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8-16 8am More Outdoors with Don Dubuc

Aug 16, 2014|

Today on More Outdoors, DOn was joined by the Bayou Woman Wendy Billiot and Photo Journalist Lyle Johnson to talk Speckle trout fishing.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now walk commit to a fourth and final hour -- block of programming heard each and every Saturday morning. This being the third Saturday of the month that's normally what we. Post a program called hunt fish -- joining me a couple of fellow Louisiana -- writer association members members of the media allowed Johnston and captain Wendy Buehrle got AK a the buy you woman. And as we get started at first of all like directly to my website and you can find out more about the program unfinished -- Just check it all out that got some biographies. Listed there but I don't wanna congratulate both of you Lyle and windy allow law you one. The third place award for the black and white still photograph of beautiful shot of the Columbia glacier icebergs. In -- I can't tell you how proud I am of you you took three. First place awards. In the Louisiana outdoor writers association excellence -- -- competition. When the magazine regular feature called bald cypress is short feature called helpful Spanish moss. In electronic or Internet article -- how do you like cure aches and what are you don't do it all that money went. All market as well I don't know maybe. By a big camera lens so that makes your I can break -- and the photography category. You goat keep that attitude up and you'll get they'll allow also great shot on the glaciers and it just came back from the relations and you've been a few times and boy you know I'll photographic and -- that there is the that was a little bit on the you know a bit of an unfair advantage that you had a great subject to submit. Yeah it was political movement in Australia last -- -- were -- born -- Connecticut. It's the lucrative -- Well congratulations to both a great job done. Well. This morning you're gonna talk about a topic that has been in I'm pretty hot in the outdoors circles people talk in about what has happened. The Louisiana's speckled Trout everybody's got an opinion -- everybody's got -- knows there's been a lot of reasons thrown out there that one thing I think most people agree with this has been one of the most unusual years. For speckled Trout fishing -- what do you like to start with you you're professional guide. You get out there on the water probably more often and long and I do. Tell us about US speckled Trout season I'm going back all the way to the beginning of the year or maybe even back towards the winner. The only difference and that is the limit her and and -- come like a creature of habit and I really should. -- authorizes but I have my favorite places in the winter that. You know I really like to go efficiently -- next year I'm comfortable doing that and they've produced. They aren't saying about late to -- this past winner. Was that the fish we're not holding in the park lake where they had been set at five years before. They were -- the complete. Opposite bank. And actually allowing you remember you finished listening. -- -- -- mention you know but it was really than usual because I had never historically caused volumes of -- in the winter. On that North -- I was you know half hearted and I'm very surprised. Because when I first started gallantly -- to my great influence. I'm -- -- spot with these meals spots like. Where to turn out well you know come on out little by little. People started getting you know opponent in all of them there they are in. Complete different side -- in the the numbers of aren't reading -- it really. Large fish that are Kolb -- we -- No no I'm not spectacular but pretty hard traveling. He helicopter. Much Trout and then that tapers off in December and for the most part. There you know holed up in the winner and I don't do a whole lot of -- station in the wintertime. Big does -- shallow water just those two things don't really mix. But in the morning. Travel light. As far as you know find -- in the typical spots in I think for the -- if this year you know 67 days a week. I always have a grass. You know where to go under certain conditions and where I might -- and those guys were scratching their heads. And that pressure is for a week -- -- Trout you know we're talking. You know march April -- a lot of kids start coming up -- apparently expecting. You know target on the on the Trout and two weeks go by it's -- -- scope. And we're up -- am trying to. And so were up in that April now and we still looking for the -- And and and been an out -- because. You know make their way out to this on. And they were not in the typical places. They weren't places they had been in and -- -- to a couple of guys that is and state really really had a puzzled of course everybody had their opinions. But it took a -- And it hit probably. Probably. Wouldn't start really catching Trout in the spring you're probably about sports probably. Behind. The typical season. So it's fun hearing -- ride in the area that you primarily through additionally you can. You didn't really notice much difference in the size or the quality of the fish it was more of a displacement of the vision way you would usually