayaks not let them out yet there all points up the one area. I think the official. Start time at 715 -- sensible. But managers stayed up and ready and it's just not. I acts actually welcome -- over the bridge right now over coming out of that so. Going to be on there for you what there's -- Southwest wind blowing probably. Are not so. There is a little bit of that -- on now coming up what but not the extreme. You know last year there was today. Hard falling -- and it was buffeted by a -- and -- -- ready yet it's suddenly some. -- Borderline unsafe conditions we if you kayak -- that tipped over. But I don't think we have anything like that this year that -- brain is that stat we've lowered the day I believe it's such somewhere neighbor point eight. And in the wind isn't quite as extreme as last year so better conditions this year for sure. And that polarized position in the past has been fantastic. A good number. What it is more dot -- actor art and not like -- or wet cold right now but. Thought that number was suspicious we act I act in the bat. I thought at any rate and the bull reds are certainly here at -- -- been very good. So it's it should be would be a good show year would it take something. In the upper thirties to win it maybe I'll lock out catchy it took forty pounder but. Going to be a exciting day short you know Louisiana. It's criticized for. Not doing a lot of things well one thing we really really well rodeos. That's certainly true here and not. Very very well organized -- saw Q but the band in the whole group. And got people through a lot and registered yesterday in and out and everything the spores are extremely smoothly so. -- should be a lot of foreign on the side but -- guaranteed vote bill watts guys at the most people were. With that many kayaks and one thing that concerns me where they park and now I know they've got the other -- opened up they could use on the opposite side of highway one from bridge side but where do you park all those trucks and trailers and things. Yet he did let what we got this year apart in that -- that you -- across from a bug eat them across from -- side. I would I think that Marines on my outside with the circular mark there a lot of guys that they give it that that Al over from a from there. He looked hard at all well and you've got some some guys obviously do. -- titles like care a lot unaware that part so is that a new. But so far so good not being not that you read and you know but he's got a lot lot more apart and -- used to. Now almost stretching down I wouldn't want they got a big -- there so. That have been few bad to be honest signed and you know. They've got a lot stat on today at that bridge sides certainly the movement people through the other Arenas or out there and there's a -- you'll buy and -- and -- militant but people get breakfast stuff like baton. -- we just like Brad some practice or quantity to that appeared degree show and actually -- we know a lot away and so. It's it's it's being and it's really really well you know these guys to their credit they they obviously got -- that is that not. You know so far so good that's for sure. Morality you know the other thing is. The big boats on the regular votes it's still pretty early so someone's listening this and then drop it on the way down according to reports I got from connection -- earlier that they actually closed the launched and brits. Yet they had they will will a -- you watch here with a would -- vote -- you know vote out -- vote Sola. You don't go somewhere else today -- and now you grand -- -- -- are not going to be honestly he's done. It would be at your best interest due to launch an outboard boat here because I. And that -- get through this is -- now he's tired. Hillary is. Is a lot a lot of people don't realize this you know when you are -- -- -- -- spot for you wait so. You -- but -- but -- but attached. Literally away because you know you risk. Occupant over these typically packed it would be -- spot -- that you know so my got -- browns might bat so anybody coming in this direction. You know really if there's a -- out today. Specter -- it's going to be very very beat you come through I'm not -- is it going to be like. You know trying to -- boats everywhere and it's it's just -- being gentle spiritually to try to vs -- So the options might be sand dollar on the other end of the -- may -- -- stop -- and food show on them more man's launch there. From even leave bill that far -- I don't know any other launches them that prevailed. -- you know you I think you name them you know you about it at the ego and actually done the Mets and they are put -- ought right now -- legal -- subtle yet but. -- some people people who to look out for come down to bite you but Daria opulent there's got more and you know you've got that -- island -- -- on the island Democrat about -- that's my options but. You want to avoid rich not at all caught on to tell you that they become -- and nine buyout of but there's some like that -- -- you could forget about