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Aug 16, 2014|

Today, Don gets reports from the local fishing spots in our coastal area.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back into our number two with the outdoors it's not a secret to your program I got the -- Information for don's -- day afternoon hard number two coming up very shortly if you wanna sign up and a lot of you've been asking at the tales that. Also Gingrich -- the marine forecast for you -- -- -- triumph bad boys in the outdoors but we do have captain Darryl carpenter. Hanging on McDowell thank you for staying with us and got some customers that are probably chomping at the I didn't really get a speckled Trout report from you before you go for people headed down that way what's that -- Donna McLean yeah the last few days go back old school doctors go back to work in the interior reached and so -- I mean. The guys that have been working the beach what -- -- play -- update -- certain important -- while I came back toward a trial that they're open that it be looking. But that you're looking for the big Trout. Eyes a look back to old school and just been in the -- and now it all up and have a pretty good trip looming somewhere -- enabler forties or so. Efficient most little plastic break toward come by the states. Weird you know we just we're doing little plastic that you would -- good calm morning a lot of that'll help or. You just like that we it's muddy water commit not to go into this do we get a couple of good -- I did this muddy water out here probably going to be a little bit. All right very good now thanks so much -- red fish. We're gonna get more of a bull reds vision of what we're going to be talking to catch -- immunities and there with a kayak. Extreme tournament five I don't know there's probably going to be 700 boats -- -- coming out of -- So if you haven't launched yet you might wanna pick an opposite place to launch maybe -- Elements and they don't quiet. It is shut -- yet. Makes sense now thanks so much for the update -- and good luck to yen we'll talk to you next week edited. Now carpenter -- reaching. You can call limit to 259376. -- -- -- simply go to real and -- all right EEL like the thing used to catch fish. Real scream his. Dot com. I don't have one update you one calls the marine forecasts it was not a bad looking when it's going to be this way quite awhile. Called out pretty light southwest winds somewhere between five and fifteen knots over the next few days. Pretty much calm seas may be a foot or less and offshore. And it's to get close to one of Mosul maybe. Possible thunderstorms that show up that could be the season winds revealed that I'm for the most -- pretty good. Title -- jaw inaccessible foot need that that's going to be good news group. Got lots more to talk models laws of fishing and of it but the U Hondas now a lot of you have been asking me especially those of you who made this trip last -- for a few we did it. We called -- Dog Day Afternoon. It is a hard. Crane creek shooting preserved in pop -- they'll Mississippi. It starts off that about 1130 and noon with a good old down home south Mississippi barbecue launch. That is followed by a little trip short trip out -- the field between 1:32. O'clock. And then the birds started line and it you can shoot fairly decent -- ended up with a limit of birds and we're gonna do it on any repeat basis this year September the thirteenth now know that is the opening day of teal season. So you real man and gold seal in the morning and then make this go on in the afternoon perfectly legal. And if you wanna do and -- get a couple of phone numbers and I'm warning you please call these numbers early because I think this year it's going to be oversold. Here's the numbers if you wanna call Lance led that the operator. Call him at 601. 916. 687. Degree. And Randi is his apartment has got two big tracks land of the running on it 601795. 3985. 795. 3985. Just got these dates and information late yesterday -- -- yesterday evening so. It's not post Obama website that I will have an update now if you wanna go to. The crane creek website you can actually find out the Kazaa it's a place where I take great -- my dog and we go hunt quail and they have European pheasant tower hunts are there. You can go to crane creek. And that is cranes like the bird COR and -- crane creek hunting. Dot com. And you'll see pictures of the habitat this pricing and some information about what you need equivalents and now prison guards. And also the phone numbers listed and patient get a chance to write it out again that number is 6019166873. I'm very popular on a lot of we have problems in finding -- -- or some public comments. That -- marginal at best. And of course of -- you could get a front that come through a lot of rain in the end up not doing so well but I got to tell you last year. Lot of birds flew a lot of fun and some great food and some good camaraderie in very good place and it's really easily accessible with the common. Off from the east over the nearly Alabama coast -- -- in Mississippi itself for use in Louisiana. Not a bad drive at all. It's -- dubbed the afternoon. Part