expect to catch him historically. They weren't out there that as an actor. But that's accurate and you know that's environmental which is you know one of the things that affect where -- -- on the Trout. And how an American have been changes in the -- and I like it could have been a current that they -- there could have been addressed one through there. That dialogue as it turns out it might have been met him right environmental. Phenomenon because we want fishing -- mom. Multitude. Of crab trap. Disappointed it was like running the gauntlet. At that time -- and lobby and we end up anchoring our benefit pocket efficient is anchoring instead of trying to troll around interest. We we -- in Ireland and more now in then later on in the afternoon and we -- we -- literally -- should drew but it how. You know more of my favorite spot finishing assault wars crab -- -- -- actually -- To a usual there was a reason for the crab traps and be there in the country and ultimately influenced their truck to be that -- Well that's Friday and another thing is dead are alert -- -- a year ago was that the crap first know where the drip -- And so basically that's where they're going to put out -- -- -- is where that drinks want that water is. You know -- those scrap around and running through and of course where you got. Crab traps you've got the little bitty bits of vacation and all that and I guess there's you know the travel are attracted to that. And maybe they're -- to commandos that are attracted to debate in the crap trap. Powerful whatever the reasons are you know he can't comment -- that I'll -- to predicted to hit. To go ahead and look for an abundance of crab traps and just go check it out and that proved to be awaiting uses and obviously. It's not a huge -- That he's really practiced every kind of every pocket without a fight in that were all gathered. In that one little probably wouldn't that about a hundred yards. And we were probably about fifty yards off the bank and it was and that that little doubt that where they are so that wouldn't you know environmental. Different. So -- was like to talk and they liked to have their opinions heard. Do you feel like the people that were able to adapt in and make it changes from one historically it was good -- vision in joy and a pretty average year. Or was it still down in just for some reason not the numbers of fish that you would expect to find even if you made some adjustments. Well -- -- talking about the winner the winner would average it was typical. Now do you want to vote for into the spring. -- mention this spring migration. If they catch woods. Down and in this area I can tell you one guy for certain and we finish with him last week. He keeps a running count of all the fish that you know god -- and we have already talked about it. Over the weekend. Last weekend was the writer's conference what do you think he would. And the numbers are down half. At this point. At the end of what we pretty much fit into the Trout season in which a lot for us it's pretty much over it absolutely hop over to -- in this area. Their numbers are down by half. So not only did they start catching Trout about what it weeks later in the spring and they typically days. Now the numbers. Keep Opel to -- perfect. It's at and that's not just the one god that's that's that and I think that tells me that in this area. -- that's the consensus OK so there aren't there I think there's a theory is that war less fish or was it that because there -- late they just couldn't play catch up even though the fishing they found him and an improved. Later in the spring and later in the Trout season. They couldn't play catchup. But but my personal opinion. We stopped Jason and my my common sense tells me. That is because we had such a long cold winner everything about full slate there wouldn't it makes sense to. Gonna keep doing your Trout fisherman all this. And see if you can catch up. Because of the tank opens this week has been all week. Down here in by the large I don't know what the weather is where -- but it's been pretty amazing this week's shocking for all. Yeah I've finished Tuesday in -- and -- sixty degree weather to start the morning off and I've never done that my life. In August it was low humidity and and another day and a half -- and on the front came through we've been getting continues fronts we have. Three of them came through -- laws so it's anything but bowl so well was a consensus in your area among all the guys you know as a lot of conjecture out there. The blame covered everything from BP affecting the bait fish BP directly killing the predator fish. Of course like you mentioned the late cold winner also limit these a lot of rainfall a lot of fresh water. Dominant west winds was -- that good clean -- southeast wind from -- water some common in our loss of habitat. Which is going to be the ultimate you know everything dies and I think if fishing guys salt water interior fishing guys it's going to be because of loss of habitat that that's gonna take a longer time. There's been charges of recreational overfishing has been some guidance that we need to cut back. On the limits were taken too many -- -- even heard dolphin predation. And finally I think this was half joking alien abduction of the speckled. What was the