it. Slow your roll today you -- one on one that chased votes and what exactly at chase boat provide. Yet that the white rock of all works is expect these guys you got to track people or alive while there are act so. Which exposed simply. Run up and down that's been in book war. And it was kept and -- -- -- -- -- much until it's right here off off the -- regret that you like throw out the knowledge of anybody that that's a good thing to do with. Between -- will sport. Retire next few. To be hooked up then when when a kayak is so they'll they'll run up next to him and an in week but it appears to be pulled up they consider caught me to be anything that -- -- so Peter you're you're kayak. You don't have it in the boat that use that you want to grab the leader at Oakmont next via. And that that's -- -- they put it in the in the chased vote for all of which have. A lot well that'll put the -- well they'll give you a tag and -- -- cabinet. They'll run it back to bridge side marina. Which so those who don't know coming out of pat is right about -- not Robert or at all though they'll run the the fees back the -- -- -- -- a -- love -- street there. That will -- fish mentored and that put you know official start tank you know -- pitchers. Outback near dorsal fin and then and and let it scale. So it's it's a -- gets released turn it. The all this -- returned the worse they which perhaps legal. The Serb people they go out there -- -- it is now are all this early. Signal on done there but block release service and say they'll -- -- -- ought to be sufficient. Let you think they and I think and places that one outcry so. I don't know what it is this year I would assume it's probably that or or larger considered inside the certain -- which really really great prizes. Including unless you first place was a pro in a kayak. Caught by a pull out from drawn a blank on the on the name and Iowa but that was up upward opera there. Well -- that that. In. Really really exciting date on that they -- it just -- -- lot on beat out here in she was going on. Now you're going to be able to do radio show from the boulder are you waiting until little chills override you can handle that. Our outstanding on the here right you know the public here. Finance the bridge in this just watching I'm not that look on auto and it. But yet the app that shows overall quality vote probably with any grade and go out there based video. These got a bit -- you know the good thing with a lot of well it's there's a lot of camaraderie out here not not cut -- These guys are all really here for each other sub might look up. Everybody everybody really helps out and and you know waves announced that the chase boats and so so lingo up next to normal weight on the cancer patient you know people your return at all so. You know obviously everybody wants the win but it's it's kind of like play in the lottery on -- everybody really -- in the same page. A lot cup wallet a lot of crack crash happened. Some guys you know say that we -- like that quite throughout all ears. And use and those paid for a flight Trout up but the reality is you just gotta have your day whatever it is right on and is the -- -- Two win this thing you know life care program. On -- show. The -- three outside after years brought -- got regrets what let ears. Think -- so you know certainly no guarantee that some -- to burger -- -- and caught three. Allred the pats Q were audible but none of those -- made the top ten and so you've really got what came -- getting your -- -- on the on the right -- it shouldn't. That kind of beauty of it really is you know -- what it's not geared. And I hear that parents and literally any one of them that I could win this thing it doesn't take a lot -- if you look at -- people -- What about boundaries that you strictly you resigned to to finish in common -- capacity from on the highway one bridge. So the miles of the gulf wars -- -- places outside of that July publicist. It pretty well -- know that god they think it will go. Of the bridge. But yet and add to the golf is the boundary in the electrical on the outbreak that that -- and the -- that the that it that you can't get outside and -- votes he can't people aren't you. I don't backside and now and down the beach and at a home like you -- -- -- and unity votes. But you know really -- this simple read that's kind of what you wanna -- and are not ipads that that's when it on the army a year that. -- -- since early August and September move to the pats on. You know this is just big conveyor belt but they eat come from a pay it at all -- -- the director of the side so. EU basically wanna finish the the pats itself and you know laps early and hope for an expert that secure but I've I've interviewed a number of really good -- -- and and just like anything else you want to focus on media -- alleges. Put you know a lot people think -- next forty cute he put deep water actually the opposite is true it seems like that the best pitching is meeting that's well -- Water that's right