two and problems illnesses -- time for office report captain Mike -- opening new adventures of Louisiana is what brought to each week by seats though. We called AAA on the water as the reason they are you peace of mind and out there bring -- fuel if you needed -- inched 147 from anywhere even if you batteries dead c'mon you jumpstart. Check it out -- senate -- -- told dot com. Where you can call 800 the numb before. Seats ago at this price only 169. Dollars a year. When you see the big yellow and bold black yellow and black vote comets like that South Korea's on the state check them out CTO dot. I would god talks captain Mike -- on -- he has -- -- like early this time you probably aren't you on the water -- very near what's -- what's the story. Actually I'm not on the war at this very moment I'm. Fishing with a young man today eight years goals one in the sleep in a little bit but only about six clarity -- on their way. But -- and it would suitable actually martians if we get in tie up with -- -- change. Well I should not be a problem given the conditions and you should have a pretty smooth drive light winds going across lake -- should be a nice little trip across. Yeah which had good -- -- -- -- productivity -- -- there's desperate changed throughout the martian. If you -- more interior. Sections of the march up and down the Biloxi. But are you an area that is good slots as red -- in their sticky moved further east towards outer edges of the march. There's still some slots religious. And red fish whenever Watson while -- -- possible in their start to move in the area as well. Well you can't you can't go wrong with -- -- there is beautiful scenery you know them ask in amenities on new deal because that's one spots they starch out. But you know you work along the cause the usual line to look for the quakes that pushes you throw out the news in debates database. Pop in talks with shrimp and I end up with some real fighting fish -- screaming going on a great day. But if someone were to say -- I want speckled trial today what would you tell on the aside -- under the stole the. Well I would continue east incision on the outer edge of the march. Some of those islands over that way in Russia island comfort island. Bit around -- point past. It on some of those further edges were canceled the water. Looked -- birds. And you don't do a lot of movement around likely chances says a lot of movement. When you find and catch as many Asian kid and then sort of try to duplicate. These circumstances that you found some -- or if you found a -- point the current role and pass it gotta go through your memory banks and start another area. With a similar setup. And base over there to catch some -- that -- as well. Yeah it's so important in -- talk about it all the Thompson now aerials not specific spots. Because that spot may not have what's necessary for that particular day -- -- those particular conditions to produce fish. So you gotta work on that scenario in figure figure them out. It bridges you know we ask about it all the time on this morning I'm gonna have Lyle Johnson joining me in windy -- we have -- open discussion on. What everybody thinks about what's the problem speckled Trout this year because it has been a very down year what your personal opinion on. I'm normally do not even Christians vocal crowd in July and August. At least the first three weeks of September. Are just buying and consistent enough. To meet a person. And you could probably go and change the platforms and like more bounce around reviews and maybe catch a dozen. I just don't think you can make too many Louisiana fisherman happy -- doesn't change. Lot of Malta until mid October. Where stretch its fortieth day on normal. I've really concentrate on the -- ish in the emirate wants. I -- -- -- inoculate -- knocking on the concentrate on cloud again until that World Series wrong would only shall which is going to be early October's. Right now you know at that rate decision out in March which candidate's chair -- We -- start catching some trials as they start to migrate and I don't think it'll take place until we get past the next full moon and I think travels ball at least one more time or up until that Holmgren. And then just -- slow migration inward. And it could take six weeks for them migrate into our area. But metrics are quite a while on the idiot that wants that it is that try to keep -- Majesty still coming in when we get into early parts of December. Or late in the. Money -- unknown you get a lot of people that come in for SEC games against LSU. From Florida coach at Alabama fisherman on Mississippi fisherman -- -- -- spots and -- lives inimical combo trip. -- -- watching good ball game and and they also go do some fishing house scheduling look this year and compete on how to much master schedule open dates vote the votes and is -- lodge. Fortunately -- Five or six different captain that work with me. Throughout the fall person in our schedules from middle of October. All the way to the first week in November's books. But I have captains like bought the GM. Captain Chris captain John objecting -- So we put a ball work and they'll do a great job as well -- if -- and Jim in the fall. My it's so the numbers to reach you give -- the website tells them very -- you can buy me an outdoors -- dot com. -- my office number 985781. 