consensus of the decay Coca tree area fisherman that you deal with and speak to on a regular basis. Now there really there was consensus there were those generalities that they all spoke about. Well not only did not talk to god not talk to everyday fisherman -- the city you know if there was -- Agreement and a consensus and they all said the same things as we're never. And some of the force Spartan and some level or speculation. You know this certain thing is that we had a long holding an unusually cold winner. And it lasted a whole lot longer that just backed everything mother nature up about -- -- So that you could expect that they -- when you talk about the numbers being -- -- -- that we cannot. The consensus but still the -- but it was changed things the things that they fit everybody mentions environmental -- that's just how -- general a general blanket. But also -- -- -- And you know -- out. You know Lee Fisher -- all the shrimp and the shrimp portly and mr. burns didn't really have a great season over here. So now you're talking about if there's less space in their opulent finish. Didn't harm that the -- or no deal. Somebody mentioned that they can read -- if you and I read these two are probably a couple of years after it'll still that the killing fish or are. Greatly impacted and I would think that would be more and eat them particulate finished number. Weight down that they were impacted either vital oil and dispersants. And that the cut -- has announced that right. And I and I know we -- with I don't know that. Trout go after -- -- I know they like -- first that they say some of them said that they felt that meant it was a lack of state. Several people that you know my -- cycle. You know the Trout run in cycles you'll have a -- here you'll have a down. And couple that god says that last year was extremely. -- standing. So last year wasn't really in normally year's -- speckled Trout papers being caught it was a banner year. And that you can't have it that way every year. And then a few people. The possibility of fishing. Which I don't really believe that I don't believe there were efficient speckled Trout. Now -- bright side. Some of the guys here went ahead -- tried for those -- and -- just this week when I'm now back out the you know Iraq and the island and -- -- because the tickets are on now from America out we're out people from low Wear out their official last week you won the last piling. Let's surveys from the ticket so -- out that the city of historical moment. But what they found was with about you know 34 -- -- They caught 65 keeper turns out moment trip however. Based group back. Justice many -- -- -- Activity is very very it's fine. And how things are gonna go will be respected. How many of those Trout we catch and the winner. And capital except that he believed that winner when the Fisher England. Depending on how the -- goes to him that's going to predict how this spring is going to be. Very good. Lull I'll want to bring you in in and talk about some of the injuries usage. There was a lot of conjecture about what went on in Venice. Bomb intact the whole state has had up and down inconsistent reports but I think feminist. Probably got the biggest disparity where some people -- this is the greatest. You have ever had stationed Danny and others -- in -- we definitely got a problem. You don't think Perot. In it did so loose pupil who you talk to him and remember when we didn't show. What was the guy should keep their tradition -- I'll whole archipelago cross sectional -- stay in every area it was a little different in another area and -- in a different way. And I feel justified in -- About different you know criminal who you talk to your -- All warriors you'll and you talk to him here. Definitely increases and decreases the controller original brand dolls there's beer. Confirmed this year spoke trial you know and a Golden Globe numbers that are it is it's colonel who you talk into the I'll -- the problem it was a pretty good perspective how. -- a combination things probable on the that's I have -- You know how to go Colombo for actual traditional control pollution control at this she is this lately forward. About -- Tradition career back. To quality young cute and had the opportunity to live in the same place and finished playing in the area they live real ball but he actually I'm sixty -- -- of the nutritionist for it to five years in. It made me go back he drank about how -- change here you know over the years and -- -- -- made it very good point about where I'm normally kitrey edition of change and as a place. And Austria's current law lives we'll buy you broaden out and they removed from wall they're used to -- Oracle of football home -- efficient. You couldn't catch on repeat Saddam there right now so -- -- efficient and that -- spot qualitative don't have an empire -- -- bedroom but that's not true. So I wouldn't do change sometimes will be here as well what I have written it could change called -- you know and the winner Tom this year but normally you know off aren't -- traditional all my future actual action actually will. And -- and you know about merchant bank account or -- -- leadership. All the way up until drew Laurie I'll watch it. American know how little captured national attention. And usually