on the edge in the drop ought to that to that people water so. Two years ago that this the school got traded -- ivy bridge. Last year but he came to the bridge. And it's not there they want it to the gulf so it just it's. Again it it try to figure out you know really to kind of get a lot Ian didn't get the right -- the right are you get a bit so hopefully bring your kayak. I will be keeping tabs on that what else -- Well -- got euros or rank them out then I would bet or homeowner on the show or he -- It charges he Peoria for the state so he eats you heard our spot will war. I'll make sure the coastal -- plan to implement it and and that everything is. Is movement ordinary -- gonna get a status update via on the coast up from Euro. Look also at airports coming on and watch this week with Gerald -- -- while the knowledge you. I think I talk a lot about sex pair of fish and a lot of people make. A lot of common mistakes and and how they care but it this -- that caught. And it's important talk and Jerrold I'm gonna animals this differently because it's it it -- -- -- -- -- laps longer so we're talking about that maybe get a a little bit of -- opinion of that struck out even -- and what he thinks maybe go on with. -- drop it rather all of course and there are over academic and he's -- -- right now there's not all Oakley. Cock fight maybe you'll be like this and we thought double. Hoping keep this bone dry. And Todd is down to the side of the ride the bull kayak -- that bridge side marina coming out of pass in grand -- Todd is there was. Yeah you get dropped. A nine hang in there we have drones are ranked joining us now. Jerome has taken over the directorship of the CPR eight in the absence of Gary graves who was I headed for political office -- -- you don't. And I'm doing great. Yet to rob thanks so much for joining us this morning -- really appreciated obviously that no more issues so more. Fox's it's as farmers and fisherman has and at the health of our coast. You know what -- it in a broad sense what's the what's the big picture right now with the F state coastal master plan where we in regards. -- -- As we have been we're continuing to implement projects and doing as much as we shouldn't. Try to get buckets on the ground as quickly as possible since two -- -- -- we constructed over two billion dollars in the restoration projects we have. Additional every hero projects. Or on line we also has significant. It caught their suspect in the director region in -- long distance and -- -- project which is going to mine material interest. Well in Mississippi River and begin building. A court order pipeline that's gonna stretch across -- jumpers and ultimately getting toward the bench averaged. Yeah and so you know obviously things are moving along of course the issue we -- restored to coast always has and always will be about money. Because that question in terms of when we -- coaching and personal money that was just announced. I'll be there. -- the regulations as were moving forward. Or going to extort two allow us to spend money within the next thirty to sixty -- Rules become finalized the Internet pot you you know in the streets are to get an all shall talking about -- broken up. That ought to monies will be equal and I projects and we. Owing to renounce their security. Chief Jerry -- on Wednesday. And invite others to submit projects that we -- Preliminary projects we want to advance. To utilize that and again geniuses. Getting these projects on the ground as quickly as possible. Daily Curome and there's obviously -- Let -- -- each -- black coats and two the match a plan and the specifics of the massive plan and you know there's a lot of controversy lately buyouts. The use its -- the -- and as part of the state coastal master planned. How significant is or divergent structured -- Political master plan would he say to those critics who say you that Neal said that the -- or not people are those that went. Well inspecting. It's amazing that. You know they all consider that person to -- -- weapons thing you industries you know restore league and sorted. Channel I think Mississippi River building at least you know. On -- -- -- it was a 300000. Seat at best. But local -- long sentences river -- ladies and openings of the report and up entries were -- weapons were -- -- -- children a sport is respected and that's not gonna do it now. And -- the importance is that. In -- week that will continue to do -- 80% of our budget restoration is going to dredge. But that's only going to create about 40% -- equipment and get a 16% of the budget is going to divergent but that's gonna create or 60%. All the weapons in the pocket in the master -- sort of urgent or critical. We Orton a lot of dredging most of our projects will be -- to urgent -- critical to rebuilding insisting as well. Okay and that the -- data plan as part of the master plan differ from outlook and Armand Hammer. Well the interesting thing about Norman has its first quarter it was never designed constructed to peel and -- And the reality is even know what the -- workers and so Pakistan in others backed up by a bit like a string bass and an additional eighty acres as being constructed. Through that first quarter numbers speak to the capacity the ability of the river to -- the -- to export numbers. We are building seven -- the person they're going to be used and maximized its ability to transport -- and etc. from the river transport and build web. Right and you know you all -- -- right to tout this public on that at that amount of the actually. And is being -- does that count. The Edberg is plant the -- and well it's important and speaks to again that what we're trying to do is critical thinking -- tapping the letter written chaplain at the only actively building built. And even department of interior secretary -- Seles or seeing Danica useful as you know I was amazed at the lowest growth in the weapons. All its outline saying you know just doing more commercials we should be should be tapping into that just the action and built these weapons. That sustained attention. In the weapons and -- kept -- -- interest and and so it's going to be critical G utilized the river and reconnect to the report. Oh mr. -- and diversions. Right in -- to Rome. What what about timing realistically how soon might we need. So adamant the Bertans. As part of that plan along coastal again. And that's the important how to -- the critical little old Rupert and Libby. You know within the next two years we -- -- process that we were stressing. You know simple -- to -- to bowl placed them in most optimum location to our standard and -- -- it. But it's going to be. But at the earliest five plus years we Beijing construction which it is time to work with George streak work is slow the social economic aspects. About these projects. You address those issues we know that there will be shipped there should interest now because of our coast fishermen and fishing in areas -- reading never finished so order species oysters. So we'll have an opportunity to work with industry. -- -- what the potential impact will be indicating triple operations plant how we operate the divergence but also locating. Reefs in other areas tinged with an engineer at a very productive -- put it the best in the nation. Well I won't or don't you know on a scale from one to ten how hot that it would you you say you are about the future of the league anecdote in all this. Know your your native side with her or allies that the coast dispute escalated to -- Borger guys. We've almost got to and got to defeat that -- record coast how optimistic you we can actually stand -- percent not. A lot of eternal optimist. I continued to it and fortunately -- go out there and see how much we lost tourist potential there has caused a hole. Because we all are making significant inroads in the implementation mr. play it. We believe. As we continue to build project within thirty years we will get to the point we actually measuring. You know you hear football you every thirty minutes we're losing what we and -- police say that we're building more importance of building a football field. Every thirty minutes to now because of the fact that we doing -- into -- -- and that's the the plane is about creating a sustainable ecosystem will never be able to be -- -- we carry it. But our. Who aren't champ in the plane's design so that we can beat bill equipment to sustain and generations to come so that we FL. Writing ecosystem. And also protection from coast to communities for the people who we have utilized resource so I'm very optimistic. I'll be you know provided opportunities reporting Balkans and money. But it will restore from goal made it dollars you have recurring dollars that are dedicated to coast restoration can use or anything else. That -- to help us implement this plan to achieve a sustainable goals well into the future. What -- -- Obama -- I'm very excited about the other possibilities. Are actually talking to market rhetoric yet about Harry -- building -- Louisiana coast. Boy that would be here that would be nice to let banana republic failed what used to be able -- and out well. Evaporated gone away. It'd be a great partners -- to Louisiana little patient folk. Well it's not thank you so -- -- joined at the -- wants to let me get the details of the state coastal that the plan not gonna find that out. We if you go to our web site a week you know. Coast got -- work. We can't tackle spot award after whips it at the master -- we have mostly meetings -- -- -- -- heating oil or every month typically a certain way and it Gergen mark. Go to our web site all are all this and we have a lot of information issue with people and at -- yet engaged in the process is well. Yeah no doubt you wanna be informed obviously no matter which side. You're on you know without question. Everybody in favor restored the leader goes you know and they get on the other -- in the net -- but. -- formed a question about what Jerome -- joins -- -- -- a great day. All right thank you Jerome -- joined now by Gerald Wallace all talk. Nice stop in the acute. Yet Jerrold thank you to order today an actual location here at that -- book and balance than mark but signaled pretty adamant. On the ground upon these signals over a breakup by apologized but -- generally I got the thought this week. Boats care for -- fish and you know you you point out a lot of errors. -- that I know what view and probably a lot of violent view when we when we catch rich show on boats. One of which he is taking fish and throwing it directly into the ice chips without a court you like to where it is relative to the ice. That can be a problem because. Those fish on the top or nearly as cold as those on the spot in the -- correct. Yeah that's largely true but unfortunately. You have value of speckled Trout fish and I didn't do. And you know we -- Two things really work against each other here with specs would you five suspects they've moved. They moved there aggressive. You've got a catcher when they're there and then they're -- So the tendency is powerbook iBook and get the paper water are welcome get debate in the water on -- get debate in the water. Tendency is not that they -- take care. Unfortunately it's one of the most delicate fish -- -- You know what have you got here you're voted at 1518. Out of that by and and the -- so what you -- and a -- just real quick if they're lucky if they're not lying on the back. And you start humming again and in the meantime they're sitting there -- -- well partly going down hill. Like you'll want to obviously are atop the ice in of that that bottom bullet in the you really well the other side is. I'm not gonna be quite so well and that more fish on top of those what biologically is going on -- both finished at this sitting there you know that. Argument in the official pop might be in a fifty degrees setting -- those right up next serve pretty close to 32 degrees. What's going on biologically and those bitch as they sit -- that -- -- agree. Air it. It's not as much biologically -- chemically. -- actually there are five things that that degrades siege. And you know the easy one as the biological ones have bacterial. Damage. The other the other four chemical and dramatic reactions. Our actions -- say that the Browning and dehydration ultimately of course the migration that occurred in my chest. That's called freezer burn. But and dramatic action is used to and it's the issues home bodies in the side. Actually. Homes seat they've they've worked -- breakdown in the creation and I'm I can be if you ever purchased a quarter of beef and had -- -- for two weeks. That's been dramatic action that's causing that beefed itself and realize when attacked him in -- cooler. While the same thing is occurring to the -- and I guess. Not a whole lot faster. -- -- is virtually. Coming so close and no connective tissue it's. You know short grain easy to dissolve easy to digest so those enzymes immediately go to work. And of course you know they're they're the biggest source. Is the guts. The -- -- Right there. It is generalities you know for it's it's not promote that go offshore the commercial boats. One of the first things they'll do is actually remove the gut is the make -- mud make them. What a lot longer corrects. That's the whether debt to that yes that's the first thing they did. Is is cut the animals to work to remove the impasse and then -- walk. Really really important to early walk. Because remember if you've got the animal. You really have released those nine times even more. And a you know that that that it's amazing people don't realize how fast the enzymes penetrate about the body Walt got Walt. It is into the -- so you wanna watch every bit of -- all real -- Right. There and then Gerald -- you one of these guys you feel you should to add water you right to kind of make a slurry. Why not to put your vision if you wanna -- France you wanna have quality page. Make the -- It's so easy. And it does order four things first of all you don't have every speech gets cold on every side. It's completely surrounded by 32 degrees so -- it's cold everywhere. Second thing is when you pick somebody I just and I have covered for time. They're pretty you know probably especially at all these can be pretty gross mistake in my life I students. Makes them easier to clean more attractive if you're one of those that like take -- photographs and you get back to adopt. And you go a lot better finish to photograph. Thirdly. I have been probably the least important. It's a lot easier folate the feature at all bad imported into weird shaped public relations lacked a little bit. So yeah yeah election of creation is the best thing you can do. That's that's it's a very good point that last one but. -- what what -- now on okay so you military took great -- official on the boat it back Q at a marina you go to cleaner fish. You're really shouldn't stack up the plays on the you know on the clean and able to achieve. I don't like to but that it's you know to the house along these