781 Juan all right you might you -- not young men have a great trip out there today in the rules on -- win next week. On sharing it has grant for the have a good time -- -- at -- All right thank you Mike appreciate it is always our next week. He goes Mike Gallo angling adventures of Louisiana in Jamaica set sail across the lake -- into the northern Biloxi marsh coming back to catch Cormier guess where he is he's in the middle of all less. Now organized chaos down at the common out of past. Bridge side marina it's called the ride the bull we have fuel listening pleasure and information. The panelists report -- only radio show and -- -- has won as the fastest growing segment of the boating industry and I'm talking kayak and panel craft that backpackers sponsor of this report. They've got two locations you'll find him in Baton Rouge on Jefferson highway also located on main street and river ranch down in Lafayette and they are one of the sponsors and part. Of the largest kayak fishing tournament in the entire world them talking about. Ride the -- five and catch Cormier one of our reporters is down there on the scene. Catch what's the number I know that what pushing 700 recently have they made it. Yet -- over seven under. The back -- in about thirty minutes to go there about them and what. Yeah it now it's oh record shattered its old record the. Well has the conditions held true for the forecast that the -- not going to be as as problematic as it was last year and neither will the winds. -- no -- and they'll probably try and I'm glad you what you -- -- who seem to be OK okay now it looks fine. And and look -- it's going to be a -- -- -- -- morning. Absolutely good and I understand that they've actually closed though the ramp down from a boat traffic of them is headed down there was planning on launching a bridge side marina. I might wanna make an alternative trip to use sand dollar. Perhaps launch a ways up the road around leave bill or perhaps solution on a few. I'm gonna try to get in the water because you got to set that aside something like this is no way you can block who's made both with. Almost 700 kayaks in the past what's in the report that you get a chance to do any precondition during the week. But nobody cracked up to several people yes they -- -- and it looked pretty that predict a blow in today predict that the air travel article it caught on here. I'd let you need to. Let you know yeah it sure would I. It wouldn't what do you think it's gonna take to win -- what what weight. Are part -- part for our. Game. -- -- Yeah and it's going to be a lot of contacts being pulled all around -- a lot of fun and it's a sight to behold and on the -- and have some coverage. On paralyzed Louisiana and people you really need to see that is much of a great spectator sport is anything else that you sent a full glare on. Don't zeile and you can watch the whole thing you know. You know all lined up on the wrist and being a -- people who aren't -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- little -- -- -- And -- a direct hit it OK since we're. The third he says it could be. Yeah hasn't it loses its -- show as well as a competitive movement. Well let's talk about some of the other spots what about some -- down Ingram now. Yet catchy trial this sort of an island but our hit list. What you're won't be cute little access -- it like that crop are. And get out with cheap sheet date. Carol aren't they the legal. And final day of the cancer trauma there -- I'll mention. A lot of small well like if you get together and Neitzel -- there's. If you look at work. And any other good areas so for the southeast winds close in panelists can reach a trial. Well right now we feel. That they're pretty -- -- the our terms now. And again you know catching. The current year but you can catch up to sixteen inches of interest in the notes you know you can kill kept him that well. We're beginning -- the year with a cult consolation drawing at the end of the year. If you mentioned one well fourteen inches. I had a good trip and -- growth mission yet to those grass beds I mean it was ten minute -- but they -- little bit longer the panel but still within easy distance and you can do real well missiles some money might wanna give that a shot. We talked about going to share last week that Brendan how's that been -- Yeah it it's you know our return on -- -- internally but it on the north side violently vote out there. The -- setup particularly in fringes so the western boundary. That's a good spot right now to kind of be an agent working here. I'll work with top waters and and really -- -- you can separate your right. About trial listeners on 14100 K okay over there in the Lake Charles area what's going on on -- -- -- care. Fortunately I'm Kamal then in the -- rector heritage. I mean -- didn't -- so low all well and has finally come up and -- response has been protection from my trial. All the way up and up to lawfully and because -- in school Trout