record -- just all about. Make sure. And probably 4% of 50% in the -- church and -- for more street so let it has entered government this year could top polish crew cattle to -- here. And I -- very very usual. And then I'm. In July coastal protection. Really nice good catchers were very term not not in the numbers that you usually do what they do you hold in case. War about related optionally installed and you and so should know. This subtract from group gives. A lot of trying to could get over. Pull out this fall perfect old you know vote. Put the -- and -- war there tension over coax and wrote in the note to actually look at how catalytic. Other people more people traditionally used to -- you talked about. There were far more I'll war -- to turn in the late starting and I have -- had to do that to rest in this film and now there that is fair usual. And there are no crabs appear and so black or -- -- -- down all the Olympic church and their cup kept -- my career destroying. So you know -- which is common. Came to a -- actual legal provision here you know things are happening differently in different places that I'll look back -- law. Fresh for -- and you know I'll have not the last three efficient troops already. -- would want to do launch where and how are you -- is to warm out here. I'm not -- it. Until it up back to draw a line you know go to crew captures the Wimbledon like -- The lowest of war have got this year due to a -- for 2014. Was left cold -- energy bar. I mean you're just gonna. All draw all the way out from birth control has just been sort of all the usual and offer -- circumstance that we have paddle like 23 years just put it to this -- scroll. And so. Convoluted it appears to me. Well it has been my track record this year finished probably a lot of different owners don't finish any one area are very heavily. But I have fished Lake Pontchartrain. Finish grant now I'm finished plaque commenced parish. Fish hope scale officials' feet. And I finished wants down in the coconut tree area all of those times trying to catch speckled Trout. Some of the worst trips out of hand the only what I would call slam dunk wham -- trip. I happen to catch one and hope they'll out of some of the platforms online -- Outside of that is probably in the worst trips out of -- any of those areas as far as trying to -- speckled Trout. My assumption is don't believe the VP thing -- -- any impact very little may be some small impact. One displacing or putting out some bait fish that miner Manuel problematic for the -- finished. But I'm the one thing I think is consistent all across the Louisiana coast weather has been inconsistency all across. The one thing that pulls it all together was a lake -- win the entire coast experience that. The entire coast experienced low salinity because we had a lot of rain. We've had dominant el Nino west winds -- that prevents salty water in most areas from -- -- union and raising the salukis in that area. Which I think delays the the -- a little bit and most -- most -- species. I don't think overfishing is -- anything to do with it. Most people I know have cut active fishing trips while they've looked for other species so I think that's kind of taken care of itself. -- loss of habitat yeah I think. Wouldn't want it now at all subnet graphic line that location where fishing is Golan as -- -- while there. Exactly so other that. That's the one thing -- -- in. Looks like that sit in when that changes. Which I'm sure is gonna happen. I think the -- return. And lastly. I've got a lot of faith in Louisiana department Wallace in fisheries. Assault once infantry division biologist. You look right down -- and all of my affiliation they've done a fantastic job in managing them. And they haven't been able to give us a lot of information because -- lawyers have told of adults say a lot because of the VP thing and understand that. But you compare what is out there in the gulf. You know what that's telling is in the management job they're doing. We basically put them the shame and that's the best science we've gotten I've got to go along with -- and every one of Lamotte talked to move from Harry launch at the Randy policy in a says you have down usually have good years we saw you know the other species that crabs. -- -- On the men Hayden all that stuff was very late one and at the speckled Trout too so. It's not -- and I'm about to get along them all on the Arkansas waving the flags and we need to start cutting back limits him. Only letting guys keep their own fish not catch fish when their vision and that's my take. -- a -- we'll take a break and we'll come back and Lyle and Wendy if you think that there are any remedies. Necessary actions that should be taken. What do you think that would discusses speckled Trout the absence thereof this year. I'll before it broke we talked about possibilities of taking some type of actions Wendy do you think that this any remedies. On regulation changes season dates bag limits size limits creel limits number of fishermen. Anything that should be done or -- something you think is gonna work itself. Well at this point I'm really down and last month show. We talked about whether or not to remains the fishing guide. A limited fish and during that conversation and it it was mentioned that -- to