stack meaning he's. I think you're -- -- huge policy. And they're gonna sit there while you drink the beer. And you know the awful and talked -- everybody around -- And on our concluded forward. But. But if you play them fat and get him picked up mark reference. Is powerless to explain this steel bolts that are out and -- the full you know and with Iceland. And split the -- and -- Now this is most important. If -- cleaning hop feature which a lot of people bill. I've played outreach for many years because -- finished it up. Right expression so I'd saved -- for the police but you do wanna get them you wanna keep it was -- all provinces spots. Right okay and from then on so you view you put this in stainless steel pole with with ice slush and there. -- -- what you do that you put them in your zip lock bag these is that acceptable to you preferred Q the fact commit to call it. And zip lock bag for freezing reviews and would recommend ever run. It up and I'm not picking them zip lock the other brands should just dispense. Plastic zipper type bags shoes is what I'd tell you that material is no good it's convenient. But it just army able possessive. In cold water but doesn't hold -- citizen that is the ultimate source the other three things. Dehydration. Granted -- in the mail her reaction. And analogue hole and although it was not good but that's your problems in freezers. The what I liked it I like I love the -- for only a couple of things that conferees because I don't get them there at all. But mark my favorite thing is to go ahead with a minute that the law. Bury them in -- bowl bears zip locked in a bowl of items in my average and that I liked the French beef for two weeks after the trip. And that's that's something else you Netanyahu the they -- week is not an exaggeration. Right but it will literally police this the last two week senior partners on people -- not -- right. Not nice and cold. He met thirty to your fridge is probably set up 36 to 38. Any colder -- setting in you're gonna get cold spots and you're gonna have problems with produce and other things get to go. So you know there's just an unbelievable. Difference between 32. In 35. And 35 and forty. As an unbelievable. Unbelievable. I'll tell you this is the best that I'll ever gave anyone I've given it to a lot of people that I have another one about freezing but. The basketball ever give any one. Put their creations zip lock -- put him in the Fareed. Nobody will believe that they can get. And twelve days now on the road they'll pull -- lay out in the -- is good as the days he was -- Yup I would not believe that the but god given how about -- yet while the chip -- in what is that. Yeah -- -- ultimately I have that did the best way to free speech now the problem is to look at work but once she tried to get hooked for life. Be the big problem against gases if you remember I told you about the debt exchange with a zip lock bag. Lot of people are -- -- my patient water well that's good for them. Parts not even but I mean it helps prevent gases from getting to the parts of the -- that are not against the back wall. Most parts of folate that are against that back wall have no better. So they're not -- -- just the fact of life. The the problem with freezing in water. Is that it delays. -- The bigger the container the more ball it is the longer it takes the -- -- -- Longer it takes to freeze. The bigger the ice crystals in the flag the bigger the ice crystals the more they proliferate the issue. And then when you ultimately brought to look at you get a lot of -- loss such fusion -- If from the perforated selves. And and in -- You know it doesn't taste as good -- -- shoot it my. The professional for users who lays -- the best freeze barriers in existence is crichton's. That's what people hold them in bags. -- -- -- and reason -- I department to take four published please. And you've got a lot of degradation that. What up what commercial freezers duke can be imitated at all. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- While it's freezing you'd make and I -- -- It's my excuse out of the fridge in the out of the freezer. Make this sluggish when they're frozen part of the law which takes minutes. Because remember each filet is flying. I itself. On the metal cookie sheet and it means you've noted that it doesn't take long the freeze at all. That the slaves a technical issue of the freezer -- away. Into the ice water. And back on the cookie sheet you'll see before it reaches the -- -- the internal temperature of the filet. Will freeze. The water use the ice water that you can use 32 degree water it'll freeze and in two bodies. Now that can produce -- -- -- 510 minutes more take it out there but again. Put back on the cookie sheet -- department of more than take them all out and throw these and zip lock bag for convenience. Now every lead the way. As it's old. And it's impervious -- oxygen. And -- and that of any sort. The cool thing about this not only is it best elated -- delivery. Cool thing that's