lake greens -- changed -- pretty here. The other thing that you might want to look for cease and Burt spots in the not being -- but you know. Sort of the typical -- its actions to wage right now is also. It's apparent that it here locally around -- Anything around like child's proper but that you can get out -- it to you and rich tradition now. Sounds like some of the best mission reports we've actually had from that area all year as far as make sketches about the fresh water seeing what's going on now know we got into some. Hot time of the year but it's typically been pretty cool mornings if you get out. Yeah it tracked three days in the room where Andrea you 65 degrees in the morning. Eric the temptation to head over to -- my favorite spots and just being creek and it's hard to strike for actions taking place right now. In -- in -- -- Bring by an inordinate isn't just north Brazil but we built by now and then there. You know art fitness and that there ball when -- -- -- a tape that no one is to catch. It can't act first -- -- -- the start. And -- are all excellent. The limit is the same volume and as strive for is how do you officials hi is there a particular technique you use. Both the -- in. Boom to buckle it in there or not that's pretty and rattle perhaps. You know partly pre -- Panda opens -- were caught in the you know. -- that's in the chair and ball and make it any move lowered -- -- that you're strapped. I used to use that rainbow middle had a spot -- -- -- real plentiful and that was one of the most effective dates of funds are. Imagine it's pretty mistake. What's coming up but -- them wise we know we got to get this when under the belt the ride the bull five the biggest in the world but what's coming now after this and so. Well -- -- break in -- -- September 13 we have. The -- Smacked now the -- -- smackdown policy act tactic tactic play in the place. But the fact -- it's gonna be there no matter. That's dictionary of the English and Italian. Two the south then -- another. One dollar. Any -- issue. Instantly instantly like 2 o'clock in the afternoon song exes it's this in turn for those who want to come and their -- positions -- -- Kayaks and in -- of the narcotic use. Now I see whether the bag is gonna be full five slots on threads in three rounds this is not a -- released minutes. Are kind of difficult people's Islam I'm sure. Eric that's where spectrum into different. Backpack at night it will cool -- -- -- hit it behind. Thirty who wants respect them. While I'm here actually that the stringer -- -- -- -- there will be written on the stringer and then get it try it -- ground what future it. Yeah this is also shark week well more out of BC airlines -- Adapt VC KFC dot org you can find -- all out Brian -- -- -- -- rod one would catch. -- -- -- Go get a buddy. He had two weeks -- -- you -- one of us feel report as a given asylum. Tablets report only plays and you -- -- checking what is notably it very busy outdoor on the schedule the next weekend not Saturday August 23 the national rifle association's. 2014 pelican state. Friends of the NRA banquet will be held. The crown plaza in that -- it's located right in the section of -- -- in college drive. Exit number 150 -- right behind -- and the news in restaurants. Doors will open at 5 PM dinner served at 715. This is one of the largest generate chapters in the state. Like to make plans for it doesn't -- -- -- down in the -- it's going to be coming up one week from today. The 6 PM. And that sent the crown plaza in Baton Rouge and it's going to be at 715 actions -- local. Markets itself in. Have a nice cocktail and a chat about some of the issues facing losses gun owners and Second Amendment supporters. I would come back after this a short and second station identification it's time for our bad boy the outdoors. Wildlife and fisheries agents have made an arrest in -- ascension parish. Man or holding it -- -- got story coming for you. Well back on July 26 and Louise and Paris agents began investigating a hit and run between two ski boats. Happened on the Amy -- diversion canal which can be a pretty treacherous area. This incident happened about 830 at night when -- ski boat was rear ended. And then run over by another ski -- Three passage of the vote that was run over were treated for minor injuries and at least. Yes today agents arrested. Thomas. 32 of this animal on area. For felony hit and run negligent injury and reckless operation of a vessel and booked him into the Livingston parish jail. Agents seized Amarillo as vote and the victims vote brought them both to Louisiana state police crime lab for further investigation. The lab was able to make a direct match between the damage sustained on both vessels. And made the determination that Amarillo ski boat was involved in the hit and run. Now it's bad enough that negligent injury carries up to 500 dollar fine and possible six months in jail. And reckless operation could be 200 dollars more in ninety days in jail. But the felony hit and run brings up to a 5000 dollar fine and and a possible. Ten years in jail. That could be the punishment handed down to Thomas. 