Pasadena. As the department of wildlife and fisheries and let you know -- can do that if you want that basically. The fishing -- there's such a small percentage of alliances saltwater fisherman in the states. That it really is the drop in the bucket and it's really not gonna make any difference in increasing resource. So you know that really wasn't -- -- suggestion it wasn't going to make any difference. I have friends over here who are just everyday fishermen. And about I don't know five to ten years and that it couldn't sell them passes fifteen Trout limits on the set of not criticizing them on that might be listening I'm not making fun -- If that makes them feel like there are contributing to the consternation of the species. That's on -- honestly I really don't believe just from the science said. Predicted limited sixteen is really going to make any difference in the resource and I have to just aren't tuned you know the marine biologist and the scientists don't match. At this point what I'm hearing. Parent trying to find the fact that. Now. So -- trio program is going to help with that is my understanding it's going to give the department ought to fisheries some real numbers. To work with to see what's going on out there. I didn't top which is really converse all police said is that talk to god out of court victory. Transition a little bit east of where we gave basically I'm waters just little bit further east. He's just blew all of this out of the water and says. He's having the best summer yeah. Not quite as it is last year but he's not complaining. He's said that for the past 26 days. I have -- limited turnout. Every morning before -- let me. Again. He said that the differences. -- Trout are not where. They typically has -- -- and he has no idea why. It's like he did indeed -- six or seven days a week you're going to have a grasp on where the trap or. If you you just -- once a month -- you know coupled condom on this continent package if you go back to build a tunnel. Been this serious they're out there. You're gonna spin on your time but -- burning gas. And you're not -- on the trap that has a lot to do with why people are saying. We didn't catch -- trying to this year you know want to. For some reason -- where they have been. And nothing we can do about that a lot I really don't see anything specific in my opinion that we can days. To change. -- is thinking on is -- some remedy we do we need to take some precautions. In all a lot of people believe if we're gonna make them -- steak let's make it on the side of caution in an ought to be safe let's reduce the limit although biologists tell us. If you're gonna make any appreciable difference in in conserving fish numbers you gotta go down to a six fish limit for person. And I don't know people will in the -- that a I don't know do you think there's a reason for remedy or will. Conditions bounce back or do we need to maybe just look at the long. Well. -- you. And I'm sure when the greens aren't about oh wallet. It is all your fault. -- to -- -- -- little good job based on information. All had their -- last month. You know you deposed now Lake Charles. -- with very vocal and he he made warned quote below the -- shifting Troutman who called forward well they create utopia that was true true. They're aliens -- on the opposite. And so everybody knows that now management who goes down well popularity. Rather than biology. Franklin happened -- -- -- when they can't keep fourteen -- Two over two years after hurricane Andrew which was the initial agreement -- the -- popularity and biology and they've come -- does not under their management. Programs -- go away and so I'm. -- -- -- Let's make study which looked early crew will do and here and make decisions based phone. Honorable well apologies and they have now because -- will recruit them give them more. Thought out there and now. Earlier oh. On the true will slash year earlier a year later this year you very much oil regular crew and the start trial. Our area who literally create a further you know could vote. Brandon -- finger. Future their traumas in Louisiana won't be very different outlook statement to bring out. And a little -- you -- the -- there. One regulation approximate cost that -- would make this goal late ruling you know not vote different so -- and we do have different. Bag limits. Coming -- limb you know without limits so great and -- -- -- biology and oh cool most of their. All good possibility could block -- -- -- harmonic. In the state trying to differential remember well -- trees and do it go away but. I'm in favor of law Putin government the -- further. Based on evidence they come out with America. Very educated -- -- the traditional what they have to do enough motion in that -- would certainly do them. You know Africa. Blatantly could be you know and and -- you know talked about this guy in country -- actually you know -- for. All of because the film oh win that we had and so the language. The traditional view it very. And so what memories -- -- different location and they've been kind of connection and a long tradition that are so. You know -- you know these knee jerk reaction based Volvo. Both public. -- And look at very easy to. Think in your mind guy. You know. Man they got four people and then -- connection -- -- prospect probably tell -- -- and why -- population. When contract. It affordable loans with the image of awful tradition alive he -- for gun control great golf. Halt as much. Fear Asia's people think in the -- likely admire because the moment is just not. As grateful. Man believed jerk reactions. -- to embrace all of well volunteer and that is good news from oh what would it turned out to be. Don it's stunning. Should I just wanted to say that that's where the perception comes the end the point that -- -- made about guys. When you that's because they publicized now with -- social media was they. The guys are pretty pictures all the way -- almost immediately. And of course the great free advertising. So -- -- -- -- you see are these. You know pop shots public router -- all over the day. If you've seen the perception. That lead thick sides are overfishing. And I want to reiterate because I think it's a very important issues. Like I'll say it. God are a very small percentage and Africa at the numbers but we did mention last -- Obama how many. How many tens or hundreds of thousands of salt water like that we species and only about 200 of those are full time god and then. Has guided the that a state statute said he doesn't even believe that 200 fish full time. Set about probably a hundred guys official time which is six state I expect the week. So that is where the perception comes -- In the idea overfishing. Is when you see these pictures and you see hundreds of trapped company and everything update to -- And that's perception they're not being finished. Yeah you're right on. Of this 300000. Plus we don't have a good handle because we don't know how many youngsters is no records. People don't need to purchase licenses at a position and also we have seen -- -- fish and so we really don't know but it's. Somewhere around 300000. In the 200. Guys and in those that are -- full time arena last and that it is insignificant I got an email in this week from the guy who. Her Toefield bush -- -- talking about -- got eighteen votes going out he's got a picture of eighteen votes for people vote. Slam and Troutman says it's no wonder the average weekend guy can't get your fears but that talent competition in that really is. Very very insignificant. Well you know we'll have to see I really believe long term. Coastal erosion in with these diversions in on the scale that they're planning and come through. Then I think we you know we really gets to take a look at where we are without speckled Trout resources at that point but until then. I don't see any reason for any remedies any cutting back of regulations on. Cruel minimum size is there anything else like the last for a friend William number years where. This -- stay and that expansion and maybe we might need to take. Any closing thoughts guys. I do. It's cycle. Now think we just need to realize that there's cycles play a big big part and environmental changes -- and I think. Speckled Trout population is healthy. I think it's really really healthy and I think it's and I -- gonna bounce back I don't think we're in dire straits. That is being I think it's just sit down year for all the factors we mentioned and -- I mean next year could be better than 2000 there -- just have to wait and. -- Yeah you know. On the TrueCrypt mount and Google in the 101 who works Spectra through later and later my whole life we all shall more grown at all sure spots -- pretty. Start -- too large came back and popular recreational soccer catch Spectra. Problem. We call war -- You know on trial trial and so -- not -- all. A population at this point you know and there. So probably you'd go -- -- couldn't even -- to. -- it -- -- do it. -- usually do in the Chicago all year. And we can export compliance in the -- the only reason why. You know one thing I'm happy about it that the people that that bring up these ideas about concern. They are concerned for the resource in their acting on out of selfishness at their acting out of true bomb you know conservatism and they want to prolong and -- and preserve the species for future generations and there's nothing wrong with that. Listen guys I enjoyed it. Got some ideas on next show you know discount it came to me that there's some talk now. About bringing back bear hunting in Louisiana think that might be a good topic to talk about next. Yeah not hunting bear bear hunting. I know we got all these -- make NN day and Brendon -- I don't. You know I don't wanna start some rumor about making nodding off or are these are being aren't out from Vietnam. -- Well sure well it wouldn't you and star any of us Hillary idol thing also a we can be the executive produces was and always a great time talking with you again. Congratulations on both that you awards award winning journalists and photographers really glad to have you joining us on this. Without -- I have a great weekend. I as Wendy's by you -- the good guy. And by the way you can check around a website as Google and you can link to it from my site. Read those stories -- award winning stories and CEO allows award winning photograph of Columbia. Glacier ice I talk a -- and -- for a few minutes from the lawless power sports. I he's got a super deal you know these unmanned attacks weekend purchases. If you look at the body some power