frozen. Is if you want. By yourself -- sought they have utilized in all -- you -- in the bag pick out whatever you want agreed for. If yours do being the -- probably probable by. If you're cooking. Seafood platter if you place for each what you. And Syria have five people need to always -- they'll pick out of slaves so you can you can hand pick what you want. The other great thing is Paula businessman. This is a -- A lot of ice that has to be thought. And you know what you gonna do run that under the faucet walked away uses. The -- on the outside get beat are running water. Talk you leave it sit on the counter worst of all these slaves pollen that there are those are my two tip for the day. That's that's a really good advice Gerald and I don't treat all this kind of like you but -- -- -- -- -- Really really good -- -- a lot of this is discussed in your excellent. -- -- bibles. You've got what five or six southern now we have to cover up and -- doesn't cover everything from profit to strip due to -- -- -- just finished where it cannot be sure that's right you want fish right really it's not thanks so much in order -- this morning -- and you got any. Sure it was coming up that people can not swing by and pick up copy your books. Nothing until the markets city trip and petroleum festival in two week. But solid follow and so anybody within an area that we -- -- out and get a copy of that thanks so much -- aren't barrel. You have funnel -- -- wrote. And you've got. And before we are rejoined by Thomas saw who was down there in grand ballot count and out of -- -- bridge side marina for the ride the bull kayak fishing tournament at one answer Phil's question -- along awful long time -- -- about that any changes in the speckled -- regulations. Others build that discussion about it feel that naturally none it is still 25 finish per person per day. With a twelve inch minimum. That being said -- we're now joined by Eric -- how Barack who has paddling around somewhere in common out of past say -- -- ago. It. -- and I would want to. You know there are acting on -- -- I'm -- right now but I think it's wonderful partners you know. But you know it's -- there -- both everything looking good there. -- seen anybody looked -- winnable race. Now I'm here but I'm gonna you know -- I don't -- beaten path a little bit but you know. A mortal affluent about a past. You know they hope that both the economy and senator -- and I could be great credit card didn't -- right now as we. He had no doubt. Good stuff today Eric really really incredible -- -- here. Are you better be good sports and look at a couple of read this are actually pretty the last two years. What's what what what are the keys that you -- with -- here with what by the bait you like he used. Like you mode I like -- and -- mullet. Combat oriented you know it's Molitor that there at all I'm my whole grab and go around your credit record beat up and grabbed. Oh yeah they didn't say I. They do all the crap you're right about -- -- you know sometimes can't not a planet it's a lot of current what. How heavy a weight eat typically used. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- so people around -- dollar -- to you know and it's set up like gala earth. Let it go you know a couple of them are now allowed on the your values are lower in -- it would -- and it's certainly certainly -- and do you. You know. Right or even like certain -- -- you know you get pretty -- become that you spoke people are you want flat. More look back 1212 and I have go to war with the -- Internet particularly you know but I'm here most -- but -- -- a war but I'm sitting on the electric and about well. Yet -- that -- you know up. I Eric you know position in the kayak in targeting at Fitch has big -- was all -- a -- to take the one of those and. Well been now do you look at you again about the Bob found out pro American and take -- back and then you know what that would derive an equipment that I use on a lot of tackles depicted on it being twenty minutes. You know I thought I got like co anchor go to that you know I'm. -- not like you sit in the boat -- on the back when you know. You know what you believe -- interment. Not about the sport about it -- -- -- -- -- it's -- very. Thanks so much daughter that's not good luck I hope one of the fishy yesterday -- operate without bent. Are heartening albeit never have a great day. Best of luck to you Eric OK it's not go jump on you chased both starred Jason some red fish for an -- all right. I will be looking for -- story and also you video coming up next week right coming up next. It's gonna be hunt fish talk I'll be joined by the by -- woman somebody called little by you baby in a windy bill yacht. While Johnson also joins us we talk about some of the issues of the day we're gonna be talking about this mystery. A Louisiana speckled trial where the -- on Monday. Back with that right after this NBC sports update you listen to three WL thirteen fifty race.

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