32. Of saint -- Louisiana. Bad boy of the outdoors. You know I just can't understand somebody. Messes up the causes an accident run through a no wake zone and then just decides to not even check on the injury to the passages does take off and try to get away no mercy on the you know that very. A lot of unique places in the world -- certain situations that create. Unique habitats and almost -- one that's more and unique in the world in the mouth of the Mississippi real witness fresh water. That drains a large portion of the United States empties into the salty gulf waters in Mexico where that mixes. Create some very unique habitat the fishing and on the guys who have been fortunate enough to. Actually make his living as captain Ryan -- cajun fishing adventures down and purest. He joins us now -- reports brought development by the grand ridge golf club a scenic course nestled in the majestic. Cypress swamp you gonna find that about fifteen minutes off the Huey Long bridge in ruling easy defiant. Check it all out before you go grand ridge golf dot com Brian what's gone on down in platinum as fast as more. We'd all be great for. But -- well it's -- we could and so so people -- to -- it. The -- -- that just don't get it out terrible this -- look at the tip up the guy. In -- that's been the pattern. -- -- -- really really that the reporting band of slack off a couple of cities but. -- patent boats eaten its -- everything got bought out it was -- already. So the it would bring over -- the -- in the open and he actually put. -- -- boats and and that shook the pace to eclipse of being grown in stuff like that the chip on. So that's what we. When you finish off sure which way to integrate. It. Ought to be allowed to -- Article. -- we trump I would. Plate you know so -- a -- All -- you guys play yeah -- black you run jokes that yet it is you know it's it's all you need. Ladies clubhouse back on the line. And I game. A little rascals all gather you do have one net. We'll look he'll show on up I was gonna ask you that I didn't get it -- if people start to see globally on Monday. That and then it was adamant that its -- we put this week -- tickets right at that. Shall. You have some some quite and so awarded treated with a fresh horsepower as well from the outside aquatic or all ready. You know everything print out and it would like be in that area. But the insides of -- that riveted on the -- at least -- absolutely. Beautiful. -- missile that is so. Places that we need and you know like backed both take about. Topic of this shall shall it is they have the so that there is still broad ethical or -- -- the water. It's just trial of the quite vegetation that could be really good utility already. It's it could be it could we have. Well I'm looking at the numbers on the green winged teal and blue winged -- Blue wings are eight point five million estimated population that 75%. Churn and change from long term average. Green links three point 1000000 -- 69%. Of the of the the long term average and make hope you guys John have appeasement and Louise I don't -- -- -- phone bills are a 114%. Above the long term maverick he's got. Static and that's going to be -- shouldn't. Why so many activists. -- the great docs are up to me in the bring by the board in -- debris cleared. So that route. -- Been a lot of -- lot -- that go with. And I think it's a great great. Well I getting a lot of poultry in. To the use I'm getting a lot of entries into the use on the -- offered. It's going to get it coming and I know you are two and oh -- you're paralyzed Louisiana's got a two. Can't get broken some -- people really need to get out there are so good recent flooding. In didn't make it great that people. It's. And you know because they are they teaching in. That -- the we have a couple of that would see. It's -- adult -- as she could call it. It is such that it's such a big sports. Well there's this some -- there's a couple of them fall we mentioned something the body use steel and there's no use steel on its use regular dot com it's. November 7 and -- this year. But the seal hunt for people that in this of people that you know don't -- TO because they sent this makes him as a mosquito and it's not well a lot of glad they stay home but then got other people let's say I want it's too cold will -- and regular season I'd rather -- -- -- -- -- -- Duplicate the ball real good true. Wish you were killed 770. -- the base which which is pretty good because the state average. Five or so. Give the bad area. Me -- birds. Artillery salute as bulls and he Lugar of eager and able. Eagle creek star bulletin about the little because it. It's a beautiful spring we don't know who tried -- boot -- completed. Oh well I Disco -- I just don't -- Yeah and you know the mosquito thing. Anyway I found where you got moving water. And usually got moving water over that real push and threw down you don't really have a you've got to have stagnant puddle Tidewater in stumps and stuff the miscues that placed trees what was that one is moving down that much problem. -- through the it would do is he's just little things that look like people as little credit they elected wasn't it just is it a Payer. In and out -- back the cup without full with a remote part. Politico. Like that down. You know and it's -- it's a good place ice more for the -- Gupta at the right well actually you spoke over there. Who agree with what they -- -- as a as a -- they don't like all. Carter. We -- boot because. That bank got helpful though. -- it doesn't take much it does not take months and well given that the details again and in the cut off date -- -- though that's going to be coming up pretty soon got to cut off the -- make the pick on the point kids who's gonna get to come in -- schedule which one to comment sent in which -- comments on the. Yeah I'll I'll get it right. Local area they lied to be in -- double life is quite. We think was right god does go through a situation here. You are real and it is still. He looked good about global -- should get on -- -- should we got beat. And it will will bring you know its commitment -- And with future how to -- -- -- think he should shoot. We will teach your opinion bill that will take -- that state everything on me just -- more and Bogota. And bring you Paris July than allowed by law or participate in the hunt that they can be and observe a and who knows they might get hooked as much as the kids. Obama's considerable pull to get back and have fun and we'll get back like shell excitement at -- portable. All right and the way to get a hold you in his house. -- its patent bishop Leo well that dobbs CAG in. Eight -- That they will back out discredit me in a mile an uptick in playing in the judge in product though it painted. Pick who want the -- was cut back to basics it'll look and it's -- Well let's keep our fingers crossed that we're gonna get somebody 65 degree mornings in September rolls on August and the nice. Well we had we got him on as we sit at the site -- a couple of the other -- it really really good. I would give Logan is on the we'll see you next -- That Ryland cajun fishing adventures. And the like them very generous off the slopes if you got a kid that as now Mohammed -- one expose them to sport -- following no better way to do it. You can learn all the details safety aspects proper decoy setting. Working of dog's proper shooting the firearms identification of water now it's a real lessons like a late summit. Wrapping up this morning's program all locks things going on we talked about the -- the bowl that's the Big -- a kayak event going on -- -- out of passing grand but we also have gone on over at the -- me about it empire -- -- too far away from the the Louisiana assault won a series red fish trail continues. This will be the second the last qualifying tournament. Seaway marine in the fees as the next limits that the September the thirteenth and then the two day championship will be held in Venice of the Venice marina. October 17 and eighteenth what a great time for -- fishing that is -- out details -- Louisiana Saul won a series dot com. We also have the Louisiana wildlife federation having their annual convention 75 years and still going strong it's an umbrella group. Encompasses all aspects of outdoor organizations they're up in Monroe having a celebration there. We also have the southern sportsman's festival in expo that's -- Larry -- senate. Doors open at 10 o'clock today till 8 o'clock and ten to six tomorrow I'm going to be now you'll. Stop by and say hello maybe pick up those free fishing and hunting license holders from the just as Portland got some left. Be glad to pass that along to you next week I'm going to be up that -- the agency get ready for deer season. It's time to do that the sixth annual in six years now extravaganza. Saturday at doors will open at 10 AM to two. Free lunch -- big daddy's a sweet barbecue. Sweet daddies barbecue is what they call at 11 AM to 1 PM. The -- ankle have tennis and samples listen what you can register to win capsule with Renault tickets to buy a savage to seventy rifle with a scope. A pair of those woody Max insulated boots at fifty quart yeah attic cooler. In enough seed and fertilizer plant two acres and lots more on the small door prizes gave more the most renowned. White tailed deer expert in Louisiana. And give to presentations. About -- the 24 team -- In getting your food plot management program on the 2014. Days presentations will be at 10:30 until 1 o'clock. It's on Howard 25 and Folsom is upon polls and you can't miss it there's also some. Deer hunting outfit is that will be there -- setting you up for a trip to make -- may -- the hunt of a lifetime. Ducks Unlimited events August when he -- the first of -- is saint Charles parish chapter called Brian broke the old Bible 493176. Six four also live battle for the by -- -- September the sixth upbeat telling you more about that. As we get closer to. -- some say goodbye to our affiliate stations but we got two more hours of more outdoors. Hunt fish talk from eight to nine speak in -- specs and more from 78 with. -- -- You can listen to it. Live streaming on Don the -- -- was -- dot com what tune in thirteen 50 AM modern Wallace. And I'll see you next week right back here on the outdoors with Don -- -- radio network.

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