equipment great time to do and you don't have the way he can sign you up in you can take advantage of when -- you may have noticed listen to the program this morning a lot more -- information -- get in that we've got the -- seasons will be starting off very shortly followed by steel and and small -- -- -- all the archery season. Then the populace duck and goose and -- seasons and then of course Turkey season and before you know what it will be all in full swing and get you ready if you interest sitting giving -- new ATP. So we're going to be talking to let -- array of -- walled palace sports and he's gonna tell you very interesting and very. Cost effective way to get into -- thanks for joining us what's gone on over the power sports lately. Laid down certain mr. the last couple weeks there's a lot going on. But first up close at the new course dealer meeting. Two weeks ago and Minnesota and then where was in her. Michigan scare -- were getting a little different but. Once you step coming out this year. We have a lot going on -- 2014. -- silk or brands of eight -- piece and you TDs. -- this year. We're expecting. -- utility vehicles shot but so -- GB vehicles to actually exceed. Eight TDs across the nation of course and so. First. First thing. Most people ask me is how much of those and when you when you're looking at an eight TD vs. A UTB. The crisis the kind of blurred. We have starting at 599. And so by substitute vehicle and starting. According on and -- an ATV. Sentencing -- so. Prices start out well in the build up 220000. Per UTV use and up to 151008. Beat each. It would get something for everyone. Big news coming up most year earners already know -- amendment weekend in September. Now allows any purchase order I mean people. To -- -- the location so among utility vehicles like the signal another. 15100 dollars. So world. Return repeated that your listeners to. Start looking -- next season and -- look at not only ammo in them. For now what we've done among the cup but also how are you gonna get out -- -- That is a considerable amount of savings and you can say that on tax now. The explain how it works is approaches actually have to be made that day can you makes it used selection and advance and then close the deal on that day how is that. Well yes and know what to what this is intended towards any. Sportsman. Their residency in Louisiana. Can take advantage of -- -- an amendment rights amnesty launched an urgent. It helps out retailers. Across the board. As -- kind of cop pulls everything up to only got to do it now. Now and you and you really do our achievement so what we are currently doing -- taking deposits. On vehicles to be deliberate that we can't. We set it up to where it report is an animal. Out of assembly line I don't expect the elaborate -- so. -- -- -- he vehicles this year and key to expand. The problem. The weekend is -- court date. And if we have the vehicle and starkly we expect to take delivery right then. And we have a you know where else a team of technicians to go with the vehicles with -- Finance department -- you prepared and that edge and then delivered it we can. But it -- some new pro like the 2015. Just. But under the border. I have to. There are meetings I just got back current 2000 troops being here where you were. Stronger. Taller off the ground force stable. So poor or custom orders and banker could mean we can take the order that we in the liver cancer -- -- -- -- it. So very very convenient. And now. Then as simple as possible to make. The fire. Getting it out it's as easy as possible. While the dove season actually opens up that weekend so. Our courtesy and -- little bit earlier but that's the way it goes in them but you figured out a way to get it done his most cost effectively and efficiently as possible on just got a couple of minutes left but what was the most exciting thing you -- the manufactures -- -- New technology may become and -- on the -- the twentieth team. The first element could step back huge rebates for 2014. In the case of Polaris. Canning him. Thank Allah sake have include net tax savings up to 3000 dollars -- 2000 court changed and -- Yamaha. 25 under but they're brought in a pro unity alert to go with. Sort of a big reason for buying in miniature. Chocolate chip fourteen bit of reserve now of course they go out. But for shifting we have. Probably the utility models are stretched as a sport Oracle's C. ATP and TB. New additions are now access -- thousands you see everybody knows what account sake -- have been around since 1987. What were you count -- legal Stukes hit it miles an hour. There and I have multiple six leaders. Three of the fourth branch operates sixty vehicle all corporate and opera foresee utility vehicle at two seater ATV. But horsepower ground clearance ride -- hurt that's a big kick this coming year you can receive performance. Or what it would be general public utility. In excess of what sport was just a year or two ago. That's going to be great I'm looking forward to being out there at the dealership 3011 Loyola drive in Canada. In column a 5044610011. Thanks -- you do a great job and look for the scene -- currently. It would seem that we -- Have a great weekend. I will be back next week with -- -- addition of more outdoors on three WL thirteen fifty break.